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Michael Jackson Justice: Say No to Sony Blood Money

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Say No to Sony Blood Money

August 5, 2010 – Say No to Sony Blood Money

Bidders in 1985 “Charles Koppelman and Marty Bandier’s New York-based The Entertainment Co., Virgin Records of London; New York real estate tycoon Samuel J. Lefrak, and financier Charles Knapp. John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono.”

This is where we left off yesterday. I wanted to get more background on a couple of these people.

Charles Koppelman – Wikipedia

Charles Koppelman

He was also a previous CEO of EMI music along with Marty Bandier who was co-owner of a company with him called “The Entertainment Company”. This is the same company that put in the higher bid against Michael for the ATV catalog back in 1985.

Curiously his friend Martin Bandier was married to a relative of Samuel LeFrak and worked for Sam’s real estate firm, who was also one of the bidders on the very same catalog. Seems to be a team effort. They figured they had it locked up between one family or business partner, but Michael beat them out. Despite the collusion, Michael won. If this happened on Wallstreet, the SEC would have been involved!

Koppelman is now chairman of Martha Stewart Living and is also co-owner of a pole dancing company called “The S Factor”. Koppelman has a relatively short Wikipedia page so I researched some other links.

Biograph on Koppelman

Among his credits on this page is the Martha Stewart Living Omimedia along with the Sirius Radio show of the same name, and serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CAK Entertainment, Inc., a music and entertainment business.

Koppelman was also part of the vocal trio "Ivy Three," which recorded the single "Yogi" which reached the top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100. Later, he became Vice President of CBS Records' publishing company, April/Blackwood Music. (gasp!) In 1976, he and Martin Bandier formed the Entertainment Company which included many hits such as those by Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. By 1985, Koppelman and his partners had formed S.B.K. Entertainment World, which became the world's largest independent publisher and, in 1989, S.B.K. Entertainment World merged with EMI Music. 1985 is also the same year SBK put in the competitive bid against Michael for Sony/ATV.

Small world, isn’t it?

Another interesting article of Koppelman here at Cigar Aficionado.

So far, I have learned that both Tommy Mottola and Martin Bandier married into their connections. Mottola even changed his religion to get in good with “daddy”, and divorced when their stepping stones were no longer of use to them. Both Mottola and Koppelman were vocalists in music acts when they were fresh starting out. Just a little trivia for you. So what did they do? Give up mediocre careers to head up businesses to destroy other musical acts financially?

Samuel J. Lefrak – Deceased

He was honored by the United Nations along with Jimmy Carter for Habitat International. Somehow that does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about him. His obituary is here.

Michael 30th Anniversary During his Sony Battle

Charles Knapp –

The first link on my search for “Who is Financier Charles Knapp” on Google was a nice little article about Mr. Kopp’s indictment on fraud charges while trying to build a banking empire in the 1980’s. Source

The articles listed on the link above were printed between 1993 and 1994. The fraudulent activity actually took place in 1984. Knapp was forced out in 1984 as head of Financial Corp. of America and its American S&L unit. Knapp was the head of American Savings & Loan. Remember the Savings and Loan debacle of the eighties? This is one of your contributors. This may be why we don’t see Charles hanging around with the Bandiers and Koppelmans today.

New Charges Filed Against Knapp article reveals the scheme in which they used to do this.

“The SEC's lawsuit claims Sands raised $500,000 through an initial public offering of Pacven, a shell company he controlled. He then transferred the cash to Knapp, who invested the money in another public offering by First Pacific Bancorp, which Sands also controlled.”

Now aside from Charles Knapp, who seems to be the only wild card here, all the other bidders against that ATV catalog back in 1985 either were working for each other or related to each other. That is collusion! Even with three of the bidders teaming up against Michael Jackson, Michael still became sole owner of the ATV at the ripe old age of 27. I guess the other bidders thought at least one of them would be able to obtain this valuable publishing catalog, but something happened and they were left walking with their tails between their legs.

Since then, Bandier has been stalking the catalog either as it’s manager through EMI music or as the current CEO of Sony/ATV. Charles Koppelman has latched on to another conglomerate celebrity but has yet to give up his other “music publishing” business, CAK Entertainment, Inc. Samuel LeFrak is deceased and his son runs the real estate investment corporation and I am not turning up anything on Charles Knapp in the news since the late 1990’s. Source

An interesting read, if you can get through the issue of the illuminati, on the history of Sony. We will be digging into this in a little more depth so you might want to take the time to read it. Asking me questions helps me research. (hint-hint!) Sony Thru the Years PDF

This piece on Michael himself I thought was a big endearing . . . okay, a lot endearing. Especially when they describe him as a “cross between E.T. and Howard Hughes”. Source

Favorite part

“Michael Jackson is fond of writing himself messages. In his house and around its grounds are signs on posts and walls, sweet aphorisms about the importance of memories, of reaching for the stars and following your dreams, that sort of thing. But the note on the bathroom mirror merely reads, 100 Million.
The note helps explain why Michael Jackson, the painfully shy, childlike recluse, would do something as bizarre as throw open the doors of his Xanadu to a bunch of ogling, hard-line business types and pose bar mitzvah style with them, activities that even a much lesser star would find degrading. Michael aims to sell a whopping 100 million copies of Bad, and he knows that requires the industry chugging behind him.

There are two Michael Jacksons: his own manager describes him as "a cross between E.T. and Howard Hughes." His producer Quincy Jones says, "He's the oldest man I know, and he's the youngest kid I know." One Michael is a shrewd businessman who makes these vague personal appearances, who wrangles staggeringly lucrative deals out of licensers and sponsors ($15 million from Pepsi this time around), who bought the publishing rights to the Beatles' songs when Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono couldn't and who controls his media exposure like a hawk.”

Please watch these. Dick Gregory explains the conspiracy all the way back to 1985.
Dick Gregory on Michael Jackson

Bashir, which is a blog entry further down the road. I just wanted you to see the manipulation by Bashir in gaining Michael’s trust during this newly aired outtake, thanks to Michael’s cameraman, Hamid, who filmed separately the documentary and sent it to Maury Povich as “Living With Michael Jackson Outtakes”.
New Bashir outtakes

Someone tell me who to credit for this photo

A worthwhile Read

Henry Landworth – A Michael Jackson Prodigy

This is a man after Michael’s own heart.

I have two days of work, so stay tuned. Digging Deeper into Sony


  1. I am ROFLMAO @ the last picture w/MJ and Bashir. I wish I knew who created that one. It's wonderful! :P

  2. Bonnie – your “favorite part” is very interesting. I think many people know Michael was a very shrewed business man who knew exactly what he was doing when it comes to his business. However, he trusted or totally misunderstood the people surrounding him. For example take Brett Ratner, they were suppose to be good buddies but he was there to get him behind his back. Look, he was even being manipulated by Martin Bashir, the most vicious man in the world. I know he was a human being and he could not foresee everything.

    You know what Michael needed in his life, an honest trust worthy private personal investigator who would investigate, research, analyze and provide him verifiable reports on everyone's background and who they are and what they do before he/she gets close to him. I believe that would have made a big difference in his life and avoid those Mafias. Well it's too late. What we need now is JUSTICE.

  3. ladyaquarius1962 - I concur!!!

    Mesrak (Mimi)- I never got that. For someone who could read his audience so well, you would think that he would be able to read people, but he's like me in the sense that I'm not that good on the one - to - one. You want to believe the best in people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately for me, I've never been THAT out on a limb and out in the public eye like that. It REALLY TICKS ME OFF that people want to talk themselves into believing that because Michael was a celebrity and he was GOOD at being a celebrity (his craft notwithstanding) and THAT was an excuse to do what they did to him? No fre**ing way am I buying that!

    A worthy private personal investigator would have been nice . . . but he had those too. For that kind of money, they had a price too.

  4. @Mimi and Bonnie: I think the reason why Michael appears "blind" when it comes to judging people is simply that he wasn't totally "blind." On the one hand, it's been well-documented that Michael was suspicious and distrustful of people. It was also well known that he tended to only see the "good" in people. Yet, on the other...well, he sure had a way of drawing wolves, didn't he? The reasons for that? He was so truly hungry to the point of utter and complete starvation!!! Michael was hungry for acceptance...Hungry for understanding...Hungry for love.

    Michael was a man whom ever since childhood, was somewhat isolated from interacting with people. He couldn't form friendships when he was a child because he was busy working--when he should've been PLAYING. This "crippled" him in so many ways, and left him "damaged" as an adult.

    He was also told that it was okay to lie to the Media for PR reasons. For example: In the J5 days, Motown told Michael ("Tell them you're 8 yrs. old."--even though he was actually 11 and "Tell them that the J5 was discovered by Diana Ross."--when in fact they were discovered by Gladys Knight!). Do you remember that??? Now, here's a boy--raised as a Jehovah's Witness (of all things) being told that it is perfectly okay to LIE. Wow...what a contradiction! No wonder he grew up confused!

    Then, top things off with Motown PR (and PR in general throughout your lifetime) telling you how to dress, act, think, what to say...I mean really! To me, being an outsider looking in--it's no wonder that Michael did a perfect imitation of a robot! The sarcasm IS intended here. (Sorry Mike--I luv U.)

    When you are surrounded by people most of your life, telling you how to act and live your life, after a while, you get ticked off. When that happened, that's when the "wierdness" or "wacko" stuff started hitting the presses, and it's also WHY it did. Unfortunately, what initially began as utter and complete rebellion against "the norm" on a PR level by Michael, quickly turned into chaos and a means of destruction.

  5. Thanks Bonnie, I'm still trying to digest all this, especially the Sony Through The Years! Confirmation for me though. ;o)

    I agree, great last pic! I was surprised that Michael didn't see through some of Bashir's comments and probing questions. His motives at times seemed so obvious to me.

    Ladyaquarius ~ good job explaining the lasting dynamics of Michael's childhood. So much of who we become directly stems from our early years. About your PR comments...are you talking about the rumors - oxygen chamber, elephant man etc? I understood Branca started those...on "behalf of" but without Michael's knowledge? If that is so then Branca began destroying Michael from the inside a long time ago.

  6. Bonnie – I read the PDF link you posted (Sony-thru-the-years) and all the reasons are there to believe SONY is involved in the murder of Michael but no proof as it says. Will there be any proof come out of this?

    So when Jermaine said they know who they are and I know who they are is true. Michael and the family know the conspiracy of Sony way before the trial. What happened, did Gordon Novel, the investigator, found any evidence that they conspire against him? I did not get from what I read. This guy must know a whole lot of story who and what they did to take away his catalog. This is the guy the FBI should question.

    Okay, Michael died a month before his own catalog reverted to him. So is his own master catalog reverted to him (to his estate) even though he is not here or Sony still in control? His two brothers, Jackie and Marlon working for Sony now knowing all this?

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. @Truth: Yeah...I'm talking about "those" stories. But, it wasn't Branca who started them. It was DiLeo, who according to JRT was told by Michael to "leak" the hyperbaric chamber picture. But, it seems unlikely that Michael would EVER tell someone to do that. But, DiLeo over the years (which was one of the reasons for his eventual firing by MJ) leaked crap like that to the tabloids and made a "whopper" of a tale of it all to boot.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I want to add something here...Regarding the "Elephant Man's" bones story...I believe that MJ DID "play" a little bit with the Media regarding that one. I don't believe that he ever truly intended to buy Merrick's bones however, but he DID investigate into the possibility of such being even remotely possible--it wasn't. You have to remember something here...Michael WAS a bit of prankster. So yeah...I can see him "playing" with that one a bit. I think that if somehow it was possible to buy Merrick's bones, he likely would've donated them to the Smithsonian. Not kept them though.

  11. Ahhh...thank you lady for clearing that up! Agreed. (JRT to me has no credibility.) I do still get some of the players confused, especially those two. Either I have a touch of dyslexia (b&d) or more probably because this is recently stuck in my head:
    "People that Michael had vowed to never do business with again, such as John Branca and Frank Delio, had suddenly been brought back into his life by Randy Phillips of AEG." (Leonard Rowe)

    Could be, that's funny, I enjoy hearing about Michael the prankster! :o) Too bad he wasn't allowed to play without getting blasted.

  12. The "bones" story is a bit believable simply because the Media had already been accusing him of such. So, put yourself in MJ's shoes a moment...You're on the Bad tour overseas at the time, and your Mother calls to tell you complaining about how the press is making you out to be an idiot, and that your PR team is giving her the brush off for raising a fuss. I think he wanted a little bit of "payback." It's perfectly natural, I think.

  13. Hi ladies (and gentleman lurkers), I want to answer these and have a little more info but I got home late from work tonight and we have a funeral tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow evening. I had a blog ready to go tonight too, but that will also have to wait. I hate delaying but . . . life . . . and death calls. :o(

  14. Nothing to do with this blogpost, but have you read this Bonnie?

  15. Bonnie I really enjoyed the article link you posted where Michael was compared to ET and HH. If anyone is interested there is another one on that site:

    "Masquerade the heart
    Is the height of haunting souls
    Just not what you seek of me
    Can the heart reveal the proof
    Like a mirror reveals the truth
    See the evil one is you"
    Is It Scary, Michael Jackson, Blood On the Dance Floor

    Slightly unrelated, but this keeps running through my mind...Michael was/is the artist, AND the art.

  16. Bonnie ~
    Trying to find one of the links in your linked article of Sony Through the Years, I came across this:
    You may already have all that info (over a year old) but I thought it might be useful.

    Still hunting...

  17. @Ladyaquarius1962 - I think a lot of what you say about Michael's trusting nature and not being able to judge people objectively has some merit, as we have seen the damage done by two trumped up child abuse allegations. It's true that Michael distrusted most adults since childhood for all the reasons we know. And we know he craved love and personal validation all his life. But Michael was also a savvy person when it came to business decisions and was known to fire people almost as fast as he hired them. Why? Because Michael was well aware his entire career that most of his accountants, managers, lawyers, etc. stole from him in one way or another. When you have an empire as vast as Michael's, it's almost a given that you will attract the sharks in the business, who have the negotiating skills and thick skin you need to manage your finances. That's what they get paid to do. But it was a double edge sword and Michael sadly admitted that he knew people took from him and that the best he could hope for was to hire people who would steal the least from him! It was the lesser of two evils. At some point, Michael had to accept the reality and hope that someone in his camp was "minding the store." So I don't think Michael was really "blind" as much he was terribly ALONE, and didn't have the protection of a few good people who cared enough to look out for him. Tragic.

  18. @ Bonnie: "For someone who could read his audience so well, you would think that he would be able to read people..."

    May I add my thoughts to this based on personal experience? When you have been abused in any way as a young child by people who should have your back; people who should go to the ends of the earth to protect you, love you and do you no harm the repercussions upon your psyche are incalculable.

    It teaches you, as far as relationships are concerned, to override your gut instinct and sometimes you allow people into your inner circle even when you KNOW they mean you no good. You find it very heard to say no to people because you don’t want to seem like you’re being mean, and you leave yourself very vulnerable to predatory people. Such people are master manipulators as well as parasitic in nature and it’s like they try to feed off of you, but nothing you give is ever enough. You always have a gut feeling that something isn’t right but it’s like you’re on auto pilot when these people target you: you end up going along with what THEY want at the expense of yourself. This was my experience for years and it was only the grace and healing power of God that broke me free of that tendency. Unlike Michael, I had the space, time, privacy and support I needed to get free but the pain that man must have been through resonates with me very deeply. I’m unable to listen to ‘Childhood’ at without crying.

    Bonnie, I only discovered your site this month after a strange turn of events which I believe has been God’s leading. I’m working my way through each post and you’ve done an extraordinary thing. I’m unsure at this point what the purpose is for me being at this place at this time but I know enough to trust Him for each step.

    God Bless you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You know, your description of not being able to say no to people I feel very much. I went through some things as a child, but what you describe as not wanting to say no probably has more to do with not being willing to burden people with other people's sins. I didn't recognize that's what it was until much later in life, but that is exactly what it is. You are so starving for GOOD to be found in SOMEONE that you give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt and you refuse to let those "instincts" convict someone in hopes that those thoughts will change that person.

      I sometimes think this is how Michael thought. He KNEW things, but he wanted to try to reach people and you can't do that only hanging around the good ones. I didn't know that when I first started this, but now I see it.

      The pain that Michael has been through is not just his. I believe he feels others, but most of all, I believe he feels the loss of love in the world and that is a depth of pain that has no end, unless someone can start turning that around.

      Childhood gets me too. So does "You Are Not Alone" and "You Are My Life". Even more than "Childhood" though is "Be Not Always". I don't want people to just see the real Michael. I want them to FEEL everything he felt and I want them to identify HOW that is able to happen. I want them to know why Michael was REALLY here.

      I never know exactly where I'm supposed to be from one day to the next . . . but today, I know what I am supposed to be doing, so I better get on it. But I thank you very much for spending time to post that. And I want you to realize that I wasn't always sure on every post, where Michael or people around him stood, so some of the posts will reflect that. But I did want the whole journey on here so people could see the struggle we all go through, that it exists and the ways the devil attacks you psychologically.

      God bless you and stay safe. Things I think are about to get a little weird. God protect you. ♥

  19. Thank you Bonnie and the same to you. Apologies in advance for the long post to follow. I agree with your comment about things getting weird. I feel that very strongly.

    I was a fan of Michael's since 'She's out of My Life', which was one of the first singles I ever bought. Then came 'Thriller' which of course, was learned note by note! That led to the Jacksons Live album, which introduced me properly to the old J5 stuff plus Michael's early solo stuff. I won't go into the whole story here but he made it okay to be a person of colour in the environment I was in at the time. Say what you want about black folks but Michael's talent, charisma and looks were undeniable. I felt like once someone liked his music, they would have to question how they could still be prejudiced in attitude. All this communicated just by watching and listening to him, so yes he broke down barriers and yes, he was an important part of my childhood and yes, I was one of the millions who had a huge crush on him!

    A lot of life/personal upheaval meant that I kinda lost track of his career after 'BAD' and other than singing along to his songs when they came on the radio or reading what came out in the papers (none of it moved me deeply - by then it felt like MJ was on another plane of 'celebrity' that I couldn't relate to) I didn't pay much attention.

    I watched the Oprah interview and loved it except when she asked about his sex life (loved his answer though!) and when the Chandler accusations came out, funnily enough my reaction at the time was 'this isn't about innocence or guilt. Someone wants payback for all MJ's success'

    I guess at the time, I thought everyone who was successful in the industry had at some point, had to have signed on to something 'dark' to get that success. I'd notice for example how great singers would release a great first album and then by album 2 or 3, they'd either become very 'dark/sinister' or else, if women, suddenly go from 'girl next door' to 'sex siren'. I figured that somehow, Michael had refused to play ball somewhere along the line and the powers that be were retaliating. Other than that I gave it little thought. When he settled the case I did think it was strange, but I totally understand now why he made that decision.

  20. We all watched the Bashir documentary and you could see he was being set up. I remember shouting at the screen 'Don't say any more Michael!' during the 'share your bed' scene. Clearly he meant 'give up your bed for your guest' - share, but it was twisted to suggest he meant 'sleep with, in a sexual way.' So wrong of Bashir but thank God for Hamid's footage. Thinking about it now reminds me of that Scripture that says, words to the effect of 'the carnal (natural) man cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit'. They were never going to get it and it is so sad.

    Come the trial and I was still somewhat detached, although I felt sorry for him having to go through that. You could see he was under immense stress. I was glad when he was found innocent and hoped he would be able to go on with his life. When news broke of his death, I was sad, but not devastated. Part of the reason for my detachment was after I became a Christian, I went down the route of thinking I shouldn't listen to all the secular music I used to because doing so was idolatory. Plus all the 'Thriller' stuff with the ghouls etc -supposedly occult. A lot of Christians go through this conflict, I know. I'm a lot less 'religious' about it all now. I didn't understand much about Grace then, and I have had to repent of a lot of things, including (and it hurts me to say this but) judging Michael by some (not all - but some) of the media reports of that time.

    I remember praying that Michael had cried out to God and was saved, because we were fed so much...he had converted to Islam, was into kabbalah, illuminati etc. All sorts. Then we heard that the Crouches had met with him and prayed with him a few weeks prior and I remember looking up and thanking God for that.

    The memorial I just thought it strange how Michael had fought so hard to keep his children out of the spotlight and now, in front of millions, here they were in full view and speaking (Paris). It was moving, but something just felt 'off' to me.

    The Murray trial I never really followed, as I always felt there was a lot going on that we did not know -and still do not know.

    Fast forward to the beginning of this month. I hadn't even watched TII before now. Out of the blue, while I was working one evening, I was drawn to playing 'Lady in my Life', which I had not heard or played in years. That led to over 4 hours of back to back Michael songs and I felt nostalgic, and appreciative of him as an artist but not much else. I had no idea about the BAD 25 documentary, which, 'coincidentally' aired on TV a couple of days later. I even remarked out loud 'how weird - I was just playing MJ the other day and now this is on' as I sat down to watch.

    Well, I was a mess by the end of it. Mid way through the thought just hit me: 'what they did to this man was very, very, VERY wrong!' I have not been able to shake it and like you, have been wracked with sobs almost daily since. The emotional pain is so acute I have felt 'am I losing it here? What is up with this?!'

    I prayed and asked 'God, what is going on? What are you trying to show me?' And here I am. Still not quite sure why but trusting He is in it.


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