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Michael Jackson Justice: Reverent June Gatling, An Enigma

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reverent June Gatling, An Enigma

An Angel or a Saint?

August 13, 2010 – Reverent June Gatling, An Enigma

Two days ago, a friend sent me a link to the note Reverent June Gatin posted on her facebook page. She wanted my opinion on it. Ms. Gatin is a listed friend on my facebook page so I was able to verify this going to her facebook page. This is what she had posted:

"This magnificent day, this wonderful and loving moment I am directed to write (and did) words from My Heart and Soul as applies to My awareness of Honorable Michael Joseph Jackson, King of Pop, Saint and Prince of Peace He BE (Breathing EternallY).

Reading some of the notes, seeing the divisiveness between Humans referencing Saint Michael, determining "what He would want" and declaring knowledge of what is or is not for His Legacy and how much money His beloved Children have, how well off He left (Them) = Fans attibuting to selves the right to determine monies for Saint's Legacy and Estate, well, I really have to get a grip, determine what is important, imperative to comment regarding:

NO Human, not one has right to establish the income/financial benefits/profits due Saint's Estate/Legacy for HIS Children.

BOYCOTT of SONY = Emphasizing/Directing Humans NOT TO PURCHASE King of Pop Prince of Peace product, hmm, how dare any of You (inclusive) determine His Legacy is unworthy or determine worthiness of His Legacy and Estate?

Saint's music, His creativity, depending on what product BE: Breathe Eternally worthy ~

None, not one of Fans was within His Divine Life during current times, 2008 til Thursday, June 25, 2009 (day of His death); You (inclusive) were not aware of His words, desires currently, thus, have not an idea regarding His Children; therefore, to call for $elective buying/targeting/BOYCOTT, call for blocking of financial Ble$$ings due His Beloved Mother and Children, albeit there is an abhorrence of SONY, well, this is another time, another day.

Saint wanted, declared BE$T (* To I) regarding, desires for His Loving Ones: Mother and Children!


Who are any to solicit, declare what is best for Saint's Mother, Children, Estate?

There are some very deep emotional conflicts ongoing, enmity, animosity,jealousy popping off between "loving" and "all for love" folk, Fans (individually and collectively) who castigate others, post elementary messiness and some show selves as quite negative~ ALL/NONE of this terrible stuff has zero to do with Honorable Michael Jackson's Life, L.O.V.E and Spiritual Legacy.

Suggestions, Reccomendation:

Delve within your(inclusive) Heart and Soul, inquire regarding "for real" motivation and "if", uh huh, "if" honesty, integrity, logic and rationality comes forth I am willing to concede there wills to reveal - For any who truly comprehend Saint's preordained purpose - a higher, greater "Calling" = Not the ongoing messiness regularly evident.

The ugliness some present on Facebook is reprehensible, uncalled for, has no foundation within Saint's Loving Life!

Those who truly/truthfully are aware of Trusts, Estates, Legacies and Wills (Legal court declared documents/instruments, etc.) must abide by Law and should there come time for responsible investigatory process and something different is discovered/declared, NONE have right to denySaint Michael's beloved, chosen, established via Law Inheritors from receiving JU$T DUE regardless.

Do as You (inclusive/collective) seemingly proclaim to know best.
What do You (inclusive) know that One does not?
What are YOUR (incllusive) intentions?
Rev. June Juliet Gatlin
Wednesday, August 11, 2010 ~ 10:26 AM
31 minutes ago •

Reverent June Juliet Gatlin ‎@Kathryn Kuntz re: Praying for Michael's Soul.

I do not have reason to pray for Beloved Michael Jackson's soul.
I do not have slightest comprehension regarding Saint's Soul being "restless"~
Michael Joseph Jackson, King of Pop, no longer breathing within flesh, Called and Chosen, Ordained within Womb of Mother to BE: Breathe Eternally being King of Pop Saint and Prince of Peace (is) wills to ever bring forth financial Blessings for His Beloved:

Mother, Children, Their Inheritors and Their Inheritors, ALL HIS ASCENDANTS~
Earthly matters, Just Us, Justice will be handled accordingly. Saint's Soul requires NO prayers.

Those who remain upon Planet Earth which spins within Universe without Human compulsionor permission, tis Humans who require prayers (smile) = Humans alive causing conflict, confusion, lying, scheming, greed influenced,
hypocrisy/hypocrites, some hysterical emotionally conflicted, all sorts of stuff which attack Mental/Emotional/Physical Body causing pain, abuse (mental, emotional, verbal, physical), wars, destruction = Where is Love, Honor, Reverence for Loving Life?

Humans require prayer because they are alive.
Saint has transcended flesh so pray, ask for HIS Help!
That's what Saint BE: (They live within Eternity) BREATHE ETERNALLY (as myriad believe).

Saints are available within Spiritual realm to HELP YOU (smile).
Michael Joseph Jackson King of Pop Saint Prince of Peace He BE, Breathes Eternally Loving because YOU (inclusive) Breathe and live loving!

Ever Reverent I breathe BEing,
Rev. June Juliet Gatlin
Wednesday, August 11, 2010 ~ 11:58 AM
12 minutes ago

all rights reserved. should you (inclusive) desire then choose to share my words, uh huh, give honorable credit where it BE due. thanks! Jackson's Spiritual Advisor: 'He Wanted His Children to Have Everything'

for right now, this moment present i am not checking for typo, etc. y'all get gist of message. thanks. and for any who be taking message personally, hmm, God for you (inclusive) cause there have been some who want to chastise a mothersister for referencing word "you"~

*Photo: For Fact

My answer to this:

First and foremost the second link Ms. June provided leads to a page that no longer exists. What the purpose of posting a non-existent link is, I have no idea, but I find a lot of that going on with information on the net just disappearing, I interpret that Ms. June is not concerned about the illegalities. I am shocked and surprised that she would neglect the very words of someone she calls a saint.

In the interview that DOES link up properly, Ms. June says nothing about the executors and instead says that he was "changing everything" in regard to the will. However, the will in question is a 2002 will which has inaccurate information on it. The interview does not say what she alludes to in her Facebook note.

Michael is not a saint. He was probably the closest you can imagine, but he is not a saint. He is a human being. Is he honorable? Yes.

Ms. June berates fans for:

Boycotting Sony or calling for a boycott of Sony

For questioning the will and intentions of the executors

For “daring” to question the governing of the estate by the executors

And again, I see the same argument that this will hurt the children.
I disagree with Ms. June on all of this. If she knew Michael she would not be posting that Michael – in spirit – would be okay with all of this.

I don’t know if people are emailing her or private messaging her about this on her facebook page, but posted the above in her notes. Someone sent it to me. I do have Ms. June as a friend on my facebook account and I do not know why she would write a note like this. I agree that fighting amongst the fans should stop, but that is all I agree with in this note. Am I reading this wrong? Does she really believe we should not hold Sony accountable?

Boycotting Sony – Ms. June should know better than most that you don’t reward evil. You don’t finance it either. Sony was evil toward Michael. Sony is responsible for Michael’s death and Sony has been in conspiracy for decades trying to steal a music catalog from him that he came by HONESTLY. If torturing someone she calls a “saint” is okay with Ms. June, it leaves one to ask just where her alliances are and why? And she is wrong about fans having the right to "deny" profits and legacy to estate via Sony Boycott. Fans have EVERY RIGHT not to purchase. She knows Michael never wanted to do business with Sony ever again. If she doesn't know, maybe she should talk to Karen Faye, who WAS WITH MICHAEL through 2009. Everyone knows that Michael wanted nothing to do with Sony after 2002 . . . except Ms. June.

What is most disappointing is that Ms. June would question the motives of those boycotting Sony, as if Sony is above reproach. I think this is not only highly unfair but a familiar and divisive tactic to use.

MIchael, Michael Bush and Karen Faye

Questioning will and intentions of executors - Ms. June, from what I read above, assumes that fans are determining how much children of Michael should get. I have not seen this. I HAVE seen people making comparisons between what Katherine and the children were getting and how much estate executors were making. Branca/McClain are making a killing. This is coming OUT OF THE POCKETS OF THE CHILDREN. If this is also okay with Ms. June, again I have to question her loyalties, because this is NOT in the children’s best interest.

Daring to question the governing of the estate by executors – Fans have just as much right to question the QUESTIONABLE activities of the estate executors as Ms. June has to “bless” the raping of said estate.

If it is not in Ms. June’s heart to defend and protect what her “saint” was killed for, she should at least leave the fans to do Michael’s fighting for him, since he is no longer “in the flesh” to do it for himself.

By the way, the note she posts as proof . . . since her links do not work, does NOT look like Michael’s hand writing. I have several examples posted in pictures. I have never seen Michael “bless the time you have left on this planet” or use any phrase like that. He talks about God and "God Bless". I could be wrong . . . but it still does not look like his hand writing.

Song Notes of Michael's

Michael's Note to Fans

The Note June Posted on Her FB Page Allegedly from Michael

Below is an excellent video by Karmen about the Transitional Lawsuit and there is some new information from what I posted months ago. Karmen, thank you for researching this! Transitional

Article concerning the signing of that document, which according to Randy and this article, never happened . . . another forgery? News Article

Again, the fighting among fans has been a problem since June 25, of 2009, for any number of reasons. Ms. June may be getting sick of it, but to suggest that fans should support Sony and the executors is unconscionable. I don't know what else to make of this and I welcome your opinions.


  1. I am in total agreement with you and i think if Ms. June knew Michael well enough she would know that Michael boycotted Sony himself with all of his fans right there backing him up, also it is not just Michael's music it is Sony period. If she knew Michael so well she would know that he would not want people putting money into the hands of people who went against him , tried to bring him down, were disloyal to him and who may have taken part in taking Michael away from us.

  2. Bonnie, I congratulate you for your courage. I have her also in my Facebook page and my response to that statemente was more and more links to Boycott Sony.
    But I didn't feel strong enough to reply to her. I think she is really not awared of everything what was going on. I have no idea what she thinks about Michael's death, but probably she must think that Michael died for propofol overdosis and that's it.
    Sad because she has some influence over some people...

  3. Sounds like Ms. June is off her rocker.

    Anyone who knew Michael knows he wanted nothing to do with Sony and wanted his fans to do the same.

    Everyone is, of course, intitled to their opinions so, I really don't care what Ms. June thinks or says.

    I for one, will have nothing to do with Sony!

  4. So... do we assume that Ms. June is being paid by Sony to stop this boycott? To confuse the fans and to cause more chaos? Who would know.

    What I do know is that I do not appreciate the way she talks about the fans. She passes judgement and is very self righteous going as far as to condemns us for whatever we may be doing. I agree with everything you wrote Bonnie, and I also do not like it how June referred to Michael as a "saint". Michael even mentioned that he did not like being referred to in that way and that he was just like the rest of us.

    Love you Bonnie

  5. She has missed the point completely. We are not boycotting Michael, we are boycotting Sony. If Michael's music was released by some other company, there would be no problem at all.

    And Bonnie, could you please take the time to spell names correctly.

  6. I am sorry. I do not know this woman or of this woman. I have found that there are many who speak on Michael's behalf, not really "knowing" him. I have stopped listening, hearing self-serving Michael Jackson "friends". All of a sudden experts abound. Listening to all only adds to confusion.
    The divisiveness amongst the fans will sort itself out as time progresses. Truth always rises to the top. I hate to speculate on what the children and Katherine recieve, but I believe that they should recieve all that Michael worked to give them. The "executors" recieving a percentage of Michael's estate is a "bit' unseemly JMO, especially when there are so many questions. In regards to Sony, if there is nothing wrong in that house, then they should be able to stand the scrutiny. Rev. Gatling? has no place questioning the loyalty of the fans and their right to spend their hard earned money as they see fit. The heart must go where it is lead.

  7. Wow, I agree with all you say Bonnie, others too and with Josie - this woman is off her rocker, out of touch with reality! What is she on? She is just so full of herself. A "reverend"...self-proclaimed?

    Reading her words was difficult, affected me like listening to acid rock, unsettled my spirit. Her language is just so holier-than-thou but mixed with occassional "street-wise" lingo. It's like she got most of it straight out of a combination of books on cults and some strange orthodox religion. The terms she constantly used to refer to Michael just grated me and I believe to be disrespectful and an insult to who he was. It's as though she is trying to align herself. But with whom and for what purpose?

    It's interesting that in the ET interview she talked like a "normal" person. I find it hard to believe that MIchael would have spent a lot of time with Gatling. He wanted his children to go to Janet? Rebbie maybe...but Janet? First I've heard that one.

    It is just too easy for these people to make claims without Michael to confirm or deny.

    I had never before known of this woman BTW. Enigma indeed!

    Should be interesting to see if you will now be blocked from her Facebook. So predictable...and so telling!

  8. Well, I seem to have a bit of a problem with Rev. June's expressions as well. I think that overall, she's fed up with the constant fighting amongst MJ Fans and she appears to be striking out. I also get the feeling here that in short, she's telling the Fans that it's not their place as to whether or not to punish Sony (via boycott). That issue rests with God-- but she fails to make that clear and comes across the wrong way with her own sense of "correctness". Yet, she is making one point clear, Michael has moved on...We need to as well.

  9. Wow, this is crazy! Reading June's whole message was complete (Can I say?) ignorance. You said it all Bonnie, Michael fought Sony many many times in regards to his catalog and they sure as HELL did not kiss and make up in the later 2000's. Even if everyone took this note seriously and decided not to boycott Sony anymore, i'm not sure I could purchase his new album still. Its a personal thing I have made with myself. From all that Michael said about Sony, all the did to him, and not to mention how they could be connected to the allegations that totally destroyed him, I would feel way to guilty buying new music from Sony. And I cannot wrap my head around as to why June would write this and encourage the opposite.

    I don't get it.

  10. Some people are utterly IGNORANT about Sony Boycott which only means we have to intensify our efforts to explain better.

    I am offended that Mrs Gaitlin would make such a remark as "how dare any of you determine his legacy is unworthy". We would NOT dream...let alone act on it....of doing anything that could harm MJ's legacy. And his legacy is priceless treasure to us.

    The very people that are exploiting Michael are using MJ's legacy and his kids as bait which most people seem to fall for.

    MJ kids and MJ legacy are the VERY REASONS fans are advocating Sony Boycott. Executers are selling MJ's work to whomever, cheaping his legacy. MJ children and Katherine are getting $86,000 regardless of what comes into the Estate but executers are getting paid UNLIMITED amount, AS OFTEN AS THEY PLEASE.

    I respect Mrs Gaitlin. That being said, if you are in a public eye and before you make such a misinformaion public, I wish she would have researched better on MJ's business affairs.

    Mrs Gaitlin, I would love it if you could check out the following links in your spare time. And please understand that our efforts are for Michael and it's for L.O.V.E

    Fan excuses about Sony Boycott refuted, Part 1

    Fan excuses about Sony Boycott refuted, Part 2

  11. Thank you Bonnie for explaining what she was taking about. I kind of got the idea what she was saying but confused why in the world she was saying it at all. I am very much disappointed at her for condemning fans for questioning and exposing those who hurt and continue to hurt Michael for so long. She thinks she know Michael but she does not at all or she is disregarding what she knows.

    She question the motives of fans who are advocating to boycott Sony, and I question what is her motives and who is behind her to say what she said? It doesn’t matter whether you were his spiritual adviser or a close friend if you are not standing up for his best interest, your closeness with him will be canceled and will be considered as one who try and try to destroy and rob him what he worked for all his life.

    Folks, I don’t care whether she is Reverent or not MONEY is the root cause of all EVIL so she might be motivated by $$$$. God knows who is paying her to say like that.

  12. Cookie – you said it perfect. I am going to repeat what you said. We are not boycotting Michael we are boycotting Sony. Very true.

    Lonely Truth – I strongly believe she got paid big time by Sony to stop the boycott. They probably thought we would listen to her since “she knows Michael well” than the fans. The fans know Michael very well and do anything to defend him from those who try to capitalize on his name.

    They don't care
    They'd do me for the money
    They don't care
    They use me for the money

    So you go to church
    Read the Holy Word
    In the scheme of life
    It's all absurd ------------Michael Jackson

  13. Is this the same woman telling us Michael was not trying to change his life, he was changing his life? Is this what she intended? I don't believe it. I agree with you, Bonnie, totally. Karen and many other testimonies told us that he would have died or burn his own music instead of letting them having it. And talking about the estate/children matter, well, she is a Rev, she is not a lawyer, so what????
    This is how to destroy efforts of people like you, Bonnie, only because they speak from the "I knew Michael personally when alive" throne...and this is very sad. More sad than the fight amongst the fans.

  14. Enigma said:
    "Those who truly/truthfully are aware of Trusts, Estates, Legacies and Wills (Legal court declared documents/instruments, etc.) must abide by Law..."

    My response:
    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
    We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
    One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.
    How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. Any law that uplifts the human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.
    An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.
    ~MLK Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail (1963)

  15. June Gatlin said, on the first link interview with ET, she was born with "exceptional extra-sensory paranormal abilities" and, "I read people just like you sit and read magazines or newspapers”. Okay the last time she saw Michael was on April 2009 two month before he died, how come she did not tell his life was in danger and to be careful if she has that “paranormal abilities”? I am not questioning whether people can have paranormal abilities. I know all things are possible with God.

    She also said, "He was changing everything” in regard to his will. Does that mean she is confirming, in a way, the will that Branca has is fraudulent? If that so why is that she is now saying if the court declare the will is legal we must abide by it? not only she is telling us not to boycott Sony since it will create an adverse effect to his children and mother but also she wants us to accept the estate executers and their fraudulent will since the court says it’s legal.

  16. I agree with all of you.. I didn't like this woman when I saw her for the first time in the interview, and in this note she sounds like a complete lunatic... Perhaps she is getting paid to say this nonsense...
    But maybe she is just trying to stay alive???! What do you think?

  17. nodf3031 - That is exactly my thoughts when I saw this note of hers and I thought she was a Michael ally. Now I'm wondering if she ever met him at all!

    beatriz - You did that? (put boycott Sony Links up on her comments?) I know some people want to keep their page peaceful and just don't want that stuff posted there which is fine. I was even resolved to think that maybe her note was in frustration of fans getting into it on her page. But to side with Sony and the executors while you are expressing your frustration and questioning the motives of those fans FIGHTING for Michael. Really, what does she possibly think we are sticking our necks out for?

    Josie - I looked at the comments on her page and did not see any fighting about this on her wall, but then they could have rolled off the page or she could have deleted them too. I can tell you I was truly disappointed and disheartened. After everything else that's gone with Sony EVEN AWAY FROM MICHAEL in the blog update I did tonight "Sony on the Defensive" I will never have anything to do with Sony again, hardware, software, music or movies. It won't be hard for me! There are other companies out there and there is always the radio!

    LonelyTruth - I don't know if June is a paid Sony Troll or not. I would LIKE to think she is NOT. Like someone else said, maybe she is afraid? One thing bothers me about that recording she had of Michael's voice. When you listen to it . . . Does Michael sound upset or scared or distraut? No, he does not. Why did she use a tape recorder? Did her answering machine not work? Michael sounds AMUSED on that recording. Is It Michael? It sounds like him, but now, I'm going to have to go listen to THAT again.

  18. Cookie - You make a very good point that it's not Michael's music we are boycotting (another company can have our business there, like maybe Warner and an independent smaller label).

    I would love to see artists all BOYCOTT the big 4 (soon to be big three) and start their own label where artists would own their own music. An artists-owned music label and publishing company! That is what I would LOVE TO SEE! All of them have pulled this stunt with artists. Michael, to my knowledge is the only one (of the more famous) that were killed by this. Michael if you were still with us I WOULD BUY from your company!

    And Cookie, GEESH, back off, woman! My step son is visiting and he's a War history buff. Gatling guns and such. I work hard, gimme a break :o)

    jomc12 - Truth always rises to the top. That is good to remember when any of you get attacked over this kind of stuff. Just don't engage - The truth will unfold and those who value the truth will see it.

    truthbtold2all - I have seen her interviews too and no, she doesn't talk like she writes. I don't want to pick on her writing style or her religion, whatever it may be. I don't personally dislike her, I just do not agree with what she did and I didn't like that she questioned integrity of fans standing up for their values. That ticked me off.

    ladyaquarius1962 - I agree with you that June may very well be fed up with the fighting. We all are, it's ridiculous. I don't want that on my page either. Moving on? That is difficult to do with a murder that has not been solved. Did Michael move on when Dave Rosenberg was set afire by his father? No. Did Michael move on when Mariah Carey and George Michael were battling Sony? No. He exposed Sony and the music industry in general for their theft and they took it out on him over the next nine years! If we move on, who will fight for him? He asked us "Will you be There". Maybe June didn't hear that song? Cry . . . maybe she didn't hear that one either . . He couldn't do it all by himself.

    michaelmagic - That's how I feel about purchasing anything from Sony now. What happened was just WRONG. It will always be WRONG. They have tried to shelter their dirty deeds and under the table deals, the entertainment lawyers who represent the companies and not the artists get away with conflict of interest (branca!!) and the collusion that culminated in that farce of a trial! I will never, ever forget it!

  19. MUZIKfactory2 - Thank you for those links Muzik. I too wish she (June) had been more informed about Michael's wishes before berating fans for being loyal to Michael.

    Mezrak - She has to know what is going on . . . remember the comments she made about Tohme and the recording she says is of Michael? We have plenty of pictures of Michael with Uri Gellar and his previous business managers and even photos with him and Tommy Mottola? If June was so close to Michael why are there no pics of them together at any time? That has me questioning the closeness of the relationship on top of all this other stuff .

    mistress - I agree Mistress, there are a lot of shills out there. I'm hoping she is not one, but like you, I question her "closeness" to Michael if she doesn't even know the most basic causes of his misery. Given Michael's history with "spiritual advisors" I'm beginning to think that particular title refers to "ex-friends".

    Truthbtold - Awesome quote! Thank you for posting that. Michael had a lot of respect and looked up to what Martin Luther King Jr. tried to do.

    Mesrak - "She also said, "He was changing everything” in regard to his will. Does that mean she is confirming, in a way, the will that Branca has is fraudulent?".......Good point. What does she believe? Her interview seems to contradict her note.

    Erena - "Perhaps she is getting paid to say this nonsense...
    But maybe she is just trying to stay alive???! What do you think? "......... A lot of people have died . . . look how weird Dr. Klein got after Ayers was killed.

  20. @ Bonnie: About the "moving on"... Maybe I should've clarified that. What I meant by such was moving FORWARD. There are many ways to do that. For example, with you it's exposing those who are likely to be the most guilty regarding Michael's death. For others, it could be as simple as boycotting any of Sony's "new" releases of Michael's music. I'm one of those. Besides, I believe the best of all he ever did was already released. The "newer" ones? I'm inclined to remember back when Elvis died and the Estate started releasing his "new" (vaulted recordings) stuff, and how most if not all of it S-T-U-N-K! So, I'm content to let experience be my teacher, and I remember the lesson as well. ;)

  21. Lady - That's okay and thank you for the clarification and I agree with you :o)

  22. I have mixed feelings about her. I first encountered her at Forest Lawn. She was there with a cameraman who I recognized as the attractive black man with dreads from TMZ!!! She then attempted to sneak into Holly Terrace and was prevented from doing so by a security guard. So what does that tell you? If she was so close to him and to Kathryn why wasn't she invited to the memorial or the funeral or given access to Holly Terrace?

    I saw her again at an event at the Sheraton Universal. She was supposed to speak to a group of Michael Jackson fans. There were only a few present at 10 am on a Sunday. She stood in the doorway obviously annoyed, saying she wanted to go get breakfast, get some grits, she spoke to presidents and governors, etc. She was with Sheryl Cooley from the band Klymaxx. I also get a real hate whitey vibe from her in person and from her posts on Facebook.

    Someone, another psychic persuaded her to stay and more people arrived. She sings well and was more tolerant with the young fans once she had an audience.

    As far as I know Michael Jackson was about love. He did not hate white people. He did not claim to be a Saint, although he said in interviews he tried to emulate Christ. He was polite and kind to his fans, even if there were only three or four of them.

    I would not take this woman seriously as she is using her "connection" to Michael Jackson like everyone else.... to make money or influence people. I guess she has to make a living too.

    She is welcome to express her opinion on facebook of course. But I would take her with a grain of salt as they say.

  23. Sue - I am going to post your note on a more recent blog post as well so others can see it that may not visit the archives.

    I don't know June enough to determine her prejudices, but I did have concerns about the note she posted and wondered why, if she was so close to Michael, that she was never mentioned by Michael nor was she ever pictured with him. Even Tommy Mottola has pictures with Michael.

    Thank you for following up with this and recounting your experiences with her at Forest Lawn.


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