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Michael Jackson Justice: Martin Bashir Hired at MSNBC! Advertiser Protest!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Martin Bashir Hired at MSNBC! Advertiser Protest!

Please, I need your help!

I have written to MSNBC about this ERROR IN JUDGMENT on the part of MSNBC to hire Jerry Springer . .. I mean Martin the Malignant, (Martin Bashir).

Just writing to MSNBC probably won't do any good, but do it anyway. But let them know you will be writing to their advertisers.

Martin Bashir's Breech of Trust Interview with Michael Jackson 2003

The Results - Michael after Arrest

And this


And finally THIS!!!

This is my letter to MSNBC:


You have really sunk to an all time low. What makes you think that any of us would want to watch on the news every night a man who is responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Michael Jackson. Is this the journalistic standard you have settled for? Is this really the best you can do?

Martin Bashir is a tabloid journalist. MSNBC has now officially become a tabloid t.v. show. Everyone in the free world knows what Martin Bashir did to Michael Jackson, how he did it and who paid him to do it. Viewers want the truth in our news choice. We can watch Entertainment Tonight or Jerry Springer to get the quality talent you just hired!

At a time when more and more people are trusting news sources less and less, you make a move like this one to confirm our suspicions.

Your advertisers will hear from me.

There are tens of millions more of Michael Jackson fans then there are of Martin Bashir fans. Those hundreds of millions of Michael Jackson fans remember what Bashir did. I will be advertising your folly on my blog to help get the word out. And I will continue to advocate for the boycotting of your advertisers on the internet until Martin the Malignant is gone.

Sincerely, A concerned citizen old enough to remember.

Bonnie Cox

You may write to MSNBC here

1) Choose "Dateline" from the drop-down list

2) Then scroll down to the "Comment" box and write your comment or statement

3) Then click on "Submit"

Let's let MSNBC know what we think about Bashir and his unethical reporting.

As always, thank you for your continuing support.

I don't have the links for all these yet, I just got this information. You can either choose a couple of advertisers and send out a copy of your letter to them and copy MSNBC in on them. I am starting tonight!


Kashi cereals
Progressive Insurance
Aruba Tourism Department
Transitions Lenses
AIG Term Life
Coldwell Bankers
Venus Breeze
Jimmy Dean Sausages
lawyers Weitz & Luxenburg, NY
Video Professor
Natural’s Cat Chow, Purina
Merneke Car Care Center
Am. Express
Travel Companion on CNN
Crystal Light
Infiniti Car
Vonage Phone
Dyson Vacuum
Hyundi Car
U.S. Buildings
Direct TV
Colonial Penn Life Insurance
Stop IRS Debt
HSBC Direct Financial Inst
U.S. Airforce
Progresso Soup
Cooking Lite
Steak-umns Burgers
Mama Lucia Meat Balls
Sea Bond
Financial Freedom, reverse mortgage
eDiets Meal Delivery
Aqua Velvet
Mr. Clean
Bayer Products
Old Mutual Investment
Verizon (Both)
Coldwell Bankers
Jimmy Dean Sausages
Natural’s Cat Chow, Purina
American Express
Crystal Light
Vontage Phone

Everyone, please read David's thoughtful article about Martin Bashir, at the link below:

Martin Bashir's Treachery


  1. Ugh!!! I haven't read the article yet but when I saw this face I had an urgent need to regurgitate!!! I was horrified when I learned that this coward of a man was hired at MSNBC! What are they thinking?? He's been proven to be purveyor of lies and a fabricator of "facts" to suit his own ends...namely promoting his sorry career at the expense of others, namely Michael Jackson. I would have thought that his career would be in shambles after being outed as a hack journalist reporting lies as truth! I'm totally bewildered!!!

  2. Most likely, Bashir's contract at ABC wasn't renewed and he was given a way to "gracefully" exit by first securing another position. ABC's Nightline comment page contained over 1,000 negative comments on Bashir over the past year. It would have been nice if he had suffered a nice long period of unemployment, at the very least, before finding another job. He's just another piece in the puzzle that was the last fifteen years of torment for Michael.

  3. Hey Bonnie, I'm sure you've already read this, but in case you haven't here is an article I wrote about the connection between Bashir and NBC. It's no accident that he's going there because they are infested with MJ haters!

    I think you should add it to your post, in case any of your readers haven't read it yet. Thanks!

  4. SandyK - Me too! MSNBC has no pride!

    June - I agree. Maybe MSNBC will let him go due to lack of funds to pay him.

    David, thank you! Putting it above!

  5. Bonnie - you are so right on all these connections to Sony which you have posted and I feel in my gut Bashir is part of the mess. Introduced to Michael by Uri G. It is inconceivable that Michael's life could just "coincidentally" take every bad turn in the road over close to 20 years without some very evil conniving players involved; it boggles the mind. Please keep up the revelations so all the pieces can be connected.

  6. Martin Bashir vergognati te lo dice una italina a nome di tutti i fans italiani.

  7. Thank you Bonnie for this info. I think because of many MJ fans expressed their concerns to ABC maybe that's why they couldn't renew his contract. We need to continue expressing our concern to MSNBC until he is gone.

    What department we send our letter to the advertisers?

  8. David - thank you so much for your article. I am still reading it and it was amazing. You deserve credit for the hard work you did.

    You pointed out the most important fact that Michael did not do any background check on Bashir. He probably believed his lies and manipulation to be true since Michael likes to think there is good in everyone. I always believe Michael would have been greatly benefited if he had a private personal investigator that researched, analyzed, and report verifiable facts before he committed to anyone to do business with and have interviews.

  9. @Mimi - you are right about Michael not doing background check on Bashir, however, he was SUPPOSED to have editorial control before it was released, and Bashir lied about that and released the program without Michael's permission. Remember the shopping spree in Vegas where Michael is ordering over the top stuff? I've heard it was his intent to edit that out of the final version, he was just pulling Bashir's chain, Bashir being so amazed at all the expensive purchases. Sadly, it was released without Michael having the final cut. Have you seen the recently revealed Moslehi "outtakes" of the interview where Bashir's true persona is revealed for the lying, manipulative snake he really is? That "outtake" needs to get out to a broadcast station somewhere, but there is little chance.

  10. OMG...Bonnie! The sequence of your photos above left me totally grief stricken all over again to being on the verge of a primal scream! From start to finish, you have shown Michael's suffering with just five agonizing images. That photo of him from "TII" looking so gaunt with the eyes of a dying spirit is just too much!

    Your letter to MSNBC was emotional, powerful...and the TRUTH! I will write to their advertisers. We have to do something to get rid of this giant maggot. There isn't a rock big enough for him to hide under, so it's not surprising that MSNBC hired him instead! But Bashir is expendable, and when his liability outweighs his value at the network, he won't last long. Not if we have anything to do with it!

    I am sick tonight at the sight of these images of Michael, but they had to be shown as proof of how a vicious media destroyed such an angel. Bonnie, I can't thank you enough for staying strong and doing what you do so well. I know how hard this is for you...and I am so proud to be your friend. If only Michael could have had two loving friends like you and me, he would still be with us today.

  11. June – I visited the site David left on his comment and read his article. In there it says there were only two pages contract Michael signed and non of his team examined it when he did it. The article does not specify what he signed, but it says when Chris Wallace of ABC asked Bashir if Michael did anything to try to stop the airing of the documentary, “Bashir GLEEFULLY answers that MJ’s legal team “didn’t have a leg to stand on”. David added saying “this is because the contract was so poorly written that it didn’t specifically prevent the airing of the documentary without MJ’s approval”. He tricked him to sign poorly written contract and Michael believed and trusted in him and this BASTERD already calculated and premeditated what exactly he was going to do, EDIT & AIR.

    I have not seen Moslehi “outtakes”. Can I find it on Youtube? What can we do for the broadcast stations to take a look at it and air it? Would it help if we write them? This whole thing is so frustrating and unbelievably painful. I don't know how Michael handled it. He must have a thick skin.

  12. Wow!! Fabulous piece by Dave Edwards!!! It was eye opening and sickening when he states that "Bashir will likely replace David Shuster, who was suspended indefinitely in April 2010 for inappropriate behavior, and whose contract expires later this year." Shuster was let go for inapproptiate behavior...O.K. And how would one describe Bashir's behaviour in 2003...or any other time for that matter?!?!? Am I missing something?? MSNBC surely is!!

    Many of the other names he mentioned really resonated with me as being opportunistic low-life reporter wanna-be's. I'm sure everyone here is familiar with Maureen Orth who wrote several slanderous pieces about Michael in Vanity Fair several years ago. I didn't realize she was married to the late Tim Russert! I man who was universally praised as being the very definition of journalistic integrity. She obviously learned nothing from him. Then there's Rita Cosby, who I've also never had any respect for. Like Bashir, she often seems to be breathlessly trying to get the latest "scoop" even if she has to manufacture a story inorder to create the alledged "scoop". Hmmmm. Definitely a Bashir protege. I'm reminded of a disgraceful interview she did with Michael some months after 9-11 where she corners him with a camera and microphone while he is leaving a rally with Rev. Al Sharpton. She asks him stupid questions about his finances and what he thought about 9-11. Good grief! Michael is noticably annoyed but restrained and brief with most of his responses.

    Excellent article Mr. Edwards!! With Bashir's disgraceful history in reporting and journalism I'm surprised he's able to get employment outside of the world of cheap tabloids!?! Clearly ABC and especially NBC/MSNBC are no better than cheap tabloids. I really have no words to describe my utter contempt in these so called "professional" news (?) organizations!

    To end, thank you Bonnie for the letter and list of MSNBC advertisers. I'm looking forward to sending my own letter of complaint to MSNBC.

  13. By the way, just to clarify, when I mentioned that Rita Cosby asked Michael stupid questions about his finances and 9-11, I didn't mean to imply that asking about 9-11 was stupid, it was just the way she asked the question that was. Also, when she reported about the interview on air, she predictably gave a negative spin to Michael's responses with total disregard to the pushy and rude way that she approached him to begin with. Rediculous woman. No class.

    Any way, needed to set the record straight on the 9-11 comment. Thanks.

  14. june - I am trying to connect the pieces June . . . Every bit I get from everyone helps. :o)

    daniela derin - Thank you for commenting Daniela!

    Mesrak (Mimi) - I would go as high up in the companies of those advertisers as you can get . . . CEO's if need be!

    Micheline - I'm sorry about the images. It was meant to show those people at MSNBC for reference. Michael had MANY loving friends that tried. Hopefully this all will not have been in vain. Stay strong!

  15. Mesrak (Mimi) - I know how Michael handled it. He cried. Then he tried to sue. Then he was too busy DEFENDING HIMSELF from Sneddon, who was almost as obsessed with Michael as Evan Chandler was, only Sneddon was a little more sadistic about it.

    SandyK - You're welcome! And good commentary on Dave's article. :o) Rita Cosby, LOL! Michael told her! "...But I don't expect the press to say anything good..." On 9-11 Question, "I HATED it! I'd hate it if it was anywhere!"

  16. @Mimi (and everyone else who hasn't seen it) - re the Moslehi "outtakes" of Bashir's "interview" - google youtube michael jackson moslehi.

    There are several videos which seem to have been put on YT in March, April and August 2010; they say "unreleased" and "unseen". I watched one of them, don't recall which one but the sheer evilness of Bashir is right there on display. No more the smooth-voiced interviewer, he sheds his skin and becomes "himself" during these "breaks". Bashir knew these vids were being taken by Michael's photographer, Moslehi, but that didn't stop him. I don't know why Michael continued the interview after this "break". The camera is always on Michael but it's Bashir's voice that fills the room......

  17. What I cannot understand for the life of me, is how anyone can SQUANDER the opportunity to meet someone like Michael, spend eight months with him and then turn around and do this to him for self-satisfaction.

    He could have done things so differently and had Michael's gratitude and friendship for the rest of his life. That would have been worth much more to me than a job at MSNBC as a final result.

    Not too bright, are you Bashir?

  18. @june I think the same, last year we signed the petition “Fire Martin Bashir from ABC” and now this is the result. I was pissed off when I learned that he would be rehired by MSNBC and thank you for the link Bonnie, I will tell everyone to send a letter to them. This is just not right! He’s a liar and a backstabber!

    @David Big thank you!

    @Mesrak outtakes:
    And yes! We should show them to the world. Michael was just a loving person and an exceptional human being, really.

    Thank you Bonnie but that photo sequence ... so sad!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi Bonnie, I sent my letter to MSNBC. I posted it here earlier but it was quite lengthy and maybe too long to post here (I got an error message when I posted it.

  21. You will burn in hell, Bashir!!! You are a horrible lethal little germ and nobody needs you. Your should have been miscarried soon after your conception, but rest assured, you will spend your eternity together with the entire Avizo family, the Chandlers, Tommy &Co and all the other men in black suits who praise Moloch (you know who you are)!

  22. Hello,
    please sign the petition against broadcasting "Living with Michael Jackson" in german TV (N24):

    Petition Video!

    Thank you!

  23. Hey Bonnie, I found some new info on NBC and Sony! In January 2003, Andrew Lack was hired by Sony to replace Tommy Mottola.

    Lack was the President and Chief Operating Officer of NBC since June 2001, and President of NBC News for eight years prior to that. In 1993 NBC hired him to help increase the ratings of their fledgling news program, Dateline NBC. Their ratings were down after they were caught manipulating a story by rigging explosions in a report on truck safety! General Motors sued them for libel and defamation, and NBC settled out of court, and FIRED several journalists and producers who were associated with the story.

    Whoa, talk about journalistic integrity, huh?

    (Open the links below for more info on this scandal:

    The reason that this is very important is because as the head of NBC, he gave the go-ahead for those horrible Dateline NBC episodes that aired after MJ rejected their interview offer after the Bashir documentary aired. If they had no problem slandering a major corporation like GM, then they certainly had no problem in slandering MJ, who was himself a walking, talking corporation!

    This is an excerpt from Maureen Orth’s 2003 article on MJ:

    "This past January, however, Tommy Mottola was out as Sony chairman. Ironically, his replacement is Andrew Lack, the former president of NBC, who, shortly before accepting Sony’s offer, had given the go-ahead for Dateline NBC to do a show for the February ratings sweeps on Michael Jackson’s collapsing face and the downslide of his career. This action of Lack’s was alluded to by Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother, on a TV talk show on which he extolled the closeness of the Jackson family while at the same time letting slip that Michael had never met Jermajesty, Jermaine’s son."

    MJ always thought that some of his enemies paid Janet Arvizo to make those false claims, and he never ruled out Sony. The fact that Sony hired the President and COO of the network that has done the worst reporting on MJ, instead of hiring a record executive with years of experience, only confirms MJ’s suspicions.

    And here is another example of Sony’s corruption: in 2002-2003, they were involved in a scandal known as “payola”, where they would pay radio stations to play the music of their artists, regardless of the demand for their music by the public. This scandal was made public during 2005.

    It’s amazing that while they were paying radio stations to play the music of such “legends” as Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Simpson, they refused to even market MJ’s “Invincible” album.

    MJ was right: the music business is the most corrupt business ever!,2933,163537,00.html

  24. I was flicking stations and caught a glimpse of Bashir and quickly turned the station. I can't bear to look at him. I have selected the products I use but will no longer buy and I will keep a list of all sponsers. I will start a letter writing campaign to these advertisers. I wish I had gotten involved earlier when MJ was still alive.


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