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Michael Jackson Justice: Sony Patent Denied on Stolen Technology

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sony Patent Denied on Stolen Technology

July 6, 2010 – Sony Patent Denied on Stolen Technology

While Weitzman is raiding the estates of pop and rock stars with California Judge’s blessings and Branca is having people re-write the history the years 2005 – 2009, Sony is embarking on their own form of embezzlement in the form of stolen proprietary information.

I heard about it first on the Industry Whistleblower, contributed by a friend.

I did some searches and found the story here on massive Shareholder which had a link to the original SEC complaint here. On the google docs link you can read the complaint along with links to patent information.

Copy of the agreement here.

This is a potentially explosive situation that involves the shareholders of several multi-national corporations.

It goes on to say,

“It is imperative for the SEC to note that after the Signed Licensing and Service Agreement, Iviewit opened a California Office inside a Warner Bros. building, in order to take over encoding operations for their online content, and more. Iviewit began billing according to the Licensing and Service agreement. Please note the language in the Licensing and Service agreement pertaining to the Proprietary nature and Confidentiality of the Iviewit inventions.

Suddenly, after the agreements were signed and operations were underway, Wayne M. Smith ~ Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel at Warner Bros. began seeking a re-review of Proskauer Partner Kenneth Rubenstein’s (“Rubenstein”) prior patent opinions regarding the Iviewit inventions to Warner Bros. employees. Smith then claimed to Colter that he found problems while reviewing Rubenstein’s opinion with the patents on file at the US Patent Office[6]. At this point, allegedly, a coordinated conspiratorial effort between Smith, Rubenstein and others began to derail the already signed Iviewit agreements with Warner Bros et al."

“Allegedly, former “Acting CEO” of Iviewit, P. Stephen Lamont, (a referral emanating from AOL’s Leonsis) Smith and Rubenstein then worked to derail the Licensing and Service Agreement. Warner Bros. then further attempted to deny the existence of this BINDING CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION as further evidenced in letters exhibited herein, whereby the Signed and Binding agreement is wholly denied. The amount owed in service fees since the signing of the contracts would be an enormous amount over the almost 10 years of use and where Warner Bros et al. have never notified Iviewit they were cancelling such contract, it may still be considered effective. Yet, it would difficult to cancel what one tries to deny the existence of and perhaps the reason no cancellation was formally completed.”

At the cruxt of this complaint, “May 25, 2001 Letters to and from Douglas Chey (“Chey”), Senior Vice President of Technology for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment and Divisional CIO, Motion Pictures and Television Productions of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Chey, formerly with Warner Bros. was working with Iviewit at Sony (also under Signed Agreements) together with Warner to do a Five Studio Movie Download Project, Movielink, where the Iviewit inventions were to be the backbone enabling technologies to make digital download and streaming possible as a commercial endeavor. Since that time, Warner Bros et al. and Sony have both done similar digital downloading projects, in violation of Signed Agreements with Iviewit.”

Mr. Chey was the former CEO of Sony Pictures.

“The SEC should also begin FORMAL INVESTIGATION of Sony’s involvement in these matters. Similar calls to those described herein to Warner Bros et al. for sound business discussions to attempt to alleviate shareholder liabilities have gone wholly ignored by Sony’s In House Counsel, Executives and Auditors. I will be filing a more formal complaint shortly with the SEC but this should not delay immediate investigation by the SEC, in order to preclude Massive Liabilities to Shareholders of Sony. The SEC and all other investigators and committees addressed herein, can take this Formal Complaint additionally as a FORMAL COMPLAINT AGAINST SONY."

These are the kind of people that surrounded Michael Jackson. Sony, Warner et. al. think nothing of defrauding their shareholders out of billions of dollars. The billions Michael was worth? No problem!

Fans of Michael Jackson! You condone this behavior every time you purchase a Sony produced Michael Jackson CD, licensed merchandise or book, DVD or action figure (Do they still have Michael action figures?)

Money talks . . . you-know-what walks! Stop feeding the machine!

Interesting and familiar - “Based on new information since that time, it is alleged that Rubenstein, Lamont, Leonsis and Smith operated together to sabotage Iviewit/Warner Bros et al. relations and others, purposefully to breach the prior signed licensing agreements and avoid paying the royalties owed to the Iviewit companies, using the old “good guy / bad guy” routine.”

Yes, Michael has been all over this road! Mottola, Branca, Malnik, Konitzer, Wisner, the unnamed attorneys and fired business managers that conspired to drive him into bankruptcy . . . This is the way Sony practices business!

Interesting to note that the upper echelon (officers) of both Sony Corp and Warner bros. have been listed as being attendees at Bilderberger meetings AND are members of the Trilateral Commission.

I am not mentioning this as part of a global conspiracy theory, but to draw attention to the reason things like this get so little press attention. Most of your big 8 media outlets are corporate owned by a couple of individuals, of which also belong to these groups or attend these meetings. Time-Warner is one of them, New York Times is another, New York Daily News, all the way down to the Children’s Television Workshop and Seseme street. Wallstreet Journal, National Public Radio, ABC, CBS, CNN, New Yorker Magazine, Newsday Corp, Newsweek, Time Magazine, NBC, PBS etc . . . all members and invitees to meetings.

They’re buddies. If one of their corporate buddies want something suppressed in the news, it gets suppressed.

Michael Jackson? No problem. Besides . . . the damage has already been done, hasn’t it?

A multi-trillion dollar swindle is about to take place. Let’s see how fast the SEC acts on it.

Chances are, it won’t. Because the SEC is a government agency. They will find another “Murray Fall Guy” make a big deal and the trillions will still be lost and stockholders will never see their money.

I am begging for your help. Do not fund Sony. Do not fund Branca or Weitzman.

Keep an eye on this one, people. And watch what the press feeds you.

“ Paper-twisted, ruthless lies…In a mirage of doubt….” Bonnie Cox © Feathers on the Wind


  1. You know God has a Law that states "You reap what you sow."

    If these "Rotten Crooks" don't get caught in the Michael Jackson Murder.....they will get caught in one of their OTHER Schemes!

    Or they will wind up turning on each other!

    It may take a while, but from what you posted here Bonnie, it sounds like Sony will one day hang themselves!

  2. Bonnie,

    Your blog is working fine tonight!

    Sorry about all my posts yesterday.

    Next time I will know better.

  3. As for Michael being GAY.....LOL!

    Give me a break!

    I've gone over tons of MJ's interviews, starting
    from the 70's and the guy was Normal.

    His body language, his facial expressions, his sincerity and everything else...all stayed consistently "The Same" from 1970 til the day he died!

    There is No Way MJ was anything but Normal!

  4. Bonnie,

    I wonder if MJ had any idea just how DEEP the Corruption of Sony is?

    I myself, never would have guessed what you have found and stated in this blog!

    It boggles my mind to think about it!

    So many schemes and so many people involved in those schemes!

    I can't imagine how these Crooks are able to keep track of each other!

    I wonder how they can even Trust each other?!!

    Thanks for all your hard work, Bonnie.

    This whole thing is Amazing to me! Sick!.......

    but Amazing, too.

  5. To be honest, the corporate world, for the most part (there are exceptions) is one big monopoly with nothing but the goal of "ruling the world" (have all the world's money and lots of power). They are all connected (take a look at one big company, ex. Time Warner and do some research on how many companies are under them--you may be surprised). Most companies are owned by another company. Look at the dying "Mom and Pop" store market.

    I was watching a video last night with Stevie Wonder, Prince (Nelson) and Shelia E.--all jamming on stage. Michael should have been there. I know a lot about Prince--I was (and still guess I am) a MASSIVE fan. My world revolved around Prince since I was 11 years old. He has his financial ups and downs but no one's woes compared to Michael's woes. People always call Michael a recluse. Wrong. Prince is the recluses and a bit of a control-freak--but I think this helped protect him from any serious downfall even though his above ground career has waned (his underground is still superb). People preyed on Michael's gullibility and, in a way, his loneliness. He wanted friends--he cared about these people but they did not care about him. It does not take much to see in interviews how Michael was often child-like. I am not saying he was stupid, quite the contrary, but he was easily manipulated and many times he said the wrong things. If you are a mouse, you cannot go say to a snake "please, don't eat me, I just want to be your friend". The snake slithers, "shhhhuuurre" then eats the mouse. Michael was the mouse, of course. Especially in the last few years of his life, Michael's life revolved around law suits--not his music, his art, his career or even his life. He was constantly being sued because he was constantly being played--he was the world's largest financial mess, or more over, pawn (maybe not the world's largest) but once he got hit, and the more scumbags came to try to extort money from him, the more people, including Michael and others, got screwed. I am sure even some legit business people for Michael were being screwed by scumbags and who do you blame? Michael in the Middle. Michael was not 500 million dollars in debt from outrageous spending. He bought no new lavish homes or deserted islands. He lived in rented homes and hotels. He was becoming more and more in debt from the players around him. Be it a corporation or an individual, the world is a very greedy place.

  6. Nikki,
    Very Well Said! I agree 100%!

  7. Nikki - Michael was in debt from law suits and attorneys outrageous fees. People who purported to be his friends filed lawsuits against him. In his loving, trusting ways, he was such an easy target, rest his soul. He took on the giants, thought he was on top of things, but alas no, the snakes always win. From 2005 to 2009 he was manipulated in every possible way, in my opinion, from Sony and Colony Capital, to AEG and Phillips, to those purportedly close to him, Thome, Rowe, Wiezner, Schaffel, so many others. In my opinion, Michael should have stayed at Neverland after the acquittal, despite his brother's "friends" in Saudi Arabia who offered Michael and his children a "home", and despite Sneddon's statement after acquittal that he was not yet done with Michael Jackson. Sneddon's persecution of Michael was the lynchpin that put Michael in his weakened physical, emotional and financial state, which allowed all the other above named vultures, ready and waiting, to swoop in for the kill.

  8. And I also want to say, where were his entertainment industry fiends during the period from 2003 through 2009? With few exceptions, nowhere to be found. MJ's attorney Mesereau commented more than once that very few would come forward on his behalf. Afraid for their own careers and fortunes? Their time will come if they don't join together against the entertainment company giants that robbed Michael and others. These entertainment "friends" have spoken so eloquently of Michael since his death. So just where were they in the last four years of his life when he truly needed them? Too damned late now folks!

  9. Nikki,
    Michael didn't stand a chance concerning his finances. He was out numbered. Anyone else in that position would have wound up in debut as well!

    Michael was only 1 person and 1 person can't handle Everything!

    I'm sure if Donald Trump was surrounded by Crooks, he too would be in debut.

    Every where Michael turned....someone was cheating him. And we as humans.....have to trust someone...somewhere....sometime. Ya Know?

    I disagree with the Neverland thing. I think Michael was Smart to leave the country. He knew they were trying too hard to kill him.

    He was safer out of the country. I just wish he never came back to the USA.

    I think he might have stood a better chance of surviving had he stayed out of the USA.

  10. June,
    My comment was meant for you not Nikki.

    Also, as far as Michael having friends in the entertainment field not supporting him......that was because they were afraid.

    I believe they were afraid for their lives. Not just their careers and money.

    They all know you don't mess with the mob!

    If they had supported Michael during his War with Sony and his Trial.......I believe there would have been many threats made to their family and friends.

    I don't know how to fight the mob and I don't think the other artists know how, either.

    That's why they stayed away. They were all afraid for their lives and the lives of their family and friend, if they got involved.

    It's not an excuse.....but it is an explaination.

    Whenever I put myself in their place, I think I would have Chickened Out too!

    Like I said before......I don't KNOW HOW to fight the mob!

    .....Do You?

  11. You're getting there Bonnie. Do you think Sony Corp. in and of itself is powerful enough to bury evidence, control investigations, judges, LAPD, DA's offices, the media, the SEC etc etc...or could it be that Sony and so many others are fingers of a more powerful entity?

    Bilderberger & Trilateral you're beginning to get to the root of who. (And I bet those same names could also be connected to the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.) But do you know why they had been trying to destroy Michael for so many years? I have come to believe it's because Michael had a powerful positive influence and he was on the brink of possibly blowing it wide open by bringing people together for a common cause while exposing the evil. Being rooted in love, peace, healing, truth and everything good, he could easily have created a great awakening through his talents and altered the so many that have gone before him. He is one in a string of famous and not so famous people who came very close and were assassinated.

    These people own the world's money, they don't need more. But, they will strip whatever is necessary to prevent an "unauthorized" leader of The People.


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