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Michael Jackson Justice: Keeping the Facts Strait on Michael’s Finances, Branca and Sony

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keeping the Facts Strait on Michael’s Finances, Branca and Sony

July 6, 2010 – Keeping the Facts Strait on Michael’s Finances, Branca and Sony

"Isaiah 49:9-10 - “I will say to the prisoners, 'Come out in freedom,' and to those in darkness, 'Come into the light.' They will be my sheep, grazing in green pastures and on hills that were previously bare. They will neither hunger nor thirst. The searing sun will not reach them anymore. For the Lord in his mercy will lead them; he will lead them beside cool waters."
(Scripture Contributed by Sara Swift)

In studying Michael, I have learned probably more than I would otherwise have had an opportunity in my lifetime. In the beginning of this I had asked God so many times why I had been burdened with the sudden and intense draw to his story. Even the answer to that prayer has evolved over the time between last June and now.

My draw to Michael was the the minister on my facebook page that attacked him, which prompted me to defend him. This lead to searching for resources to verify my defense of him which lead to the first interview on Youtube in which I heard Michael talk about God. My first “wow” moment with Michael. The second “wow” was learning the similarities in childhood pain, and the third was the similarities in my own son and my need to protect him.

After that I dug deeper and deeper until I learned about his childhood, his stage career, recording career, his philanthropic work, his intense empathy for children and a desire to return people to a more innocent time and frame of mind. He tried to accomplish this in his music, through the décor of his home and property until it was all sidetracked and destroyed systematically by an entity that Michael originally supported. Sony Music's Greed.

After learning what I could about Michael (still learning), I also learned to see what he saw through his eyes, about the workings of the music industry, public life, fans. I could feel the frustration of not knowing who you could trust. What it felt like when one of you employees whispers in your ear about the evils of another employee, the fight amongst them for control and every one of them stealing from you in one degree or another.

On top of fighting your music label for the royalties due you, manipulation of your contract, proper funding for your videos that they require and lack of control over public appearances to promote an album, you suddenly find out that previous lawyers and business associates conspired to drive you into involuntary bankruptcy and it all centers around your half of a company that has ballooned in value since you bought it 15 years before.

Let’s not forget the press, which is another battle all by itself, and which despite the fact you have behaved yourself and acted more normal than MOST people in your industry, they have put out stories about you that have steered public opinion into believing you were a freak. You were a danger to the very children you loved, saved, held and cried over, a drug addict, a fallen pop star, an ego-maniac, financially insolvent, immature, gay, pedophile, wacko, ashamed of your ethnicity, took female hormones, (am I missing anything?) asexual, a spendthrift, out of touch with reality, etc, etc, etc.

Even today, the yarns continue to spin. People are busy trying to re-write Michael Jackson history. I was told yesterday (or shown) that John Branca was hired back by Michael in 2006. If that is the case, why is there no evidence or mention of him being hired back? Why didn’t Raymone Bain ever mention him since SHE is the one that was supposed to be managing Michael’s business during that time period?

This is Michael’s timeline during 2006: Michael hires a new accounting firm, it mentions Raymone Bain, and it mentions Tom Mesereau no longer Michael’s attorney (from 2005 trial) but remain friends, Michael hires Guy Homes as his new manager on April 18th of 2006. Then in June of 2006, Michael did a house cleaning and severed ties with his long-time accounts and business managers, Bernstein, Fox, Whitman, Goldman & Sloan, with Bahrani attorneys Qays Zu’bi and Grahame Nelson, and Gut Records executive, Guy Holmes.

In August of 2006, Michael discovers evidence of former lawyers and business managers conspiring to defraud him and force him into involuntary bankruptcy. Whatever happened to this case? The people were never named, but funny that Branca claims to have been hired back by Michael during this year, only to “leave” of his own accord because of the people Michael surrounded himself with. Where oh where did John Branca appear, at ALL by Michael’s side during this time? He DIDN’T. And the people being defrauded now by this nonsense are Michael’s fans.

Also the refinancing of loans previously held by Bank of America made in statement on April 13 of that year:

"Following negotiations with several leading financial institutions, Mr. Jackson has concluded refinancing with affiliates of Fortress Investment Group, the lender that currently holds secured debts that were previously held by Bank of America," Qays H. Zubi Attorneys & Legal Consultants was part of an advisory team that included Bahrain-based financial adviser Ahmed Al Khan, it said.

At that time, Fortress held the note on “Neverland” and Michael’s other debts.

“The deal ultimately would require Jackson to sell half of his 50 percent share in the catalogue to Sony, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported Thursday, citing anonymous sources familiar with the negotiations.” This is where most people are taking for granted that Sony ever got that controlling interest.

The Wallstreet article in question states that as part of this deal with Fortress, that Michael “had to give Sony the OPTION of buying” half of Michael’s 50% share. This was to prevent Fortress from owning a quarter of the catalog if Michael were to default. Sony didn’t want another party involved in the catalog should Michael default. They wanted control. Reference here

It was also passed through the grapevine of blogs that Sony obtained that five percent when Michael “went to Sony for help” in saving Neverland Ranch and to keep from defaulting on his loans. Did this ever happen?

According to this article, the loan was sold by Fortress to Colony Capital in May of 2008, averting foreclosure. Sony still has the first option of purchasing half of Michael’s catalog share, but it never happened because no default ever happened. Colony swooped in and bought the loans. Reference: Fortress Sold to Colony -

The AllGood mess, which DiLeo was involved in really had nothing to do with Michael other than the fact that Michael was mentioned. Michael never signed a contract with them and to my knowledge, neither did any of his brothers or sisters for a family tour. Allgood did file a lawsuit for breech of contract, but he named DiLeo and AEG, not Michael himself in the lawsuit. The copy of the contract that I have shows on DiLeo’s signature and it’s a contract of “intent” on DiLeo’s part. If that “notice of intent” is enforceable, consideration would have had to have been paid. If DiLeo was paid anything in advance, then DiLeo is liable. AEG would not be, since AEG had nothing to do with that deal. The $300 million suit was thrown out, but they are going to hear the case for breach of contract with DiLeo.

What happened with Michael between 2006 and 2009 is enough to make your head spin. The popular story is that Michael was constantly having to fire people to keep those trying to force him into bankruptcy away from him.

What it is starting to look like to me is a shell game, from both sides . . . Michael trying to outpace those trying to drag him down. The three different managers jockeying for position right around the time of his death? Tohme, then Lowe, then DiLeo and they all overlap. Then as DiLeo enters, Michael “fires” Tohme, then he fires “Lowe”. Which shell is the peanut under now? This is a FUN game . . . but the house always wins. All we have to do is find out who the house is.

There is a copy of a court transcript supposedly from May 13, 2005 of Michael’s trial. The version that I have seen and copied was actually linked to another blog, here and it is not even a verifiable court transcript. There is no seal, it might as well be a word document copied and pasted.

Now Weitzman, the “other” co-executor of Michael’s estate (McClain is MIA most of the time) is now embroiled in the controversy surrounding the rape of Kurt Cobain’s estate. Reference

Millions have been bilked in cash and real estate deals (flipping) using bank accounts set up with the social security numbers of Courtney Love and Francis Bean, Kurt’s daughter.

This is the same gentleman I showed you in a previous blog that Judge idiot hired to represent Michael’s CHILDREN on Michael’s estate, AFTER that attorney represented BRANCA against Katherine when she initially challenged the temporary executors! (This was judge Beckloff and I talked about that deal in this blog update)

People are out there, spreading these lies, and you can bet there are trolls out there scanning blog and social network conversations and putting up their own “damage control”.

Judge Beckoff is a paid hack. He doesn’t work for the state of California, he works for whatever corporation pays him to call off the dogs. Most of your judges in California do because thanks to Sneddon and the State Attorney General of that time, that law was changed to make it okay! This is what Richard Fine was fighting and currently sitting in jail for!

I can’t even tell you how angry this is making me! The misinformation that is being put out there. This is searchable information! Branca was most certainly in suspicion when Interfor was hired to investigate the connection with Sony and Branca. Improprieties were found and Sony/Mottola DID wire money to Branca. Whether that money came from Michael’s accounts remains to be seen. But a conflict of interest did exist and Branca WAS NOT HIRED BACK in 2006.

Did Michael hire Branca back in 2009 eight days before he died? I seriously doubt it. Michael was so busy being drug out of bed to rehearsals during the last couple weeks before he died (according to emotional accounts from various people), he didn’t seem much interested in meeting with any past employees, let alone one of the ones he suspected put him in that condition!

Seems there is another version of the same court transcript here:

Well! Explain that one, Mr. Branca!


  1. Hi Bonnie, I have been digging so deep that I almost see a tiny-frail-light at the end of this endless tunnel and I'm now convinced that Sony is not the worst in this plot. THE WORST OF ALL VULTURES IS COLONY CAPITAL=TOM BARRACK. He wanted everything: The Sony/ATV C. and NEVERLAND (NOW Sycamore Valley Ranch) and he will have everything.
    As to John McClain, I found out yesterday that he is exec. of -> Interscope Records -> owned by Universal Music Group -> operates as one third of UMG's Interscope-Geffen-A&M label group -> Vivendi -> and finally Colony Capital (

    Btw, the same «David Geffen who advised M. Jackson that Branca’s influence in his affairs had grown too large.»

    More about Geffen:

  2. The Money&Powers divide to conquer, through media bias, so we all need to unite and stop it. We need to fight together.
    MJ built an army of all kinds of people from all walks of life... we just have to raze our voices and protect NEVERLAND and MJ's Legacy... together! JUSTICE FOR MJJ!

  3. skeptikos -

    Okay 1st things first:

    I know about John McClain and his history with the Jacksons and Janet in particular. Supposedly childhood friend of Michael. I had heard the McClain was also ill with something but that was a while ago and could have been rumor.

    Interscope Records is owned by Universal Music Group. Funny they also co-own the newly revived Casablanca Records with Tommy Mottola

    Colony: I know about this one See Colony Capital working at ethics and against old school establishments In my blog shortly. I have not updated yet. This is not a bad thing. And is featured in the next blog update. You should read this. Where does this have anything to do with Michael's business? This is about Branca, Michael and it mentions Geffen as the one who talked Michael into firing Branca. Story has innacurate info. Does not mention the 2003 letter from Michael firing him. Evidence of "lawyers and previous business managers" defrauding him in the link in this very blog update. Branca is not ever mentioned as having taken part in business affairs for Michael from 2003 until 2009. What did Branca do for Michael between those years? Nothing. Because he wasn't there.

    More about Geffen: - 404 Error, Resource not found.

    What is the basis for your believe that Colony is the superior bad guy in all this. The links you sent me concerning Colony have nothing to do with Michael. Everything I have singles out Sony/Branca and mob buddies. Very curios to know why you believe I should let Sony off the hook?

  4. Guess who is in Board of Directors of... Musicares?

    and who Sony announced in 2007 as CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC?? Martin Bandier who happens to be on board of Directors of Musicares + John Branca!!!

  5. I didn't mean you leave Sony out of the hook, but tried to point out another perspective -> Colony Capital -> «owns a majority stake in Neverland Ranch» (on wiki) which is a very powerful resource for GLOBAL Greedy Investors like Tom Barrack. It has oil/shale/gas, water and many other possibilities. See what I mean here:

    and here:

    Btw, there are to many ties to the Royal Saudi Family and NOI. 1 Ex: Did you know that MJ's personal security staff is NOI since 2004? I didn't... found out this one a few hours ago.

    Sorry about that link I have to find it in my pdf archive... these days info comes and goes and I have to use pdf... lol

  6. This made my head spin. I don't even follow everything 100% but I can't imagine the kind of hell Michael was put through. You and me can discuss this imformation all we want but I just hope one day someone with power, someone who can turn this case around and make a difference will stand up for whats right. Someone need's to say something already! Make a difference! Michael's murder for money and power and control can't go down in history as "another Elvis Presley story". Its so much more complicated then that.

    Also, can you give me the link to the interview that you first saw Michael talking about God?

  7. More about Geffen: - 404 Error, Resource not found ->


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