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Michael Jackson Justice: Attempts to Discredit and Distract, Press Working Overtime

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Attempts to Discredit and Distract, Press Working Overtime

Michael in "Dangerous"

July 31, 2010 – Attempts to Discredit and Distract, Press Working Overtime

Michael Jackson, the pop star, the vocalist, the musician, the celebrity . . . This is what most people knew about him. As a child member of the “Jackson 5”, he also held the title of child prodigy, 40-Year-Old-Midget, James Brown Jr. During the seventies he was the break-a-way brother of the Jackson 5, producing solo hits and during the 80’s, an MTV pioneer and musical short film innovator. He became a megastar.

So when did things start to go sour? There were relatively tame rumors until the mid 1980’s, when the rumors began taking on a more sinister bent. Rumors like the “Elephant Bones” rumor and “The Oxygen Chamber” rumor, and the “plastic surgery” rumors, taking female hormones for voice range, and the “Proposing to Elizabeth Taylor” and “dating only white girls” which led to the “race loathing” rumors that took hold right around the time that Michael’s Vitiligo disorder became extensive enough to be noticeable.

Michael finally dealt with these rumors head-on in the 1993 Oprah interview, but think about this. What happened in the mid-eighties with Michael other than the vicious turn the rumors took?

Michael purchased a music catalog that made barely a ripple in the general news but which turned heads in the music industry. In August of 1985, Michael became owner of the ATV catalog (the Northern Songs), which included 250 Beatles Songs, Elvis hits, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and other artists. This was one of the most sought after, but expensive song catalogs at that time and few could afford it. Martin Bandier bid against Michael for the catalog and did outbid him, but Michael had the cash readily available and he threw in the treat of a benefit concert, and won.

Michael in 1986 turning 28 as he becomes owner of Beatles Catalog, still lived with mom and dad

Who was around Michael during the mid to late 1980’s? John Branca, who negotiated the deal with the ATV for Michael, Frank DiLeo, both which received a Rolls Royce for helping in the negotiations.

Speculation has made it to my email on an idea that John Branca, who was watching for catalog deals himself, told Michael of the Northern Songs when they became available. Was there a possibility that Branca’s intention to own/control the ATV/Beatles catalog using Michael’s money was hatched back then? Was Branca unhappy with the Rolls Royce? Did he think he deserved more, like a percentage? How did he come to own 5% in the first place?

Although not much has been mentioned about Martin Bandier’s loss in this deal, wasn’t he the one that was quoted in articles saying he would “Kill for a good catalog?” Was he serious?

The timing of the beginning of the public destruction of Michael Jackson through the press and the ownership of the catalog fell right in step with one another.

As the eighties were pulled into the nineties, the tabloid tidbits turned into pure, unadulterated character assassination: “Michael hated being black”, “Michael was bleaching his skin”, “Michael was gay,” (a 1978 rumor remix), “Michael was fixated on children,” “Michael’s self-loathing”, and it went on and on.

Michael played catch up with some of the rumors on the Oprah interview in 1993, but shortly thereafter, the allegations of child molestation by the dentist/father of a boy Michael had befriended by the name of Evan Chandler made the news. Michael had fired Frank in 1988, two years after The Enquirer published the “Sleeps in an Oxygen Chamber” photos of Michael given them by Frank Dileo. When Frank was questioned about this by Katherine Jackson, along with the selling of the story of the Elephant Man bones, Frank’s reported reply was, “no, it’s good for publicity”, when Katherine begged him to stop making her son look “stupid”. It was in May of 1987 that the story of Michael wanting to buy the Elephant Man bones was sold to the press.

On April 20th, 1988, the book “Moonwalk” is published by Jackie Onassis' “Doubleday” publishers. It is an autobiography and the movie version is previewed at Cannes Film Festival on May 18. In February of 1989, the video “Leave me Alone” debuts in Europe to address the Press and paparazzi’s harassment and in February that year, Frank DiLeo is fired. Reports are they parted ways amicably.

Rumor had it that Michael was unhappy with Frank’s inability to get “Moonwalker” released world-wide. Other reports tell of Michael’s dissatisfaction with DiLeo’s idea’s of feeding rumors to the press to attract attention to Michael and it was not the kind of attention Michael wanted.

February 3, 1990 Michael receives the Role Model Award from Japan. This gets very little attention from the American press. They are too busy fulfilling another agenda.

On March 20, 1991, Michael signs the then biggest record deal in history with Sony, who bought out CBS/Epic Records, for a 15 year, $1billion dollar, six album and film contract and becomes CEO of his own record label Nation Records which is renamed MJJ Music. Michael is still the sole owner of the ATV/Beatles music catalog, and there is at this time no financial difficulties. Michael owns Neverland which regularly hosts chronically ill, disadvantaged and abused children for weekends of rides, theater, magic shows and train rides. Michael’s battles with the press are escalating at this point.

June of 1991, Michael pays for the funeral of David Ruffin of the Temptations, who’s family struggled with how to afford to bury him. This may have been where Michael’s awareness of what the music industry does to the artists that make them millions came to light for him. November 2nd and 3rd of 1991, Jermaine’s song “Word to the Badd” is leaked to radio stations in which Jermaine attacks Michael in the song. The next day a reported argument broke out between Michael and Jermaine. Who leaked that story to the press is unknown.

In the early part of 1992, Michael launches Heal the World Foundation, visits Africa and is crowned “King of Sami”, and visits hospitals, orphanages, schools & churches only to receive little positive media coverage.

In May, Michael meets Jordan Chandler. John Branca is still under the employ of Michael, Frank Dileo is out, Grace Rwamba is hired as secretary at MJJ Productions. Michael was introduced to Grace by Deepak Chopra. February 10th, 1993 is when the interview with Oprah at Neverland Ranch is aired.

From July 9th through August 16th, a plot to extort $20 million from Michael is discovered via a taped phone conversation between Jordan Chandler’s father Evan, and David Schwartz, Jordan’s step father. Jordan’s mother and step father turn over the tape to Michael’s lawyer. In the phone conversation, Evan tells Dave that he has people positioned and all he has to do is make the call. The threatens to ruin Michael Jackson. Lawyers for both sides demand and make counter demands over screen plays that Evan wants Michael to pay for. This grew into a battle of wills. Evan Chandler wanted to win more than Michael wanted to fight him about it. Evan Chandler drugged his own son with Sodium Amytal and threatened Michael with child services, sued his ex wife for child custody and won since child services was involved and ultimately Michael’s insurance companies and his lawyer suggested they take the deal. What this did was avert a possibly lengthy court battle, damage Michael’s career, health and possibly put him in jail. Michael’s insurance companies talked him into taking the deal, the Chandler’s walked away with millions, and Michael’s reputation was still ruined.

Then the pile-on began with the media. Michael’s criminal lawyer at the time was Howard Weitzman . . . yes the very same Howard Weitzman who represented John Branca against Katherine for the estate and the same lawyer whom the judge appointed, after making the ruling that Branca and McClain stay on as executors, as co-executor for Michael’s children. Bob Jones was Michael’s publicist at the time and Anthony Pellicano represented Michael in the negotiations to avert the threats from Chandler.

Where was John Branca? What was he doing at this time?

“All three took over after Branca. Grubman negotiated Michael Jackson’s estimated $30 million deal with Sony Music. Fields also represented Jackson during contract talks with Sony Music in the early 1990s, as well as during the 1993 child molestation allegations made against Jackson in 1993.

“Michael replaced John Branca with three specialist attorneys: Allen Grubman (to handle negotiations with his record company), Lee Phillips (music publishing), and Bertram Fields (litigation).”

Sony hadn't yet partnered with Michael in the ATV catalog. That didn't happen until 1995. However, Bandier had just finished a stint as manager of the catalog with Universal Music. Martin Bandier is now the CEO of the Sony/ATV catalog with Sony. What luck for him!

According to this link (source), John Branca, interviewed after Michael’s passing, said that the family “applauded three times when they found out who would get the property” when asked about their reaction to the contents of the will. This is in direct conflict with what other family members had testified to in interviews and on Twitter.

Both Katherine and Joe Jackson, in separate motions, moved to contest the executors. Katherine was turned away based on a clause in the will which stated if she, as a beneficiary, contested the will, she could lose everything if she lost the suit.

Joe Jackson was turned away by his lawyer, Brian Oxman who instead opted to go after the long shot of filing a wrongful death suit against AEG Live. Brian Oxman is the same lawyer who was fired by Mesereau during the 2005 trial defending Michael, for falling asleep during the proceedings. Brian Oxman was also on the Ayscough list of creditors going after Michael Jackson to collectively try to drive him into involuntary bankruptcy. Make of that what you will.

The John Branca link above for that interview has made it’s way across the internet. John Branca says he was surprised by the opposition by Katherine’s lawyers after that meeting with the family. Michael’s fans are even more surprised about the story that Michael ever hired Branca back in 2009 after everything that was unearthed during the 2005 trial.

Michael accepting an award shortly before the 2003 allegations

Since Michael’s passing, the people that sought to ruin Michael had to tread a thin line. Here they had an opportunity to capitalize on the death biggest artist of all time, but all the damage they had done to him through the press and the media could possibly put a damper on their pay-day. Sony wanted control of both the Sony/ATV and the MiJack catalog. Michael’s master recordings were due to revert back to him in July of 2009, the month before he passed. The MiJack was to become Michael’s free and clear in 2011. In the meantime, they had tons to make over the "TII" deal and the newly revitalized interest in Michael's past albums. They needed the press to play the sympathy card.

Michael Rehearsing During "This is It" Production

Sony foresaw the billion dollar losses this year with their company. Michael was gearing for a concert that nobody could seem to talk him into until late 2008. Sony knew they had to have an interest in this concert aside from the royalties and licensing fees of the songs they still controlled, contractually, until 2011, so part of their agreement with AEGLive for Michael to perform these songs could have included having an interest present during production and concert performances, which AEG readily agreed to. This could be one of the possibilities as to how Branca and McClain ever got installed as an executive producer of “This is It” concerts and/or the posthumous documentary of the rehearsal footage. It is also a possibility as to how Frank DiLeo could have been installed as Michael’s manager and the resulting confusion during his last months as to who, actually, was representing Michael.

I would love to see the contract between AEGLive and Sony Music.

So while the press is pouring over news about Michael’s death, speculating on his drug addictions and denigrating health, AEGLive and those involved in the concert promotion were hailing Michael’s genius, energy and creativity. Michael was portrayed as a pop star riddled with scandal, striving to make a comeback which was eaten alive by insecurity, years of drug dependency and health issues which left him lacking confidence in his own ability on the stage after so many years absence and finally succumbed to the pressure of performing at a concert that couldn’t be pulled off.

It stands to reason that, playing this card, "This is It" would draw not only the long time, loyal fans, but the morbidly curious Michael bashers as well. After breaking records for a music documentary and making a quarter of a billion dollars, I guess job well done.

What really happened, is the final plan by those who for two decades conspired to gain control of what is now the third largest music publishing catalog in the world. They have had many accomplices over the years, but it has always been the same handful of people.

“It’s all going to come out….It’s all going to unfold.” Jermaine Jackson, when asked about why he thought Michael’s passing was a conspiracy . . . Did he know who was responsible? “ . . . yes – yes I do, I can’t say, but I know because . . . they’ve always been after him and he always felt his life was going to be taken…” Interview in Australia shortly after Michael’s passing.

Latoya says “It’s more than Dr. Murray involved, I promise you that! They know exactly who they are and I’m going to let you know exactly what’s going on.”

Rebbie Jackson’s interview on the Today Show. She can’t even commit to it being Dr. Murray to blame, citing an ongoing investigation, even after he had been arrested. At 1:48 she begins discussing those (plural) being involved paying the consequences. She knows who it is. In this interview she says that there will be some “interesting results”

Dr. Tohme R. Tohme – (off camera at 7:30) “The truth will come out”

Funny . . . Dr. Murray said the same thing, "The truth will prevail"

While the truth is in the process of coming out, you can bet the media will probably have little to do with it.

What Dame Elizabeth had to say about the way Michael was treated by the press. Larry King’s Interview with Dame Elizabeth

Those out there writing that Michael Jackson was lazy and didn’t want to work to support his “celebrity” lifestyle is a bunch of hogwash. Just a few People testify to Michael’s work ethic and among them, dancers such as Debbie Allen from “Fame”,
Debbie Allen on Michael’s dancing

The press continues to spin. But they make this sound evil. He was a history buff. Give me a break Michael a Nazi?

Peter Lopez not a Suicide

Remember what the press did to Michael they also did to his family. Stories of Jermaine’s “Word to the Badd” are still surfacing as proof that Michael’s brother had it in for him. That was almost twenty years ago. The media was used to set the stage for those trying to destroy Michael much as it is to twist our perception of the truth in the social, economical, and political platforms. When did freedom of expression and liable cross paths?

The players in Michael Jackson’s demise have always been the same. Listen to what the family says. They have “always” been after him. Always. The “New Kids” on the Jackson block, such as AEGLive, Colony Capital, Anschutz corp just happened to be present. Colony Capital has done nothing but save the Neverland Ranch. That’s it. That is all they are guilty of thus far. Anschutz Corporation is guilty of investing in Michael’s "Dome" project, thus far. That’s all they have done. AEGLive, owned by Anschutz is guilty of trying to produce a concert. This is where whatever happened came together. Somebody got to Michael. The Jackson’s know who it is. And like Rebbie said . . . I think we are going to see some very interesting results.

The press is being used by both sides. Pray, listen, discern. They have always been after him. Think about that.


  1. Well done Bonnie. You know I was just thinking about all of this, this week. If Michael had never purchased that catalogue I wonder how his life would have turned out. IMO, there wouldn't have been any consipracy. THEY wouldn't have been after him.
    Interesting to read about Martin Bandier. I wonder if he is one of "THEY" that have always been after him.
    I really hope the whole truth is revealed one day.

  2. Good to see you back and with such a discerning article too.

    This situation is like a chess game(no disrespect). There are moves being made, but who is the master. Colony Capital, Tom Barrack is starting to be attacked; why? Is he standing in the way? What exactly is his role? Am I mistaken or was that Janet Jackson vacationing in the vicinity of Barrack and co. ironing out the Mirimax deal? Interesting.

    The stakes are very high, as you say. Look how they upped the ante after the unanticipated (for them) outcome of the trial. After underestimating the jury, the attempt to annihilate MJ into line became #1 on their agenda. But, I think that this man was making visible and shadow moves of his own. We'll see. Every day, there is more information out there; what is written and what is not.

    You are right, Bonnie. Discernment is key.

    Oh, and regarding the Nazi article: A voracious reader and history buff will have everything in their library. Plus, know thy enemy.

    I'll stop blathering now :} Peace and harmony.

  3. Thank you Bonnie for this. Do you know that a LOT of so called fans still don't know about Michael's life? So thanks to remind us what he endured all his life.
    Concerning Branca... this is a possibility but it's just theory right? Until we can see the contract between AegLive and Sony we can't say that Branca was in the production of the concerts (I say concert, not the documentary), the same goes for DiLeo rehired as manager.
    Second: probably AEG is not involved but I'm still not so sure about that because everyone knew about Michael's health. Kenny, Phillips and Payne were aware of the fact that Michael had insomnia (Kenny said Michael used to call him in the middle of the night) and when he didn't show up at the rehearsals they went to his house to get him out of the bed. If they're not conspirators they are accomplices.
    And concerning the family, I don't like any of them. Since Michael's death eveyone of them is seeking publicity. I don't know if I can trust Jermaine again after what I saw, Jermaine trying to recreate the This Is It.
    Everyone is cashing on Michael.
    Can we really believe to what came out of their mouths?

  4. Hi Bonnie, hope you're feeling a little better...
    thanks for yet another amazing post so full of things to let simmer, to think about, to digest. This is all so confusing and yet the confusion is part of the plan, imho... right?
    It takes a lot of goodwill and perseverance to discern.
    Thanks for helping us, :-)

  5. I found this to be a very interesting article (downloadable) on the background and timeline of the early media frenzy:

    How could AEG not be involved? Doesn't make sense to me.

    I'm surprised at Joe, Oxman looks to be somehow involved too. Could it be that pursuing Joe's wishes to contest the will could (even remotely) link back to Oxman's involvement at some level?

    Wow, that Jermaine video...
    Stealing Michael's military look, and now we know why he was overshadowed by Michael. Jermaine can be heard hitting a flat note in "I'll be There". Surprised that slipped through that concert promo video. Jermaine has long been overshadowed by Michael's talents. Now is his time to "shine" I guess. Many in that family are limelight grabbing opportunists, nothing new there. But this by Jermaine is blatant. I believe the "career first" upbringing has a lot to do with the self-important behaviors.

    This Is It - yah, and I was shocked to see both LaToya and E.Taylor singing it's praises on Twitter around Awards time. Why?

    A lot of people study Hitler's strategies and the background of his rise to power. That doesn't make them Nazis. "Hitler's Children" is an anti-Hitler, American-made WWII propaganda film. Geez...propaganda used for there's a concept.

    On a side note, I do have to wonder if the family has had to choose between life and exposing those involved in the murder. Surely if they really do know then they've been threatened or otherwise derailed ('too tempting to refuse' offers?) Just a guess...

  6. "They have always been after him. Think about that."

    Are we talking as far back as the "40 year old midget" label?

  7. Bonnie – thank you for this very informative blog. I was furious and my blood was boiling reading what they have done to him.

    How many people ever thought about the connection of him buying the ATV/Beatles catalog and the rumors, not me at all. Why Michael hired back Frank after what he did to him in the80’s? Was Frank part of the conspiracy to destroy Michael by feeding the rumors? Why was that Michael did not expose the bad guys who were trying to destroy him long ago, and what was his reasons?

    Mr. Tom Mesereau now thinks taking the Chandlers’ deal was the biggest mistake in Michael’s part. He said, if he hadn’t taking the deal but fought to the end, it had saved his reputation. Do you believe in that?

    What I have heard is since John Branca is a music business lawyer, he could not involve in criminal allegation since his expertise of law is in music. Are there any other investigations going on other than what LAPD is doing? We know what the California court system did to him in the past so how do we know they are doing their job? Who is going to unfolding this “interesting results”? – LAPD?? I believe with all my heart the family knows. Would you know if anything happen in your family despite whatever problems you have with them? I guess so.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Ladyaquarius, your mention of Jackie Jackson producing the November album really caught my attention, as I have wondered why so little has been heard from Jackie since Michael's passing. Why would Jackie partner with $ony if not for money? Isn't that what this is all about? And regarding Jermaine, listening to him attempt to sing Michael's songs just causes me to wretch! I suppose he has the right to sing J5 or Michael songs but at least try to stay on key! Let's face it, they ALL have to do something to make a living now that their meal ticket is gone.

    Michael forgave his siblings' jealousy and calamitous comments oftentimes through the years. It's really hard to take that they, too, would capitalize on his death.

  10. An interesting tidbit is that the "new" upcoming November release of MJ's recordings put onto the 1st of several albums is produced by (hang on to your hats) Jackie Jackson--MJ's eldest brother. $ony and Branca (the Estate) sure know how to open their wallets don't they? Was this a bribe of sorts to ensure Jackson silence about MJ's suspicious death? DEFINITELY. Anyone with a sound mind can figure that out. As for Jermaine's "wanna be MJ" act anyone really surprised there? I'm not, especially after his own quote: "I could have been Michael. It's all a matter of timing and luck." from Celebrity Tantrums: The Official Dirt by Lisa Brandt--if such was truly said, but sometimes...well, actions DO speak louder than words, and in this case, his "wanna be MJ" crap of recent days proves it.

    In any case, Lisa (Hi Lisa, from one Lisa to another, btw.) had basically asked here if any one of the Jackson family can be believed when it comes to "knowing" who killed MJ. And, if these people (meaning the killer/s) have ALWAYS been there since the beginning, well then...when MJ passed, the media reported that Randy Jackson was at MJ's home in Holmby Hills that day. Hmm...

    No...I am NOT saying Randy killed his brother. But I am saying HE knows or at the very least has a darned good idea who did.

    In any case, the REAL murderer is NOT Conrad Murray (sorry--just my gut hunch here). Why? It's well known that after Murray rigged Michael up and dosed him with the INITIAL shot of Propofol, he went to go chit-chat on his cellphone (although he claimed he went to the bathroom--but such was discredited courtesy of his cellphone log, according to the LAPD reports). Now, okay...take a good look at this...Murray supposedly chit-chatted for approximately 30 mins. or so AFTER Michael had the Propofol administered. 30 minutes is a LONG time to leave a patient unattended. So, my thoughts are there was SOMEONE ELSE who went in that room, while MJ was "dozing" and Murray was blissfully chit-chatting, and quite possibly administered the fatal dose of Propofol that many speculators and Media nutcases have tried to imply that MJ injected himself with.

    The question is WHO? But, would Randy know (if he was at MJ's house)? Food for thought...

  11. @June...I added a few more thoughts to my original posted comment here since your response, but's shameful that Michael's own family appear to be trying to cash in on the Family's "cash cow." Sadly though, they've been doing such for years. :(

  12. @ ladyaquarius: I saw your additional thoughts about someone else administering the fateful dose. That, unfortunately, is one of Murray's defenses, along with his second absurd claim that Michael injected himself. And as you say the question is WHO? I tend to think it WAS Murray and I will explain why: for the two preceding nights, Murray had been able to induce Michael to sleep with only the benzos and versed. So a pattern had been established. On that fateful third night, Murray had reason to know that Michael would sleep from the benzos and versed, so while Michael slept, Murray injected him with all the propopol necessary to complete the job. But even with this scenario, we still don't have the connection from Murray to WHO? ..... The subject of Michael allowing himself to be sedated with his children in the house possbly needing him came up on another blog causing me to really examine would Michael allow himself to be put so far under that he would not be able to respond to his childrens' needs? This would not be the Michael Jackson we "knew" and loved. So I also do not buy the long-term propofol use claimed by Dr. Murray, as I said it was the benzos for two nights, worked fine, and then the overdose by Murray of the prop on the final fateful night.

  13. @June: I tend to agree with your reason as to why everything points to Murray. However, the key issue remains: For some 30 mins. or more, Murray was NOT with his patient (Michael) because he was gabbing on his cellphone, and his cellphone logs substantiate that fact. So, if it wasn't Murray (even though this is his "defense") that administered the fatal dose of Propofol to Michael (anotherwords, there is NO WAY that Michael himself could've done it--someone else had to, IF Murray's "defense" is somewhere in the ballpark of theorium. This in turn indicates that means there IS a good possibility that someone who was obviously trusted in MJ's household who could have easily gone up to the bedroom where MJ was "sleeping", and gave him a 2nd (the fatal) dose of Propofol while Murray was gabbing on the phone, not paying attention to his patient. For all we know, it could've been a trusted member of MJ's own Security. Nonetheless, this person was likely on the payroll of one of the Conspirators as well.

  14. For Everyone: My latest comment to June is one of the many reasons why I believe that Murray will NEVER be convicted, I'm sad to say. But worse, I think it is extremely likely (knowing the Feds are involved in this matter) that Murray's life is also on the line. Who knows? The man may never even make it to trial, before someone "bumps him off."

  15. I say this without malice, but just because Murray was on the phone for 30mins doesn't mean he wasn't in the room. He could have been in the room on the phone talking and watching as the propofol killed Michael.

    Another point June mentioned is would Michael really allow himself to be put under sedation that much with his children in the house. It's hard for me to think Michael would put himself before his children. That is why I wonder if those that conspired to kill him also told Michael they would harm his family if he didn't do these concerts.

  16. @ladyaquarius1962, I believe Murray IS involved in MJ's murder. He changed his story TOO MUCH not to be involved. One lie after another to coverup his own actions. First he was talking on the phone. But he said he left to take a leak for 10 minutes and came back and MJ was dead. I believe THESE LIES are so obvious because I believe MJ WAS DEAD HOURS before it was reported. Think about this: Murray claimed he gave MJ propofol at 10:40 AM. THINK!! According to Kai Chase, Michael always came downstairs to eat breakfast with his kids at 12 noon. Exactly why would he put MJ to sleep when it's time to RISE AND SHINE? I've asked this many times. WHAT'S THE TIMELINE OF MJ LEAVING REHEARSAL THAT LATE NIGHT? Who was with him? When did he arrive home? Was it planned to kill him on his arrival? One strange things, THE FIRE PLACE IN MJ'S ROOM WAS ON IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. I believe MJ died EARLIER and the heat was to keep the body warm to confuse TIME OF DEATH.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. @MJmedia: All good possibilities there as well. But, supposedly according to Cherilyn Lee and Karen Faye--MJ had been complaining of being cold a great deal in the days close to his passing, so that too would explain his fireplace being lit. Keep in mind that Michael's lungs were enflamed and he was on antibiotics for pneumonia. That too would explain his being cold. (I've personally experienced such.)

    As for the timeline concern, I am in total agreement that Michael had already been dead for quite some time. I believe in the theory that he was dead at least as long as 2 hrs. BEFORE the paramedics were even called to his home. When Michael arrived at the Hospital, they supposedly noted that the early stages of rigor mortis ( had set in.

    But, this whole thing "bugs" me to no end, and I ask that you bear with my suspicion here that Murray is NOT the true killer. Why? Have you ever known a licensed, professional Cardiologist to literally panic since finding his patient dead unexpectedly??? That doesn't quite add up right here.

    Another thing, why do you think that Murray stopped performing CPR on Michael to supposedly hide/dispose of the Propofol? Now...if Murray is NOT the killer, then it's a sure bet that Murray smelled a setup, and he was the "prize patsy of the moment."

    Please, don't get me wrong...I think that Murray being a professional Cardiologist should have known better than to even allow Propofol being administered with him there, without proper training on its usage on his part, and by NOT having the proper medical tools available should something have gone wrong. That alone is grossly negligent on his part, and deserving of a prison term. But...did he in fact murder Michael? I'm sorry, I just don't believe that he did.

  19. LonelyTruth - I trust that the whole truth will be revealed one day. I have faith in that.

    jomc12 - I would also like to see Sneddon pay and be pulled into this. When people get greedy they get stupid and they make bold moves that reveal their intentions. And I think there are certain people out there that underestimate Michael's fans and admirers, because we're not just about owning the latest CD's . . . We've made an effort to get to know him and the more you know Michael and his character, the least likely they are to twist you around and off the truth.

    lisa - Yes, I don't think Branca was in the production of the concerts, he was just an "interest" represented there. He is one of the executive producers of "This is It" and so is John McClain. Frank DiLeo would have had more of an active part in the actual production as Michael's manager. As far as Michael's family goes, I want you to remember before passing any judgment that while the Sony interests were out there sabataging Michael, they were also very negative toward the Jackson family in general. This served to effectively isolate Michael from everyone, including his own family, just by them reading things about what each other may or may not have said in the papers.

    I believe, like any other family, that they have had their differences. I also believe that certain family members are doing what they have to do to put things in motion, but I don't believe for one minute that any of the Jackson siblings have ever wished harm upon the other.

    I think that 2005 trial changed everything and the Jackson family had just had it. When someone from the outside attacks they all pulled together. And Jermaine, as much as people have said about him and no, he's not perfect, but I don't believe he is capable of hurting anyone. His eyes are too soft. It's just not there. Bruised egos from their past and careers, sure . . . but vengeance? No. He loved his little brother, even if he did frustrate him. Jermaine took out his frustration in his song. Michael had it out with him . . . end of story. Geeze, these guys can't even have a good, healthy fight without the whole entertainment industry, tabloids included getting involved. Maybe they went out back and solved the whole thing with a water balloon fight. And Maybe Michael won! LOL!

  20. Simo - I am, thank you very much. Funeral is this Saturday and I have to get over to that blog and answer posts too. (hands tired, been typing all day). Yes there is confusion on both sides. You can discern the information put out there on it's merits or emotions. Trying to push the emotions back long enough to weigh in the merits of the information is hard. I learned this big lesson in the begining of this when we were being bombarded with TMZ updates and everyone was livid about Grace Rw moving back in with Michael's children . . . all emotional hooks to keep us glued and off the focus of the illusion.

    truthbtold2all - Oh, AEG is involved alright, I'm just not sold on exactly what their role is. I have my suspicions but I will just say that I believe AEG was not in the bad-buy seat. The reason I believe that is because AEG is a new figure in Michael's life and not part of the conspiracy when Michael mentioned it on 60 Minutes in 2003. I believe the players in this haven't changed much. AEG, we will have to wait and see on this one.

    I think a lot of backlash that the family has been subjected to is really unfair. Attention grabbers . . . yes, they have to be right now and there is a reason for that. It's not for money and even if it were, I say GOOD FOR THEM! I hope the suck the tabloids for every last penny they have! Let them go on the paid interviews! While everyone is watching to see what they will do or say, something in the background will be going on with little notice that will bring about Justice for Michael. More power to them!

    I will leave off here for tonight . .. hands are numb and I must get some sleep. Be Back tomorrow.

  21. Bonnie - on your most recent post, someone put up that Randy Phillips had known Michael for close to 20 years, through an "LA Gear" deal. She included a link to a convo with Phillips in 2008. I didn't know that Randy P. went back that far with Michael.

    On another note, the Los Angeles County Bar Association is having a seminar dealing with "the Jackson cases" on September 15th. The speakers are Mesereau, Feldman, Zonen, retired Judge Melville, several others. The only relevant "nonparticipant" is Tom Sneddon who is probably afraid to show his face in LA. This is an event for "lawyers" for their bar credits, but when I wrote asking if the Bar Ass'n had intentions to record the event for public distribution, I was told there are no present intentions to do so but that I should check back a week before the event, as perhaps that will change. I feel if there is sufficient interest/demand, that the Bar Ass'n may actually do it. The email address is if your readers are interested in making such a request.

  22. June - I'm not even sure about that on Randy. He may have worked on an L.A. Gear commercial (was Michael in one of those) but did that mean he and Michael ever met? I didn't think they went that far back either. I doubt this but will check on it. thank you for the information to record the event! I will write them too and see what they say.

  23. Bonnie - May 31, 2009 London Sunday Times has long, slanted article on whether Michael would go through with/survive the concerts, mostly not worth reading, but as for the earlier mentioned connection between Michael and Randy Phillips: "It was a very different story when Phillips first met Jackson in 1993, while negotiating on his behalf an endorsement deal with the fashionable trainer brand LA Gear." And any "googling" of "Michael Jackson L A Gear" brings up many articles, ads and even YouTube vids of Michael promoting his autographed LA Gear Sneakers. (They were really great looking, BTW). One article says "LA Gear wound up suing Michael Jackson for breach of contract, and he countersued them. The company soon declared bankruptcy." Yet another law suit against Michael with Phillips "representing him on an endorsement deal with LA Gear"?

    Additionally, whoever posted this info initially on your blog included a link of Phillips' 2008 conversation on this subject.

    So yes I believe Randy Phillips did have dealings with Michael as far back as the early 90's when everything began to go south for Michael. Certainly not saying he was the "cause"; but he's not completely in the clear either.


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