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Michael Jackson Justice: Chances for Justice and Immaculate Deceptions

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chances for Justice and Immaculate Deceptions

Revelation 2:2
“I know your works, your labor, your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars;

Attention Brian Oxman and Mr. Steisand: The case in Colorado needs to be looked at if Justice is ever going to happen for Michael Jackson and his family. Updated article on the Broderick Case

The article opens with a declaration from legal experts that there is no way that the felony perjury case will ever be considered by a judge or jury in Larimer County. The article explains, “Because the two prosecutors who worked with Broderick to help convict Timothy Masters of Peggy Hettrick's 1987 murder are now sitting judges in the county, and because of the amount of pretrial publicity, a change of venue is imminent, said Denver defense attorney and 9News legal analyst Scott Robinson.”

Are we paying attention lawyers for the Jackson family? Change of venue! It can be done! Shall we try, instead of grasping for straws trying to blame a company for the medical decisions of a doctor it hired? Would it be possible for you to act like you are trying to get someone arrested for the crime of murder?

Jerry Brown meets the man in the mirror

Jerry Brown, currently State Attorney General ( lost primary to Cooley recently) and former 2 term governor of California is running for a third term. Why? Because he is determined to convince the California public that he is going to do a better job of running California (into the ground) then Schwarzenegger or, well himself.

Jerry Brown couldn’t even succeed in governing his L.A. District Attorney. He allowed Cooley to interfere with the LAPD’s arrest of Dr. Conrad Murray, insisting that Dr. Murray’s request not to be handcuffed be honored and delaying the arrest. He’s 72 years old. Show us something to tell us you can take control of something other than a press conference. We have nothing to go on.

Colony Capital working at ethics and against old school establishments

This is an excellent article about Colony Capital and the way they do business.

“I am not judging day-to-day vagaries of a global tsunami,” Barrack, Colony Capital’s founder, chairman and CEO, said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “I am confident our investments in Accor and Carrefour will deliver good performance in the next five years. We’re prepared to stay for the long term.”

Barrack said Bazin has done “a first-class job” over the last decade. “Because he’s not from France’s exalted clubs, we’ll get criticism,” Barrack said.
What is showing up is a benefit to shareholders that the incumbent board of directors railed against, citing “short term” solutions. But the investors don’t see it that way:

“U.K. and U.S.-based investors have been more willing to give Colony the benefit of the doubt. By selling operations outside of Western Europe, Carrefour could raise proceeds equivalent to its entire current market value, said London-based JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst Jaime Vazquez. That would allow the retailer to pay a dividend of 34 euros a share, about equivalent to its share price, while maintaining its current level of debt, Vazquez said.”

Critics of Colony’s involvement with this business deal in connection to Michael may be hitching their conspiracy wagons to this paragraph:

Blue-eyed and a self-deprecating joke never far from his lips, Bazin “looks like the perfect son-in-law,” said Matthieu Pigasse, Lazard co-deputy head in Paris, who sits with Bazin on the board of casino company Groupe Lucien Barriere SA and advised Canal Plus, the pay-television unit of Vivendi SA, in the PSG sale. “The reality is he’s tough in business, sharp and quick, and he’s a very active investor.”

What this says is that Mr. Pigasse sits on the board of a casino company with Bazin. It also says that Pigasse advised Canal Plus (a pay-TV or cable company, unit of Vivendi SA in the PSG Sale). This does not connect Colony to Vivendi. Be careful what you read. This is Mr. Pigasse’s Bio

Upon further investigation, this link highlights the sale of a soccer team to a group lead by Luc Dayan and Lucia, which is a subsidiary of Colony Capital.

They bought the soccer team from Canal Plus. Buying a soccer team bleeding red ink does not connect Michael Jackson’s death to Colony. Vivendi is a reach and really has more in common with Geffen than it does with Tom Barrack.

About Vivendi - Vivendi is a Fortune Global 500 company ranked #264, with a total revenue in the year 2008 of 29.6 billion USD.[5] However, its massive expansion in the late 90s and early 21st century has caused the company both financial and legal trouble. The problems arose during the term of former CEO, Jean-Marie Messier; both US and French regulators are investigating potential cover-ups of company losses.[6] Vivendi is also an example of privatization of a public service, the distribution of water and wastewater. Resource

Under Colony Capital and Vivendi:

From PDF - On 22.06.1999 the Commission received a notification of a proposed concentration pursuant to Article 4 of Council Regulation (EEC) No.4064/89 by which the undertakings Accor, Colony and Blackstone acquire within the meaning of Article 3
(1)(b) of the Council Regulation joint control over the hotel activities of the Vivendi group. Resource

Under Anschutz Corporation and Vivendi
-: The only search I could find of them together was on a web site touting Joel Katz’s lawyering skills in the entertainment industry. Katz advised both companies separately at one time or another.

Interesting information on Anschutz and the companies in which he owns controlling interest on this link here . . . and scroll to the bottom:

I know this is all dry and boring. Anschutz is also buying sports teams and they are involved with Colony in the Xanadu Complex in Northern New Jersey.

This was an interesting slant. We see a lot of this in the press . . . Christians being portrayed as bigots, or of “using” their faith to mask evil (and unfortunately this does go on, but in EVERY walk of life, not just Christian) and of course if you are a Christian AND have money, then there is something especially wrong with you.

July 7, 2010 – Chances for Justice and Immaculate Deceptions

Keep in mind one thing when reading this article . . . Michael was a Christian and had money too. Look what the press did to him!

The article is written as such an angle that Michael and Anschutz were at opposite ends of the social and ideological spectrum, when it fact, they really weren’t.

Anschutz is described as humble and understated, preferring Timex watches to Rolex and his desire to keep a low profile.

Michael Jackson was humble, wore next to no jewelery, wore the same loafers all the time (the butt of his brother Randy’s jokes) and his desire (although rarely accomplished because of his fame) to keep a low profile when he went shopping.

Anschutz does not give interviews and shuns the press.
Michael shunned ( or tried to shun) the press, rarely granting interviews in his 40+ year career. Both men knew what the press was capable of.

Anschutz "…knows you don't do good works for an earthly reward."

Michael also believed in doing good works without recognition and gave credit to God for everything he was given to give others.

Anschutz is stealthily active in Christian and conservative causes, funding the Institute for American Values, The Center for Marriage and Families and Morality in Media.

Michael, who admittedly shunned politics (really, he had enough problems) was passionate about the breakup of families, the death of innocence and the family unit and, along with Prince Al-Waleed back in 1995, had planned through “Kingdom Entertainment” to put families back at the center of entertainment, films, theme parks and resorts, multi-media and gaming etc . . . the plan that never developed.

Anschutz is a visionary and always five steps ahead of his corporate competitors (sometimes with a sense of humor, tongue in cheek - story on that below) and is described as being able to “see around corners”.

Michael has been touted as a visionary, both musically and visually, to the point where he can hum the notes of every instrument in a song he’s written to the various members of the band and tech crew to record. This is an amazing talent considering Michael never learned to read music. Michael gave new meaning to the phrase “playing by ear”.

Both Michael and Anschutz can see in whole pictures, while being able to break it down into harmonizing parts for those contributing to their teams . . . Michael musically and visually, and Anschutz in business.

Are they really that different from each other? I don’t see it. I can see Anschutz being completely taken by Michael’s personality and impressed with Michael’s vision, which nobody argues is less than genius.

Read more:

One thing missing in the rush to condemn Colony and Anschutz is that there is no motive to go after Michael Jackson’s holdings. Both companies and founders far out-fund Michael. There is no evidence that Colony has done anything but help Michael avert a foreclosure and stall Sony’s takeover of the Sony/ATV. Michael’s ranch still sits, unsold or otherwise violated by Barrack and Company other than maintenance and improvements.

Anschutz, aside from funding a project of Michael’s and sharing the same ideologies, owned the company that would promote the “This is It” concerts. Anschutz has not defrauded Michael. From what I see, both Colony and Anschutz are buying up little pieces here and there of companies that are connected to people who have defrauded Michael. One of the reasons I believe Colony inquired about the Sony/ATV catalog.

What of AEG Live? Owned by AEG And Anschutz Corp., was in the process of putting together a concert. This is another curious mess that I will address in a future blog. (mental note to address AEGLive and “This is It”). Sony had a lot more to lose than Colony or Anschutz. Sony and those connected to the Sony Music group of companies were possibly looking at felonies and jail time as well as loss of the rights to songs in two music catalogs and controlling interest in the Sony/ATV.

And therein lies a possible motive of Sony for not only Michael’s death but Peter Lopez’s death and possibly Ayers as well. Peter, who was working on business reorganization for Michael was “found dead”. Sounds like someone believed Lopez knew something!

And Ayers? He worked for Dr. Klein, a 30 year dermatologist of Michael’s. Dr. Klein has been one of the few people to last that long with Michael. Dr. Klein was prominently in the news after Michael’s death. After the death of Ayers, Dr. Klein got weird on us. Was Ayers a warning to Klein?

Of what information we are given . . . be very suspicious. Of what information you find, be very discerning. Information, like money, can be used in one of two ways.

It can be used in a positive way, or a negative way.

Michael new scenes TII couresy of Ortega:


  1. I accept a lot of your line of thought here Bonnie. However I do have one thing that bugs me concerning AEG's contract w/MJ. In it there is a clause re: Death Due to Drug overdose (re: their Insurance recovery should anything have happened to MJ's ability to perform the 50 concerts). Now, with that in mind, it still throws a little bit of a "red flag" in their direction as well. Why would AEG have such included in their insurance coverage of MJ, if they didn't feel there was a potential threat of such happening??? MJ had a lot of enemies--mainly Sony but don't leave out Sneddon and his henchpeople as well. They were entirely humiliated by MJ's acquittal in 2005. Plenty of motive there as well.

  2. To clarify my point a bit: Anschutz (AEG) has a ton of entertainment-based interests in "Gollywood", as well as their ownership of the LA Times. Anschutz also "dances" with a lot of politicians (mainly Republicans--one of them the recently former Pres. George W. Bush). So, does this mean we should trust Philip Anschutz? I really don't think we should. He knew something was "going down"--that much is evident, by the contract clause. Another good question here is just HOW did MJ pass the initial physical that AEG required? (I say this given his medical issues over the past few years up to his death.) That in itself as well is a BIG question. Don't get me wrong...I believe that Sony/Branca and pals are up to their eyeballs in underhandedness and so forth, but I don't underestimate Anschutz either.

  3. Hello Ladyaquarius - AEG Contract with Michael, I wish I could get a hold of the contracts they have with other performers. Insurance policies covering concerts or more to the point, performers in rock concerts have that clause. Drugs are rampant among performers. It is not out of the ordinary to include drug overdoses as cause of death in insurance policies covering concert performers . . . they would be unrealistic NOT to include it on their insurance policies.

    With that being said, I have seen some sample contracts (I've sold insurance, but not for concerts) from other companies, but not for AEG and not for Lloyd's of London.

    Sneddon . . . he's no longer in the picture. That man didn't retire hurting. If anything, any revenge would be taken out through his buddies in the LAPD or the DA's office (if he has any), and I believe we are seeing that with the treatment of Murray and the complete disregard for the feelings of Michael's family, friends and fans in their horrendous handling of this case.

    I could picture Sneddon putting in a call to some contacts in the LAPD or the DA's office. I could also see Tommy Mottola waving some bills under his nose to do so, but that's pure speculation.

  4. Ladyquarius - Are you saying that hanging around Republicans makes a person evil? There is no evil on the Democrat side of the Isle?

    Most of your business people socialize with the policy makers. That's how you start getting legislation considered. Anschutz is a conservative, family-oriented type and he does support family-values legislation. When this became evil I will never know. I don't trust Obama . . . but that's not because he's republican or democrat, it's because he's lied and is doing a crappy job cleaning up that oil spill (Since we blamed a natural weather disaster on Bush, this is only fair).

    I don't trust Anschutz because of what President he talked to. I am merely reporting similarities between him and Michael and to beware of what the press, and the one's that killed Michael are reporting out there to throw people off.

    Read my post above this one. I addressed the drug overdose clause. When dealing with concerts and pop stars, NOT having coverage in case of drug overdose is irresponsible and only sets yourself up for unneeded liability. SMART concert promoters have it in their coverage.

  5. Another thing on Anschutz that people don't seem to want to realize . . . Anschutz is way beyond Michael in personal wealth . . . way beyond. Why in the world would a person as private as he is want to risk everything over what would amount to a fraction of what he is worth? Anschutz was doing just fine financially before he ever ran across Michael Jackson. Anschutz is worth an estimated $50 - $80 Billion. He really didn't need Michael . . . Micheal needed him. Anschutz could have covered those losses with no problem. That is what made me start looking at this another way.

    Thank you for bringing all this up. Some good points that we get a chance to discuss. :o)

  6. I see your point re: the AEG contract. I thought about that after I'd drawn attention to it. Yet, here's another interesting speculative tidbit. Guess who else had/has AEG as a concert promoter? Britney Spears. Have I rung off any fire alarms and whistles there? I think it's a tad more than mere "coincidence" if you ask me. But yes, I can see the drug clause thing being a necessity. On the other hand, I still won't totally sweep AEG or Anschutz underneath my carpet in this matter. I think that both Sony/Branca and AEG KNEW that MJ would fail the British medical exam he was due to take before the O2 concerts would begin. So yeah...they planned out how to "cut their losses" in advance, and MJ was on the slaughtering table. But, that's my thoughts.

  7. No to your question, "Are you saying that hanging around Republicans makes a person evil?" I distrust a whole lot of politicians be they Dem or Rep, or whatever else is on the political menu of the day. LOL! I do agree that Anschutz didn't need MJ however. Money was not his motive, obviously, outside of the eternal quest for "more" perhaps. I hope I'm wrong, but most people always want that "more." But, on the other hand, if it wasn't Anschutz himself, I'm sure there were plenty under him within his employ who certainly were hungry for "more." Now, if that is the case, then this ultimately comes back and hurts Anschutz (even though he's innocent of any wrongdoing himself). It sucks, but sometimes, people are "known by the company they keep." :( However, like you...the main "villains" here are Sony/Branca, et al. That much I'm sure of.

  8. Ladyaquarius - Britney Spears got started in the biz young too, and she was a bit of a rebellious one. I really have a hard time comparing Brit to Michael. Michael had some self control with his behavior DESPITE what the press put out. She had a personal manager problem that Daddy had to get a restraining order put on. I don't think AEG had anything to do with that, and Britney, unlike Michael, didn't own billion dollar music catalogs.

    I have not swept anyone under the rug. I've been comparing the two sides (Anschutz-Barrack/Sony-Branca) and the one side that had the most to lose, definitely, was Sony hands down. I followed the money, and from as far back as the first Bid on the ATV catalog put out by Bandier against Michael for that Catalog in 1985, it's been a horse race ever since. Plus you have evidence of past behavior with other artists, and looming lawsuits against one of the executors of the state (Weitzman) and against Sony, both for anti-trust issues. I'm just waiting for that powder keg to blow!

    You and me both. As far as I'm concerned there is no difference between one political party or the other . . . all of them are self dealing. Unfortunately when you are in business, you have to network . . . and you are not going to like everyone you have to network with.

    There is information I have that I have written on previous blogs as to why I believe Anschutz was actually trying to help Michael, not hurt him. I think people got to him first and you're right . . . it could have been someone within AEG Live's organization that let Sony/Branca in the door. The other possibility I'm not willing to discuss.

    If you are interested, do some digging into the way Anschutz does business. You can see what he is trying to accomplish. I can see Michael actually wanting to be involved in that because Michael had such a softspot for reuniting and connecting families. There are quite a few projects that Anschutz/AEG and Colony are involved in that revolve around young people and children. That is why I am stepping back and taking another look at this.

  9. Bonnie,
    On that link of This Is It did you notice
    when Michael was at a meeting with Ortega and
    he was sitting down eating a piece of chocoalate,
    he was trembling!!

    I played it over to make sure and he was shaking.
    Like he had too much caffine or something.

    I wonder if he had low-blood sugar? No one at the meeting seemed to say anything.

    I just thought it was strange.

  10. Josie, I did see him shake his head, in kind of a bouncy way. I remember seeing this on the original TII and he was saying "I love it, I love it" and shaking his head yes, but slightly. No, it did not seem to me he was shaking . . . and he was eating a pretzel, LOL!

    Low blood sugar . . . I get that when I don't eat and it does make you shaky, light-headed and finally migraines if I don't do something fast! diets kill me!

  11. Bonnie,
    On this link:

    Brian Oxman explains why Michael could NOT have injected himself with 125 mg of Propofol.

    There are many more NEW interviews on You Tube with Brian Oxman and Joe Jackson.

    Brian Oxman also says "Once you get in you can't get out" in reference to Michael Jackson and NOT Sony!

    There is mention that some family members are being paid $10,000.00 a month to keep quiet.

    What A Mess this all is!!

  12. Bonnie,
    I respectfully ask you to take another look at that TII footage of Michael having a meeting with Ortega.

    I just did and he is trembling while he talks.

    It doesn't look like he's moving to music. It looks like a Health Issue to me.

  13. How did Michael Jackson get a not guilty on 14 counts....when the California Judical System is so corrupt..............
    And now that he has been Murdered / Assassinated
    the is No Justice?

    Am I Missing Something?

    Could it be that they were so sure of themselves that they didn't take the time to Bribe anyone?

  14. Josie - On the original TII movie (is this the scene where Michael is wearing black and he and Kenny are looking at a computer screen and Michael gestures towards it?) The original TII scene is longer and you can judge better. On the TII version he is not trembling. On that version you posted on Youtube, the scene moves to fast for me to get a good look at it unless it is another scene you are talking about.

    I'm getting some weird quotes from Oxman and the Jackson Clan too which makes not much sense. I don't care about the reports of family members being paid $10,000 a month to keep quiet . . . that is pocket change to them. That doesn't make sense at all. This is their child/brother and there is so much more in that estate then just $10,000 a month.

    Michael's not guilty was due to a jury of his peers . . . mostly from neighboring Santa Maria. Judge has no control over a jury once they announce a complete "not guilty" verdict. It's not like the judge and sneddon didn't try. There was plenty of bribery, but it was probably coming from Sony to the judges and Sneddon.

  15. Thanks for that answer Bonnie.

    You are right. I get it now.


  16. Hi Bonnie. There are Christians and there are Christians. Phillip Anschutz has been described as a Christian Fundamentalist, a leading member of the evangelical movement. All well and good one might say but... "He has been in the forefront of campaigns against abortion and gay rights and has overseen a massive amount of political lobbying for his cause." Paraphrasing here - "He created the Discovery Foundation, which is in the vanguard of the movement to rid America of Darwinian science and replace it with a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis. It is the sacred duty of such zealots to cleanse the world of what they regard as sin and error. Anschutz has deployed both his money and his influence in his quest to further these conservative Christian values.

    On examination, it seems that the whole thrust of Anschutz's activities in recent years has been concerned, as he sees it, to bring America back to God. Not in the meek and mild sense we associate with the Christian message these days but with a warlike and belligerent attitude that condemns unbelievers to the fires of hell." - Lynton Guest

    And then there is Live Nation - the world's leading concert promoter. The O2 Arena is a competitor in this market. AEG Live does not own the O2 Arena. It is leased by other companies, which granted AEG Live management rights. AEG was doing well with the O2 but it needed something more to challenge Live Nation. Enter Michael.

    Sony and AEG - Sony "helped" AEG to recoup any possible losses following 25 June 2009. This was in return for the help AEG gave Sony in 2007 when Sony desperately needed to ensure the Christian lobby did not boycott Sony's "The Da Vinci Code" as it did with "The Passion of the Christ." Sony courted Anschutz at this time and Anschutz smoothed the way for "The Da Vinci Code."

    All the above is contained in Lynton Guest's book, "The Trials of Michael Jackson."

    AEG had been in talks with Michael for something like 18 months before an agreement was reached and contracts were signed, with Tohme and Barrack forging the path.

    It's a small world among the super rich.

    In the beginning AEG wanted Michael and Michael needed something like the O2 Arena. The O2 deal would probably have fired Michael's imagination, and we can see it did. But neither Michael or AEG really knew how huge the response was going to be. As soon as it became evident AEG let any altruistic motives it "might" have had fly out the window. They overstepped boundaries and got carried away. 10 concerts became 50. "No more concerts Randy." I believe they ignored Michael and told him what he had to do rather than consulted with him.

    I don't know whether the Contract is a "normal" one as far as contracts go. It does seem to be heavily in favour of AEG. All money advanced was not "given" to Michael. It was not anyone doing anyone else a favour here, it was a business transaction.

    All that said, the biggest loser if Michael was successful would have been Sony.


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