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Michael Jackson Justice: Dr. Murray Wants Fluids, Fans Want Handcuffs, I want the truth

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dr. Murray Wants Fluids, Fans Want Handcuffs, I want the truth

August 25, 2010 – Dr. Murray Wants Fluids, Fans Want Handcuffs, I want the Truth.

Stepping from the cacophony of the trials OUTSIDE the courtroom to the one inside and we learn that Michael’s family and fans were to again be disappointed.

“As we previously reported, Murray's legal team scored a minor victory today -- as the judge granted their request to get fluid samples from Michael Jackson as part of their defense in his involuntary manslaughter trial.” Source

There has been some confusion as to why the defense would wait until a year after Murray has been formally charged, to ask for samples they could have and should have requested back when they were first building their case. Also curious is just how they expect to get fluid samples from a body that for all intensive purposes, is preserved and buried. First, I find it ironic that in the searches I have done regarding this, ONLY the gossip blogs and tabloids have this information? We can get those answers from these two different explanations here:

Here Murray says he is not upset about those chanting and calling him “murderer” Source

Conrad Murray: Photo Credit TMZ

Here Murray’s lawyers ask for Samples FROM MICHAEL JACKSON for retest of propofol levels. Source

Here Murray is GRANTED the request to test samples HELD BY THE CORONER. Source

The above link also mentions the preliminary trial date set for January 4, 2011. So far we have had an August Preliminary trial, a June preliminary Trial and an April preliminary trial. Is this a Jackson family ploy to get the fans to devote all their money to paying for airplane flying banners over the courthouse so they will have no money left to buy Sony products? (Okay, I am just kidding).

Preliminary trials and reasons for delays . . . a short timeline.

April 5, 2010 Preliminary – Described as a procedural hearing to assign a judge to the case. Here Judge Peter Espinoza turned the case over to Judge Michael Pastor for reasons of conflict of interest with prosecutor and Judge Pastor set another preliminary for June 14, 2010 to determine the status of Murray’s medical license.

June 14, 2010 Preliminary – Here was argued that Murray could keep his California medical license. Another Preliminary trial is set for August 23, 1010.

August 23, 2010 – Request is made for, and granted, that Murray’s defense be given fluid samples from Michael Jackson to determine levels of propofol in Michael’s system. New Preliminary trial date set for January 4, 2011.

January 4, 2010 – to be determined. This will make Preliminary hearing number four. Anyone want to make any predictions? I predict that either another preliminary trial date will be set, or for some reason not enough evidence will be offered for a decision not to bring this to trial. However, I lean toward another preliminary trial, which will probably be scheduled for March sometime, which will lead to a discovery that will begin to turn this case around in a direction we never expected.

Some things I learned about Conrad Murray lead me to believe that there are some entities that even more than the Jackson’s, would like to see him prosecuted and in jail.

In the beginning of this, Joe Jackson supported and represented by Brian Oxman, began trying to challenge the estate executors on the will after Katherine and her lawyer pulled back. Then suddenly, after being told that Joe could not challenge the estate (and Katherine couldn’t either?) they decide to just go after AEG and forget Branca?

What is Leonard Rowe’s background, and just who is representing Joe Jackson?

Leonard Rowe is a concert promoter. Source

In a June 15th Examiner article Rowe is quoted as saying that Michael told him that “they” wanted his music catalog and they would kill for it. But Rowe says NOTHING about this in his book which was released on (surprise!) June 25, of this year, the anniversary of Michael’s worldwide publicized death. Ironically the title “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, The King of Pop: The Evil Side of the Entertainment Industry”, covers only the evils of AEG Live and mentions nothing at all about Sony and the decades long battle Michael had with them. Source

However, several interviews in PRINT do quote Leonard Rowe talking about Michael’s ATV catalog, the conspiracy and even quotes Rowe as saying that Michael himself spoke of “them” wanting to “kill for it” (the catalog). If I was going to spend $24 dollars on a paperback book to delve into the depths of the music industry conspiracy and came back with a concert promoter’s interpretation of one contract between Michael and another concert promoter, I’d be a little ticked off! Source

At first, my thoughts upon hearing what this book contained (or didn’t contain) had my brain working toward another Sony propagandist. Why would Rowe want to sweep 20 years of brutal, intellectual property theft by an international industry under the rug? Do any of you feel like you paid for a steak dinner and got a stick of gum instead?

The press release linked above, states in one paragraph,

“In the book, Rowe, who was with Michael just a few days before he passed, writes that he believes there was a conspiracy behind the murder of Michael Jackson relating to his 50 percent ownership of the entire Sony catalogue, which is now worth billions of dollars.” Source

This is not covered in the book at all, and according to one friend who says she read the book, seems to take the focus OFF of Sony and land the responsibility for Michael’s death squarely on the shoulders of AEG. It doesn’t mention the catalog or the conspiracy at all. I don’t know what FastPencil’s rules are, but that is false and misleading information to sell a book. And for $24 dollars, I’m sorry, but even I HAVE more information than what Rowe has in his book.

The sources that quote Rowe talking about the Sony/ATV catalog are mainly with the tabloids and not directly quoted as in this TMZ article.

I want to know why Leonard Rowe would advertise a book saying one thing yet SELL a book saying something completely different.

Michael during his 2005 Trial

I would also like to know how Leonard Rowe managed to put together the Allgood concert deal, as he states in his book, yet manage to escape the lawsuit lodged against Michael’s estate and Frank DiLeo for the failure of same said concert series. The lawsuit was dismissed on the 20th of this month due to lack of merit and an unenforceable agreement which was not a contract. In the article listed at this source, the article states:

“The federal judge ruled today that Jackson's agent Frank Dileo merely struck the deal with AllGood in principle, that couldn't become binding without the sign-offs of MJ and his brothers. The judge also said the deal was just too sketchy to be enforceable.” Source

I don’t see Leonard Rowe’s name anywhere on here. Leonard’s book was the first I heard that he had anything to do with Allgood. It also said in that same article:

“The case had been partially dismissed last month and now it has been closed forever. "This case never had any merit and the claim was frivolous from day one,” TMZ quoted Howard Weitzman, the lawyer
for the Michael Jackson Estate, as saying.”

When did Howie become the spokesperson for the estate? Is he getting 10% now too? And why would Leonard Rowe perpetuate Joe Jackson blaming Katherine for Michael’s death? Is Leonard Rowe now in the “divide and conquer” game? What is his REAL job? Fight for Michael or divide the Jackson family against each other?

Back to Dr. Murray, it is getting very interesting to see where the dividing lines are now being formed. This is going to hurt:

Search Texas for Medical License Dr. Murray Source reveals active license with original license date 02/04/2005 and EXPIRATION DATE 08/31/2010.

CONRAD ROBERT MURRAY: License Status – ACTIVE/ License Number - M0502
License Type – MD/ Address - ACRES HOME HEART & VASCULAR IN/Address - 6826 WEST MONTGOMERY, HOUSTON, TX 77091/ Birthdate - 1958 /Original License Date - 04 Feb 2005
License Expiration Date - 31 Aug 2010/ Education - MEHARRY MED COLL SCH OF MED, NASHVILLE Specialty – 1 CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES/Specialty2 - INTERNAL MEDICINE

Search for Nevada Medical License Dr. Murray – Source

According to this Murray’s medical license in Nevada expires 6/30/2011
Expiration Date: 6/30/2011

Search for California Medical License for Dr. Murray Source

According to this Murray’s license expires in February of 2011.

Murray’s next court date is January 4th of 2011. Murray is currently practicing in the Houston office, where he was graciously hired back by his clinic and in the only state where he is operating without any restrictions on his license . . . You would think that Murray was paying close attention to his expiration date. Upon searching California's records, it shows a restriction for Texas, but not on the Texas Medical Board web site.

Under personal physician information tab on this California search, I found:
Board Certification(s):No board certifications identified (no certifications?) and that all information was reported by the licensee. What does that mean?

Board Certification(s):No board certifications identified

Dr. Murray’s real name is Robert Earl Carter and he is married to Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray. Remember this rumor?

I did a search on Robert Earl Carter and found a bunch of links leading to blogs, hoax sites and web pages. Have to address these because they exist and people see them. I also did a search on the name for Dr. Murray’s wife and I now regret embarking on this path. This is what I found:


If this is Dr. Murray’s wife or previous wife, then she is also a Doctor. However interesting to note is the fact that they both seemingly went to and graduated from the same medical school, Meharry Medical College School Of Medicine and graduated the same exact year, of 1989. What are the odds?

Further alone this site also lists residencies completed at Ghent Family Practice Center. Family Medicine, Completed: 1992 and Eastern Virgnia School of Medicine Family Medicine, Completed: 1992. Her practice is listed as Kindred Hospital - Las Vegas, 5110 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV and her board certifications (which oddly enough, Dr. Conrad Murray has none) is American Board of Family Medicine. Going to the Nevada Medical Board listed no one under than name, so I searched for a Dr. Bonnick Murray in California.

This site also lists Ms. Blanche Murray as a doctor in California. Source A search for a California medical license for her shows no listing either, yet she is all over the searches in Google.

In California she is listed as working with SCRIPPS CLINIC MEDICAL GROUP. A search on that reveals several centers throughout California. Other links with Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray include: She gets around! Ironically on this link, her expiration date on her license is 8/31/2010 . . . same as Dr. Conrad Murray’s license for Nevada. Primary address on general information tab lists 2500 wigwam parkway, Henderson, NV 89074. She is listed with the Virginia Board of Medicine.

So Dr. Conrad Murray and Dr. Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray share a last name, a graduating medical school, a year of graduation and an August 31, 2010 license expiration date.

Coincidence? (No wonder I have a migraine).

So did Ms. Bonnick Murray borrow Mr. Conrad Murray’s info or visa-versa?

I am going to go out on a limb here (been doing that a lot lately) and venture to say that Conrad Murray is NOT a medical doctor. I am also going to lay my blog on the line and say that Conrad Murray is NOT guilty of murder.

Michael during HIS trial. Do we want this happening again?

I am sick to my stomach. Everyone shouting “murderer” (including myself early on in the beginning of this blog) is doing to Conrad Murray exactly what the press and the public did to Michael Jackson during his trials (throughout his whole life . . . guilty, guilty, guilty . . . of nothing).

Does this mean Conrad is not guilty of murder? I’m not sure. I do know that it could very well mean that Conrad Murray is not who everyone thinks he is.

I know I’m going to get attacked over this, but read the information on the links for yourself. Then ask . . . Are we possibly condemning another innocent man before he has a chance for trial?

If Murray is indeed a doctor, why would his wife share the same credentials, medical school and graduation date and license expiration date?

If Murray is NOT a doctor, why and how would he manage to get involved with Michael AS HIS DOCTOR? His license origination date is February of 2005. That is almost a month into Michael’s child molestation trial. If Sony is behind this (or AEG), why would they wait until 2009 to use Murray to kill Michael?

If Murray is NOT guilty of murdering Michael, then what exactly is going on?


This makes me just want to give up. I'm sorry Michael . . .what else was I supposed to do?



  2. Hi Bonnie...What this whole blog entry shows is that what Jermaine Jackson said early on in so many words or less is quite possibly true and that is: "Murray is a patsy." Or could be telling us that Murray is a not-very good liar about himself being a doctor! now we potentially have someone literally playing doctor. there a rock big enough to hide under till all of this gets sorted through and dealt with???

  3. Robert Earl Carter is a different Dr. altogether. Maybe that is who Blanche is married to now. Sometimes people keep their Ex's name after a divorce. Dr. Conrad has many patients. I know THEY can't be in on a hoax, if that is where you're going with this.

    I am absolutely DISGUSTED with those people shouting "murderer" at Dr. Murray. Even is he WAS paid to kill Michael, threatened, or if it was an accident. We DON'T know all the facts yet. I personally believe he may have been threatened, but that is just my opinion. I too, want to know the truth of what is going on, but as far as we know Michael IS dead, so that's what I'm working with. The suspicious actions off those around Michael only lead me to believe they MIGHT be guilty of SOMETHING, whether that be a murder conspiracy, negligence, greed, or all of those things, they ARE suspicious. AEG/CC included. I am not accusing anyone, I want the facts.

  4. Bonnie,
    I had to read this at least twice to get things straight.Don't apologize because a lot of this makes sense. For one thing, Murray's contract NOT being signed. For a second, he administered CPR on a bed, with ONE hand. For a third,he didn't have the proper equipment to monitor a patient under anesthesia. For a fourth, the 911 call was made 82 minutes after finding MJ non-responsive. For a fifth, he made calls and hid vials when he was supposed to be trying to save his patients.
    Doesn't all that point to the direction of a bogus dr? I don't rule that possibility out either.
    But would Murray be NOT guilty even if he is not a dr?
    I would answer your questions with a question: Has Blanche Yvette been called to testify about her ex, like everyone surrounding Murray should be?
    One more question to be added to the long list of discrepancies which we hope will come out during a trial. If there ever is one.

    Kind regards,

  5. Great job Bonnie! I had a similar discussion with a friend of mine months ago. My friend discovered the same things, and we discussed it.
    This discover explains why Conrad Murray wasn't able to perform a CPR, and also why he didn't want to sign the death certificate. Obvious, he is not a doctor.
    IMO he is a killer under contract, so, the pick of the iceberg.
    Guilty as well, but only as an executor of the murder.
    IMO he was hired by AEG, as the contract says and if I consider what LaToya said there was Murray's contract on Michael's bed the night he died. Maybe he had the suspect and wanted to send him away from him.
    It is also said these days that AEG wanted to impose to Michael not to go to Klein anymore and take only the drugs Murray gave him....why? Klein is a great doctor (an horrible person but a great doc), so why impose to Michael not to go to a great doctor but taking drugs given by a person that maybe is even a doc?

    @ Ladyaquarius: Jermaine knows it very well. Murray's bro is with NOI, and Jermaine too...he knows it veeeeery well. It's odd how many things Jermaine knows, isn't it? ;-)
    If I was him, I would stop immediately to talk. Immediately. But I am more clever than him, so I think he will give us more diamonds and pearls than he can even imagine.

  6. Well, this is easy so far . . . thought I would see attacks (hoaxer! hoaxer!) You know what I mean. I still may have that hanging over my head.

    rocberry - I know, so have I. This garbage tonight had me in TEARS!!! When you see something like this you wonder if ANYONE is telling the truth INCLUDING THE DEAD GUY! (guys? There's six of them now! Michael, Peter, Bruce, Evan, the Wilburns) I called Taaj about this I was SHAKING!!! I HATE THIS! Completely tripped me up. I'm looking at Murray's face and trying to determine the same way I did with Michael, by looking at his face to see if I can see guilt there or not. God, I'm going to have to pray because I just don't know anymore.

  7. according to LaToya there has been a fight on Michael's bedroom and the contract of hiring Murray on the bed.
    Michael in my opinion knew they wanted to kill him, and wanted to find a way to send the killer away, and he tried to do it by breaking the hiring contract between Murray and AEG. AEG, imo, is partner with Sony and they collaborated to murder Michael hiring Murray. Michael had the suspect and that was the moment they killed him. That's what I think.

  8. MicheleKC61187 - Robert Earl CArter was also a death row inmate, so I doubt it is the same person as Conrad Murray and I don't even know where they got that info. I looked him up on People Search too and I didn't get that information. I believe you are right on that. I do not believe that Murray is a real doctor. Even with listings in three different states for licenses with the Medical Board, there is NOTHING on independent links showing his work as a doctor outside of Michael Jackson. None. But there are links all over the place for Blanche and what freaked me out is the Medical Schools, date of graduation, and date of license expiration being exact.

    This is the most MESSED UP, convoluted, switch-backing piece of conFUSION I have ever seen in my life! This is not the only piece of information that has done this to me! Like the nightmare that you keep waking up from only to realize you are still asleep and just in another nightmare!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Maria - Now you know why this took me all day. I had to read, and re-read and RE-read everything twice, three times, thinking I was getting Murray and Blanche mixed up. Fake Dr. Yes, I believe that too . . . but why don't the Jackson's know this? and HOW can a medical board try to get a license revoked that DOES NOT EXIST????

    mistress - I don't even know if Murray murdered anyone. This is not making any sense. There is more to this going back over information in other parts of this investigation. Jermaine, I'm leaving out of this for now. He's in the same boat with the rest of the family . . . Jermaine knew and said even before this that he knew people were after his brother to kill him and I don't believe Jermaine is bad. I can tell that they all loved Michael, even if they didn't all act perfectly toward one another all the time (what siblings do that?) What I don't understand is why, why, why didn't the Jackson's know that Murray was a fake doctor??? Interesting theory on your second post. But remember the conflicting stories about what actually happened in that room. No video either, and the sisters in there cleaning out the room before police could search. God.

  11. Mistress - anything the children said is purely heresay as far as I am concerned and the tabloids should not be quoting or reporting on ANYTHING the children do or say. The blood on the shirt, Michael could have had a nose bleed for all we know. If there was anything violent I believe his family would have been screaming from the rooftops about it.

    You bring up some very good points. It would be nice if that video at the house could be found!!!

  12. I know what you mean Bonnie. I have a headache 24/7, my back hurts from staying up all night on the computer, I can't get my mind off of this, I stopped playing my violin. I wish I NEVER got into this, but I'm not giving up, even if all I CAN do is pray.

    I know one thing is true. Michael IS at peace. He has passed on.

    Isaiah 57

    The righteous perish,
    and no one ponders it in his heart;
    devout men are taken away,
    and no one understands
    that the righteous are taken away
    to be spared from evil.

    Those who walk uprightly
    enter into peace;
    they find rest as they lie in death.

    That was an answer to a prayer one night. I have a Bible by my bed and I was praying "God WHY?" I couldn't understand why the people we need in the world ALWAYS seem to die before their time. I was urged to pick up my Bible and that is where I flipped to immediately. The next day I couldn't remember the verse because it was so late and I was tired. I picked it up again and flipped right to that same page. I thought at first there might have been something sticky on the page, so I closed it again and couldn't find it the way I did the first two times. It gave me peace that night because I knew that even amongst all the confusion and pain in this whole mess, Michael IS at peace.

  13. Here is another link posted today at TMZ:


  14. MicheleKC61187 - You had posted that verse here before. Is Michael at peace? I know he had a faith in God that most of us here would do well to emulate. But the night that I prayed in tears gave me a different answer. I was told that Michael was okay. Wherever he was. Like you I am finding verses all the time about this. Today's was about feathers. Psalms 91: 3-12. I still have mine taped to my computer.

  15. Bonnie fix date of June 14th not 18th hearing.

  16. Bonnie, look at this video. This is a special aired on June 25.
    5:10 – a person say that Murray confessed he never practiced a CPR before and probably, after reading your blog now I can say that this is true. A cardiologist that never practiced CPR in 20 years. More than strange. And … I don’t know what to say Bonnie… I’m crying because this could be true.

  17. Michaelpuresoul - fixed...Thank you.

    Lisa - according to this research Murray wasn't a Dr. for 20 years. More like five??? and a cardiologist that never practiced CPR.

    I have to get to bed. This is going to kill me.

  18. Murray WAS certified. Expired 12/2008.

  19. Bonnie,

    Isn't it possible that Murray and Blanche both went to the same school. They met there and were in the same class.

    So they graduated at the same time and fell in love and got married.

    Then they both got their licenses together and that's why the expiration date is the same.

    What is so surprising about that?

  20. Bonnie, I spoke with a real doctor (whom read MJ's autopsy too)and we talked in very detailed ways. I need to send you an email I will do it on FB tonight as soon as I go out from office (here I have no access on FB); I have a complete different theory. Michael didn't die because of propofol, I' m afraid....I need to re-read the autopsy, and find other things I read time ago, hoping it's not disappeared in the meantime; the doc and I, we think an important part is missing from autopsy. I will write you soon. Stay tuned. A big hug.

  21. Bonnie,
    To answer your question about why they would wait to kill Michael instead of doing it in 2005.....because they hoped he would be found quilty and rot and die in prison.

    Then Mike left the country.

    They had to set things up and that takes time, Bonnie.

    What is so surprising about that?

  22. I just feel sick to my stomach. My head is spinning with so many different things and I am so fearful that justice will never be done. Even if it is, those responsible for killing his soul over many years will not be prosecuted, for they have not committed a 'criminal' offence. Even if justice is done in Murray's case, it does not bring an innocent beautiful soul back to us, to his children, to his life and all the dreams and ambitions he had for his future. I am so sad, every day.

    I too have not believed that Murray was a proper doctor for a long time. Or at least, not a competent one. What cardiologist does CRP on a soft surface? What sort of cardiologist makes mistake after mistake and then runs away at the hospital, refusing to sign the death certificate. What sort of cardiologist calls other patients whilst the patient his is with is dying? And yet, if he wasn't qualified, you can be sure that the authorities and the media would have revealed this by now. Make no mistake, with someone now so high profile, they would leave no stone unturned.

    As for the 'bloody' shirt. It was pictured on the front page of our sleazy UK tabloids and then never mentioned again. As soon as I saw it, despite being in the midst of grief, it didn't shock me. It was clear from the photo alone that this wasn't real blood. It was surely paint. Likely to be a stage prop and nothing more. If there was some sort of struggle and it involved a shirt as bloody as that, you can be sure that it would have been in every paper by now. Besides, those conspiring to kill are wiser than that. Why use violence when propofol alone can do your dirty work? The shirt is nothing but a red herring - disgusting shock tactics used by the media when people are in the midst of mourning.

    If Murray is not a doctor - and I believe he is, but an incompetent one - then how come he has been able to practice for so long and is still allowed to do so now? And what of the fact that he was a doctor to James Brown also, at the time of HIS death? Surely Michael was aware of this, and yet continued to use him. Why, I just do not know. My mind is all over the place and I just feel very depressed most of the time.

    Like everyone else here, I am desperate to find out the truth. One thing is for sure, when the trial finally commences, we are going to find out a lot more. I pray that nobody takes Murray out before he is able to speak in court, and to tell everything of what he knows. But I fear that he will not do this and that none of us will ever fully know what happened to our angel on that fateful night.

    Once again, wonderful work, Bonnie. I would also add that the 'doctor' declared his salary in procedings relating to child support. The amount that he declared was tiny in comparison to what a cardiologist should earn. Does this mean that he is a bad doctor, or a good liar? Time will tell and I pray that the truth will out.

  23. Bonnie,
    Maybe that's why the Med Board are not revoking anything--how could they revoke a non-existing licence?
    And who came up with the stupid story that Murray was treating MJ's3 for a cold back in 2006? Who would call a cardiologist to treat children? More likely a pediatrician or FAMILY dr.. Does that ring a bell?
    I'm not surprised about the Jacksons not knowing anything. I believe Michael was isolated for years from his family.
    And may I add in your list of discrepancies that bloody T-shirt and what it was actually used to wipe off? Blood? Why the heck would a person receiving intravenous treatment be sheding so much blood?
    And a short fiction. I'm a nobody. I find someone dead. I call the paramedics. I tell them I'm a dr and he is still alive. Would they be actually doing any checking on me to verify I'm a dr or would they just take my word on it?


  24. I appreciate everyone's replies. Thank you very much for your thoughts.

    Bonnie, I hope you continue to do the blog. Even if there is disagreement, the continued discussion is VERY important. I don't always agree with everything you've posted, but there is a lot that makes sense and you write very well, that kind of skill is extremely valuable!! I can't emphasize that more. Again, I hope you continue!!

    I'll continue to pray for the different groups to try to get together in someway. That kind of unity would be very powerful!! Sony would actually pay attention to that!! Right now they just see lots of in fighting between different fan groups and their executives probably sit around and joke about it...not that I really care WHAT they talk about. I'm still going to pray for this ellusive unity, no matter how hard!!! Sorry for repeating myself, but unity amoung fans is the only way to make a multi-national corporation like Sony to take notice!

    Peace and prayers always!!

  25. Urmmm.. I don't know if you mean for it to come across that way. But you are seeming to be a bit rude and mean Josie.

    Incase you can't tell Bonnie is looking at everything from every angle and not leaving any stone unturned. And to do this you need to question many things, in particular, question things that other won't question.

  26. It is not a mistake to follow where the truth is leading you. Not bending what you discover to suit your theories is key. Keep an open mind. As we have both agreed previously, the truth will always rise to the top.

  27. Please Bonnie... look at this

  28. @ LonelyTruth,
    I would never be mean to Bonnie.

    I just felt she was losing perspective.

    But now, I understand that she is in Free-Fall and there is nothing to hold on to.

    I'm sorry Bonnie, if I sounded rude and mean, I never meant to.

    I am totally confused now, about everything!

    I will say, that Murray is a very tall and big man!

    I always thought that Strange.

    I've never seen a Doctor that tall and big before!

    He looks more like a Bodyguard than a Doctor (if he even is a Doctor)

    I don't know what else to say.

    I too, am now in Free-Fall.

  29. @mistress; I agree with your post at 12:37 am about Michael realizing the setup and trying to get rid of Murray by not signing the contact. It will come out that Sony/AEG acted in concert.

    @maria: Your "short fiction" may be more truth than fiction; what EMT would question the doctor's credentials while feverishly trying to revive a comatose patient?

    And maria your comment re how Murray met Michael, his kids had colds and who would call a cardiologist in those circumstances? That is EXACTLY the same manner in which the nurse Cherilyn Lee says she met Michael; his kids had colds and a "friend" referred Michael to her. Too pat, too cute, too phoney. Why has the DA cleared "all" MJ's doctors and this nurse. She's the only one who came out first on CNN a few days AFTER Michael died to say that he had asked for propofol MONTHS PRIOR. So why didn't she go to the police right after his death with this important information, but no, she puts her face out on Larry King and other tv news shows, and BTW her story changes in significant ways each time she reported it. Why isn't anyone catching this? I don't know of anyone else who came out AFTER Michael's death to say he asked for the drug MONTHS BEFORE he died, do you?

  30. Apparently Dr. Murray is a real doctor

  31. "His license origination date is February of 2005. That is almost a month into Michael’s child molestation trial. If Sony is behind this (or AEG), why would they wait until 2009 to use Murray to kill Michael?"

    Bonnie look at this photo from the trial. Am I the only one that can spot Conrad Murray behind Michael? (btw I'm not so sure but it could be)

  32. @ Bonnie,

    I'm finally understanding what's POSSIBLY happening with this whole case.

    Again, I apologize Bonnie, if I upset you.
    I was not trying to be mean or rude.
    I respect you and I hope you will continue
    with this blog.

    I just needed to think "Outside The Box!"

    I've got it now!

    Think: "The Departed."

    A movie with Leonardo DiCaprio & Jack Nickelson

    It fits.

  33. @ Lisa,

    You Are Right. That's Conrad Murray.

  34. Lisa,

    The link you provided for "" can be added to by anyone. I have that link up in the blog entry up there too. There is no information about Murray outside of the usual, vital statistics, no local write ups, no medical journal mentions . . . nothing.

    The picture link, While it looks like Murray the guy in the picture from what I can see of half of his face, is way too short to be Murray. If I could see his nose and the rest of his face, I could be sure, but from what I see, he's too short and older/fatter. Could this be the brother that someone said Murray had that was involved with the NOI? He's close enough to Michael and could possibly be a body guard?

    This link: I did see that also last night when writing this and disregarded it because it came from a hoax web site BUT that is what gave me the idea to search for Blanche.

    Josie - Not upset about your entries.

    On your question:

    "Isn't it possible that Murray and Blanche both went to the same school. They met there and were in the same class.

    So they graduated at the same time and fell in love and got married.

    Then they both got their licenses together and that's why the expiration date is the same.

    What is so surprising about that? "

    I saw his biography which is also included in one of the links provided and he supposedly met his SECOND WIFE there. That still doesn't answer why two different medical licenses in two different states on two different people would have the same expiration date and it also does not explain why they would graduate at the same time. They were not born in the same year they are not the same age and the chances of them being exactly as far along at the same pace in medical school is just too, too much for me to wrap my brain around.

  35. @ Bonnie,
    I'm glad you are not upset with me.

    I hope you won't be upset with me now, cos...

    I looked again, at the picture Lisa linked, and it still looks like Murray to me.

  36. Uhm...Bonnie! I believe the photo of the 2005 trial the man behind Michael is none other than Murray. Unless this man has a twin brother, if you look closely between the TMZ photo and compare it to the trial photo, you will find that the man behind Michael shares the same shaping of hairline, AND ear. I'm willing to bet it's the same man...Murray!

  37. Add the same "baggieness/puffiness" under his eye to that list too.

  38. @ Bonnie,
    I didn't know Murray and Blanche were not the same age. That does make a difference.

    Now that I am thinking Outside The Box, I expect more information to.....Not Make Sense.

    It's become the Norm in this case.

  39. @Bonnie, I think that you're right. Conrad Murray is taller than that, he's almost a giant If you compare with Michael.

  40. Bonnie, under your Texas medical license info for Murray, it says "birthdate 1958". That would make him the same age as MJ. Everything I have seen about Murray has him born in 1953, including the website And it only has the year, not a full birth date. If his birthdate is incorrect on his medical license info, what else could also be incorrect on his license?

  41. Also under the suspicious category, Murray's TX license info from the TX website, under "HOSPITAL PRIVILEGES", it lists "NONE". What cardiologist can stay in practice with NO hospital privileges?

  42. @Bonnie, check this out

  43. Bonnie - I agree with you, the linked pic of "Murray" behind MJ in 2005; I don't think that's Murray; the guy behind MJ has earlobes pinched close to his skin; all other pics of Murray do not show these flattened ears, and the hairline (what we can see of it) is not the same. I agree, not Murray, but I'm still not 100% convinced it is not him. I think this guy is a bodyguard, being that close behind Michael. The pic is of people walking, not sitting, and Murray would be much, much taller than Michael.

    @Rhoda; Murray's supposed mug shot for the 1994 domestic violence case states his birthdate as Feb 19, 1959, which would make him younger than Michael, so you are right, how old is he? And how many other discrepancies are out there? Who is this guy?

    Bonnie - Dr. Yvette's VA Board of Medicine record was last updated 8/23/10 per the website, license no. 010104615 Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray. And somewhere you asked why Howard Weitzman is claiming to be the attorney for the estate of MJ; it's all confusing but I think he's the attorney for the administrators, Branca and McClain, does that make him the attorney for the estate? Who knows?

  44. June - You are right . . . Weitzman WAS the attorney for the administrators (Branca and McClain, against Katherine during her contest against them) but when that was over, the judge appointed him co-executor to represent the interests of the children against Katherine. I covered this in a previous blog topic - and here via this blog update

    Murray's age and Michael's height and weight seem to have the same dilemma . . . spontaneously changing numbers!

    I know Murray is big and he's taller than Michael but we have never actually seen them waling together in a picture have we? We only see Murray walking next to other people. We don't know how tall he actually is. Anyone have a picture of the two of them standing together? I have been unable to find one.

    Dr. Yvette . . . that's funny you mention that because when I first went to the website in VA Medical board, it said her license would expire on 8/31/2010 and then I looked again later today and it said 2011. I know her board certification renewal was in August of this year, but the license was different.

  45. Josie - that picture DOES look like Murray but with slight differences . . . he's shorter, bigger jowls and his ear is slightly different. That is why I wondered if he wasn't maybe Murray's NOI brother that was rumored about. Because the guy looks slightly older than Murray and that was taken back in 2005.

  46. @ Josie - in that pic I believe that's Jesse Jackson behind bros Jackson!

  47. Hi Bonnie.
    I totally agree.
    T'm feeling the same way you do - sick and tired of endless circles - anyway, near the end of last year I knew about this info. on C.M. because of his "child support case" that then looked very staged to me. I then did some digging too and here are some links and...
    Facts about the Judge Gerald W. Hardcastle -> 1993 - 2008
    According to the official website he was retired in 2008.

    More here:

    and here:

    «Last month, Lueck asked the Nevada Supreme Court to consider taking away Robert Teuton’s family court judgeship. Teuton was appointed by Gov. Jim Gibbons in August to finish the term of retired Family Court Judge Gerald Hardcastle.»

    In sum, I guess these are strong reasons to believe the child support case was FAKE.

    And btw, there are also the medical and autopsy reports absolutely unbelievable.
    and here:

  48. I think it's interesting how many people can look at the same picture and they see something different.

    Reminds me of the test where 1 person whispers a sentence and then it gets passed on to others.

    By the time you get to the last person, the sentence is completely different. LOL

    That's the human condition, I guess.

    At this point, It doesn't matter to me who that is in the picture. LOL

  49. WOW! Everything about this Murray guy is a Lie!

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is NOT the first time Murray (or whoever he is) has impersonated someone that he isn't!

    For all we know, this guy may have a Zillion Aliases!

    Dr. Conrad Murray = A Real Piece Of Work!

  50. In Michael's life what we were led to believe wasn't quite truth,would his death be any different?

  51. Recall the reports that stated how Michael met Dr. Murray a few years ago when Prince & Paris had colds and Dr. Murray treated them in Las Vegas. With this information, perhaps it was not the Conrad Murray we always have assumed but rather Bonnick Murray - which would make sense since children's colds do not need a cardiologist to treat. Makes the history of the connections hold just another twist to ponder....

  52. Skeptikos - In light of some of the links you have posted, I believe you will be most interested in Sunday's blog update. I would really like your opinion on it.

    I do not believe Murray is or ever was a doctor.

    On the one link going over the autopsy report, I have a few months ago now questioned the validity of that report. Glaring omissions that I'm sure you are familiar with.

    I am on study right now with TMZ. Something about that little relationship and Levin sent me back to digging.

    Transitional lawsuit as well. There is more. Between 2003 and 2008 some people have been very, very busy.

  53. Josie - ROFL!!!

    Gingerod - Bonnick-Murray is a general practitioner. That would make sense.

    Grace - See Sunday's post. It's fitting for his birthday.

    Skeptikos - Have you done any digging into the business shuffling of Colony and Anschutz corp.?

  54. @Gingerold 8/27/10: "Murray" being called by Michael to treat Paris' and Prince's "colds"; that's always bothered me, especially since it's the same tale told by Nurse Cherilyn Lee as to how she met Michael; supposedly he called her through a friend because Prince and Paris had "colds". And she's the only person I've heard of who went on national tv to say (after Michael's death) that he asked HER for propofol months BEFORE he passed; it has always looked to me like a setup. And she didn't go to the police immediately after; she went on Larry King and every other news show that would have her; her stories differed somewhat each time she told them. I put up a comment in the past about a possible Murray/Lee connection; but maybe I'm the only one who thinks it's possible.

  55. June - I'm in the middle of an email to you but I am commenting on THIS here so others can read it. I too have felt the similarities between Cherilyn and Murray were a bit creepy in the stories.

    There is a lot of that . . . stories not matching up each time they tell it and I'm also noticing that different interviews with family and friends insiders telling different accounts of even the funeral and Michael's burial outfit, gloves, no gloves, etc . . .

    On Murray, June, what are you thinking? That Murray had an accomplice or since we now believe that Murray is not a real doctor, that possibly Cherilyn is not a real nurse either?

    My question is this. Why would Michael take his children to see a 'NURSE' for colds. Do nurses have their own offices?

  56. No, nurses do not customarily have their own offices. Lee says she was first contacted by Michael through a friend to come to his Holmby Hills home to treat his kids for "colds" in January 2009. She has a holistic practice, she does hold herself out to be a "nurse" per her website.

    However, this is the same manner in which Murray claimed to have met Michael, kids had colds so he called a "cardiologist" - go figure - again recommended by someone (or maybe Bonnick-Murray as Gingerod writes). Lee claims to have given the kids vitamin shots several different times at Michael's house, surely, someone would have seen her coming and going. At some point, Lee claims, Michael inquired of her concerning propofol. To shorten the story, she says she researched and told him it was bad stuff. She claims next time she heard from him was June 21, 2009, Father's Day, when he was "hot on one side, cold on the other"; one interview she says she spoke to him personally, another she says someone called on his behalf. She herself at the time of that call says in one interview she was in Florida at a convention, in another interview, she was in Florida in an emergency room herself. She concludes by saying she believed someone had given him something which affected his central nervous system, and advised him (or to whomever she was speaking depending on the interview) to go to a hospital.

    So on June 21, when Michael (or someone) called Lee, I ask where was Murray, who had been hired by AEG mid-May as Michael's doctor? And four days later Michael is dead?

    Bonnie, like everything else which is a gray area in this investigation, I'm not convinced Murray isn't a real doctor and Lee isn't a real nurse. There's so much that's upside down. Mainly, I'm uncomfortable with the fact that Lee is the ONLY person to my knowledge who went on TV AFTER Michael died saying he had asked for propofol MONTHS BEFORE HE DIED. Just sounds like such a set up making Michael look like a propofol seeker. And then along comes Murray, more than willing to do the devil's work. Why did Lee NOT go to the police right after Michael's death with her information? Perhaps Murray and Lee were paid by higherups to play their parts. The setup and the smash. If this theory is viable, the higherups need to be found and revealed. When was Branca brought in, approx June 17th?

    Am I alone in thinking Murray/Lee may be connected together?

    Different interviews with family and friends insiders telling different accounts of even the funeral and buriel outfit, gloves, no gloves, etc? ... very interesting stuff.

  57. Bonnie,
    I recognize a lot of the information you mentioned in this blog and I think it comes from the research of a poster called jruby from a forum called The Death of Michael Jackson. I have said before that I am NOT a hoaxer but I do read everything. As a lark and out of curiosity, I purchased Pearl,Jr.'s book, Puesdocide a few months ago. Mostly because there's over 270 link to articles and videos pertaining to Michael's death. While I don't agree with much of the book, I have to admit the these hoax investigators are amazing researchers.

    You might find jruby's research interesting. Here's the link to her post-

    You have to register to read, but it's worth the trouble. Much of what you mentioned was posted last January and there's much, much more, some of it interesting and some of it unbelievable. Could all of these findings be coincidence? I don't know, but it certainly got my attention when I found the information reposted in your blog. You are an amazing researcher and someone that I admire greatly. I would love to hear your opinion on the information from the link above.

  58. mistress-
    Your post about the autopsy intrigued me, I have believed for over a year that something is very suspicious about the entire death investigation. I would love to hear more.

    Also, do you have a link to the source of LaToya's comment about seeing the contract on Michael's bed? I am beginning to that all of the people that surrounded MJ on the last few months of his life were put there for nefarious reasons, including Nurse Lee, Murray, the new bodyguards, Chase, the chef and of course, Frank Delieo. So many new faces at a time when Michael's old employees, including Grace the nanny, were being dismissed. Seems strange too me. I have never been a conspiracy theorist in my life, but this case in simply confounding.

  59. June-
    Your post about the nurse, Lee struck on many of my suspicions about that woman. She may well be a real nurse, in fact, I believe that she is, but her appearance in the days after Michael's death seems way to convenient, IMO. Everyone in the world was speculating about the cause of MJ's death and this mystery woman appears from nowhere and hands the police the cause of death, too goo to be true. It seems that all of the "witnesses" that came forward in days and weeks following the murder where all new people in Michael's life.

  60. Bonnie-
    When you check out juruby's post be sure to notice the information she found about the owner of the car that Murray left at Carolwood on June 25th. Another mystery.
    Also, what a strange coincidence about the old TV series. my hjead has been spinning since I first read this information over six weeks ago.

  61. Bonnie,

    Great blog and great insight into finding more about Murray aswell as not condemning him before a court-appointed trial. I do have an answer to one of your questions, strictly from my POV that may help to form your POV.

    You wrote:

    [i]His [Murray's] license origination date is February of 2005. That is almost a month into Michael’s child molestation trial. If Sony is behind this (or AEG), why would they wait until 2009 to use Murray to kill Michael?[/i]

    Why wait? Legacy. Let's face it - even 1 day before his death, Michael was still seen by many (most?) as a weird peadophile who should be in jail. If Michael was murdered in 2005, before he's had a chance to let the trial blow over and slowly build his name back up, you think the reception (re: buying his merchandise) would be as big as it was in June 2009?

    In the last 6-9 months of Michael's life, the wheels were put in motion for his [b]sudden, unexpected[/b] death - the only way to ensure the most sales of his merchandise.

    1. Sony releases various King of Pop albums around the world aswell as setting up "Michael Jackson" specials on the various Idol programs.

    2. Michael signs the contract to go on tour, whether it was legally valid or not.

    3. Michael makes the public announcement, which snowballs into a 50 concert hype. This is it! Michael Jackson will make a comeback!

    4. Michael is back, in a sense. The sales of concert tickets prove he is loved. A few months go by, the concert is going to go ahead. There is no sign that he was going to pass away anytime soon.

    5. Michael dies of a cardiac arrest caused by drug overdose. Unexpected and shocking. He was meant to be doing 50 shows, how could he die? Shock leads to massive merchandise sales. By this time, the 2004/2005 trial is a distant memory and everyone is now celebrating Michael Jackson and what he gave to the world. Those who were calling him a peadophile now go out and buy his records.

    It takes great minds to orchestrate great things and, for Sony and the MJ family, this has been the greatest thing of all in terms of money. Over 2 billion dollars made in the space of a year. Mission accomplished? Sure looks like it.

    Note: I do not 100% believe Michael was murdered, but there are just too many facts to deny such a REAL possibility.

  62. @Garrett,

    Very interesting perspective! The idea of building Michael's brand name up after the 2005 trial (when the MJ brand had taken a devastating hit), just to suddenly tear him down just weeks before the run up to a record breaking 50 concerts for profit. Incredibly evil! This idea also went through my head but you worded it better than I could have.

    However, this comment disturbed me.

    "It takes great minds to orchestrate great things and, for Sony and the MJ family, this has been the greatest thing of all in terms of money."

    Are you saying that you think the Jackson family was in on the scheme?? I do hope you're NOT implying this.

  63. Sandy, that is not what I'm saying. By including the family, I was referencing the share of the 90% profit they made from This Is It the movie and the record sales in 2009. I don't think anyone in the Jackson family would ever agree to something this sinister, if that is what happened.

    Michael was 112 pounds at the time of his death, a virtual anaerexic. He could probably do 10 - 20 shows but the weight he would be losing from performing for upto 2 hours every other night would send his weight skyrocketing down. Were the concerts ever meant to happen or were they just used to, again, build hype the buld the brand Michael up in preparation for his death? From AEG's perspective, the concerts were going to happen but in reality,it probably wasn't going to get far off the ground. This was a 50 year old man with ailing health issues asked/told to do a grueling schedule for even the toughest performer. He wouldn't be just singing, he'd be completing a full aerobic workout every other night.

    All you need to ask is why Conrad Murray waited some 2-3-4 hours before calling police. Was he making sure Michael was dead or just trying to clear out any evidence from this unfortunate accident? If this was any normal case and he didn't have Sony, AEG and Branca to bribe the DA, he would be in trouble. But, he does and he won't serve time for this.

    Don't think Murray injected Michael and it was actually a self-injection? OK, think about this. Murray was by his bed side for the majority of the night. He claims that Michael was asleep when he went to the bathroom. He claims to be no longer than 60 seconds away from Michael's bed and during that time, Michael woke up, had the knowledge to assess where he was and what to do, and then carelessly injected himself with an astonishing amount of propofol - a lethal level dose. Let's say Michael was asleep for an hour when Murray left the room (I forget the actual time he was asleep before this happened.) That's 60 to 1 odds that Michael woke up while Murray was away. I would call those odds reasonable doubt in favor of Michael and the fact that Murray's own lawyer has lied about Murray's actions that morning.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's most likely a duck. But if the duck has billions of dollars to support it, it can change into a dog very easily and fool everyone.

  64. The Tape-------What would, Blackmail do?? All it would have done is make Murray look bad and get him in trouble....We all know that Poor MJ had addictions problems--No BOMBSHELL There, We all know how he loved children and had a bad childhood----so blackmails is out....MJ needed help years ago and I do not understand why someone did not FORCE him into rehab........???? They could have forced him----ask Mr. Spheres......I love Michael ... Where are all those other Dr. Hiding??? Who introduced MJ to Propofol?????? Just questions.....That is it....

  65. @Anonymous - I agree with you that the purpose of Murray taping that of Michael's speech (if it is what we are being told it is) had another purpose . . . not for blackmail, not for any self enrichment.

    Michael's addiction problems were a periodic dependency on certain pain medications and were NOT addictions as Jermaine has repeatedly testified to. He didn't need rehab. He needed to get away from people that wanted to keep him under their control. I don't think Murray was one of them. There is a scene that Jermaine describes walking into one time when he made Bob Jones let him see Michael while he was on tour . . . shocking!

  66. I never really questioned whether Conrad Murray is a bona fide doctor before. But after reading this blog and comments, it makes me think back to what Dr. Shafer said repeatedly. "A real doctor would have done this" and "If he were a doctor he would have not done that" and "No doctor would have done such and such." At the time I thought he was just putting down Murray. But now I wonder. It was a strange choice of words to use repeatedly, emphasizing doctor.

  67. Anonymous said - "it makes me think back to what Dr. Shafer said repeatedly. "A real doctor would have done this" and "If he were a doctor he would have not done that" and "No doctor would have done such and such." At the time I thought he was just putting down Murray. But now I wonder. It was a strange choice of words to use repeatedly, emphasizing doctor."

    ....... Remember Flanagan trying to ask Dr. Shafer a question about Murray knowing what to do as a doctor and Walgren objected saying "assumes facts not in evidence"? Judge Pastor said "sustained" and Flanagan hesitated for a minute with a look of disbelief on his face and said, "What? Murray's not a doctor", and the Judge repeated "sustained, next question".

    It kind of almost verifies some things we speculated on here last year on the blog when researching Murray's background.

    Murray has appealed. I'm not sure when they are going to grant him a hearing but he is supposedly representing himself.


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