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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael is Still Not With Us

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michael is Still Not With Us

July 1 – Michael is Still Not With Us

Colony/AEG vs. Sony/Branca

Mark 4:22 - "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light."

I have drawn a line down the middle of my paper. On the right side is good, on the left side is bad.

I am going to go with my gut in regard to this conspiracy. I am still unwilling to believe that AEG/Colony (as I have come to pair them) is on the left side. There are too many signs that don’t make sense with them on the left side.

Sony/Branca for now is on the left side. The occupy that piece of real estate with no questions asked.

The people on the right side, under the Colony/AEG heading consist of:

Philip Anschutz, Tom Barrack, Prince Waleed, Dr. Tohme, Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, entities and businesses under those individuals.

The people on the left side under the Sony/Branca heading:

John Branca/McClain, Mottola, Bandier, Malnik, possibly DiLeo (not sure about him yet) and entities/businesses associated under those individuals.

With that said, I am at a loss as to what to write and how much to write. Especially since what I know is the frame and what I suspect can be arranged any number of ways on the canvas to complete the picture.

Since art and murder have shaken hands over Michael Jackson, I shudder at the thought of completing this picture.

The further I get into this, the less I am convinced that Colony/AEG had anything to do with Michael’s death, or Lopez’s or Ayer’s or Chandler’s deaths. There are some far-flung theories out there, but as I have believed and stated more than once, the closer to Michael you keep, the closer to the truth you will be to what happened.

When trying to solve something like this, specific questions need to be asked? Who stood to lose the most if Michael lived?

Sony/Branca in intellectual property that belonged to Michael. Mijac, Sony/ATV and unreleased music that never got included onto albums. That in itself is a chunk of change in the billions.

Who stood to gain the most if Michael died?

Again Sony/Branca camp.

Did Colony/AEG have anything to lose of Michael lived? No. They actually stood to gain in the hundreds of millions in the concert deal, merchandising, Vegas deals and more.

Did Colony/AEG have anything to gain by Michael dying? Yes. Concert ticket refunds headaches, lost years of revenue that their insurance policy would never cover all of.

So who was it to which Michael was worth more dead than alive? Sony/Branca camp. Colony and AEG or Anschutz Corp. had no incentive to even get involved with Michael. They were doing just fine on their own, being multi-billion dollar corporations in their own right.

Let’s look at the people in the Sony Camp first and let’s include Tommy Mottola since he was the one in charge when Michael’s troubles with Sony became public.

Every one of these people were either were previous employees of Michael and were fired (for various reasons) by either him, or fired by Sony because of him.

All of them have connections to the mob. The music industry is predominantly mob run and while that may have been common knowledge to industry insiders, it was brought into the public eye by the problems Michael Jackson had with his label, Sony. Michael never said that in public, but he said it to business associates who said it in public.

Since Bandier laid claim to the ATV catalog back when it still belonged to a British company (affiliate of the BBC) and lost his bid to Michael Jackson in 1985, the path was laid. Michael effectively became a multi-million dollar corporation as a result of that catalog alone. John Branca helped him secure the deal for that catalog. Frank DiLeo was working for Michael during the time of the 1993 allegations which after viewing Bandier’s involvement in trying to secure that catalog, gave me reason to believe that Michael’s winning bid became the start of the conspiracy.

1993 allegations about Michael came out via one Evan Chandler. Evan Chandler is killed in November of 2009. Suicide. Whatever.

Michael settles out of court and averts a criminal trial. He then signs a contract with EMI to manage his ATV catalog. Sony buying his record label transfers his contract to Sony. Later Mottola takes over. Sony approaches Michael about purchase of the ATM catalog to become an equal partner for double what Michael paid for the whole thing. After battle with Tommy over Michael’s contract and promotion of this “Invincible Album” Michael takes the battle public along with Tommy’s maritial woes on stage in London. Sony, after losing both Michael and Mariah, their two biggest earning artists, Tommy is fired from Sony. The CEO of the Sony/ATV catalog is now Bandier, the same guy who managed the catalog under EMI. So who is really the gatekeeper?

Evan Chandler, Bruce Ayers then Peter Lopez are found dead. Not witnesses, no one sees them collapse. Evan Chandler, if the conspiracy went back to 1993 with Bandier, could have died because he had information about any possible plan to destroy Michael.

Bruce Ayers - A drug addict? Was he or was this a story cooked up by a spooked Dr. Klein after his assistant is killed to try to get Klein to talk? Klein has worked steadily with Michael for 30 years, even longer than Karen Faye.

Peter Lopez worked on much of Michael's reorganization of his businesses and would have known about any plans Colony and Anschutz to "get" Michael away from the Mob that was trying to kill him.

Tommy Embarassed

These people being found dead makes sense if SOMEONE was trying to get information out of them.

Whatever Michael told Barrack then Anschutz back in 2007 or 2008 made them changed their minds about working with him. And in order to effectively cover their tracks, they had to make it look like Michael was on drugs, Michael was an addict, Michael was sick and AEG was as greedy as the mobbies in the music industry. But why would they want the bad vibes from the fans?

Why would AEG have Ortega, Payne and Phillips testify to Michael's fantastic health only to have others in the production say "Oh no, he was ill, he was out of it, he had drug problems etc..."

Why the cryptically evasive answers to direct questions?

Why did Waleed partner with Colony?

Why are people still being killed if the bad people accomplished what they set out to do, which was get rid of Michael? Why Chandler, Ayers and Lopez then?

Someone is still after something. Information? Perhaps.

This explains many things. It explains why Michael’s family would be afraid. It would explain why NO ONE in the music industry would come to Michael’s defense during his trials and it would explain why none of his so-called friends (Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Geraldo etc) that vowed to get to the bottom of this are now silent.


  1. EXCELLENT!!!!!
    Lesson: you have to stay silent if you want to stay alive.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    On you last blog you said we need Jo Jackson in this fight, which I agree. However, Jo filed claims against AEG not against Sony/Branka if I am not mistaken. If we put AEG/Colony to the good side, how Jo will join us in this fight? When some of the family members saying right after he died that they know exactly who is responsible and Michael worth more dead than alive, exactly refer to Sony/Branka. So why is that Jo paying attention to AEG?
    By the way I have always respected and understand Jo Jackson despite what he did to discipline his kids. I have never thought Jo was doing what he did out of hatred to his children and he loves children so much. As Michael said he is genius to raise nine kids and in the most difficult situation.

    I am glad you mention those so called friends doing nothing. Do you think it is worth our time to approach Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Geraldo and ask them why they are quite?

    Thanks for all what you do. The truth will come out in time.

  3. AEG yes, neglect, then Phillips connections to Mottola, mob related also married to his sister, no way were 22 sets gonna be done in two months, AEG were the bullet, Branca, Mottola held the gun,


  4. roalers - LOL . . . uh, is that a hint?

    Meserak - I have no idea what Joe is doing. Brian Oxman is running that show. Joe had a chance to contest the will and Brian Oxman is going after some longshot that will never produce fruit. Yes, I would like Joe in this fight. But Joe is carpet-bombing right now in hopes of hitting a target. I feel he should stick with his original battle which is Branca and that will, since Katherine cannot fight it.

    Jesse Jackson and Sharpton are a waste of time. They didn't stand by Michael during his 2005 trial, why would I expect them to step up now? Geraldo . . . for reasons I cannot state, may already be on the job, but he obviously is not going to make any comments about it. I will have to accept that for now. You can try writing to Geraldo, but I doubt you will get a reply. If he is working on this at all . . . he can't let anyone know.

  5. Taaj, it is my understand that Mottola has no connections to RP. Tohme is the one that was supposedly married to Phillip's sister, not Mottola. Mottola has only been married to that Lisa, then Mariah and now that Thalia pop star.

    AEG may have had someone working within AEGLive that let the Sony gang in, but AEG/Anschutz is not involved. I know there are people that would argue me, but their involvment in Michael's death makes no sense . . . too much risk for too little return. Michael wasn't big enough for someone like Anschutz to consider taking out, not to mention that . . . well, I can't say that here. I see what they tried to do to shield him and I can't say any more than that.

  6. Taaj, Love you too! And about the Mob connections with Mottola/DiLeo/Branca/Weitzman/Malnik . . . you're right. Anschutz? No mob connections . . . he wouldn't dirty his hands.

  7. sburns
    Trying to get Google to quit blocking me.

    Could there have been threat/s against someone in the family? First ones I think of are the J3.
    Makes me sick but it is possible.
    Who set off the false alarm fire call a few months back? Anyone know?

  8. AEG, Colony Capital, Sony - all involved in media or wanting to be involved or to be involved even more. And then there was MJ. Those three corporations saw Michael as a way to gain more money and more power. It was a three-way tussle over Michael. All used MJ. All in it for their own ends - money, power, domination. Michael had those too - money, power, domination. They wanted what was his, gained by his own personal endeavours and brilliance. To Michael it was personal. He used his money, power and dominance for good. To the corporations it is business as usual.


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