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Michael Jackson Justice: Will the Real U.S. Justice Dept. Stand Up Please!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Will the Real U.S. Justice Dept. Stand Up Please!

July 2, 2010 – Will the Real U.S. Justice Dept. Stand Up Please!

From what I am seeing in the news lately, I am really beginning to wonder if anyone is going to see any justice that can’t be obtained by whipping out a checkbook.

Oil Spill in the gulf, with today’s technology, can’t be capped. Obama, most congressmen and several ultra-old-money elite stand to earn possibly billions from this disaster.

And since our government is setting such a banner example, why wouldn’t one of our most prominent states follow suit?

California’s Howard Weitzman, also one of the co-executors of the Jackson Estate (hired in the interest of Michael’s children . . . Or to get another buddy payola on the Estate of the Century)

Howard Weitzman is also being accused of stealing assets from the estate of “Francis Cobain”. The article write up listed at According to this article, Weitzman and Courtney Love came to an agreement, but this part caught my attention about Michael’s estate:

Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the men who now control the estate, told the judge the contracts were "aggressively negotiated and reflect the exhaustion of all parties on give and take, and greatly benefit the estate."

"I don't believe there is room for more negotiation," he said.

The judge previously has said he may approve the contracts even over Katherine Jackson's objection.

Now how can judge rule in a case for which Weitzman represented the attorney’s for the estate (John Branca and McClain – 2nd resource here), then turn around and appoint him to represent Michael’s children against Katherine Jackson, according to this article. What an amazing streak of luck for the “good fellow”!

Where is the U.S. Justice Department? I know half of them probably stand to earn quite a bit from this oil spill, but they used to be interested in busting up the syndicates! Where are they? The reason Judge Beckloff made this decision, so says he, is because . . . “ . . . he is concerned that the interests of the minor children - which he said may not be the same their grandmother's - were not being represented. He said he may appoint a guardian ad litum to represent the children.”

What he probably meant was that the interests of BRANCA, MCCLAIN AND WEITZMAN may not be represented. Since they are the only ones profiting from the estate now (ten percent off the top of all increases, folks!) and Katherine gets the same amount for the children every month . . . let’s do some math:

Since June of 25, 2009 (considering the stipend was retroactive), Katherine AND CHILDREN received thus far, $85,000 per month + 12 months = $1,020,000 to date.

John Branca and McClain spit a 10% increase of the estate. The estate has taken in almost a billion dollars since June 25 of last year, but consider that the estate was almost $500 million in the hole (reportedly) which would bring the INCREASE in the estate fairly to a billion dollars, so let’s say a billion.

Ten percent of a billion is $100 million. Divide that between the two lawyers and that is $50 million apiece . . . . (In the interest of the children, judge Beckloff? Who by the way approved this heinous compensation package).

Now let us consider the work John Branca has been doing for Sony (conflict of interest AGAINST the INTEREST of the children) and had sold his 5% interest in the Sony/ATV (we don’t know for how much since Sony has made sure to undervalue this in the press so the fans wouldn’t backlash TOO much) plus all the money he is making as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the movie “THIS IS IT” along with John McClain.

So let’s see . . . $100 plus-million dollars in one year compared to Katherine AND CHILDREN’S stipend of $1,020,000 for the same year.

Yeah . . . I guess Judge Beckloff’s skipped a few ethics classes while obtaining his law degree from the prestigious law school of “Bada-Bing University”

Serving as the M3’s Attorney on the Jackson Estate verified.

This is what justice in California looks like. I would really like to pack Arnie back to Austria since he has probably yet to read any of the laws on the books in his own state let alone the U.S. Constitution!

This is what Justice looks like in Colorado! (Another “C” state).

Look familiar? Yes, Broderick and Sneddon were separated at birth only Broderick is a bit better looking. Maybe California should take some cues from Colorado or at the very least, get a couple of Marine Special Forces men into a room with a camera and a doctor to document verification that no, it’s not Vitiligo, It’s . . . Steve Cooley and Jerry Brown’s nose buried in Sneddon’s derriere.

Last but not least, we have another one of Michael’s dear friends trying to rape the estate and Michael’s earnings to his children for doing exactly what Michael’s previous business managers have done for him . . . absolutely nothing! The Raymone Bain Claim has been told to take a hike.

Michael, wherever you are . . . I am sorry that I cannot handle some things as graciously as you have. The sarcasm comes from my mother. The anger comes from the injustice and the prayers continue to go to God. I trust him, but sometimes I just can’t go without saying . . . cappeche?


  1. Don't say you love him.. show it! MJJJustice Project Is a world wide coalition to bring media justice to Michael Jackson. It's a collaborative effort of voices from all over the world who believe in the love, charity, honesty, and the message of universal brotherhood that MJ spread is entire life. As the days after his ‘death’ anniversary pass it is obvious that the biased media will continue to release the same old lies and distortions if left unchecked….It’s important as citizen’s to stop the press from creating facts…as they are only meant to report them. For 20 years they were bent on destroying the name of Michael Jackson..with intent and vicious purpose they swayed public opinion against this gentle man. Charles Thomson, a brave British journalist has brought to light the mass media’s reasoning for the persecution of our beloved MJ. Greed and avarice. Please read this article to understand fully the medias deceptive practices:

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    It’s Time.

    Adore the Icon.. but LOVE the man. Show it!

  2. I was just thinking about something concerning Joe Jackson.

    It makes me very angry and I'm sure it angers Joe as well.

    The fact that Joe tried so hard to get his family away from the Neighborhood Gangs only to lose his son, to the Worst Gangs of All.........CORPORATE MOBSTERS!

  3. Bonnie,

    I still strongly believe there got to be another will made after Michael fired John Branka. While I was reading the termination letter Michael wrote, I said there is no way Michael hired this man right before he died to handle his affairs. I was talking this gentle man why Branka is not providing the re-hire letter public, and he said Michael didn’t have to re-hire him but he made him his estate executer way back in the days when they wrote the will together. My question is Michael asked him to return every files and documents to those new lawyers he mentioned in the letter, was the will part of the documents that was returned? Where are those lawyers who were hired at that time? Some people think Michael did not think he we was going to die so soon and probably did not bother to re-do his will. Mind you guys, in six years since he fired Branka he did not think to have a will that exclude Barnka from managing his estate? I don’t believe in that. Michael might not think he will die soon but he is not fool. Where is the new will???

    Much love to you,

  4. Thank you Bonnie, another great blog, i see you have worked very hard, AGAIN!! i so wish we could give the Justice dept a kick up the back side, sigh... i feel so frustrated, so long ass... all the bad guys are getting plenty of money no one will do anything, i believe in karma, i DO believe this will come to light, these executors will pay, one way or another, they will pay, i look forward to that day, meanwhile back to the drawing board, spreading this message, is it possible you can write up a letter to the justice dept, I am willing to help collect signatures, its time to make some noise, what do you think, THANK YOU FOR CARING!!!! love you MOST. MWAH

  5. Bonnie,
    In the Colorado case......are you saying it may take 10 Years BEFORE the Jackson Case even goes to trial?!!!

    Lord! How hope NOT!

  6. Mesrak-Mimi,
    Michael DID think he was going to die soon! He said he thought someone was trying to KILL him!

    All his Family stand behind this!

    There is another Will! (Unless they destroyed it ) Michael was not Stupid.
    I truly believe Branca is Lieing!

  7. Michael was fighting a System of Corruption that has been going on for Eons!

    These are Powerful and Wealthy People who have been Established long ago and have Experience in "Making Offers One Can't Refuse!"

    My Point is:

    The Only way Michael will get Justice here and now will be through: A MIRACLE FROM GOD!

    I am just beeing Realistic here. I'm sure by now, Michael's family has been threatened and offered "Shut-Up" money.

    These are Dangerous and Ruthless People were dealing with!

    Michael is not the first person to have been Assassinated. Presidents and Congressman Sonny Bono also have been assassinated, by the MOB.

    Please Be Careful Bonnie!

    is Much BIGGER than you can Imagine.

    I'm not trying to discourage you or make you afraid....I just want you to REALLY be AWARE of what you are getting into here.

    Just Please, Be Careful, Bonnie.

    My prayers are with you.

  8. Interesting what Josie said about possibly there being another will, but it being destroyed. If the bad guys put enough pressure on whoever had the latest will, they could have given it up or destroyed it.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Rhoda,
    I am sure the Real Will was destroyed some time ago!

    Think about it.....if (and I believe they are)
    they are killing (assassinating) all the people that might talk, like Peter Lopez and Evan Chandler....

    if they are getting rid of loose ends (per say) then how hard could it be for them to shred The Real Will.

    It's (the Real Will) long gone!

  11. Hi Bud - I read Charles's blog frequently and have posted links to it in previous updates here. Most of us that post here on this blog are serious about Justice. I also have a web site with sample letters to write along with addresses to various press and media, we have been successful in removing negative/slanderous information about Michael Jackson on two websites and had one publisher drop a book. Charles Thompson has an outstanding blog concentrating on bringing the press and the media to task for what they have done. Thank you for posting, Bud. :o)

    Jose - Good point about the gansters vs. the gans that Joe tried to keep his children from. Poor Michael!

    Meserak - Good question. You are not the only one that believes another will exists. And you are right. Branca was instructed to turn over ALL DOCUMENTS to Michael's new attorney, which Branca did not in reference to the will. Why else would Branca show up ten days after Michael died to wave that thing in the air? Because Branca needed the time to position himself (This is IT as Exec Producer!, Meet with Sony? Etc....) and falsify some signatures

    Where is the recent will? Maybe ask one of the dead guys . . . or, Maybe because there is a reason the true will is being kept hidden. (give them enough rope . . . )

    Taaj, yes I can work up a letter. Will send to you when I get it finished. I can attach pertinent documents (like the 2003 letter firing Branca).

    Josie - No not ten years . . . only that Sneddon needs to be investigated, but it won't happen . . . Judges in California are bribe takers. And don't worry. They have much bigger fish to fry than me.

    Rhoda - Good observation . . . what if Peter Lopez had it, they threatened him then just finally killed him? (Peter's friends did say he was acting stressed in the last few weeks before he died). My other theory is that maybe Peter knew of the other will but didn't have it and they killed him trying to get info about it. Same with Ayers getting killed . . . to scare Dr. Klein perhaps, into divulging that info. I mean Klein knew Michael for 30 years!

    Wendy - Thank you for your kind words and your support. This blog is just to get the truth out there and maybe solicit help . . . the true goal is justice and fixing a crooked system one victim's case at a time.

  12. Al Malnick came forward shortly after Michael died claiming Michael had made him Executor. When the family produced no will and went to file inestate, John Branca came forward with that 2002 one. Al Malnick went quiet and never said anything regarding that since.

    My question is: Why did he come forward claiming to be an Executor and then go quiet once Branca came forward?

    I believe there was a more recent will and it has been destroyed. I do not believe the 2002 Will is legit. Infact I believe it's a complete fraudulent document made up from the original 1997 Will. That would explain the many mistakes in the Will for such an important legal document. It was rushed through and put together in such haste to stop the family from gaining control of Michael's Estate.

    Branca is a fraud and so is that Will.


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