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Michael Jackson Justice: Sony on the Defensive

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sony on the Defensive

August 18, 2010 – Sony on the Defensive

My blog scheduled for today was “Michael Jackson Know about Transitional?”, but in light of the latest goings on with various friends of mine, I had to do an emergency blog insert. I will reschedule “Transitional” tomorrow.

Yesterday I posted a note published by June Gatlin on her facebook page. I was asked my opinion on the note by someone who sent it to me. Since many fans frequent her page, and since there seems to be a battle brewing between “Pro-Sony” and “Con-Sony” fans, I thought I should pull together some implicating things that have happened as a result.

Two people in particular have attacked me in comments on different facebook pages. I’ve been through this before, it’s not new. Their tactics in their arguments are taken directly from the “Rules for Radicals” playbook. If someone is going to spend that much time and effort jumping to different facebook pages to attack my opinion, I am left to assume just as happened with a previous blogger, that someone is getting too close for comfort.

This issue isn’t even June Gatlin, it is Sony. I disagreed with the note because June was questioning the motives of fans who want to boycott Sony or question the Jackson estate executors. I questioned why she felt she had to place a note allegedly written by Michael to prove what she was saying was true. I thought it was odd, so I posted my own note I have from Michael with samples of his handwriting because it did not look authentic. That was for you all to compare. My opinion was already stated.

This is just one of the tactics Sony is using to try to squelch what they have done. I don’t know where June stands and she is entitled to her opinion. I am entitled to disagree with it and I stated why. There should be no attacking anyone over this. But that is what happens when you are close to the truth. If I wasn’t close to the truth, that post wouldn’t have gotten so much attention . . . THANK YOU, Sony! You are helping me get the word out.

For the Love of Michael

Gina and Karmen and Laura:

The three ladies mentioned above have been researching their little hearts out. Karmen, I will cover yours tomorrow on "Transitional".

Laura is being shut down by Sony. They are behind her video getting pulled by Youtube. She posted a comment on the original Facebook posting of the video about Sony here
New Youtube link!

Under the list of comments she posted this:

"ty guys <3
But i want u to know, that I'm afraid Sony has their eyes on me. First i got a PM via twitter from them after i sent them my video, now i go to my YT channel and i found " someone" has removed my video from my channel, i do not who, i dont know if it was YT or Sony or whoever, BUT IT WAS NOT ME.
So dont go to the link because it wont work. If someone wants the video plz mail me and i'll send it to u. I'm gonna edit the video, i'll change the music and i'll upload again THE WONT SILENT ME, THEY WONT STOP ME!!! Love you All<3"

Sony is also systematically removing Michael Jackson videos of his songs from Youtube. This, my friends, is an attack on the fans. I was wondering how long it would take them to start biting the hands that feed it. Things are going to get more interesting from here on out.

Michael Battles Sony on his Own w/ Invincible

You are either Michael fans, or you are Sony fans. I’m sorry if this offends some of you who read this blog, but this is what it is going to come down to and Sony is COUNTING on the division. They’ve been orchestrating it from the beginning. All the Charles Thomsons and Taraborrelli’s and fake facebook personalities out there inserted to cause conflict . . . The attacking of Karen Faye and Samantha DeGosson, the battles between the Nikki’s and the Taaj’s and the Justice4MJ groups . . . every little emotional hook they can dig into you they will. So let's just take a look at Sony's marketing and P.R. tactics so we know what we are up against.

Sony Paying Bloggers -

Yes, you too can become a paid Sony blogger to sample the music and blog about it after you buy it. That’s kind of like signing an artist to their label, giving them a “percentage” of the revenue from what they created, then stealing the music they created and charging them to perform it! Wow, what a racket! (Thank you Gina for these contributions)

Here we go . . . maybe they even use “employment services” such as this: Paid-to-blog!
Just sign up and blog for companies (like Sony) on their products, services or REPUTATION.

Remember the fake blog about the Sony PS3? Another article expressing exasperation over the fraudulent tactics Sony took to promote (lie) about their product. This wasn’t just errant trolls combing the blogosphere . . . this was a WHOLE FAKE BLOG set up by them! Sony trolls

Question the facebook groups and blogs you follow. Some of them have been out there since the beginning. (Gina, I LOVE you! All this is her research and Laura's!)

Sony intimidates a blogger into removing content: and - click on the WA Post article link, which is also here. Fixing game shows for ratings sweeps? Isn’t that kind of like, killing someone just in time for him to miss ownership of the masters of his own recordings? Or like timing unreleased songs album for a dead artist's birthday?

Moving on . . . Sony execs tried to pressure msnbc into killing the Will Smith Scientology story.


Sony Execs Pressure MSNBC

SONY BMG UK announces groundbreaking online blogging initiative: - To sucker other artists into possibly blogging about and sharing their music in the hopes that someday THEY TOO can end up fighting for their lives over their own music ownership.

Michael fighting for his life in court, Trial 2005

Sony Buys Out Bertelsmann’s Sony BMG Stake for $1.2 Billion -

"... giving it a chance to experiment with new business models — possibly including having its artists promote Sony products." Another “PS3”fake blogging site.

Sony outed on payola scandal:
- again, it's incentives and gifts more than money. Isn’t this what Tommy Mottola was nailed for? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it? “The payola has got to stop — that's the word from New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who on Monday announced a settlement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment, which has agreed to cease its "pay for play" policy.”

Stealth Marketing:

“We have seen a resurgence in enforcement actions against old-fashioned radio payola, like the state of New York's recent with Sony BMG and the Warner Music Group for secretly paying radio stations to spin records.8 Complaints about the integration of product promotions into entertainment programming now sit before federal regulators.9 And in Hollywood, these marketing practices have become a source of labor unrest as screenwriters are asked to write promotional copy into scripts.”

Business Practices:

Sony Investigated for Anti-Trust Practices
“The major music labels are now under investigation by the US Department of Justice in a probe on suspicions of antitrust violations, according to the UK Register this afternoon. The impending launch of the Sony BMG and Universal backed service TotalMusic is the impetus for the investigation.

There is a long history for followers of major media ownership of apprehensiveness due to the extreme consolidation with the major labels. Sony, Waner, Universal and EMI supply 80% of the market with music.”
– This is it folks. Now Sony is looking to buy EMI. They need Michael out of the way and they needed the combined revenue from his control of half of Sony Music and his own Mijack catalog. Branca is HELPING THEM DO IT! See “Transitional Lawsuit” blog tomorrow!

Sony Getting sued in China too

They Sabataged Michael, Now they Sabatage His Children’s Future. Fight! Don’t Give up!

Michael Told Us YEARS AGO What was Going on! Fans Questioning him now are NOT FANS.

Sony Ships Sneaky DRM Software - Music giant uses spyware and virus writers' techniques:

“...turns out that Sony is using techniques normally seen only in spyware and computer viruses in order to restrict the unauthorized copying of some of its music CDs. Sony's software, licensed by Sony from a Banbury, UK, company called First 4 Internet, has become the basis of a dispute that once again pits computer advocates against an entertainment company experimenting with new ways to prevent the unauthorized copying of its products.”

“Don’t Stop (killing) ‘Til You Get Enough”

Music Industry targets children, "Get ‘em while they’re young!":
“Lessons teaching pupils about copyright law are already being piloted in six schools and could be rolled out across the country. Critics suggest the initiative is designed to protect commercial interests rather than provide a valuable educational experience."

"The get ‘em while they’re young child mind-rape scheme is organised by music industry ‘consultant’ Ruth Katz who, by an amazing coincidence, also works for Big 4 music gang member EMI.” - (Can we maybe just . . . teach them that killing for money is wrong too? Or is that not as important?)

Kids and Kartels - click links too and notice profits breakdown at bottom.

“p2pnet view Kids & Kartels:- The Quebec government is spending an unknown amount in taxpayer dollars promoting hard-core corporate music anti-piracy doctrine to Secondary 5 students.”

Sony has no shame. No wonder they went after Michael with such viciousness, since Michael was the biggest advocate for children there was. Let’s corrupt their little minds about the sins of downloading a song off the internet while that same company is out there slandering, libeling and murdering to steal a whole catalog of songs!

Michael Loved . . . They Killed.

Stealing is a sin no matter WHO is doing it! Sony!

I am burning I am so angry! They took out Michael Jackson, who hurt NOBODY! Five other people’s lives were taken! Peter Lopez, Bruce Ayers, Evan Chandler (arguably poetic justice), and Sulema and Jerriell Wilborn of the Mesereau Legal Clinic.

With this all going on under our noses, I’m supposed to be worried about two bloggers playing bullying games on Facebook?

It’s About Michael, Not Profit

We know Sony’s tactics. You are aware and it is documented across the internet. You know they are being investigated. If you are still getting attacked, then you know these people are for Sony and not for Michael. Those people can’t look at the evidence both from Michael himself, the trial and the news today and believe Sony is not involved in this. Gina, Karmen, Seven, Laura and all of you have found and convinced those who are in this for Justice that Michael never wanted to do business with Sony again. Period. Their VERY ACTIONS should answer any doubts you may have.

Tomorrow I want to share with you some very interesting information on the Transitional lawsuit shared by Karmen in her video.

Love you all and thank you so much for hanging in there. This is not going to be easy, but it’s for Michael and his life and his work. Look to God for strength because we can’t do this without him.


  1. Hey hey...good job Bonnie! ;o)

    Love Laura's video too...EXCELLENT!!!

    Here's another:
    "Apparently Sony-Ericsson have codenamed their latest mobile phone "Shakira", after a pop singer signed to Sony Music. This isn't the first time a Sony electronic gadget was named after a Sony-signed recording artist; four years ago, Sony launched a pocket instant messaging device which shared its name with a dance-music artist. Which makes one wonder whether there's now a clause in the standard Sony Music recording contract that grants Sony's electronics division the rights to use an artist's name for naming products, and, if so, what artist will get a gadget named after them next."

  2. Hey Truthbtold - Excellent find. Shakira will be sorry! I do love Laura's video! Sony had Youtube remove it. Like that's going to make us forget what they did!

  3. I'm overwhelmed with this information Bonnie! great job as always.
    Thanks so much for what you do.
    I'm not capable to do a blog like yours, so I just follow you silent, but please know if there is a time when you could need me for anything I will be there.
    Love you!

  4. Dear Bonnie, sorry for English, you're a great person and all fans of Italy following your blog, thank you, we miss Michael.

  5. Oh my God Bonnie, every time I hear fans fighting I get so hurt. Why is that fans are unable to see what Sony is doing? I am puzzled. It is so simple to understand, and all they have to do is listen to Michael when he was expressing his difficult time with Sony.

    Sony is a big corporation and they have power money can buy to manipulate fans and create division among us. Please fan be awake to Sony's divisive tactics and stop being manipulated like you are ignorant of what was/is going on with Michael's Catalog and his Music.

    Bonnie, you are right when you said “Michael told us years ago. Fans questioning him now are not fans”. If you are a true fan, you should know by now what Michael wants, otherwise you are not a true fan and you don't LOVE him at all. Sorry to say that, that's how I feel.

  6. Three wise thoughts come to my mind regarding this entire issue...

    This one fits Sony: "If money is all that you love... money is all you will receive."

    But when one considers what that Corporation has done to Michael...a fitting wise thought is this: "You have failed only when you quit trying. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure."

    Lastly, a wise warning to Sony from we MJ fans...

    "Confucius say: Man who stupidly pees on electric fence, sets self up for shocking experience."

    Note: Of course Confucius didn't say that last one. I did though! :P

  7. WOW!

    My mind is swimming from all this information!

    The cat is out of the bag for sure!


    The pressure is on and Sony is being investigated.

    I hope the law racks up this mobster music corporation, once and for all!

  8. Regarding the above post I was being a bit philosophical about this whole nightmarish ordeal. The one thing I've realized is that Michael never failed...those around him failed him!

    For all of their success (Sony, Branca) in making money while Michael was alive and now in death there are a few things that their illusional victory will never bring them: Love, peace, nor respectability. Sorry Sony...sorry Branca...sorry Bandier...but the money that passes through your hands and fingers is minted in blood...the blood of your victim, Michael Jackson.

    You people conspired to have the world turn its back on Michael, instead you unwittingly have caused the world to turn its backs on you. There is no rest for the wicked, and your fate has been sealed by your own actions.

    You see...the fans know that long after you and your likes have passed into dust on this planet, Michael will still be remembered and his music will survive the ages, while you will be no more than a reference point in the history of his pain, suffering, and physical demise. How does it feel to be truly inconsequential? Worse yet...Those in positions of power always fail to realize that there is a time to rise AND a time to fall. After all...once one has reached the top, where else is there for one to go but DOWN?

  9. Bonnie or Anyone,

    Is there a connection between Michael's murder and the murders of Sulema and Jerriell Wilborn?

  10. @Josie: Not that I personally am aware of. But, I think that most of us watching these stories unfold find that the fact that these people were linked to Michael, makes their deaths somewhat suspicious. It's almost like someone (or perhaps several someones) are trying their darnedest to "tie up the loose ends" so to speak. However, in my opinion, the murder of the Wilborns, I think this one should raise more than one red flag, because Sulema was Tom Mesereau's associate. This one is VERY suspicious, I think anyway.

  11. @ ladyaquarius,

    If they are trying to get rid of people associated with Michael then is Tom Mesereau's life in danger, too?

  12. I saw one of my signs in that video you posted that your friend made. My friend made it and its been getting a lot of attention.

    Great post, you say everything very bluntly, but its true. The truth hurts and if this offends anyone, they are not really fans just like you said. don't be afraid to be bold like you are being because everything said here is the truth. Your either for Michael or against him. Fans buying the new album are only worried about what they get. A very selfish kind of love.

  13. I wonder that too Josie. :o( I have to also wonder if that was a warning to Messereau.

    As for the fans and the new album...or anything Michael, there are ways, millions are sharing. ;o) Stuff SONY and the corrupt entertainment industry!

    NO FEAR...they feed off of it!

    I'm also concerned about how long Bonnie's blog may last before it is removed. I suggest to all that you copy and spread the info presented here!

    And BTW Bonnie, love you too! Hugs! It's been my pleasure to be of's all for Michael and justice and LOVE.

    Gina ;o)

  14. @ Josie: I find myself in agreement with Truthbtold2all's response. The first thing I thought of when I heard about his associate's murder (and her hubby) was, "Was this a 'warning' to Mesereau?". I hope not, but a lot of "strangeness" has been happening since Michael passed over, and the links are undeniable. I can't help but wonder why? But, it's obvious that someone (or several someones) are afraid out there...

  15. I am not worried about this blog disappearing. I have everything backed up and if they ever made a move to remove this blog, I will just start another one and make the BIGGEST STINK ABOUT IT they can imagine!

    Daniela - Thank you for posting and for being here! The fans in Italy have been very loyal to Michael, he would be so happy! We all need to stay tough because Sony is fighting for their "god" . . . money!

    Ladyaquarius - LOL your Confucius saying.

    Josie, on the murders of the Wilborn's, I don't know of any connection other than Sulema had been working as a volunteer for Tom Mesereau's Legal Clinic for the last four years. I am suspicious. It was made to look like a gang killing. If there is a connection with the other murders they are certainly good at following the profile of the person they are killing (Ayers drug overdose in the middle of a sidewalk? Chandler - a mental case, Lopez made to look like a suicide even though nobody knowing the family believes it for a minute).

  16. Dunno Lady, are they afraid or instilling fear...determined to stay in darkness at any cost with their dirty deeds? They must have a lot of political protection.

    Oh good Bonnie, thought you would have it all backed up. I'll stop worrying about it now. ;o)

    Those killings are all just so bold and in your face. It's astonishing what they get away with while twisting it through the media and into unsuspecting minds!

  17. Bonnie, If only we had couple of more people with your dedication, hark work and heart. Your heart is just my kind of a heart :) Soft for beloveds but iron-like to those that harm beloveds.

    Sony blocked this video in Europe due to "Sony Content", Am I missing something, what Sony content does this video have?

    I guess it bothered Sony that despite their hard work, Michael wasn't locked up and didn't lose his Catalog. I sense a very sinister side to Sony. I wish fans would remove their blinders quickly for Michael's sake.

    The fact that people in public eye such as June Gaitlin whom I assume as a MJ friend would speak against Sony Boycott is only indicative that people are uninformed about Sony-MJ affairs.

    It just means we have to focus more. Reach out to other fans, have dialog, refer them to useful links. More importantly, DO NOT BUY FROM SONY. Thank you for being a loyal friend of Michael.

    And Bonnie, thank you for your time, I know you sacrifice time from your family to fight for MJ Justice. We appreacite your sweat and blood.

  18. MUZIKfactory2 - that video is so beautiful. It made me cry. I am glad all those fans followed him and waited for him at Neverland. I am sure that means a lot to him.

    I don't see any "Sony Content" that they have to block it. I think they got mad because their scheme didn't work out.

    I don't understand what right do they have to block any YouTube video? Do they own the site? I don't understand this.

    I am telling everybody I now to read Bonnies's blog and educate themselves. We need to spread the words and bring as many fans as possible to our side.

  19. For those out there asking about what the Payola deal is, here's a good link about it: The whole original scam dates back to the 50's, but the game hasn't changed over the years. Only the players have. Now it's Sony.

  20. @muzik@Mezrak - the Neverland return trip video is so beautiful and I agree, where is the Sony content? That surely appears to be a fan video, doesn't it, what does Sony have to do with it whether it be inside or outside the US?

    But I did see this. In March 2010 Sony apparently shut down Beyonce's YouTube Channel. That's what happens when Sony controls the artist.

    The artist's right to his or her own music is what Michael fought for the last 15 years of his life through all the hell he was put through.

    Wow, the things we have learned about the music industry due to Bonnie's diligence and persistence is very eye opening.

  21. I meant to say above, I'm not "june" Gatlin! I've been resisting posting as to avoid any confusion with the recent blog about Rev. June (with whom I vehemently disagree once I deciphered her "language").

  22. Thank You: Bonnie, - Ladyaquarius and
    Truthbetold for your replies.
    (On the Wilborn Murders.)

    I think it's suspicious too.
    I will continue to wait and watch.

  23. I hope Tom Mesereau is careful.

    But somehow I get the feeling Tom isn't afraid and doesn't back down from what he believes in.

    He is just as dedicated to helping the inner city people as Michael was in helping sick and dying children.

  24. @Muzikfactory2

    the video has the song Nostalgia by Yanni. I belive BMG used to manage the rights and distribution etc. Now they are controlled by Sony I guess.

    As Yanni is an European artist, Sony's copyright claims could be limited to Europe.

    P.S. Youtube also has a automated content verificiation system (see the song names and links to buy the songs etc at the video pages) which they use for DMCA.

  25. I missed the news on Mesereau's associate passing...

    This just gets uglier and uglier. when will it stop? how many children do they have to leave Fatherless?

    I get so saddened by all of this...

    A sight I never want to ever witness again is Peter's(Lopez) eldest crying over his coffin and saying,"I just want my old life back."

    I cannot and will not condone any purchase of Michael Jackson vaulted demo's or recordings. They are scrapped for a reason and odds are IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELEASING THEM FOR INCOME IN DEATH FOR FAMILY MEMBERS(children). That what his publishing is for and if handled correctly they(his beautiful kids) could live as they did (purely financially)on his MUSIC ROYALTIES ALONE. Then add on to that his ATV music catalog forget it they would never have to worry about finances period.Including "this is it" video, merchandise...So to sign a deal for 10 more albums, doesnt that indicate a certain greed??? I mean shouldnt that alone tell the unknowing fan??? MICHAEL JACKSON DID NOT WORK HIS WHOLE LIFE to make others rich!!!!!!!!! Especially someone HE FIRED FOR STEALING!! would you TRUST YOUR CHILDRENS LIFE/FINANCIAL WELLBEING IN THE HANDS OF SOMEONE WHO STOLE FROM YOU??? NO FRICKEN WAY. Its simple math add it up and find it doesnt add up.


  26. I chose the name Grace because the whole name is Grace in adversity something I felt Michael possessed. Something I could learn from (I thought)... Something to aspire to be like.

  27. MUZIKfactory2 - Muzik your hard work has supported everyone else's hard work and you have taken just as big a beating for it as anyone else. There are big parts of my blog that are a result of the connections you dug up! I have a soft heart for kind, faithful and generous people that get taken advantage of and persecuted. God knew what he was doing when he turned my head and my heart on this. I needed this to wake me up, I can't even tell you how different a person this has made me.

    That video you showed me had ZERO Sony content. It was a caravan of cars with someone videotaping following Michael and his entourage and family back to Neverland in celebration after the verdicts . . . that's all it was. I guess SONY THINKS WE'LL FORGET IF THEY DELETE STUFF!!! MORONS!

    And Muzk . . . don't say the word "blood". Just in case I've started saying a protection prayer and I think after this weekend (in heavy rest and research, I will be off this blog) I will post that protection prayer because I want everyone to say it for Michael . . . his family and his children.

  28. Mesrak (Mimi) - Thank you, even just send them links when they ask you about certain aspects like some of the links to videos that are on here, like Karmen's or Laura's. Everyone here has been so helpful in research, it's not just my blog, it's yours. :o)

    June - Is there anyway someone can find and contact the owner of that video so they can complain to Youtube that Sony is arbitrarily shutting down Youtube videos that have nothing to do with them simply because it celebrated Michael's TRIUMPH over attack number 3 from Sony!!!

  29. my2cents - Very good point on the music copyright in Europe with Yanni. They are removing all artist videos is what I heard. Unbelievable. I can't think of a better time for artists to take control, this is bull-you-know-what!

    Grace - "A sight I never want to ever witness again is Peter's(Lopez) eldest crying over his coffin and saying,"I just want my old life back." - OMG Grace that is heart breaking. Oh, I am so sorry!!! This is what gets me too, that the SHEEPLE don't realize what is going on with these murderous THUGS and the music. You know, something told me back when I was seventeen not to sign, not to sign, don't do it. I am SO GLAD I did not!!! Why can't these other fans see this? Where is their hearts?

  30. EXACTLY Bonnie- am I going to spend my money to help make Sony more wealthy and capable in this dying business? WHY would I want to resurrect such THEFT and greed???? or put MORE millions into Estate execs pockets that CANT even FORGED a will/trust right???? Attorneys who breached their fiduciary duty numerous times????????? Do we understand what STEALING means here?

    Who REALLY stands to make money??????? why would Michael jackson go out PUBLICLY and expose SONY's ill doings then kiss and make-up and sign on with them for 10 TEN ALBUMS??? NOT ONE, TEN ALBUMS???

    The answer is, no.

    Michael Jackson was in this business longer than any recording Artist from before he was 10 to 50 years old.
    he was seasoned,he was a pro, he was not STUPID by any means! Artist should listen up and pay attention and take notes, if anyone knew how it was IT WAS MICHAEL.

    Michael Jackson carried the music business for so long,I am sorry but no other single artist has sold as many records WORLDWIDE like him And where's the "Thanks"? the gratitude? No, there was none! They LIED about his album sales! who can sell 10 to 20 MILLION COPIES OF A RECORD WITH NO LABEL SUPPORT????????? THE ANSWER??? NO ONE!ONLY MICHAEL JACKSON! If fans and general public truly knew and understood the breakdown of money an artist gets on a album they would know better than to go buy one and support it in this case...

    Some well known acts get .56 cents a record sold AFTER they recoup the costs of making the darn thing and after everyones cuts! And where do they take their cuts??? from the GROSS not the net... Think about that! do you really think our children of artist see money from that??? where does an artist make most of their money now a days in this age of the internet?? do you really think we as families see it from record sales???? We have a Manager who takes 10 to 20 % an attorney who looks after your back (or supposed to) in house thats atleast $100,000 a year or hourly most good ones were $700 AN HOUR five years ago! Then you have your accountant that 5% and then you have your agent another 10% more or less? Then there's so many in house fee's,musicians,airfare(which is not cheap these days) and thats just your standard small team.We also have tour manager,tour bus and driver...sheesh its endless. It cost more to be out on the road then to sit at home...

    who is the only person who can sell millions of ALBUMS when other well known acts cant even sell 100,000 copies???? A time when no cd stores exist and downloading is all the rage? Michael Jackson.So I am thought to stand by and watch a label rape a legend? NO F****** ***.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Michael did not need to do anything anymore he should have been at home raising his children and enjoying reaping his well deserved and more than earned YEARS of hard,hard,hard,hard, work. but instead WHERE IS HE??? NOT WITH HIS KIDS LIKE HE SHOULD BE! THEY HAVE LOST A UNIMAGINABLE ,UNFATHOMABLE LOSS. THEY ARE THE LOSERS, MICHAEL IS DEAD...


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  34. Thank you Grace for the info and sharing your! All for love...

  35. Thank you very much for seeking the truth! Finally someone is getting the truth out there! I am so very proud of you! I L.O.V.E. and miss you our beloved Michael and I will support and fight for you for the rest of my life and beyond! You deserve even more then that! Those evil monsters that hurt you will have to face Jesus when judgement day comes!!!

    Lo Jackson

  36. Hello, my last 2 vid was removed by sony, I felt somethings happens and you're comfirm me this...
    Sadly, they want to kill him again ???
    They don't know that he's alive in our heart forever ????
    Heal The World !!!

  37. Thanks truthbtold2all!

    Hope youre well!

    love Sabrina xox

  38. Thanks Bonnie and all who have been investigation for exposing the TRUTH about SONY and all connected in this nightmare.
    MJ fought so hard to expose the evil side of them and I cant believe they and of all people Mattolla have now rights to his music.. I cant believe the fans that want to buy his new music, I want justice before new music.
    I wont rest till I know the truth it will not be swept under the carpet and forgotten I know that's what they want thats why we have to keep fighting till the end.
    I will NOT buy $$ONY products again nor will my family and friends.. They can burn in HELL along with their blood money...

    You have my full support keep up the excellent work..


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