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Michael Jackson Justice: Addressing Michael Jackson’s “Messiah Complex”

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Addressing Michael Jackson’s “Messiah Complex”

July 12, 2010 - Addressing Michael Jackson’s “Messiah Complex”

Michael Jackson had a “Messiah Complex”. Someone had said this in a comment on one of the blog updates and it wasn’t the first time I heard it. I had heard someone say something similar years ago, after his trial. It was a reporter (of course).

The comment made recently on my blog was in response to this video: Youtube

The interview with Jarvis (whoever he is) who ran on stage to disrupt Michael’s performance, is on this link and I have to warn you, the audio is bad. Seems the microphone pack didn’t like Jarvis’s bum either.

Jarvis was arrested and he said it was because “Michael was upset”. He was asked to describe what it was that he did and he explained that he hopped on stage during “Michael’s Jesus Act”. A statement by Michael was read by the host of the show and Jarvis went on to describe the questioning he endured.

What Jarvis, and the rest of his laughing audience didn’t seem to quite comprehend was Michael’s concern was not for himself. Michael was concerned because there were children on stage that Michael was responsible for during the part of the performance in which Jarvis invaded the stage. One of the actors tried to get him to leave and he pushed past him and ran to the front center of the stage to finish his “flashing” act.

Michael had already been subject to lawsuits over false accusations from the father of a child in his care when this incident during the Brit Awards happened. Did Michael want to get the message across that invasions onto a stage in which children were performing was not going to be tolerated? Absolutely.

This seemed to be lost on Jarvis Crocker who, while rushing the stage for his moment of immature attention getting, blamed Michael’s sensitivity to his image as the reason for his arrest.

A statement was read on the air by the British tabloid show, in which Michael said he felt cheated and hurt (that someone would do that to his Brit Awards Performance), which is why Jarvis seemed to jump on Michael’s “sensibilities” because Jarvis, who is also a performer, did what Michael would have never done to him or any other performer. It was disrespectful, but it also could have been potentially dangerous had he knocked one of the children over.

Why is it that Michael is always at fault when someone ends up paying the consequences for disrupting him or otherwise taking advantage of him? And why is it a “character flaw” for someone to be upset at another for trying to ruin what he created just because that person wanted attention? Anyone?

Because Jarvis was miffed that he got arrested for putting children in harm’s way during a stunt that he was not invited on stage to commit, Michael has a “Messiah Complex” because Jarvis did this during Michael’s “Jesus Act” in “Earth Song”. Maybe Michael should have performed “Too Bad” or “Privacy” for him? The “Ghost” of Jealousy is probably more likely.

For those of you who believe that Michael Jackson suffered from a “Messiah Complex”, pay close attention to Michael’s demeanor in these videos:

Michael embarrassed by his own voice in a fan appreciation book

The Real Michael Jackson

Michael in ultimate Messiah Mode

Michael singing to his children (Where's your rhythm??)

Quotes from Michael On God, Jesus and being Humble:

I’m going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame, and oh I have wanted it, I have wanted it because I WANTED TO BE LOVED. THATS ALL!! That’s the real truth. I wanted people to love me, TRULY LOVE ME, because I never really FELT LOVED. I said I know I have an ability. Maybe if I sharpened my craft, maybe people will love me more. I just wanted to be LOVED because I think is is very important to be loved and to tell people that you love them and to look in their eyes and say it! - Michael Jackson, in a 2001 interview

"When people's minds are clouded by anger or hatred, no angel can reach them." - Michael Jackson

"I believe in the Bible and I try to follow the Bible. I know I’m an imperfect person… I’m not making myself an angel because I’m not an angel and I’m not a devil either. I try to be the best I can and I try to do what I think is right. It’s that simple…I don’t just pray at night. I pray at different times during the day. Whenever I see something beautiful, I say, "Oh, God, that’s beautiful." I say little prayers like that all through the day." Michael Jackson, 1979 JET Magazine

"...Look, we don’t have control over the grounds, they can shake. We don’t have control over the seas, they can have tsunamis. We don’t have control over the skies, there are storms. We’re all in God’s hands. I think that man has to take that into consideration." -
Michael Jackson in his 2007 Ebony Magazine interview

“I believe in God.....I gain strength from God. I believe in Jehovah, God, very much.....I believe in God and love God."

"No one can quite say what the creative process is. Because I have nothing to do with it of course. It's created in space. It's God's work, not mine."
Michael Jackson, Ebony/Jet 2007 interview

"I wrote "Will You Be There?" at my house, "Never Land" in California....I didn't think about it hard. Thats why its hard to take credit for the songs that I write, because I just always feel that it's done from above. I feel fortunate for being that instrument through which music flows. I'm just the source through which it comes. I can't take credit for it because it's Gods work. He's just using me as the messenger....” Michael Jackson, Ebony/Jet 2002 interview

Michael’s quotes on imitating Jesus (Here it comes! The “Messiah Complex”!)

"I'm trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all." - Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey interview 1993.

"Like the Bible says. A child should be leader of them all, and to be led by that kind of innocence. Didn't Jesus say 'bring on the children?' Be like the children. Not childish, but child-like. That kind of innocence." - Michael Jackson in the Martin Bashir outtakes

Katherine on her son Michael (she gives Joe what for too! Love this video, but hate the circumstances). Joe, no offense, but I wanted people to see this side of Katherine. You married a good lady!

Michael talks about God and Jesus (as he does in every interview)

There have been much bigger crimes committed then trying to imitate Jesus. If we all did that . . . wouldn’t this be a much better world to live in?

One last thing and this is off topic, but I wanted you to be aware of this.

Some reports being leaked out into the press that there are some California Officials that are talking about making “Neverland” into a state park.

Before you get your feathers ruffled (as I did when I first read this), read through the whole article here: CA considers acquiring Neverland(contributed by Lindy)

This is a paper. It’s a story. This will not happen and I will tell you why. They do not have the support of the people who could make this happen. The property is too steep in price.

Another reason is, the residents of Los Olivos would never let it happen and beyond that, Tom Barrack would never sell it to the state. It is still half owned by the Jackson Estate and Tom Barrack.

I find it ironic that the state of California, after what they did to Michael Jackson, would even have the gall to entertain such a notion. I doubt any of his fans would stand for it, but as I said, this is a story and it is an attempt to inflict emotional barbs. This may be a blessing in disguise. One more crooked opportunist to throw into the ring to be exposed under the lights.

One last testimonial from Rodney Jerkins, about Michael and his relationship with Jesus.

I have no doubt that Jesus is looking after Michael.


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  2. This comment is regarding California's "generous offer" to turn Neverland into a State Park: If I were anyone on "Team MJ", I'd tell California this..."When you up Murray's charge from Manslaughter to Murder 2 and we and Mr. Jackson's fans actually see TRUE justice there as well as seeing charges filed against Tom Sneddon and compadres and prison for them also, then let's talk. But remember the keyword...TALK and even then, we'll leave it up to Mr. Jackson's children to decide."

  3. Bonnie, reading this and viewing all the videos has left me so emotional that I can't even comment, other than to proved your point beautifully in showing Michael's pure love and humility. Messiah Complex? Whoever said that is a Complex Mess! I love you, Bonnie!

  4. Ladyaquarius - I'd just tell them to take a flying leap. That is private property and the LAST thing I would want, if that state treated me that way, would be to give them the satisfaction of taking THAT from me too! Murray should be getting murder 2 at the very lease anyway! No bargains on the property. CA can't even manage what it has.

    Micheline - What I don't have the skill to describe, I let Michael do the talking in the videos. He gave God credit for everything. Michael was trying to be Jesus like in his heart, and all he was looking for, was others who were Jesus-like in their hearts. He felt unconditional love from no one except Jesus and children. Everyone else wanted something from him. Michael had a hard time saying no, but when he did, oh boy, did they attack!

    Plain and simple . . . He wanted to make the world a better place (you may not have seen it Mike, but you did!) and he couldn't do it by himself. It was going to take somebody's help and not enough were there to help.

    I'll get to your message now. I've got work to do tomorrow for someone, but expect an extra special blog tomorrow.

  5. Bonnie,

    Thanks for your perspective.
    What a difference it makes!

    It's Amazing how people can get influenced positively or negatively....... all from the way a story is SPUN!

    Michael was Innocent on EVERYTHING the Media said he was Guilty of!

    Makes me glad I'm not rich and famous!
    The price is way too high! (for me anyway)
    I wouldn't trade my privacy for anything!

    Anytime you need ideas for your blog....just let me know! LOL

    Thanks again and Keep Up The Good Work!

  6. Bonnie!

    Here's one for you!

    Why did Michael Jackson always grab his crotch?

  7. He gives a perfect answer for that to Oprah Josie. ;)

  8. Michael once said with great disappointment that he couldn't understand how his songs, his intentions could be so (wildly) misinterpreted. Writing, song and the presentation are how he was able to express his deepest self and helped him to cope with the world around him.

    He must have kept a diary of some sort!

    My thoughts on Michael's '96 Brit Awards presentation - ingenious, thoughtful, deep, beautiful.

    For me, the spirituality transcends the visuals and lyrics, the latter 2 aiding his deeper message. It is so beautifully interwoven that it creates a full circle...if you know what I mean. It hits us on so many levels - visually, audiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All of this to spur us physically. Michael was such an amazingly deep thinker that I believe this was the intention - WAKE UP! impassioned plea for unified action before it's too late as well as for God's help. Society needs to return to sensability, people need to think for themselves and get involved in their own future.


  9. I believe Michael's intention in portrying Jesus was directed to all, but perhaps specifically those who believe in get the attention of all factions. Not to alienate or mock but to bring together, to remember Jesus' message by showing us a biblical scene. All on stage are unified and helping, consoling one another.

    Artistic expression was part of Michael's mission on this earth. I have to wonder why, if eyes are on God, those people would attack a brother, one of His messengers. Don't they know Michael was a fellow believer whom the message flowed THROUGH? Why the critisism...could it be that their minds are closed to anything outside their tunnel of vision? Perhaps God is wider than most people want to believe.

    If you look at the lyrics to this song, he is speaking to and questioning God:
    "What about all the peace that you pledge your only son?" "...can you give a sign?" (arm extended to the heavens)

    Throughout he is speaking to and questioning his fellow man. I have to wonder if he is also speaking to the deceptions of the powers that be:
    "What about all the things that you said we were to gain?" "What about the common man..." "What about us?"

    A killing field is a military science. The "Killing Fields" of Cambodia were where 1.3 million were slaughtered. In just 100 days 300,000 were orphaned.

    In the Bashir out take link, I don't know who the older gentleman was. Michael was often embarrassed by the praise while deeply appreciative of truth being recognized. He said of Michael, "When you look into somebody's eyes you can feel it, these vibrations...someone who is an ambassador of humanity..."

    For me that statement confirms Michael's mission and ties very tightly into this Earth Song presentation.

    Sorry for taking up so much space...!

  10. Josie - Oprah asked Michael that same question in his 1993 interview. I always wanted to know what his mom felt about it! I would have been slapping his little hands, LOL! I take it from Michael's response that it wasn't something that was planned. He had also said during another interview that if he knew women were looking at him down there, he would be completely embarrassed so maybe he did it to keep you from staring at it? I don't know. It's just a guess and not worth dwelling on. I'd rather focus on his athleticism on stage and those incredible lyrics he writes, not his anatomy.

    Lana - Thank you. I've seen Michael's concert clips and that' is the only place I've ever seen him do that. The only video I have ever been embarrassed about watching was BOTDF. The first time I saw that video my face was as red as that outfit he had on. I told the story on Karen's page when it was up. It wasn't even anything he did, it was just the first time I had ever seen anyone dancing sitting down. The opening vocals didn't help either. Michael is an intense performer even sitting still. He's a master at those facial expressions!

    Truthbtold2 - I remember Michael stating that but I can't remember the interview. So many of his songs were about innocent things, his life and what people were doing to him and to each other. I remember the Jackson5 songs and even though his brothers were years older than him, those songs were still innocent. Michael's songs were innocent, some playful (The Way You Make me Feel, BAD). Other's sad reality and those heart-wrenching songs like Stranger in Moscow and Earth Song and We've Had Enough. Cry is one of my favorite, favorite (had to say it twice) songs. That song if you listen to the lyrics . . . makes me wonder sometimes if it wasn't just a message but a prophesy of what was going to happen.

    Exactly what you said. Those lyrics in Earth Song, you KNOW that man knew what was going on in the world and who was behind it. I wonder if he wasn't a secret John Birch member! I know he read and was interested in history. Those lyrics just tear my heart out. And it hurts me to know that this message was shut down so viciously and people still want to talk about his cr*tch (can't type that word, geeze!)

  11. Anyone not seeing their comment, when it happens just hit the back button on your browser then hit refresh and your post will show up. I just figured it out, LOL!

  12. From Debby Wimberly -

    Debby Wimberley
    Here's an excerpt from a fan's response from one of the videos where Michael hears his own voice and is shy.

    "he's beatiful,inside and out!
    Did you guys know- Bashir was contracted NOT to ask certain questions in Living With but he ignored it and asked- this is... See More why MJ is visibly upset at end of documentary! Also,Bashir had to get approval from MJ before it was aired,but no-one could contact Bashir,he wouldn't return calls.MJ didn't know what was going on- but when it was aired-Michael's friend called him at his house in Miami and Michael was crying" :(

    MIchael was a very humble individual and always said he aspired to be "God LIKE not God" ; to be as a child in his faith. I wish the jounalists and tabloids had really LISTENED to his words .... they would have found what was really in his soul and given him the truth he desired to have written about him .

  13. Thanks everyone for answer my question.

    It must be hard.... being an Artist and feeling things so deeply.

    It must be hard....having all these emotions inside your being that demand to be expressed.

    It must be hard....after having expressed those emotions, to find people tear them asunder.

    I really believe God gives us "Gifted Messengers" with each generation.

    Messengers to Warn Us of the Corruption of Man.

    Messengers to Warn Us to Get Right With God.

    Michael was one of those Messengers.

    God Love Him!

  14. A bit off topic but perhaps not really. Nothing about Michael's music is ever off topic. It occurred to me recently that there is not one song in TII, the film, from the Invincible album, although Invincible contains some of Michael's best work. The only songs in TTI that I believe were from Invincible were a few chords of Threatened (mixed with Thriller), and MJ's opening lines for Speechless (your love is magical, that's how I feel); Sony didn't want to promote Invicible during his life and surely carried the sentiment forward after his death. And I think Kenny Ortega's recent release of "outtakes" from TII, the film (if there is such a thing as an "outtake" from a rehearsal film, think about it), was to forestall any criticism regarding possible different versions of TII, the film, due to its recent showings on the Starz channel.

  15. June,

    Your comments about TII raise some interesting questions and I noticed that too. None of his "Invincible" songs are on there. You mention because of Sony's unwillingness to promote the album (Think about the lyrics to some of the songs on that album . . . could be incriminating...) But also, maybe Michael did not want to do those songs? That album was the beginning of the end of his relationship with Sony, and although those songs as you said, were some of his best work yet, Michael did not want to give Sony the satisfaction of performing those songs in concert when Sony didn't even want to produce the videos he wanted for that album, let alone promote it.

    I see Kenny's newer footage release as something else. There are sets on those outtakes that were not present in either the movie or the DVD version of "This is It". There are also different camera angles of the same scenes in the movie. I'm sorry but this is strange. It almost feels like they are still putting it together. It's creepy in a way that these new scenes are just now working their way out, pieces at a time.

  16. I just want to add this: The reason I am focusing so much of my time on the TII production is because there is something about it that I feel we are missing.

    When I was in high school I took a "media" class. We produced our own news show and it was aired every Monday in school. We each took turns operating different positions (anchors, writers, reporters, camera, director, lighting, sound, etc...) If there was one thing I took away from that class, it was how easy it was to manipulate the appearance of an event and to take cuts of different sequences and put them together to make them appear fluid.

    This is It, the movie and the DVD that I have, reminds me of the subliminal advertisements theaters used to put at the beginning of their movies to get people to buy more popcorn and soda. But the message is different.

    TII is pretty much a succession of flash pictures spiced together. We are missing something here. I'm going to have to go watch it again. There are some things that Michael says that are so odd and out of place and you don't know why it was added to the documentary.

    It's amazing, but it's almost like TII is a lesson in what every news show, talk show, documentary and T.V. tabloid did to Michael with their editing, only it was done in TII.

    If you guys get a chance (if you still have the movie/DVD) take a look at this again and use that pause button. We're missing something!

  17. Is is possible "THEY" are setting a "Trap" for us?

    They may be Baiting us with a message that doesn't even exist!

    They may be baiting us for a message that's a LIE

    Like looking for clues to a Buried Treasure.

    Motive: To keep us Hungry for more of .....

    "Anything Michael."

    In other words; A scham to "Milk" their CASH COW as long as they can!

  18. Is it also possible, they are doing this as a

    "Diversion Tatic" to keep us away from the

    Investigation of Michael's Murder?

  19. I don't know Josie . . . this seems more like something Michael would do to get a message out than the goons at Sony. These were Michael's songs that he wrote. The comments that Michael made throughout the documentary were his comments, not theirs.

    Since Michael knew what was going on even before the concert was being produced, maybe this is a place we can look more deeply into.

  20. Bonnie,

    What do you expect to find?

    What are you looking for?

    If Michael was trying to convey a Message, why wouldn't these guys just put the message out there?

    What's the big deal?

    Why the need to cover it up , unless the message made them (Sony) look bad.

    You think Michael had some veiled message about his murder conspiracy in these rehearsal shots?

    Do you really think the goons at Sony are dumb enough to take a chance of exposing themselves?

    If you must look into it then go ahead......

    and Good Luck!

  21. I understand an investigator must look into everything.

    No stone unturned.

    So do what you must do, Bonnie.

  22. When is this Documentary suppose to be released to the public?

  23. I think you can hear his mom and family speak about grabbing crotch in this video or part 2.

  24. Wow...fascinating thoughts on TII and the possibility of Michael leaving verbal clues?

    Maybe part of it is those pesky wax figures (manequins) the lost art of claymation.

  25. It was just part of his artistic expression.

    And in most of his songs, I found it to be

    "Spot On!" Especially in his BAD Video.....

    I mean short film!

    It was like he was telling the other guy.....

    "Bite Me." Very Cool! (in my opinion)

  26. But WHEN is this Documentary suppose to be aired?

  27. His mother, Katherine, just laughed about his grabbing his crotch.

    But really, what else could she do!

    I still think it was Spot On and Very Cool!

  28. Thank you Bonnie for explaining the “Messiah Complex” and providing all those videos. It was my first time watching the Brit Award show. For me Michael is trying to show purity in our nature is what requires to heal this sick world, and the white cloth he wears is a symbol of that.

    The article about the state of CA entertaining the idea to buy Neverland is very sickening. Even though the price is too high and the state is completely broke and can’t afford it, the article says the state is hoping to partner with Colony Capitol. What I don’t understand is the state is completely ignoring that the ranch is also owned by Michael’s estate so how are they going to wish to partner with Colony Capitol? How about the other half partner? Are they ever consulting them? I have a feeling that those estate executers might buy the half share from Colony Capitol and join hand in hand with the state to fulfill their wish. I hope that doesn’t happen but you can’t trust those mafias. I remember Michael’s mother said, on her interview I have watched briefly on dateline, she really wished they keep Neverland in the family. I hope so too. But what is the guarantee. I don’t think she knows it either.

  29. I don't trust these people who are editing this documentary (This Is It)

    I wouldn't be surprised if they edit it in such a way, that it gives the impression that Michael wanted to commit Suicide!

    After all...that's what Murray is trying to get the public to believe.

    Now if these Sony people are a part of Michael's

    murder...than it makes sense they would try to

    put a Documentary out in the public, that gives

    the "Impression" that Michael was Suicidal!


  30. Bonnie - back up to your comments about Sony and the Invincible album, while I agree some of the songs may be incriminating (and hence Sony would not have wanted them included), Michael mentioned many times he loved Unbreakable, and where was, in TII, You Rock My World (the only vid Sony would make), and we all know Butterflies, Speechless, Cry, and You are My Life are beyond belief lyrically; Michael was quoted as saying he didn't want to be doing Billie Jean at 50. Everything in that film, TII, was 20 years in the past. And I haven't even touched on Blood on the Dance Floor! Incredible dance song. I will watch again the credits at the end of TII to see what songs are listed as having been included. I know there is more to come from those who hatcheted this film together, after all there are supposed to be at least another "80 hours" of footage according to Sony!

  31. Bonnie,

    I have heard that the reason Sony did not want to promote Invisible album was because Michael told them early on he was not going to renew his contract once the one he had expired. Weren’t they obligated to promote the album since the album was produced while he was still under contract? I am glad Invisible was mentioned on this blog comment for me to ask this question that I always wonder to what happened. By the way it is one of my favorite album I always listen. What a brilliant work.

  32. Mimi - your remarks about Colony partnering with California to turn NL into a park; I've been following this; why does Barrack continue to say Colony (alone) owns NL? Don't we all believe Colony owns NL in partnership with the Estate (unless some shenanigans have transpired of which we have no knowledge)? And while it sends shivvers up my spine to think the execs could buy out Colony and partner up with Calif, as you suggested might happen, I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility, assuming MJ's estate even still owns its half! According to Barrack, Colony is the sole owner. Hopefully, at this point, this is all conjecture put out there by some newshound with no real knowledge, just to keep the "Michael" news cycle in full undecipherable mode!

  33. Concerning Neverland:

    Is it true there's Oil under that land?

    I read somewhere that's why Colony is interested in buying it.

    I also read the Jackson Estate wants to turn Neverland into a Michael Jackson Amusement Park.

    I think that's a good idea! It's the families way of Honoring Michael forever!

  34. June – as far as I am concerned Michael’s estate have 50% ownership. Unless, as you said, there is something we don’t know. If Colony Capitol is the sole owner, Michael mother wouldn’t comment saying “ I hope they keep it in the family”. It seems like the article have some ulterior motives for mentioning only half of the owner ignoring the other half.

  35. When does this Documentary come out?

  36. Michael's Estate DOES! own 50% of Neverland.

    And if they turn it into a Michael Jackson Amusement Park they will make money for the Estate as well as Honor Michael.

  37. I guess it's on DVD with special features of more footage from the TII rehearsals.

    Price = $30.00 (round figure)

    I figured it out for myself.

  38. I thought we were suppose to boycott Sony?

    What happened to Justice For Michael?

  39. Bonnie,

    How did you see this NEW Footage of TII?

    Did you buy a copy?

    Do you know someone who Bought a copy?

  40. Bonnie, below is a segment from one of your comments above:

    "...I wish the journalists and tabloids had really LISTENED to his words...they would have found what was really in his soul and given him the truth he desired to have written about him."

    Bonnie, if the media HAD listened to Michael's words and reported truthfully about him, it would have come with a HUGE BONUS. Michael would still be alive! :-(

  41. Good point Micheline.

    One of the biggest problems in today's world is job being placed above humanity and doing what's right. It becomes a pack mentality and within that, career competition. People's lives become stepping stones to further career. Compassion, empathy and guaranteed Constitutional rights are lost in a self-centered egotistical world that loves money...the root of all evil.

    "Anything for money...anything...sell your soul to the devil..."

    Success, recognition, and conformity are the bywords of the modern world where everyone seems to crave the anesthetizing security of being identified with the majority.
    ~Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963

    It will all fall down one day and these people too will be scrambling for their lives along with the rest of us.

    He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
    ~Thomas Paine

    Michael was a Freedom Fighter. I believe that is why the corporate-political-media machine still works so cohesively to ensure there will never be any justice for Michael. We are his (and our own) only hope...

  42. Neverland & State of CA - Michael's Estate owns half of Neverland under Sycamore Valley Ranch, LLC (Tom and Michael are partnered in this). It has been mentioned in message boards in different places that Barrack owns half and Sycamore Valley Ranch owns half - Sycamore Valley Rancy = half Michael and half Colony ownership, effectively making Tom 75% owner and Michael 25%. This is untrue. According to documents that I have copies of off of the Internet Sycamore Valley Ranch, LLC is 50%-50% Michael and Colony.

    California will never get Neverland unless they try to pull an "eminent domain" claim in which case CA would have to offer "fair market value". I do not think Barrack will let that happen. I also do not think the estate will let that happen. Branca has seemed unwilling to sell off anything 'Michael' of tangible value. The 50% stake in the Sony/ATV is still intact, Neverland has not been touched. Unreleased Songs sold to Sony were written during the time Michael was under contract with Sony/Epic Records. Is it because of public scrutiny? I don't know, and this may change. We must keep the pressure on.

    I want to point out that if justice is going to happen, someone within the Sony/Branca camp is going to have to make a move in order to get caught. So when you see reports like this about Neverland, the State of CA. The Estate of Michael Jackson, keep in mind that bait is going to be put out there by those investigating.

  43. If you like theatre....if you like music....if you like the arts...if you like Michael Jackson, you have to see this movie! BRILLIANT!


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