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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson Understood “Who is John Galt?”

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michael Jackson Understood “Who is John Galt?”

July 15, 2010 – Michael Jackson Understood “Who is John Galt?”

Revelation 18:11-14 - 11 “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore: 12 merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; 13 and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men. 14 The fruit that your soul longed for has gone from you, and all the things which are rich and splendid have gone from you, and you shall find them no more at all."

The things that man searches for to fulfill his soul are unsustainable. They look for tangible riches and not the riches of love or innocence or purity or compassion. When man convinces himself that there is no God so that he can justify his means of obtaining the unsustainable, he has lost his connection to life. When he in his sin conspires to convince others that there is no God, he has lost his soul, and his tangible riches will never be enough.

I have listened to Michael on radio interviews, I’ve read transcripts of discussions book writers have had with him (Schmuley, Ian Halparin, Aphrodite Jones, Linton Guest), I have read his poems, prose and lyrics and I have listened to his music and watched him project through movement on stage.

Michael was blessed because he allowed himself open access to God. That’s not to say that Michael didn’t occasionally make a bad decision. He is after all, human. But Michael was blessed with gifts that could not be contained. They had to be shared. (Isn’t that why God puts us here with our various gifts in the first place?) Michael never shut down or turned off that open vein of communication. It may have been one of the reasons sleep evaded him so often.

However, Michael was also persecuted like no other person I have ever read about in my lifetime. There have been martyrs between the time of Christ and now, but Michael was in our lifetime. After the 2005 trial, Michael was depleted. He left the country, he asked people that surrounded him during the trial, “Why are they doing this to me?” After everything he had given, he did not understand where the hatred and bloodlust was coming from. At least that is what we were led to believe.

However, quotes from Michael give us another side to him. He did know what his purpose was here. He said to a gathering at his home toward the end of his trial, “It has been written in the books for me. I have done my part. Now God will be their judge.”

I do believe that Michael’s fame got in the way of his real work here. He had a hard time getting out to children’s hospitals and orphanages, homes and organizations without being followed by packs of fans and the press. His message was sometimes lost in his stage presence and misinterpretations of his songs. One has to wonder, has Michael’s job here really ended?

While researching him as well as the people surrounding him at the time of his death, curious information would rise to the surface that would keep the tapestry of what happened from being woven. This information forced me to look in another direction. Information from Michael himself. Words he would utter in conversation on tapes, a line of lyrics in a song, a comment he made on “This is It” documentary, a comment his relatives would make or an observation from a sound tech. All of this was piecing together another tapestry that could no longer be ignored.

On Tuesday my husband sent me a link to a radio show about Michael. I listened to Carlotta Chatwood on blogtalk radio earlier this week. This is the first “hoaxer” radio show I had ever listened to. I did not know that is what it was until the show started, since my husband it the one who found and sent me the link, which I will include here: Carlotta Chatwood

On this blogtalk channel, I found that I was listening to a part of a series of shows on the Michael death hoax. I thought I might get some questions answered or at least get some ideas for research further, as I was still of the opinion that neither AEG nor Colony was responsible for Michael’s death. For those of you that have been following my blog, you know I have struggled with conflicting information that has been put out, and have questioned evidence on both sides of the hoax fence.

I almost turned the show off after the first couple of minutes. Carlotta was interviewing two people in regard to the hoax site that they ran. Much of the same information I had seen posted by people before on twitter, so I disregarded most of what they said (sorry Carlotta).

The lady being interviewed expressed how exhausted she was after a year of this constant grabbing for information, investigating, researching . . . I feel her pain. While most of us in the ‘real world’ was searching for evidence to help Michael’s enemies face the music (no pun intended), they were completely disregarding justice in their selfish attempt to bring him back from the dead.

I know this is not fair, as I too have leaned toward him being alive somewhere and have discussed that very possibility on this blog. The popular version of what happened verses the possibility by the fringe of Michael’s fan base and weighing the evidence from both.

One of her guests after the hoax people was a Don Frazier, who was one of Michael Jackson's cousins. If you go to his twitter page at donfrazier614, his background picture is himself, his wife and daughter. I checked the big photo I have of the Jackson Family Reunion in my "Man in The Mirror" tribute book and he is pictured in there. He is real.

Today he ran his own radio show to answer questions he didn't have time to answer during Carlotta's show. The link to that is here: DonFrazier614

UPDATE: DON FRAZIER IS THIS GUY - Daeqwon Frazier of Columbus Ohio. One website has him as being sixteen, another website has him as being seventeen.

Whoever posted that he was the nephew of Marvin the Body Guard may have been right, but I can't confirm that either. I am leaving this info up there on his link so you can listen to him and determine for yourselves, but also because these people are out there.

The photo Have of him in the Jackson Family Album 2003 Reunion looks like him and is built like him, but he is definitely not sixteen or seventeen in that picture. In 2003, if these other websites are correct little "Don" would have been ten years old when that pic was taken. Carlotta on her show said he was Michael's cousin when she first introduced him. FYI Consider this a retraction of the info on him.

This info below I will leave as it explains the paragraph above.

Why is this important? Because Don, Michael's cousin, does not believe Michael is dead either. He tells you why in both radio shows. He was in the house, in Michael's room when the paramedics were there. Don't worry, I am still looking for an angle. I have been back and forth on this so many times, I can take no one's word without a grain of salt.

It is no secret that Michael talked of wanting to "disappear" or "fake his death" to escape what he has more than once described as a life in a prison.

If you have had time to thoroughly investigate and research Michael himself, you already know what an avid reader he was. One surprise to me was a report that he read Ayn Rand. This is what attracted my husband to this theory. My husband, who is a member of the Ayn Rand Institute’s saw a post on their several months ago. I ignored what he said because there were so many stories out there about Michael.

Who is John Galt?

The comment was that Michael was intrigued with the story of “Atlas Shrugged” and had said he wanted to do that with his own life. The character in “Atlas Shrugged” named John Galt. Wikipedia:

“During the main storyline of the book, Galt has secretly organized a strike by the world's creative leaders, including inventors, artists and businessmen, in an effort to "stop the motor of the world," thereby bringing about the collapse of the collectivist society. While working incognito as a laborer for Taggart Transcontinental railroad, he travels to visit the key figures that he has not yet recruited, systematically convincing them to join the strike.”

My husband kept telling me, “read the book!” (it is not a small book!)

The short of it is the character, an inventor and visionary, abandons his inventions when the corporate elitists and the governments of the world conspire to enslave and oppress the creative thinkers of the world.

The story portrays a society based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces the stifling mediocrity and egalitarianism of socialistic idealism. The individualists, the creative thinkers and producers of America were a metaphorical Atlas of Greek mythology, holding up the world, whom Galt convinces to "shrug," by refusing to lend their productive genius to the regime any longer. (Wikipedia, 2010)

This could, metaphorically, be applied to Michael’s situation, in his battle for creative control and ownership of his own work, seeing the same thing happening to other artists decides that copying John Galt and faking his own death to appear as another identity to secretly recruit those visionaries who also are, unknowingly, being oppressed.

From Wikipedia: “Galt spoke against what he saw as the "evil" of collectivism. They prepare to build their own society as the collectivist government collapses.”

Michael could have been enthralled with the idea of disappearing, using the very lies and rumors the press had printed about him to aid and make believable his escape (as Galt did in the novel). Under the guise of being “deceased” move with his ‘recruits’ set about the traps for those that were responsible for his torment, exposing the rats scurrying for what is left of the cheese to the light.

Romantic notion isn’t it?

The problem I have with Ayn Rand is she is completely against Christianity and considers that an “oppression” of sorts. Ayn Rand was also in a lot of personal pain and depressed when she died. I agree with her “individualism” and “creative achiever” philosophy, but not the “controlled selfishness”. If she could have replaced that with God and could have distinguished religion from faith and the personal relationship, her philosophy could have been more attractive.

Without God, there is hopelessness in times like this. How do you get through the tough times without him? Without God, Michael would have never made it as far as he did. Michael may never have made it out of Gary, without that gift God gave him.

One of the most emotional times I read about him was the story told by one of his friends of the prayer circle at his home, before driving to L.A. for the last day of his trial . . . the reading of the verdicts. God answered his prayer that day. His reported reaction to the last verdict read matched mine as I was reading it four years later. One one person in the jury ever remarked outside the courtroom of that one lone tear they saw escape from under Michael’s glasses.

Yes, prayer answered. The strain on his face as he left the courtroom that day after five months of sitting there listening to the lies day after day was evident, as is what came after. He left his home, Neverland for good, left the country that so abused and persecuted him. We saw very little of him from that time until the announcements of the O2 concerts. No one really knows what was going on, but the press speculated plenty.

Michael’s relationship with God was as important to you and I as it was to him. This is why I was surprised to learn that he would even entertain such an idea as to copy a character in one of Ayn Rand’s books, but then that too is just a story put out there on the grape vine, isn’t it?

What better way to expose your enemy then to remove their sustenance and watch from afar as they destroy each other over the remaining crumbs?


  1. Love your last comment. What bigger injustice to right than the one involving your life. Love your blog. One Love.

  2. As for Michael faking his death, I won't lie that it would be a brilliant move for numerous reasons. However, it would be a move with costs and burdens I think would be much worse for Michael to bare than anything he bared in life. He would have had to cut ties with his children, especially Blanket at a mere 7 years old, for fear of exposure and "tattling". If he faked his death and it was proven as such, Michael would be hated by many, including the ones who love him the most. Michael knew fame well and knew with his death many would suffer and ultimately some would prefer not to live "without him". I do not think in any way could Michael, someone who cared so much for others, continue to live without his children, without some of his fans due to his own actions, live without ever being able to help children again in the world and ultimately lose his voice in the world and lose the love he had felt since he was a little boy from a world he did not know. Even if Michael put on a fat suit like he did in "Ghosts" some people could still spot him out. I don't see how an autopsies could have been faked nor the call of death at UCLA, either. You can see the grief and pain on Katherine Jackson's face in every photo taken of her since her son's death. I personally would rather Michael really be deceased with the hope he is somewhere better than "here", on Earth with the living, than to think he is still living among us as someone new who chose to sacrifice everything for some monetary gain and freedom. I never knew Michael but I feel like in some way I know his heart and my heart says he would never, ever put himself before others in such a manner even if it cost him his life. I wish when he was alive people had given him distance and space, had not stalked him, had allowed him to live a fairly "normal" life outside of his profession as an musician and entertainer. Maybe people should learn this now with others though there may never be another star as big as Michael Jackson, who knows. You would think people would have learned that something needed to be done when Princess Diana was killed as paparazzi stalked her vehicle that one night years ago. Michael was also the victim of an ignorant society. Maybe people will now learn to branch about and think outside the box, especially beyond that box called a "TV". Even today we are fighting heaps of lies that have been touted as truths regarding Michael. It is not that people lost faith in Michael's innocence, they lost the willpower and drive to go seek the truth for themselves so they bought the public majority opinion which in a majority of times is wrong because no one looks for the truth anymore. At least some are starting now.

  3. For me your thought here: "What better way to expose your enemy then to remove their sustenance and watch from afar as they destroy each other over the remaining crumbs? " Struck me most interestingly.

    While I don't subscribe to the belief held by some out there that Michael faked his own death ala Rand's character, John Galt or by pulling off a Rimbaud ( of "A Season in Hell"--I DO believe that he is quite physically dead. However, in most religions, especially Christian ones, we are taught from our youth that the Soul (Spirit) NEVER dies. So, with that in mind, I'm certain that Michael is watching with delightful amusement what is taking place NOW.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I knew this would not be a popular subject and I have really resisted writing about it because of that very fact.

    Nikki, I had the same idea as you, wishing Michael peace. But I cannot ignore evidence of the other possibility.

    Autopsy reports can be faked. Death certificate, as it is now, is illegal. An autopsy report released amidst an investigation to be used in evidence in a court proceeding out on the internet for the public to see? And that is only SOME of what I have.

    Everyone is running on emotion and next to none on fact.

    We both have a problem with the idea that anyone in Michael's family, especially his family and his children, would be put in a position of the pain of losing him, only to find out later that it was a ruse.

    I have just as much of a problem of us making the same mistake twice, by putting someone else through the same trial Michael went through, over hearsay and mob-justice.

    Here is my problem . . . if one of Michael's cousins SAW Michael on the floor of his bedroom with paramedics working on him and STILL BELIEVES he is alive somewhere, what am I supposed to think? (He was with a security guard). Listen to the link up there and judge for yourselves. Is it convincing? Yes . . . because he says he is sure, but none of the family that he has talked to knows where Michael is. Only that he is sure he is okay.

    I do believe Michael is capable of it. And I can tell you that with the evidence I have seen from both sides, I am not convinced he is dead.

    Also, I don't believe that if Michael did something like this, that it was for selfish reasons, at all. Think about this. Would Michael want to continue to subject his children to the redicule he has recieved, the constant calling ahead to stores to make sure they remove tabloids from the shelves so his children wouldn't see the lies about them or their father. . . for the rest of their lives? Or would he want to finally do something about it?

  6. Ladyaquarius - It was the combination of the feeble explanations of the death related documents, Don's answers to questions on air, and Deepak Chopra's interview that started me looking into this.

    Business forensics, ie: tax filings, business filings, reorganizations, the constant switches in business managers to keep a solid paper trail from being followed, the whole AEG concert fiasco. This is not a comfortable position for me to take. It would mean being possibly accused of belittling Michael's suffering or that of his mother and his children! This is not a light decision.

    I continue to gather information, but from what I am seeing now, I have to entertain both possibilities. I do not want to continue to go after people on this blog that may very well be innocent of any wrongdoing. That includes AEG and Colony and that doctor! This is not easy, questioning everything you've been led to believe.

  7. FYI - Don Frazier is supposedly the nephew of Marvin, one of Michael's bodyguards. Someone uploaded the audio from Don's first call to Carla's show last month:


  9. Bonnie, we don't have to straight up accuse people to suspect them. If this was a hoax Michael, the Dr, AEG, and everyone involved would have expected to be attacked. I can not ignore AEG selling rights to TII to Sony. Again, if this is a hoax they would expect to be attacked for that. While there are a lot of unexplainable things in this death, you have to think that that's the way "they" wanted it. I will not believe this. We have got to stay on the right track.

  10. "It's hurtful and frustrating that so much energy is being wasted on the delusion that Michael is still alive, instead of his murder!!! GET ON THE RIGHT PATH if you care about Michael"-Karen Faye

  11. Houdinis Ghost - I will listen to it in a bit, but the picture I have of Don and his wife is the same people pictured (among many) on the 2003 Jackson Family Reunion at Neverland. Not Marvin's nephew but Michael's cousin.

    Gracie - Interesting. Do you know who wrote that? I agree with them on the music industry wholeheartedly. I never had to fight them. I got out before I ever got in. I love the cryptic theme in which they wrote this. Will definitely investigate. Did you write that?

  12. Bonnie,
    I just wanted to say - this blog here must have been very hard for you to write and, for what it's worth, I really admire your honesty and am completely sure that your motivations come from a very good place. I still do not know what to make of all the theories (too many) and all the facts (too little). It's mindblowing. But thanks, thanks for your work, you are a strong woman and a very loving person.

  13. Bonnie,
    I listened to the radio show and I must admit, it is intriging, to say the least.

    I could really believe in this Death Hoax 100% if it weren't for his 3 children.

    I remember Michael saying I would slit my wrists rather than hurt a child!

    I don't believe Michael would ever put himself above HIS OWN CHILDREN!

    He spends a lifetime making money so he can share with all the needy children of the world and then leaves his own 3 children...ORPHANS?!

    NO WAY!

    Unless, his kids are in on it but come on!
    If that's the case..... Blanket is far too young to understand and would be so confused.

    And even if they could understand it, they are still without their Father. They are still Orphans.

    Plus the whole world is watching! What kind of future is that for these 3 kids?

    It's just Too Sick when you think about it!

    That's the only reason I believe Michael is really dead.

  14. Bonnie, could you post the family reunion picture and point out Don? I looked at one but it was too small.

  15. Having said what I did in my last comment, I am going to take a stand with Karen Faye!

    "It's hurtful and frustrating that so much energy is being wasted on the delusion that Michael is still alive, instead of his murder!!! GET ON THE RIGHT PATH if you care about Michael"-Karen Faye

    If I ever was going to believe Michael faked his death (leaving behind his 3 children) then I might as well believe Michael was a Pedophile!

    I'm with you KAREN FAYE...100%!


  16. Here it comes . . . where do I start?

    MicheleKC - yours came in after I posted to GRacie and Houdinisghost. You have two here (Oh Lord please don't let me miss anything). In order to stay on the right track we have to have the right information . . . true information. We don't have that. The documents are lies, so we cannot go by that. Nobody's stories match up so we can't use their testimony either. We have no viable death certificate, no official autopsy report, no name on the tomb, no viewing, not one family member claims to have seen the body (I don't want to remember him like that) yet supposedly nine hours were spent by people who are not trained morticians dressed him and made him up despite insurance coverage in MOST STATES would have forbid that.

    Nobody knows the real time of death, no doctor signed the D.C. The ambulance back up out of a circular drive as if it was going to take part in a parade, not rushing someone to the hospital and according to Don, they take the long way to throw the press off track (???)

    I have more but I will save that for future blog.

    On the picture of Don in the family, I will search it on the internet. I can scan the copy I have out of the book, but it will be too small to see with the fold in the middle, but I will try. I will post it on tonight's update regardless and direct you to him and his wife. His daughter was smaller then so harder to see, but his wife is unmistakable.

    Simona - Thank you for your encouragement. It was hard and as MicheleKC said, the players in this probably expected to be attacked, but that does not make it okay. This hole thing is one big lesson in reading between the lines and not taking everything the press and media puts out at face value. There is more evidence to point to his being alive then dead at this point, and yes, I hate saying this because I know what it sounds like. But we have to consider it.

  17. Josie - His three children are a sticking point in this. Would Michael coach them and put them through this? I am a mother. I don't know how long I could live keeping my children in a cave . . . no T.V., no internet (although I think with today's entertainment that is more than a wise move), calling ahead to stores to makes sure all tabloids are covered or removed before I get there with my children, and forever worry about what cruel, insensitive jerk would fly up from the crowd to ask my children if they ever saw their daddy do anything with little boys. I would find a way to put a stop to it. I don't know how it was handled with his children, but I believe the two oldest were prepared for this. In doing this Michael did not put himself above anyone, but did this FOR his children.

    Josie you said or quoted Karen Faye - "It's hurtful and frustrating that so much energy is being wasted on the delusion that Michael is still alive, instead of his murder!!! GET ON THE RIGHT PATH if you care about Michael"-Karen Faye

    I'm not going to be bullied by this. I was on Karen Faye's facebook page when all you know what broke loose and the fan base broke apart. I don't believe his three children are "left behind" and I applaud your cheerleading for Karen, but Karen is the one who started us on this path only to chastize the fans for doing what she was telling us to do. I don't know where she stands and I gave up on her. She is involved in the investigation and said too much on her facebook page then blamed the fans for taking action. She is the one that did not want Murray's charges upgraded.

    Were you standing "with Karen" on "the right path" when you insisted Michael had a "Messiah Complex"? Were you "with Karen" when you wanted me to justify Michael grabbing his cr*tch which has NOTHING to do with Justice?

    I care about Michael. I also care about the message he was persecuted for while trying to get out. Innocent until proven guilty. And right now, you are letting the press dictate the truth to you.

  18. Bonnie Said:

    Also, I don't believe that if Michael did something like this, that it was for selfish reasons, at all.
    Think about this.

    Would Michael want to continue to subject his children to the redicule he has recieved,

    the constant calling ahead to stores to make sure they remove tabloids from the shelves so

    his children wouldn't see the lies about them or their father. . . for the rest of their lives?

    Or would he want to finally do something about it?

    Bonnie!! Do you really believe Michael Sacrificed his life for his kids!

    That would mean Michael FAILED as a Father!

    Or that he made a mistake and Never should have had children of his own, in the first place.

    And why? Because he was Famous? Because he was accused of being a Pedophile?

    If you believe that then you are

    playing right into the hands of the Prosecution

    Attorneys who are trying to prove Michael

    committed Suicide! That Michael gave Himself

    that deadly dose of Propofol!

  19. Well said, Bonnie. The Bible says that 'He who seeks will find' and you are surely a seeker, and I believe, someone with love and passion in your heart - love for Michael and a passion for the truth. I was at Forest Lawn on the evening when Michael was being 'prepared for burial'. The 'nine hours' is wrong. If it had been nine hours since Karen's arrival, they and we would have been leaving in the early hours of the morning, which was not the case. I do not understand why everyone who knew Michael is spending time writing books in order to prove their love/glorify in the fact that they knew him/make a point but what I do know is that you have worked diligently in order to uncover the truth, whatever that might be, and have expected nothing in book royalties, no hidden motives, no agenda. I personally believe and fear that he is gone from this earthly plain, but like you, I cannot ignore all the discrepancies and the missing pieces in the puzzle.

    All I can say is this: IF (yes I know it's a big IF) Michael has hoaxed his own death, then it would be because of something VERY SERIOUS indeed. His life must surely have been at stake, either in a literal sense, or they were going to work him to death. AEG is not out of the frame. If this was so, then better to disappear for a time in order to eventually alert the whole world to what was happening than to leave three children as orphans forever.

  20. Jose, your comment doesn't make any sense. When did I say Michael comitted suicide? Nowhere! I said he there is possibility he is hiding!

    Could you do me a favor before you comment please? Learn to read!

  21. Bonnie,

    I am Totally Confused!

    I am reading what you said but I don't understand any of it!

    You have information that I am NOT EVEN AWARE OF so I am going to take myself out of this whole thing.

    I have nothing to contribute cos I am so confused.

    I meant no disrespect to you Bonnie, and I apologize if I hurt you in any way.

    Forgive Me.

    God Bless You and Your Family Bonnie

  22. Dee - One thing that has struck me in all this is that the very people who knew him best seem to forget that most of his fans knew Michael as an intelligent man. He could see into people. While this should have kept him safe from vultures, it did not because Michael was not a confrontational person . . . until Sony pushed him to the point he made their battle public.

    He had said to the interviewer that he didn't do that just for him, it was for all artists and it had been going on for a long time.

    I have been completely on the "gone" side of the fence and I have sat on the fence. The evidence and discrepancies have pulled me to the other side of the "maybe he's not gone" fence.

    Dee, it's not just the missing pieces that have me flabbergasted, but the fact that I am sitting here and seeing it all again, the mob mentality out in front of that courthouse when Michael was being walked past the press every single day. I don't agree with the Gatling-gun-bullets-hit-all form of justice. We are just as bad as the press was to Michael if we let that happen. That would hurt Michael's legacy just as much as the press tried to do to him.

    This has to be done right. I'm not out to expose Michael. The purpose of this is to get the REAL bad guys . . . and to not trample the innocent on the way.

    I'm glad you were there Dee. What ever the truth is I will accept it, but it has to be the truth. If someone has to bully others to prove something, that something is not the truth but a decisive tactic meant to oppress.

  23. I couldn't have put it better Bonnie. Just keep seeking and don't let anyone drag you down. I have friends who believe one thing, and friends who believe another, but we are all united in one thing - our love for Michael. He would want unity, not division. If we allow those who caused this (whatever THIS may be) to divide us, they they win.

  24. Josie, one more reply and I'm going to bed (been up all night . . . check out typos).

    It would probably help if you weren't so confrontational in your posts when you disagree with someone.

    I'm okay with someone disagreeing with me, but you carpet-bomb me with comments and it makes it hard for me to answer you in a cohesive manner. The "Michael committing suicide" charge I did not understand where you got that at all.

    I want to discuss opposing points of view. That's how we learn and see things we could have missed. But please try to be respectful. We have a big enough battle without having to battle each other. I don't want to do that.

    Michael is a high-emotion subject. I understand. I have sat in your place before in regard to people posting that they believed he was alive, and I have made the same arguments.

    All I want to do is discuss the evidence and avoid pointing the fingers at and attacking the wrong people. That will not do Michael any good either.

    Still love ya!

  25. I've wrestled with this for a long time privately. We all want Michel to be alive. Wouldn't that be wonderful? But I agree with another poster Michael would never do that to his children or his mother, or even to us, his real fans! The ambulance took it's time exiting Carolwood due to media and and a tour bus behind, and what the heck, might as well say it, the paramedics knew that MJ had been dead for hours at the hands of Dr. Murray and his henchmen; he was flatlined in the ambulance despite the parmadics having worked on him for over an hour in the home when Murray insisted they do so (to cover rhis butt). I realize stating these things relies on what info the media has fed us, but it has come from too many differing sources not to be believable. And Michael would have needed "help" executing any such hoax death plan; who would have "helped" Michael and not made a million $$ from a book by now? There is so much to be conjectured on this subject but I will end with (and perhaps this is another fabrication), the US Social Security Death Index Interactive Search lists MJ's death date as 6/25/09 with proof (P) being a copy of the death certificate.

  26. Wow...compelling and fascinating!

    The possibility of Michael still being alive just puts a big smile on my face for a change!

    I really enjoyed the Carlotta Chatwood show, how open, respectful and down to earth she is. How very interesting the conversation about Michael's body! Wow, if this is true then Michael prepared to ensure his body would not be viewed (despite LaToya's in-depth interview to the contrary).

    I believe Michael was so secure in his spirituality, his relationship with God that he was able to be open-minded at the same time. I definately believe he could take a concept, even from someone who did not believe in christianity, and make it his own.

    Thank you Bonnie, your closing statement helps to make sense of it all for me. I don't believe that would be his entire reason though, only the beginning - as your story points out.

    Since Michael is/was a man who primarily did for others and with a pure heart, I don't believe he would do this for some of the basically selfish reasons that are talked about...he was fed up, needed to recover etc. Yes, he does need to recover, but I think it goes beyond that.

    If Michael were in fact as tuned in to world events as I suspect he was, then, faking his death...leaving his kids and his family, his fans...would only be temporary and for the greater good, knowing he is of more use alive than dead, which he seemed to know was in the works if he didn't do something.

    There is another way to look at this - he loves his kids too much to allow the madness to continue. A temporary absence, though painful, could be in their best interest.

    con't...won't let me post the whole thing...grrr!

  27. Selfless...not selfish.

    A few things come to mind that could have been preperation:

    He would need cash and I think of the cash that reportedly "disappeared" from his home. He very well could have taken his real will and many of his unpublished songs with him.

    Then the reports of his last two rehearsals being so dynamic come to mind...
    Maybe...just maybe that was truly the last time he was seen...a perfect exit. He was afterall, a genius perfectionist!

    If he did this, when he comes back (which I suspect would be after Sony is out, in 2011) he would be in a prime position to gather people of the world together for a truth session...a call to action to stop the madness, the apathy, to empower people to take back what the corpolitical entities have stripped us of. To stop the tragedy we are headed toward, which is now almost inevitible. He would be doing it for all children and their futures.

    Look at the numbers of people who have awakened and are fighting for him just since his death. Can you imagine how many more...what percentage of the population...would take notice, listen and stand with this man who outmaneuvered all the heavies? His unpublished songs could become his new untethered income that would enable his mission.

    This world desperately needs hope and direction, for people to come together in a common place with respect for differences.

    This 2002 video where a very composed Michael talks about Sony and that he created 100+ songs per album comes to mind. He says, "They never thought that this performer, myself would out-think them."

    And now I return to my own life and family ...with hope and a song in my heart.

  28. Since I posted just above, I've checked out this cousin and don't believe he is Michael's cousin. He might be the cousin or nephew of a former bodyguard. I don't believe him, for whatever my opinions are worth. Please, and I say this with love and compassion for all, I'm old enough to recall Elvis' death, and the hoax theories permeated for years and to some extent still do. This is just a method of dealing with something we don't want to face. If I am proven wrong eventually I apologize to everyone. As much as the rest, I want Michael back. I can't even understand where my feelings on MJ come from. I'm one of those who "discovered" him after his passing, the true man, the legend, the philanthropist, the father, the son. This cousin "Don" is on another Chatwood piece as implicating Katherine in Michael's death! I was so shocked by it. I for one would very much like to keep our eye on the ball here; even being "on the fence" about hoaxes gives some small credence to Murray's claim of innocence. Please don't let that happen. Love to all.

  29. Thanks again, Bonnie, for all the new stuff to listen to/read. I told myself after June 25, 2010 that I was going to put MJ's murder/hoax/accident/whatever in the world happened that day aside. Mainly because of too much computer time. But the intrigue continues and it's too interesting to put aside. I don't do any investigation as you all seem to do, but I do appreciate your efforts.

  30. That is just the family . . . this is aside from what I have dug up on the businesses floating around this whole thing. Especially Colony. Anschutz plunked some money down and funded something for Michael aside from the concerts.

    I am still digging.

    Yes, I do have a problem with people being "out for blood" when we don't even have the facts.

    Murray - I wanted to nail him too and I was outraged when they only charged him with involuntary manslaughter and would not eve cuff the guy! Now? I guess we will see what plays out in August. I surmise either another delay or the "defense" declairs a mistrial because of all the documents (evidence) being released to the public, making a "fair trial" impossible.

    We'll see what happens.

  31. I took my comment out and am reposting it here because Michael's SS# was on it:

    June - Thank you . . . so did I and I posted retraction above and I'm taking myself off his Twitter list. Too foul-mouthed for me. I believe it was Michelekc that mentioned he was a nephew of a bodyguard? Can't confirm that either.

    I understand your concern. Did not hear the Carlotta show about Katherine (did that arise from Joe Jackson's printed comment in the tabloid? who knows).

    Also checked out the Bureau of statistics:

    MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON 29 Aug 1958 25 Jun 2009 (P) 50 (California) (none specified) Indiana xxx-xx-xxxx

    The "P" stands for proof as having viewed the Death Certificate. But I still stand by that document as being illegal as it is signed by a family member and not an official (which is NUTS!)

    June, I have to look at proof on both sides and I will say nothing more about Murray until his trial starts in August. I am on pins and needles about that.

    I also want to point out that regardless of what I find, suspect or believe, it does not detract from what happened to him, that it was wrong, and that it continues. I think most of us know that Sony (indeed the whole music/entertainment industry has done this on one scale or another) did to Michael.

    I believe most of us agree that the will is a fraud and that Branca is no friend of Michael's. The mere fact that he lied about and tried to cover up that 2003 letter in which Michael terminated him is explanation enough of that.

    The autopsy report and it's release to the press is beyond comprehensible. It is graphic, but also misses a lot of detail in relation to Michael's scaring (scalp, facial surgeries, no mention of lupus, etc) and it does not have the correct seal on it. It is not an official autopsy document.

    No viewing after a reported 9 hour dress and makeup session for the body.

    Mortuary Insurance protocol being completely blown out of the water by unlicensed and untrained people supposedly dressing and making up the body. A friend of mine owns a string of mortuaries in Delaware and no one is even allowed in the room where they are preparing the body.

    Not one family member has verbally admitted they have seen Michael's body. Only reports of Latoya crying in the hospital. Joe and Katherine both said they "didn't want to see him that way", yet we are told by (Randy Phillips? Frank DiLeo?) that Michael was kept on a resperator until Katherine got there so she could see him. In her interview on Dateline she said the last time she saw him was a week before he passed . . . she did not see his body.

  32. Did search on SS#, found:

    "But I also read today about Joe Jackson's subpoenas and the reaction of the Estate lawyer. The lawyer was really angry because Mr. Jackson's lawyer put in the subpoenas Michael's social security number (SSN).
    It would be a chance to verify the SSN if we can find the subpoenas."


    "Please keep in mind that they had to use a social security number. And that the Social Security Death Index is based on Death Master File, a database used to prevent fraud so that no one can steal the identity of a dead person, and take out a credit card or a bank loan in a dead person's name. And to enter Death Master File you have to pay for information."

    I did NOT have to pay for the information. His social security number is out there on the open when you search for "Social Security Death Index Interactive Search" on google. The site listing it was:

    Now why would his information be out there like that? Social Security number? Come on!!!

    How can we get copies of the subpoenas? Is that possible?

  33. Interesting . . . two numbers floating out there for Michael: I also found this:

  34. The other social security number reportedly out there for Michael starts with 153. That is a New Jersey issued SS#.

    Guess who lives in New Jersey?

  35. Daeqwon is listed on as an actor/model. Hmmmm....

  36. Bonnie - First of all I thank you for bringing the most intriguing subject for us to discuses. I learn new things every day from your blog, and I have not heard Ayn Rand before and this is a great lesson for me. You should not be resisting to bring up not popular subject because this is one way we learn. I am sure everyone agrees with me.

    That is true now a day everything can be forged. The possibility of Michael faked his death is there too, I don’t blame him a bit. If that is true, who was on that stretcher when the paramedics took the person to the hospital? Was that impersonator?

  37. Bonnie, A family member did not sign the death certificate. Latoya signed as the informant. If he faked his death he would have to be legally dead. A Dr. would have had to sign it either way.

    Latoya, Jermaine, and Frank Dileo all claim to have seen Michael's body at the hospital. Latoya said that she, Paris and Rebbie saw his body at the service the night before the memorial, the wake. I understand his parents not wanting to see him like that. If there was an open casket public memorial there would have been pictures all over the place for years.

    Randy Phillips and Frank Dileo said that the Dr. said they were going to keep him on life support until his mother got there, but not so she could see him. His medical records from UCLA did show they got a little activity in his heart back but they couldn't sustain it but about 10 minuets. That's probably when the Dr. told them that.

    I don't know what it's like in California but when my grandmother died, my mom and my cousin did her hair, make-up, and nails. I don't find it strange that Karen Faye and Michael Bush dressed and made him up. A mortician, I believe was present. Michael Bush said he HELPED place him in the casket.

    I understand you're just searching for the truth, we all are. Please don't get TOO sidetracked by this hoax theory. I can't help but think, IF Michael faked his death it would have been for a serious reason. I don't think he would be leaving clues for the world to see. His enemy's are always watching, it would be to dangerous.

    I also want to share something with you. About three or four weeks ago I was really taking this very hard, I couldn't sleep one night so I just stayed up praying to God, asking Him why or how could this happen, we need more people like Michael in this world. I keep a Bible by my bed and something told me to just pick it up, so I did. I flipped right to this:

    "The good men perish; the godly die before their time and no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to realize that God is taking them away from evil days ahead. For the godly who die shall rest in peace."~ Isaiah 57:1-2

    The next day I was thinking about what I read so I could use it as reference about how God does answer prayers, I couldn't remember the verse. I was a little upset but I picked my Bible up again anyway to see if I could find it. I flipped right to that verse again. I thought maybe there was something sticky on the pages so I closed it but couldn't find it again. This time I remembered the verse.

    With all that said, I do still very much respect your research and views. We have got to stay together on this, no matter what our different thoughts or opinions may be.

    God Bless!

  38. Bonnie, I applaud you for delving into issues which many are too afraid to broach. Like June, I have to say that I have checked out Don Frazier and instantly, I got bad vibes. Cousin or no cousin, the first thing I saw from his page is that he is in the business of making people famous and that alone rings alarm bells for me. The way he speaks seems to indicate that he is also in the business of making himself famous - something which many of those who worked with or knew Michael seem to be inclined towards at the present time.

    Secondly, he says that he 'believes' Michael is alive. Many people 'believe' but I would have prefered to hear that he 'knows' rather than 'believes'.

    Thirdly, if he is Michael's cousin and 'in' on the 'hoax', then he would surely be quiet and not reveal anything.

    I was excited after reading your excellent piece yesterday, but having slept on it, and then having looked at Don Frazier's information and page, I am just very suspicious. We would all love for Michael to be alive, but I fear that Don Frazier alone does not give me any confidence in that possibility.

    Much love and respect to you Bonnie. You are doing fabulous work.

  39. Hi Bonnie, there are so many things that don't add up about June 25 and the autopsy. Nothing is clear cut. Every single thing seems to bring up questions, becomes a puzzle. So we keep searching and researching.

    They say nothing is stranger than truth and we have to keep an open mind about everything but at the same time continue to be aware that there are many side tracks. I think we've all been down some of those. Still they must be investigated until we have explored all the possibilities so we can disregard them or not by the process of elimination. We cannot rely on others to always tell us what is truth. We've found out we definitely can't rely on the media for that. Some things do fall into place easily, some things don't because there is truth mixed with half-truths and lies for whatever reason. So it comes down to logic and reasoning and open discussion helps with this. It is great to hear everyone's views and it's great that someone like yourself is willing to put your thoughts forward on this and other controversial issues for fans and non-fans to think about and discuss. Having said all that, I guess I should put my opinion out there too.

    I haven't read everything there is to read on this subject, I've been looking into other areas, so people who read this should bear that in mind :). At the moment something I'm looking into is a psychic's predictions or two in particular concerning Michael. I mentioned that just so you know how far I go with not discounting anything. I have considered the death hoax theory somewhat and that was some time ago but at that time I personally felt it distracted me from other areas of thought as well as being difficult emotionally. I have listened to and read the links in this blog.

    In general, things just aren't right and haven't been right for a long time. In general, there are things and people (not too many) I believe without a shadow of a doubt, there are people who have been proven to be liars and then there are other things I'm not sure of.

    On this subject being discussed there are issues for and against and there are also hopes and wishes and wants that come into play. I find myself going back to Michael and what I know and believe in my heart and head about him.

    I believe in his genius without a doubt. I more than believe, I know this and I know he was a perfectionist and therefore meticulous. So, I believe if anyone could fake their own death, it would be him and I also believe it would have been something he thought about. I believe too that he would love it being discussed.

    Here comes the "but." In the end I believe in his goodness, his honesty, his strong faith, his strength against all odds, his fight to the end. I believe in his love of life and nature, his love for music and the arts and creativity and his love and concern for humanity, especially the children. I believe he tried as hard as anyone could to equip his own children with independence of thought and a belief in themselves among other things. I believe he knew and trusted that a lot of truths would come out when his time on this earth was through and I believe he knew his true legacy would live forever. And so I believe he would not do it. However, if I'm wrong I would jump for joy.

  40. Hi Bonnie - about the interactive SS death index and the posting of SS numbers. I'm assuming the SS numbers of the decedents are posted for verification by family members as to the true ID of the decedent. I have searched in the SSDI for many of my own deceased family members and the numbers posted have been correct. The Index runs lower numbers for East Coast decedents to higher numbers for the West Coast, so geographically the number posted for Michael appears correct. I do recall DiLeo's interview where he says the three children wanted to see their father after he had passed and he went with them. True or false who knows but I do believe family members did observe Michael after death. As for the part of Carlotta's show where "Don" talks about Katherine, his statement was to the effect that he observed Katherine meeting with Conrad Murray for three hours sometime in the days or weeks prior to Michael's death! I just don't believe this "Don"; he strikes me as someone placing himself in the middle of a tragic situation on the assumption that lends credibility to his statements. Not believable. Someone asked above if the airlifted body was not Michael's, then who was it, to which I would add, if the autopsied body was not Michael, then who was autopsied (unless the entire thing is phony).

    The pictures posted in your subsequent blog, Bonnie, are rather convincing until we take into account that Michael was receiving botox and other treatments from the "good" Dr. Klein in May and June, whereas the pix taken earlier, March and April, showed him appearing more gaunt, this may serve to explain the differences in appearance. I actually thought that he looked very "natural" in TII, although far too thin. However, that doesn't wash away "Michael's eccentric behavior at the presser in March announcing the shows.

    In the end, I agree with Bunnieroe's last paragraph above starting with "here comes the 'but'". Michael would not hoax his death.

  41. I dont think Michael would fake his own death. I know you guys are talking about different selfless reasons as to why he MIGHT of, but I think it still comes down to being selfish, and Michael, as we all know, was not into self gain. There are so many hoax theories out there, and I think if you do dig deep you find reasons and clues and things that make sense, but it doesn't mean it true. I'm not saying everyone here believes in the hoax, and I haven't read each comment posted above, but I just don't see Michael doing this. People still talk about Tupac, Elvis, Biggie, their all apparently still alive? You will always have the death hoax people, and years can go by without Michael ever coming out of this "hoax" and they still believe. Thats great faith, but Im still not sure. Isn't faking your death in America a crime? Can't you get into HUGE trouble for doing this if your caught? I also think your can't fake the grief on a mothers face, all these legal documents with Murray, all the tributes, the magazines, the books, the merchandise, the kids living with no father, Paris's shrine to her father on her wall?

    Maybe im wrong, I'm not sure. It would be surprising though if he did do that.

  42. Hey Bonnie, i just read your comment about the viewing on the body and how it was suspicious that the family hasn't come out and said they've seen it. I was either reading something or watching an interview, and it might of been with Latoya, or another family members, but I remember them saying the kids had asked to see him one last time at the hospital after they were told that he passed. They didn't give details about what went on in the room other then it was very emotional and Paris went up to her dad holding his hand, telling him, "Please, don't leave me like this".

    I pretty sure I heard somewhere that Katherine saw the body, it might of been her in their with the kids, but I haven't done much reading on the subject. Just thought I'd share.

    Also Bonnie, I'm confused, are you just recently entertaining the death hoax idea? Because all through out your blog your write about his murder and the different people who may be involved. This particular blog post threw me for a loop and left me confused. What do you believe?

  43. Firstly I will say with regret that I do believe Michael has passed away. I hope this comment below doesn't come out the wrong way.

    But as someone mentioned, Michael would never fake his death because that would mean he put himself before his children.
    Well the one thing that has struck me is that Michael taking propofol ultimately was putting himself before his children. We are told by C.Lee that he needed to go to the hospital because he was very sick (warm on one side of the body and cold on the other) however he disregarded this, he didn't go to hopsital and kept taking medication.

    I understand that the HUGE amount of stress he was going through could have made him think he had no other choice but to take propofol and that by having a doctor present he would be okay. I do also understand that lack of sleep can be torturous. I just don't understand how knowing how sick he was, he continued on knowing he risked dying and leaving his children behind.

    Does this perhaps mean those who conspired to kill him threatened his family and children? Thus driving Michael to the impossible measures that resulted in his passing away? There are so many theories and twists and turns that can be taken.


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