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Michael Jackson Justice: Sony: “What More Can We Take?”

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sony: “What More Can We Take?”

August 11, 2010 – Sony: “What More Can We Take?”

Michael Jackson said, during the 2002 London Speech protesting Sony, “I’ve generated several billion dollars for Sony . . . several BILLION dollars . . .” Source

Sony in 1991 negotiated a 15 year contract with Michael for $100 million dollars for six albums, concerts and films when they bought out CBS/Epic Records.

In 1993, Michael began enduring a volley of allegations from Evan Chandler involving his son Jordan of child molestation during the month of August. In November that year, Michael announced that EMI Music Publishing, headed by Martin Bandier who bid against him for it in 1985, would begin managing his ATV music catalog. The five-year deal meant that he would receive an annual amount of $70 million in advance against revenue that EMI expected to generate managing the catalog’s publishing rights.

Michael in his Neverland Sanctuary, Relaxing at Home

This I found will highlight the deal with EMI under Martin Bandier. This is very interesting:

“The pop singer Michael Jackson said through his lawyer yesterday that EMI Music Publishing would begin managing his 6,000-title music catalogue, which includes most early Beatles hits, in a deal being described as the most lucrative in music publishing.

Mr. Jackson will receive $70 million in advance against revenue that EMI expected to generate managing the publishing rights to ATV Music. The catalogue, acquired by Mr. Jackson in 1985 for $47.5 million, includes the classic Lennon-McCartney Beatles compositions, as well as songs from Little Richard, Elvis Presley and the Pointer Sisters.

Total revenue over the deal’s five-year term is estimated to be $150 million, said Martin N. Bandier, president of EMI Music Publishing, which controls 900,000 songs in its own catalogues.

As part of the deal, EMI had agreed to provide financing for acquisitions of other music catalogues in a partnership arrangement, in which EMI and the singer would share future ownership.

Such an arrangement increased the value of the deal, making it the largest in music publishing, according to John Branca, Mr. Jackson’s lawyer.

The deal comes at a difficult time for the singer. Mr. Jackson, who recently ended a world tour so he could be treated for addiction to pain-killers, is believed to be receiving medical treatment in London, according to British news reports. He is facing a lawsuit in California by a 13-year-old boy, who contends Mr. Jackson sexually molested him. Mr. Jackson has denied the charges. Criminal investigations into the allegations are being conducted, and the boy’s civil suit has been set for trial on March 21.

“ATV’s use and value is impervious to Michael’s own success,” Mr. Branca said.

ATV, along with Mijac Music, which controls rights to Mr. Jackson’s own song writing, make Mr. Jackson one of the largest independent music publishers in the world, Mr. Branca said. Mijac Music is excluded from the EMI deal.

“We expect major additions in the next few years,” he said, noting that a probable first target would be the Jobete catalogue of the Motown Records Corporation, owned by Barry Gordy.(EMI got this deal, not Michael) Several years ago, Mr. Gordy turned down a $175 million offer for Jobete, which then had half the revenue of ATV, Mr. Branca said. Last year, ATV had sales of $25 million.

Mr. Bandier of EMI said his company had managed ATV Music under its previous owner, Robert Holmes a Court, the late Australian financier. And EMI had outbid Mr. Jackson by $500,000 for the ATV catalogue in 1985. “But when Michael agreed to go to Perth to perform at a charity benefit I knew we were out of luck,” Mr. Bandier recalled. “We can’t moonwalk.”

MCA, a unit of the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, had managed the ATV catalogue under a three-year contract that will expire on Dec. 31."

By Andrea Adelson | THE MEDIA BUSINESS; EMI to Pay Michael Jackson $70 Million to Manage Music | Nov 25, 1993 Source

Koppelman, not Bandier, was mentioned in the list of conspirators published by Carol Davis. Why? Koppelman was partnered with Bandier in both “The Entertainment Company” and later their “SGK”Publishing company when they bid against the catalog. Koppelman split with Bandier when Bandier took over EMI. Koppelman went with another label. Why wasn't Bandier on that list?

It is entirely possible that the 1993 allegations were used to force Michael into this deal. Evan Chandler had people “positioned” remember? He “paid” people from some source of funds . . . where did it come from? He wasn’t a millionaire he was a dentist! This was going according to a “Plan that wasn’t just mine.” Who’s plan?

In 1995, Michael sold 50% of his stake in the ATV catalog to Sony for $90 Million. EMI still managed the catalog under contract until it’s five year contract was up in 1998. In 2001, Michael expected to get the rights to his master recordings but learned that fine print and obscure wording kept Michael’s masters under Sony control until July of 2009. Michael had the contract and Sony audited and investigated and it was learned that his lawyer, John Branca, was also representing Sony. Michael was working on “Invincible” at the time, which was released in October of 2001.

9-11 and the WTC attacks happened the month before. No tour for Michael. Sony began locking horns with Michael over funding for music videos and choice of singles on the album. The battle between Michael and Mottola over this escalated to the point where Michael refused to appear in one video due to the paltry funding Sony would grant for the production. As Michael was made aware of the conflict of interest between his own lawyer John Branca and Sony’s Tommy Mottola, Michael began negotiating an early out of his contract.

Michael During Sony Protest Speech in London

Marc Schaffel – From last post concerning Sony in “Sony and the Press: Character Assassination”, we touched on a press release in which Marc Schaffel not only railed against Sony’s tactics, he advocated for the boycotting of Sony, calling for fans to “hit them in their pocketbook”. Below he stated in it’s entirety:

“Marc Schaffel, the executive producer of the WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE project, has recently been interviewed by Pascale, one of Michael Jackson's most loyal fans. In an exclusive interview, Schaffel talks about the situation and the future of "What More Can I Give."

Says Marc Schaffel, "Sony Music are punishing many innocent people who would have been the much needed beneficiaries of the proceeds [of this project]. This the most blatant disgusting act of Corporate greed. Sony should be ashamed of themselves and the public should not let them get away with this, without a stink."

Asked about what the public could do to push Sony Music to release "What More Can I Give," Marc Schaffel answered:

"Publicly bringing this [subject] to the attention of the world is the best thing to do. I know that hitting Sony in the pocket book, and bad PR, is another great way of ensuring this gets released and is done properly. The last thing we want is for this to be just 'dumped' out for the sake of the pressure being taken off and minimal funds being raised. All eyes need to be on the company that puts this out to make sure proper attention is given. I know the Sony shareholders are meeting soon. Maybe the last effort should be made to focus on them. If they understand how this issue could potentially hurt Sony both in PR and sales, they will demand the release or replace the people who are hindering this and have made this such a public spectacle for Sony.

“We need as much support now as ever. Every fan base from all the artist involved should be making the same demands. Charities that can show they give directly to the needy victims should be getting involved by publicly calling upon Sony to release this or let someone release this. They need to let Sony know not to 'Throw this away', you cannot just 'throw' people's lives away because it is not convenient for you at this time. The charities and all people alike need to join in by publicly showing the world how "stupid" this game is that the record company is playing, and get the victims to write, picket, demonstrate, contact the media, etc. Sony only hopes time will pass and this issue will go away, they do not want to face the public in a bad light. It would be so easy for them to put a little elbow grease behind this and do it properly. Raising a lot of funds would sure help close this wound and give the public a different view. One journalist told me that Sony's nonchalant response was that they already donated 13 million dollars in the past for charitable purposes, and they do not need to do this to prove anything to anyone. They refuse to be 'strong armed' into any fundraising effort. Maybe Sony needs to stop for a second and listen to the lyrics 'what more can I give' and then ask themselves that same question."

Michael was already burning from the disappointment over ownership of his master recordings, Mottola’s sabotaging of Michael’s attempts to produce videos to support his album, the refusal to allow him to release “What More Can I Give”, a charity single produced by Michael and participated in by a plethora of other artists to benefit families victimized during 9-11 attacks, and finally, Sony’s dumping of the promotion of the “Invincible” album under which they were contracted to promote. Michael finally had enough. In June of 2002, Michael went public with his battle, calling Sony a killer of music and Tommy Mottola a racist and a “devil”.

In April of 2002, Martin Bashir had been inserted into Michael’s life. He filmed and edited an unapproved documentary that was aired in February of 2003, the same month Michael Jackson fired John Branca for conflict of interest and self-dealing. In March of 2003, Tom Sneddon launched an investigation, the second in 10 years, against Michael Jackson. In November of 2003 Michael was arrested. In January 2005 his trial began. During the trial, Interfer, hired by lawyer LeGrande, uncovered improprieties between Branca and Sony’s Tommy Mottola.

Tomorrow we continue through the trial and the collusion with California local government with “Sony and the Sneddon Connection”

Michael During the Trial


  1. “that EMI expected to generate managing the catalog’s publishing rights”
    Can you tell me what are the publishing rights here? It means distribution rights or something else? Managing the catalogue. What does it means?

    Do you think that Sony needed EMI for the distributions in Europe? And why? This is a bit strange to me.

    “1993 allegations were used to force Michael into this deal”
    I agree!! They contacted Chandler and gave him instructions. This is a good observation.

    “Michael expected to get the rights to his master recordings on until July of 2009”
    Bonnie, have you considered that this could be the smoking gun? Michael's master recordings were due to revert back to him in July 2009 and CASUALLY he died on JUNE 2009!!! Strange “coincidence” isn’t it?

  2. Just a note to say my computer crashed.

    I will try and follow but I won't be able to post for a while.

    I really miss you guys!

  3. lisa - Publishing rights means that the entity owning those rights control, approve of and profit from any use of those songs in movies, commercials, games, other songs, etc... When they were preparing "This is It" for example, AEG had to get permission from Sony for Michael to sing the songs still under their control. Michael was due to take control of the master recordings in July of 2009, but this hadn't happened yet when he died in June of that year. Even though they were Michael's songs and he wrote them, Michael earned only royalties on those songs still under Sony control.

    If you own publishing rights to songs or movies, you basically control the business of that particular song or movie. Anyone would have to go through you to use it and they pay you a licensing fee. Big money in this.

    Sony should not have needed EMI for distribution, Sony is world wide . . . but EMI is a British company and they may have controlled or had contracts with most of the media over there.

    As far as the rights to Michael's master recordings, I am sure that timing had something to do with Michael's murder. Michael was also due to become free and clear of Sony on Dec. 31 of 2011. This included the turning over of the publishing rights to his own "MiJack" catalog. This is also something that Sony was trying to prevent.

    If Michael were still with us and without Sony interference, by 2011 Michael would have taken his MiJack catalog, his master recordings over 20+ years, 50% of Sony/ATV and any future unreleased songs or new material or projects. That is billions of dollars worth of business.


    And as I've said before, people have killed for a lot less.

  4. Irma - I really admire your passion, but if you keep loosing your mind, I'm going to have to "loose" your comment. Would you be offended if I asked you to edit the cursing out of your comment? I'm trying to keep it clean here. If you can't edit your post, I will have to delete it and I wanted to give you the option of doing that. Please? I don't want to offend you, I just want to keep the language clean.

    Josie - Yikes!!! I'm sorry! Thanks for letting us know! I was wondering what happened to you. Praying for a speedy computer recovery!

  5. Bonnie – thank you so much for all what you do. Oh my God, there were lots of painful back to back circumstances went on for Michael within short period of time.

    This is a wealth of information. I learned a lot that I have never known about how “What More Can I give” sabotaged by Sony, and why he wanted the early out. It is so amazing that his master recording was supposed to be reverted to him on July 09 and he died on June. What is that tell you?

    Okay , Michael died before he even saw his master recording reverted to him. SAD. But did the master recording reverted to his estate anyway or was that contract Branca did recently with Sony to release his unreleased songs renewed the contract for the master recording to remain in the hands of Sony?

    Fans who are protecting Sony and Branca, PLEASE wake up and dig the wealth of information that are available how Sony hurt and finally killed Michael. Please let us come together in this matter. Michael’s own words concerning Sony and what they did to him should be enough for us to be convinced so we can stand up to fight for him now. He is not here to convince us but he left us many traceable facts for us to pick up and raise our voice as one. God bless all of you.

  6. Another amazing blog post Bonnie! Love the photo with the parrot.

    Mesrak ~
    March 16, 2010 - Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music Renew 30-Year Relationship With Landmark Recording Deal

    (My CAPITALS emphasis)

    "With this new agreement, Sony Music's Columbia Epic Label Group and Legacy Recordings will CONTINUE their term of rights to HIS catalog and also create new projects for Michael Jackson featuring the never-before-released Jackson recordings."

    "Michael has ALWAYS been a TREASURED member of the Sony Music FAMILY. We're dedicated to PROTECTING this icon's LEGACY and we're thrilled that we can continue to bring his music to the world FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE."

    "...requiring a partner that has Sony's wherewithal, business acumen and foresight to properly and respectfully showcase his genius WELL INTO THE FUTURE."

    John McClain comments, "WE look forward to continuing OUR partnership with Sony..."

    It's all about Michael's assets, not the treasured human being. Well, except for the blatant lies for the sake of protecting their reputation! And, the article doesn't state how long the contract is, how many years. Does anybody know?

    Am I understanding correctly that this included Michael's master recordings? I am curious to know about the interim...between July 2009 and March 16th when this contract came into effect. Did Sony continue their control during that time? Was that legal?

  7. Yes Bonnie, thanks a lot ... I asked you about the publishing rights because I thought that EMI never had those right but was just a distributor, that's why. So EMI managed the songs for 5 years, now is clear.

    But I also would like to know (as Mesrak said)what will happen to his master recordings after that deal with Sony and also

    "Michael was also due to become free and clear of Sony on Dec. 31 of 2011"
    Is this still valid? No, I suppose, since the Estate signed that deal until 2017.

    Wow!! I can't believe this. They're murderers. Poor Michael!
    And YES! I started yesterday my campain boycott Sony! I won't let anyone of my friend buy that new album or any other release. Michael didn't want to publish those songs and certainly not with $ony!

  8. Bonnie – I wrote a note to MSNBC about hiring Bashir and try to use their link you gave us yesterday and it is not let me post anything. What happened?

  9. I really like have you have broke the information down so those of us who no nothing about the music industry learn how they work.

    Anyone with a brain must read this and see where Sony's dirty little fingers are all over Michael's death. I question how did Michael meet Dr. Murray, I no that he saw one of the children who was sick while they where in Vegas, but Dr. Murray states he is a cardiologist. I have worked in the medical field for over 20 yrs and I do not no of any cardiologist that is going to make a "hotel" call to treat an ear who call him? Also Dr. Murray states he is a cardiologist yet he is NOT a Board Certified Cardiologist in CA or NV leaving me with the thought this man is practicing outside of his scope of practice. This issue really eats at me because this is how it works. Why is Dr. Murray filing for bankruptcy, why can't Dr. Murray pay his child support? Where is the money that this "cardiologist" is making? Is he doing cardiac procedures in a hospital??? NO...he doesn't have "privileged" to do cardiac procedures therefore no hospital is going to let him walk thru the door and do a heart transplant or even an angiogram. There is a story behind how Dr. Murray got introduced to Michael and we all no the rest of the story...
    Is Dr. Murray working under Sony???
    As Michael said they didn't think he was paying attention and did think he knew what he was doing but yet out thanked do they think WE the FANS and people with common sense aren't paying attention and doing our research...what has happened has not set right with me from the beginning...the moment they started feeding us information about Michael, the 911 call, the way they "supposedly" loaded him in the ambulance, the length of time they worked on him...NO I don't believe it for one minute. This story is very deep and I pray everyday that God will help us all reveal the people responsible for Michael's death and this story ends correctly and my grandchildren (I don't have any yet) and the future generation will be watching documentaries on "How did Michael Jackson Really Die" as they have with other high profile deaths.

    Thank you for all the information and please keep it coming.....S


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