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Michael Jackson Justice: Illusion - Escapism or Something More Sinister?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, July 5, 2010

Illusion - Escapism or Something More Sinister?

July 5, 2010 – Truth Becomes an Elusive Element in Michael’s Death

I had actually started this blog update on July 2nd, but of course, the holiday, a rally and family put me in another mood.

There are several people I have become close to as a result of this blog, the Facebook commraderie, Michael, his death, etc. Those people as well as myself, continue to drill down in search of the truth.

Some still cling to the media, the press and the news sources on T.V. for that “truth”. I am convinced that in those mediums, the truth does not exist and has in fact been denigrated to snapshots of information relative to the moment’s hot topic.

It is increasingly frustrating to see and hear from people who have been following this “story” (for lack of a better way to describe it) who not only have reseated their lives around it (and I am one) but are allowing their emotions to be twisted by every new piece of information that is “fed” through these mediums.

Jason Pfeiffer was peddled in the rag-mags as someone who was having a “relationship” with Michael. This link, watch and listen very closely:

Examiner Report

I watched this several times. This interview was very choppily edited. You don’t even hear the interviewer asking questions, only parts of Jason’s answers. Everything else around this interview, including the “printed” versions of this add the quotes and the questions. During this taped interview we do not hear or see Dr. Klein calling in to confirm that Michael is gay. What I do hear, is bits and pieces of Jason describing Michael in the past and present tense. He says that he and Michael hugged. Michael hugged a lot of people. He said that it was “a little bit more”. He said he never came out and asked Michael if he was gay, he just assumed the Michael was “bisexual”. Many people who don’t know Michael think that.

He talked about how they cried over their childhoods. He said he and Michael were very close (which may or may not be true . . . a two month friendship is probably on the shorter end of relationship lengths that Michael has had with people).

The first time I heard of this interview I was outraged at both this fellow and Dr. Klein, who was supposedly one of Michael’s closest confidantes of 30 years aside from being his dermatologist since the mid-eighties.

At the beginning of the interview Jason says that he was Michael Jackson’s “boyfriend”.

Boyfriend to girls means a girl is dating that boyfriend. When girls talk about girls being their friend, they say “girlfriend” without batting an eye. Now at :46 minutes, Jason goes on to say that “I guess there are different levels of ‘boyfriends’ then says, “We were very close, we were very close friends”. Never did he say he had sex with Michael Jackson. Never did he say they had a sexual relationship. He went on to say “we both loved each other, I know he told me that all the time”. Michael also told Kenny Ortega that, he told Karen Faye, he told audiences of thousands of people, he told his recording crew, Michael told everyone that, on an intimate level. Michael was never shy about sharing that word with people.

Jason also said in another cutaway that “He was very passionate, I think everyone that knew him would agree with me, he was very sensual (I hate talking about this, but I’m trying to make a point) and a very intimate kind of guy . . .”

It is hard to listen to this and not think . . . “ah-ha! We knew he was gay!” or, “That Jason is a liar! How dare he sully Michael’s name and reputation like that!”

This online blurb quotes “passionate and sexual” affair and also claims that Pfeiffer is Klein’s son! There are no “piles of voicemails”, or for sure he would have shared them with the world to “set the record strait”.

Both Klein and Jason have both REPORTEDLY received death threats. Jason was quoted as saying his interview was taken out of context (which is certainly obvious after viewing and catching the choppy edits), “Don’t jump to conclusions”. That comment stopped me in my tracks.

None of the claims made by most of the headlines that followed that interview ever came out of Jason’s mouth.

I have previously written a blog about this where I too was sucked into believing what the headline said and I called Mr. Pfeiffer a couple of names based on a headline in two online tabloids. It has taught me a couple of things. I am still susceptible to believing what I see in print, and what you hear and read is subject to manipulation.

How many of your even knew that Jason Pfeiffer is Dr. Klein’s son? I didn’t know until I saw that last “” article.

Illusion. Escapism or something more sinister? Control of people starts with the controlling and manipulating of information. It’s a form of mind control. Could the story above about Jason have been planted? Was this a lesson to be learned or was this just another incidental back-switch of the press? I will wager that I am not the only one who picked up on this.

We know there are planted stories out there. Rest assured this isn’t only an issue that belongs to the entertainment industry. Everything you hear on the news from politics, to the economy, to natural disasters to corporate press releases is controlled information, manipulated in different way’s depending on the source putting it out. Will we have to pray for discernment every time we turn on the T.V., Radio or open a news paper or magazine? It may very well have come to that.

This is just one story in the press about one person. Imagine everything about this one person that has come out since he died?

Katherine Jackson’s interview on Dateline is another interview that could be taken out of context. Not just in editing, but also in the way people add to the information they are receiving through their senses.

Katherine Jackson stated in that interview that she did not see Michael’s body, yet in the few weeks after Michael’s death was reported, it was said that Michael was left on a respirator until his mother could get there and see him before he was declared dead.

So what is the truth?

Frank DiLeo said that he called Jermaine that “morning” to report Michael was gone, but then the news reports that the EMT’s didn’t even arrive at the house until after 12 noon.

So what is the truth?

I feel like I have to go back and pour over every single video, interview and news article because of the way things can be twisted.

Should we start at the beginning? With the News that Michael was pronounced dead on June 25th, 2009? How I wish that would make a difference!


  1. On the 25th I watched the Larry King interview with Jermaine - I swear, Jermaine told Larry that it was someone from CNN who called him and asked about his brother - he said that's how he found out. WTH?

  2. hey will read more later, but I love, mj and have a blog yourself, hug

  3. HoudinisGhost,
    You are correct! Jermaine did in fact state that he first heard about Michael having a heart attack from CNN.

    But it's possible that Frank Dileo called Jermaine to tell him that Michael died.

    Those are both 2 different reports and yet they both could be true.

    CNN reports Michael's Heart Attack but......

    Frank Dileo reports Michael's Death.

    They are BOTH TRUE.

  4. Hi Bonnie, what I thought when I heard that "news" was that either someone was scared (Klein) or someone was trying to scare (Klein) by planting the story. It came right after the news about Peter Lopez. Very difficult to find the truth amongst the half truths, misinformation and outright lies.

  5. Bonnie,
    I believe the Jason story was a plant. I think it was part of the plot to assassinate Michael's Character.

    Notice you don't hear any more from Dr. Klein or Jason. Everything is quiet.

    Like you said before, the job is done.

    You may need to take a break from this for a while, Bonnie.

    But either way, you already stated the answer to your problem and don't even realize it.

    That answer is: To continue your research but pray to God for Discernment. You will never get to the Truth any other way.

  6. Bonnie,
    You have a point about the time of Michael's passing.

    Dileo says in the morning but the news says the afternoon.

    It's possible Dileo got the time wrong because he was distraught. Everyone's emotions are in high gear at this point. So it's easy to get the time frames wrong. Call it the Human Condition.

    Either way, I wouldn't sweat the small stuff. These details can frustrate you to the point of giving up. Don't go there.

    Since I started my own research on Michael 1 year ago, I have come across so many conflicting reports on every subject you can imagine!

    But I have come to realize that what works for me is trusting my Spirit, my Gut Instinct. God is helping me Discern the Truth from the Lies.

    I believe it's the Only way we can get to "The Truth."

  7. This is a test to see if I can blog in.

  8. Bonnie,
    I believe that Jason was planting a story as part of the assassination of character of Michael.

    Now that the job is done, all is quiet. You don't hear from Klein or Jason anymore.

    It's all part of the plot.

  9. HoudinisGhost,
    Both reports are True.

    Jermaine 1st heard of Michael's "Heart Attack" from CNN.

    Then Jermaine heard of Michael's "Passing" from DiLeo.

    Both reports are true but they are 2 different reports.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Bonnie,
    I understand your frustration. I too, have been researching on Michael for 1 year now and I have come up with MANY Conflicting reports!

    It happens all the time! It's the Norm for News!
    And you can drive yourself "Crazy" trying to figure it all out!

    You stated the answer to this problem and probably don't even realize it.

    The answer is: (and I agree with you)

    Simply continue to do the research and then go with Your Spirit.

    In other words, do the work and then pray for God's Discernment.

    He will let us know what is True and what is False.

    I truely believe they is No Other Way.

  11. Bonnie, this was a wonderful blog! I agree with you about Jason Pheiffer, and how the interview appeared to be spliced together to achieve the sleaze factor and titillation they were looking for! The most popular method for putting out a story is with the use of smoke and mirrors! The only focus of today's media is the competition to be first with a story, so the junk gets printed without verifying facts or sources. By the time the truth comes out, the damage is already done! Ethics in journalism has reached a new standard. It can't go much lower! Thank you for dissecting (one of Michael's favorite words) and helping people separate truth from fiction. You are awesome!

  12. Its the old psych 101 is so subconscious,purposely meant to do just that.That's correct Bonnie, it is in all aspects of life.This practice is guaranteed present when anyone/thing is being sold to you. I.e commercials right down to the sugar packed cereal boxes placed right at your child's eye level(put there so your child could see it grab it and nag u for it).healthier cereal is placed higher usually top shelf because most adults purchase it.Milk is placed way in the back of a grocery store.why?Its common for people to run to the store JUST to get some milk.So stores put it in the back to entice you all the way there with their packed shelves of goodies.I used to know this manager/person who did manipulative stuff- something like it...Example: she would say,"oh wow look at those colors on your shirt." I would reply,"Thanks its new!" she disliked me but I WOULD confuse myself by thinking,"maybe she does like me." of course when I thought about it,her statement was meaningless-empty.It was in fact no compliment.some great lawyers reside in the "illusion"I call it manipulation.That is where they find their loopholes,"I never said that" true but its definitely persuasive and eluding.EDITING makes the movie,the song,and the interview.AND YES it can make someone look bad. because bad sells.

  13. Dear Blogspot . . . This blog update is showing that there are seven comments for this update, but only two are showing. One of my friends left a comment that is not showing. What is going on?

    HoudinisGhost - CNN, I remember hearing that too. Janet said she got a phone call, Joe said a fan called him and so did DiLeo??? This is what happens when the press gets ahold of information . . . it becomes DIS-information!

    carina - thank you! I will check out your blog!

  14. bunnieroe - Originally, I just thought this guy was a nut job. When I revisted this story and listened to the video again, I thought, "This is taken apart and pieced back together." Then when I read the write-ups of this interview, I noticed the quotes were pieced together from the interview to make it look like it said something it didn't. You mention this happened right after Peter Lopez died and I did think that too, but Ayers was one of Klein's previous employees and he also died right before this happened. I thought THAT was used to scare Klein into putting out fake stories about Michael. When I learned that Pfeiffer was Klein's own son, that changed the dynamics of this quite a bit.

    Josie - Yes, this blog is having problems. Jason part of an assassination plot? Or Jason USED by the media as part of an character assassination plot?

    I just learned something recently . . . one of the CEO's of Sony (main corp) is a member of the Trilateral Commission and has also been invited to Bilderberger meetings. I checked out the names in Colony Capital and Anschutz Corporation and AEG Live . . . their names appear nowhere on either the Trilateral Commission List, The Council on Foreign Relations nor on a list under invitees to the Bilderberger meetings.

    Not that this means anything, because Mottola, DiLeo, Stringer and Bandier are not listed under any of those either. (Don't make enough money??)

    Interesting is that Angelina Jolie is a member (CFR). Her expertise comes from . . . where?

    I have this itching urge to want to ask their hair dressers to look at their scalp for that "mark".

  15. In Katherine's interview she said sha diid not see her son's body. Did she mean just at the hospital, or from that point on?

  16. Thanks Bonnie, for another interesting post. I remember last year when MJ died, I was soaking up any and all info because I wasn't following his life previously and it was all new to me. But this year on June 25, as I painted my living room and had different specials on, I would hear something and say to myself, where did they get that information, that just isn't true. Or hear the same discrepancies others have mentioned. Some days I just listen to the music and enjoy myself.

    Did you ever write a blog or have any thoughts on whether or not that was really MJ at the O2 concert announcements? Everytime I see that, I just don't think it's him. Anyway thanks for sharing!

  17. Oh and what do you mean by the mark on their scalp? The mark of the beast or a special Bilderberger "tatoo"?

  18. Great post Bonnie. After learning that Jason is Arnie's son. I re-read Dame Elizabeth's and Arnie's tweets through a familial filter. I must confess I got "if there's smoke there is..." queasiness in the pit of my stomach. As Elizabeth doesn't specifically deny MJ's sexual pref, but instead she seems more outraged that Arnie would break his "vow" of confidentiality.

    So what's the true truth - Karen summed it up in a recent tweet - the dynamics involved are very complex (and dare I say convoluted as well). MJ will always be a artistic genius, a kind and loving father,brother and son; not to mention the greatest humanitarian that ever lived. But most of all we must remember he was human.
    Joy, Peace n Love

  19. oh i believe they pulled the pieces together...
    BUT Dr Klein called tmz about that, when they were live, and we can't deny that.
    In that live, klein confirmed michael was gay.

  20. I just perused quickly Katherine Jackson's book Forever Michael; wonderful pictures, I must say. It's hard to this day to think he had hangers on like Klein, Jason, Thome, Geller, Schaffel, so many others, when all he wanted to do was convey love and peace in the world. I am very convinced it was conspiratorial; Michael was not gay no matter what that pervert Klein and his minion say, and I have wondered if the announcement of the concerts in March really was Michael; he looked like himself in those rehearsals but it didn't look like him in the announcement. Will it ever all be resolved? The murders of Lopez and Ayers? All the missing documents? Where is MJ's '97 will, why didn't he update his will in 2007? I still think he was coecered into signing that 2002 will; he had been in NYC reviling Mottola (with Sharpton); perhaps he feared for his life at that time and flew quickly back to LA to sign a will which was cobbled together by Branca and the witnesses, Green, et al., no one signs a will on a Sunday specifically at 5 pm in Los Angeles unless there's a reason for it, a good reason; Michael was going back to NY to again campain against Sony/Mottola the next day! Why would he not want to be sure a will was in place? Tossed together quickly, his kids names could have been misspelled along with the other inconsistences. Either way, fraudulent will or one signed under duress, it would not be valid.


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