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Michael Jackson Justice: The Dissecting of Emotional Information on Michael

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Dissecting of Emotional Information on Michael

July 8, 2010 – The Dissecting of Emotional Information on Michael

I know there are people out there that do not agree with my interpretation of Colony Capital and Anschutz’s role in Michael’s life and death. It is crossroads like these that fans start to separate in opinion, which evolves into debate, bickering then fighting. I don’t want to fight with people that love Michael. We have enough fighting to do FOR him.

There are some that are of the opinion that AEG/Anschutz/Colony/Barrack are directly responsible for Michael’s death. Everytime we turn a corner with this, the evidence previously in front of us gets pushed into the background.

The way I got to know Michael was through his youtube televised interviews, interviews in print, then his personal and candid moments, then his writing, in that order. This is how I am approaching getting to know the other players in this story.

Thomas Barrack,when searching for him, was easier than Anschutz. Since we are much more familiar with Sony and Branca's past relationship with Michael than we are with the AEG side of things, I thought I would dig into them first. What I didn't know was that Thomas Barrack publishes his own blog. I subscribed to it here. what a curious coincidence that it happened to center around father's day, one of Michael's favorite holidays. I found Thomas, as per this blog, very family friendly, enamored with his own father, and concerned about keeping a good relationship between father and children.

Please subscribe to his blog if you would truly like to learn about that man some of you are in the process of condemning. Something we all should have taken to time to do to get to know Michael better before he was taken from us.

As I said, Anschutz was a bit more of a challenge to get to know.

There was a blogger in Maryland that had been solicited by the Washington Post to participate in their blogging panel. He was angry about it because they expected work out of him for nothing. Anschutz is mentioned in the article in contrast to the Post’s treatment of him and his fellow bloggers.

The article mentioning Anschutz where it says:

“That’s right, folks, by this measure, MPW’s rag-tag band of volunteers, guests and rogues has slightly more regular online subscribers than the Post’s entire paid staff of Maryland reporters combined. Remind me again why WE should be working for the Post for free?

Not everyone shares the Post’s views on bloggers. Conservative billionaire and Examiner owner Phil Anschutz pays his bloggers, including some in Maryland like Mark Newgent and Michael Swartz. Why does Anschutz believe blogging has value when the supposedly enlightened Graham family does not?”

So what does this prove? Well, nothing except that Anschutz is willing to pay his bloggers where the Washington Post does not. Pieces of information outside of the Michael Jackson case only help me determine who the real people are, and not the hype around the characters intermingled with the drama of his death. Every little piece I find helps me build who that person is. This is how I got to know Michael.

Please understand it does not mean I am siding with them against Michael. I am getting a LOT of this in my email. Whoever is guilty in doing what they did to him, I want them brought to justice, regardless of who it is. I report here on what I find about these people in trying to put these pieces together.

Michael Jackson has had the very same experience with pieces of information being twisted, reversed and magnified by the rabid press. The information in this very investigation of his death has taken the same road. I believe most of us are looking for information. But 85% of what we get is misinformation.

I too am guilt of letting emotion write this blog most of the time. (Really, what is the point of writing if you are not going to put yourself and your feelings into it?) I too have let a headline sidetrack me and clutter my judgment.

Recently people have been sending me reference to John Branca being hired back by Michael. Branca, who has been at the top of the list of conspirators, suddenly starts looking like a “good guy” (good fellow?) after putting Michael’s estate “back in black”, and keeping the Sony/ATV catalog out of the grips of Sony . . . at least for now, according to this article.

Colony had inquired into the sale of the catalog ten days after Michael’s death. Why? What were they going to do with it? They really had no business even remotely similar in their affiliate companies. This made me curious and I have yet to find any reasoning for it or any update. My suspicions were to keep it out of Sony’s hands . . . but why? Did Michael say, “You Tom Barrack, thank you for helping me with the ranch and all even though I will never live there again. In return if anything ever happens to me, I want you to take that Catalog away from Sony so they can never, ever control it!” Does that sound like Michael? (well, yeah after what Sony put him through, but I doubt that’s what happened.)

Meanwhile, the incredibly unprofessional-to-the-point-of-blatant-discrimination L.A.P.D. have yet to increase Murray’s charges or aggressively seek anyone behind his actions. Judges do what the law of the fill-my-pocket tells them. We have a co-executor of the Jackson estate appointed by the judge who listened to the arguments same said lawyer gave when representing the other two executors. We have a severe problem in this country with judges and prosecutors playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with people’s lives (and deaths).

More on Broderick Case

The audacity of the judges involved in this case almost match the brazenness of those judges in California.

Finally, there is some stir being raised about a certain blog which I will post here.

This blog is highly offensive if you love Michael Jackson in the very least. Why, with all the venom and lies put forth in this blog someone (anyone) would believe only certain pieces of information is something I have yet to understand.

Do you think Anschutz is the only one who has paid bloggers blogging for them?

Read that particular thread up there and what stands out to most conspiracy proof seekers is the mention of the involvement of Sony in the O2 concerts. This particular blog date is February 28, 2009. It mentions that Peter Lopez is fired (no verification of that on any Michael-friendly web sites, timelines or blogs) and it also completely lies about the circumstances around Michael’s last released Album “Invincible”.

No, I do not believe that Sony was involved in the planning of the O2 Concerts. Michael would have never signed a contract if they were. I have been unable to find any news sources AT ALL that Sony was involved in the planning or organization of those concerts. The blog is very well written and convincing from a psychological standpoint, but untrue. You take a truth, you blanket it in lies, then turn it over and keep adding layers.

I was actually told that because he had SOME facts right in his blog that the charge of AEG conspiring with Sony had to be true. If you believe that, then you might as well believe that, because Michael slept in the same room with children, something wrong had to be going on. That is about as much sense as that makes.

This man, with the hatred and slanted and obvious contempt he has for Michael, is not to be trusted. What is his real name? Tommy Mottola?

Sony will do ANYTHING to appear to be the wounded party in which Michael took advantage of the “help” they gave him, up to hiring bloggers to smearing him and instilling doubt in the minds of his fans.

This is a hateful and evil attempt to split the fans and get them arguing again, over another lie. Read that blog closely and sit back and think about the motives of the writer. It certainly isn’t to help Michael, is it?

The deception is picking up it’s pace. We have a Birthday coming up in August that Sony most assuredly wants to profit from. Please, keep your eyes and ears open and resist the urge to steer from the facts. The facts are . . . Sony had much more to lose than AEG, which brings up another interesting point. I was told in another forum that a friend of hers had gone to the O2 to purchase tickets for “TII” on the 31st of May and they were told that it was canceled. (Remember Michael was rehearsing for this gig until the day he died on June 25th).

Why would Michael continue to rehearse for a show that was already canceled?

Was it really canceled or is this another story?

If it was verified to this person that the concerts were indeed canceled (perhaps it was the first two dates they had to push back and those two shows were canceled), Why were rehearsals still going on?

We are already privy to reports that for a show that was supposed to start in two weeks from the day Michael died, very little was complete in the way of costumes, sets, full dress rehearsals or even a complete run through of one song and people were still yet to be hired (the choir). The May 31st notification of cancellation would be further proof that AEG/Phillips knew this show would never go on.

So why the continued charade? Why the sudden release by Kenny Ortega of *new* footage of sets that were not even visible in the original or DVD version of “TII”? Are they still putting it together to convince people? Someone else asked why all the camera angles of the same scenes for just bits and pieces of rehearsal footage? Good question(s).

I had a dream a few weeks back, in which Michael asked me “What are you afraid of? What are you waiting for?”

Maybe I should. Maybe I should start putting on this blog what I really believe is going on.


  1. Charles Thomson is apparently the author behind the Lowly Newshound blog. Seems that Charles is fan of Michael the entertainer, rather than Michael the man.

  2. skywater - You are kidding me, right? Seriously?

  3. This person on Twitter sent Mr. Thomson a tweet asking when he is going to update his Newshound blog. To be completely sure, perhaps we could ask this dllz person to verify for us if this author is in fact Mr. Thomson?

  4. One interesting thing is that Mr. Thomson follows the Lowly Newshounds blog on his Blogspot. Just a coincidence? Here's another: did you know that Mr. Thomspon follows your MichaelsGuardian blog? (say hello!)

  5. Instead of criticizing Mr. Thomson, let's find in our hearts to try to understand and let it go, even if we all disagree with him. (I know I disagree with some of his opinions.) He is a type of person that does not like to show devotion for MJ, preferring to deal with facts instead that he currently believes in (even if we know he is sometimes completely wrong). Remember, this blog was written in 2008-9. Since then, many things have changed for all of us, Mr. Thomson including. Let's honor Mr. Thomsons's outstanding work in defending MJ. Let's not let this be another hate movement against him. We are the community of diligent fans who learned a lot from MJ's values and try to follow them. Bonnie, I recall that you have already defended him on the Twitter from other angry fans last week.

  6. My head is spinning from all the confusion and guessing games as to who said what.

    And then what is said is a lie or not a lie. Or maybe the person who said it made it up.

    See what I mean? With all this confusion going on, I don't see how anyone is going to get to the truth.

    Things look so bleak right now. But ya know what? I'm going to keep on believing that God will intervene at some point.

    He is the only one who can fix this mess.

    I will continue to read blogs and then just wait.

    Everything is going on the back burner from now on. Because I can't take all the ups and downs of this. It's too exhausting for me.

    Keep up the good work Bonnie. I honestly don't know how you do it. It must be a gift from God.

  7. I agree with you Josie.

  8. Bonnie,
    Please don't take this the wrong way.

    What confuses me is that one day you find infor on someone and they look guilty.

    2 days later, you find something on the same person and they no longer look guilty.

    It's not your fault, you are just stating infor which is fine.

    It's just there are Pros and Cons on all these people and I can't see how Anyone can sort it out.

    It seems like they are all guilty and yet they are all innocent!

    I give up!

  9. Josie - in my opinion, none of them are innocent and they are all guilty of manipulating Michael Jackson to suit their purposes, Mottola, Sony, Colony Capital, Barrack, Thome, AEG and Phillips, unnamed others, etc. I do not believe they were working "in concert" to bring MJ down, but each and every one capitalized on what was wrong in his life "at the moment"; notice who is still with us and who is not! None of them gave a fig about Michael Jackson, the man, the artist, the humanitarian, all they saw was Michael Jackson, the cash cow, looking for a friend in whom to put his trust.

    As for Charles Thomson and "The Lowly Newshound", if this blogger is, indeed Thomson, perhaps after MJ's death he had a change of heart. The stuff on The Lowly Newshound prior to June 25, 2009, and immediately thereafter, smacked of tabloidism, i.e., references to the ID of Blanket's mother. Difficult to know whom to trust, as Michael was so well aware.

  10. Both the lowly newshound blog and Mr. Thomson's blog/twitter have similarities in style and are not always very respectful towards MJ - for instance Mr. Thomson said on his twitter that MJ was a drug addict that shopped for doctors and succumbed to addiction (not even suggesting that Conrad Murray has to be punished), that MJ mimed all of the HIStory tour and TII, so it was not worth paying for these concert tickets (MJ was a man who battled many difficulties, not an entertainment machine, so give him a break)

    In his own words, Mr. Thomson said: "I appreciated him as an artist but I wasn’t afraid to address his shortcomings. I’ve never defended his prolific miming or his decision to let kids into his bedroom or the baby-dangling incident."

    (Notice the 3rd comment in this article, someone else asks if Mr. Thomson is the Lowly Newshound person)

  11. Bonnie, I do not want to attack any religion here. But your argument about Anschutz got me thinking: can we apply your argument to Tommy Mottola? Is he actually a good person? From Wikipedia:

    Known also for his many philanthropic activities, Mottola has served on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Police Athletic League of New York City, T.J. Martell Foundation for Cancer, Leukemia and AIDS Research, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation and Museum, and the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation.

    According to the article, Tommy Mottola was raised Roman Catholic and converted to Judaism. Both religions promote good values and many people make fun of these religions.

    Anschutz owns some of tabloids like the Examiner:

    This article suggests that "Whacko Jacko" may derail Jerry Brown. Is Anschutz afraid that Jerry Brown might not get reelected? Let's not forget that AEG Live, owned by Anschutz, gave money to Steven Cooley and Jerry Brown for their campaigns: These are very corrupt people that will ensure that Conrad Murray will not get punished.

  12. Skywater - Thank you for your contributions. I just got here and I have to leave for work so I will address all of this when I get back tonight.

  13. Thank you Bonnie, your blog is among my favorite blogs.

    You are absolutely correct, why the charade? Do they want to convince people of something? One of the photos of Michael that was posted here is actually photoshopped so that MJ looks calmer and less tired. Here is the original:

  14. My God, Im so confused.

  15. And who is the author of confusion?

  16. IMHO, when it comes to concerts and lype-syncing

    I don't have a problem with it.

    I don't see why anyone would.

    Here is my thinking on the subject.

    1. You have Screaming Fans so you can't hear
    them anyway.

    2. The Screaming Fans are not even Listening...
    because they are too busy Screaming.

    3. Nothing sounds better than the Studio Version
    of an Artists Song, anyway.

    4. The reason for a Concert is to "SEE" the
    Artist. If you want to "HEAR" the song....
    buy the record!

    5. Artists are Human and the vocal cords can
    only take so much. Why Abuse yourself when
    no one is Listening anyway?

    6. Artist get old like everyone else so let's
    be realilistic here.

    7. When it comes to MJ.....he is the only one
    I know that could stand still for 3 minutes
    while the crowd screams and he hasn't even
    done anything yet!
    They love him and they love "Seeing" him so
    why not sype-sync?

  17. Typo....sorry.

    I meant why not lype-sync? (LOL)

  18. RE: Thomson...
    He is following every one of the blogs Lowly Newshound is plus others...the evidence mounts. Yes, many have changed since MJ's death but not all were capable of the trash this guy has put out. The Sun is pretty well known Murdoch trash. I have to wonder about the sources he talks about in his twitter while relentlessly dogging the 'drug addiction' issue.

    Absolutely Bonnie, unity is key - respecting differences and still pulling as one.

    Michael lived by his deeply seeded convictions, he walked the walk and the talk. His message advanced by his talents, coupled with his popularity...his very being became a threat to the status quo.

    This is all so much bigger than Michael Jackson. Although his music addressed some of the problems we face, not everybody "gets it". I believe he would have awakened a lot more people to the global deception once and for all...eventually. A comeback could have given him that platform.

    We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities, powers & rulers of dark places.

    IMO, nobody felt that more than Michael. He was a lone soldier up against a highly trained and well orchestrated machine. The accusations, lawsuits, media, deceptive and selfish corporate agendas and blood-suckers all served as time-consuming, spirit-destroying distractions to derail his mission. The more he experienced, became aware and spoke out, the less time he had. He must have eventually realized that. Yet in spite of all he had to lose, he continued to live his life as an example that he hoped mankind would follow. What we are left with...the essence of a courageous and supremely principled man who's only crime was doing his very best within crippling circumstances to make a positive difference.

    Oh Bonnie, your dream...shivver me timbers! First know what you're getting into, there may be no turning back. Then stand strong and be not afraid!

  19. Hi Bonnie, there's always so many people and things to think about, isn't there?

    Sony - it would have had to be involved in some way with the O2 concerts because they owned copyrights to some of Michael's songs.

    To us Michael is personal and the issues are personal but with the corporations involved in Michael's life the main issue is business. I think for Michael it was both personal and business - he was both the artist and the business.

    Charles Thomson - he deserves respect for revealing the facts in his articles on the trial and the bias against Michael in the media. Charles himself has come up against media bias with his own articles on MJ so he has firsthand experience of that at least.

    Without taking away from Charles' good investigation into those issues, he may not have looked so in depth at other issues surrounding Michael. Let's hope he does.

  20. Charles Thompson is fulfilling his purpose . . . he is someone who used to write for a tabloid, who is now taking the press to task for what they have done and continue to do. I would LOVE for him to get to know Michael better as a person, but we can't have everything. Let him concentrate on what he knows best, and that is the press and their role in Michael's torment.

    Skywater - I actually like Michael better without the photo-shopped perfection. I don't think he looks so bad there. He looks more like Michael . . . tired but Michael. They should have left him alone. I don't like the fake look of airbrushed photos. I want to see everything! That is art!

    On Anschutz and the tabloids, he bought the examiner . . . (Baltimore too, my area) and those were rather recently (he seems to be buying them one or two at a time). I know why he is buying them. It tells you right in his bio. He is a conservative. He's doing the same thing with his leveraging himself into media as he has always done with his involvement in legislation: Slow, stealthy takeover. Family values . . . keep an eye on him.

    Michaelmagic and Truth2btold2all - The author of confusion . . . yes, keep an eye on him too...

    Josie - I agree, but Michael doesn't use playback on all his songs. Case in point, the concert footage where he is on the crane and it falls to the floor below stage level (a good 50 foot drop!) you can hear the impact through his microphone. He may have to use playback ocassionally, like during YANA and during parts of Jam when his voice overlaps. That's a fast moving song and not much time to breath. Even with that, he has some amazing timing with his breathing. I used to watch him on MTV when they played concert clips, to see if I could figure out how his vocals were so steady while dancing around. He's pretty tricky!

    Truthbtold2all - I think I got your name wrong further up on my post. Michael had some amazing courage. He may have had a mild demeanor but he could not be turned back when he knew he was right. That comes with faith in God. You just don't withstand what he did without that faith. Somebody didn't want that message getting out and as someone once posted, Michael had more reach and influence than most world leaders. And he did this without segregating, oppressing or otherwise ruling anyone. Michael pretty much looked at himself as needing to please people. Michael was unlike any other performer. For someone as successful, both financially and popularly, he was humble unlike any other celebrity even close to his caliber. That's why he affected his audience the way he did. The dream bothers me. I really don't know what it means.

    bunnieroe - Yes on Sony. Michael and/or concert promoters would have had to get permission from Sony to perform the songs. This does not mean that AEG was working in cahoots with Sony . . . but it could also have opened a door. Sony could have requested, as a condition to use those songs, one of their men (Branca perhaps?) to be given a producer position, or they could have even requested Frank DiLeo be employed as part of the concert production . . . any of this is possible.

    I do not like Charles's portrayal of Michael in the Lowly Newshound. Even if he didn't know Michael back then, I can't understand anyone being that hateful toward someone they don't know.

  21. Bonnie,
    It was 21 May 2009 when some of the earlier TII shows were re-scheduled into 2010 (see the timeline in my blog, link is below)So I imagine if someone asked for tickets to the early July shows, they would have been told that they had been cancelled.


  22. Hi PrincessGlam - That is very, VERY helpful information. Thank you very much for posting this. ♥ That makes sense and it is more proof of how information is twisted and manipulated.


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