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Michael Jackson Justice: The Year of “If Only . . .”

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Year of “If Only . . .”

June 25, 2010 – The Year of “If Only . . .”

It is 4:51 in the morning on June 25, 2010. No, I have not been to bed yet, thanks for asking. I came home from my client’s house at 11pm, ate a very late dinner then went to work on the Anniversary web site and of course, the blog that I am typing now.

It has been one year. I would have thought by now God would have come down and righted all this wrong. At the very least, I expected the man/people that murdered Michael Jackson to be either standing trial or in jail. But no, that would only happen if Michael had murdered himself because judging by the behavior of The D.A. Cooley, Jerry Brown (figures) and every other useless, imperial California official I have written to, the only thing Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty of is doing the county of Los Angeles a favor.

Fans are encouraged to rally behind the Jackson family in their quest for justice, but that is a little hard to do when we don’t even know where most of them stand. A third of them are self promoting, another third are fighting the first third, and the latter third are just going along with whatever feeds their bank accounts. Sounds a little harsh doesn’t it? I agree. But it’s been a year and the same disregard is being displayed by some of the family members as by the press. Do they care if his murderer(s) are brought to justice?

The thing that sticks in my mind over this year is the difference between the two Michael’s. Pre-trial and post trial.

I remember the lively, intense dancing and spinning pipe bomb of an entertainer who laughed with joy at children jumping breathlessly from the amusement rides on his Neverland ranch, yet spoke in such soft tones during interviews you could barely hear him. I remember how shy and humble he was when receiving a compliment, only to snarl into the microphone with such convincing ferocity during a song that the “shy boy” became just a figment of your imagination.

I remember the leaps into the air and squeals of pure delight after a massive pie fight to blow off steam after a video shoot. I remember his cousins stealing his hard sought-after Easter eggs only to shrug and let it roll off his shoulders because after all, it was for the kids.

I remember how many awards he won, and the thousands of stages over his lifetime he dropped pounds of sweat onto, making sure each show was better than the last.

The first concert clip of him that I ever saw was when I just happened to catch the SuperBowl half time performance on T.V. (first husband was a football watcher) and the exquisitely perfect timing of the pause between popping up through the stage and breaking into the song “Jam”.

I remember when he was on top of the world. And while he was there, not once did he let himself become jaded, entitled or insensitive.

Then something happened. While on top of the world, Michael Jackson inadvertently bought his way in to the battle of his life when he purchased a coveted Music Catalog that, while few were willing to pay the price he paid for it, began resenting Michael for purchasing it. A twenty eight year old black man with publishing rights to 251 Beatles Songs, Elvis songs, Chuck Berry songs and numerous others.

Sony bought out the label Michael was contracted under and they saw this as a way of not only controlling the most revenue-generating artist in history, but also to take control of the very music catalog they had been drooling over since before they bought out Epic Records.

What happened to Michael Jackson next will be covered up by the press and the media for the foreseeable future.

If you believe the press . . . The fame, lack of childhood and extreme wealth made Michael Jackson Crazy. If you follow the money trail . . . everything leads back to Sony right on back through the very first, 1993 allegations of child misconduct leveled at Michael Jackson.

Did he make himself an easy victim? No. He’s always been an easy victim. And the press made sure the responsibility for the actions of the greedy was always Michael’s. Like saying that having money gives someone a right to steal it. Wearing a pair of shorts means your asking to get raped. Being a NICE PERSON in the music industry means you’re asking to get cheated by the company you’re keeping alive.

I wanted to put up a web page commemorating one entire year that nothing has been done to solve the murder of Michael Jackson. Until justice is done, there is nothing to celebrate.

I would like to be able to say that it was “All for Love . . . L.O.V.E.” but it wasn’t. It was all for money. And until we can change the last word of that sentence, more people are going to go the way of Michael, only much more quietly. Right Mr. Lopez? Right Mr. Ayers? Right Mr. Chandler?

It was well worth the time I spent getting to know someone who before June of last year, was only a face I saw occasionally on the news and in the eighties on MTV. If I had only known back then what caliber of human being he was. If only my eyes were opened and my heart unscarred enough to feel what he was going through. I didn’t even pray for him until 2005 during his trial and it was a quick one, because I had problems of my own.

Please take some time to pray that whatever God’s will was for Michael Jackson, that it be fulfilled and that we understand why things happened the way they did. There is a reason so many of you that I have corresponded with this past year have been pulled to this as strongly as you have been. We need to pray about that too.

The web page below is for you, but it is also for those who don’t know Michael Jackson. I ask that you just book mark it and send it to the next person that asks you . . . “Why do you care about him?”

Michael Jackson became my friend this past year. Why do we always wait until they’re gone before we act?

1 Year Anniversary

Gift for Katherine on Michael’s Birthday.

I have to work again tonight, so no blog this evening. Peter Lopez will be up on the 26th.

Goodnight (ha!) and God Bless you…


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  2. Bonnie,
    I was in L.A. today and there were so many reminders of Michael everywhere. From seeing a scribble on the back of a dirty car, "RIP Michael Jackson", to a big, burly guy with a KOP RIP t-shirt on, and much in between. On our way back to the freeway we passed a stop sign near Michael's home on Carolwood and discovered a message someone had scrawled. It says it all. I would love to send you the photo for your blog. I think we all feel this way. Throughout the day we kept running into these little "signs"...the music in the car was on shuffle and played, "Will You Be There?" exactly when it finished I looked over on the side of the freeway only to be struck by a huge stand of bright yellow sunflowers. I agree with you, there is no reason to celebrate. The last 365 days have sucked, but it is signs like these that keep me smiling...a little.
    L O V E

  3. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it.

  4. I watched the Tributes for Michael and just got more depressed.
    I wish he would have sold that Damn Catalouge to Sony and then he'd still be here with us, today.

    Maybe they would have left him alone then, and he could have gotten on with his life.
    I know he was a fighter and had every right to keep that catalouge.
    It's just sometimes I don't think it was worth it, ya know?


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