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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson and Prince Al Waleed - What Ever Happened to Kingdom Entertainment

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Michael Jackson and Prince Al Waleed - What Ever Happened to Kingdom Entertainment

July 10, 2010 – Michael Jackson and Prince Al Waleed
What Ever Happened to Kingdom Entertainment?

Michael Jackson and Prince Al Walid seamingly had a very short history together. He was Michael's partner in Kingdom Entertainment back in 1996 and their announcement was made via a press conference in 1997. We are all familiar with Michael Jackson, so I thought I'd dig a little deeper into Prince Al Walid's persona.

Let’s learn about Prince Al Walid’s history.

Under the heading “Expanding Empire”, the article states:

“Having established a strong foundation for his growing financial empire on Saudi soil, in the late 1980s Al-Walid began to extend his investment horizon beyond the Arabian peninsula. Following his mantra that "banks are the eyes of an economy,"

This was also interesting:

“However, the notion that he is fronting for other members of the royal family does not easily square with reports of disputes between Al-Walid and the Saudi establishment that have surfaced in recent years. Several members of the royal family openly criticized him in 1997 when the ART satellite television station, of which he is the largest shareholder, broadcast the "Miss Arab of Israel" contest in Haifa. A 1996 partnership with American pop star Michael Jackson to establish Kingdom Entertainment led to similar rebukes.

Tensions between Al-Walid and the ruling elite in Riyadh escalated in 1998, when Prince Talal broke his long silence and spoke openly about the need for governmental reforms, interpreted by some as a ploy to advance his son's political ambitions. In April, Talal triggered an uproar when he said in an interview that a future power struggle could erupt in Saudi Arabia unless a clear mechanism governing the succession is established.” Reference

Also further down: “Last year, Al-Walid began to publicly advocate his father's views. In a November 28 interview with the New York Times, he called for the introduction of elections to Saudi Arabia's 120-member advisory council, "the faster the better," as a way of reducing domestic discontent in the Kingdom. He also broke another taboo by calling for an end to the system of allowances that provide even peripheral members of the royal family with thousands of dollars per month from state coffers. This prompted one influential prince, Sultan bin Turki bin Abdul Aziz, to complain that Al-Walid's remarks were made "in the interests of the West and parties opposing Saudi policies."

Colony Capital . . . now partnered with Waleed, just bought a bank, 1st Republic Bank, out from under Bank of America. They are learning the lessons of the Federal Reserve, perhaps? Is Colony gleaning some pointers from their partner Al-Walid? Equity newsletter Altassets reported here and Forbes where Waleed is described as “pro-American investor”.

Colony Capital and Anschutz are involved in the Xanadu entertainment complex in Northern New Jersey, which when reading the list of attractions and projects looks like a dream cooked up between Prince Al Walid and Michael back in 1997.

Xanadu Shopping and Entertainment Complex

Would Anschutz work with Prince Al Walid? Why or why not? Let’s look at this. All three players on this side of the piece of paper have one thing in common mentioned in partnership with each other or in press releases and articles as being “family values entertainment” oriented. Al Walid adored Michael and the prince had harsh words about how he thought the Press treated Michael. Anschutz has not answered any requests for comments in regard to Michael Jackson, the concerts or their business dealings. Michael would respect him for that.

Interesting to note since Barrack and Tohme are both Lebanese in this article also, further down the last two paragraphs, it says:

“In the meantime, Al-Walid is pursuing political ambitions in his second homeland - Lebanon - at the invitation of Syria, which continues to occupy its smaller neighbor with over 20,000 troops and remains the dominant power broker in the country. During two high-profile visits to Beirut for the March 2002 Arab League summit and the opening of his $140 million Movenpick hotel in July, he sharply criticized the economic policies of Prime Minister Hariri and met with his political rivals.”

We know at least two people in this group, Michael and Prince Walid had reputations of wanting to bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together.

If Anschutz as a Christian conservative (don’t you love labels? Kind of limits a person in the minds of others doesn’t it?), has any qualms about partnering with or otherwise working with a member of the Arab community, you would think he would be cooling his relations with Tom Barrack and Colony since Prince Walid is partnered with Colony, but Anschutz has not done this. On the contrary they seem to be everywhere.

Under better circumstances, Michael would probably be enjoying what they are accomplishing together; People from different backgrounds making business work. If multi-corporation billionaires from different backgrounds and religions can work together toward bringing families together through entertainment, then why can’t our world governments? I can hear him saying that now.

However, Michael is not here. He is “no longer with us” in the words of his brother Jermaine. And there are many out there that question the motives of the “Financial Four” (Anschutz, Barrack, Walid and Tohme). Are they working with Sony? Would they work with Sony? Is there enough of Michael to go around for everyone, if this is indeed a grand conspiracy?

Both Walid and Anschutz have been known to leave bean counters scratching their heads over investments they dub “sentimental” or “ideologically driven” when not profitable, and Barrack continues to hold onto Neverland/Sycamore Valley Ranch with no current plans to develop it.

LegoLand in Dubai? Yes, and I guess Spielberg’s “Dreamworks” and Dubai holding are going to partner. “On January 19, 2008, Dreamworks announced plans to build a Dreamworks park in Dubailand.

The Founders of Dreamworks coincidentally are two previous Michael-Collaborators, David Geffen and Stephen Spielberg. Ask Spielberg about the logo for “Dreamworks” and where it came from! That’s right, Michael’s idea! (See his design below from a Neverland Map!).

Notice the boy on the crescent moon? Dreamworks the boy is holding a fishing pole.

Apparently Michael isn’t too sore about it, because he did take his children to see “Kung Fu Panda”, a “Dreamworks” animated feature. On this link in Wikipedia, under the heading “Logo”, Spielberg takes all the credit . . . none to Michael.

Colony is now getting into the movie making business as well? (or at least the distribution business). Colony and a construction executive are purchasing Miramax Pictures for $650 Million. This deal has not gone through yet as they work to produce the remaining $200 million through debt financing and they face a battle from the Weinsteins and Ron Burkle. I wanted to see AEG involved in this but it looks like for now, Colony is flying solo, or at least, without AEG on this deal. Information on Colony’s other investments here: Colony Capital Companies

This is all very interesting. This also could have been done by these companies with or without Michael. Was Michael going to be included in Colony and Anschutz’s deals? Was Walid involved?

Is the Colony/Anschutz/Walid camp good guys that were helping Michael? If so, what went wrong?

If they are the bad guys, why would multi-billion dollar corporations with no previous ties to Michael (as Sony had) want to tangle themselves into the affairs of a pop star who was more of a liability at the time they began helping him?

What if Michael’s finances were not in quite as bad a shape as everyone was led to believe? Could Michael have been worth enough for corporations that size to risk what they already had? Or could we put aside the dollars and sense for a moment and assume that Both Barrack and Anschutz saw in Michael what most of his fans saw?

I think it’s time we took a closer look at this partnership that began on the books, in 2008. Maybe we can find a link a bit further back? I want to know once and for all who we are dealing with here, and if we have cause to suspect them.

By the way . . . has anyone seen the short film Ghosts? Remember the scene where Michael is trying to scare the group of people lead by the evil Mayor – Sneddon character (played by himself)? Remember him pulling his face out by the corners of his mouth and his eye sockets, then letting it snap back into place? Try watching that in slow motion . . . it’s pretty funny. I don’t know what made me think of that. Maybe the way Michael appears to destroy himself on the floor of the mansion in which he previously danced, then appears at the door, bigger than ever, to scare Tom Sneddon into jumping out of a window.

Monday, let’s take another look at Michael Jackson’s Companies


  1. I remember "Ghosts" very well,'s my personal favorite of all his short films. My only wish is that they'd re-issue it for DVD. My VHS player gasped its last about 5 yrs. ago. :(

  2. Now as for the other issue here dealing with Al-Waleed...Please don't think me ignorant, but for some reason, every time this guy, Dr. Thome, (and Jermaine's own Middle Eastern Islamic ties) gets mentioned, I for some awful reason--cringe on an intuitive/"psychic" level. Again, no racism is intended. There's just something "not right" in these areas. I can't explain it, other than a very bad pit in my stomach every time these issues come into discussion. So, with that being said, I say keep digging! Something is wrong...

  3. Ladyaquarius,
    Are you implying that Jermaine maybe a type of hamlet?

    That Jermaine may have had something to do with Michael's death?

    And why or why do they call this man DR Thome?

    He is NOT a Dr! I don't get it?

    But I do know that Thome and Jermaine were friends and both are of the Islamic Religion.

    I just hope Jermaine isn't connected to his brother's death. The very idea of it is SICK!

  4. Bonnie,
    I have wondered myself what went wrong with this Kingdom Entertainment Project!

    I wonder if the people of Syria pushed so hard against it that the Prince backed down for fear of losing political support.

  5. Actualy Only prince Al-WALEED can ask this question... For Colony and Co they can sell their mothers for money!

  6. So Prince Al-Waleed adored Michael and Anshultz says nothing about Michael. Are the others in cahoots to get on the right side of A-Waleed because of $$$$$. MJ is always the tie that binds and is not here anymore. The same names keep popping up here; Tohme, Anshults, Colony Capital, and of course, SONY! $$$$$

  7. @Josie: As much as I hate to think about it, the truth is that Jermaine IS a shrewd business person in his own right. That combined with the on/off fights with MJ over the years--think "Word to the Badd" for a moment (it was a song he wrote to MJ--you can find it on YouTube). Anyhoo, yes...there was some rivalry between them. So, is it possible that Jermaine would "sell MJ up a river"? Even I admit to that possibility since when MJ started having money problems, he went to Jermaine for help. From that point entered Dr. Tohme, and Al-Waleed. It is a possibility. :( Do I think that Jermaine would want his brother killed? NO. Financially dependent upon Jermaine's biz-wisdom maybe, but dead? No.

  8. Hi Bonnie, just a few thoughts - I like to think peoples' motives are pure but I keep coming back to the thought that Michael was a product to many. All those you mention are business people first and foremost. One of their purposes is to make money, not to lose money.

    Michael definitely moved among kings and queens, world leaders and captains of industry though. Such was the power of Michael Jackson.

    Also wondering whether there is a struggle for power or a jockeying of position between AEG, Colony and Sony with Michael's Estate still being connected to all three. Michael made and is still making money for all of them. He is the tie that binds.

    Interesting that Anschutz owns 17% of Qwest (according to Wiki), a major company involved in telecommunications and internet services.

    Control the media, control the world??

    I'm afraid when it comes down to the goals of money and power, people are ruthless. I say people rather than corporations because people are at the head of corporations.

    It's amazing to think that Michael was basically an industry of one, whereas the other names have huge corporations behind them.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Blogspot is making an irriating habit of DELETING my responses after taking the time to type them out so I am having to copy and paste from word. This 3RD RESPONSE is going be a bit brief basically because I’m tired of typing.

    Ladyacquarius – Ask yourself why Walid and Tohme give you this bad feeling in the pit of your stomach? If it’s the Middle Eastern Islamic ties, we have to remember the verifiable information. Walid we know is or follows Islam, but according to my sources in the blog above, not in favor with the Saudi Establishment because of his favor with the western world. (us)

    Josie – Who said Tohme was Islam? I have not seen this information and Tohme has certainly not shared it in interviews. I’ve heard him talk about God in the interviews, but he’s never mentioned Mohammed (Jermaine has!) Are we assuming Tohme is Islamic because of his lineage? Because Jermaine introduced him to Michael and Jermaine is converted Islam? I am unclear on where this came from and if it is even important in this. Also, if Jermaine and Tohme are such good friends, where is Tohme now? We have seen and heard nothing from him or about him since the first couple of months after Michael’s death.

    Prince Walid never had political support back then. He was criticized for everything from the first bank he bought in Saudi Arabia to his bailout of Citicorp. Michael wasn’t until 1996. The press conference, dated March of 1997 happened during Michael’s children being born, then his divorce from Debbie, then the battle with Sony and then the 2003 accusations. It wouldn’t surprise me if they both decided to hold off, then . . . it just never got revisited because Michael never recovered.

  11. Yasmeena – I do not believe that Colony or Anschutz would sell their mothers. Colony and Anschutz were in business long before they were associated with Michael. They were not in a position to have to kill him, and acquisitions they are making, they’ve made before Michael, but I won’t deny that some of the newer direction may have been influenced by Michael and his ideas. After all Prince Al Walid is partnered with Colony and was at one time partnered with Michael. I would like to believe that they are moving ahead with entertainment companies, movie distribution and entertainment complexes like Xanadu in honor of Michael . . . in memory of Michael, but I can’t say if that is the case. I only see what everyone else sees and try to interpret the actions. I’m not clairvoyant. I just like finding pieces to puzzles that fit.

    Bunnieroe – Hi! Haven’t seen you for a while! In your first paragraph you said “I keep coming back to the thought that Michael was a product to many. All those you mention are business people first and foremost. One of their purposes is to make money, not to lose money.”

    Why are we assuming that business people are not human? Michael was a businessman, but he was first and foremost an artist. Does that mean he had an “inhuman” side to him? It is not criminal to make money. It’s how you do it, and what you do with the money you make that determines that. Michael made lots of money. But we all know what his heart was like. We do not know what is in the hearts of these people because we don’t know them. The press has not beat up on them the way they did with Michael. We are doing a good enough job of that. ;o)

    You said: “Also wondering whether there is a struggle for power or a jockeying of position between AEG, Colony and Sony with Michael's Estate still being connected to all three. Michael made and is still making money for all of them. He is the tie that binds.”

    I definitely see a struggle for power. I agree that AEG, Colony, Sony and Michael’s estate and even Michael, in a way, is part of this struggle. I heard a radio show earlier today that I will comment on in my next blog. It was very interesting. The way things are laid out and the “evidence” that is falling into “ring” (my dream about the wrestling match is scaring me now), I believe we will start to see exactly who is involved in this struggle, or “wrestling match” and exactly who is going to be exposed. I also believe that there are some that are feeling the scrutiny and have backed off . . . for now.

    “Control the media, control the world??”

    What better way to get inside our heads? Not just media . . . Movies, music, gaming, theme parks, resorts . . . entertainment = Escapism.

  12. Yes, Ghosts is great and the "relationship" between the vid and Sneddon is undeniable. MJ was the master at this sort of thing.

    Ladyacquarius, I agree with your comments at about Thome. MJ fired Thome yet he "hung around" until Michael's death, then practically nothing since from him. I have previously posted here and on other sites that I believe they ALL, Mottola, Sony, Colony, Thome, Barrack, Anschutz and Phillips, bear responsibility for MJ's demise; while I don't believe they worked in unison, I think they all manipulated Michael at his financial, emotional and physical weakest to suit their own agendas. Colony Capital owns the property (condo development) in which Conrad Murray resides; Colony Capital "saved" Neverland and now owns it 1/2 with MJ's estate. Why, knowing this, would Jermaine J. want his brother buried at NL? If I recall correctly, Thome worked for Colony Capital. Too much coincidence, I think. As for the other vultures and their "agendas", it's becoming more obvious every day. I think we need to find out who really hired Murray and Nurse Cherilyn Lee to play their nefarious parts.

  13. Ladyacquarius,

    In other words, Jermaine wanted to help MJ $ wise

    But the people that Jermaine brought into MJ life

    to help him with his finances - turned around and killed MJ!

    And Jermaine never thought these people would kill his brother!

    They were suppose to Help him.

    Is that what you mean?

    Can you imagine the False Guilt Jermaine must feel IF this is true?!

    I know the song Badd from Jermaine and I think MJ and Jermaine made up later.

    It happens in every family.

  14. To Everyone!

    All these people are connected yet no one on this

    blog believes they worked together to kill MJ.

    But if this is a "Conspiracy" as Michael said it

    was....then some of these people HAD to work

    together! The question is Who are They?

    They = more than one person

  15. The idea of Jermaine wanting to manipulate his
    brother's money is sick!

    If Jermaine did this, then he is Indirectly responsible for Michael's death.

    Because Jermaine is the one who got Michael involved with these ruthless people in the first place.

    If these statements are true then Jermaine is indeed.....Guilty!

  16. Barrack's children were playing on Michael's property before Jermaine ever introduced Tohme to Michael. They knew each other before then. To assume that this BILLIONAIRE plotted to destroy Michael while his children played on Michael's amusement rides is a bit of a stretch.

    The only corporation or entity within a corporation who had motive enough to want Michael dead was Tommy Mottola/Branca and Sony.

    Colony Capital owns half of a property that they have not and can do nothing with. That doesn't sound like a big enough benefit to kill someone over.

    Yes Tohme worked for Colony. Michael knew Barrack BEFORE he knew Tohme.

    Here is what I have been unable to find. What benefit would Colony and/or Anschutz get if Michael died? Half of a property that you cannot sell is not a motive for murder.

    Also, remember Michael still owns half of the Sony/ATV . . . or his estate does. That is the butter on Sony's bread.

  17. @ Josie: IF the Waleed/Tohme end of things tie into the whole "conspiracy" and proves to be something not overlooked, then spite of being well-intentioned, it does make Jermaine a bit of an unintentional co-conspirator however Jermaine's issue was primarily a purely financial one--not something that would have taken his brother's life.

    @ Bonnie: Yes, I am aware that supposedly Jermaine and MJ "made up", but sometimes "still waters run deep". I guess the reason I have a hard time fully trusting Jermaine relates back to the early J5 days. All was great until Motown came along, and "demoted" Jermaine to "2nd fiddle" in favor of keeping MJ in the spotlight by being the lead. If there has been one issue that has remained a constant between the two brothers, it's this: COMPETITION--however friendly or perhaps not so friendly. MJ loved his brother, and I'm sure Jermaine loved MJ back but, there was a huge trust issue between them, and the very same trust issue is clearly seen amongst the other brothers regarding Jermaine as recently as the TV show on A&E that the Jackson brothers had for a short stint.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. @ Bonnie: In regards to your question: "Ask yourself why Walid and Tohme give you this bad feeling in the pit of your stomach? If it’s the Middle Eastern Islamic ties, we have to remember the verifiable information. Walid we know is or follows Islam, but according to my sources in the blog above, not in favor with the Saudi Establishment because of his favor with the western world. (us)" That may indeed be the source of my bad feeling here. Waleed as well had (and may STILL have) enemies who may not care as to whom or what they have to "take out (as in destroy)" in order to render him powerless.

    Let's think about this: There is one Saudi (Egyptian) still supposedly on the loose somewhere after being the head of the plot and execution of 9/11 (I'm remembering Bin Laden here, so bear with me.), and in spite of the Egyptian/Saudi peoples' claims that they do not (and have not) support Bin Laden's tactics, etc. still...I can't help but wonder "What if?" even in this particular instance. Why? The Bin Laden family as a whole is quite influential in the Mideast. What if there's a tie-in somewhere there--no matter how small?

    Egadz...I REALLY hope I'm intuitively "wrong" here. Now, I am "sick".

  20. Hi Bonnie, have always been reading but work gets in the way sometimes.

  21. I'm still catching up on all the tie-ins to Michael, can't say I completely get it all yet. Waleed sounds like a non-conformist. In that sense he and Michael had something in common - each did his own thinking, had/have their own missions and goals.

    Bonnie, I think you could be right about Michael's finances not being as bad as reported.

    Shame on Spielberg for not giving credit where it is due!

    Great discussion everyone!

    I think competition and trust were issues between Jermaine and Michael. However, I don't think either were mutual. Jermaine was in competition with Michael, jealousy also plays a role. Michael had no reason to be either in competition with or jealous of Jermaine. Jermaine created reasons for Michael to have trust issues with him. I know of nothing Michael did for Jermaine to not trust him, though Jermaine's long-term jealousy may cause himself trust issues. Similar to Joe, Jermaine has attempted to capitalize on Michael's death. I don't see how that or ignorant referrals implicate him.

  22. Bonnie, do you have any info about the following which I find distressing.

    I receive the MJ Fan Club newsletter; this morning, the topic of Neverland was highted, referring to the possibility of California state parks officials studying converting the property into a state park. This idea is backed by the NAACP; it's in the "talking stages" only. Further on in the article is quoted:

    "The property is currently controlled by Santa Monica-based Colony Capitol, LLC, a private-equity firm that acquired the ranch when Jackson was facing foreclosure in 2008. The company declined to comment, but Colony President Thomas J. Barrack Jr. told Bloomberg News recently that he hoped to sell it for $100 million once the housing market recovers."

    The article goes on further to say that the cash-stapped California parks department is not looking to add properties ... especially one that wouild cost $100 million.

    Aside from the parks situation, I thought in 2008 Michael went into parnership with Colony as part of Colony's loan to Michael, using NL as the security; i.e., Michael (or his estate) still owns half of NL. Did we miss something if Barrack now says (as quoted above) that Colony now "controls" NL and "acquired" the ranch in 2008?

  23. June - I did see that and posted that in the July 14 blog (last night, my dates are off). I don't think it is going to happen and I don't believe Tom Barrack is interested in selling to the state of California.

    The neighbors in Los Olivos will not tolerate a tourist attraction there and Barrack does care what they think. Also from the article I don't believe the state of California is interested in paying $100 million for the property. The NAACP is just trying to get in the news, they have never done ANYTHING for Michael and are interested only in fund-raising publicity and the people "discussing" this are living in a dream world.

    My bets are, it won't happen and even if they get it to a vote to make an offer, they will still have to get through Tom Barrack and the Jackson Estate . . . this is a dead issue as far as I can see. Their would never be peace from the fans if these self-important Nazis even tried to carry this through. Just my opinion.

  24. Truthbtold2all - Michael's finances...he was a tricky dude. When you get tired of getting sued four times a week, every week for decades, you find ways to make people believe you are broke. Michael was set. His kids will never be hurting regardless of what Branca does with that estate.

    You wait and see what is going to happen. I'm proud of him!

  25. Thome Thome IS NOT MUSLIM....he is Christian,very Christian,and all those in Colony are Christains,i have no idea why Western fans want to make it as if Muslims killed MJ ,,MJ was very sure that his head security are muslims,,,when Debbie was alone in US and pregnant with Paris he asked NOI to protect her , from who is the real question !

    Alwalid and his family used to have a very, very friendly relationship with MJ since 1993 , they are in business and they are friends tell the time of his death,Mj and Alwalid were spotted in personal occasions,in 2001 Alwalias is the one who called MJ and asked how is he doing MJ said this story many times,2009 MJ music company and "Rotana" Alwalid's company made a very profitable deal to destribute all MJ's companis music in the middle East.

    all Alwalid channels and Magazines were covered with black after MJ's death and Alwaliad made many documentaries in the Arabic world to defend MJ..again Thome is not Muslim and Muslims will never kill MJ ! we love him so much !


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