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Michael Jackson Justice: Sony Strikes Again, this time their Victim is a Church

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sony Strikes Again, this time their Victim is a Church

August 28, 2010 – Sony Strikes Again, this time their Victim, a Church!

My husband and I were looking through the internet and he was showing me a spectacular movie that was coming out. It is called “The Mysterious Islands, Surprising Journey to Darwin’s Eden”. Source

I want you to go to this link and watch the trailer of the movie on the video there. It’s a beautiful movie and a testament to God’s creation. Listen to the words in the narrative during the video. Wonderful!

I watched this with my husband and I immediately wanted it, but they are not releasing it until August 31st. My husband says, “You can pre-order it”. I whipped out my card, practically threw it at him and told him, “order it! I want to see that! That is BEAUTIFUL!”

This movie was made by the same people who made “Fireproof” which we have, “Facing the Giants” and “Flywheel”. I am quite familiar with the Kendrick Brothers Alex and Stephen, and how they turned the congregation of their little church in Albany, Georgia into a cast and crew of several movies, naming their company “Sherwood Pictures”. I had even sent an idea for a story in to them when I first saw Flywheel. I thought to myself “How needed are movies like this!”


I was elated that another movie was coming out “by the makers of Fireproof” and when I saw the quality of “Courageous” and “The Mysterious Island”, I thought to myself, “wow! They have really matured!” I asked my husband as I watched this trailer, “Where did they get the funding to put out a quality film like that?”

The film distribution company was “Provident Films”, not Sherwood Films and just as I thought they may have partnered with another film company I hear my husband say “Uh-oh . . . Provident Films, a Unit of Sony Music Entertainment”.

I spun around in my office chair (it spins, and my husband’s desk is behind mine on the opposite wall. This happens a lot), and looked at his computer screen.

You know that sinking, agonizing dead feeling in the pit of your stomach that pulls all the blood in your body to the floor, similar to the day you heard on the T.V. or radio that Michael Jackson died? Well that is the feeling I got. I leaned closer to the screen. Sure enough on the bottom of the web page where they usually have that “copyright” © sign, was the “Provident Films” Sony Music Entertainment claim.

So my lil’ buddies from Albany Georgia sold out to murdering Sony! That is a crying shame. Did they know Sony’s history or just go with the highest bidder regardless of how much or who’s blood that money had been soaking in?

I told my husband, “Give me my card back, please. We are not getting the movie.” Then on second thought I asked him, “Would you please email me the links to both those web pages? I’m telling others about this.”

I am devastated. Of all the people Sherwood had to sell their beautiful movies to and it had to be a thieving, art-destroying mob-run company. No wonder their movies were so much more professionally done . . . It was probably backed with MICHAEL JACKSON BLOOD MONEY!!!!

The article talking about how this little homespun church and two of its parishners became inspired to make faith-based movies, found encouraging success distributing through church networks and the internet grew into “Sherwood Pictures” with their first movie “Flywheel”. Then they made “Facing the Giants” then “Fireproof” with Kirk Cameron. Now with “Courageous” and “The Mysterious Islands”, I am going to have to ask you all to help me. Article Source

Stephen and Alex Kendrick, you may be next!

The section about Sony:

“Alex Kendrick and Michael Catt took Facing the Giants to some distributors in Hollywood. Their best offer was a deal to go directly to DVD, with no theatrical run. They went home discouraged, feeling a door had been shut.

A few days later Stephen called Provident Music Group in Franklin, Tennessee, to get formal permission to use a popular Christian rock song that was in one of the scenes. The money Provident wanted—“tens of thousands,” Stephen said—took his breath away. “We’re a church,” he pleaded. “The movie’s a ministry! Can’t you give us a break?”

They would have to see the movie first. When the DVD arrived, Terry Hemmings, president and chief executive of Provident, said he would give it a few minutes while he ate lunch, but that he had a one o’clock meeting. After 15 minutes, he canceled his one o’clock and called his staff in to watch with him. After 30 minutes, he told his assistant to book him a flight to Albany. By the time the movie was over, he called Stephen Kendrick, who was fishing with his son.

“We’re in,” Hemmings said simply.

“In?” Stephen asked. “What does that mean?”

“Not only can you use our song but we will help you get distribution.” Could Stephen please send a DVD to Provident’s parent company, Sony?”

I am writing a letter to the Kendrick brothers, Sherwood pictures, and Kirk Cameron about Sony and the mistake these people have made.

Sony’s REAL HISTORY with Michael Jackson!

Article about Sony and what they did to Michael

On one of Charles Thomson’s recent updates, he talks about and belittles my blog and its history of this CONSPIRACY dating back through the first child molestation allegations in 1993. What does Charles know about this conspiracy? Of course he would deny it. Sony is his livelihood. Charles was all of five years old when THAT was going on. Charles was 13 when Michael was battling Sony over the catalog and his album “Invincible” and Charles was 15 or 16 when Bashir’s nasty little crock-u-mentary was released and about 17 when Michael was going through his trial in Santa Maria. Charles has said himself that his focus was on how the press covered the trial, not Michael’s personal life . . . Yet he’s an admitted “paid Michael Jackson Expert”.

Just because Charles has neither focused nor investigated what was behind the trial that the press reported on does NOT mean the evidence didn’t exist. The Sony Speech happened on Charles’ Side of the pond in 2002. I guess Charles was too young for Sony to get him in on THAT press conference.

Charles, remember this? Michael’s Speech?

And this?

Surely Charles, you have an explanation for this? The Speech

Charles doesn’t believe there was a conspiracy. So what. I don’t believe Charles is a journalist. If he was, he would investigate instead of repeating what he is told to repeat by the provider of his snorkeling trips to Cyprus. That makes Charles a paid pundit, not a journalist. It is Charles job to make sure that Sony’s past is whitewashed and that people that follow him believe everything Michael endured because of that company was Michael’s fault. Unfortunately, court transcripts, Michael’s own speeches and the Jackson family know better and Charles is only revealing himself by blanket-denying Sony’s attempts to financially rape Michael to get their greasy little mitts on that catalog. But I guess we shouldn’t beat on Sony about that. After all, they do that to every artist. It’s an industry art form. They know how to market stolen property. That is a syndicate art form, but I digress . . .

Back to Sony and their movies, I want you to know we are going to run into a lot of this. We’re going to see movies advertised that are fantastic and inspirational, and they’re made by reputable, smaller, sometimes home-grown movie makers. But they are distributed or the company is bought out by one of Sony’s companies. There are other ways to get a screen play made into a movie and there are other ways to get it distributed and into theaters. And If I were Sherwood pictures, I would go with a Christian based, family oriented company that has its own string of theaters throughout the country. (wink-wink)

And if I were a certain, Christian-based, family-oriented owner of a chain of Movie theaters, I would forbid even one Sony picture to be shown in my theaters. As a matter of fact, I would even venture to contact Sherwood myself, buy out their Sony contract and persuade them to work with me, because their movies are good and I would not want them to compromise their values or lose respect because of their affiliation with Sony. They tried to rescue Michael, maybe they can rescue Sherwood films before someone else is driven to the brink of bankruptcy. Sherwood needs to be careful who they are dealing with. They don’t know, and they should be told.

The two links below lead the web sites of both Provident and Sherwood Films. I believe the name of the church that makes the films is Sherwood Church.

The Mysterious Islands

Courageous, The Movie

This is where you can write to them and let them know that Sony is a mistake and tell them why. Keep your letters professional and let them know that faith based movies should be promoted through more reputable companies and not those that steal from artists while driving them into bankruptcy. Contact

More about Provident Films . . . Check their lists, make sure you don’t patronize any of their movies.

Michael’s Birthday

And on a lighter note, I want to tell you how I spent Michael’s Birthday. I had posted a birthday blog for him, dedicating an allegory to him, here

Sunday, I did not go to church. My step son was visiting us and considering he started his senior year on Monday (today), we wanted to take him out to dinner. I did not hear any Michael music but on the way back home, I was listening to the Christian Contemporary station in my car. I was driving (always. My husband gives me heart attacks when he drives), and the song “I can’t Do this Alone” came on. I was humming it to myself. When it was over a commercial came on and I began humming “Human Nature”.

My husband asked me, “What song are you humming?” I told him and he said nothing. I continued humming it.

For some reason I looked down at my odometer. It read 77,777 miles. I said, “Ed! Hey look!” He did and uttered a “wow”. Then he said, “look at the time!”

The time on the car clock was 7:07pm.

When we got home, my husband was checking messages on his cell phone. He called me upstairs. He said, “I wanted to show you who called and left messages on my cell phone . . . Michael Jackson.”

I looked and sure enough, two calls logged from “Mike Jackson” for August 29, 2010 but they were in the morning. I took a picture.

The Cell Phone Picture of a Cell phone

Before you freak out . . .

Mike Jackson is my husband’s cousin out in California. :o)

God Bless you and sorry for the heart attack!

Tomorrow, I will finally get to Michael’s siblings, the outrage over their behavior and some things you should know about the Jackson “kids”.


  1. when you posted that on FB i thought oohh MJspirit is totally with you he knows of your work! he follows you in the spirit world to help guide you thats wonderful! now im not i quack i have had experiences with good spirits and i totally believe they act as guides! keep up the wonderful work, im following ......

  2. Oh Bonnie, first I was staring Michael’s picture in the ambulance or stretcher for a long time as if I was spaced out, and when I got to the end and saw the picture of missed call from Mike, I was completely frozen. I sure had almost a heart attack. Wow, you are absolutely amazing.

    I truly understand what you said, a faith based movies should be with good reputable and respectful company and not with blood suckers who do anything to undermine and rob the artists’ creative talent.

    I agree with the idea writing to Sherwood pictures to let them know who Sony is in the music entertainment business. I hope they didn’t go with Sony knowing how they have cruel way and conniving tactics to make money. Sometimes money entices and changes anyone whose belief is not rooted in God’s principle and love.

  3. I hope everyone can reach these people and convince them to stay away from Sony ......


  4. All I can say is, Thank you again Bonnie. You do such tremendous work on behalf of Michael and I truly appreciate it.

    When I heard about the tension between you and Charles, I didn't know quite how to handle it because I like the work produced by both of you. Since I thought you were both on the same side, it almost felt to me like choosing which sibling I liked better. It was a difficult dilema for me to deal with.

    There were a few things that Charles wrote about Michael that I didn't like and it caused me to stop following him for awhile. And then, when I was introduced to your blog, I have been following you ever since.

    I was not aware that Charles was a paid blogger and that he was being paid by Sony. That piece of information does make a big difference in how I view his work from now on.

    All I can say again is Thank you for staying true to your mission to defend Michael's legacy. I have done a lot of reading myself and almost everything that you state here corresponds with what I have read and everything I have read points to Sony.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the "Powers That Be" at Sony, set in motion, events that would eventually lead to Michael's death. If boycotting them is the only way I can get them back for what they did to Michael, then so be it. I know they make good products but, they are not that good that I would be willing to step on Michael's grave to hand Sony my dollar.

    Love you always MJ, RIP


  5. Bonnie,
    As always, thank you for all you do for Michael.

  6. I have to wonder about the fine print Sony may have inserted. I sure hope they have a good lawyer! Sad how the corps eat up the little guys.

    Goosebumps on all the 7s!

  7. techlilinu - I love what you said and your effort to be true to keep Michael’s legacy. I wish all of Michael’s fans know the truth about Charles and Sony and come together to voice as one and show them we mean business and they have no power to manipulate and divide us.

  8. This past weekend was a "unique" experience for me as well. On Saturday, I got a survey call from a man named Michael Jackson. LOL! Later on in the day, Taj Jackson announced on his Twitter his Uncle's birthtime. This was something that I waited 35 yrs. for! LOL! And, if anyone here plays around with numerology, my "life path" number (from my birthdate) equals 7, and here that was MJ's favorite number.

    As for this whole movie deal goes, I hope that they certainly don't sign anything w/ Sony. They'll definitely regret it, if they do. Especially since it seems that Sony has been enduring a lot of legal problems and lawsuits. Ahh...karma. What can I say?

  9. I am writing a letter to the Kendrick brothers, Sherwood pictures, and Kirk Cameron about Sony and the mistake these people have made.

    Hi Bonnie:

    If you are able to make contact with Kirk Cameron, I think that will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal of letting Sherwood Films know that they are making a mistake.

    I don't know Kirk personally, I only know him from his character on the TV Sitcom "Growing Pains". However, I was totally impressed by his willingness to leave show business to embrace Christianity.

    I have heard him in a few interviews since Growing Pains and he seems to be really sincere and true to his faith. He seems to me to be the kind of person that "walks by faith and not by sight".

    I would not be surprised if Kirk, like many other Americans, is not fully aware of Sony's corporate visciousness and the attrocities that they inflicted on Michael.

    For some reason, I feel if Kirk was made aware of Sony's methods for becoming a successful conglomerate and what they were willing to do to people to get there, I have no doubt that he would not want to be associated with Sony.
    I have a feeling Kirk would not turn a blind eye to corporate brutality, not for any amount of money.

    I sincerely hope that somehow that connection can be made between you and Kirk.


  10. @ Bonnie,

    Techlilinu is RIGHT!

    Kirk Cameron IS THE KEY to this whole thing!

    He's a Devout Christian and No Way would he stand
    for Sony's ways of doing business!

    Kirk Cameron Cannot Be Bought!

    I pray you can get a hold of him!

    Once Kirk knows about Sony......It's Over!

  11. @ Techlilinu,


  12. I don't often say this- really I don't- but you people are wacky. I mean, really, really, really wacky. But I say that in love.

  13. @ DigitaRich,

    In what way are we wacky?

  14. To DigitalRich: What an odd remark to make at the end of such an eloquent and informative blog. You're a person of very few words, except for the few you prefer to keep repeating. I have followed this site for a long time and contributed occasionally. If you're making just a brief pitstop here, you should know the effort that goes into researching the facts is admirable. What did you read that possibly justifies saying, "you people are really, really, really, wacky?" Perhaps you're not as committed, if at all, to seeking justice for Michael Jackson? In which case, I wonder why you gave up your precious time to read this blog. If you believe that we are "really, really, really wacky" in our mission to get to the truth, at least stay out of the way of those who care about avenging a precious life. A life that gave YOU and the world more humanity than any one individual could ever have achieved in such a short lifetime. Let us get on with our work in seeking justice for Michael's murder and vindicating his personal legacy. "Wacky" people tend to be strange that way! If I misunderstood the meaning of your comment, then you need to work harder at expressing yourself. And I say that in LOVE!

  15. @ Micheline,

    Very Well Said!

    And I agree with your comments 100%!

  16. Thank you, Josie. I see your comments here often and I know you support Bonnie's great work! I am as devastated today as I was on June 25, 2009, and proud to be one of the "wacky" loyalists who fight for what Michael was denied in life - his respect and dignity. We are all open minded intelligent people, and I would have liked to know why DigitalRich used that term to describe us. But he cannot make baseless attacks on people without backing them up with a sound argument. Michael knows all too well what that can do to a person's life! And so we soldier on...for him.

  17. Micheline,

    Yes, I support Bonnie 100%.

    As for DigitaRich, he or she may be a "Plant" to try and start trouble on this blog.

    Why else would he/she make a remark like that and not explain his/her reasons for it.

    Unless like you said, Digita just needs to work harder at expressing him/her self.

    Provided Digita has the intelligence to do so.

  18. Uh-Oh . . . DigitaRich said something un-popular. I don't necessarily view it as attacking though. Try to remember not everyone agrees with our point of view. Digita may need to go back a few blogs to actually catch up to what this blog means and Sony's background. If this is the first blog post of mine he has seen, he may very well have thought we have gone off the deep end. Try not to read too much into that post.

    Micheline and Josie - Thank you so much for coming to the rescue. I had a hard time getting back here to post. It's getting difficult to keep up with email, news, research, blog replies and sometimes, something has to give. I'm only one person. So thank you very much :o)

    Techlilinu and Josie - Kirk Cameron is a great idea. Unfortunately Kirk stared in "FireProof" which was released under the Sony Label. He probably does not know what is going and and yes, it may be worth it to write to him. This may also be able to be accomplished through Sherwood pictures.

    L.A.1962 - So what time was Michael born??? I thought you were going to include that in the post and I read through it and . . . and . . . and . . . Where is the info! 7am? 7pm??? LOL!

    Cynthia - Thank you lady, for having confidence in me :o) I'm glad I'm not alone in "doing" for Michael. It's turning into a big job. :o) and I am thankful for the help.

    rocberry - I am thankful for the signs . . . even if they are "wacky" . .. right Digitarich?

  19. @ Bonnie,

    Your Welcome. It's my pleasure to support and help you in any way I can.

    Please DO get in touch with Kirk Cameron!

    I really believe he will listen and respond in a positive way.

    I also believe he has influence over the others who are working on these films.

  20. "Just got the official word from Grandma herself. :-) Uncle Michael was born at 7:33 PM."

  21. Bonnie - hummm .... odd that digitalrich suddenly appears; something about your blog must have caught his eye, and you are correct that he needs to get educated about Michael (or I say not comment at all). He has his own website and spent a lot of space referring to having recently attended a McCartney concert. To each his own, I guess.

  22. truthbtold2all - Awwww! (On Michael's birth time. Easy baby!) I was six in the evening (don't know exact time), My two boys were born (oldest) 3:43 in the afternoon and (youngest) 7:37 PM) So sweet!!! Wow, MIchael had two Bible numbers in his birthtime. Thank you God for keeping him!

    June - Yes, to each his own. Is McCartney still performing in concert? Geeze! and Mick Jagger! Retire already! I agree it's funny that he pop in here on some off chance of seeing my blog, post his flippant comment and bow out. Oh well. Sorry Digi.

  23. LOL Bonnie, that's what I thought too...considerate even in birth, didn't interrupt mama's sleep or family dinnertime. Mine were 1:58pm (sweet & mellow), 1:40am (independent & determined), 1:02am (fiesty & stubborn). I don't know bible numbers except 7 & 6.


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