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Michael Jackson Justice: Who is Killing Michael’s Friends?

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Who is Killing Michael’s Friends?

June 24, 2010 – Who is Killing Michael’s Friends?

Taking a break of sorts to observe the year without Michael and reflect on the changes he’s made in my life is a bit emotionally depleting. But the tears are tucked away and the anger is back. I have been praying in earnest today because I want and we need God’s help in this. Many things are scaring me and the more I read or see what is going on in the news, the more I believe that Michael just knew what was coming. Not just in his own death, but in what is coming around the corner of human existence. But that is for another blog.

Much like the presidency of William Clinton, people around Michael Jackson are turning up dead.

Four people are the focus of this blog: Bruce Ayers, Evan Chandler, Peter Lopez and Michael himself

Bruce Ayers – Found Dead on L.A. Sidewalk, Apparent Drug Overdose.

Bruce Ayers was one of the assistants that previously worked for Dr. Klein, Michael’s dermatologist of 30 years. According to this article in The Examiner, Bruce Ayers was previously fired by Klein because he stole drugs. Dr. Klein testifies in this article that he knew Ayers had a problem but believed he was on the road to recovery when he hired him. (Then why hire him?).

Bruce Ayers was found dead in the middle of a sidewalk on December 18th of 2009. He was 44 years old. In the article it states within the same sentence that Ayers had “met Michael several times and was a known drug abuser.” It also states that hospital records show that Ayers was hospitalized 3 different times for “pain issues”. I thought it was interesting and telling that they didn’t say “drug issues”, but pain issues. So other than Klein stating Ayers was a drug addict, where was the proof?

This video on Youtube rehashes an article on TMZ, stating that Bruce Ayers was fired from Dr. Klein’s office in February of 2009 (right before Michael’s London Press Conference announcing his “This is It” concert series), after working for Klein for approximately three years.

During the course of the 30 or so “procedures” Michael supposedly visited Dr. Klein for, according to those interviewed on the 20/20 special, some of those visits Michael made were simply to get away to get some sleep in one of the back rooms. Klein had submitted a bill to the estate that listed 51 intra-muscular injections. On the link covering the claim Klein submitted to the estate a bill and on the bottom of the link above, you can see some of the procedures he billed. Of interest to me was the intramuscular injections of which Klein billed for 51 times.

I didn’t know what the intramuscular injections in a dermatology session would be for, so I did a search and found this link on Dermatology Online Journal. The written piece opens with a description of a “asymptomatic, depressed plaques, localized to both buttocks after receiving a single intramuscular corticosteroid injection in his right buttock for treatment of lumbar pain” on a 15 year old boy after he received the corticosteroid injections for treatment of asthma.

Michael was said to have a similar lung ailment or inflammation of the lungs and it was mentioned on the autopsy report. Michael’s autopsy report mentioned lesions (thought to be associated with bed sores), and the depressions in the lower back or buttocks. These, according to this report, can be caused by such drugs administered with intramuscular injections.

According to Klein’s claim submitted to the Jackson Estate, there were a lot of these intramuscular injections. I wanted to find out what they were for. Searching under dermatology I found in “Skin and Allergy News” uses of corticosterioids, by either oral, intramuscular injection or topically. It is used to treat various skin disorders from lesions to acne, according to this article in “Australian Prescriber”. This could solve the mystery of the depressions in Michael’s upper buttocks and the lesions or bed sores mentioned in the autopsy. That could be what Klein was treating him for, or possibly for skin flare ups in relation to his Lupus.

I don’t want to get into the possibility that Klein may have over-billed, but many have questioned Klein’s behavior since Michael’s death. Things were tense during the early to middle part of 2009 with a pop star that did not want to tour again, was tricked into signing contracts with changing terms (10 increased to 50 concerts) and knowing that someone wanted to kill him. Ayers was fired in February, the month before the London Press Conference. He had spoken to Michael a number of times. Klein has made outlandish and quite frankly, mental claims since Michael’s death. Ayers is killed (oops, did I say killed? I meant “found dead”) in December of 2009. We haven’t heard much from Klein since, have we?

Did Klein go mental or is he afraid? Klein has been treating Michael since 1986. Surely if Michael has kept him around that long, it was because he trusted him. And if Michael treated him as a confidante, what happened to all the confidentiality after Michael was killed? Klein is spilling the beans in stories about drugs, about Michael urinating in front of people, about Michael and another assistant of his having a “relationship” that Klein was “happy for them” about. Then silence. Job Done. (Thank you Dr. Klein. We’ll let you live . . . for now.)

Was Ayer’s a warning? Was it incentive to get Klein to assist in an “addict” story to cover for the crime? Or was is simply as the press has it appear . . . A drug-addled assistant dropping dead in the middle of a sidewalk in December who just happened to work with Michael Jackson’s long time dermatologist?

Evan Chandler – Apparent Suicide, November 1993

The month prior to Ayer’s body being found on an L.A. sidewalk, Evan Chandler, the father of the boy who accused Michael of Molestation back in 1993, was found dead in his Jersey City apartment of “an apparent suicide, according to the New York Post, Daily News and the online tabloid Popcrunch. No suicide note was left.

All three articles describe a man who was possibly critically ill, and loner and depressed. The son he used to get $20 million out of Michael seventeen years ago, had disowned him shortly after turning 18, when his father hit him with a barbell. Those familiar with that particular case saw Evan Chandler as someone who was not only obsessed with Michael Jackson, but possessive of him. During one tape recorded conversation between Evan Chandler and the step father of Jordan, Evan had revealed that he was angry that Michael stopped calling him and that he was going to destroy him and his career.

During that same taped phone conversation, Evan was also heard saying, “I have people positioned, all I have to do is make the call . . .”, “I will get everything I want, there is no way I lose.”

I originally believed that Evan’s infatuation-turned-vendetta against Michael had to do with jealousy when Michael began distancing himself due to Evan’s harassing him about funding a screen play he wrote. Could there have been more to it?

According to this article on Wordpress, (be careful, they quote Diane Dimond and Victor Guteirrez in this as well) Evan Chandler was Bi-Polar and had a painful condition called Gaucher Disease. But if the disease was so painful that Chandler had to walk around on crutches, why wait until after Michael’s death to commit suicide? Is it just timing, was there a sense of remorse? After all he was infatuated with Michael and very possessive of his attention at one time.

Evan mentioned during one of the version of the taped phone conversations about Michael, that he “had people positioned”. Who were those people? At that point in time, Michael already owned the Beatles and Elvis music catalog better known at the ATV Catalog, and Sony had just purchased Epic Records, so Michael was under contract with Sony at that point. Sony had not yet made the offer to purchase a partnership in that catalog.

Could they have already had their eye on it before Making the $90 Million dollar offer to Michael in 1995? Could Sony’s plans to drive Michael toward involuntary bankruptcy have begun that far back in their history together? Remember, this was not an isolated incident. These shady practices had been perpetrated against artists in the music industry for years, and wasn’t brought out into broad daylight until Michael Jackson began blowing the whistle in 2001. It is something to think about. And I have come to realize that you can’t assume what you read, hear or see is as it is on the surface in this whole investigation.

Peter Lopez – Found Dead in Back yard, apparent suicide

Peter Lopez was found dead from a single gunshot wound to his head (Just like Evan Chandler) on April 30th, 2010. No one was around to witness, it was done in a part of his back yard that was up and away from the house. Lopez was Michael’s business attorney from 2006 through 2009, when much of the reorganization of Michael’s businesses was taking place. He was originally hired by Raymone Bain before she was fired.

The circumstances around his death is also suspicious. This article in TMZ stated that Peter Lopez was found in his back yard, and a cryptic “suicide note” was found at the scene stating that he loved his wife and children and asked for forgiveness, but no motive for pulling the trigger.

This article in “Entertainment” magazine recalls neighbors hearing a single gunshot and that police officers were puzzled over the suicide note. None of the neighbors interviewed, nor his wife or children had any reason to believe Lopez would have killed himself. Friends interviewed say that Lopez was stressed in the last couple of weeks, but did not have details as to why.

911 call reveals no weapons laying around Lopez initially and wife Catherine was afraid to go back outside for fear whoever shot husband would shoot her.

This is the 911 Call audio with both Catherine Bach and her assistant trying to describe the scene to the emergency operator.

Peter was a partner at Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy & Klein LLP. He had assisted Michael with refinancing on some of his businesses and helped him with the “Thriller 25th Anniversary” album production. He had also worked with Michael on the Kraken Opus, (The Official Michael Jackson Opus) and collaborated with Michael on recordings he was beginning for a Spanish Album in appreciation for Michael’s Spanish speaking fans. Reference

Interesting on this link I found that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Lopez to the California State Athletic Commission, which regulates boxing, and as the director of the California Exposition and State Fair Board. So Lopez also had some political connections.

This is Peter Lopez being interviewed seven weeks after Michael Jackson’s death. Amazingly Peter Lopez was answering questions in relation to the investigation. Peter Lopez was not present during any of Michael’s rehearsals and had not been working with Michael since late 2008. In 2008 to 2009 Tohme and DiLeo are handling Michael’s affairs. I could find nothing concrete that Michael let Lopez go or had fired him. If anyone has information to the contrary please let me know. The last known association on the timeline I have, is early January of 2008 with the “Thiller 25th Anniversary” being released February 12 in the United States.

(It is mentioned in latter 2008 on the timeline that Michael patronizes the “40/40” club in Las Vegas three times in a month. Does anyone know why?)

Press conference at Peter’s Home covering Peter Lopez’s death.

Further investigation into Peter Lopez’s death, especially in light of his interviews about Michael Jackson on CNN and the intricate association he had regarding Michael’s businesses. Many feel he knew something and that his death was no suicide.

I want to include the beautiful words from a beautiful friend, who wrote some beautiful words about Michael. Please visit The Greatest Romance web page and read what she wrote. Most of you would know her. Her name is Micheline James.


  1. Hmmm.... I would say ask the bodyguards about the 40/40 club, but they probably wouldn't say. Thanks for all you're doing Bonnie in bringing everything to light!

  2. Hi Bonnie-
    I really wanted to know more on Peter's death in the months passing it.but I wanted to do so in a respectful manner. ya know? not bombard his inner sanctum with questions.I was phoned about his passing-to which my brain simply could not process or even accept.I fell sobbing to my knees in utter disbelief.I immediately phoned my husband(who was on tour I think NY).As soon as I heard my husbands voice...I unexpectedly screamed out,"Peter's dead".he couldn't hear me ugh cell phones! I knew Peter and NEVER in my wildest dreams...

    No not Peter.

    I was at his funeral.Yes, its true Peter had government connections.he was a very high-profile attorney he had connections with seemingly everybody.The commencement of his funeral was a speech from the L.a mayor,in fact.I recall seeing Kenny Ortega through my teary eyes but couldn't place him at the time. Peter did not leave a "suicide note." he was VERY LOVED AND RESPECTED.he treated all his clients no different from how he would treat MJ.They were close their children often had playdates.Peter was devastated when MJ passed.he mourned quite heavily.he was a pro and to do deals "one"needs to keep emotions out and display a poker face.Never one to show emotions...until MJ died,Peter would cry.He was the good guy you wanted on your side.he was loyal,quiet,VERY protective of his clients.he also was a power house.I say this from a personal experience.I dont believe Peter killed himself. and I dont believe Michael Jackson's will is real. nor do I believe Branca was even working for MJ.Peter wasnt the type you fired.

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  6. About the 40/40 club. It´s owned by Jay Z and Joe often visited too, so I guess Michael was there just as a guest. Why wouldn´t the bodyguards tell? They say so much anyway...

  7. we need to unite, Michael was isolated, and all evil walked around to get what they wanted, their wealth. but many people love Michael.
    You will find important information in the following link. I am a witness and victim in the murder case of Michael and the truth, I'm as lonely as Michael, 51 years alone. But this time God will not let the truth in the dark. Together we can make this world better.

  8. Gracie, thank you for the insider's view on Peter Lopez and the music industry. Bonnie, thank you for the info on Bruce Ayers, I had never heard of him. From everything that was in the news when Peter Lopez died, it seems impossible that he would have killed himself. I hope the truth about what happened to him will someday be revealed.

  9. So, Bonnie, are you saying that Klein said all those crazy things to disparage MJ because someone was coercing him to do it? Or else he might wind up dead, too? Hmmm. (forgive me if I am misreading) I read somewhere online about a Brian P.I. (private investigator) who said Michael was being driven around known gay areas so they could start that rumor about him. Not sure of the validity of that, but interesting, nonetheless.
    Another great website with all things MJ is There are some Karen Faye video clips on there under "general discussion" "videos" that I'm sure all fans would enjoy.

  10. Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you for your great insight explaining the possibility of why those people are dead. I am sure Branka presented the Fake will to the Judge and got a total control of the Estate. When the judge asked if there is another will, no one can come up with it. What I am thinking is maybe there is another will prepared by Peter and they know about it so they have to murder him. What do you think? I am sure you have watched Larry King special program on Friday. When Larry asked Jermaine if we ever find out who are responsible for Michael’s death, Jermaine got quite for a while and said with determination “Yes”. Do you believe there is hope and everything will be unravel? Please everyone who is reading this blog pass it on. We need to increase the number of people who are aware of this crime and expose it, and maybe we might make a difference.

    Love to you,

  11. I'm afraid that what you alluded to at the beginning of this article is very accurate. This story is bigger and broader than most realize.People don't see what may be coming around the corner of human existence probably don't read their Bibles a lot.
    This conspiracy is in there. SB

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  13. sburns
    I take it you're talking about the Michael Jackson Diversion.

    While the whole world was mourning the passing of MJ.....The Pope was signing the "OK" for a
    "One World Economy."

    That makes this World, 1 step Closer to the
    "New World Order."

    I understand where you are coming from, sburns.

    But I am still going to follow the Michael Jackson Story, too.


  14. Gracie, you and I have to talk. Please see my facebook page and contact me. I can't talk here. I have some info.

    Lana - Thank you very much on the 40/40. I did see that Jay-Z owned it and that pretty much answered that question I had. Bless you for finding out for me :o)

    Rosario - Thank you for your web site. I have been to it and continue to read. Some of what you have there is kind of cryptic but I keep going back when I have time.

    Rosa - I am getting closer. Look at tonight's blog. I think Bandier is more involved than we think.

    sas1253 - I was emailed by Brian PI. He's full of bunk. He doesn't want to help Michael he has nothing solid . . . it's a story to assist in spreading a lie about Michael being gay. Please don't pay him any attention. The email I got from him stated that he didn't know why fans had a problem with Michael being gay. I seriously doubt he was trying to help him. Thank you for the posts on the videos of Karen and Michael. I saw the one where Michael said to her, "that's cold" when Karen asked if that pin had been in his hair for a year.

    Meserak - That is a very viable possibility! (Peter Lopez - Will. Didn't Raymone say that Michael was adamant about their being a will when she questioned him? You could be right!) I am getting so close! Meserak, I was freaked out tonight . . . Read the new blog I posted tonight on Bandier and Mottola.

    sburns - you have no idea how right you are (maybe you do). I think I know why Lopez died but I can't say on here. Yes, read your Bibles and pray. I think I may have had one prayer answered tonight, but I don't know if it's going to ultimately turn out good. This is the first time since writing this blog that I am genuinely afraid.

  15. Hi Bonnie-

    I dont have a

    Hey I have an idea! I'll start one...will write u soon!

  16. Josie- I spent the last yr on the computer trying to learn about Michael and what happened to him. Some how I missed the diversion theory and the Pope signing that. I'm embaressed!!
    The NWO and the theory surrounding it is what I mean though. It sounds so out there that most people just laugh.
    I've learned so much about what a remarkable man MJ was. I've been through most of the grieving, but now I'm just angry! I love this blog because Boonnie is trying to do something-not just chat. I admire her.
    My problem is I don't know hoe to help from here. I've signed petitions, sent emails to the DAs in the case-like that's really going to worry them! :)
    i'll keep poking around on the net. Maybe I'll find something helpful. sburns

  17. sburns - You ARE being helpful! Let God direct you. Whatever you feel God burdened you with (mine is being nosy and being able to see in whole pictures and writing my thoughts much better than I can speak them). I call it a burden because the very thing we sometimes think is a burden is a gift that God gave us that has not yet had it's coming out party.

  18. Bonnie, I think this is the link you might be wanting with regards to the 40/40 club.

    It's to do with short changing on the royalties.
    Hope that helps!!

  19. Hi Bonnie,
    I am crying while reading this..and getting chills..NONE of this is a coincidence!! I have had visions of Michael's death for the past 2weeks, and the circumstances surrounding them. When I say I receive visions..I mean I am VERY INTUITIVE..the truth will come out but not for a while. In the mean time, there will be others..who will either come forward..or other incidents.. I don't believe any of these men KILLED THEMSELVES(except for Evan Chandler-and that is a serious MAYBE),and YES..Michael is at the CENTER..Thank you..for your research..I too, have been researching..Michael's life: HE was and IS an EXCEPTIONAL human being--his love for humanity and all that he worked for his WHOLE LIFE..was to show love, because Michael WAS LOVE..Only correction to this blog is that Evan Chandler was not MJ's friend. I don't think you were implying that..just making sure..I made a promise to GOD, Michael, and myself..that I will do whate ever it takes to uncover the TRUTH surrounding Michael's death..and to continue his legacy of LOVE, PEACE, and UNITY..May GOD Bless You and your family..

  20. devoted MJJ FAN WHO KNOWS THIS IN CONPIRACY!! GLAD IM NOT ALONE , GLad other people see through the lies thank god!!! thank you bonnie for being you, we are followig you keep up the good work!!!

  21. You Tube's Luna is the best 85 takes, I have seen on how the undesirables are all tied through out the contracts, however, pinning the actual culprit is like filing the nails on a clinched fist. I think there is alot of illegitmate real estate(Tohme) and Insurance and Will documents that have been forged. Who would mispell childrens names on the Will? There is so much more, I have been reasearching for over two years and there is a hoax and alot of cover up, I do not believe any media, and too many people in the line of fire have died. Somebody do something.

  22. The mind is a powerful thing.

  23. Hi Bonnie- Please forgive me if I have missed it but am very interested in your finding about Michael and the 40/40 club could you point me the right direction when trying to find where Michael mentioned his statement "It is mentioned in latter 2008 on the timeline that Michael patronizes the “40/40” Thankyou !


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