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Michael Jackson Justice: Help Michael, Not the Parasites at Sony

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help Michael, Not the Parasites at Sony

August 4, 2010 – Fans Stand Against Parasites at Sony

Sony was an admirable company back when they had stuck to making televisions and radios. Since breaking into the entertainment industry, they have allowed a group of shady characters to pull down the reputation of this once reputable company.

When Sony first broke into the music industry it was 1991. That is the start of their history in music. Before then, Sony was a hardware company. They sold electronics – T.V.’s , stereos, radios and communication equipment. Sony and CBS records did partner in 1968 over the new compact disc product and the first compact discs were finally released with CBS recordings in 1983. But we will start in 1991, when Sony actually got involved in the entertainment side of music.

In 1991, Sony bought CBS/Epic records. Clive Davis had been running CBS until 1972 when he was dismissed and replaced with Goddard Leiberson then with Walter Yetnikoff. Tommy Mottola replaced the dismissed Yetnikoff in 1990. On November 17, 1987, the Sony Corporation of America acquired CBS Records, which was Michael’s label, for US$2 billion. CBS retained the rights to the CBS name for music recordings but granted Sony a temporary license to use the CBS name.

Who is Martin Bandier?

Martin Bandier

Mr Bandier's break into the industry came in his early 20s, when he was working in a downtown law firm. A senior partner wanted someone to work on a deal with a record company and that began his career in the business side of music. He formed his first music business in 1975, scoring a hit with Barbra Streisand's My Heart Belongs to You.

He saw the business through various incarnations, gently expanding catalogue sales in commercial, films, sound recordings and stage productions. In 1989 he sold out to Thorn EMI for $295m.

He got his education at the University of Syracuse and majored in history and government affairs. Finished his Law doctorate at Brooklyn Law School.

He started his career working at the Manhattan law firm; moved to the legal department of LeFrank Organization rising to senior vice-president. Then became Co-founder of Entertainment Company in 1975; left about 10 years later to co-found Entertainment Music Company, followed in 1987 by SBK Entertainment World. Bandier sold SBK to Thorn EMI in 1989, becoming vice chairman as part of the deal. He then became chairman and chief executive of EMI publishing in 1991.

In 1985 Michael bought the ATV catalog which included the “Norther Songs” – The Beatles Catalog.

Bandier’s career with Sony/ATV

Here is an interesting section of this article on both Bandier and Koppleman who was also on the list of conspirators mentioned by Carol Davis:

“WHEN Mr. Bandier divorced Ms. LeFrak in the early 1980s, he and Mr. Koppelman formed their own music publishing company. The two began acquiring small catalogs and had the inside track to acquire ATV, which held the rights to the Beatles’ music, in the mid-1980s — until Michael Jackson’s lawyers swooped in and nabbed the company with a $47.5 million bid.

Michael Became a Stranger in Moscow

Bruised from losing out on the ATV catalog, Mr. Bandier and Mr. Koppelman and a third partner, Stephen Swid, did a deal that put their company, then called SBK Entertainment World, on the map. They acquired CBS’s music publishing business for $125 million.”

Bandier then sold CBS’s music publishing business to Thorne-EMI for $335 million, then joined EMI and while there, took over managing the ATV catalog, amongst others. One of the catalogs Bandier bought while with EMI was the Jobete Catalog, from Motown’s Berry Gordy.

Barry Massarski is a name you might want to research into, since he has also done work for Sony/ATV.

Bandier wanted EMI to sell him their publishing unit in late 2005 and EMI turned him down. He then resigned in later 2006 and took a position with, you guessed it, Sony/ATV as CEO. Did Michael hire him? No, Sony did. He also got a piece of the profits of Sony/ATV when he took over. This is the press release announcing Bandier’s new position.

Interesting is the first paragraph which states:

“Sony Corporation of America announced today that Martin Bandier has been named Chairman and CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC. As part of the agreement, Mr. Bandier will also make an investment in Sony/ATV, which is co-owned by Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson.”

Trusts formed by Michael Jackson? Would this be the “Michael Jackson Family Trust”? “Trusts” is in plural form in this paragraph. According to that paragraph above, the trusts formed by Michael Jackson would have had to have been in existence in 2006 when this press release was made. It could have been as far back as the initial partnering of Sony with Michael’s ATV catalog. Does that leave Michael’s half of Sony/ATV Publishing safe? Not exactly.

Sony/ATV, Michael’s half, is now in control of the Estate, which is controlled by Branca. Here is what concerns me.

Bandier and Koppleman have been partners before, back when they tried to acquire the ATV when the bid against Michael. Koppleman was on the list of conspirators which included Branca, but not Bandier? Why not? Bandier has almost always had some influence over that catalog, whether it was as a manager of it through EMI, or as CEO of Sony/ATV. Source

Charles Koppelman and John Branca? Their history goes way back too. It was comforting to find all three names in the same paragraph: “Over the years, John has put together major music-publishing deals for such luminaries as Berry Gordy, Charles Koppelman and Marty Bandier. His best-known deal was the acquisition of The Beatles catalog by Michael Jackson.” Source

Another article highlighting the fight for the original ATV catalog: Source about a ¼ of the way down…

“By November 20th, 1984, Jackson and Branca sent a Telex to Holmes a Court with a $46-million bid for the ATV catalog. They were aware of another bid of $39 million, and had spent time determining the value of the ATV catalog. They believed their $46 million was a good bid, and that it had cushion enough to be above the rest. In addition to McCartney as a possible rival in the contest, the other investors and music industry executives competing for the ATV catlog were: Charles Koppelman and Marty Bandier’s New York-based The Entertainment Co., Virgin Records of London; New York real estate tycoon Samuel J. Lefrak, and financier Charles Knapp. John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, had been contacted but did not enter the bidding.”

More . . . further down:

“ The contract for the prospective deal had gone through eight drafts. But then, negotiations broke off for a time and the deal seemed doomed. In June 1985, Branca and Jackson learned that Holmes a Court had signed a tentative $50-million deal with Charles Koppelman and Marty Bandier’s Entertainment Co. Talks then resumed between the Jackson and Holmes a Court negotiating teams. Jackson raised his bid to $47.5 million. Holmes a Court accepted Jackson’s bid over the higher $50 million from Koppleman/Bandier presumably because Jackson’s was more liquid and could be consummated quicker. Jackson also reportedly threw in a charity concert in Perth, Australia. An announcement was made in mid-August 1985 that Michael Jackson had acquired the ATV music publishing catalog with the Beatles songs. Michael Jackson was a happy camper.”

Highlighted in this same article is an explanation as to what happened to Michael’s money between the two child misconduct accusations. I thought this was interesting:

“By the late 1990s he had taken out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans. He used some of the loan money to invest in risky ventures. “The leading drain on Mr. Jackson’s ample resources may have been monumentally unwise investments that apparently produced equally colossal losses,” wrote New York Times reporters Jeff Leeds and Andrew Ross Sorkin in a later story on the evolution of Jackson’s financial troubles. Among the unwise investments was $50 million or so for deals that never panned out – amusement-park ideas and global-scale entertainments featuring giant Marvel comic-book type characters. “

Funny they don’t mention the enormous costs of lawyers during the many lawsuits Michael had to field. But even with that being said (printed), the mention of the “amusement park ideas, global scale entertainments, Marvel comic-book type characters . . . yes. We are all familiar with the 1995 “Kingdom Entertainment” deal with Prince Al Waleed. It was a 50-50 deal according to the press conference. If Michael was getting bad advice, then so was Prince Al Waleed, and from what I have seen, Mr. Waleed seems to be doing okay.

As long as Michael owned that ATV catalog, those characters drooling over it were always going to be breathing down his neck. Always. Isn’t that what Jermaine said? ALWAYS! Always after him.

They Left Blood on The Dance Floor

More further down:

“After Jackson’s passing in June 2009, McCartney publicly offered his respects and condolences, commenting on his time working with Jackson. “I feel privileged to have hung out and worked with Michael,” McCartney said, calling him “massively talented” and a person with a gentle soul. “His music will be remembered forever and my memories of our time together will be happy ones,” he said. With Jackson’s passing, there had come rumors that Jackson had planned to give the rights back to the Beatles. In fact, it was rumored that Jackson had intended to do so in his will, in order to make amends with Paul McCartney. But when the will surfaced, there was no mention of such a transfer. And Sony stepped in to say that the Beatles portion of the Sony/ATV catalog was going nowhere and would remain in their custody. “

Does anyone remember this? I do and I’m not even a Jackson Fan! At least not up until June of 2005 and even I remember reading that Michael intended to will the Beatle’s songs back to McCartney when he died. No mention of it in the will, though. Of course not. Without the Beatles songs, what would be the point of killing Michael?

No, there would definitely have to be a will that DID NOT contain provisions for returning the Beatles songs to McCartney.

Michael's last rehearsal night at Staples

Later . . . More on Bandier, Branca and Koppelman

In the meantime, keep an eye on what Sony is doing.

Even does not support the new Michael Album

More Sony-Shennanigans … Warehouses raided in Mexico

Yeah, nice company. I won't be doing business with them. I might get arrested by the U.S. Marshalls just for buying a CD in a record store. Maybe, Sony, you should consider hiring executives that are a little less . . . self-dealing.


  1. Bonnie said: "Yeah, nice company. I won't be doing business with them. I might get arrested by the U.S. Marshalls just for buying a CD in a record store. Maybe, Sony, you should consider hiring executives that are a little less . . . self-dealing."

    I agree. I'm waiting to see another incident--a la "This Is It", where Paul Anka threatened to sue the pants off of $ony for copyright violation, and how quickly the Estate and $ony kissed his butt, when it comes to Michael's "new" album in November! (Inserting a muffled tongue-in-cheek giggle...) Worse, Michael's eldest brother, Jackie is the producer of the "new" release. Oh yay. NOT!

    I don't know about you, but I truly fail to understand how that a member of the Jackson family can scream: "Foul! They conspired to kill our brother...", but yet...turn around, shake hands with the very Devil(s) that murdered their brother.

    This may be only my opinion, but Michael will never see justice as long as his own family continues to sell him out.

  2. I forgot to add, that I hope Jackie enjoys the sibling blood-stained paycheck he's earned...

  3. I do remember the rumor that Michael was going to leave the Beatles song's to Paul in his will. I heard this about 2 months before Michael died. In fact, that's why I started researching this. I was wondering what was going to happen to those songs. I remembered Michael talking about conspiracy's and it all started to add up. I knew then that Sony was involved in this. Weather Michael really intended those songs to go to Paul, I don't know.

    I posted a topic about Sony's involvement in Michael's death on the forums on and it was deleted. I posted again, my account was deleted. I found that strange. Someone said it was probably offensive to the "BeLIEvers" because I talked about the theory of a hoax. I don't know why my account would have been deleted though. Unless THEY are watching.

  4. @Michele: Your posting and account were "killed" because $ony OWNS and OPERATES hope that clarifies things for ya.

  5. It's scary that they are so blatant about it. I posted my second post with the topic titled "What is Sony trying to hide?" I said at the beginning of that post that Sony owned the website and that my post would be deleted again. That's when my account was deleted. I created a new account and posted again. That was just a few hours ago. They're not going to shut me up. People need to know the truth.

  6. It's been happening for a long time over at
    Threads and post go missing that speak ill of Sony and reveal them for who they are.

    I didn't realise Michael had actually said he would leave the Beatles songs to Paul when he died. If this is correct it really does scream that the will being used is a fake. Like you said Bonnie, what would be the point in killing Michael is he left all the Beatles songs to Paul.

    I definitely think Bandier, Koppleman and Branca are those who have ALWAYS been after him. In particular Bandier. You can see it as clear as day how he has been chasing that ATV catalogue.

    Hurts to think what Michaels life would have been like if he never purchased that catalogue. Who was the one that advised him to do that again?

  7. ladyaquarius1962 - I don't get the thing with Jackie . . . at all! Jackie! What are you doing? I'm hurt!!! I don't get this at all and I'm changing the subject because I'm TICKED! Jackie, this is YOUR BROTHER!!!!

    MicheleKC61187 - And every one else that asked about this, received this in my email:

    For The Record - Message From Paul

    Some time ago, the media came up with the idea that Michael Jackson was going to leave his share in the Beatles songs to me in his will which was completely made up and something I didn’t believe for a second.

    Now the report is that I am devastated to find that he didn’t leave the songs to me. This is completely untrue. I had not thought for one minute that the original report was true and therefore, the report that I’m devastated is also totally false, so don’t believe everything you read folks!

    In fact, though Michael and I drifted apart over the years, we never really fell out, and I have fond memories of our time together.

    At times like this, the press do tend to make things up, so occasionally, I feel the need to put the record straight.


    Check it out for yourselves . . . rumor? Paul is okay with this? If he's okay with it, I'm still not, because of what they did to keep it. Sorry Paul, but all's not okay with the world.

    Yes Michele, Sony is not going to allow negative posts on their site. That's just undeerstandable. Someone posted one of my older blog Entries over there about the "Sony the Enron of the Music Industry", but I bet it's taken down now.

    Lonely - You said:

    "Hurts to think what Michaels life would have been like if he never purchased that catalogue. Who was the one that advised him to do that again? "

    Originally? Paul McCartney (any catalog, but not his). Then Branca told him it was available. That is when Michael's fight for his life began.

    Sony, I want to personally thank you for harboring THUGS in your corporation. If you're losing billions, maybe you should check their back pockets!

  8. "I want to clarify a silly rumour - the Beatles catalogue is not for sale, has not been for sale and will never be for sale." Michael Jackson, May 2001

  9. As Michael owned the 50% of the catalog at his time of death, I don't think that it's technically and legally possible for him to leave Paul McCartney WHOLE rights to Beatles songs even if he wanted to.

    Sure Michael could have left his own SHARE (50%) to Paul - read Paul's statement where he says "Some time ago, the media came up with the idea that Michael Jackson was going to leave his SHARE in the Beatles songs to me ".

    That would mean that regardless of what happens (Michael holding on to the Beatles songs for himself/his estate or giving his share to Paul), Sony still would have control 50% of the Beatles songs as before.

  10. So many comments here; just yesterday I read that both Jackie and Marlon are working with McClain on the previously unreleased songs for the November 2009 Album. While I really hate to say it, that would explain why we have heard virtually nothing from Jackie and Marlon almost since the day Michael passed. And to hear on YouTube Jermaine trying to sing Man in the Mirror in Gambia recently. All this just makes me so angry. Of course they all have to make a living since their mealticket is no longer around, but Jackie and Marlon partnering with Sony? Jermaine trying to sing one of Michael's signature anthems? The Jackson 4 are all in Sony's back pocket and being paid (off); Katherine, as a beneficiary, is in no position to challenge anything, so how can any justice prevail for Michael if his own family will not take the lead?

    As for Sony ownership of, someone commenting here recently pointed that out; I'm not certain about what follows but I believe the site was set up by Sony in March 2009 and if this is the correct date it probably was to hype the upcoming "tour" if the site was set up the same month as the public announcement. It's so sad there are such gullible Michael fans out posting on Sony's Michael Jackson site; they don't even have a clue.

  11. Well, I sure as hell ain't giving $ony another penny for this!! I'll listen to the songs, but I'm not going to reward them for hurting Michael like this.

  12. @june has been around a long time and it was always under the control of Sony. They just renewed/updated the website around 2009 for the TII concerts.

    for example go to*/

    you can see archived screenshots of over time. You'll see that all through the years the website has the "copyright sony music" notice on it.

  13. oh and btw I was thinking about it further and this story about Michael intended to leave Beatles songs to Paul seems to be made up by press (as Paul McCartney himself says so) and here's why.

    Northern songs catalog in other words Beatles songs were never solely owned by Paul McCartney. It consists of songs written by McCartney and John Lennon. So John Lennon's heirs in other words Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon also has a share/interest in that catalog.

    If you remember Yoko Ono was very happy when Michael bought the catalog and Michael and Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon remained friendly (there are pictures of them together as late as the 2000s)

    so to me it doesn't make sense that Michael would cut out his friend Sean Lennon's share and plan to leave Beatles songs to only McCartney. Therefore for me it would make more sense if he planned to leave them to Sean Lennon or equally between Lennon and McCartney.

  14. @my2cents, thanks for the clarification regarding the length of time Sony ran As I said, I wasn't sure about the March, 2009, date, and as you say they renewed it for the concerts. And I understand why Sony would not allow postings negative to its image. Speaking for myself, and perhaps others, what irks the most is that MOST Michael fans including those who are anti-Sony, apparently do not realize that Sony owns the site, and Sony does NOTHING to enlighten all of us as to their control of the site by posting the information in the lower left hand corner in typeface hardly large enough to read in blue on blue lettering, Sony Music Entertainment. I believe that if more people knew who ran this site, they would NOT post anything there. I myself was unaware of Sony's control of the site until someone in Bonnie's blog posted this info a few weeks back.

    And I agree with your comment that the press most likely made up the story of Michael intending to leave the Beatles songs to Paul M, your argument regarding Sean and Yoko makes more sense to me.

  15. Just to prove that yes, Jackie Jackson has indeed shook hands with the Devil here regarding MJ's November release, read this:

    Jackson's older brother Jackie is helping to prepare the album for release, said Jim Bates, the spokesman for Jackson's estate. The producer, who was behind Jackson's 2001 album 'Invincible', said recently that working with the star had been a "blessing". Sony and producer Rodney Jerkins are expected to release the album in November. Rodney Jerkins, who produced Michael's 2001 Invincible album, is currently putting the finishing touches on the record.


  16. Here's one that also mentions Marlon Jackson working with Jackie regarding MJ's music:

    3. When is Jackson's next album coming, and what else is in the recording pipeline?

    In March, the estate announced a deal with Sony Music worth $250 million for 10 albums of unreleased material. First up is a 10-song album.

    Neither the estate nor Sony has offered specifics, but co-executor John McClain has been in the studio with brothers Marlon and Jackie sorting through material. Jackson is thought to have compiled a slew of never-released songs during sessions for previous albums and in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz, Akon and His last album was 2001's Invincible, but he had been in contact with such artists as Ne-Yo to work on his next project.

    The November release would arrive just in time for holiday shopping. "Michael Jackson has the kind of fans that would still buy physical CDs because they would want a keepsake," says Gaylord Fields, senior editor at AOL Music. "That's why Sony didn't just rush anything out. They are making sure they do it right. It's not like Michael's fandom is going to dissipate in six months."

  17. With the proof posted...I hope that BOTH Jackie and Marlon choke on their sibling blood-stained paychecks. Enough said...

  18. Rodney Jerkins producing the November album? Michael's friend who had nothing but glowing sentiments for Michael both before and after his demise? Wanna bet Jackie and Marlon get at least co-producing credits? They all need to keep the paychecks coming in. It's still all about the MONEY. If the Jackson boys say they are part of this for some altruistic reason to do with integrity of the album, Michael didn't need his brothers before he died, and he surely doesn't need them now. I'm with Ladyacquarius "enough said".

  19. Bonnie – thank you again for nice educational blog. It must be Sony’s company rule for CEO’s to gets profit. Usually, CEO’s gets a good chunk of shares in the company’s stock not profit. I thought Michael and Prince Al Waleed just sketch the idea of Kingdom Entertainment not spend money on it and never realized? Wow.

    Even though Michael was liquid, I am thinking those who negotiated for Michael to get the catalog did it so cleverly to out bid the highest bidder. They might thought it would be easier to try to take it from Michael in the future than the other bidder. And they probably quickly found out that Michael was a tough cookie they could not break him easily, so they had to conspire to push him into bankruptcy and when they did not succeed them put him out for life.

    I read several different articles about Wil. I. am and what he said, and in the same articles it sure says Jackie is going to collaborate with Sony to produce Michaels’s unpublished music from his vault. Do we have to trust those articles? Is there any way we can find out from other sources if it is to be true. I don’t know how to go by and find out. I am really hurt too. Usually, I don’t believe everything is written by the media outlet. This might be a trick Sony is using so we can say the family is involving we must support Sony on the upcoming records they are trying to come up with.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. @Mimi: Do I trust the articles? Yes. Why? Even Joe Jackson himself had made reference that "two brothers" were paid to keep their mouths shut. Well, this is how it happened. Papa Joe wasn't lying apparently. At least not on this occasion.

    Also, think carefully on this...WHEN have you ever seen either Jackie or Marlon at any of the Murray hearings alongside Joe, Katherine, Jermaine, LaToya, Randy, or Janet? WHEN? That's haven't. Now you KNOW why.

  22. ladyaquarius – I have not heard Jo said like that at all. Oh my God, you don’t have any idea how I am feeling right now. Miserable that’s how I feel. You are right, I have never seen them in the court with the other family members. Is that mean they are the collaborator too in the demise of Michael to pave their way to make some cash knowing what Sony did to their brother? This is really more hurting to me than anything else. Does anyone knows the brothers’ twitter account so we can ask them what’s going on or that's not possible?

  23. I believe the Jackie and Marlon story because several months ago one of the follower fans said that some of the Jacksons were on the Sony payroll, but didn't name names.

    Also, I don't believe MJ ever intended to will Beatles songs to Paul McCartney because MJ was 16 years younger than Paul. MJ born 1958, Paul born 1942 (source - Wiki). MJ should have outlived Paul.

    Also, I believe Michael left the catalog to his children knowing it was his most valuable financial asset.

  24. Okay guys, I noticed something too at Forest Lawn when I went there for Michael’s anniversaries. The two brothers, Jackie and Marlon weren’t there. Where they with their mother in Gary?

  25. @Mimi: Katherine Jackson was with the "J3" (Prince, Paris, and Blanket) on holiday in Hawaii over the 1st Anniversary of MJ's passing. To the best of my knowledge, the ONLY Jacksons that went to FL on the 25th were: Jermaine (and his wife), Janet, and Randy. That was it.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. @ladyaquarius1962 Here's a Youtube video showing Katherine in Gary on 6/25/10 dedicating a memorial to Michael.

  28. Oh and MOST of the Jacksons: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy, and Janet HAVE Twitter accounts. Just make certain that the ones you hook up with are "VERIFIED ACCOUNTS". But, I caution...right now Twitter is having issues and is hard to access right now.

  29. Okay, thanks Rhoda. It must've been just before she took off with the J3 to Hawaii. Either way, I know that Randy was upset that he couldn't round up the entire family--especially Michael's kids for the 1st Anniv. of MJ's passing at FL, and he sounded off a bit about it on his Twitter in fact.

  30. After doing a little bit of thinking here, if anyone does go to Twitter and check out the varied Jackson accounts, what you'll find is one solitary "dark horse" amongst them, and that person is Randy. He appears to be the ONLY Jackson who is courageous enough to speak his mind. The others are content to simply chit-chat about nothing and general crap.

  31. ladyaquarius - I have no Twitter account. can you please ask Randy about Jackie and Marlon working with Sony?

  32. @Mimi: Well, I still can't access Twitter, but I can tell you that I believe that Randy already addressed issues like that on his account. I don't recall the exact quoting, but it was clear that he was upset about the Museum deal in Gary, and how certain family members were aligning themselves with bad people. He also made reference that at least to him and his siblings, none of them have any knowledge of a Jackson Family Trust. So, what does THAT tell ya?

  33. Thank you ladyaquarius. It is simply sad. I have not heard about the Jackson Family Trust. can you explain please.

  34. @Mimi (and anyone else interested): I FINALLY accessed Twitter. I'm going to let Randy to the "talking" here:

    I can’t do this alone. Thank u so much for ur support, especially yesterday. It was wonderful 2 see so many friends & fans at Forest Lawn 7:38 PM Jun 26th via web

    I don’t mean 2 be negative all the time but pls understand my bro shouldnt be dead & I get protective when people try 2 exploit us, esp now 7:36 PM Jun 26th via web

    I am sick of people trying to exploit & take advantage of my parents and then letting our family take the blame. 7:28 PM Jun 26th via web

    How can you raise money for a foundation that has not been legally formed? It is disrespectful to this family & an insult the public & fans 7:18 PM Jun 26th via web

    I am doing my best to get my parents to understand who the people are around them 7:14 PM Jun 26th via web

    I know my parents would not be involved if they really knew the characters they have aligned themselves with… 7:10 PM Jun 26th via web

    As far as I am concerned, tonight’s event is a fraud. 7:08 PM Jun 26th via web

    Let me be clear, there's no legitimate ‘Jackson Family Foundation’ that my brothers & sisters are aware of. 7:07 PM Jun 26th via web

    I tried 3:16 PM Jun 25th via mobile web

    Sorry Big Bro, for not getting ur children there on the anniversary of ur last day 3:15 PM Jun 25th via mobile web

    I am not in support of the Gary event/trip or whatever it is... Im tired but I promise to continue this discussion first thing in the morn. 2:17 AM Jun 23rd via web

    Surprising as it may seem, this is the case.... Im putting myself in the hot seat. I have nothing to lose.... 2:10 AM Jun 23rd via web

    Right now, my struggle is trying to get my family together on the 25th of June at Forest Lawn!!!!! 2:06 AM Jun 23rd via web

    theres something specific that i do want to comment on.... 2:01 AM Jun 23rd via web

    I see what you see and I dont agree with many of their choices but they are my family and i do love them. 1:57 AM Jun 23rd via web

    This is a very difficult time for me and my family. I read your tweets and we share the same frustration. 1:56 AM Jun 23rd via web

    please understand im going to be direct and to the point because there is such little time but your support speeds up the process 1:39 AM Jun 23rd via web

    Lets start with my family. There is a common concern about their lack of support and unity especially now that we're approaching June 25th 1:31 AM Jun 23rd via web

    Thank you all, but there is so much to address in such little time. Where should I start? 1:16 AM Jun 23rd via web

    Hello everyone, I'm back and healthy. Thank you for your loving comments and prayers 1:07 AM Jun 23rd via web

    I also want to thank all of u for supporting me in an effort that has resulted in the cancellation of the tribute in Italy on the 25th. 2:11 PM Jun 10th via web

    I want to thank Tony Harris and the CNN News Team for their kindness and having me on. 1:54 PM Jun 10th via web

    This frustrates me. I know my brother wouldn't want this 8:45 PM Jun 9th via web

    I will do my best with Julien Auction House but I can only do so much. Ultimately my mom has the power to stop this,not me 8:40 PM Jun 9th via web

    How insensitive of them to use the anniversary of his death to bring attention to an auction of items he didnt want to part with. 7:06 PM Jun 9th via web

    My bro stopped this auction before.... 7:05 PM Jun 9th via web

    I was in the process of expressing how distasteful it is for Julien Auction House 2 hold an auction on the day my brother passed. 7:01 PM Jun 9th via web

    Source: Randy Jackson Twitter--

  35. Also, I erred when I said "trust", it's the Jackson Family Foundation:

    And, Randy slammed this by claiming it was illegal, etc. on his Twitter.

  36. Here's another interesting series of "tweets"...

    I've known about this for a few days. I can't take it anymore it's tearing me apart. 6:38 PM Jul 23rd via web

    I know everyone wants to know who it is. Im still trying to deal with it in my heart... 6:31 PM Jul 23rd via web

    Someone I considered very close and dear to me sold video of my brother behind my back for profit. 6:18 PM Jul 23rd via web

    Once again I am so so so disappointed and saddened. 6:10 PM Jul 23rd via web

    Source: Randy Jackson Twitter--

  37. My2cents is right on the willing the Beatles songs back to McCartney and also on the website.

    ladyaquarius1962 - I remember that press releasea bout Marlon and Jackie working on the songs. Not making sense to me at all. I'm making a phone call about this one because this one will really get to me if I don't.

    Mesrak (Mimi) - About asking other sources . . . I can make a phone call, but that doesn't mean they will tell me anything. They may not want it published.

    Lady - You said:

    "Do I trust the articles? Yes. Why? Even Joe Jackson himself had made reference that "two brothers" were paid to keep their mouths shut. Well, this is how it happened. Papa Joe wasn't lying apparently. At least not on this occasion."

    Was this on a T.V. interview or in a tabloid report? I'm trying to remember where we heard this. We have to be really, REALLY careful because you're right. There are people out there putting out stuff about the Jacksons SPECIFICALLY to cause division.

  38. Mesrak (Mimi) - Remember the sources of this information, okay? Unless I hear them say it on T.V. It's not truth.

    Lady - On Randy's twitter -

    Someone I considered very close and dear to me sold video of my brother behind my back for profit. 6:18 PM Jul 23rd via web

    I had seen this . . . did he ever twitter who it was?

  39. and Lady - just where have Marlon and Jackie been since Michael's passing, as Mimi said, not at a court hearing or taking any other action, verbal or otherwise, on behalf of Michael in the press, and we all know the press would publish every word that comes from Jackson mouth on the subject of Michael.

  40. Hi Bonnie. Just wanted to mention a couple of things everyone probably knows about anyway.

    After graduating, John Branca worked as an estate planner before becoming an entertainment attorney.

    Whoever has worked as head of Sony in the US has done nothing their bosses elsewhere would not have known about.

    Robert Holmes a Court, who sold the ATV catalog to Michael once owned a TV station in Western Australia. Since 1968 the TV station has been holding a weekend Telethon, usually in October. When Holmes a Court owned the station "Telethon" was a big event (still is but it was bigger in those days). The main beneficiary of Telethon is a children's hospital. Every year Telethon had a "star attraction." They had Sammy Davis Jnr one year, another time Whitney Houston was the star guest. One of the conditions of the ATV catalog sale was that Michael attend the Telethon, which he did in 1985. Although he didn't perform he did attend a number of events for Telethon over the weekend, bless his wonderful heart.

  41. About Papa Joe's comment: I did not see it made in a tabloid--I just don't remember where off-hand, but I know it was quite a while back when it was made (around the 1st hearing for Murray). I initially disregarded it, because Joe has said a lot of "bull" over the years, and I paid it no mind until the recent revelation of the Marlon and Jackie working on MJ's November release. Then, it "added up."

    As far as "the sold video"--I am entirely clueless as to whom Randy is referring there, and nothing more has been said about it on his Twitter either.

  42. @June: Right!!! Neither Jackie nor Marlon have attended court hearings, nor have either made ANY statements regarding Michael to the press (in any form). So yeah...that draws a few caution flags, understandably.

  43. I also want to draw attention to Bonnie's warning: "There are people out there putting out stuff about the Jacksons SPECIFICALLY to cause division."

    This is something with which I am in total agreement. The Media has done this for years with that family. But, the whole Jackie and Marlon deal does seem to add up. It makes sense that the Estate (Branca) and $ony would want a few Jacksons as "allies" in order to save their bottoms from any form of ill press or suspicion regarding Michael. So, they "buy" them with work on the November release (and possibly the future offerings as well).

    Take that in consideration when Joe recently dropped his suit against the Estate, and then went after AEG and Murray instead. It "fits."

  44. @Lady - it is true that stuff is put out about the Jacksons to cause division, but I think the total lack of ANYTHING (information, defensive statements, court participation) from Jackie or Marlon themselves speaks for them. In this case, their silence is not golden!

  45. @June: I agree! When your brother dies under "suspicious circumstances" with hints of conspiracy to have him murdered, you would think that EVERY living Jackson would be screaming for justice and what-not-all. Especially his siblings...ALL of them, and yet...this is NOT happening. So, should caution flags be thrown? I say, absolutely!

    But, let me also say this: It is NOT because of the Media that I have a VERY hard time trusting the Jackson family. It is simply this...

    Over the many years of watching them, I came to realize and believe that although Michael loved his family very much, there is also a darned good reason(s) why he also tended to avoid them a great deal. Even to the point of isolating his children from them. These reasons go a whole lot deeper than simply because "My family is a showbiz we don't get together as often as I'd like.", Michael (Oprah interview).

    From what I've read and gut-hunched over the many years, Michael loved his family, but he also felt that the only time they wanted to be with him was for some "reunion concert" or such. This in turn, likely (and understandably) made him feel "used." So, he simply rebelled against them, and put them on "ignore." It's a typical human reaction to such. In any case, the Jackson family is not one that is as "close and loving" as they portray themselves. With a keen observant eye, you can clearly see that amongst them it's "every man for themself." It's sad to see that. Even worse, it was sadder to note that the only time in recent years, they ALL seemed to come together was for Michael's funeral. :(

  46. As to the issue of what Jackie and Marlon may be up to these days, Jackie lists an address on his official verified twitter account on April 3, 2010 which he states is the "only authorized mailing address for the Jacksons". I won't post the address here. It can be viewed by looking at Jackie's twitter account.

    Lady, I agree wholeheartedly with your reasoning for why Michael distanced himself from his siblings. However, they always seemed to show a united front in times of urgency. Now, in the most urgent of circumstances, where did they all go......

  47. You know...not unlike any shady, underworld, mafia-like story of dastardly deeds, cover-ups, and the like...Why is there ALWAYS someone who's involved and quite often the "mastermind" of the whole plot (in this case, Bandier) with a big, fat, Cuban cigar sticking out of his mouth???

  48. Raymone Bain was a guest on Geraldo's show two weeks prior to the anniversary of Michael's death. IMO, she dropped a bombshell, although I had not seen it discussed on any of the justice sites. She stated that Michael was revived for a full ten minutes in the hospital on the day he died. Also, that the Chief of Emergency medicine said that if Murray had told the staff that he had administered propofol, they would have undertook different treatment. Possibly saving Michael's life. I'm surprised that this footage has not appeared on Youtube. I've had a request for a copy of the interview because no one seems to be able to find it anywhere.

    On the same show, Geraldo said that he had very reliable information from a source close to the Jacksons that three of the brothers and some of their children are receiving monthly payoffs from the estate to keep their mouths shut. My guess is Marlon, Jackie and Tito. I just read that Randy has accepted a job with one of Michael's companies, if this is true, I guess he's decided to take the money and run.

    I don't know if any of this means anything, but it seems very strange to me.

  49. @Cynthia: I agree with the possibilities of all you've said, with exception to one...I believe that Michael was already dead for approximately 2 hrs. before paramedics were even called because it had been noted by Hospital staff in their report that the early stages of rigor mortis had set in.

  50. Hi ladies (and gentleman lurkers), I want to answer these and have a little more info but I got home late from work tonight and we have a funeral tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow evening. I had a blog ready to go tonight too, but that will also have to wait. I hate delaying but . . . life . . . and death calls. :o(

  51. @ladyaquarius1962- I agree with you, I have always believed that Michael was dead hours before Murray called 911. I even go as far as to suggest that the upstairs bedrooms were over heated to tamper with body temperature thus confusing time off death. However, the medical records that Joe obtained for his wrongful death claim and now, Raymoone Bain, have stated that MJ was revived at the hospital. It breaks my heart to say this but I'm sure Michael was brain dead, but could they have resuscitated him, even briefly, if he had been dead for hours? There are so many inconsistencies in this case that it is mind boggling.

  52. Can a heartbeat be restored in a body that is in rigor? That sounds like something from a horror movie. Does anyone know the answer?

    The paramedics also said that they saw signs of lividity. If that's true it means the blood has begun to leave the heart and other organs and pool at the lowest point of the body. How in Heaven's name can a heartbeat be restored?

  53. lady - The paramedics report that I saw said nothing about rigor mortis but did mention lividity. Is this what you meant?

    cynthiaL - I did not see Raymone Bain's interview either, so I cannot comment in what she saw, I have a copy of the complaint Brian Oxman filed for wrongful death and I have yet had time to look at it with everything going on here at home. IF it did indeed say that Michael was revived for 10 minutes, then yes, we have an issue on our hands as far as who in the world is telling the truth. It's getting a little aggravating.

    In regard to the Jackson brothers, we don't know why they are working with Branca (if they are) there has been so much misinformation put out there from that camp as well. It's like this major battle for P.R. directly aimed at the fans.

    Remember the people behind the news, that cared so little for someone' life, liberty and persuit of PEACE that they participated gleefully in throwing the dirt over his grave once he was murdered. This is the media. Why is Jackie and Marlon not speaking up? What would be the point? Joe and Jermaine did and look what was said about them. Let one or two Jackson brothers take the beating, why should all of them be stoned?

  54. @Bonnie: Yes. I asked a Dr. friend of mine what "lividity" meant, and she told me that "in short" it was the very early stage of rigor mortis. Lividity begins in as little as an hour AFTER death. Either way, it appears the Michael was indeed quite dead BEFORE Murray did diddly as far as calling 911.

  55. As far as the whole Michael being revived bit...I really don't know what to make of any of that. I take that stuff with a grain of salt simply because we're discussing a know? Whenever a celeb dies, there is ALWAYS some "hype" involved and quite often it all ends up being untrue anyway.

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. Oh, one more thought...Let's take for example that Michael WAS indeed revived, and let's "play" with the idea he would've survived. Now...take into consideration here Murray's delay in contacting 911. Just how much BRAIN DAMAGE (due to lack of oxygen, etc.) can you seriously imagine would have been caused to Michael? Do you seriously think Michael would've been the same? The answer is NO. Something or several somethings would've been affected: speech, memory, motor skills. With such in mind, it's still a "blessing" he passed over, I would think.

  58. Bonnie-
    Here is the link to an article from the LA Times that mentions Michael being revived at the hospital-

    Also, I saved the Geraldo with Bain's interview. I would be glad to make a copy and send it to you. IMO, it's a very important piece of the puzzle that seems to have gone unnoticed. I would love to get your opinion on some of the statements made on that program. It seems to me that Geraldo is the only reporter willing to talk about the possibility of a conspiracy.

  59. Yes I am interested in the Geraldo/Bain interview if you have it. You are on my FB page, correct? thank you CynthaL.

  60. Bonnie
    I an on you FB page, but keep in mind that I'm am almost completely computer illiterate. Before Michael's death I only used my laptop for shopping. Researching his life and the false allegations against him has been my incentive for teaching myself what I have learned. I can make a copy with my dvd recorder and mail it to you. I think it's important that this footage gets out to the public, but I have NO idea how to upload it to my computer. Any suggestions?


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