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Michael Jackson Justice: A Word about Tom Mesereau, Michael Jackson Attorney

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Word about Tom Mesereau, Michael Jackson Attorney

June 1 – A Word about Tom Mesereau

I wanted to take the spotlight off of Michael tonight (he needs a break) to talk about one of his true friends and selfless defenders, Tom Mesereau.

Tom Mesereau was probably well known in the legal defense representation circles before 2005, but he wasn't well known to anyone else. I have never been in the position to sing the praises of an attorney before, this will feel good and it is more than deserved and long overdue. Michael Jackson has had such little legitimate representation during his life. I thank God that Tom Mesereau became an answer to Michael’s anguished prayers. I feel that if Tom were other than a defense attorney and had been in a position where he could have represented Michael’s other interests, there would be no need for this blog. Michael would probably be happily retired, writing ideas for movies and recording studio albums to sate his creative appetite.

Tom Mesereau is the founder and partner in Mesereau and Yu, LLP. Defense and Civil Trial Attorney’s at Law. He, with his partner, Susie Yu, won acquittal for all 10 federal charges and and 4 lesser charges in Michael Jackson’s 2005 Child Molestation case.

Unlike the other lawyers Michael Jackson had working for him during the 2005 trial, Tom Mesereau has kept a relatively low profile, preferring to trade his time for doing charity legal work for the poor in the American South and running free legal clinics in L.A. to touring the talk show circuit and writing books about the winning the case of the decade. This is just one of many articles I found expressing mild disbelief about Mr. Mesereau’s disinterest in capitalizing on his most famous client.

Tom wrote an article in the Los Angeles Daily Journal shortly after Michael’s passing. This article describes the complete pandemonium surrounding Michael’s trial, and the attacks against himself he had to ignore, because of his involvement with that trial. Mr. Mesereau describes the frustration of witnessing your day in court, only to have it completely fabricated on the news and the working conditions of dodging barbs from Michael’s ex-attorneys, reporters, bribes for inside information. He also describes the late night calls from a terrified and child-like Michael Jackson, who as Tom describes, had no concept of what it was like to be able to trust your attorney or business manager. You can read the article in detail, here.

Mr. Thomas Mesereau has won numerous service and humanitarian awards for his free legal clinics, assistance for women recovering from abuse, free legal representation for death row convicts in Mississippi and Alabama every year, and awards of appreciation from the city of Los Angeles, various churches for the sacrifice of his time, compassion and funds to help the needy.

Tom Mesereau was born in West Point, New York. His father was the military accademy’s assistant football coach. Tom spent his childhood in Englewood, New Jersey. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University cum laude, and earned his Master’s degree in International Relations from London School of Economics.

Tom spent some time working in Washington D.C. as a junior associate for a corporate litigation firm and another year at the Orange County District Attorney's office as a deputy. He then moved to California where he worked for three years as an executive at Getty Synthetic Fuels Inc.

Tom grew interested in criminal defense and soon entered private practice in Los Angeles in 1985.

During his criminal defense career before the Michael Jackson trial, Tom cut his teeth on several high profile cases and lesser known but controversial cases such as Charles Manson, who he later declined to defend after interviewing him, former boxing world champion Mike Tyson, who was accused of sexual assault. Mesereau's team successfully convinced the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office not to file charges against Tyson. Mr. Mesereau also worked on the trial of Robert Blake, which ran almost on top of Michael Jackson’s trial.

Tom Mesereau’s demeanor most times is articulately factual and politely blunt. Listening to someone like him describe Michael as a “kind, gentle, wonderful person” who was “Not built to go through a criminal trial like that”, people were more apt to believe him then the throngs of adoring fans and employees on his payroll. That is, everyone except the press.

The integrity in which Mr. Mesereau conducted himself in during and after the trial, and after Michael’s death in a sea of otherwise starkly opportunistic and almost maniacal hangers-on, is a breath of fresh air. This blogger wonders if (big if) Tom had somehow been persuaded to stay on as Michael’s business lawyer, could things have been different for Michael.

Tom Mesereau was one of the few people who did right by Michael. Tom also mentioned during questions he fielded after the trial, that he was aware of a conspiracy. Trial transcripts reveal investigations ordered by Mesereau through Interpol, targeting Sony, Tommy Mottola and Michael’s then fired business lawyer John Branca.

If anyone who has the background on Michael and his battle and had the perseverance to persue the investigation into his death, Tom Mesereau would be the man for the job. Could Michael’s fans convince him to take up the staff and find those behind Michael’s murder? Maybe not. But it seems more than obvious to a few million fans that the Jackson family needs more help then what they currently have.

Tom Mesereau’s fight for Michael may be long over. But as is true for the rest of us, his admiration for the singer will never be over. Tom talks about how much his client inspired him in this clip. Tom was honored for his philanthropic works and service to the disadvantaged.

As Tom became more acquainted with Michael, even he saw the closeness Michael had to his mother, and his faith. During the trial, Tom accompanied Michael to the L.A. AME church for a prayer service for Michael and a “laying on of hands”, reported in this clip.

There are more than a few million fans, across many generations that will be forever thankful for what Tom Mesereau and his assistant Susie Yu did for Michael. He was an answer to Michael’s prayers and those that love him. There are still more fans that would like to see Tom back on the case, to investigate what really happened to the kind, gentle, compassionate artist that Tom Mesereau at one time almost turned away.

Regardless of what role Tom Mesereau may ever play in the future of Michael Jackson’s justice or legacy, we all thank him for proving to the public what his fan’s already knew . . . he was innocent.

Thank you and God Bless you Thomas A. Mesereau, Esq.

To those of you interested in seeing Mr. Thomas Mesereau assist the Jackson family in investigating Michael’s murder, there is a petition available for you to sign. I do not know how this will be delivered, but we need as many signatures as possible. Please promote this link, and pray that Mr. Mesereau and Ms. Yu continue to be blessed and guided in their endeavors.

Good night and God Bless you all <3


  1. Bonnie,

    I am so happy to see your blog about Tom Mesereau. I love him dearly for what he did for Michael. You are completely right when you said he deserves time on your beautiful blog. I believe too things would have been different for Michael and he would have been fulfilling all his dreams if Tom was his business manager. What Michael missed in his life was someone who is genuine enough, truthful enough, and Godly enough to stand next to him. But all who came to his life were crooked, MONEY worshiper, deceiver, quite frankly pure and simple EVILS.

    Tom Mesereau would be the perfect person to pursue the investigation about John Branca and the gangs criminal activities. If the Jackson family needs his help in the investigation of Michael’s death, we have to come up with collective ideas to convince him to take up the job. The petition can be delivered directly to his law firm with convincing remarks, and I am definitely sure he will respond since he is the man of integrity.

    Thank you Bonnie for all you do. All your effort will be paid off one day with Justice for Michael. Remember the feathers that keep showing up in your life. These are the signs sent to you from Michael that ALL IS WELL.

    I sign the petition but the additional remarks I wrote did not go through. I am not too sure what I did wrong.


  2. Bonnie,

    I am sure you have seen this video Brett Ratner interviewing Michael. It is so cool to watch Michael talking about the love he has for music and giving advice to other musicians to be aware of the music industries crooked way of doing business.

    I just want to share this.


  3. Hi Mimi - You probably did nothing wrong. The remarks show up in a really weird place off to the right side. If it doesn't show up, then you can go to Tom Mesereau's web site (Google him, it is there) for his firm and send him an appreciation note. I don't want to put the address here for fear of flooding him. It's the Firm's email address.

    I also have that Brett Ratner interview bookmarked. Michael sounded very relaxed, but he also was aware that Brett was up to something. As the camera came on a few seconds into it, Michael looks down right at the camera, but keeps on talking. He didn't look happy about the camera though. I think after a couple of questions, he just forgot about it, LOL! I LOVED listening to him talk about the industry.

    As a teenager, I had an opportunity to enter that industry and before we were to sign contracts and after we (me and mom) met with the man who was going to manage me, I said no. I didn't like what they wanted to do with me. All of a sudden, the singing was second fiddle to the PR work and it was all about marketing and gimmicks and money. He was NOT a nice person and I felt dirty after leaving that office and I no longer wanted it. I was seventeen years old. I lost the deposit for the studio time and a good chance to learn how they put recordings together. Funny after 20 some years, I learn from Michael it was probably the best decision I ever made. I do NOT have rhinoceros skin. I wouldn't have survived it.

  4. Bonnie,

    I wish I have an ability to analyze things like you do. I was wondering why Michael is looking away from the camera. You are right now I look at it back again he looks very uncomfortable. I don't know much about Brett Ratner but I have read several places that they are very good friends. I wonder he is up to what. Do you know?

    Oh Bonnie, does that mean you can sing? What a wonderful thing to know.

    God bless you,

  5. Dinah - Thank you for that link! I contacted someone but I don't know anything yet.

    Mimi - Brett is supposedly the person that introduced Michael to Malnik. Michael suspected Malnik and Tommy Mottola were working together as Malnik wanted to insert himself into Michael's business affairs. You can see a distinct change in Michael's whole countenance when you view photos of them together toward the end of their friendship, even the ones with Brett Rattner. I don't think they were friends after Michael left Florida.

  6. Dear Bonnie,

    you did an excellent work! Thank you very much, hopefully the petition will reach Mr.Mesereau, i am totally agree with your thoughts and points of views about Mr. Mesereau.

    God bless you, take care, Tamara


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