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Michael Jackson Justice: Staying on the Path and Watching the Trip Wires

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Staying on the Path and Watching the Trip Wires

July 21, 2010 – Staying on the Path and Watching the Trip Wires

In the last couple of days we’ve had some unexpected excitement here due to a blog update I wrote which originally was about J. Randy Taraborrelli, his book and his article about Michael. Sometimes when you expose these things, the rumble is hardly noticeable. Tabloids don’t care, they’ve got other stories to cover.

However, when a person’s whole career is made off of one person, and you expose some things in research, they are going to be on the attack. It is their bread and butter.

For the record, Taraborrelli has not, to my knowledge, attacked me here on this blog save for the one and only post he made. I have been informed of posts attacking me in other forums, but I don’t visit those forums and I don’t care to respond.

Charles Thomson however, surprised me. If this is the way professional journalists act, I count myself lucky not to be a member.

My blog is mine. I can write whatever I want on it and I do not write to arbitrarily attack people. What I write I have researched. If I find later that I was wrong, I will put it up there. What really breeches my trust is when a young blogger/journalist who I BELIEVE is an advocate for Michael and who’s blog, aside from issues of drug abuse and a couple other disagreements, I SUPPORTED, acts like this, it raises more questions than it does resolve him.

The retraction has been retracted.

Charles Thomson makes his living off of entertainers. I do not. If he did not want his involvement with "LowlyNewshound" exposed, all he had to do was write me and talk to me POLITELY. I don’t respond well to obscenity laden threats.

I DO thank Mr. Thomson for taking down that awful blog. It’s gone, so if nothing else was accomplished, I am happy about that.

I do not condone, nor did I take part in any Twitter or FB attacks on Charles. I did have to block him from my FB page, email server, as well as several others he sent my way. I have not visited any groups that people have sent me in which he has bashed me. I have no interest in entertaining his temper tantrums.

The Lowlynewshound was started in March of 2008. The last post was September of 2009. It was a blog that had not been updated since then. I don’t know what Thomson’s motivations were with “Lowly". I don’t know why he wrote the blog, and I don’t know why he could be so nasty to Michael Jackson in one blog and turn around and defend him in another. All I know is that he did.

When Thomson demanded that I prove it was him, he removed the blog and the twitter account. Then proceeded to carpet-bomb me with emails and facebook messages gloating over the fact that the proof was now gone. Well, it is not gone. “Cached

On Profile it says:

“The candid diary of an intrepid freelance reporter”

“A fledgling freelance reporter, the Lowly Newshound encounters censorship and uncooperativeness in all aspects of day to day reporting. The Newshound will use this blog to publish information that is being withheld from the general public, particularly by jumped up local authorities. The Newshound also has a hand in celebrity journalism and will, from time to time, post gossipy tidbits or in-depth reports into the secret lives of stars.”

Email Addess:

Charles Thompson Blog

Notice Title on the typewriter atop the blog:

“Diary of a Fledgling Reporter”

On Profile:

“Charles Thomson is an Essex based freelance writer. A black music specialist, Charles has contributed to magazines including MOJO and Wax Poetics, as well as editing his own magazine, JIVE. An authority on soul and funk music, Charles appeared on the BBC's 'Electric Proms Round-Up' in 2006, where he was seen speaking to James Brown. Charles has since worked for The Sun as a Michael Jackson expert and was interviewed by Sky News, BBC News 24 and BBC World Service on the night of the star's death. Charles can be contacted via his website,”

Blogs he follows. Does this look familiar?

Blogs I Follow


By Ken Levine

Cigarettes & Deliverance

Crazy Cool Music

mattcunt's style & beauty blog

. . . and most interestingly,

Michael Jackson Justice which is MY blog and (drum roll please)

The candid diary of an intrepid freelance reporter

Aside from the fact that Charles follows a blog he claims to know nothing about, and aside from the fact that they both use the same title on their blogs and the fact the blog just happened to disappear when Charles discovered my blog about the Lowlynewshound, and the fact both blogs have the same list of followers (except mine because my blog wasn’t in existence until January of this year), I guess it’s safe to say that Charles has an alien clone that has copied him for the sole purpose of having a new blogger blame him for writing two blogs for no apparent reason.

There is much less evidence of the things he claims Michael Jackson has done on either blog he wrote, then the evidence I have put up on this page.

Charles Thomson is currently writing about what the press has done to Michael Jackson. Charles Thomson is that press. While his current articles advocate for Michael against the press, his insistence that Michael was a drug addict directly conflicts with the autopsy report and first hand accounts by FRIENDS of Michael Jackson.

A lie is a lie, whether it is candy wrapped by the truth or not. And any “reporter” calling a woman a “C” word in public and kicking and screaming on the proverbial floor of the blogosphere supermarket should be in drama class . . . not working for the press.

I have not talked to, attacked or responded to Charles’s temper tantrums, cursing, threats or bullying. I have copied everything he has sent me, with email headers, twitters time and dates, posts and comments. What has transpired since Monday is just beyond my ability to describe.

It’s sad. I used to be behind his blog, even if I didn’t agree with everything I was happy to see someone taking the press to task. This betrayal is tantamount to what Michael Jackson has had to put up with his whole life. It’s these lies that we are fighting, aren’t we?

And the bigger the stake in the lie, the harder they will fight. If I was Charles mother (and I’m old enough to be) he’d be in the corner for a really long time.

Well Michael? The blog in question is gone. Rejoice. Now if we can just convince him that you weren’t a drug addict.


  1. Now if only the truth can shut up that other bone-picking vulture, Taraborrell. Great unintended job. One Love.

  2. Charles Thomson is a very fake person.
    He wrote an arcticle on the shame for the media behaviour. Maybe he thought about himself in writing it.

  3. WOW! Kudos to You, Bonnie!

    You're......... "The Intrepid One!"

  4. Since Mr. Thomson (or whatever his name is) might be reading this blog, this is my open message to him:

    Enough is enough. CT, go home. The whole world is against you. Writing ONE decent article about Michael (five years too late, by the way) isn't enough to buy our respect when you shamelessly call him "a drug addict" and draw your sources from Sony and AEG.

    It looks like upon criticism, you deactivated your FB account, your Twitter account AND your blog. Poor 'Charlie'! Be 'proud' of your non-existent b****. My six-year-old sister is more courageous.

    Bonnie, I'm 100% with you girl. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you so much Bonnie for another great read! Your calm and mature responses set a good example, and one that I would hope people learn from. Nothing is learned from insults.

    And there it is - the very details that were upsetting and distressing to Michael and his fans for years in Sun and Sky articles etc., most likely included some s***-stirrers by Charlie himself. If you think about it, he hasn't contributed anything of value to Michael or his fans. The trial '05 blog (the one-hit-wonder) was nothing new. It was just a front.

    I feel sorry for someone who can spend so much time studying and writing about Michael and his fans, and hasn't learned one thing about what Michael is all about.

  6. Bonnie, I quit my share in our fight thanks to "fans" who contributed nothing but dare criticize & trivialize my work. I would like to see them do better! You will see them tweet "justice for Michael" but not too many of those have their heart in the right place. I am tired of being the bad guy for calling out someone else's hidden agenda. Notice how there has been so little support for you when it counted? wen you look back, you see few standing by when all said they would!!! I even saw people in MY list tweet support msgs to Mr Thomson. TEDDY from previous Thomson post is gatorgirl (nikki) on twitter.

    As far as Mr Thomson. He is %100 the owner of LowlyNewsHound though he doesn't have guts to say so. Check his CV:

    "In March 2009 I was the ONLY journalist in the UK to be tipped off about Michael Jackson's arrival when he flew to London to announce his comeback concerts"

    Now trace that to LowlyNewsHound blog entry of:

    TUESDAY, 3 MARCH 2009
    Jackson's London arrival is imminent...
    A trusted inside source contacted the Newshound this morning to say that Michael Jackson will touch down at a private airport in Luton at 14.20 today. He will stay at the Lanesborough Hotel, Park Lane. A press conference is tentatively scheduled for Thursday"

    Here's from his CV again
    "Yellow Advertiser (2007 – 2008)
    While working at the Yellow Advertiser I was required to identify, research and produce stories for newspapers in BASILDON...."

    Trace that back to LowlyNewsHound blog:

    Do you see his posts re: Basildon?

    My frustration is NOT only with Charles Thomson, a two faced wanna be journalist who bashed Michael with a sercet blog until he got caught but also "FANS" who extend support to this two-faced journalist wannabe!!!! His 1 article on media bias is his cover! He writes on media bias then turn around to call Michael an ADDICT.

    If you are ignorant about the LowlyNewsHound issue then at least don't support him for he continously slanders Michael for being an addict. You are NOT investigating, at least be sensible enough NOT to dount the truth that devoted fans unveil. I will continue to follow your valuable work, Bonnie but beware of "fans", you can count on dllz, seven & Justice4MJJ

    Mr Thomson, figuratively speaking, I wish you had half of balls that Bonnie & I had. You, sir are a phony. - MUZIKfactory2 (Jazeyln from Thomson's blog)

  7. Hey Bonnie, laughed out loud, couldn't help but rejoice! You are so good at what you do and have such guts!

    Here's something else...
    As I recall, some of the non-Michael posts on Lowly were rantings about a local council (gov't) within Essex County that more closely pinpointed Lowly's likely location.

    Ok, did some was Basildon Council and he also mentioned Southend (on Sea) as his next target. (27 Jan. '09 - scroll to bottom)

    Both of these are in southern Essex County, two of largest districts very near to each other. (Scroll to bottom and magnify)

    Charles' location - Southend on Sea in Essex, UK - "Charles has provided the Sun with numerous Jackson splashes... He also supplied information on Jackson's concert rehearsals and drug habits."

  8. Oh sheesh...just takes me too long to finish a post! Didn't mean to repeat.

    Good job MJJ11. Hope you're not giving up?

  9. MJJ11,

    It sounds like you are giving up!

    Is this really happening?!
    Are you taking down your Blog?!!

    I hope not! Don't let them win! Just delete the bad comments and carry on.

    Talk to friends and give yourself a chance to Regroup before going back into the Battlefield!

    You Can Do It, MJJ11!

    Hang Tough!

  10. Great article, Bonnie. Perhaps the reason for Mr. Thomson's 2 faces/blogs is that he can check and see which way the wind is blowing, then use whichever persona fits the bill to cash in with an appropriate article.

  11. Rhoda,
    Now that's "THE BEST" answer I've heard!

    It makes sense and explains both Motive and Benefit.

    Thanks Rhoda!

  12. I checked out Thomson's blog and so far,

    nothing new has been posted since yesterday.

  13. Bonnie (and Josie) - I guess you have left Thomson "speechless"!

  14. June,
    Yes, you could say that.

    I think Thomson is "Bad" and
    totally "Off The Wall!"

  15. Bonnie - I wanna Rock with You! You so totally ROCK \^_^/

    I should listen to my gut feelings more. When I first read Thomson's March 2010 piece on HuffPo my initial reaction was - "why now?" - this is nearly 5 years too late - MJ could have used all the positive Media support possible when he graced this planet.

    So when I read his vitriolic diatribe directed at you last evening - it became crystal clear. As sweet n wise MJ said "the Truth runs marathons"

    Pond scum Thomson and the rest of his bottom-feeding peers are 'floating' to the top as the bright Light of Truth exposes them. His need for 2 different opining blogs - is reflective of his duplicitous nature - the Judas and his 30 pieces of silver. He wants to ensure he always gets paid - so whatsoever it is - whether 'fashionable' to malign MJ - he's the lowly newshound; and when the Light of Truth shines and reveals MJ's purity - Thomson then quickly spins his "I knew it was the truth all along"

    Remain steadfast Bonnie - we have your back! Please always remember - God doesn't like ugly! - so all the MJ haters will eventually turn into dust and blow away.


  16. Josie: Thank you!

    Greeneyes: With all due respect, if someone has 2 blogs with 2 differing viewpoints on the same subject, and that person is also an internationally known published author on that subject, I think that is more than just youthful indiscretion. FWIW, it seems Mr. Thomson is about 24 years old, as his website says he graduated secondary school in 2004. Now it appears it's impossible to check out the articles and draw our own conclusions, since the website has suddenly disappeared.

  17. Rhoda,
    Once again Thank You for your last post!

    You are so right!
    This guy is fast becoming a Veteran of Journalisum.
    He has learned the tricks of the trade, fast!

    He knew what he was doing, he just didn't cover his backside all the way.

    There are Sharks out there for sure!
    And they are out for $$$$$$$$.

    Anyway they can get it!
    Whatever it takes!

    Makes me glad I'm a nobody!

  18. My first response is to greeneyes. It is pointless to come here and try to extol the virtues of Thompson and Taraborrelli on this blog. He lied, and then he went on the attack. That is not "young and inexperienced" that is a behavioral problem. He's going to have to fix that on his own. The proof is there, end of discussion.

    As far as Taraborrelli goes, I have no sympathy for that man. Michael is gone and he is alive. Michael was persecuted and Taraborrelli lived high-on-the-hog on Michael's suffering.'

    BOTH OF THEM have profited off of Michael's persecution! After I respond to you I am deleting your post. The "Love and acceptance" is not my responsibility alone. It would be NICE if you would hold your little heroes to the same standard!

    As far as citing a "discredited book" Taraborrelli's book wasn't exactly a bastion of truth either. When using the standards you yourself describe (Brown's book), that would make Taraborrelli a "hater" too.

    Michael wasn't perfect. Wow. I guess that makes him fair game huh? I have one question . . . why haven't you defended Michael as voraciously as you defend these to bloodsuckers?

  19. Muzik - I am sorry you were attacked by fans in trying to defend me. I did talk to Nikki and from what she told me, she felt you were attacking her. The identity of "Teddy", when I saw his post, I thought belonged to Charles or Taraborrelli. Why do you think it is Nikki? Is there a way to check the ID's of posters on these blogs?

    For the record, you were key in helping me find what I found above, so I hope you are not giving up the fight. I was attacked too and kept going. The truth is your strength.

    In regard to what you said:

    "I will continue to follow your valuable work, Bonnie but beware of "fans", you can count on dllz, seven & Justice4MJJ"

    I have talked to one of these people and know that I have their support even though they did not want the fight on their FB page. I can understand that. I am hesitant to get involved in a battle unless I know the truth and I can investigate the issue.

    Remember, not everyone has the same job/talent/calling in this. Some people are devoted to just getting the truth about Michael out there, some investigate and support the bloggers, and others provide the medium in which to reveal it. Everyone plays a different part.

    Those that want to bash the ones fighting for the truth and putting it out there, I don't know what to say. I have to question why they are in this at all, if not to get to the truth and fight for Michael. I know some are working on books to get published and don't want to ruffle any feathers. This is why everything I do here is completely non-monetized. Integrity gets compromised if you have to get paid for your opinion.

    Please stay in the fight Muzik. The attacks will come. Put on Michael's rhinoceros skin and remember why we are doing this. Love you!!!

  20. Bonnie,
    I checked Thomson's blog today and it is in lockdown.

    At least for me, it is.
    I can no longer post a comment on his blog.
    And it is just as well.

    I tip my hat to your "Discipline" when putting someone in their place.

    I am referring to your post to Greeneyes.

    Even though you're angry; you say what's on your mind in a controlled and mature way.

    That takes Intelligence and Discipline!

    I agree with what you told Greeneyes but, I even MORE, admire....... "THE WAY YOU DID IT!"

    You belong here!

    You have the gift and talent for writing.
    I'm glad you started this blog and you have my respect.

  21. jomc and Mistress - Taraborrelli, I was surprised to see him here. I had to laugh when he accused me of quoting tabloids in the blog two days ago. The only tabloid I quoted was HIS article. Charles will learn. This is only his first bump.

    Josie and Jodi - I had to do a double take when I saw your names together. Thank you girls for your patience while I researched this further. I had to get help from Muzik in finding the "...Newshound" profile cached.

    Sinead - I believe Charles just started working for the Sun recently. He's only 23 or 24 years old I believe. I suspect there is more to this than just a bruised ego. Especially with Taraborrelli involved. I'm building a nice dossier of the two of them in trying to find what I'm looking for.

    Truthbtold - You are right. The blog posts about Michael were not the only similarities and I believe Muzik also pointed some of those out. I can't do this alone! You girls are key in helping expose this stuff. Thank you again!

    Rhoda - I'm not sure why Charles would have the two blogs. I can speculate, but I believe the CharlesThomson blog is not really MJ friendly either. He just had that one article in support of Michael against the press, which I liked. But anyone trivializing Michael's musical and artistic talents, is he insane? Michael's was performing for more years than Charles has been alive! And Charles is going to grade Michael Jackson? Where does Charles get the helium to inflate his ego! Michael could moonwalk his little booty into Neverneverland! Michael's song writing was prolific! Not just lyrics but the musical scores without even reading music . . . He would hear it in his head and sing out each part to each instrument, including the percussion! But I digress! Charles was getting his "Michael Jackson Expertise" from the fan websites and blogs of people who DID THE RESEARCH.

    JOsie, thanks for checking. I'm no longer interested in Charles Blog though. Nothing he posts is of interest to me now. I really and truly hope he gives good thought to what happened and comes back with renewed purpose. If he wants any of my resources and truly wants to advocate for Michael, I would be willing to send him some of my research.

  22. June - I so love that song. Beautiful! That song makes me cry!

    Michele - I had heard Charles was writing about me. I chose not to go look. I figured he was ranting and left it at that. I did get reports of the language used. Kids!

    Rhoda - Thank you for your response to Greeneyes. If they are still posting that kind of propaganda after reading this blog, they are not here for the truth. Her post completely disrgarded information I had posted in the blog, which tells me she did not even read it. Only sent here as a minion to "troll".

  23. Josie - Your comments are a source of strength that keep me focused. It wasn't easy, but if you know you are right, you don't back down.

    I want to let everyone know that if we can, try to refrain from name calling and trust me, I can get angry too. We want to stay above board and not let attacks pull us down to their level using their tactics.

    The proof I posted above. Let's try to leave it at that. I don't want to persecute him, I only wanted the truth out. And I am really humbled by every one's support.


  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I'm with you Bonnie. I'm so upset about this whole story and I discovered today that Muzikfactory2 gave up her fight for justice. I don't know what to think anymore. Fans are so divided. It's unbelievable. Charles... I'm shocked about your revelations too because I thought he was a supporter of Michael but the reality is that you can find backstabbers everywhere. Why he was so angry with you? Because you are right about him. Bonnie I must tell you this. Fans are supporting Thompson in this story, it is sad but it's the reality. Everyone told me that on the forums in which I posted "the conspiracy" and it's very, very sad.

  26. Something else that has been nagging at me...
    Charles completed secondary school in 2004. In England, that is age 16. So yes, he is around 22. How is it that at age 21, while still in college, he obtains such an important exclusive as MJ's arrival for the 02 announcement for The Sun? I have to wonder who he is related/connected to and if he has been groomed for the position he now holds as a (tabloid) "journalist". Undoubtedly he will continue to gain attention and support. It is a worry.

    Josie ~ I hope you are now on board and no longer wavering on the fence because I did read your very recent comments of support for Charles over there before they all disappeared.

    I'm sorry to hear that Muzik has given up and even deleted? her youtube account. Sad loss of a valuable aly.

    Bonnie, I hope you know you have my support.

  27. Excellent article ! Please join us at the MJJJusticeProject
    This is a worldwide petition- please endorse. :)!/profile.php?id=100001310462555&v=wall
    Official facebook.
    site dedicated to stopping Media Bias


  28. Truthbtold2all: I think you asked the pivotal question: how did Mr. Thomson obtain his information on Michael's arrival for the O2 announcements? He must have a very strong connection to someone to do that.

  29. Truthbtold2all,

    Yes, I did post at Thomson's blog
    because I was not sure who to believe.

    I am no longer on the fence.

    I have made my choice.
    Bonnie has won my respect and trust.

    Let's continue to be: Of One Mind and One Accord.

  30. If everything Charles has done so far is true, and by looking at the evidence you've provided it sounds like it is, then that one article he wrote in favor of Michael has gone out the window. That one article no longer counts as something good because he probably didn't write it and really mean it. He said he was hired to be a Michael Jackson expert by The Sun? Or a different tabloid. How can they hire people to be experts on things when they don't even know the person or have been studying him?

    Thats what the media does, they put people in charge of things to write about without that person even knowing them. They don't care about accurate writing when it comes to celebrities, especially Michael Jackson. Charles would have to do what his boss told him and write a nasty story to get sells, ratings, and reviews.

    The fact that he works for a tabloid is bad enough.

  31. Truthbtold - You said:

    "Something else that has been nagging at me...
    Charles completed secondary school in 2004. In England, that is age 16. So yes, he is around 22. How is it that at age 21, while still in college, he obtains such an important exclusive as MJ's arrival for the 02 announcement for The Sun?"

    I am working on that. Something is very wrong. In the March 17, 2008 screenshot of Lowly, I read that as part of his assigment, here, quoted: "Monday, 17 March 2008

    "Blog...there's no dirtier word

    Ugh. That's what I say to blogs! Ughhhhhh!

    But Anyway, That's quite enough of that.

    This is a scurvy job but somebody's got to do it and today that somebody's got to be me. You see, my latest assignment
    requires me to write a blog. Quite why, I do not know, but I suspect it's better this way."

    So I know he was a paid blogger while working Lowly and since he mentions his disdain for blogging in general, can only assume CharlesThomson is also a paid assignment.

    His sources in revealing phone calls between Jackson and DiLeo are heavily suspect. I will have to get back to you on this. He trashes Michael's artistry and reliability and "drug" issues, but defends him in regard to the media only. This has opened a new door of investigation.

  32. Tbtold - Also according to his curriculum vitae, he didn't start working for the Sun until March of 2009, so his "paid" blogging job was not with the sun . . . he was freelance until then.

  33. Since Mr Thomson removed all exposing comments from his blog and disabled commenting, I am writing here since obviously he is a regular follower of Bonnie’s blog and my twitter activities which is nice to know LOL

    Mr Thomson, I might not have yours or Bonnie’s eloquence with words or but I am surgical with sniffing out phonies that lie. YOU, Sir are a lying phony…an amateur journalist-wannabe who bashed Michael via a secret blog admitting to have AEG & Sony sources. I was skeptic at first, then I fact-checked. I noticed you reported events BEFORE they happened. It’s plain to see you indeed were being feed by AEG & Sony “sources” that “leaked” info.

    Your PATHETIC attempt to trivialize the expose is just that…PATHETIC, LAUGHABLE really, I am highly amused. I used to respect you, I even sent you an email thanking you after your article about media bias. I thought you were one of few journalists with integrity & objectivity. I am beginning to believe that concept is now out-of-fashion among journalists that simpleton fans took on the duty to report the facts, how sad! Turns out, your media bias aticle was your cover & meal ticket while your real feelings you ranted about from a secret blog. In your ruse, you gained undeserving praises of ignorant MJ fans who, like Michael, are terrible at recognizing wolves is sheep’s clothing.

    Sir you are NOT a journalist, you PLAY journalist. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN MARTIN BASHIR. You are so nervous that we might encounter new clues to your connection that you removed LowlyNewHound blog & twiiter, closed your SECOND blog to comments & limited your twitter to those you know won’t analyze your past tweets. Charles, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? WHY SUCH “DRASTIC COURSE OF ACTION”?

    Don’t expect this topic to die dowN. We are just beginning, Charles. TO BE CONTINUED….


    P.S. Your CV says "I subsequently worked with the Sun as a journalist and fact-checker on Jackson stories during the build up to his comeback"... How were you fact-checking Mr Thomson, what "sources" did you have? Wait, you revealed your sources on your LowlyNewsHound blog: SONY & AEG

    Now that Michael is dead and some of us are looking at Sony & AEG, I can understand why you removed the blog.


    "In February the Newshound became the FIRST journalist to break news of Michael Jackson's summer residency. Shortly afterwards, the Newshound received information FROM SONY and O2 sources that a press conference would take place on Thursday 26th FEBRUARY"

    "Jackson really was due to announce the concerts on Thursday 26th February.

    "Sources involved in ORGANIZING FUNDING AND SPONSORSHIP for the concerts say the star is a 'loose cannon' who simply failed to show up in London at the appointed time"

    "Jackson fired lawyer Peter Lopez early in the week that the announcement had been scheduled, leaving organisers unable to contact him and forcing them to scrap their plans"

    "When concert promoters eventually contacted Jackson through his manager, Dr Tohme Tohme of Colony Capital, the press conference was rescheduled for the following week"

    "When anxious organisers received word that Jackson had boarded his flight to London on Tuesday 3rd March, a source contacted the Newshound to leak the star's arrival time and accommodation details. Organisers also ensured that news was leaked to Jackson's many fansites"

    "The reason for the leak was that the previous week's event had served as a stark reminder to concert organisers that Jackson is entirely unreliable"

    "In an act of desperation, information was leaked to the Newshound and to the fan community in the hope that the mainstream press would pick up on it. If the press caught Jackson sneaking into the country, thought the organisers, there was no way he could pull out of the press conference and sneak back out again"

    "The Newshound can exclusively reveal that Jackson had barricaded himself in his hotel room and spent several hours REFUSING TO ATTEND THE PRESS CONFERENCE. Minders were forced to stand in the hotel corridor and plead with him through the door to his room. By the time HE WAS PERSUADED, he was already significantly late for the announcement"

    "Once at the O2 Jackson remained reluctant to take the stage. When Jackson did take the stage he abandoned his teleprompter and gave a disjointed speech. Rather than the upbeat concert announcement fans had expected, they were instead subjected to a rambling retirement announcement in which Jackson sounded audibly irritated by the fact that he was to perform again, sternly informing the audience, "This is the final curtain call, OK?"

    "The stories are in fact being SYSTEMATICALLY PLANTED on an almost daily basis by concert promoters AEG LIVE"

  35. Bonnie,

    You know what make me so mad reading his blog you attached, he is trying his best to deny that he was attacking you. Only an opportunist say one thing at one time and another at other time. He is trying to satisfy both sides, for his little gain, whatever it is, by being nasty, and at the same time nice to Michael. Mr. Charles, if you are reading this, get a life please.

    We don’t know the reason why some of Michael’s family saying he had a drug problem and they tried to intervene before. They might have their own ulterior motives that I don’t know. The point is he wants us to believe Michael was a drug addict because we don’t know more than the family and we have no valid reason to think he was not. Well, those of us who know Michael in depth know that he was against any drugs all his life. If that was true as Charles claiming he was a drug addict, the autopsy result would have indicated by now. The result shows no long time drug use found in his system except what Dr. Murray gave him.


  37. MJJJJackson11 and Meserak - I'm not going to do a blog update tonight. When I get home from work tonight I will be researching.

    I am going to ask you to please hold off making any angry comments to Charles Thomson because there is something about that blog and what he says in it that I need to check. I know he follows my blog, which is why I can't imagine where he would get "thousands of readers" from. He might be checking my page hits or something.

    He is working for one or the other entity that is for sure, but I want to find out who for sure, and why. This may not be what it looks like on the surface. Give me some time?

  38. MJJJackson11 - You said:

    "The stories are in fact being SYSTEMATICALLY PLANTED on an almost daily basis by concert promoters AEG LIVE"

    Yes there were, weren't they?

    Give me some time. There are two different ways this could go. I want to make sure I am right.

  39. Lisa - Thank you, I am okay. Yes, I was very shocked at how angry he was and his actions over a stupid blog. But there is much more to this than that. He was irate that I associated him with Sony. That hit a nerve. Don't be upset. This may be a good thing. All revelations happen after times of turmoil. :o)

  40. LOL - Just read email that someone sent me, Charles blog says I'm emotionally vulnerable . . .

    Aren't we all?

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  43. Good to see you hangin' in there Muzik! Wow, AEG sure was tightening the screws on Michael in an underhanded way. And Newshound was right there to throw more dirt with no regard for his humanity. Michael unreliable? Maybe he was torn between having been railroaded into so many concerts that tickets had already been sold for (consistent with the leaks strategy) and letting his fans down. Control of his own life had been stripped from him like he was an inanimate commodity. Obviously to many that is exactly was he was...and still is.

    Bonnie - Hit a nerve indeed!

    Just a thought...
    "You see, my latest assignment requires me to write a blog."
    Just keep in mind that he was in college at the time and "assignment" could have been in regards to some course requirement.

    Got it...just so you don't get caught in a trap...
    BA Hons Journalism Course content:
    "Our modules comprise: ...Reporting and Production (blogging as well as news and features for newspapers, magazines and online with page make-up and Photoshop guidance); ..."

    Obviously his blog went beyond that though.

    I'll be hangin' off my chair in anticipation of your next update! Shake that tree and let's see what falls out!!! ;o)

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Bonnie,,

    Thanks for your courage. I wonder how we are going to win this battle justice for Michael when fans are so divided, and what can be done to come together in this journey?

    I want to ask you off topic question: What do you think about Dr. Deepak Chopra? This is the man I respected and read many of his book, but after Michael’s death he continuously came on many TV channels and said how Michael had drugs habit. Every time he appeared on TV he keep saying that Michael told him “there is this drug that would take you to the valley of death and bring you back”. This man put a bad test in my mouth and I questioned his friendship that he claimed he had with Michael. Every time I see him in TV, I get really irritated.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.


  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I read everyone’s comment and concluded that Charles must have been told or directed by those who destroy and killed Michael to write that article “Most Shameful Episode in Journalistic History” to create division among us. I am not saying there was no division among the fans before his article, but the article specifically further intensified the division. Fans should be very watchful and look out and listen to each other and question motives and study the back ground of the person(s) when someone like Charles out of a blue write “feel good” article about Michael. We all should not believe what is written and create animosity with those who investigate and expose the fact about those who all of a sadden write positive about Michael. Michael’s enemies’ are smart and powerful with full of CA$$$$H. Be alert fans for the sake of Michael if you LOVE him.

  50. I have read all the comments here and I can see that someone is working hard at causing division between MJ fans.

    United we stand and divided we True!

    There are Moles among us! If they can cause the fans to fight each other...Our Cause for Justice For Michael.....will fall apart and die!

    It appears to already be in the works.

    You are on to something Really BIG Bonnie!

    This Charles Thomson thing with Sony and AEG is right ON THE MARK!

    People are being Stirred Up Big Time!

    Your Blog is Very Hot with Action and that can only mean 1 thing.

    You are very close to breaking this thing wide open! I can feel it!!

    Be Careful Bonnie.

    BeWare and Be Strong!

    But...KEEP GOING!

    The TRUTH is right around the corner!

  51. Mimi, you are 100% Spot On! These people are smart, rich and Ruthless!

    They know how to plant MOLES among the fans to spy on them.

    They also know how to plant MOLES to play both sides and then cause those sides to fight each other.

    They are bringing people here that Pretend to be fans...then these people plant an Evil Seed.

    They feed that seed for a while, and wait for a fight between fans, and then they leave. Job Done.

    I can watch Objectively, and I SEE what's happening here!

    I think BOTH Nikki and MJJ11 have been Set Up!

    I think they BOTH have been set up by Moles!

    I hope they work it out and then find the Mole and expose him/her.

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. I shall reiterate very wise words: MJ fans come in all forms.Including but not limited to Doctors,entertainment insiders and lawyers.Some professional notwithstanding feigned fans as so referenced in previous said truths.

  54. Josie - you are right, we should keep exposing and keep going, and this the only way we can win.

    Bonnie - do not be discouraged. Those who are vicious will crumble in time right on our eyes.

  55. Bonnie,
    I have read the"Lowly"(name very befitting)in addition to his most recent puerile vociferous drones(blogs).I have legal counsel referrals who can aide you in excercising your first Amendment rights. Frankly,I find his threats of libelous claim on your part unsubstantiated to which we bare no witness of. HE is the one who penned libelous claims throughout all of his writing (s)on or/about you.The intent of malice is VERY CLEAR on his part. To revile your length of devotion to Michael Jackson is asinine & irrelevant.His odious stabs to discredit you are repugnant and revolting . The public/published character assassination he writes of you ,Bonnie, only weaken his stance on refute to the contrary.To lump all fans in this forum as biased (as I personally read he did) of Bonnie is intolerable and untrue.We can have differences on President Obama and still read Bonnie's blogs.I believe its called maturity.It comes with accepting responsibility for one's actions.I have been a fan for over 30 years, and would never call into question "how long or when someone has become a fan" its so unimportant.I for one am not threatened(why would I be?) if someone became a fan 5 mins. ago. he's infantile, why is he significant? Perhaps I'm calloused but why should we care? give him any thought at all or "traitors"? mole fans? Even IF his father worked for AEG or Sony & gave him a helping hand i.e Job he's a mere distraction.However, a poisonous one,but he's still quite low on the totem pole. but why feed into his narcissism? There are bigger fish to fry...

  56. Gracie,
    I think there is much more to it than Narcissism or a Distraction.

    He is trying to spin a story that puts the blame soley on Michael, himself.

    He wants people to believe MJ was a drug addict and became "Difficult" to work with toward the end of his life.

    This takes to focus off the Sony-AEG Conspiracy and puts it soley on Michael.

    And that is a BIG FISH which needs to be Exposed!

  57. Remember, they are trying to make it look like Michael took the propofol himself.

    Thus ending ANY and ALL Conspiracy Storys!

  58. Gracie,
    Also, the idea of a MOlE is important because if true, than CT will go back to Sony and AEG and Report what is being said here!

    That is Serious!

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. Truthbtold - Thank you for finding that on his course requirements. I can see starting a blog for a college assignment but this was started in 2008 and went through Sept of 2009, so yes on your assertion that this went way beyond local politics. Cover. He also started another blog which is the Charles Thompson. I will find what I'm looking for. Thanks again!

    Two people asked me about Deepak Chopra. Here's my honest to goodness opinion. I like him. There is a reason I believe he is saying what he is saying and I also know that Michael was shopping doctors. I can't say how I know. Michael was not addicted, he wanted it for a specific reason. Michael was firmly aware of what it did, but he was not addicted.

    When you hear people close to Michael talking about his drug use, listen closely to the way it is worded. The truth about that is there.

    Deepak is a good guy. You might not like him and he may be too "busy" to talk to someone, but he is definitely a good guy in this.

    This falls along the lines of what I said about Charles too . . . I don't know who he works for but if you read his blogs, something is just not fitting. It's almost like he wants people to believe he doesn't think much of Michael, yet he defends the press rumors. Re-read it if you have copies of it.

  61. Bonnie, I agree.

    I think the others on his Newshound blog were to throw people off track.

    I think Michael was his subject from beginning to end.

    Anyone who gets THAT UPSET over a blog has something bigger to hide. (my gut feeling here)

  62. Muzik and Nikki - I would really love it if you guys would like, WAIT until I can get to a COMPUTER before you two decide to explode on my page :o) Pweeeze?

    Muzik - I deleted your one post of Nikki's emails. We cannot be posting personal emails in here. I know you work some hours on this . . . I do too, same kind of hours. Let's try to remember we are all on the same team. It doesn't really matter to me who posts here under assumed names . . . if I don't like their post, I will delete it, so it's okay to let it go.

    We will probably get a lot of that and unless they are abusive or just want to start a fight, let them post. Sometimes we learn a lot from them. Detractors actually helped me with ideas on what to research :o)))

  63. Michael was in a lot of pain both physically and emotionally.

    He also had Lupus, Vetiligo and later in life problems with his lungs and breathing.

    So he needed medication for the pain of these diseases.

    The pain was Chronic and some kind of Pain Management would have helped him.

    But in his busy world, I guess he didn't want to go that route.

    That does not make him a drug addict.

    Also, one of the symptoms from taking pain medications is insomnia.

    So he needed help with that too.

    He always said, he hated touring.
    He couldn't eat or sleep whenever he was on tour.

    So, from what I've read and researched, he use to take Propofol whenever he was on tour. It was a regular thing.

    This of course is what I have read and believe but I don't know if it's true.

    It sure makes sense to me, though.

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. Patrick,

    Please forgive me. Thank you for posting those web sites, especially the petition. I did sign and I IMPLORE everyone else to sign too! Thanks again Patrick. I will add those to the links on the left side navigation!

    God Bless you for those!

  66. Any comments in regard to Teddy will be deleted. I know who Teddy is and this blog is not about Teddy. The issue is at rest, if that is alright with everyone.

    Teddy, I deleted your post (again) because you answered a question I sent to Nikki though private message facebook just an hour ago. I really appreciate this. You might want to keep better track of where you send your messages out of so you don't slip up like this again.

    Now can we get back to more important things? Thanks much!

  67. Gracie - In answer to your "addict" questions, I don't think it is fear of saying Michael was an addict. Nobody is listening. They are still letting the tabloid headlines dictate how they hear information about Michael.

    Michael's "rehab" was not a live in detox situation. He was dependent on one drug. That is the only evidence we have, concrete that he was ever addicted to anything. Everything else has been tabloid conjecture.

    I have listened to the interviews of his family. Everyone talks about an intervention but nobody has dates or times, can't remember how far back, etc . . . they weren't even near him during the time periods they THINK they had an intervention.

    There are writings that I have copies of where he is writing notes about different meds to relieve pain that are not addictive. That doesn't sound like someone that wants "pain relief at any cost".

    He had children that he was protective of, and he was also a disciplined person. The interviews where I heard people talk never use "drug" and "intervention" in the same sentence. When they do talk about a drug dependency, they never talk about the time period. They are covering something up. Why would friends/bodyguards who were around him more often then his own family debunk the drug dependency and talk about his focus.

    There is way too much of a push on this drug issue. There are lots of planted stories out there. Why would his family play along on something like that? You would have to ask them. The autopsy report, if that is even authentic, is evidence enough for me.

  68. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  69. Gracie,

    I remember you telling me. I can relate (The adrenaline, "12 hour" performances) and taking forever to come back down. I thought if I ever wanted to lose weight, just get back on stage.

    Didn't he ever take the children with him?

  70. The way I feel about Michael Jackson, it doesn't matter TO ME whether he was addicted to pills or not.

    If it was about Chronic Pain and Pain Management, it may be hard to prove in a court of law that he was Not an Addict and may not help the case.

    I loved the guy whether he was addicted or not.
    I will continue to love him....Period!

    I don't believe the guy committed suicide by giving himself a shot of Propofol.

    I believe there was a conspiracy to murder him and even if it NEVER gets proven, that is what I believe and always will believe.

    If the guy was addicted to any drugs I can see why. What a life he had!

    The Press, the Allegations TWICE. The Trial.

    The Fame , The Stress and need I go on?

    I can understand how musicians get addicted and I sympathize with them.

  71. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  72. I apologize for my last post, where I keep refering to Michael as.....The Guy.

    I just now realized how crude that sounds.

    His name was Michael and that is how I will refer to him from now on.

    Please forgive me Michael. I'm Sorry.

    Please, forgive me everyone.

  73. Aw Josie you're so thoughtful and kind! I for one wouldn't think that of you.Its hard for me when I try and express myself.It doesn't always come out as I intend.That's why I no longer react to something I may think is intended as an insult directed towards me. I then do some re-reading.Okay my brain is exhausted! G'night!wow! phew Im beat. Peace!

  74. I watch some of his interviews and the tears come all over again.

    I just pray that God will Vindicate Michael and Justice will Prevail for Michael in the here and now.

    Michael gave me so much happiness through his music and dancing and Oh how I love to watch him dance.

    I watched him grow up from that 10 year old boy in the Jackson 5 right to the present and it breaks my heart, over and over to know he is no longer with us.

    I guess all this research is getting to me.

    I miss him so damn much!

    (sorry Bonnie for the cussin)......I'll stop now.

  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. Gracie,
    I don't know how anyone could give themselves Propofol.

    I am not a doctor or nurse and have no training in the medical field but, I would think the person would go unconsious before finishing giving themselves propofol.

    The dosage was too high for him to give it to himself. He would be out before he finished.

    I hope this holds up in court. Then maybe Murray will be found Guilty!

  77. Michael died from Acute Propofol. Nothing else.

    So someone must have given him that deadly dose.

  78. ((((((((((((Josie))))))))))))))))) I know...I wish I could say something to ease your pain and tears.Michael is just so special! I looked forward to afterlife,my Mom and Mj(Of course others).I havent listened to any other artist's music not even my hubby makes him sad!

    Bonnie : yes he took the kids(when we finally could afford a nice prevost). and he takes the kids when school permits.

  79. Gracie,
    Thanks for your kind words.

  80. Hi Bonnie, as usual I’m late to the discussion and I’m going to backtrack because I see the discussion has moved on since I started writing this. What follows is just my opinion from what I’ve read over the last couple of days. I have much respect for you for the way you have handled it. I know your goal is to get at the truth and seek justice for Michael. Your calmness and determination to press on shows great strength of head and heart.

    I have just been reading 32 pages of TLN blogs, which I went to from a Muzik link. Thank you, Muzik. There are some interesting things in there, whether we agree with some of the opinions or not. For example, I saw the poster advertising 10 concerts. Muzik, your research skills and your determination are amazing. I don't think anyone fully understands what you have been through over the past year or so and the tremendous amount of stress and frustration you've suffered. From what I understand, you have put your whole life on hold on behalf of Michael in a totally selfless search for truth and justice. You admitted that it has all come to a head over the last couple of days and I believe your frustration and stress had reached an even higher level over a few different issues you became involved in recently. You are wrong when you say people don't take notice of the work you do and the information you provide. There are many of us who are looking into things in our own way and you are one of our main reference points. People cite you and link to your videos all the time. Yesterday, I went looking for one of your videos to check something and was disappointed to find it wasn’t there. We know what you do for Michael. It has not gone unnoticed, not by a long shot. I don’t “know” you personally, this is just my opinion from what I’ve seen and read.

    On the CT/TLN issue - from the evidence Bonnie, Muzik and others have presented it seems to me that CT and TLN are one and the same. From CT’s reaction, which was not a pretty one, it appears it is of the utmost importance that he wished TLN to remain anonymous, whatever his reasons for that may be and there may not be just one or two reasons and he would not be the first person to want to protect himself and his livelihood or future livelihood, if that is one of the reasons. That last reason is a big factor when trying to get at the truth because there has to be people who know things about Sony, for example, but who are afraid to speak out.

  81. In spite of whatever else the TLN blog had to say, both CT and TLN seem to be critical of the media's reporting of MJ issues. We can see that false media reporting is something both CT and TLN do not like. I think we can also see that CT and TLN hold Prince in high regard. That is their/his right. It is also clear from TLN blog that he knew both Sony and AEG were muddying the waters by putting out their own version of "facts" and he wrote about that. But it is also clear what his own perceptions of Michael are and they are not our perceptions, or mine at least.

    CT/TLN does not have 100% knowledge of Michael and neither do I. CT/TLN is not of the same opinion of Michael as I am when it comes to Michael’s heart but it is not Michael’s heart that he has been interested in or focussed on. Michael's music is not as much to his taste as Prince’s is either, from what I gather. We, as fans, have learned a lot about the people who surrounded Michael and we know that very few are to be trusted when it comes to the total truth for whatever reason. CT/TLN may believe some of his sources are trustworthy some of the time and so his perceptions are swayed by who and whatever he has come into contact with.

    I think CT/TLN is gradually coming to a better understanding of Michael, as we hope many people will. For some it will come, for others with closed minds or hearts, it will not. It is what it is. CT/TLN will have to look further than he has so far if he is determined to get closer to the whole truth I believe. Whether he is interested in doing that or not remains to be seen. However, CT’s articles on the trial and media bias regarding Michael were excellent. We want the truth to get out there and he has made inroads into that on these two issues and he should be given credit for it.

    So, on the one hand it was extremely disappointing to see some of the comments in TLN blog and also CT's reaction when the truth about the connection was being revealed but on the other hand he has written the true facts of the trial and the media bias and has not been afraid to name names in the process. CT is not perfect but neither is he 100% bad or evil I don’t think.

    It would perhaps have been many times better for him to do as Bonnie said - admit to being TLN and move on but he didn't for whatever reason and he has to deal with any consequences of that. I hope he will gain more knowledge about other issues concerning Michael but that is up to him. We cannot force our opinions on him just as he can't force his on us. He does have a right to an opinion but his errors are open to criticism too and he will learn from them or not. I don't believe he is a Martin Bashir or a DD and his good research and writing deserves to be praised for what it is.

    Gatorgirl - I do know her, though not very well. I have “spoken” with her about the issues of propofol and the AEG contract. From what I do know of her I believe she is genuine and she is interested in truth and justice for Michael just and Bonnie and Muzik are. I do not see that she has done anything wrong and if she wants to write a book to illustrate the truth, then more power to her. It is not for anyone to say who we should or should not “speak” to or listen to exclusively. That is wrong. We have to be able to use our own heads to determine that.

  82. OMG low can you go?!? Totally unnecessary!

  83. I don't understand facebook or twitter language.

    I don't have a twitter nor a facebook account.

    I guess I'm too old to get the concept.

    Reading all of Karma's post, was like reading Greek to me.

    I tried, but I just don't understand it so maybe it's just as well.

    Besides, once Bonnie finds out, she's going to delete it anyway.

  84. @ Karma - not the slighest bit helpful to anyone.

  85. bunnieroe,
    You can say that again!

    It's all Greek to me!

  86. Karma - your post has nothing to do with this blog and should be removed. This blog is about thoughtful discussion and investigation concerning Michael Jackson, the man, and the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise (at the hands of vultures and crooks). I have not posted here in several days as I am not informed enough on recent subjects to comment; however, Karma, I feel your rant is irrelevant and wanted to say so.

  87. June,
    Don't worry about Karma's rant.

    Bonnie will delete it when she sees it.

  88. Bonnie,

    Thank you for explaining Michael’s drug addiction tabloid spin. I am always asking how could he be able to raise such wonderful children if he was all the time drugged. I have a friend who takes all kinds of anti depressant and pain medication, and because of that he could not even function normally and had to be classified disabled let alone raise children. I have never accepted this claim of drug addiction from the get go.

    What you said about the family is correct and what is the motive I think no one knows. I don’t know if their statement could hurt or help the upcoming trial. Anyone knows?

  89. I read some comments regarding Michael and drug issues. I'm not sure who was saying he was a drug addict (maybe no one did) But I saw the issue raised up and wanted to say that Michael was NOT an addict. Addicts don't behave like this:

    And it was not an accidental overdose. Michael did not inject himself, please.

  90. I am not too sure what Karma is trying to accomplish by posting all this disgusting posts. I did not learn anything at all. Was she trying to indicate that those people who are twitting like that should not claim MJ's fans?

    Josie - I am with you. I don't have twitter nor facebook and I don't get all this ranting they did.

    Please Bonnie delete Karma's post if you don't mind. It shows classless on a your classy, intelligent, and mature blog.

  91. Does anyone know of, or have a link to, any reputable source proving that Michael used propofol or anything akin to it prior to 2009? There are so many stories afloat about him using it during the History tour in 1997 (with the aid of an anesthesiologist), but there has been to my knowledge no definitive proof that this ever happened! The first I heard of propofol "use" was after his death, when the stuff was found in his closet; then that "nurse" goes on all the news programs saying he had asked for it MONTHS PRIOR to his death! In my opinion, she's not believable and said these things to make it appear Michael was drug seeking.

    Point being: Do we know for sure that Michael even KNEW Dr. M was giving propofol to him? Might he not have been put to sleep nightly with the assistance of the benzodiazopenes and other relaxants found at his bedside, which according to the dosages on the bottles, he had been taking properly?

    If someone hired Dr. M to "care for" Michael, a sleeping patient would have presented the perfect opportunity. (just my opinion)

    Was talk of "prior" propofol use just that, all "talk"?

    Let's hope law enforcement gets it right or gets some help!

  92. Meserak - I know the truth about all this is GOING to come out. Michael's addiction-less, the stories about his "unreliability" (read posts in "gears" blog) Michael was a total professional, who the bad guys are, who the good guys are . . . this will all come out. Look to the trial.

    There are connections being made with people out there hawking articles and books that they don't want made.

    Companies hire bloggers. It is becoming part of a necessary P.R. presence, ESPECIALLY with companies and corps in the entertainment industry. Keep that in mind. Irrational reactions speak volumes.

    Bunnieroe - That upper paragraph was for you :o) Sorry, LOL. I have read what you have written and I have read both blogs. I agree about the fight with the media/press and I agree that his article in Huffington needed to be said. What CONFUSES most people is the slant in Lowly. Why would AEG contact Charles to write about AEG putting out false stories? Does that make sense?

    People had made a connection to him before I did. The original blog was about Taraborrelli with mention of Charles blog in it. I said TLN sounded like is was written by a paid blogger for Sony and all H*ll breaks loose. Irrational and I'm STILL deleting posts by immature people!

    Anyhooey, thank you for posting what you did. I'm not out to get Charles. But one article amongst the other stuff he wrote? The scales are still tipped. And like I said before, his reaction speaks volumes.

    For the record . . . I like Prince too. So did Michael Jackson. No other will be like Michael. 'Nuff said. :o)

  93. BTW I removed Karma's posts. I'm going to have to get an admin probably to take care of monitoring the comments when I'm at work. I didn't even read them. I just copied them into the "Lowly" file and deleted them. I will not disable commenting, but I will start filing complaints if it keeps up. I'm keeping a list of ISP's too. Sent a complaint to Google.

    There is nothing concrete that Michael used propofol before 2008, only stories in the press and speculation. I was told that Michael was shopping doctors but it was for a specific reason for a specific drug for a specific purpose. He knew what he wanted it for and that is all I can say. He was not an addict, he had developed a dependency on one drug back in the early nineties and was treated for that.

    Michael was disciplined when it came to his body. If you know Michael's character, it's hard to be convinced that Michael would abuse drugs. What has happened to Michael has been an all out campaign to destroy him and his finances over an Est. $30billion dollar music catalog and his own music catalog. Michael was Bill Gates of the Music Industry. Keep the money in mind when you see trash like that printed about him.

  94. Q: What is more pathetic than Martin Bashir?
    A: A Martin Bashir wannabe!

  95. Bonnie - you said it right, "keep the money in mind when you see trash like that printed aobut him".

    You said, "read posts in "gears" blog". Can you tell me where I can find the blog?

  96. Bonnie, thank you for confirming what I believe was clear, Michael didn't have any prior provable identifiable experience with propofol. I know it's all trash talk and that the TRUTH should come out at trial. I keep asking myself why was Michael saddled with Tohme? Because Tohme owned the PR firm for Colony? Which PR firm does not now seem to exist? All these people/entities in the last few years of Michael's life are connected to his death, and put out so many lies about him, all for MONEY! These lies about addiction must be shown for what they are, so that Murray cannot use it as a defense. Some of Michael's family talking about interventions to cover themselves just make me sick.

  97. There's a pretty good thread at on "The Man Who Introduced Michael to Propofol" from Nov. 09. That man is Dr. Neil Ratner, and it appears he is the uncle of Brett Ratner. Interestingly, Dr. Ratner was a witness in an insurance fraud trial in 2000, and was directly asked if he gave Michael Jackson drugs, which he refused to answer.

  98. June,
    Ya know what really bothers me about this drug addiction and Michael's family?

    It's Janet! Of all people, Janet herself says on a Robin Roberts interview Part 2 on You Tube,
    that the family had a few Interventions for Mike and that Mike was in Denial.

    What bothers me about that interview is that

    1. It's Janet talking one on one. I mean, of all the Jackson's ....Janet (I always thought) was the closest to Mike, and yet she says he was in Denial.

    2. She seems so sincere in this interview.

    What I don't understand is why would she say these things if they weren't true?

    3. She is saying these things in the wake of of her brother's death! She is still grieving his passing and yet she says Mike was in Denial?!

    That Mike had a drug addiction?!

    She already has Fame and Money so what would her reason be for lying about her "Big Brother?"

    She also says in this interview that she always had Mike's back.

    I just don't get it?

  99. June,
    Then there is Lisa Marie Presley who said Mike told her, he was afraid he would end up like her father, Elvis.

    Dying young from drugs.

    Both Janet and Lisa already have money and fame so, why would say these things about Michael, if they weren't true?

  100. June,
    Is it possible the family is being threatend and so they lie to protect themselves?

    I guess, I'll just have to wait and see what happens, like everyone else.

    Like Janet Jackson said in that Robin Roberts interview, "The truth will prevail."

    I (for one) hope she's right.

  101. I am with you Josie. It's not only she said to Robin Roberts she also said the same thing to Oprah when she interviewed her on her upcoming Tyler Perry movie. As Bonnie said, they talked about intervention but they don't tell us what year they attempted to do that. They were also saying they haven't had contact with him for long time except they got together for their family anniversary a few month before he died. So when did they do this intervention they're talking about?

  102. The drug issue...
    In reading everyone's views along with other things I've read...let's see if I can put my thoughts into words...

    Ok, Michael seemed to be very aware from a young age of stars dying from cocktails of prescription meds. He did research, informed himself - his scribbled notes of different drugs comes to mind. He was concerned enough to find drugs that were not addictive. I personally believe he was naive in this area and have to wonder if he realized that drug companies fiddle trial results and minimize actual risks in their literature. (Follow the money trail.) Anyway, I don't want to start a big hullabaloo in that area...ok? Let's just say Michael was aware and practiced some caution.

    There's the fans (followers) testimonials, who documented his failing health for months (he was a skeleton, wore many layers to cover how skinny he was) and out of character behavior in the weeks, and days before his death. Along with that, the security lock-down after Michael told some of them that he was not happy with the concert dates being increased to 50 without his knowledge, and word got out. It was after that lock-down that fans (friends he knew for years) were no longer able to approach him, he appeared 'out of it', not himself. There are drugs that can do that to you...scramble your brain and make you not care, make you compliant. From that, it very much sounds like his mind was being chemically controlled, along with his access to the outside world, including fans who he personally knew, trusted and had spent time with. His body guards were the enforcers.

    In an interview Jermaine stated that Michael weighed 49 kilos (108 lbs.). Now, I know he is not a reliable source and how could he know, right? But, sounds about right with what the fans said. I have to wonder if his physical condition was taken into consideration for dosages. (And one has to wonder about the weight given in the autopsy too.)

    Then there's the propofol issue. Michael would have known that administering that drug "safely" requires monitors, alarms and a qualified anesthesiologist. Let's just give benefit of doubt and say he trusted CM to administer. It's difficult for me to believe he would not insist on the proper equipment. That to me is key and causes me to tend to agree with the previous poster who said maybe Michael didn't know what he was being given.

    I've often pondered the possibility of the drugs being tampered with along the way such as the strength being labeled as lower than it actually was.

  103. Bonnie, there is more proof to mistrust and dislike CT, then just his having authored both blogs....he was an MJ hater long before, and some of us have screenshots and proof of his other "deeds"..I dont know why people keep insisting on love for him, blind ignorant love cant be of service to anything. People have written about the 05 trial VERY well before CT did, there was no reason for fawning all over for 1 article, he did it to gain the trust and viewership of fans and maybe even Jacksons (since Taj seemed to support him after that). Also I'm appalled that people can have blind love for Deepak, when there's also much proof that he introduced evil person in MJ's life, G. But I digress, the main point I try to make is RESEARCH and do it heavily before you form allegiances.

  104. If you truly believe Janet's speaking of "intervention" and her brother's "denial", then you must have also believed her when she claimed that Joe Jackson was a "wonderful father" as well. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to badmouth Janet here, but I believe that without Mike here to have her back anymore, she's doing a lot of "butt-kissing" for the sake of peace in her family. Nothing more...nothing less. She's simply afraid to stand up alone.

  105. Oh, one last observation of the interview w/Robin Roberts. Janet looked far from calm to me. When I was in Communication Arts class back in my H.S. days, we learned to study the physical composure of the person being interviewed. In the interview, Janet's arms and occasionally hands were crossed and/or interlocked. This means a "guarded person--one who is hiding (or afraid) of something" So, you can all take it from there.

  106. Rehab/addiction...

    I think the rehab issue was again him practicing caution, perhaps afraid of addiction or realizing he was on the brink and knowing he didn't want that? I simply do not believe Michael was ever an "addict". My opinion until proven otherwise.

    Family intervention(s)...there's a really good video on youtube, an interview with his 3 former bodyguards and they talk about that "intervention". I don't remember if they give the time scale but if it is correct, then there was no intervention. It was just the brothers in the security trailer, Michael wouldn't even let them in the house. Anyway, I was impressed with them, they certainly seemed sincere, no trash talk, and genuinely cared about the children especially.

    It baffles me why the family would be lying about interventions and Michael being in denial. They apparently stick together to some degree on some things.

  107. I was aware of Neil Ratner's involvement but I don't consider him a provable reliable source of information; the article posted on opens with references to media reports. With the passage of so much time I feel we will never know the truth of his services to Michael. Are there any witnesses to what might have occurred on the History Tour? Singers or band? Haven't heard anyone speak up except to praise Michael for everything he was about, work ethic, fairness to co-workers, plain and humble guy. As for whatever "interventions" Janet or other family might have said occurred, she should provide at least approximate dates along with such statements. Jermaine seeks his own publicity and talks from both sides of his mouth. As for Lisa Marie, who really knows what Michael meant by "winding up like her father"? Much can be read into that. If some of the statements above about Michael being "out of it" during rehearsals and toward the end are to be believed, then I also continue to believe he was medically manipulated within the last months of his life and did not know what meds, or the dosages, he was being given. He put his trust in the wrong hands.

  108. Speaking of Janet, did anybody catch it when she (very briefly) came out on stage shortly after his death and said she was "elected" by the family to be their spokesperson? The youngest and probably the closest to him? I thought that was really cruel. She seemed really uncomfortable then too but that could have been shock and grief.

    Anyway...way off subject now.

  109. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  110. Heya Gracie! Come on need to delete. ;o)

  111. That is the last time I will post as my info appears not useful. And I feel quite saddened,disappointed, in my inability to stand up for addicts and describe them fully to where the knowledge I bring forth is acceptable.

    Peace and Love to all of you.I do so Love Michael! but it is difficult to share the Love with divisiveness.I'm willing to compromise and accept others views but I just want to feel 100% about what I accept and this part made me question.I will support in other ways. Best of Luck to you Bonnie...hit me up privately should you need to Bonnie.I do think we should remain open-minded about some information and listen then decide to reject and share truth as we know it.

    Heaps of love to you all!

  112. Truthbtold, you are an exceptional person,a class act.Im grateful to have crossed paths.

    heaps of love!

  113. Awww...thanks! Hey...likewise Gracie! You're not leaving us are you? It's ok to have different opinions/points of view, valuable perspectives. Oh, wait a minute...that sounds familiar! ;o) Sheesh, it's not like there's a lot of proof out there, huh?

    Take a break if you need to but you'll check back won't you?

    Peace and heaps of love back at ya!

  114. Gracie - please don't delete comments or leave. Your information is important.

  115. I, too, hope you will stay Gracie, and not delete comments. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

    I have wondered also at the strong negative reaction from people to the word addict. I thought that this was a more enlightened time, and that being an addict could mean you had a problem in the past, and you had to be vigilant the rest of your life against that weakness, but it didn't mean you were necessarily succumbing to that weakness at the present time.

  116. Gracie,
    It's okay when people disagree or do not take your opinion right away. Remember, truth will always win. If today no one believes you tomorrow maybe what you said might have an upper hand. Don't give up please we are here to grow and learn from each other. Don’t be disappointed life is already beating us down with all what's going on in our world. Believe me I learn a lot from all of you. Your input is valuable. Don’t delete your post, and let it be so we will use them as reference in case we need them.

  117. Gracie,

    I'm sorry to see you leave.
    I really liked talking and sharing with you.
    I will miss you.

    WOW! There are so many other senerios that could have happened to Michael, that I NEVER thought of!

    It just makes my head spin to think of them!

    So many different angles and people that may or may not be involved or connected in some way!

    If Money Wasn't the ONLY Reason, (as Gracie mentioned) than my guess would be Michael's World Wide Influence was a threat in some way, as well as all his Money.

    Man! This just doesn't end!
    My head is spinning!

  118. I will say this though, and it's just my feelings OK?

    IF Janet is Lieing or Covering Up something here, then I am truely hurt.

    I'd just like to think that there is some decencey left in the Jackson family, somewhere!

    I'd like to think that someone, anyone loved Michael enough Not to sell him out. Ya Know?

    Know wonder Michael preferred the company of children! I would too, if I had been him!

  119. Gracie - To further this conversation you know we would need to speak privately. About the addictions, I've dealt with them in my family (grandmother, stepfather's father) and I thank you for the information.

    One of the reasons I step back from the word "addiction" is because it has been so heavily used in the press before anything was mentioned by any family member. Then when it does come up like in Janet's interview, it is discussed in such a cryptic way, that it's not an affirmation. None of them have used "drug" and "intervention" in the same sentence . . . like they're afraid to.

    Also, when they say "Intervention" that could be done for any number of reasons. Britney Spears had an "intervention" with her parents and was hauled off to a hospital. It wasn't because of drugs, it was because of behavior.

    We have descriptions from various ex employees and certain chosen culprits in interviews to testify to Michael's "addiction" There are videos out there of Michael all throughout those years that no one saw him. I don't see evidence of it in these. Michael is about the only one I believe and that is who I look to and investigate when these rumors come up.

    Look how "real" his pedophilia looked in the news before he was acquitted and TEN YEARS LATER dies before people find out he never was?

    The other issues discussed, AEG/TII/Tohme - People here know how I feel about all this and you know my research of it thus far.

    All I have to say is I think people will be very, very surprised when the truth all comes out.

    Gracie - Was anyone disrespectful to you on this blog about your assertions or posts regarding the drugs issue?

    Let's please try to be respectful to one another.

  120. Bonnie and June,
    You both make excellent points on the subject of Drug Addiction and how it concerns Michael.

    I had to step back a minute and really think it through.

    Now, I see clearly where the both of you are coming from!

    It was an eye opener for me and I thank you both for it!

    I pray God's Truth will Prevail in this case!

  121. Bonnie – I truly cried when I read what you said, “Look how "real" his pedophilia looked in the news before he was acquitted and TEN YEARS LATER dies before people find out he never was?” It is really true, very true. Oh God thank you for protecting him where ever he is.

  122. Thank You all are absolutely correct we learn from each other. I have never met more selfless,kind, people.

    This is a good example of my brain ahead of my hand I meant last post on "this" subject.Only me! :)Im silly and embarrassed! Anyway I do prefer to listen more than type because until we all know the truth on this its just not worth ruffling feathers.

    I want to erase my personal shares is all.

    Love ya'll heaps!

  123. No,no one has been disrespectful here. My friend just advised I should not reveal myself.But honestly,you all wouldn't know me if I did.but I have been in the room of some shall I put this? Well, you all know everyone in this business fiercely protects their own bank accounts to whatever degree need be.And some are top dogs in this industry.

    They do like to know what the unanimous word outside their office is on them(what the majority think of them). It would not surprise me if they visited this forum.Names are people's brand in this business.
    Its how they make money,their reputation.Some go to great lengths to protect it.So one must be careful is all.I have a whole lot to lose.but I will gladly if it meant helping Michael Jackson and other Artist.There is so much injustice Michael Jackson and Courtney Love are the only ones to go public with the truth.but Courtney's word publicly doesn't mean much because of her public image.Why more don't speak up I don't know,I can only speculate...

  124. I do know one thing For Sure!
    I know how I Feel!

    I truly FEEL in my Heart and Soul that Michael Jackson was Murdered!


  125. I think Michael and Courtney Love are prime examples of why people don't speak up. They see what can be perpetrated on an individual if they dare to speak up. I see this happening now, where I didn't before. If there is damning press coverage about someone I now think they're being brought into line or some sort of revenge is been exacted or it's money. Some things just looked so "staged."

  126. Gracie,

    Michael had World Wide Influence and that's why when he went public vs Sony.....well......
    the sky fell!

    I think many in the industry were intimidated by Michael because of his Money and World Influence.

    Those can be very powerful tools!

  127. Gracie, that's just it. Michael was not, and has SAID BEFORE that he was not fighting just for himself. This has been going on for decades in the music industry.

    This is why it was so dangerous for him. Michael's music catalog started the battle, but Michael went public with it and Michael was not going to let it rest. So what happens?

    The campaign to destroy him begins in earnest, through the press, through legal channels, through Michael's own innocence and love for children. They hit him from EVERY ANGLE to SHUT HIM UP!!!

    This is bull....And you have CLOSET HATERS hiding in the form of the ocassional advocate article making snide remarks about a conspiracy.
    Little do they know that Michael was fighting for them too.

    The issue is not Michael Jackson on Drugs
    Michael Jackson backing out of performances
    Michael Jackson's finances
    Michael jackson can't pay his bills
    Michael Jackson never grew up
    Michael Jackson wore mismatched socks
    Michael Jackson had cosmetic surgery
    Michael Jackson had vitiligo
    Michael Jackson had a spider bite


    Michael Jackson was SABATAGED plain and simple! It's right there in paperwork. They CAUGHT THESE GUYS during the 2005 trial!!!! They uncovered the conspiracy between "past lawyers" and business managers. They were BEING INVESTIGATED!!!

    What Happened!???

    This is what is going to come out! I don't care if Michael Jackson did shots in his jacuzzi at 3am with a hula skirt on! They were after him and they wanted force him into bankruptcy. When they couldn't do that they tried to kill him!

    Someone is behind it. Michael's habits does NOT change their GUILT!

    I'm going to bed . . . getting emotionally vulnerable and I can't have that on Charles's conscious now can I?

  128. Gracie - thank you for coming back and letting us know all is well with you. We all try to contribute to help justice for Michael in whichever way. Those who murdered Michael do not want to be exposed, but if we have God and our faith is strong and our work is heard by many we don't have to be afraid. Yes we need to be moving cautiously and systematically. Truth will come out and justice will be served.

  129. Michael had powerful tools but so does the Industry.

    Be it Music Industry or Movie Industry.

    Most Artists don't want to mess with these Industries!

    And it's obvious why not.


    truthbtold : excellent point on your 4:20pm post! Your second paragraph really helps me understand.I get it. btw I do believe what the fan's- that-knew- him say.

    I read not to long ago disturbing news on the medicine adderrall(sp?)The same company owned and distributed a generic version.Well they put generic adderrall in the non-generic adderrall bottles. but they charged the expensive adderrall price rather than the cheaper generic version price.


  131. Oh Bonnie I hope I didn't upset you! but I literally get nauseous myself on this.BUT IF I NEVER TOLD YOU THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU PERSONALLY ARE DOING I MUST TRULY DO SO NOW...THANK YOU BONNIE COX! And to all of you out there dedicating time to this...THANK YOU!

    Michael Jackson was such a gift in so many ways and indirectly,as he stood up for the many who could not in so many aspects. God night...

  132. The doctor said he gave him I think 4 kinds of anti anxiety and sleeping pills before he gave him the propofol, and the autopsy also confirmed it if the autopsy is true. If that is true, there was no way Michael would not fall asleep with all that pills. I have a friend who takes anti anxiety and sleeping pills for years and every time he takes them he falls asleep with no problem. I know every one’s body makeup is different but I doubt all those pills will not make anyone sleep. What I believe happened was he gave him the propofol while he was sleep without his knowledge and killed him. By the way, this thought keeps coming to me ever since the autopsy result became public and this is the first time I share this thought. Does it sound crazy or the possibility is there?

  133. Bonnie – thank you for all the lessons you have thought me and everyone of you as a matter of fact.
    Bonnie – you have done your homework and know thoroughly the facts how the industry tried way back to destroy him using the media machine. Michael was a tough cookie and he fought hard for sure. His fight with music industry started way back during the Motown time when they were trying to control every bit of their creativity. In his book he said, explaining his frustration with Motown, “When I feel that something is not right, I have to speak up. I know most people don’t think of me as though or strong-willed, but that’s just because they don’t know me”. Pg 115.

  134. Mimi:

    You are so right!!!!

    I have the book Moonwalk and he did indeed say that. He was a fighter, it was in his blood!

    And Yes! It is a Possibility and I will even say a "Probability" that Michael was given that deadly dose of Propofol WHILE he was "Already" asleep!!!

    That does NOT sound crazy at all!
    It's the best senerio I've heard, yet!

    It's just Very Very Sinister and Evil!
    So I will try not to dwell on it.

  135. Mimi,
    It also answers all the questions that just didn't make sense.

    Like why would anyone take a chance on propofol without the proper medical equipment?

    Answer = He didn't take a chance.
    He wasn't taking propofol.

    But how do you prove this in a court of law?

  136. All they have to do is raise reasonable doubt, and Murry's a free man.

  137. Also, I read where Joseph filed a Wrongful Death suit, so that alone may postpone the trial for another year!

  138. Good to see you still hanging in there Gracie. Don't let the paid spooks scare you away. They feed off of fear just like in Monsters Inc. Thanks again Gracie. I've learned from you too...a lot as a matter of fact, and many of the rest of you too.

    Another good point - the many different drugs found in Michael's system...

    As you pointed out Mimi. Along with that, had he eaten or were they taken/given on a long time empty stomach? (I haven't read the autopsy.) Especially with his withered frame, they would have been much more potent on an empty stomach.

    This is another aspect where I believe Michael was naive and perhaps put too much trust in doctors. How many people realize that the average doctor does not know about drug interactions? Unless they take it upon themselves to become educated, it's not really their job.

    Pharmacists on the other hand do know more about dosages and how the different drugs interact. But it would take some effort on their part to look into drugs prescribed over time for each and every person picking up their prescriptions. All they can do is inform the customer after it's been prescribed. How many would listen over the advice of their doctor? We've been conditioned.

    With the vast number of different drugs and categories of drugs out there, and increasing every day, it's a job in itself to keep up with how they react in our bodies. And, everybody's body reacts differently so what it amounts to is experimentation. Heath Ledger is a good example of the dangers of drug interactions. (If that can be taken at face value.)

    The fact of the matter is that doctors receive kickbacks, benefits, incentives from drug companies for prescribing. The lack of ethics is shocking.

  139. Mimi - your comment July 24, 12:18 a.m. bingo! It's what I tried to say yesterday but didn't quite come out and say it. MJ was sedated to the hilt with the other stuff (some of which was NOT pills, some of the benzos were IV'd straight into the bloodstream) when Dr. M. administered the final propofol blow; Michael didn't know what he was taking. Now the question becomes, who was behind it all. Like you, just my opinion, but a definite possibility which hopefully the DA is considering. And the family conjecturing that he was an addict in denial (without giving specifics concerning their "interventions") only buoys Dr. M's defense. They need to keep their mouths closed on this issue.

  140. Michael's influence was earlier touched upon. I maintain my belief that the bigger picture has to do with Michael's worldwide influence coupled with his determination to bring people together for a cause, to spread truth and heal the world. Thus, the need to shut him up.

    I don't believe Sony/AEG etc. are the top dogs in this. We've seen it time and again...JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon and I believe JFK Jr. too. Kurt Cobain? etc. etc. Each high profile assassination knocked the wind out of different segments of the population. Hope, determination and involvement are whittled away when there is no justice.

    Even peaceful demonstrations are now being met with violence and sweeping arrests for excersizing rights, even simply attending - the strong arm en/forcing obedience. It no longer matters what the masses believe to be important, we are no longer in control of our governments, they've been bought off. Most of those who hold positions who are morally grounded are either intimidated into silence, drowned out or murdered. Example: (former) Georgia Senator Nancy Scheafer, who was actively exposing CPS. The media IMMEDIATELY broadcast the circumstances of her and her husbands deaths as fact, which of course sticks in the minds of the ignorantly vulnerable and is difficult to displace with truth.

    Millions demonstrate/d against this war but that information is typically restricted to local (if any) news to prevent knowledge of true numbers, to ensure it's isolated issues in the minds of the many. I see it as attempts to prevent a unified movement.

    Attempts to strip Michael of his wealth and methodically destroying his image was a means to an end. When that didn't shut him up, murder was more or less inevitible.

    Neverland was awesome! Why didn't they want Michael helping the worlds children, making a difference in the lives of entire families...spreading happiness? Could it have to do with the agenda to methodically take control of our children and destroy the family unit? How many people are really aware of the legislated attack on the family?

    These entities own and manipulate the worlds money, they are protecting their dirty deeds by excersizing their power over us all. The ironic thing is...they only have the power that we allow them, and they know it! So, they keep us divided, in-line with fear and making examples of those who dare to speak out, those destined to become even more powerful leaders of The People.

    "All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us."

    That is what I believe is (part of) the bigger picture behind Michael's fate. All the rest is distraction. Yes, how is important but why is pivotal.

    My opinion based on observation of historical repetition and current events...

  141. Truthbtold2all,

    Michael's stomach was empty according to the autopsy report. All they found in his stomach were 1/2 digested pills.

    And as for the Bigger Picture.....I agree with you Truthbtold, 100%!

    As I stated before, Michael had World-Wide Influence and that made him Dangerous.

    (No Pun Intended)

  142. "All I want to say is that.....

    They Don't Really Care About Us!"

  143. To all those who believe in the possibility that Michael was indeed asleep from the drugs already given him, with the Propofol being the means to kill him I say this...I'd thought that way when the autopsy was first released. I STILL do! On that note, all I can say is..."Stay tuned."

  144. Someone said something further up and this is what bothers me so much.

    Michael KNEW they were after him. His FAMILY knew they were after him. He also has his children. With that being said, how can anyone be convinced that Michael would allow himself to be sedated?

    Michael has said before himself that they would hook him up to I.V.'s because he would get dehydrated. Once you have an I.V. in, it is EASY to administer other meds. Just one of those anti-anxiety meds would be enough to relax Michael to the point where Murray could keep coming in and pumping him full of meds . . . that is the possibility I keep open.

    Gracie, no, you absolutely did not upset me. That post I made at 11:41pm yesterday was those that did this to Michael that upset me. Just thinking about it and putting it down on a comment makes me very angry.

    The issue with Michael being asleep with one or two of the first medications and the rest being administered while he was already asleep is completely viable.

    Michael was strong. Wounded but strong. For this reason, tagging him with the "addict" label really bothers me. Especially with him knowing what was going on around him. People don't give him credit for the strength he had and the willpower he had. That doesn't make him perfect or super-human, no. I believe Michael was perfectly aware of what was going on around him, especially after recovering from that trial.

    I will write a piece about that investigation that was done. This might help with looking at this from another angle.

    Gracie, I LOVE YOU!!! You did not upset me at all, please don't think that. I was angry at what they did to him, that is all. {{{hugging you}}}

  145. Wow Bonnie...I see now how it would have been so easy for them to pull this off without even his knowledge with him receiving IV fluids. Sheds a whole new light on it. All the stories built around 'he was desperate for sleep', him demanding more and more...easily made up - no witnesses. Could be he had absolutely no tolerance built up to these meds rather than the disinformation we have been fed.

    I look forward to your investigation piece.


  146. Bonnie,
    If Michael was smart enough to not let himself get sedated then why would he use an IV drip AT ALL?

    Sure, it was suppose to be for dehydration but,
    that would require Michael Trusting Dr. M.

    And surely Michael would know how easy it would be, for the Dr. to switch from a bag of a bag of liquid medicine.

    So either way, if Michael was afraid for his life than (I would think,) Michael would NOT have allowed ANY IV Drip...... At All!!


    Is it possible that maybe Michael took a PILL and feel asleep and THEN the Dr. hooked up the IV drip?

    It doesn't matter.

    In either senerio....Mike still would have to trust the Doctor.

    This is so EVIL!!

  147. I just realized something else.

    Even if MJ had (No Live In Doctor) and had No
    sleeping problems.......they would find another way to kill him.

    Bottom Line - If they want to kill you, they are going to kill you, one way or the other.

    Sooner or later, you will be killed.

    MJ Never stood a chance!!

  148. Somebody wrote on another post Michael is smiling and i belive he is! michael wants us to be awake! he wants us talking.sometimes we have to say not nice stuff to get to the truth to rule out stuff but it dont mean its true or that we believe it.Bonnie you are right about them hurling the word "drug addict" and they say it with such a meanness.this is the most united forum i have ever all work so honestly and are so patient with everybody.but you are all very strong women! not to be messed with.thats why others are paying attention.because it comes from a place of love. i like to say God because love is a gift from God.when you come from that place no one can argue.there aint no room for cowardness.I say coward because saying mean ,hurtful things is coming from a place of fear.and when you act on fear it aint genuine truth.its clouded,easy for the devil to get ya.or darkness my wife is telling me because she dont want people to think bad of me. but Grace you are very important because i can see you are tough and real smart. the only reason people feel your are a threat is because you can speak from a not emotional place.I beleive its called clearheaded.I cant write I got messes up hands I have lots of problems with my nerve endings. im sorry.
    thhats a dangerous person who can do what you do Grace.those kind of people are usually high up in our military or in the law fields.I can see why you sit in those rooms. because to love Michael jackson as you do but then look at him truly look at him for who he is,real special and useful. thats staying ahead and seeing how they are trying to blind people like Bonnie said.because even if michael had a slight dependency because he just about may have one with surgeries and karen faye said it aint got started with his hair burning.and Grace you are right with what you say about addicts and you know that.but them people is trying to sell this nasty idea of him to the rest of the world and lets be honest rest of the ,not all-dont feel like Michael the way we do. Truthbtold you to girl,you always thinking where nobody goes. thats real useful. josie,mimi everybody yous make a good team. i take sleep aids and one knocks me out but the longer i take them i gotta take more.i got alot of trauma i seen and sometimes it gets stronger then the medicine. so that must be the pills in michaels system. but the rest was iv. even DR. Drew said, that is enough medicine to put down a elephant.I am way bigger than michael,even my wife is. he was knocked unconscious by that evil man then lethally injected. Anyone evil in that jackson family aint Janet. not evil know why I say joe not evil enough? because he is the kind of man who shows you what he is capable. its those sneaky quiet ones the smiling faces.I believe janet cant even form the words addict or intervention because of her sorrow being so deep. that is brokenthearted person just like a zombie. she dont know what she is saying.I saw that truthbtold,where she said the family chose her to speak. she looked out of her self at that time.
    well i cant stay too long,i am in los angeles california and i got to do all my michael jackson stuff going to give michael jacksons kids a blanket that my wife made if i can of their daddy so he is always hugging them.

    God bless you all


    Im going to listen to the song CRY because thats what michael and the good Lord want us to do in this world.

  149. Great post, David, very heartfelt. If you and your wife take a picture of the blanket she made, I wonder if you could post it. I bet it's really beautiful.

  150. David,
    I agree with you about the quiet ones being the ones to look out for.

    With Joseph, you pretty much know where he's coming from.

    Did your wife make 3 seperate blankets?
    I was wondering that because, MJ has 3 kids.

  151. David – thank you for your thoughtful remarks. We are all here to support Bonnie and others like her who diligently researching and bringing the truth for Justice for Michael. Michael was a very good man who fought hard and helped others who were unfortunate to see the light of the day. Your contribution is also important and appreciated. Please come back again.

    Also, as everyone said, can you take pictures of the blanket and post them for us to see?

  152. Josie – to answer your question “how do you prove this in a court of law”- The prosecutors have to bring medical experts to find out the possibility of those previous medications whether put him to sleep or not. This has to happen. They can not ignore this scenario since the doctor already admitted he gave him some medications before the lethal dose.

    They also have to use forensic science to prove that he was asleep. But if this proven, the charge has to be upgraded to premeditated murder. Well we have to wait until Bonnie post the investigation that was already done.

  153. Josie, I didn't mean to make it sound like Michael didn't take any sleep aides at all, just that he is not the pill-popping dependent that the press is making out of this whole thing. I.V. fluids is something he has been on before for dehydration. That in itself bothers me that someone would have to go through that to do concerts.

    But after that the medications would be easy to administer. Michael may have wanted a sleep aide . . . but four or five doses of different ones over the course of the night? No. Then propofol on top of that? I believe Murray lied with the first dose . . .

    The autopsy report, my word! How many catheters did that man need? Wrists, femoral areas, neck, ankle . . . can we get any more macabre? I'm sure Michael was awake for Murray to repeatedly punch holes in him. What did he do? Give him all the meds at once? I'll tell you this, if someone is going to dig into an artery in my groin area or upper thigh they had BETTER PUT ME OUT FIRST or they won't have much of their arm left when they pull it back!

    Also, on the drugs, Michael's system was clean except for the meds that Murray said he administered plus a pill for his lung inflamation. No organ damage from prolonged drug use, healthy liver, healthy kidneys (yuck, I am so non-medical about this stuff and it gives me the creeps talking about it). There was no evidence of prolonged drug use.

    David, I must say you are typing remarkably well for someone who is having challenges with your hands and nerves! Thank you so much for gracing this blog with your presence! I loved reading your honest and candid input.

    You say you live in Los Angeles . . . have you been able to get over to Michael's resting place? I think it is marvelous that your wife made blankets for Michael's children. I don't know how you would post pictures of the blankets, but it that is not possible, at least let us know how they liked them if you are so lucky to receive a reply!

    Well, I better get to writing the new blog. The comments to this are going to run on forever! LOL!

  154. truthbtold – you absolutely have valid point about Michael becoming an advocate of peace and love and coming together to heal our world. I can't say much because all his work are testimony for that. Corporations main focus are on Mighty $$$$$, they will conspire and eliminate anyone I mean anyone literally who is standing by the people and awakening them to the truth. As you said Micheal has a world wide influence can be a threat to those (corporations)who rule the world.

    I remember about three weeks ago there was a two hour program on Animal Channel about Michael and his LOVE for ANIMAL. They were showing the many types of animals he had throughout his life and how all of them very dear to him. The point I want to make here, at the end of the show they were saying how Michael more and more staying away from writing and singing relationship type of music and moving toward political type of music. When I read your post it reminded of the program I watched and make me realize how true it is that his lyrics become more and more to end the war, poverty, and hunger and so on. This might scare them a lot and they have to do what they are good at- Assassinate.

  155. Well Ladies- i am beat! I felt very bad going to the encino house. i just feel i should be more respectful.i dont live out here in los angeles wife and i just made this trip to see her daughter who is gonna start school here we had only today to do our michael stuff. that is a very nice cemetary.i really like all the hidden places to sit and mourn.but its something else to be really there. i just became real mad and throuh my tears i just feel how could this be really happening? this feels like a real bad dream.i couldnt stop thinking of you guys and you Bonnie...i will not rest til justice is served.this is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well we kinda short on money but my wife and her daughter helped make 3 fabrics like squares with one a picture of their dad and words he has said.then she put buttons to connect them.I dont think she took a picture but i stayed in the car while they went to give it. i dont think anybody answered them and when we drove around the block you cant.and its only way is this black gate that is real tall and has long iron spaced out on top.we tried to get food at this real fancy market it was super clean but we could not afford it. man it was exspensive! oh and Bonnie I must admit sometimes i get help fingers get real swollen.
    my wife and i gave our only computers away because others needed them if im away you know that we are saving up.but we'll get to the library. God bless you all.tonight feels bitter.

    for michael who i love who makes a big grown man cry. L.O.V.E

    stay close you guys.we need eachother...michael needs us. and the kids.Bonnie if i wasnt a christian man i would say some things but man Bonnie sock it real hard at them! expose them people! dont stop Bonnie you write like the wind! THEY TOOK MICHAEL AWAY FROM A WORLD HE LOVES AND A WORLD THAT LOVES HIM.i am angry today seeing his grave is a site i dont wanna see.not this way.i gotta pray real hard becaue i am filled with angry!

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. june said...
    "Bonnie, thank you for confirming what I believe was clear, Michael didn't have any prior provable identifiable experience with propofol. I know it's all trash talk and that the TRUTH should come out at trial. I keep asking myself why was Michael saddled with Tohme? Because Tohme owned the PR firm for Colony? Which PR firm does not now seem to exist? All these people/entities in the last few years of Michael's life are connected to his death, and put out so many lies about him, all for MONEY! These lies about addiction must be shown for what they are, so that Murray cannot use it as a defense. Some of Michael's family talking about interventions to cover themselves just make me sick."

    July 23, 2010 1:01 PM
    I'm on the sidelines here and very confused about what the truth is in Michael Jackson's case. There has been a lot of mud throwing in all directions over the last year. For a while, Jackson's make-up/hair artist for 27 years, was being attacked for not being a "real" friend or not doing enough to prevent his death. I thought this was outrageous! The situation was complicated and this individual couldn't have changed things and was and still is UNJUSTLY being attacked. Now "journalists" are attacking each other and their motives and questioning what there real agenda is. That's not wrong but it is VERY confusing. Don't know who to believe. Will we ever get to the "truth?"

    Concerning Michael's problem with drug addiction. In the early 90's, he canceled a tour and publically announced that he had gone through a humiliating police search of his person, including the ordeal of being photographed unclothed. He had also announced that he was going into to rehab to deal with a perscription drug ADDICTION. The was in 1993 by his own admission. Why is his admission being ignored? Also, concerning the autopsy report, a person can have on-again off-again addiction problems with out it causing permanent damage to internal organs thus the almost clean bill of health given on said autopsy report (other than what Murray gave him). Again, Michael had an addiction problem by his OWN admission.

    As for interventions, Janet Jackson confirmed that they did occur. She is very believable to me. Janet was noticable upset on a recent appearance on Oprah when asked about interventions. She has confirmed interventions did happen and she was in attendance. She described one incident as being so upsetting that she had to leave the room in tears.

    I believe that the family won't give dates for interventions due to issues with AEG/Sony and the upcoming lawsuit. Certainly it would be very complicated if interventions happened while Michael was under contract for the O2 concerts. I'm sure the family has been instructed on what to say publically by lawyers (of course). Why would Janet lie? She's financially independent of Michael and has been for 20+ years. In addition, she is not beholden to Sony. She owe's them nothing. She clearly LOVES her brother.

  158. To attempt to address some issues, I've tried to use none tabloid sources to answer a question regarding Michael's use of Propofol.

    Michael did have history of using Propofol according to research done by CNN, research that included the name of one of the doctors that went on tour with Michael in the 90's:

    "A nutritionist, Cherilyn Lee, said earlier in the week that Jackson pleaded for the drug despite being told of its harmful effects.

    Sources close to Jackson told CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta that the singer, who suffered from a sleep disorder, traveled with an anesthesiologist who would "take him down" at night and "bring him back up" during a world tour in the mid-90s."

    "The anesthesiologist who accompanied Jackson during the HIStory tour in the mid-'90s also refused to comment, although he acknowledged Jackson suffered from a sleep disorder.

    "I'm very upset. I'm distraught. Michael was a good person. I can't talk about it right now," Dr. Neil Ratner said outside his Woodstock, New York, home Thursday. "It's really something I don't want to talk about right now. I lost a good friend.""

    Anyway, I'm adding this due to people's insistance that Michael didn't have any addiction problems and that it's somehow blasphemy to suggest he did. Well, what if he's the one who said he had this problem????

    Just a thought.

    Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

  159. SandyK - Thank you for posting . .. that was quite a read!

    First you said: "Concerning Michael's problem with drug addiction. In the early 90's, he canceled a tour and publically announced that he had gone through a humiliating police search of his person, including the ordeal of being photographed unclothed. He had also announced that he was going into to rehab to deal with a perscription drug ADDICTION. The was in 1993 by his own admission. Why is his admission being ignored? "

    I have never ignored this admission. It is addressed in other blogs, just not this one. I assumed everyone knew about this from previous readings either here on this blog or on the internet.

    Cherilyn - She is not believable in my opinion. I know from a source that Michael was very well read on the medications he took and was always looking for the non-addictive versions of what he was taking for pain. I attribute this to his previous experience with pain med dependency, the fact that he knew people were after him, and his children.

    The source I talked to told me that indeed Michael WAS shopping for doctors, but not for pain meds. He was looking for a "specific drug with a specific purpose, he knew what it did and what he wanted to use it for." He would not say anymore other than Michael had specific plans for this drug and he had a hard time getting doctors to take him seriously. I was told he was unphased and just kept going to doctors. He told me that Michael was not an addict. He had been told by another doctor about propofol and he did use it, but not after being warned off about it. That is all I can say.

    Neil Ratner is related to Brett Ratner, just so you know. These are not exactly reliable people you are citing in my opinion. Are you familiar with Neil Ratner?

  160. Sandrak - Janet, I have seen her interviews, and I have seen LaToya's. They said they attempted interventions. LaToya's interview expressed interventions to get him away from the people that were around him. (she describes climbing over the gates, rushing the door, etc...) and Janet never says "drug" and "intervention" in the same sentence. She can't even remember when it was done when asked.

    I know there has been this big campaign to let people believe that Michael was a hopeless addict. I hate repeating myself, but I do not see it, I do not feel it. If that man was addicted to anything, it was work (music).

    There are just as many on Michael's inner circle that claim they never saw him take or saw evidence of him on drugs as there are people who say they did. Who do you believe?


  161. Thank you for responding to my post.

    I recognize that it may be assumed that your readers know about Michael's drug use admission but this doesn't always seem to be the case with some of the posts. We all know that there have been numerous lies said about Michael on many issues and, like you said, I don't believe he was a hopeless addict either. NOT AT ALL. However, I do believe he had a dependency problem and his family WAS trying to intervene on his behalf. Naturally, he resisted.

    Janet has acknowledged that her brother was in denial about his dependency on perscription drugs. She has said this on more than one occassion in the last year. I do not know if she used the words "drug" and "intervention" in the same sentence, she may not have, but the inference is very clear. Janet, to her credit, tends to be very careful with her words when she speaks publically. I very much doubt that she would say something that serious about her brother in a careless way...or leave room for a false interpretation. Who do I believe? I do believe Janet. But I also believe Michael as well and sometimes his actions, publically, spoke louder than words.

    Also, most know that Deepak Chopra has said publically that Michael requested oxycontin from him, which I'm sure you know is a potentially addictive opiate (narcotic). Chopra said no to the request. For those that aren't familiar, Chopra (friend of Michael's for 20 yrs) said that he started to quiz Michael on why he wanted it. He then states that Michael didn't want to be questioned and became defensive and then wouldn't talk to him for a few weeks. (This doesn't make Michael a bad person. It simply makes him human.) Michael did contact him again and, according to Chopra, appologized for his behaviour and said not to worry, and that he knew what he was doing. I believe you've even acknowledged that Chopra is a decent person not prone to fanciful story telling about others. Michael's behaviour at this point would and should raise a red flag with any competent doctor as it did with Chopra.

    Back to the family and lack of concrete dates...wouldn't you agree that if interventions happened while Michael was under contract for the O2 concerts that that would create serious legal problems...especially since it had been said that he passed a required lengthy physical exam in February of 2009?? Ultimately, I believe legal reasons are why specific dates have not been mentioned...especially IF they happened between February and June. And probably the reason why Janet MAY not have used the words "drug" and "intervention" in the same sentence.

    As I'm sure you know, the legal issues don't end with Dr. Murray's trial. I believe there are still serious legal issues regarding the contract Michael signed with AEG. Those issues hinge on the Murray case and can't be resolved until that case is done.

    Anyway, forgive me for being wordy, but I don't assume every readers is that informed, however, I do know many are, so no offense is intended.

    At the end of the day, we all know Michael was a very unique and special person who had a terrible wrong done to him and his family (friends, fans) last year. I hope there will be justice in his case.

    Thank you in advance.

  162. Yes, I know about Dr. Neil Ratner and that he's a convicted felon. For other readers, he had his lisence to practice medicine temporarily suspended, was jailed for 8 months and he was put on probation for 3 years for misconduct concerning insurance fraud, mail fraud and making false statements in the late 90's to early 2000's. The conviction took place in 2002.

    Yes, I agree he is a poor source, however, he is a source CNN used for their story and his involvement with Jackson preceeded his felony conviction. Further, he was the tour doctor (anesthesiologist) for Jackson on his History tour in the late 90's.

    Copy of felony conviction:$FILE/lc148415.pdf

  163. SAndyK:

    On the drug addiction stories and then we'll move on.

    One thing that bothers me. Michael was "healthy" according to the autopsy. No drugs found in his system other than what Murray said he gave him.

    Also - Interventions Janet talked about could very well have been either security/personal safety interventions or a drug dependency intervention that could have taken place ANYTIME between the early 90's and today.

    Here is what bothers me about everything you have posted (I don't care what CNN reported. Ratner is not a reliable source. And CNN was not exactly supportive of Michael during his trial either so take that for what it's worth)

    If Michael was indeed using and abusing prescription Opiates, drugs, muscle relaxers, pain killers of any other type and this had been going on since the early 1990's, we're talking something like 16 to 17 years of abusing drugs!

    Don't you think, with that kind of dependency SOME KIND OF ORGAN DAMAGE would have shown up on the autopsy? There was no traces of anything else . . . nothing.

    As far as the family's revelations go I will say again what I said before . . .

    Today people still believe that Michael was guilty of those allegations because of what the press reported. The lies PROLIFERATED the press and the media.

    Remember that even a member of Michael's own family stated publicly that she was concerned about Michael's behavior around children!

    The drugs issue is just as suspect to me and the ONLY concrete thing we have is that autopsy proving that Michael's body had only what Murray stated he gave him. that's what I meant by stating "sticking to Michael" for the facts. It is so strange what is going on.

    Thank you for the info on Ratner's conviction. Nice family.

  164. Once again, thanks for responding.

    One last comment on this issue. As intensely disagreeable as Dr. Ratner is (taking CNN out of the picture), he was Michael's tour doctor for his History tour and Bad tour. Dr. Ratner is an anesthesiologist and has acknowledged helping Michael with his sleep problem in the 90's but will not admit to using Propofol. (Not surprising due to potential legal issues for using it outside of a hospital and Ratner's other legal problems.) I believe Propofol was used at this time and Ratner introduced Michael to the drug. If this is true, and I believe it is, SHAME on Ratner for doing this to Michael or to anyone else!!!!

    Since I'm sure we can find lots to disagree on, I'd like to conclude on the things that we agree on:
    1. I absolutely agree that the media has perpetuated lies and engaged in the character assassination of Michael for years. I think we both agree that this assault on his character helped to worsen his health and shorten his life. This will ALWAYS sicken me.
    2. I agree with you concerning CNN. They weren't supportive of Michael 5 years ago. However, as a news organization it isn't their job to support or not support anyone but they are supposed to report the facts, which we both know they didn't do in that case. I understand why you would question any other reporting CNN does concerning Michael.
    3. I also agree with you concerning Michael's autopsy report. He only had in his system what Murray (and paramedics) gave him. That is a fact.
    4. I agree with you that Michael was NOT a hopeless addict. However, he did have off and on dependency issues in his past.
    5. We also agree that Michael was tormented by very greedy people in his life.
    6. I think we both agree that we will never know the entire truth about what happened to Michael last year. That is very tragic.
    7. Most important is that we both agree that Michael was an amazingly talented and giving person who accomplished amazing things in his life. A life taken away far too soon...:-(

    Hopefully we can agree more than we disagree. Also, please know that in NO way do I mean to insult Michael's memory in anything I have said. Like everyone else, I just want to know the truth.

    Great Michael quotes to end on:

    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” -Michael Jackson

    "But I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to." -Michael Jackson

  165. On a different issue...
    Concerning Michael's ATV/Sony catelog. I believe you have mis-stated it's value. You said "What has happened to Michael has been an all out campaign to destroy him and his finances over an Est. $30billion dollar music catalog and his own music catalog." Forbes magazine (reputable finance magazine) puts the value of the ATV/Sony catelog at an estimated $1.5 billion at the time of Michael's death. Like you said, there was a viscious campaign against Michael over these catelogs.

  166. Whatever we're hearing from the media is what the current spin of the day is. The reason we're hearing so much about the drug issue says to me that someone or something would like to persuade us of it. I'm not buying it. It's a smokescreen, used to protect the guilty party or parties and Michael is not the guilty party here.

    Whatever may have happened in past, things Michael himself admitted to, were in the past.

    Michael was not stupid, but he was tremendously strong-willed. He had plans for the future and he had work to do. He was preparing for that work, getting himself ready, building himself up, rehearsing, yes and visiting Klein to look the best he could, re-hiring his make-up artist. All preparation for the work to be done - the performances. He knew himself better than anyone. He put his all into his work, always did. He knew what concerts took out of him. He knew what he needed. He needed a chef, for example, a chef he told to look after him, and he needed a doctor to care for him, to give him relief from the pains and stresses he knew he would suffer while carrying out his job and to help give his body and mind the rest it needed and deserved. He was working hard, stressing about the number of concerts, preparing for the best show ever, dealing with the stupidity of those around who didn't know what it took to do his job and looking after himself to the best of his ability. He was killed in the process.

  167. ...The final insult inflicted upon a great artist and humanitarian, who did more to help people, especially the children, than any of the constant stream of sharks, money-grubbing leeches, including but not limited to the doctors, attorneys, gangsters, fraudsters and extortionists Michael's artistry, wealth and fame attracted. It is revolting to think these people hide behind and are protected by the false headlines, lies and misrepresentations of the media and the silence of others.

  168. @bunnieroe...
    Well said.
    The thing I dread about the upcoming trial is that they will try to paint Michael in a bad light and make him look like the guilty one. I also dread that the media will do the same thing now that they did 5 years ago and that is distort the truth by only reporting the out of context shocking things. The media only cares about the shocking stuff because that's what sells. Thinking about it makes me ill.

  169. @ SandyK - What do you make of 7 doctors investigated with no charges except for one using another name for MJ? Could it be MJ was not an addict just like the other things he was not?

  170. SAndyK - On the Sony/ATV value . . . I had read the $1.5 billion too but I believe that is underestimated. There are other sources that have different ranges of value and I will post them on a future blog. Charles Thomson's own blog (with is Sony Inside sources) estimated the catalog at "around" $30 Billion. This may or may not include the Mijack catalog, but the Sony/ATV alone has been added to throughout the years, to include song catalogs of a number of eighties artists, movies and more. I believe it is either second or third most value music publishing company worldwide, under Warner/Universal. I will find the links for you but I have to get to bed. Future blog. :o)

  171. bunnieroe said...
    @ SandyK - What do you make of 7 doctors investigated with no charges except for one using another name for MJ? Could it be MJ was not an addict just like the other things he was not?

    July 28, 2010 10:29 PM
    @bunnieroe, I have seen this story and found it very dissapointing, but unfortunately not very surprising. I don't know the facts concerning Michael and these 7 doctors, but in a hypothetical situation, if a patient is perscribed meds from multiple doctors with out those doctors knowing that history there isn't much that can be done if something goes wrong. Certainly we will hear more during the trial. However it will be important to remember, and I think most here agree, that we can't trust what is said by the media during and after the upcoming trial. As always, I'm sure the media will be all about shock-for-profit, not facts-for-truth. They still shamefully look at Michael as being their in-the-moment gravy-train. There shouldn't be any expetation that the facts will be presented in context in order to reveal truth. Hopefully there will be a court transcript available to the public in the future.

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