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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael’s Family of Brothers and Sisters

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michael’s Family of Brothers and Sisters

September 1, 2010 – Michael’s Family of Brothers and Sisters

This is going to be a harder blog update for me to write, because there is so much contention among some of Michael’s adorers in regard to the motives and intentions of Michael’s siblings. The names I have seen come up most often are Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Latoya and to a lesser degree, Tito, Jackie, Marlon. Rebbie has been the only one that has completely escaped scorn.

Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Marlon got it in the beginning due to their reality show, “Jackson Family Dynasty”, which ran only a few episodes and had to be retooled around Michael’s death. Neither Michael in the beginning, nor Randy wanted any part of the show as was reported. Source

Of the Brothers we have:

Jackson Family Dynasty

Jackie Jackson – “Jackson was born Sigmund Esco Jackson, the second child of Joseph and Katherine and the oldest male child.[1] He was given the name "Jackie" by relatives. Although he wanted to become a professional baseball player, Jackson abandoned that path when his 4 younger brothers and he formed The Jackson 5 in 1964. Jackson and his two younger brothers Tito and Jermaine were part of an early incarnation of the group as The Jackson Brothers from 1964 to 1966.” You can read more about him here. Source

Tito Jackson – “Tito was born the third of ten children of Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Growing up in a large family, young Tito originally hid his musical talent from his father. While his father was at work, Jackson would play his father's guitar while his siblings danced and sang.[1] It was not until the young Jackson broke a string on the guitar that father Joseph learned about his musical aspirations. Joseph was then inspired to form a group around Tito and his two brothers, Jackie and Jermaine into a band in 1964 called The Jackson Brothers; eventually, younger brothers Marlon and Michael joined the group, and the brothers formed The Jackson 5 in 1964.” Source

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson – “Jermaine La Jaune Jackson (born December 11, 1954) is an American singer, bassist, composer, a member of The Jackson 5, older brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and occasional film director. He also recorded several duets with the legendary diva Whitney Houston in her early years as a recording artist.” Source

Marlon Jackson - Marlon David Jackson (born March 12, 1957) is an American entertainer singer, dancer, former member of The Jackson 5, and elder brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and
Janet Jackson. Marlon was born in Gary, Indiana, to Joseph and Katherine Jackson as the sixth child of the Jackson family. Marlon's twin brother Brandon died within 24 hours of birth. They were several weeks premature. Source

Stephen Randall (Randy) Jackson – “Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson (born October 29, 1961) is an American singer and musician, a member of The Jacksons. Nicknamed "Little Randy", he is the youngest of the Jackson brothers, and the second youngest of the nine Jackson siblings, before sister Janet. Randy was only three when the Jackson 5 was formed and therefore was not an original member. While his brothers toured, he honed his skills as a musician, mastering piano.” Source

Of the ladies we have:

Rebbie Jackson – “Maureen Reillette Brown (née Jackson; born May 29, 1950) is an American singer professionally known as Rebbie Jackson (IPA pronunciation: [ˈɹibi ˈdʒæksən]). Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, she is the eldest child of the Jackson family of musicians. She first performed on stage with her siblings during shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1974, before subsequently appearing in the television series The Jacksons.” Source

Latoya Jackson

Latoya Jackson – “La Toya Yvonne Jackson (born May 29, 1956) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, television personality, actress, businesswoman, activist and former model . She is the fifth child of the Jackson family. She had a career as a singer throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and returned to music in 2004 with her Billboard charting songs "Just Wanna Dance" and "Free the World". A forthcoming album, Startin' Over, has yet to be released. La Toya sold more 4 million albums worldwide and 2.4 in the U.S.” Source

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson – “Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American recording artist and actress. Born in Gary, Indiana, and raised in Encino, Los Angeles, she is the youngest child of the Jackson family of musicians. She first performed on stage with her family at the age of seven, and started her career as an actress with the variety television series The Jacksons in 1976. She went on to appear in other television shows throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, including Good Times and Fame.” Source

Now that we have all the Jackson siblings down (aside from Michael), let’s look at the public’s perception of each one in general.

The four brothers involved in “The Jackson Family Dynasty” were immediately scorned by about half of Michael’s fan base for self-promoting, the other half of Michael’s fan base seemed interested in how the brothers would handle Michael’s death. Either way, there was renewed interest in the Jackson brothers.

Jermaine, who was also featured in the reality show, drew more criticism than the other brothers for his role in introducing Dr. Tohme to Michael, for a song Jermaine recorded about the anger he had toward Michael called “Word to the Badd”. Lyrics

Read the lyrics of that song. I want to know why Jermaine is not afforded the same artistic license as Michael, to vent his frustrations in the form of music? Reading the lyrics I can hear exactly what Jermaine was going through, seeing fame pull his little brother away from him, watching him get all the accolades when he had actually been performing longer than the baby brother that took over as lead singer. That is not an easy thing I don’t care what family you are from. Does that mean Jermaine did not love his brother? Absolutely not. And I have some personal experience with my own siblings that help me understand this.

At the bottom of those lyrics Jermaine says “girl I ain’t thinkin’ bout you”. So was this really about Michael? Was it a veiled attempt to get Michael to listen? I had read somewhere that Michael and Jermaine had a blowout at the Havenhurst House about this very song and , God forgive me, but I laughed when I read that. Me and my sister, revisited. I think I was more amused that Michael COULD have a blowout with anybody. I wanted to be a fly on the wall!

Does this mean that Michael hated Jermaine? No. what it means, is that there were sore feelings, emotions were aired in a song, two brothers confronted each other about it and the press got a hold of it. That is what happened.

This may be how Michael’s siblings remember Michael . . . awwwwww!

Randy and Don Stabler – This one issue that sent people on twitter into a frenzy, twit-yelling at Randy about betraying his brother, I will have to refer you to the Transitional blog I wrote up at this link

Randy has been raked over the coals about this issue due to this article – Source

Transitional had dropped the lawsuit against Michael supposedly because neither Darian Dash nor Don Stabler could prove they had authority to make decisions on Michael’s behalf. Considering the personal and heartfelt thank you that Michael bestowed upon Randy after the trial was over and so soon after this alleged incident, I would surmise that whatever took place was not something Michael held against Randy.

There are several lawsuits against Michael that have either been dismissed, dropped, or settled amicably. Among them are the Prescient case, the Transitional case, Mark Schaffel Case, Ayscough case, Weitzner/Konitzer case, Prince Abdullah case, then later Raymone Bain and Allgood cases. Aside from the latter two, these lawsuits took place between 2004 and 2007 during and beyond his 2005 molestation trial. All of these lawsuits were without merit, yet in the case of Schaffel and Abdullah, a reported amicable settlement was reached. Both Bain’s and Allgood were dismissed after Michael was taken from us. We will be covering these lawsuits in a future blog update.

With what I have learned about the Transitional case, Randy should be congratulated. The refinance with Prescient – Transitional – Fortress came at a time when Branca and Koppleman were trying to offer a like refinance offer to Michael, requiring 25% of Sony ATV to be sold to Sony. (This could be why the confusion in whether Sony actually owned that 25% or not, which it does not). B.O.A. sold loans to Fortress even though supposedly Prescient and Transitional were involved in securiing the funds from Fortress. You know what this smells like?
It smells like a decoy. Both the loans (Neverland refinance and the $300 Million loan) were refinanced through Fortress which temporarily kept Sony from grabbing both the MiJack (collateral for Neverland loan) and the Michael’s share of the Sony/ATV (collateral for the $300 Million loan). Colony stepped in to save Neverland When that loan through Fortress came due. Colony still holds that loan. Sony, according to reports, has a tight grip on the possibility of acquiring Michael’s share if Branca neglects to pay Barclay, whom Sony got to refinance the $300 million loan.

Michael and Latoya

Latoya has also had her share of press woes. From her betrayal of her brother after the 1993 allegations, her book seeming to do the same, and her sometimes questionable career and publicity moves, she has probably been the second most beat-up Jackson sibling aside from Michael. In an almost about-face, LaToya has come out swinging against those that have hurt her brother, Michael. Some of her interviews and paparazzi-accosted statements as she came out of restaurants treated viewers to a feisty, angry and confident LaToya. I for one, am proud of her and I hope she maintains her resolve.

Janet continues to keep busy, giving a few interviews in the beginning, but seeming to dissolve into her work just as Michael would do to drown out the negative and absorb himself in his craft.

When you pull back behind the media microscope we forget that this family is just that . . . a family who unfortunately have had every one of their life’s trials magnified, devoured, chewed up, regurgitated and spit back out by the media and the press, mixed with already half-digested rumors. It is sickening what this family has had to endure. Did they ask for this? Did their behavior solicit this kind of attention? I’m sure the establishment-owned press tried their best to get you to believe that. I bet Jermaine has more than once said to himself, “Geeze, I can’t even have an argument with my brother without being accused of wanting to kill him”.

Michael’s brothers and sisters loved Michael. They loved him no less than you or I and it bothers me that some fans would think they did. They have just had more opportunity to be close enough with him to occasionally be angry with him, or jealous of him, or frustrated with him, or exasperated with him, or worried or concerned about him. They saw more of him and his character than we did. We can only get as close to him as the internet, his lyrics, his poems, his short stories and writings, interviews, depositions, home movies, videos of fan interactions and concert clips allows us to get to him.

Michael loved his brothers or sisters. It is evident in his response to questions by interviewers about how he felt about one sibling or the other writing this book, or singing this song, or disagreeing with his decisions. The same goes for what his brothers and sisters have said about him in interviews. Their disagreements, as far as they are concerned, should have remained behind closed doors. But things get out and the press made what they made of them.

Remember, the people behind Michael’s murder were not only out to discredit Michael. They needed to discredit his allies and his family as well.

There are going to be some things I am going to delve into on this blog. Next Blog update, we have to pay some more attention to Sony’s posturing. Sony Blogger number two is at it again, perpetuating the fallacy that Branca was working for Michael between 2003 and 2006. Then, I want to point out some inconsistencies that are apparent in some of the Jackson siblings interviews that I keep getting asked about.

There will come a time that I will reveal the meaning behind the Allegory on Michael’s Birthday, as I have also been asked some questions about that. But I am waiting for something to happen before I do that.

Next blog update . . . “Sony Desperately Seeking Cover Stories”.

Michael’s Family, with him then and now in spirit


  1. I agree with what you said in this blog, Bonnie. Families pull together, and occassionally, families fight. It's a normal thing. In many ways, I feel sorry for them. They're hollered at for "not being there" when in fact, they were. Sometimes they weren't only because Michael "locked them out." The Today show interview of the 3 bodyguards made a BIG point there. Michael supposedly required an APPOINTMENT to have been made before he'd see his Father, or any member of his family. An appointment??? Sorry Michael (if such IS true-- I tend to have mixed feelings about this one because I CAN actually believe that Michael would get into his moods and NOT want his family around for whatever reason/s), but since when does family need an appointment to see family? Anyway...this issue threw up a ton of "red flags." However, I DO know that yes Michael loved his family very much. What often disappointed him was Joe's or another member's always wanting to do reunion concerts, and how difficult doing such was for him again because of disagreements and probable fights rather than actually pulling together and agreeing on anything. I noted this being quite true when I watched "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" on A&E as well. So, I can understand why Michael would be apprehensive about such. He had enough "wars" in his life. He didn't want one with his family. It was that simple.

    However, does this sort of thing make them any less human, or any less of a family? No. All it shows is that "common ground" and the ability to agree are issues that tend to be rather hard to come by amongst them without a fight. So, that's their challenge, that's all.

  2. Hi All:

    Here are some more pictures of the family.

    Here is the first generation:

    And here are their children:

    You may want to have a pen and paper ready so that you can keep track of who is who.

    Please watch and enjoy!


  3. Ugh Techlilinu! I have enough problems keeping my cousins strait. Great grandparents had 9 children also, who had children. Holiday Dinners at the Stafford House was AWESOME! They are some of the warmest, most secure memories I have of childhood.

    Lady - I still wish I could have seen Michael and Jermaine telling each other off. I've never seen or heard of Michael in a verbal confrontation, but I did see a video of Michael giving a photographer the 3rd degree during his trial, pushing his sister Janet and his mom out of the way so he could lean out the window to throw his finger at them repeatedly. Wish I knew what he said.

    Michael and Jermaine. Do you think they made up after that spat?

  4. Oh and Lady, I did read about Michael's moods. He was a sweetheart most of the time but he also had his obstinate streak. I think it was one of those gifts that God gave him that was probably needed if Michael was ever going to have any time to himself to relax.

  5. I think I know what the meaning behind your Allegory was. You believe Michael's alive, in control, waiting for the opportune moment to reveal himself and expose the vultures for what they are. WOW, wouldn't that be amazing?!

    It sounds good in theory, but the reality still hurts like hell for his family.

    I mean no offense to you, Bonnie. God bless!

  6. MicheleKC - Well on any other day I wouldn't take offense to that, but today is quite a different story. Not because you said anything wrong, but because I have been taking a beating on this blog and I've been researching and digging and investigating and making connections for over a year now. I have been WRITING about it for almost nine months.

    That is nine months of getting maybe four or five hours of sleep a night, putting up with snot-nosed little psuedo-journalists who wouldn't know Michael from a mannequin and I have to come here and put up with certain people who are trying to belittle all the research I've done just because they don't want to look at it because they might get "labeled" if they do.

    Your interpretation on the Allegory is half right. People are lying and I'm SICK OF IT!!! Playing out every little emotion they can dig out of the fans and I really hope they are proud of themselves! I am really getting tired of it. People are getting JERKED AROUND and fights are in process because of it.

    I did the research. If you have all the answers, then PLEASE . . . BE MY GUEST! Tomorrow's blog I am going to TRY to explain just why I believe the FANS are the only one's who are hurting right now . . . each OTHER over the LIES they are putting out there!

    What is going on is NOT RIGHT!

    I will tell you this . . . there is not ONE PERSON on the side of Michael who has been able to keep a CONSISTENT STORY going! Not one freaking person! That bullcrap news item that came out today with the July 13, 2009 date on it? Just why did this not show up until the last couple of days? I'm tired and I want to go to bed and get SOME sleep, if that is at all possible! Otherwise I would just cough it all up tonight.

    I'll tell you something else . . . if the people feeding the press about this case didn't want people to believe that a faked death was afoot, then MAYBE they should get their little TEAM TOGETHER to get their STORIES STRAIT! That would REALLY HELP ALOT! Because if the people involved can't even remember what the heck the man was BURIED IN, I'm beginning to wonder if they would even RECOGNIZE MICHAEL if they saw him!

    The news item that was posted on my page was BACKDATED to make it look older than it was. How do I know?

    Look at the information regarding the memorial, date of article and the viewing (which NOW was reportedly at Forest lawn and NOT Neverland) And that according to this article the VIEWING at Forest Lawn took place TWO DAYS BEFORE THE MEMORIAL. DIDN'T THE CORONER STILL HAVE THE BODY??? WITH HIS BRAIN WHICH WASN'T RETURNED UNTIL WEEKS LATER?

    My first reaction would be . . . YUCK!

    Look at the other information in this article . . . Latoya's account of what Michael looked like in the hospital completely contradicts what she says FURTHER DOWN when questioning the family friend "brother Michael"

    He was warm, he was cold, he was warm, he was cold. He looked great, he looked dead.

    I look dead! I need some sleep . . . goodnight!

  7. Bonnie,

    I just want to say thank you.

  8. LOL Bonnie, I can just picture your husband listening to you type up that last he instantly knew your mood, what you were feeling! Oh sorry, didn't mean to detract but still...well, you know. I certainly feel your frustration and righteous anger!

    Anyway, it's good to see some support for the Jacksons as a family. How many of us could survive the kind of twisted scrutiny and ridicule they have been forced to endure? I actually do not believe that family is as dysfunctional as we have been lead to believe. When the chips are down they unite! Mine on the other hand reduces to a bunch of rabid gossiping hyenas in a free for all. Certainly my family beats theirs for dysfunction and is quite frankly worthy of psychological analysis...even an entertaining book! I would be willing to bet that many of the fans and tabloid "journalists" so critical of the family are in the same boat that I have been dropped into.

    With all I have been awakened to, I believe that family is standing united in providing a smoke screen and I commend them for their unwavering LOVE and devotion! ♥

    RIP ♔ KOP

  9. Bonnie, thank you for this particular blog post. I have seen some questionable remarks concerning Michael's siblings and have always gotten a sour little feeling in my stomach. What if Michael was able to read these comments? How do you think he would have felt. I shudder to think of what would be shown if the camera was turned on me and my siblings. Ooh La La. Families fight, love, ignore, love, support, love, hate, love. The endless cycle of being a family. And a rule regarding families: I can vent my feelings about my family, but you cannot. Everything we see of the Jackson family underscores that they are just that, a family.

  10. Bonnie - great info about the brothers and sisters; in any family that large there are bound to be differences of opinion and arguments. You ask why Jermaine shouldn't be afforded the same artistic license as Michael. Word to the Badd was obviously directed at Michael, the lyrics clearly state this; the closest I recall Michael's lyrics referring to a sibling was in Who Is It, where he asks - is it my brother? I do believe Jermaine was jealous of Michael and should have kept it in the family rather than writing a song about it. Of course the press would eat that up and mischaracterize it.

    About the lawsuits ongoing during and after the trial, most being dismissed, dropped or settled amicably. Michael was such a target for frivolous litigation after that trial; when I discovered all these greedy vultures going after him while he was trying to recuperate, it just made me sick. Marc Schaffel, he who is reported to have recovered $900,000 from Michael, is now Debbie Rowe's best friend, so it seems from the pics we see; she who wants no part of her own children. They make a fine pair, IMO.

    Having said all that, I do concur that this family loves each other and accepts each other, warts and all, from Joe and Katherine, down through the siblings, and they are aware of matters involving Michael's death investigation that we do not know.

    @LadyA1962 (or anyone) - the interview on Today with the bodyguards, do you know if their comments covered Michael's residency in Vegas up til late 2008, or if the bodyguards were talking about Michael's residency in LA commencing January 2009? Leonard Rowe in his book, What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, says Joe J. and Michael had not talked to or seen each other for three years, 2006-2008, and he, Rowe, took Joe J. to Michael's home in early 2009, where Michael was happy to see Joe J., they all had a long talk, and parted with plans for the future. If Rowe's comment is true, this would appear to be supported by reports that Joe J. had become closer with Michael in early 2009, so, again, were the bodyguards talking about family needing an appointment to see Michael in Vegas in 2007-8, or in LA in 2009?

    Again, Bonnie, a wonderful blog; looking forward to the next, about $ony!

  11. Nita - Thank you very much. God Bless you, Nita.

    Truthbtold - I don't how the Jackson's could withstand such twisted scrutiny. They must be stronger than me, because I am about done with all this. The people that are LYING I thought were on Michael's side. I don't think it is the family that is lying, they are just not answering questions. It is those that supposed worked with Michael for decades that are lying and they are splitting the fans in doing so. Why? What is there agenda?

    Why would someone call another fan who's been FIGHTING harder than the person who professes to love Michael STUPID over concerns about that very person's inconsistencies?

    Twice now, this person has opened another communication forum, having to close one down because hatred broke out over someone questioning her inconsistencies earlier this year. She enlists an ally, who by all evidence provided, is not wrapped too tight upstairs to further belittle fans because they won't follow them blindly!

    Lying to protect someone is one thing. It's not good at all but at least there is a more noble purpose to it if you have to do it. Lying to DRAMATIZE and incite emotional stress is EVIL!!! This is a GAME to some people and I hope they are having a good time! They know who they are!

    I do support the Jackson family, I know what they have been through and what I have investigated surely only scratches the surface! I am thoroughly disgusted with what they have had to deal with!

    I wish some people could see the bigger picture, I really do. What they are doing to the fans is not right.

    jomc12 - Funny you say that, I have always wondered how successful a reality show would be if it featured our family (before marraige when I was still living at home). My sister would have been the star, I think. She pretty much ran our family with her antics from the time she hit 14 through her young adult years. Her relationship with me is a very interesting story. She the rebelious one, me the quiet, "goody-goody" sister. She made my high school years very interesting. I was my sister's keeper, but I didn't like the job! LOL!

  12. Good blog, Bonnie. After I read Margaret Maldonado's version of the confrontation between Jermaine and Michael in her book Jackson Family Values, it made more sense to me. One of the points made was that Michael was afraid the fans would backlash against Jermaine because of Word to the Badd, and Jermaine's career would suffer. Jermaine and his family were already living at Michael's place free of charge. Where were they going to go if his career completely collapsed? I believe Michael wanted Jermaine and all of his siblings to have great careers. If they didn't, guess who was picking up the bill.

    The Jackson's story intrigues me partly because I am also one of many siblings close in age. My parents had 12 kids in 14 years, I am the oldest. Large families attract attention just by walking down the street or riding in the car.

  13. Bonnie: "Michael and Jermaine. Do you think they made up after that spat?"

    I believe they did. From what I'd observed, Michael was emotionally closest to Jermaine. He looked up to him, I think and vice versa. When Jermaine stayed with Motown, and the others left it, that hurt Michael a lot, and it's well-documented. Losing Jermaine was like cutting off his right arm. You know? It was that sort of thing.

    About Michael's obstinate streak. You betcha!!! Even Michael admitted himself, "I've a bit of a temper...", and the time when he went off on that photographer was in my opinion, beautiful! It was (however likely embarrassing to him) proof that even Michael could get ticked off, and that he was quite human.

    I would've loved to be a "fly on the wall" listening in on both occasions!!! LOL... Not because of being nosy, but because it was a side to Michael that was all too rarely seen by many of us.

  14. Bonnie - thank you and I love you so much for writing this blog. you are correct in every means about Michael’s siblings . I have never had any bad feelings about Michael’s sibling from the get go. Michael’s brothers and sisters loved him so much more than we the fans do. Period. I am sorry to say this that many people worshiped and brainwashed by the media so much and it is really sad.

    I read the lyrics “Badd” and you said, “At the bottom of those lyrics Jermaine says “girl I ain’t thinkin’ bout you”. So was this really about Michael”? That’s a very good question and is it really about Michael? why would he says “girl”?. Do you know if he was ever asked about the song and to whom it was directed? It is not only about this song fans dislike Jermaine, it is also the believe they have that he wanna be like Michael. I have no idea where they get this idea and it amaze me always.

  15. @ June: In regards to your question, I'm targeting the whole span from 2005 - 2009. However, the bodyguards were mainly targeting the last 3 yrs. of their employment. So, that would cover Vegas and L.A. I would think.

  16. Rhoda - "Jackson Family Values" I have not read that book. In your opinion was it slanderous or just an account of a normal, every day family? I hadn't heard that version of that tiff they had. I know Michael wanted his siblings to be successful, even helping both Rebbie and Janet and Randy. Michael took care of his family and I think some of the estrangements, if there were any legitimate ones, had more to do with Michael just needed space and his family just wanting his time than anything else. I only had two siblings, I am the oldest, but my sister was like having four siblings. I am not kidding. She didn't just push the envelope she THREW IT at you!

    Lady - Yes I believe that Michael and Jermaine did make up after that and probably even laughed about it in later years when they got together. It's one of those "family" stories that the press just loves to turn into something else. Michael's temper I have seen in one of the trial videos that we've all seen and in a couple of photog pictures where Michael was younger - Lisa Marie days, with his finger in a cameraman's face. Another video I saw him command that photographers not take photos of his children . . . "Are you press? Are you press? No pictures of the children." No light, airy, humble voice there either! (good for him!) I really admire his fighting spirit.

    Mimi - You are so sweet and you really made me feel better because sometimes I do have my doubts about what is going on and all the time I spend on this. Then I come here and you and everyone here encourages me. I just want to make sure that I keep everything in the proper perspective. I have never been so entrenched in anything in my life.

    I don't know if Jermaine would even want to be asked about that song today. If Michael thought it was about him then it probably was. And Jermaine may have added that little "girl" in there just to thinly veil who it was really about. I don't know.

    On Jermaine wanting to be like Michael . . . didn't he say during one of the interviews "I wish it were me?" (could have been tabloid too). But there is still nothing wrong with that. Who here would not want to be like Michael? As far as faith and strength in his faith goes, I want to be EXACTLY like that.

  17. I think Jermaine said after Michael's passing that he wished it were him instead of Michael; it seemed so heartfelt. I just watched the 30th anniversary show (filmed in 2001) on Michael's birthday. During one song, Michael came to Jermaine and put his head on his shoulder; it was very touching and I had forgotten that part. I do believe they made amends over that song.

    and Rhoda I agree with you that Michael wanted only the best for his family; look how many of them he promoted and helped; as their support would ultimately fall on him if they couldn't take care of themselves. While I understand Randy's and Jermaine's children basically living with Katherine (from the "large family" viewpoint), both Randy and Jermaine do not endear themselves to the fans by putting Katherine in the position of their childrens' caretaker. Michael always provided for his own children, even in his darkest hours.

  18. Bonnie, the Jacksons Family Values book I don't believe was slanderous. In fact, Margaret is very complimentary to Michael in the book, although there is not a lot about him in it. Since she is Jermaine's ex, naturally he doesn't fare very well in the book. You can read it online at She was the one who put together the TV movie Jacksons: An American Dream in 1992. I think she was pretty accurate about a lot of things, but I don't think she ever really understood how the siblings related to each other. For instance, in the book she says she doesn't know why the family wasn't gushing with interest and praise over the movie. Well, it's obvious the movie brought back painful memories for a lot of them, but she couldn't quite understand that. It's a good read.

  19. Rhoda - that's interesting about the American Dream film. I've seen most of it several times and thought the credits at the end said it was produced by Jermaine. He seems to be portrayed in a generous light throughout the film. The same can't be said of Joe J; he's depicted as so mean to his children and inconsiderate to Katherine. I'm going to look at the Jetzi site to read Maldonado's book online.

  20. Bonnie – I feel your tiredness about the lies and belittling your effort for digging up to tell us the truth and fighting for justice. I believe this will be a very rewarding journey for you at the end. Until you see the result of your long hours dedicated works, you have to endure the many heart aches that come on your way. I know you will cause God is on your side.

    Remember, this world is completely unbalanced by the deeds of humanity. You have to sometimes expose the lies that need to be exposed and go above and beyond it to reach your goal.

    You are right when you said, "the FANS are the only one's who are hurting right now . . . each OTHER over the LIES they are putting out there”! However, the fans should know how to separate the truth from the lies if they really know Michael. I said this before and it doesn’t require a rocket science.

  21. @ Rhoda & June: I felt that the book and the movie really did the Jacksons a bit of an injustice. I agree w/Rhoda in the sense that Maldonado did not understand the relationship between the siblings, and that's where the storyline fell flat, IMO. However, her "painting" Jermaine to be a bit whiney, indecisive, and cry-babylike I thought was a bit of a slap in the face on her part. But, I do take into consideration here, that she was also the "ex", and since when do ex-anythings put a positive spin on their former mates? So, I took that with a grain of salt.

    One thing that I truly did note, is that throughout the film and the book, it certainly appeared that she blamed EVERY problem (the alleged dysfunctionality of the family as a whole) on to Joseph Jackson. I'm sorry...while I agree w/Michael "He was hard..." in the sense that Joe is a very hard man to understand and he appears to have all the heartfelt warmth of an iceberg. I'm rather familiar with that sort of thing. Joe and my own Father are VERY much alike in that sense. However, where Michael and his siblings endured physical and emotional abuse from their Father, I endured emotional and mental abuse and neglect from mine. In fact, from what I've noted...a LOT of the "Depression era" born are like that. Most notably the men born and raised during that time. It's almost like that generation felt that they needed to guard themselves from any form of emotional ties and bonds out of fear that they may lose them. So, they unwittingly compensated for such by being "cold fishes."

  22. Here's what Wiki has to say about the Jacksons: An American Dream credits:

    The miniseries was executive produced by Suzanne de Passe and Stan Marguiles, produced by Joyce Eliason, Jermaine Jackson and Margaret Maldonado and directed by Karen Arthur.

  23. @ Bonnie and Truthbtold2all,

    All families have there problems. It's just that the Jackson's are Famous and the world knows their business.

    My family was and still is dysfunctional! I disowned my mother for 10 years. We made up and she has since passed.

    But my sister disowned me for disowning our mother!

    Now my sister and I are real close but we both have disowned our brother!

    My dad was loved by everyone except my brother.
    My dad has passed on also.

    But WHO CARES!!!!! I'm a NOBODY!

    IF I were Famous like Michael was......the press would have had a Field Day with my family!!

    The Jacksons are a NORMAL family and there are always 2 sides to every story.

    And If you are a Famous Family....There are all the LIES (via the Press) in between!

  24. About Michael's obstinate streak. You betcha!!! Even Michael admitted himself, "I've a bit of a temper...", and the time when he went off on that photographer was in my opinion, beautiful! It was (however likely embarrassing to him) proof that even Michael could get ticked off, and that he was quite human.

    I would've loved to be a "fly on the wall" listening in on both occasions!!! LOL... Not because of being nosy, but because it was a side to Michael that was all too rarely seen by many of us.

    In Taborelli's book, "The Magic, the Madness, the Whole Story", Taborelli mentions that there were many times when Michael would have temper tantrums in John Branca's office. He said there were a times when Branca would stand up to Michael if he felt that Michael was going overboard.

    I used to be a fan of John Branca's until I started learning more about him and his affilliation with Sony. But, I did think it was funny, that Branca was not afraid to stand up to Michael when he needed to. That probably shocked the hell out of Michael to actually come across someone that was not going to kiss his butt.

    Please do not get me wrong. I do not like it at all when someone took advantage of Michael. I just find it funny when a very strong person meets their match.


  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Did Michael and Jermaine forgive each other over the infamous song? I believe they did.

    In, it claims that they did make ammends. Not only that, Jermaine re-wrote the song and changed its meaning. Of course with the internet, the older version is still available and many people don't do any research to get the "full" story and continue to crucify him for it.


    Bonnie, I would also have liked to have been a fly on the wall to see the initial blow up. Like you said, it's hard to invision Michael flying off the handle! What a sight it must have been! This may sound crazy, but in some ways it would have been glorious to behold, as long as I wasn't the object of his fury. That would be aweful. However, during his growing up years, I'm sure he and his brothers, especially the ones closer in age, had their spats...with out a doubt!! I'd almost be dissappointed if they didn't!

    A fleeting moment of irritation, temper if you will, came in 2002 when a reporter asked him about Gloria Allred, a lawyer who wanted to investigate Michael for the now infamous baby dangling incident, amoung other things. Anyway, he simply told her to "go to hell." During that week, Jay Leno praises Michael for his rare display of male a matter of speaking. Leno used more colorful terms to descibe the momentary yet controlled flash of anger.


    Apparently, his obstinance was on full display during his marriage to Lisa Marie. You probably remember her describing the relationship as "it became 'Def Con 2.'... It just got really ugly at the end." (Very sad.)


    I am impressed with how he kept that side of himself tightly underwraps in public in terms of not having Sean Penn moments...or at least none that I'm aware of...:-) Anyway, it's part of what makes Michael an interesting and compelling individual. That's the only reason I brought these particular moments up.

  27. I'm still working on your allegory!!...:-)

    Forgive me, but I hope it doesn't have anything to do with death hoaxes...:-(

  28. Just to add, Bonnie, please know that I do respect all the work you've been doing over the last nine months. It's not in vain.

    I'll be very interested in how you sum up the last 14+ months, or should I say 17 years, when you do decide to conclude this blog. Hopefully that's NOT anytime soon.

  29. Josie, good point about the idea "normal" families. It's all about perspective. It's easy to be an armchair quarterback and judge others, the Jackson's in this case. I've been guilty of doing it myself.

    La Toya, although I struggle with her public statements over the years, I also have a lot of empathy for her. Especially since she had been the victim of a very abusive marriage. I believe she has said that some of the things she said about Michael years ago were the result of coercion from her abusive ex-husband at the time.


  30. Bonnie, here's the original version of "Word to the Badd"

    I don't have anything against Jermaine, and I do believe he and Michael made up, but this is the song that offended Michael so bad. The one you heard is the one Jermaine rewrote after Michael heard it.

  31. Jermaine talks about why he wrote "Word to the Badd" in this interview. There are 2 parts.

  32. Excuse my ignorance but.....

    what does "Def Con 2" mean?

  33. @ Josie: DEFCON stands for: DEFense CONdition. When a nation feels threatened possibly by a war, they would lower the DEFCON to 1, meaning increased military readiness in case of wars. And DEFCON 5 is normal peace-time readiness, anything in between should be pretty clear.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Before I get asked to explain the levels of DefCon as listed by the US Armed Forces, here goes:

    DefCon 5 - Normal peacetime operations.

    DefCon 4 - Still considered "peacetime", but intelligence gathering is increased and national security measures are tightened. The U.S. was at DefCon 4 for most of the Cold War.

    DefCon 3 - Military assets are readied. "Callsigns" for deployed assets change from publicly-known signals to classified ones. The U.S. has been at this level 3 times, most recently after the events of September 11th.

    DefCon 2 - Further increase of military readiness. All forces not already in position are placed on "stand by" alert. DefCon 2 was used once, during the Cuban Missle Crisis.

    DefCon 1 - Maximum military readiness. All forces are active. DefCon 1 is considered to be the "total war" level and may only refer to a nuclear attack scenario since it has never been used to date.

  36. @ ladyaquarius1962,

    Thank You for answering my question!

  37. About the inconsistencies and lies around Michael's death. I spent 5 years researching John Lennon's death. I believe there was more to that than just some crazy. I found so many inconsistencies in reports about that.

    John was at the recording studio that night, and a friend that was there said that John told him that he and Yoko were going out to eat and then head home. Yoko said that in the car on the way home she asked John if he would like to get a bite to eat before they went home, but that John said "no, I want to see Sean before he go's to bed." I also heard in one report that there was an argument between Lennon and Chapman over an autograph. There was no argument. Some reports said that Chapman called out "Mr. Lennon" before shooting, others said Chapman didn't say anything. Some say Yoko walked behind John, others said she was in front of him. These are just a few things I remember at the top of my head. It's been a few years since I stopped my research into this.

    Inconsistencies like this are very common, but when people start researching and looking for things they start to think. That's why so many people believe Elvis is still alive. I'm surprised there were no theory's of a hoax around Lennon's death. He too talked about how his life was in danger. He told his son Julian and many others, "if something happens to Yoko or me, it's not an accident." In 69 John was asked by a reporter at a press conference "How do you expect you'll die?" John answered "I'll probably be popped off by some loony." CRAZY!

    I do believe Michael was murdered, and a lot of those lies around his death are attempts to cover it up.

    Bonnie, I understand your frustration and I have a deep respect for what you are doing. God bless you!

  38. You're very welcome, Josie. :)

  39. @MicheleKC61187

    I clicked on this link and WOW!

    Joe Jackson is something else!

    I must say the guy is consistent in his personality!

    He also must be made of STEEL!

    LaToya is accusing him of sexually molesting her!

    His response is I can't worry about what LaToya says.

    I've got to go on living my life.

    I was floored at his response!

    The guy is so always in Control and nothing seems to bother him.

    Whether it's an act or not, I have yet to see the guy show any vunerability.

    Except some tears at MJ passing.

    I find Joe Jackson a fasinating study of Human Behavior!

  40. The following story is not example of Michael displaying anger but, the reason I am posting it is because, since Michael had such a gentle soul, I always wondered how he would handle confrontation if his bodyguards were not around. What I am really saying is, I always wondered if Michael could fight. Well the following story answered that question for me.

    This is a lovely story. Please read and enjoy!


    MJAir: It never took off, but Michael was still a hero at 30,000 feet

    Michael loved that safety spiel that airline attendants do at the beginning of a flight. At the end of the ‘This Is It‘ shows, the plan was that Michael would board a huge jetliner and fly off over the audience (all done with holograms or other trickery of course). Awesome! But that never happened.

    So what the heck am I talking about with this “30,000 feet” business? He sure wasn’t gonna get that kind of altitude flying over an audience in a hologram! Probably not. But, some years ago, Michael Jackson – humanitarian, peacemaker and lifesaver, averted what could have been a very nasty situation aboard a flight from LAX to Berlin en route to Cannes. It wasn’t MJAir, but MJ was a hero aboard that flight.

    It seems Michael Jackson had saved quite a few lives during his own short one. From his humanitarian efforts to his peacemaking efforts, the man was a lifesaver more than once. Another story is that on July 31 1992, a man stood atop a building opposite the hotel MJ was staying in, and threatened to jump. But Michael talked him out of it. I don’t have more details of that particular story, maybe someone else does.

    But I do have details of his heroism on that LAX –> Berlin flight. Don Barrett, publisher of tells the story (reprinted with kind permission from Mr. Barrett):

    Please click on the following link for the rest of the story


  41. I feel like I want to thank every one of you for contributing an amazing learning environment through your comments on this blog. I learn so much from all of you and I truly appreciate it.

    God bless Bonnie for opening this communication avenue to learn about Michael in depth and stand together for justice. God bless all of you for sharing what you know.

  42. @ techlilinu,
    Thanks so much for that story.

    Michael was indeed one of a kind.

    And his Beat It song was for real!

    The message of that song was real to Michael.

    He proved that it was real in this story.

    Thank You again!

  43. Mimi,
    I'm with you 100%!

    Yes indeed!

    Thank You Bonnie for this blog.

    Thank You Bonnie for the time and effort you put into this blog.

    Thank You Bonnie for all your research.

    And Thank You Everyone who comments here.

    You guys are like my second family.

    Especially, cos I have NO ONE in my family who even liked Michael Jackson!

    I'd be lost without you guys.

    I look forward to this blog everyday.

    God Bless You ...One and All!

  44. June - "During one song, Michael came to Jermaine and put his head on his shoulder;" that is very sweet. Michael was embroiled in the "Invincible" battle during that time too!

    Rhoda - Thank you. I was unaware of who she was. so she wrote it, in your opinion, to badmouth Jermaine, which could be where the harder core Michael-resentment rumors came from.

    Mesrak (Mimi) - Everything you posted about adversity directed at you is the truth, Mimi. Very good point. Sometimes I marvel at your insight. :o)

  45. Josie - Awww, I wouldn't say the word "disowned". Replace it with "estranged" instead. Disowned has such a final ring to it. Michael was trying so hard to get families back in emotional and personal touch with each other, especially the relationship between parent and child. That was so important to him. Every underprivileged child he assisted, he saw what the destruction of family did. The "Establishment's" goal is just that and Michael knew it.

    techlilinu - Taraborrelli's book, if Michael had temper tantrums, I doubt they took place in Branca's office. These people that report these things forget Michael's "eager to please" persona. Michael couldn't even fire people in person. And I take EVERYTHING in RT's book with a huge grain of salt. But I agree with you, it would have been (how do I put this) "cute"? To witness that since none of us have really seen anything like that from Michael.

    Sandyk - "Bonnie, I would also have liked to have been a fly on the wall to see the initial blow up. Like you said, it's hard to invision Michael flying off the handle! What a sight it must have been! This may sound crazy, but in some ways it would have been glorious to behold, as long as I wasn't the object of his fury. " - LOL!!! You and me both. Glorious to behold, hahahaha! Poor Michael. If it were me, and I lost my temper and someone thought it was "cute" I would probably be mad, LOL! I did not know Jermaine re-wrote that song. Interesting to know, thank you!

  46. SandyK - Allegory/Death Hoaxes. You said you "hope" that it doesn't have anything to do with death hoaxes. Why? Since when did we start shutting out evidence in our investigations? I do not close any doors. I posted "Jackson Camp Inconsistencies" on tonight's blog. You'll see what I mean.

    Josie, Mesrak, Technilu, thank you all for your contributions.

    SandyK - Inconsistencies were not this bad. But I'm not even upset about that. I am upset at the draconian treatment of ANYONE questioning these inconsistencies by some of the other fans out there. It is hurtful and unnecessary.

    If we don't look at ALL evidence and we start segregating evidence based on popularity, how is anything going to be solved or exposed? that is my point in the blog update I did tonight. :o)

  47. Bonnie, here is some dirt on Latoya's background!

    As you probably know by now, she addressed MJ's charges at her press conference in December 1993, where she and her abusive ex-husband publicly stated that MJ was guilty and “paid off” numerous families. A few years later, she completely recanted after she divorced her husband.

    I don’t know if you’ve heard this in it’s entirety, but listen to it and think of how painful it must have been for not only MJ, but the entire Jackson family, to have to listen to this garbage! And for MJ to completely forgive her speaks volumes about his character! Most people would have permanently disowned her! I know I would have!

    MTV’s coverage of the press conference:

    Press conference in its entirety (or most of it)

    This is an interview with 20/20 during the trial in 2005. She explains that her husband “made” her do the press conference, and that she had to act as if she was being truthful in order to avoid getting beaten. The interviewer rightfully questions her on this. Personally, although it’s sad that she was a victim of domestic violence on many occasions, I just can’t comprehend how she could say those things, although I’m glad she recanted and her family forgave her. But those comments make our job that much harder, because haters try to use them as “proof” that MJ was guilty, and to people who DON’T KNOW THE FACTS, they’ll fall for it hook, line, and sinker!

    In fact, Sneddon wanted to subpoena her to testify about her comments as an 1108 witness, but it was denied!

    2005 interview part 1

    2005 interview part 2

  48. Thank you David, for the background concerning LaToya's commnents. This is very important for context. I very much believe that LaToya was coerced to say the things she said. Thankfully she's not with that hideous, violent and vile man anymore.

  49. Bonnie,
    There is something I need to ask you in private. It may help both of us clear some things up, as information flooding the web is so contradictory.
    Please let me know how I can contact you.

    Gratitude and blessings

  50. @techlilinu,

    Finally got around to reading about Michael's experience at 30,000 feet. Very lovely story!! I'm glad I read that!!!


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