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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson's Dr. Slavit and AEG

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Michael Jackson's Dr. Slavit and AEG

August 23, 2010 – Dr. Slavit and AEG

Getting back into a writing mode after a four day break is kind of like trying to get back on a vitamin schedule after going on vacation and leaving all your vitamins at home, both of which I did. But I know if I had been lucky enough to have a working laptop or access to the internet on something other than a flip-phone, I would have gotten nothing done that we intended to accomplish on our trip. (It wasn’t a vacation, but my husband tried to lighten things up a bit while we were gone).

When starting a blog topic, It is usually already a collection of links to certain reading material pertaining to the topic at hand. From that it turns into an outline and then into the finished piece. Sometimes I just sit down and write it depending on the urgency and the intensity of my feelings on the topic. For today’s topic, I have had some time to mull over the issue.

Who is Dr. Slavit and what does he have to do with AEG? Read Here

Dr. David Slavit: Photo credit Access Hollywood

From the article:

“Slavit, an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, based in New York City, administered Michael Jackson’s physical in February of this year, which the pop star reportedly passed. The physical report allowed Lloyd’s of London to issue the insurance policy on the pop star, under the name of “Mark Jones,” according to the Los Angeles Times, to AEG Live in relation to his London concert dates.”

Further through the article, Dr. Slavit is reported to have treated other famous vocalists. Dr. Slavit, upon further research, is a specialist in the health of the voice. Contributed from Gina:

David H. Slavit, M.D. (Keeping the Voice Healthy) is a board certified otolaryngologist specializing in care of the professional singer and is Director of the Ames Vocal Dynamics Laboratory, Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York City. He has worked closely with Juilliard faculty and students for many years. Keeping the Voice Healthy, led by David H. Slavit, M.D., otolarigologist and Director of the Ames Vocal Dynamics Laboratory, Lenox Hill Hospital. Source

The Ames Vocal Dynamics Laboratory (AVDL) provides state of the art evaluation of vocal function. The laboratory fulfills the needs of physicians, voice scientists, voice coaches and speech language pathologists for accurately diagnosing and treating voice disorders. The AVDL offers the most comprehensive modern system of objective voice analysis available, making diagnosis more accurate and enhancing treatment. Source

Ames Vocal Dynamics Laboratory at Lenox Hill, which looks more like Madonna's recording studio than a research clinic. It has a soundproof booth surrounded by computers, synthesizers, electronic keyboards, amplifiers, televisions and videocassette recorders, where patients come for video stroboscopic analysis, a state-of-the-art method of viewing vocal cord movements on a video screen. Source

Michael Jackson – exceptional vocalist

Medical Exam Goes Missing

This link reveals, as per AEG that the medical exam in which Michael was subjected to for purposes of concert insurance, was not issued under Michael’s name, but a fictitious name. If this in fact happened, how then would insurance be paid? It would render the document illegal. Source

“AEG has never received a copy of Dr. Slavit's medical exam. A second medical examination was scheduled in the UK when the tour arrived. The policy was issued in a fictitious name."

According to this article, this is sometimes done in the case of celebrities in order to insure that vital private information does not get leaked out (a little late out of the gate with Michael). I have been through training for health and life insurance specifically to obtain my license in both Maryland and Pennsylvania and at no time did my training ever cover this piece of information. As a matter of fact, the HIPPA and COBRA laws specifically address this issue. Documents filled out for the insured are done meticulously, including needing to see and match I.D. to their name, social security numbers, photo to face and same must be done taking swabs for drug testing and urine testing.

Also, insurance companies usually have doctors contracted on call to perform such physicals. A physician will either come out to the home, place of work or the patient will go to the medical facility for such a physical to be performed. If a claim ever needed to be paid out for this life/health insurance policy, how would the insurance company ever be made obligated to pay it out unless Michael also had documents identifying him as this fictitious name?

Michael in disguise

In the case of many celebrities that are admitted to hospitals under fictitious names, insurance usually isn’t an issue as most of your higher earning celebrities pay cash for their hospital stays or medical treatments. But in the case of life insurance payout, this is a legal document requiring proof of death matching the name on the death certificate. Especially with someone as prominent as Lloyd’s of London, this brings up another discrepancy: Lloyd’s of London was the insurance issuer listed on this site. The insurers for AEG is reported as Robertson Taylor on this article. So which was it?

On the news item below, an old story about Michael’s stay at the New York Lenox Hill Hospital for dehydration back in 1999 revealed :

“Michael Jackson checked himself into New York's Lenox Hill Hospital for two days back in 1999. The exact dates were April 17 and 18, and the alias he used was "James Walker." It turns out he was in a private suite in the Wollman unit at Lenox Hill, and ostensibly for exhaustion and dehydration. “ Source
However, this was to conceal Michael’s medical privacy (which was not very effective considering he was on the news that very night he was admitted with throngs of fans waiting outside), this is quite different than obtaining life insurance coverage.
Some more information on Dr. Slavitz on the internet:

Dr. Slavitz is Included in NY Stage Managers Health Directory:

He co-wrote this. Source

He's a member of the American Source

Head and neck surgeons, or otolaryngologists, work on the head and neck, performing surgery for corrective or cosmetic reasons. Procedures these doctors perform include face lifts and surgery for snoring. Some otolaryngologists are subspecialists in facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery (including rhinoplasty/nose jobs); rhinology (ear, nose and throat). Source

Michael Jackson at AEGLive’s “This is It”

All this was allegedly revealed during the “wrongful death” suit against AEG Live submitted by Joe Jackson and his lawyer Brian Oxman. Interestingly according to this source (TMZ) the children’s lawyer quoted in this article changed from Howard Weitzman to Margaret Lodise:

"Although Joe is alleging various misdeeds on the part of the executors -- including fraud and embezzlement, which the executors strongly deny -- the lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids claim Joe is actually harming them with all the "procedural wrangling." Margaret Lodise, the kids' lawyer, says Joe only cares about his stake in the Estate and, therefore, he's "the ultimate dog in the manger." Source

I don’t know who Margaret is, but a search on her name in relation to the Jackson’s reveals that she is NOT the children’s lawyer but the “guardian at Law” or “guardian ad litem” in legal terms. This was yet another crowbar inserted between the children and other family members by bought-and-paid-for-by-Sony, Judge Beckloff, who was the same paid hack who appointed Cobain Estate rapist Weitzman to estate representative against Katherine Jackson AFTER representing Branca against Katherine during her original challenge to the executors. Source

I find it no surprise that one of Beckloff’s employees . . . )I mean possible recommendations for judgeship), would make such a statement against Joe Jackson, since the present executors of the Jackson Estate have already made ten times more money than any of the beneficiaries of that same estate. Maybe by the time Michael’s children are 40, if there is anything left in the estate, they will have caught up to earning 50% of what the executors will have accumulated, but I seriously doubt it. We will discuss this further tomorrow.

Back to Slavitz and AEG, the other oddity was just who Lloyd’s of London supposedly went with as far as hiring a specialist in the area of voice and vocal performance and health. Why would L.O.L. (or Robertson Taylor, take your pick) hire a vocal performance specialist to report on the overall health and physical ability for life insurance purposes? Is it normal for an insurance company to appeal to the client they are insuring to suggest a doctor that would give them a beneficial health report? Does anyone else think this is a little weird or is it just me?

Other doctors which may become important in this whole investigation, as noted below:

“Search warrants for the investigation into Murray's Las Vegas properties show officers were allowed to remove emails, letters and notes between the physician, Jackson's former dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, rheumatologist Allan Metzger, nurse practitioner Cherilyn Lee - who worked as Jackson's nutritionist earlier this year - dentist Mark Tadrissi, anaesthesiologist Randy Rosen and ear-nose-and-throat specialist David Slavit.” Source

Was there a physical performed on Michael Jackson or not? Why would an insurance company, who put millions on the block to insure Michael during the “This is It” concerts, acquire the services of a nose and voice specialist to perform a physical that essentially should be done by an internist or a cardiologist? Why would Michael Jackson be insured by a life insurance policy over the duration of a concert series, under a fictitious name which would legally eliminate that insurance company from legal obligation to pay that claim?

Was this done to protect Michael’s privacy or AEG’s pocket? Or, could this have been done to protect both in an overall plan?

So many things to watch . . . so little time in my day.

Tomorrow, I have to address some issues that reared their ugly heads during my absence. A certain anonymous blogger, The “C.T.” kid and the Terrible-elli are back in the news with more proof that Branca/Sony are still out there trying to reorganize their P.R. campaigns. “They’re Back, They’re Spinning, and They’re on the Attack” . . . tomorrow.

God Bless you all. It is really good to be back.

Michael Rehearsing for “This is It” concerts, sound check


  1. thanks bonnie for your hard work and commit to justice!!!

  2. Bonnie- when I first read some months back that an ear nose and throat specialist in NYC performed Michael's physical using a different name for the patient, I was stunned. Why would AEG use an ENT for such an exam rather than as you say an internist? Does the medical report exist or was a physical ever really done? Perhaps Robertson Taylor was acting as "broker" in this deal trying to "find" sufficient insurance. I've read that AEG completely stonewalled Katherine Jackson's request for a copy of MJ's contract with AEG. AEG is hiding much, IMO. And where is Tohme hiding out these days?

    Based on today's court occurrences (or lack thereof), this really is a case of justice delayed being justice denied.

  3. Hi, Bonnie...welcome back! I missed you and can't wait to talk. Your blog tonight was a great ice breaker in getting you back into the swing of things. I can tell your mind is clear, energy level is up, and I am feeding off of that! Your crystal clear points are "tasty" morsels to chew on. I am totally intrigued by Dr. Slavit. It makes no sense that an ENT and voice specialist would be called in to perform the physical Michael would have needed to satisfy Lloyds' stringent underwriting criteria. If we're to believe they would have paid out to a fictitious "Mark Jones," maybe you can get a policy under "Betty Cornish" and I'll try as "Mimi Jansen." You are so astute! Love you, my friend. Talk soon...MJ

  4. Bonnie – thanks for this blog. I learned something I have not heard before.

    Wow, ear, nose and throat specialist doing physical exam for insurance purpose is unheard of.

    So if the so called physical exam was done under some one’s name, how AEG got the insurance money as some claiming they did? Or that is what AEG made the deal with the insurance company in case something happened to Michael they will get the money anyway. Otherwise, how in the world the insurance company will pay out under the rule that requires every correct information of the insured? Very confusing.

  5. rocberry - Thank you for the welcome and I'm really happy to have you here.

    June - Just one thing . . . just ONE THING NORMAL in this whole case would make me happy. I have no idea why a vocal specialist doctor would be doing a physical for a concert. If they were insuring his VOCAL CORDS, I could see it, but this was a physical with specifically mentioned DRUG OVERDOSE issues stated. Makes NO sense at all. Robertson Taylor may have been acting as broker, but in that article it stated "insurers". In the Access Hollywood article it stated LOL was insurer. They did mention a broker but didn't name them so maybe that is who R.T. is.

  6. Micheline - Maybe "Mark Jones" is the author of Lowly Newshound? LOL . . . Slavit and Julliard. Might answer why Michael "passed" his physical? Nobody ever questioned the health of his vocal abilities!

    Mimi - AEG got nothing last report, and I was also told that Estate would get that payout, not AEG which makes NO SENSE if AEG ordered an insurance policy and subsequent physical specifically to protect them from loss. Like I said before, I believe I know the framework of what is actually going on, but I will not put that on this blog.

  7. Bonnie,

    I'm glad to hear you got your house!
    It pays to pray first! I need to remember that.

    As for this AEG and insurance with fake names and ENT doctors....well....the whole thing is all wrong! Something smells real bad here!

    I don't know how these guys can break so many laws and get away with it!

    But if you have an idea what is really going on, then that means the authorities investigating this homicide, MUST also know what's going on. They are Professionals.

    Hence, that may be the reason for the delay of Murray's hearing...again!

    I am hopeful this will all work out in the end.

  8. Hang tight Josie . . . the show's not over yet. It is not what it seems. I am such an impatient person, God, please give me strength to hold on!

  9. Good job pulling it all together with your insight and specialist knowledge Bonnie!

    Something else that doesn't sync is that a medical report such as the physical is priviledged information isn't it? In other words, why a fictitous name when it is not a public document?

    It's shameful what is going on with the estate and Michael's children!

    It sure is at least interesting all the delays about Murray.

  10. Hi all,

    You all may have seen this but just in case you haven't I thought I'd include this video here that Brett Ratner did with Michael in 2003 before the rediculous allegations of that year.

    I really enjoy this interview and what I really like is it's informality with a relaxed, at ease and occasionally philosophical Michael. He talks a lot about his creative influences, his love for entertainment, the importance of hard work...and more hard work, recommendations to those wanting to get into music business, the importance of believing in yourself no matter what, "study the greats and become greater" he says. He also shares his thoughts on the "power and magic of film" and its power to touch the soul.

    He is also very critical of the corporate side of the music industry (no surprise here...:-) saying "not to trust everybody." In this interview, if you haven't heard it, he's speaking generally and not about any one company. These comments start at 2:59 of part 1 of the interview and are very relevant to this blog overall (although not specifically the medical exam issue explored in Bonnie's post above):

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Partial transcript:
    BR: "What is your greatest lesson learned?"
    MJ: "Not to trust everybody, not to trust everybody in the industry. There's are a lot of sharks. And record companies steal, they cheat, you have to audit them. And, it's time for artist to take a stand against them. Because they totally take advantage of them. Totally. They forget, that it's the artist who make the company, not the company who make the artist. With out the talent the company would be nothing but just hard ware. And know...and takes that real gut talent that the public wants to see."

    I found Michael's comments about artists taking a stand against record companies VERY interesting. It made me wonder how many have done that over the years other than Michael, especially this last year?!? I've not done research on this question yet so right now Michael is the only one that comes to mind for me. Certainly he's one of the few who, at one time anyway, could financially afford to do this. The only other artists that I can think of that have tried to stand up against corporate greed in the music industry is Pearl Jam's fight against Ticketmaster about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, that ended up going no where. Sorry for wondering a bit here. (Trivia: Eddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam, was one of the few major artists that stood up for Michael 5 years ago.)

    To bring it back to the subject at hand, does anyone know if anyone in the MJ fan community that are well known professional artists are also lending their voices to this issue? I know that Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas has been VERY vocal against the release of "new" MJ material of ANY kind. I certainly agree with him. That was a legacy he left for his children to decide on in years to come. It was supposed to be THEIR heritage, not Sony's heritage. Sounds like they'll have no say now. As much as I'd love to hear "new" MJ music, I'd prefer that his kids make that decision when they're adults. This is very sad to see.

    Sorry for being off topic from this particular post...:-)

  11. truthbtold2all, I totally agree about the name issue. It's a private document, why would a false name be used? Very confused.

    Also, Bonnie, I liked how you mentioned that this is in God's timing. How true!! He knows the story and the outcome and how long it should take, even it we don't understand it or like it! He's ultimately in control.

    BTW, congratulations on the house.


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