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Michael Jackson Justice: A Modern Day Public Stoning - By Micheline James

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Modern Day Public Stoning - By Micheline James

A Modern Day Public Stoning
By Micheline James

Michael's "friends" were nowhere to be found when he found himself so alone,..and INNOCENT! Feeling the incredible love and adulation coming from just one audience is something we have seen hundreds of times. This kind of affection is not bestowed on someone who deserved to be shunned by society. Michael was the most beautiful human being in the world, and the vulgar and psychotic media machine knew it all along.

The dredges and scum of Hollywood have many friends. It's easier for society and the media to embrace a lower standard of behavior than to embrace the level of Michael's greatness. It's a form of "reverse projection" by painting Michael as sinister, when in reality those who judged him did so from a very dark place in their own psyche. We witnessed the most horrific example of what the politics of personal destruction can do do a precious life. To have lost the greatest ambassador of global love and healing to this kind of pornographic feeding frenzy is beyond comprehension. Yes, what the media did to Michael was journalistic pornography!

Michael's beautiful soul held up the ultimate mirror to society, and the souls looking into that mirror have a lot to answer for. I have people telling me that I need to move on from Michael's death. But his death alone is not where this agony comes from. It's the agony of not being able to right the horrible wrong that human nature played in taking his life. In death you can't stop nature from taking its natural course. But "human nature" in modern "civilized" society is conscious and voluntary - and in that regard, Michael's death could have been avoided. His was a death by "stoning" of another kind. I cannot move on from this knowing our sweet angel will never see another sunrise or sunset. If there is a letter still left inside me to write, I will write it...for as long as it takes.


  1. I have seen and heard some things about Michael that still bother me.

    1. Michael had a Messiah Complex

    Here is the Link for You Tube.


    Brits 1996:

    Jarvis Cocker from the British rock band Pulp invades the stage during Michael Jacksons performance of "Earth Song".

    According to Cocker, he didn't make physical contact with anyone. However, he was arrested later that night.

    Jarvis said in an interview, that pretending to have the power of healing is "just wrong".

    Here is the Link to that interview.!v=4d8a4...


    2. Michael's Fans Worship him like a God!

    3. Michael LETS his Fans Worship him like a God!

    This may have been a turn-off to the Media and perhaphs one of the reasons Michael was abused by the press.

    Perhaps they wanted to bring him down a notch because that's what he needed.

    While he gave to many charities in secret....he still allowed the world to worship him like Jesus
    and that's what bothered a lot of people.

    If you're going to be humble...Be Humble!

    How can standing on a stage, dressed all in white with your arms out and having people kneel before you lay hands on them.....including The Pope! .........

    How can that be.....Being Humble?

    Is this not A Messiah Complex?

  2. I understand, he ALWAYS gave Thanks to God for everything! He gave thanks in all his interviews as well!

    But then he goes on stage and gives a performance like the one at the 1996 Brit Awards
    and I am completely baffeled!!

    Surely he must have known his fans are not only Honoring him...they are Worshipping him.

    Why did he set himself up like this?

    I just wish he hadn't gone this far.

  3. Josie - Michael always said to be Godlike; he never thought he was God. He spoke of peace and love, as did Jesus. His fans weren't worshipping Michael, they were reveleng in his own joy of bringing hope and peace to millions of people. The only part of your comment that is somewhat correct is that the corporate world was always trying to bring him down but, in my opinion, he did nothing to deserve that. His mission in life was to uplift people of all races and better the world in which we all live.

  4. Josie - I didn't know what you meant until I saw the video. This is "Earth Song".. Did you ever see the video? He couldn't do all that at this awards show (showing God renewing everything that man did wrong). I don't know if he was pretending to be Jesus in this performance or not. Should I be shocked? Not really. Mel Gibson made a movie and the man playing Jesus wasn't really Jesus. The "Jesus of Nazareth" movie didn't have the real Jesus in it, so if Michael was trying to portray Jesus as the only power that could heal the earth and it's people, I wouldn't consider that shocking.

    What I think might through people off though, is that there is no warning that he is doing this and people will interpret it the wrong way if they have not seen the video.

    Michael has been criticized for just about everything under the sun in the press, by reporters and journalists . . . acting like "Jesus" is not one of the worst things someone could do. I've seen Michael's interviews and I know that Michael does not believe he is Jesus. But if you don't know Michael, yes, this would definitely put some people off.

  5. June...thank you for posting what I was just about to say, and you said it beautifully! People need to stop checking their common sense at the door before expressing an opinion, because their ignorance is really showing! It's time to stop dealing in half truths, third hand information and relying on the tabloid hacks, whose only priority is to ask, "will this ignite another juicy chapter in the never ending LIE about Michael Jackson?"

  6. Hi Micheline! No problems posting tonight. I did fix the error. I thought it truncated the title, but it didn't. And I fixed your last name too. Talk to you tomorrow.

  7. Bonnie,
    I saw the Earth Song video and I still never got the connection. But what you said does make sense. Perhaphs he was Playing Jesus.

    Only he should have let people know this before hand. I was shocked when I saw it and I don't consider myself stupid!

    But there are also the 9 Statues he had made of his own image and then shipped them to 9 different countries to promote his History album!

    Along with the Video of him marching with all those soilders!

    I love performances and theater as well as the next person but, this was over the top, to me!

    It really turned me off on anything Michael Jackson!

    I can understand why so many people thought Michael was Narcisistic. (sorry about the spelling)

    After seeing him play Jesus (IF that's what he was doing) combined with the 9 Statues and Video for the History album....I truely thought Michael went off the deep end.

    Like I said, No Judgement Here.

    But, In My Honest Opinion, I think he went too far.

    And I think it backfired on him.

  8. If he had done these things in his Live Concerts or on Broadway, then it would not have been so easily misunderstood.

    And I don't think the Media would have attacked him. They would Know it's a SHOW!

    I'm talking about the Media in the context of The Messiah Complex. Nothing else.

    Because as far as anything else, Michael did nothing wrong and the media had a field day with him.

    But here, I feel he set himself up, and the poor guy probably didn't even realize it!

    But to do all this at an Award Show and just to promote an's Out Of Place.

    (IMHO and evidently, to many others as well).

    UNLESS......He Really DID have a Messiah Complex

    Again, No Judgement Here.

    But Michael was Human.

    I don't see how any human being can have THAT MUCH Adulation and not be affected by it.

    So I'm left with 1 of 2 choices here.

    1. Michael had a Messiah Complex.


    2. Michael Innocently got carried away as an

    Only God Knows The Heart!

  9. He was so creative, everything what he did was art. Art has all kind of manifestations, particularly modern art.
    Honestly I think that people who critisize his work this way is because they/you don't know him and also don't understand. I'm sorry but this is so obvious for me.

  10. First of all, I am not Critizing anyone here.

    I am sharing my perceptions and opinions. We are all human but we don't all think alike.

    My statements are in no way meant to end with a Right or Wrong / Good or Bad conclusion.

    They are simply my observations.

    No More....No Less.

    I've seen many Preacher who fall into this trap of a Messiah Complex.

    It can happen to anyone under the right conditions.

    It's NOT Premeditated.

  11. But he also could have just been expressing his love for the World in his Artistic way.

    Only God Know The Heart.

  12. Or maybe he was expressing how the endless unjust persecution made him feel. Perhaps at that moment he felt a oneness with God that most of us can only dream of.

    Michael was a very spiritual being. I believe he was of a higher consciousness than most.

    I don't think Michael pretended to have healing power. From different things I have read it sounds like he HAD it. We all have abilities we don't know how to tap into. I think he either knew how or the ability was yet another gift.

    "I believe we are powerful, but we don't use our minds to full capacity."
    - Moonwalk 1988

  13. Bonnie,

    Thank you for your beautiful blog for explaining the cruelty of humanity at large. I believe there are only less than 10 percent of the world population truly awaken to our purpose in this life and live accordingly, and one of them is Michael Jackson. You explained his beauty eloquently. Since the majority of the population always come from the dark side, they are unable to see when they see God like personalities even those people standing next to them let alone to know them through their work they exhibit for the world. I am by no means saying I am a true awaken being, but, thanks to Michael, I work hard each day to follow what Jesus thought us how to live our lives.

    Josie, I am sorry to say this and it seems like you really do not know Michael in depth. Michael is an artist. He expresses his artistic ability in a form of short movies and lyrics to fulfill his mission, which is spreading God’s love for us and our planet. He always says it is God’s work not his. For you to somehow believe that he might wants us to worship him like God and you get turned off anything Michael Jackson is a bit disappointing to me. It seems like from your comment I read, you want to condemn that he wants his fans to worship him and in other way you want to recognize what the media had done to him. Your stand is not really clear. You are saying you are not criticizing him, but nothing wrong on criticizing him if you see anything wrong. But your assumption that Michael wants his fans to worship him like God is very much INCORRECT. I have not seen any fans, I am a long time fan, worship him. Love him the way he loved his fans, YES. Worship, NO.

    The Media plan is not to bring him down because he was portraying himself as a Messiah and wants to be worshiped. The medial saw MONEY and RATING by feeding the population who like to hear and read about another person down fall. It seems like you are giving the media a free pass for butchering him all his life as his fault.

  14. Mimi and Josie - I viewed Earth Song a second time to see if in any form I agreed with Josie's assessment of how Michael conducted himself. I agree with Bonnie that a live stage performance of ES does not lend itself to the "recreation" of nature's beauty which is depicted in the video, so Michael had to do something to convey the same message live on stage at the World Music Awards. Josie,I don't know where you would conclude from this performance or anything else MJ did that he had a "Messiah complex". He was God's wounded messenger on earth, I do not believe he had the ability to "heal"; he did have the ability to promote peace, harmony and justice via his gift of music and his charity to mankind. Let's all carry forward his message.

  15. I'm sorry my remarks have been so confusing.

    I thought I expressed myself clearly but I guess I will try again.

    1. I am a fan of Michael Jackson

    2. The Media helped with the conspiracy of a
    Character Assssination.

    3. I know the reason Michael was Murdered was because of his Catalouge and I know Sony was involved. So was the Mob.

    4. The Media wanted to bring Michael down cos that's what they do. They build you up just to bring you down .....all for money. It helps sell Magazines.
    They invent lies to help fuel the fire.

    5. I am against the Media and I don't trust them

    6. I feel Michael had a Messiah Complex because
    He made 9 Statues of himself and shipped them to 9 countries. This to me is a form of Narcisisium and not Art.
    (My statements are only my opinions.)

    And my opinion is Michael went to far. As much as I love the man, I think he went too far.

    9 Statues of your image to promote an album is a cry for attention.

    A need for attention.
    It's just too much....again IN MY OPINION!

    Just because I have an opinion and express that opinion DOESN'T MAKE IT SO!

    It's just how I see things. Okay?

    I think what Michael did at the Award Show was inappropriate.

    I think it would have been better recieved in a Broadway Production.

    Again, my opinion only.

    The Media had a field day when Michael did these things. I felt Michael set himself up without realizing it.

    I think any human being who gets as much adulation as Michael did...on a World Wide Scale, would become narcisistic because it's our Human Nature. It's part of the Human Condtion.

    We get puffed up with Pride.

    This does not mean Michael had a bad soul. It means he was Human.

    I think if ANYONE walked in Michael's shoes, they would have done the same thing!

    Myself included!

    You start thinking you are God Like and before you know it, people are worshipping you and you like it.

    It's the Human Condition.

    I don't see anything Artist in having 9 Statues of your Image built, and then placed in 9 Countries.

    And the Video he made to accompany these Statues was yet another way of glorifing himself as a God.

    I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, it's just the way I see it.

    It's okay if we don't agree on this subject.

    I am not pushing my views on anyone here.

    I am merely expressing my opinion.

  16. I hope this clears up the confusion.

    If not.....then I am sorry.

    I don't know how to make it any clearer.

  17. have repeated yourself so many times that I have to wonder why you are unable to get your point across the first time! You seem stuck in the groove when it comes to Michael's nine statues that he shipped to nine countries as being a sign of narcissism and a Messiah complex. Well, there is a much better explanation for it. It's called absolute genius in marketing! Everything Michael did and created was over the top, and that is precisely what made him the most spectacular artist the world has ever known. PERIOD!

  18. Micheline,
    I agree with you 100%. It was indeed a Genius Marketing Strategy!

    I say it as a way of letting the world know he was willing to lead them into World Wide Peace.

    I saw it as his way of Marketing himself as the next Messiah.

    It seems to have worked, cos I know plenty of people who Idolize him to this day.

  19. Josie,

    The 9 statues you are talking about were simply for promotional purpose. And it worked very well and made the album number one.

    You said “the statues was yet another way of glorifying himself as a God” is a media propaganda. The way you are explaining the statues in your comments is the some way what the media written in some publications I just read , and you are really echoing what you read and believe to be ture.

    If Michael thinking he is God, that means he is against what he stood for, a child of God with a mission to help the wounded souls in this planet. We live in a “Free” world and believe in what ever you think is true. Our main mission should be to keep his legacy alive and spread LOVE to all, as he always wishes us to do. “I can't do it by myself. It's gonna to take somebody's help”. MJ.

  20. Mesrak (Mimi)

    You made a good point here!

    If Michael thought he was a God, he would be going against what he stood for.

    That ONE statement really helps to clearify things!

    It's easy to misunderstand Spiritual things because they are a matter of one's Heart.

    We as Humans can't always read a person's Heart.

    I hope you are right about this. That Michael never thought of himself as a God. I really do.

    Thank You so much for your comments.

  21. "I really believe that God chooses people to do certain things, the way Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci or Mozart or Muhammad Ali or Martin Luther King is chosen. And that is their mission to do that thing. And I think that I haven't scratched the surface yet of what my real purpose is for being here."

    ~ Michael Jackson, Ebony/Jet Interview 2002

  22. Wow. What just happened? I go away for one day and I lose control of my blog?

    Josie, Michael did not have a Messiah complex, but you did give a very good topic for my next blog. The adulation Michael was matched step for step with the ridicule he lived with for most of his career. All you have to do is watch one interview with Michael to know how far he was from a "Messiah Complex". Michael was about as humble as they come.

    Statues of himself to promote an album . . . well, I know LOTS of people who have statues and monuments of themselves in different cities across the world. My great grandfather is one of them! He didn't think he was a god. His name is on the Peach Bottom Dam. He christened the Conowingo Dam (he figured out engineering problems in both of them).

    If it weren't for the child molestation charges, we may never have known about or seen the videos of Michael visiting hospitals of sick children, orphanages, organizations of disadvantaged children and the Neverland weekends for those children. None of this was publicized because Michael wasn't interested in the publicity.

    His camera man came with him and took videos for Michael's personal collection, so he would never forget these children. These videos suddenly became his defense when he was facing years in prison for false allegations. That is the only reason we have been blessed with being able to see this side of him. That does not sound like a Messiah complex to me. That sounds like someone who took what the Bible said literally . . ..

    Your rewards are not on this earth.

    And Truthbtold2all - that is one of my favorite quotes of Michael's. Thank you for sharing it again here.

    Josie, your opinion is valuable on here. I don't want you to feel picked on for having an opinion. I just want you to realize that when we see performances by Michael, they are just that . . . performances. It doesn't matter if it is at the Grand Ole Opry, Broadway or at an awards show. It is a performance and it is an interpretation of a message an artist wants to get out to his audience.

    I wish more artists would be "God-like" in their hearts and in their art. I really do. We need that so much! How can we criticize someone who had the courage to do that, with the ridicule that man received as a result?

  23. Bonnie,
    Your Great Grandfather sounds like he was a really cool guy! I find Engineers Fascinating!

    Don't worry Bonnie, I don't feel picked on. I appreciate everyone's comments. It helps me to get a broader perspective.

    And Michael Jackson was a Fantastic Performer....


  24. Thank you Bonnie, your explanation is immense as usual. I couldn’t have put it beautifully as you did.

    Love to all of you.

  25. Bonnie,

    Did you hear Maya Angelou recited “we had him” poem she wrote for Michael?

    I just want to share. Here is the link.

  26. Mimi,
    I heard Maya recite her poem "We Had Him"
    and it was Beautiful.

    Mimi, don't short-change yourself.

    I think you, (like Bonnie) also have a way with words.
    I appreciate your comments Mimi, as I do Bonnie's.


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