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Michael Jackson Justice: The Faith of a Child

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Faith of a Child

August 6, 2010 – The Faith of a Child

Revelation 6:9 – “When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.”

Since I have to work for a living and actually have to spend SOME time off this computer and away from Michael Jackson research and discovery, I thought I would put up a quick blog tonight . . . a soft one. I am working on “Sony and the Press Unprecedented Character Assassination” which by the latest will be up on Monday.

Last night at work one of my people was watching T.V. and I sometimes sit and watch with her. I discovered that “Little House on the Prairie” was still being shown on the “Hallmark” channel and even though I saw every episode when I was a child and read every single Laura Ingals Wilder book in the “Little House” series, I still enjoyed it.

What got me though was the show “Touched by an Angel”. Have you ever watched that show? Before getting this client I never did. I had heard about it, but never watched it. I had young-teen boys then and trust me, “Touched” is a girl-show. They would have been rolling their eyes.

This particular episode that was on last night, I sat and watched with my client. It’s one of those shows that If still on, I would probably not have sworn off of television. I miss shows like “The Waltons”, “Little House”, “Highway to Heaven” and “Touched by an Angel”. Inspiration has been replaced with “CSI” (three different versions?), E.R., Law and Order and “The Office”. We can’t even leave our ugly world behind when we return home from it anymore, we have to have more of it shoved into our faces. We are now into the age of trying to explain to our five year olds what “erectile dysfunction” is when that commercial interrupts their after-school specials.

This particular episode was about a woman who was angry with God and refused to help anyone because her father died trying to help someone. At the end of the episode, the woman meets the one survivor of the accident, who was a little boy when this woman’s father rescued him, but died trying to save the boy’s father. When the woman was talking to one of the angels, the angel said to her, “It means having the faith of a child”.

“Having the faith of a child”.

You guessed it. I cried when he said that, and you know why.

Michael watching a magic show with children

Michael wrote this, which appeared in his book “Dancing the Dream” published in 1992.

Child Of Innocence (written by Michael Jackson)

Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days
We joyously frolicked in extended plays
Ever since youve left the scene
The streets are lonely, dark, and mean

Child of innocence, return to me now
With your simple smile show them how
This world once again can respond to your glance
And heartbeats flutter to the rhythm of your dance

Child of innocence, your elegance, your beauty
Beckons me now beyond the call of duty
Come fly with me far and above
Over the mountains in the land of love

Child of innocence, messenger of joy
Youve touched my heart without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change this world is my deepest desire.

There is an accompanying video here “Innocence of a Child

Michael talking about Happiness
Michael talking abut Loneliness

How many times have most of you read testimony of his friends that Michael would just stop what he was doing and start praying, just because he felt the inspiration to do so? How many times have we heard in different interviews that he wanted to try to be like Jesus, or repeat the biblical passages telling us to come to Jesus as a child, or to have the childlike innocence, or that a child shall lead them.

Do you know what he meant when he said that? Does it mean being in your mid forties and still being able to cry over an episode of “Touched by an Angel” or is it deeper than that?

I have talked about Michael’s emphasis on this before in regard to his faith. Michael was only a child when he told his mother after seeing pictures of African children starving on a t.v. show, that he would find a way to help them. He did. He got shot down in the process of continuing that work by a greedy corporation, but he did what he said he was going to do. Michael’s only regret was, according to one friend, was that he couldn’t get to all of them.

Michael associated and gave credit of his musical genius to God. Michael went after everything with the enthusiasm and energy of a child. That never left him. Michael said that he thought he was here for a deeper purpose. Michael talked about God in every interview with as much enthusiasm as one of his fans would talk about meeting Michael Jackson.

Michael has more than once expressed his need for love, that he just wanted to be loved. He spoke of unconditional love and the fact that we forget what that actually is as we grow into adults. Michael spoke of the destruction of innocence not only in grownups, but also in what was happening to our children.

Have we been so programmed that we can no longer recognize innocence when we see it? Why is it that we cannot even look innocence in the face without letting evil convince us that it is something else? This is what we have allowed the press to do to us with the message Michael was trying to share. We’ve been led to believe, by society, that we are “unsophisticated” and “uneducated” if we cry over shows like “Touched by an Angel”. We are “unenlightened” if we believe in angels or God or hope or innocence. To the contrary, I believe it is the other way around.

They aren’t happy with putting our souls to sleep so that we don’t see or hear. Now they are going after our children. They are using entertainment, games and even our schools to do it. Why is innocence such a bad word? Wasn’t Michael trying to warn us about the destruction of the family nucleus in this speeches at Carnegie Hall and Oxford?

Michael’s Carnegie Hall Speech about destruction of family.
Michael’s Oxford Speech given later that year, about hearing out children.

Michael’s child-like innocence

If you were a company bent on destroying a gifted, faithful entertainer who was respected by world leaders and children alike, how in the world would you go about plans to destroy Michael without drawing the contempt of the very people you gained your revenue from?

Michael during 2005 Trial

You destroy the integrity of that innocence. That is what Sony did. They took that very innocence of Michael’s and turned it on him.

Those that brought Michael down did so by infiltrating and manipulating two children and the parents of those two children. They went to work in the press first.

Michael’s trust in a world of adults in the music business from the age of five, was in God and children. Michael sought refuge in God, in the gifts God gave him, and in sharing a delayed childhood with other children.

As I said before, you have to be some kind of evil to use someone’s love for children to do what they did to Michael. And they did it not once, but twice over a ten year period. In between those "opportunities" they used the press to perpetuate the image of an unstable, fame-damaged, child-hood deprived degenerate. They violated Michael’s love for children. They twisted and made ugly something so completely innocent that even Michael didn’t see it coming, it was so evil. They raped him in the press, it was RELENTLESS!

Bashir told Gavin to put his head on Michael's shoulder for documentary. Bashir betrayed Michael by narrarating the documentary to suggest something more sinister. The original contract Michael and his lawyers were supposed to view and approve the final edits before it aired, but Bashir never returned Michael's calls. Michael cried when he was called and informed what the documentary contained.

Michael looks uncomfortable with Bashir's suggestion that Gavin rest his head against Michael's shoulder.

How is one NOT supposed to be angry about this? Do these people really think they hurt only Michael? What did they do to those children who LOVED him? Michael brought one of those children through stage three cancer! Another child’s father killed himself with a shotgun a couple of months after Michael died. What did this do to these children? We know what it did to Michael. We know what it did to Michael’s family, his OWN children, and his fans.

Starting Monday, I will be posting and digging into exactly HOW Sony set about using the press to destroy Michael. And if you think corrupting of the press was isolated to Michael, think again. Think about it not only in terms of Michael’s reputation, the rumors and the allegations, but also think about it in terms of international policy, the environment, political propaganda and justice.

Monday, the blog update “Sony & the Press – Unprecedented Character Assassination” will begin the research into the role the press played for Sony and the mob behind the greed for Michael’s music publishing business.

I will leave you with this video. Michael and his need to document everything. I want to thank Hamid Mosleshi for capturing these moments of Michael behind the scenes and sharing them with us.
Michael’s sense of the audience

Michael embarrasses easily

And Lastly, Seven’s posting of Michael – Loved Magic, beauty and babies

I-Newswire Press Release

See you Monday Night.

Isaiah 11:6 - “ The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, The leopard shall lie down with the young goat, The calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little child shall lead them.”


  1. Bonnie – that is so true how those inspirational TV shows replaced by malicious and disturbing one. To what is our world turning too? I believe this is big corporations’ systematic way of brain washing us so we can remain ignorant of our lives and our environment so they can continue exploiting us to fatten their pocket. It’s all about Money and they have no value about humanity about the planet about God and nothing. They will continue brain washing us and exploit us as long as we are asleep and not awake to their big scheme.

    Michael‘s innocence and child like is all I love about. His pureness in his heart and his desperate needs to help the world’s suffering are written all over his face. Anyone who really knows about LOVE can attest to it. Sony and their allies are all about how they can destroy an innocent man so they can get a hold of his assets. Michael even said it how the music industries don’t care about the artists who generate millions for them throughout their careers. All they do is making sure the artist go bankrupt and take their hard earned catalog from their hands. Michael witnessed their evil way of acquiring musicians’ catalogs many times. But when it comes to Michael, they couldn’t get what they want easily so they started their character assassination way before to break him and the press went along with it.

    Every time I think about Martin Bashir, I literally get sick. How one can be so evil on an innocent individual that did not do anything to him? How come Michael did not sue him? I wonder. The other day, I read that Angelina Jolie and Brand pitt sued this magazine for writing false rumor about them and won the case. I said that’s the way to go. Journalist like Bashir need to be hold accountable for the damage they cause to anyone. Of course he is backed by Big Money and still has high paying job and living life while destroying Michael.

    I know Michael accomplished his mission God sent him for, to help the sick children, to bring laughter in their face, to bring joy in their heart, and to simply love them unconditionally. He is in a better place with God that he loves and respect so much. Where Bashir and the like who conspired against him to destroy him and finally took his life are going to be when their time come and depart? I know for sure it’s not going to be with God.

  2. Bonnie, I just want to say Thank You, this post is so precious, I can't begin to tell you how the things you say here touch me - I so totally agree with you on how this world is destroying our children's innocence without most of us even realizing it. It's frightening, it's alarming, a world without innocence is a world destined to self-destruction. Michael knew this so well, because he Felt it before knowing it, it came natural to him. His Oxford speech - just, Wow.
    Lookong forward to your next posts, keep it up, thank you so much.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. The television programming today so utterly sucks, and the Media is out of control. I for one say it's time to stop feeding them!!!

    If Jackson fans are boycotting $ony, then why not also include the very people that $ony enlisted as "allies" to aid them in their dirty work?

    Cancel the cable, satellite, or whatever and turn off the TV's!!! At the very least, start censoring at home: Don't watch CNN, or MSNBC, Dateline, Today, Good Morning America, and whatnotall...Shut the TV's off, until the Media starts restoring integrity to their profession, and they are held accountable for their blatant propagandizing. With no ratings...they don't make money, and their advertisers won't make any either. Boo...hoo...

  5. I used to watch Touched by an Angel...loved it! Sadly it didn't last very long. It's true what you say about the programming. It is intended to brainwash and desensitize along with all the horrible gruesome video games. They are taking control of our children's minds by many methods, which also impacts the family unit.

    I grew up in a different time, I just can't watch gory horror. It's like opening a door, exposing the core of your being. For me it's very much like some music that just grates my spirit and makes me aggitated.

    Gee, when I was a kid The Wizard of Oz scared me! Oh...and Day the EArth Stood Still? Forget it. LOL

    Have you noticed how the programming gives huges do I put this...the same subject across many channels for a time then it switches to another subject, repeat. It's all authoritarian stuff. Border patrol shows, then Homeland "Security" issues, then it's something else...always cracking down on some segment, instilling fear, but always funneling minds of the unaware in a specific direction.

    I sure enjoyed the Michael embarrassing moments. We sure didn't see him smile much in later years.

    Great press release Bonnie!

    Fox needs to be added to the list Lady. ;o)

  6. The press' installation of "fear reporting" has been going on for quite a while; the latest is the oil spill "but are you sure we won't have further spills", "are you sure there are not more leaks", "what do we do if the fix doesn't work?" on and on, where are the happy true stories of man's good deeds to fellow man? Few and far between. Regarding childhood innocence, I have two grandchildren who play Madlibs, remember Madlibs? A silly word is filled into a sentence to make a silly sentence. Funny stories were concocted when my own children played this word game. Today my grandchildren play Madlibs; however, when out of the range of adults, the "silly" word is replaced with a violent or body-art word, creating a rather disgusting sentence and they crack themselves up. I know from your posts that you are aware of the game to which I am referring. Then choosing a movie to attend with grandchildren is a struggle as they are indoctrinated into horror and gore or mindless, tasteless humor, rather than escapism and magic (ala Michael's wish for children) and family type programming (if any there is to be found).

    Bonnie, you say those that brought Michal down did so by infiltrating and manipulating two children and their parents and went to work in the press first (setting him up as weird and demented first). Parenthetical part is mine. I hope you can lead us with your investigation in that direction. I can just see Sneddon having his morning coffee salivating for a second "victim" so his neverending vendatta against Michael could be pursued. All he had to do was read the paper or listen to the news to find that second "victim".

    Off topic, but just a few lines about the soon to be released new "album" being worked on for Sony by certain of the Jacksons. No matter how well it turns out, I for one, will not waste my money on it, and I agree with Will I. Am that is disrepsectful of Michael. A "producer" found one set of tracks in a studio and turned them over to the executors? The "producer" chooses not to have his name revealed as he has no authority to speak publicly. Then we hear the producer of the album is R. Jerkens?

    TII, the movie, is being shown this week in my area of Eastern Virginia on Starz. Some sections are not the same as in the video I purchased. I wonder if anyone has any comment on the possible release of different versions of TII. Since when is a film on DVD different from what was shown in the theater? Food for thought.

  7. @June: Lucky for me I have 2 copies (one opened/the other will remain sealed forever as a memento because that really WAS it, you know?) of TII. From what I know the version I have is the "original theatrical version"--not the newer, cleaned up, "doctored" re-issue that's being passed around now in order to cover Ortega's and $ony's rear-ends as far as "not knowing" Michael was ill, etc. This newer version is a lot like a "Director's Cut" version, if you will. Of course--they're only going to want to show the good stuff. The original TII was pretty much a "rough cut" because $ony wanted to hurry up and make money. In it, there are scenes where Michael states, "I'm saving my voice.", and in the "Smooth Criminal" excerpt, when Michael appears on stage--you can clearly see that he's not "with it" and blows his cue, but excuses it with "I'm waiting for the sizzle to stop." Unfortunately fans weren't stupid any more than they were fooled and $ony and Ortega got ripped new buttholes for it by groups out there like "This is NOT it", and the likes.

  8. Bonnie - as I'm not sure if you check comments on your older blogs, I just wanted you know that I posted one today on your August 2, 2010 blog, Attempts to Discredit and Distract.

    @Lady, Thanks for confirming what I suspected about different version of TII. While the version I own is in spoken English, there are subtitles in English on nearly every clip, which is not the case in the Starz TV version; also, while the sequencing of the songs is the same in both versions, Michael does not wear the same outfit in each version while he sings the same song. Per your description above, I'm sure what I have is the first version, and they cleaned it up for home viewing distribution. Just more proof of the rush by Sony to capitalize on Michael's passing.

  9. Everyone, I am way behind on these comments and I'm sorry. It took me two days to research and write the blog I posted last night and I need to get on here today and catch up on these . . . after sleep. It's 5:04am and have not been to bed yet . . . I will be back.


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