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Michael Jackson Justice: They’re Back, They’re Spinning, and They’re on the Attack

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

They’re Back, They’re Spinning, and They’re on the Attack

August 24, 2010 – They’re Back, They’re Spinning, and They’re on the Attack

Revelation 13: 9 & 10 “If anyone has an ear, let him hear. 10 He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

Revelation. I had one last night. Two answered prayers in one day. I don’t know what the future will bring but I do know it holds promise.

The attacks are getting vicious now. A friend of mine was accosted and harassed by (okay, I’m naming names because I want you to know who they are) a group consisting of Cowboy Amy, Hulya Julie Tippi (who was not present at court but has been on the attack), Erin Jacobs, Stacee Brown, Karlene Taylor and others who have also been targeting Taaj's daughter. As several reliable witnesses who were there told me, this group followed Taaj, then tried to get her arrested for breaking the protective order that they fraudulently obtained against her. I talked to Taaj this afternoon by phone and I am just beyond disgusted with the behavior of people I used to talk to, one of which sent me a private message trying to get me to cut my ties with Taaj, suggesting that my mere association with her would diminish the integrity of my blog. The perpetrators are on video and they are fooling no one except maybe the few that believe for some reason this behavior is acceptable.

Believe you me, Taaj knows who and what is behind this as do most who witnessed this harassment. This behavior has NOTHING to do with Michael and EVERYTHING to do with themselves! Taaj is my friend! I wish I could have been there because they would NOT have made me move! I know who and what is behind this and those of you following blindly need to know where it is coming from.

Sony and Branca have been at this for a long, long time. I don’t care what other blog out there is trying to discredit THIS one, I don’t care who is trying to attack me from beneath the cloak of anonymity in their gutless attempts to splinter the fans and put the blame on people like Taaj, me, Muzik and others who aren’t doing this out of some sick need to win a popularity contest, but for justice, where it SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG!

The blog put up in June of THIS YEAR, which is written like John Branca’s best friend, has been falsifying court documents, twisting interpretations of news items and yet refuse to reveal who they are under some fear of having done to them exactly what they are doing to others. The blog I speak about is JUSTICE4SOME (meaning not for Michael, I guess). I’m not hiding. And just to throw some possibilities out there, could JUSTICE4SOME possibly be . . . (taken from his facebook page which was sent to me by someone who cares):

Taraborrelli: "Yes, and thanks for pointing this out, Brandy. Branca is a very good friend of mine and has been for 30 years. It's upsetting that there's a movement trying to point fingers... when, Brandy is right, it's Conrad Murray who is to blame. I'll ... leave this up for a few hours, though. I know that people have strong differences of opinions about this thing and I try to respect that but personally, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, pretty much across the board. That's my truth. I think all of this finger-pointing only serves to take the focus off of where it really belongs - the prosecution of Conrad Murray."

So now we have a three-some . . . Taraborrelli, Branca and Charlie, who are all just so buddy-buddy. Isn’t that nice? I bet Michael is SO PROUD OF YOU ALL for getting along the way you do on his wallet, name, blood, sweat and TEARS!

Newsflash – Taraborrelli wants us to concentrate on the prosecution of Conrad Murray. Isn’t that rich? Taraborrelli says he “doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories” . . . “pretty much across the board.” And “That’s HIS truth.” Wow . . . did Sony buy him that too? I’m going to put my neck and say that, until proven innocent (as Terrible-ellie wants to do with Murray), Terrible-ellie is most probably the justice4some blogger. Surmising is just one of those American rights in which not just the bad guys get to share.

Taraborrelli stated in his blog post (which may have since been removed as per his post above), that Branca has been a very good friend of his for 30 years. Funny he said the same thing about Michael after meeting him a couple of times and a book that was an unauthorized biography? That means that Branca and Taraborrelli have been “very good friends” since 1980, consequently the same year that Branca and Michael reportedly met (are these two sharing the same script? Confused? Maybe they are the same demon just jumping bodies?).

Then we have June Gatlin who not only befriends Branca and Sony in a facebook note on her page, she then launches her own attack on Taaj and for what reason? What did Taaj do to her? Nothing!

June must be another “very good friend” of Branca’s for the “last 30 years.” We see how these people are pooling together and we see what they are doing to the fan base.

Just remember one thing when these people launch their attacks on certain individuals about their stance on Sony and the boycott and Branca – Michael Jackson is the one who spoke of the conspiracy back in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. This is NOT a new concept conceived by fans, this came from MICHAEL HIMSELF!

If these people are belittling your stance on the “conspiracy” they are belittling Michael.

Here Abandoned in his Fame

The Lowly Newshound –

Thanks to an industrious friend of mine who has also been the subject of attack, the Lowly Newshound is back up for anyone wanting to read what Charles Thomson originally posted about Michael Jackson between 2007 and September of 2009. I believe they left out the uninteresting posts about local politics, but here it is: Source

Branca and his campaign in the early days!

The Plot from the beginning? (links contributed by David Edwards. Thank you David <3) I will include David’s commentary as I thought what he had to say was very complimentary to Michael and he made some astute observations:

“Even before the "Wacko Jacko" nonsense, he was rumored to be gay and to have had a sex change! There was a groupie who tried to make him kiss her, and when he didn't kiss her she called him the "F" word! MJ's decision to remain celibate was... probably the #1 reason that people questioned his sexuality!

Those rumors hurt him deeply, and he had to tell little kids not to believe them! Unfortunately, that was just a prelude of things to come!”

“He also talks about the racism he experienced traveling in the South, and how the USA's attitude toward race is different than from other parts of the world.”

“Ironically, the girl who tried to force him to kiss her was white! That just shows how transcendent he was! That girl wasn't prejudiced based on race, but judging by her using the "F" word in such a casual manner, she was obviously prejudiced based on sexual orientation!”

“Bonnie, Here's another suggestion for you: you should watch "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" (which is available on Netflix, but not Blockbuster). This was the movie that both Evan AND Jordie Chandler co-wrote together. In fact, it was Jordie's idea to write this movie after watching "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"! Actor Mel Brooks, who produced it, felt that Jordie should have been given a film credit for his contributions!

The movie is filled with sexual innuendo, and this is crucial evidence that debunks the myth that Jordie was some shy, naive, clueless kid when it comes to sexuality. The script that he wrote for this movie was a prelude to the script that he wrote for his "declaration" against MJ, which is available online (just google it.)”
Source (if you can stomach the reading)

“This article talks about Jordie's contributions to the movie. If anyone says "how could Jordie make up such a detailed story about being molested?" after reading his declaration, you can reply by saying "the same way he wrote that detailed script for a sexually driven Hollywood movie!" You should add this to your website!” Source

“Larry Feldman tried to get the court to EXCLUDE the photos from the civil trial? Why would he want to exclude his "smoking gun"? BECAUSE THE PHOTOS DIDN'T MATCH!”

“He also wanted copies of the photographs (so Jordie could alter his description), and he wanted MJ to do a SECOND strip search! This proves once and for all that Feldman was just a sleazy extortionist along with Evan!” Source

Contributed by Vanessa Jors

Tommy Mottola and Abe Foxman

- Mottola & rothman both worked with Warners.
- Rothman worked with Warners in the 70s & Mottola fought with Warners chief Bob Daly about Celine Dion.

- One of Rothmans clients is John Daly of Hemdale Pictures. I dont know if he’s related to Bob Daly.
- One of the estate lawyers Katten, Muchin & Rosenman used to represent CBS records and is connected to Yetnikoff and Mottola.

- Katten, Muchin & Rosenman llp are Howard Weitzman’s legal reps for the estate.

- They were also sponsors for the New Yorkers for Childrens 10th annual gala, where Mottola & his wife were guests.

Listen to Michael. He knew the Truth

A very tightly knit group which links Branca, Mottola, Weitzman, Gatlin, Taraborrelli, Thomson, the author of Justice4some, Chandler and his lawyer for the 1993 allegations. The players did not change much during the course of the 1990’s through 2003 when the second set of allegations topped off Michael’s two years of battle with Sony during the “Invincible” sabotage. Same players were involved, only the “victim” was another “witness” that at first defended, then turned and implicated Michael after people got to him or his parents, changed. I hightlight all that on this blog entry back last month. Source

Sony has been working through the press for what is now decades, orchestrating and manipulating public opinion on Michael. They continue their campaign. They are still working through Facebook, fake accounts, anonymous bloggers, paid pseudo-journalists and some fans are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

I took a look at the little blog over at Justice and saw who was posting comments. Among those that I saw were someone who used to call me on the phone who posts on TMZ all the time, another who wanted me to keep a secret about a book she is publishing (which I will keep the promise, but when it comes out in print, you will know who she is) and the same obnoxious cheerleader who I deleted off my facebook page for trying to start a political war on my comments and notes.

These are the same people who are behind the attack on Taaj this past Monday. Tomorrow I will be posting on that court hearing and I will go into detail about Dr. Murray. Some worries need to be alleviated. Keep this one thing in mind . . . if someone like Taraborrelli is calling for prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray, and this group of people were so venomously calling him “murderer” and acting like the rabid mob that they are, I’m beginning to wonder . . . Maybe the Jackson’s are right and Murray IS the fall guy? We know who was behind the conspiracy, would Sony attack their own fall guy? Wouldn't they be afraid of the risk of him talking?

This is what happens when the predator becomes wounded and is putting up its last, vicious fight for survival. The attacks will get worse before they get better, but they WILL get better. You know you are going in the right direction when people like that are attacking you. Taaj must be really close to something and I fully support her and her efforts.

Remember what Michael said. There was conspiracy all around him. Now it is all around us and we have to hold fast to the truth. You know what the truth is, Michael told you. The same people who tried to turn you against me will attempt to do the same thing regarding Taaj. Know thy enemy.

Tomorrow, Murray and until then, something to give you strength and put you in a good mood.

If We Ever Needed You

Michael in Concert Form

Revelation 12: 11 & 12 – “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. 12 Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”


  1. Bonnie, thanks for posting the info that I gave you! I'm glad that I was able to share them with you, and that now you're able to share with your readers!

    BTW, did you get to watch the 2005 Harvard Law seminar with Mesereau yet? I posted it in the comments of the "Transitional & MJ" post from last week. Let me know when you see it! You'll enjoy it!

  2. @ Bonnie: I agree with the whole atmosphere of prima donnas and hatred rather than the seeking of justice for Michael within the particular group that you mentioned (Justice4MJ). I'd witnessed it going on their boards on FB a while back, and how easily Erin dismissed the open defacement of stones and stone walls of Neverland, and Forest Lawn. From what I understood, the MJFSC covered the damages but, they never would have had to do so, if they would've conducted themselves properly. Anyway, irresponsible and negligent behavior like that turned me off, and I left. I fail to see where a group who openly (however petty) disregards the law, and thinks it's perfectly okay to do so, and's all done in the name of Michael Jackson!!! Pardon me??? What's wrong with that sort of thing??? That is certainly something that Michael would NEVER advocate, and even more importantly do. Groups and individuals like that are no more than a flagrant EMBARRASSMENT and DISGRACE to Michael and the fans who possess and practice common sense, and proper behavior.

  3. Hi Bonnie. For a while, I couldn't believe what I was reading. How can you be so aggressive towards Charles Thomson or "The Lowly Newshound"? Have you really read their blogs? I don't think so... because you would see for yourself how, them both, are defending MJ. I carefully read them, both, and never could find a tiny-winy clue of what you are accusing them of. I even saved all "the Lowly Newshound" blogs through Google cache, in pdf files, and they all are available by request. All the information was verified and confirmed... even the Saudi Prince issue that media never told to the public, truthfully, but "The Lowly Newshound" did, defending Michael.
    I truly suggest you read them again and pls don't do to them what media did to MJ.

  4. LAPD wasn't involved in previous cases if you're referring to the molestation allegations. The Santa Barbara Sheriff's department handled them and they are the ones who arrested Michael...not LAPD. Please apply some logic and common sense before writing such idiotic and moronic speculations.

  5. DAvid, you are welcome. I have not had a chance to view Mr. Mesereau's Law Seminar and I do plan to do so. I got involved in this today and tomorrow, we have to straiten out Murray.

    Ladyacquarius - with as vicious as these attacks have been, It almost seems like these people are playing a part. It's almost as if they picked this group from a Jerry Springer lineup. Same tactics. Class-less.

    Skeptikos - Very nice to see you again, old friend. Justice4some taking a break from posting or something? You know why I mention Charlie. You know that I have read the blogs and you know who and what is behind it. No need to waste time repeating oneself. Charlie is a liar. I have a hard time believing you actually advocate this behavior, but then again after reading your comments over there, I don't.

    Charlie IS the media darling. So is Taraborrelli. Not my fault they can't take what they dish out. Peace.

  6. SiNFuLNuRSe2be - Who are you talking to? Who mentioned LAPD? It's not in any of the comments.

  7. R.I.P. FOREVER KING!!! I am waiting for my turn to get off of this earth....people are going bezerk....Save me a place next to you Michael.... I love you MORE.

  8. Bonnie - You did a great job for exposing the bad apples. Even though I have very little knowing how some fans are following the mobs malicious way to split Michael's fan base, but I have noticed how some groups were trying to sabotage the protest in LA during the anniversary and how some blogs are trying their best to undermine your effort for justice.

    Exposing the bad ones naming their names is very crucial for going forward in this struggle.

  9. Bonnie,

    I'm confused about this blog. Are you saying that former friends of yours are harassing a friend of yours?

    And it's all because they want to win over people to their point of view?

    Or are you saying that Sony's People are buying your (former friends) and getting them to harass your friend Taaj?

    I'm really confused about this.
    Please help me understand.

  10. Do these fans think it's Murray ALONE who murdered Michael and that there is no conspiracy and that Sony is not involved?

    So they are attacking your friends?

    If this is the case, then they are calling Michael a lier.

    Michael himself, said there was conspiracy all around him. It's on video in the 20/20 interview!

    This is NUTS!

  11. No, Bonnie don't do that... those kind of innuendos only benefit media and corporations/interests behind them.
    I understand your passion (who doesn't?) in defending JUSTICE for MJ as I do understand also the fights you (and others) have to deal with, but you have to assume also that COMMON SENSE must be the no.1 fans' weapon in order to achieve JUSTICE not only for MJ but to all citizens. Don't forget that THEY want to DIVIDE to CONQUER!
    As I said before, I don't believe either Charles Thomson is a liar but it's only my honest opinion...

  12. shake rattle a roll,keep up the good work !!! were behind you!!

  13. Or are these people who never liked Michael or anything about him and just want to start trouble?

  14. Whether I understand all this mess or not...There is one thing I Do Know!

    You speak "The Truth" Bonnie, and

    I AM ON YOUR SIDE 100%!


  15. @ Josie,
    May I just add to your last comment this?
    No, Josie you don't really know.
    You (I/we) can only figure in the drama of our existence as a mangled pastiche of what we think we are or know;
    what others think we are or know;
    what others think we think we are or know, ad infinitum.
    We are in essence a contaminated mess!

  16. @ skeptikos,
    I'm.... OTFLMAO!

  17. Bonnie,
    I said it before and I'll say it again:

    I'm With You 100% Bonnie!


  18. WoW Bonnie.... I make a single simple post asking the anonymous blog if I can contact them .... and suddenly I get a supporting role in your cast of villains ? What brings this on ??? O_O

  19. Mesrak - I agree with you. When people do that to others, it is a disservice to those fighting for justice not to warn them of those throwing sticks out to stumble them. The hidden agendas are getting exposed. This is no different than what goes on during political protests . . . paid canvassers, demonstrators and propagandists is probably exactly what happened at that courthouse. In cases like this, tunnel vision can become your best friend.

    Josie - I am putting food for thought out there. My personal opinion is that Sony/Branca camp is working through the channels I just mentioned above to Mesrak (mimi). Yes some of those people I used to talk to not only in private message but ON THE PHONE! They know who they are. One is about to get named outloud, but I am waiting for a response from her.

    Skeptikos - Which corporations are you talking about. Because the last time I checked, Charlie did not believe Sony was behind this. He was gunning strictly for AEG. Since the last time we talked, a lot more information has come across my desk. If you don't know, you will soon. No innuedos . . . just truth. In time. I'm really hoping you will be there.

  20. TStorm - Uhhhh, I wasn't talking about you. I did see your post over there and you stated you were "not happy" that the person wouldn't come clean. I did not take that as a villainous statement. No, this wasn't you. wow.

  21. Bonnie ... I have spoken to you on the phone a handful of times .... and I have been posting at TMZ for months ....

    a quote : "Among those that I saw were someone who used to call me on the phone who posts on TMZ all the time"

  22. Tstorm - you are not the only one.

  23. rocberryjam - I appreciate your support and thank you. I can't imagine things getting any uglier. It's the ones in California like Taaj, Kim, Samantha who have to put up with these thugs. I have it relatively easy sitting here behind the computer. Murray, OMG. How am I going to approach THIS one?

  24. Bonnie, the innuendos I was referring to, you know what I talking about. Ex: my comments in Justice4some.
    As to corporations/interests, IMHO, can be named AEG/CC/TRW/SONY(?)/American Mafia (MALNIK/MOTTOLA)
    an endless net of plots and schemes, circles and circles like when we throw a stone into still-water.
    But, then again, I think that's wisest for Passion to be properly ruled by Reason, because Passion without the guidance of Reason can turn rather ugly. Of course, Reason without Passion is a dull thing, a grey machine clicking along in the shadows of life... ;)

  25. Bonnie,
    Thanks for answering my question. I understand now.

    As for how you should approach the topic of Murray for tomorrows blog......

    Just speak "The Truth" as you know it and God will take care of the rest.

  26. Hi Bonnie , this information was great and very helpful, I met Taaj in June when i was out there ,she is a wonderful person i talked to her alot on Facebook before i can out in June , I did the March Justice for Michael On June 26th in downtown LA . I was outraged by the way these so called fans acted ,and the way they treated Taaj and her sweet daughter , this is a mind blower to me , Every Fan i have met since the passing of Michael have been loving sweet beautiful people ,i have made so many friends in the last year (true and genuine ) i am so glad you wrote this , so i know who they are , and im glad Taaj has you as a friend, im working on moving back to calif as soon as i find a full time position , i want to be closer to my father , but also the love i found in people and the friends i made with 1 common thing that we all love Michael Jackson and i want to be closer to that , I hope to meet you sometime ! MJHUGS Andrea

  27. Can we please focus on justice and truth? I don't think that any of these individual fans have anything to do with Sony. Some of the fans, I have noticed are really upset. Sometimes anger can cloud our minds and we don't always make the right choices. I wasn't at the hearing so I don't know what happened. There are two sides to every story. I'm not making any judgments on anyone. What I do know is this is about justice for Michael, his kids, and the rest of his family. Not US!

  28. Bonnie,
    You asked why would Taraborrelli so aggressively want Murray to be prosecuted for the murder of MJ?

    Because he wants to take the focus off this Sony Conspiracy. And Murray won't talk because Murray believes he will be found Not Guilty.

    Besides, what would Murray's Motive be for murdering MJ?

    Suicide is more believeable in this case.

    Only if Murray is found Guilty, will he (Murray)
    then name names.

    Taraborrelli knows this, so for now, his job is to get the people's focus OFF Sony and back on Murray...ONLY!

    Well, I got news for Taraborrelli!


  29. Just how stupid do these people think we are?!!

    It all breaks down to 1 of 2 choices.

    1. Michael committed Suicide

    2. Michael was murdered by Conspiracy from Sony
    and Murray is The Hitman.

    3. Motive = $$$$$$ - THAT Catalouge and MJ's

  30. @ Bonnie,


  31. How did Murray go from being a Doctor to becoming a Hitman?

    THEY (and we all know who they are) made Murray an offer He COULDN'T REFUSE!


  32. Bonnie we need to talk again. Now I'm off to bed.

  33. Wow, great post Bonnie! You know I'm with you all the way...! BTW your facebook video link is "unavailable".

    We need to pull together people, focus on Michael. It will all become clear with time. Perhaps the interim we are in is a test. Life has a way of dishing those out! ;o)

    Peace and love...for the sake of Michael, all he lived for and the truth he tried so hard to show us...with every breath and through every creative masterpiece. He dedicated his life to all of us and to making this cruel, greedy, heartless world a better place. We have the power to carry on his work if only we focus on his mission and seeking justice for the endless unjust misery heaped upon him!

    A large part of justice is uprooting evil and shining light on the darkness.

    All this battling and fan division would make him so very sad. He depended upon his fans for strength, love and now justice. Let's not let him down, huh?

    LOVE to all...and...PEACE!!!

  34. Bonnie
    I totally agree with you.
    We have the same truth Branca, Mottola and others.
    Thank you to you to be there and help us prove that the conspiracy was surr Michael.
    I am in France and we know what happens here.
    We know that Murray is not the only culprit.
    You have my support and my friendship.
    Let us continue our research, the truth will come.

  35. Bonnie,

    Thanks a lot for all what you do for Michael. These are hard times for you and Taaj.

    I'm in France too and can confirm what Véronique wrote. We gathered in Paris on Sunday (Justice for Michael).

    I'm sending you all my loving and supporting thoughts.

  36. Hi Bonnie. I am glad to see that Michael has such a passionate advocate in you. Why do they attack you and pay attention to you and what you have to say if they feel you are crazy. You would think they would just ignore you as a person who is lost to reality. :) The devil places many obstacles in the way of truth and illumination.

    My feelings on the subject of Fans and Fanatic behavior has not been hidden. When Fans are vying for Fans themselves, what does that make them? How does irrational, shameful behavior honor Michael? If "Fans" want to be taken seriously, than act serious. Surely Michael is still the point? One Love

  37. Well, since they have a group screaming 'murderer' in public, they can easily put an end to Murray's life and put the blame on an angry fan. Then they all are off the hook.

  38. Hi Bonnie. Iread with a lot of attention your long words. I'm disappointed to read this. I'm a fan of Michaël Jackson as you and i think it is not just by some people to hurt us, to criticize us as wrong fake fans etc... As you say, they are cover by an alias and we don't see their face pic. I find wrongull to be treated like this, it's very hard. You talk about someone who wrote in your inbox, me too taaj is my friend and keep to her friendship and support her and her activities because she makes a big work for Michaël, her and her team for justice, i respect her.

    I find it's an unfortunate to be in that situation ; in MIchaël's world, and i understand why Michaël wanted to have children as friends, because children world is nice , child world is pure, children world is innocence, children world is without perversion nor corruption, in children world there isn't no negativity. I understand Michaël and i agree with him at 100%. While in adults world, there are all kind of negative feeings, jealousy, perversion, corruption, damage, careerism, etc... Adults world is cruel, we find of bad temper, wickedness, of dishonesty, things Michaël as me we don't like nor appreciate.

    You know, i don't who you talk about exactely, but me i know one thing, i've always talked honestly with my heart, i always talk bluntly without putting water in my mouth to speak, is my way.

    I don't make business, so i don't win nothing from Michaël's money or profits ; i'm not a politician, i'm a simple citizen of the planet Earth as you all, i'm not racist, i love everyone, i'm for the protecting of the environment, you will see it on my blog here (french language sorry), i'm not here in Michaël's world to gain fame or praise, nor to gain nothing on Michaël's back. And i'm proud to be a Michaël's fan. I love him very much and won't never stop to love him, nor stop to respect him and share his message, i find i'm like him, i think like him and i believe in God like him, i always to share God's words with elses.

    I'm not here to talk about me, but things must be clear about me because i'm fed up to be treat as a fake or wrong than i'm not.

    I'm sure Michaël Jackson would be proud of me and else fans who make the change with his words and their own words.

    God bless you Bonie, you are a wonderfull woman, and continue to share your articles with us, it's very interesting.

    Good luck and courage, be strong and stay strong for Michaël whatever happens.

  39. OMG Thank you Bonnie for this blog and you know, I'm with you always... This is very important for me that you finally express your opinion about that blogger. As you said this person has a Branca-agenda and I'm tired of his lies. Weeks ago I almost closed all my topics because people said they read this blog and they found out Branca is the good guy and Sony has nothing to do with Michael's death. Well! This is not the case. That person ... he's just a liar and we have a lot of evidence about Sony and Branca self-dealing!
    I'm so sad when I hear that fans are divided. It's already so difficult for us to obtain justice for Michael and some of us (so-called fans) trying to divide and attacking a person like you that is doing all this out of love.
    Taraborelli is a liar and Thompson, I really don't have words anymore to describe how this person is FAKE! Just look at this and you'll find out:
    People get mad at me because I tryed to defend you and Muzik weeks ago, they said Charlie blocked his fb account. Well! You know what? I would never ever be friend on fb with a person that bashed Michael as he did when he was alive, fake, fake, fake!!!
    Thank you Bonnie! Well done!

  40. Bonnie,
    I've written down the names you mentioned in this blog, just in case and for future reference, if needed.


  41. @ SandhyaDeepak,

    Your senerio of a crazy fan killing Murray, is a REAL POSSIBILITY!

    Or he may commit suicide or they could kill him and make it LOOK like a suicide!

    The whole thing is SO SICK but, WE MUST LOOK at ALL the Possibilities.

    I just pray for God's Justice to Prevail!

  42. @Josie: thank you. That blogger is a danger.

  43. @ lisa,

    I'm sure it's nothing "THEY" haven't

    Already thought of.

  44. @lisa,

    I'll leave it up to Bonnie to decide whether to delete it or not.

  45. @ lisa,
    At least "THEY" will know we are on to them.

  46. BonnieL said... "SiNFuLNuRSe2be - Who are you talking to? Who mentioned LAPD? It's not in any of the comments." (August 24, 2010 9:04 PM)

    I was reading this, Bonnie, and I think this individual is refering to the description at the top of the page, under the title "Michael Jackson Justice," where you mention the LAPD and their "previous investigations." I can see where this person might think you are also refering to the events of 5 years ago with this statement which of course involved the Santa Barbara Police Department and not the LAPD.

  47. If I may I have 3 questions:

    1. Has Thompson written anything of merit over the last year that's worth referencing?

    2. Shouldn't AEG be held to account for this mess as well since they essentially aided and abetted Sony?

    3. My last question is by far the hardest one, although it's not your responsibility, is there any possibility that you, Bonnie, could write one post that describes how the 3 major bloggers, including the one that is allegedly being done by Mr. Taraborrelli (yes, even him!), and fans in general could hypothetically work together for Michael's justice? Of course, boycotting is one activity. There have to be ideas that everyone has in common starting with the injustice of Michael's death and the questionable circumstances surrounding the organization of the TII concerts? Beyond that, I know it gets complicated where the blame should go. Sony, AEG, Murray? But there must be some common ground there too, such as Michael did not kill himself and there was an external agent responsible for his death. Those 2 basic pieces everyone can agree on I believe.

    I think we all agree to (or at least I hope we do) that justice for Michael is more important than endless re-definitions of who is the truer fan. Besides, Michael encouraged the removal of divisions and wanted very much to encourage cooperation. Cooperation is so very important in this case NOW!! I think it's mindboggling what can be accomplished if everyone tried to work together despite differences.

    Do you think there is any way that these groups can work together? I know this is not an easy question and I'm prepared to be accused of being naive about such a thing. However, I know that in God, sometimes the impossible is possible!

    A couple of very well known Bible verses came to mind as I was thinking about all this:

    "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV)

    "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." Mark 3:25 (NIV)

    Thank you!

  48. @ Sandy K,
    I read your post and would like to comment.

    While your idea is wonderful, I just don't see it happening. I think it would have happened by now, if at all.

    As for the common ground that is needed for these groups, I believe there already is a common ground and that's why these groups are so aggresively attacking the conspiracy groups.

    What is The Common Ground?


    It talks louder than Justice, to those who can be bought!

  49. @ Sandy K,
    What I'm trying to say, is there will always be those who can be bought.

    Therefore, you will always have division among the fans because Sony has lots of money!

  50. @ SandyK: I'm going to answer 2 of your 3 questions, and I hope you don't mind.

    You asked: "Shouldn't AEG be held to account for this mess as well since they essentially aided and abetted Sony?"

    The answer to this is "No." Why? Conrad Murray, although it's well-known that he told AEG he needed certain medical supplies and equipment didn't get them simply because Murray never signed the contract he was supposed to with AEG as being Michael's doctor!!! So, since Murray didn't sign the contract, this is also the very reason why Murray was never paid for his services by MJ's Estate! No medical supplies/ pay. That is not the error of AEG, nor that of the Estate's. The error for that falls on Murray alone, and this is why I believe that Joe Jackson's wrongful death suit against AEG and Murray will be somewhat unsuccessful. Joe may get Murray, but AEG? I'm going to say no, and I think that most level-headed people can see that happening.

    Now as for your last question: After all of what I now call "the justice fan wars", the fans truly unify??? No way, and I'm very sorry to say that. There are simply too many hypocrites and wannabee justice divas out there who in my opinion believe that their way is the ONLY right way. Well, when supposed MJ justice-seekers believe that it is okay to take it upon themselves to graffiti Neverland and Forest Lawn--well, I for one would think twice about being associated with such individuals. Another concern is the demand for a boycott of Sony and the bullying of the fans who disagree with the boycotters in the sense of openly stating: "You can't be a Sony fan if you're a Michael fan, and you can't be a Michael fan if you're a Sony fan."--this statement is in large part due to the upcoming November (and future) releases of Michael's vaulted recordings. The truth is...Yes, Michael did break ties with Sony, and didn't want to do business with them again. However, the reality of it all is the Sony/ATV catalog of which MJ only owned 50%--now the Estate owns that half. The other half was and still is owned by Sony. Thus, MJ was still very much partnered with Sony and whether or not he or we the fans like that aspect...the truth of that partnership remains factual in that sense. And as for the fans? Whether or not the fans choose to buy or not buy the 'new' releases does NOT diminish their ability to be a fan of Michael's. All it says is that they disagree with the boycott and the reasoning behind it.

    As for me personally, I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Michael's best stuff has already been released. I won't be buying the 'new' issues because if they were really all that good...they would've been released prior to Michael's death. But please remember...that's MY opinion, and no one else HAS to agree with it.

  51. SandyK - Thank you for clarifying where they may have gotten that LAPD thing. I was scratching my head, LOL. On your questions:

    1. On Thomson - worth referencing . . . your opinion or mine? Not really. His article on the scourge of the press was highly appreciated by fans, but I couldn't get past the insistence of drug addiction.

    2. AEG: If you look at the blog I posted just a few minutes ago, I'm not so sure what the heck is going on. AEG being held accountable for what happened? You betcha! But WHAT is going ON is what I am having a little trouble dealing with right now.

    3. I agree with you on the battles out there of who is the truer fan. How to accomplish getting the bloggers together is beyond my talents. Especially in light of what I discovered tonight with Murray. I'm not so sure I should even continue this blog.

    It is really hard to battle people that are lying during your efforts protect and defend someone you have grown to love only to find out that everything you are looking at is quite possibly also a lie.

    Just ONCE I would like some SOLID GROUND to stand on!!!!

  52. Josie and Lisa - Thank you for addressing that comment and I am going to leave it up there. It's not disrespectful, only a disagreement. Lots of people are frustrated with what is going on and if they want to blow of steam here that is okay, as long as they are not attacking, personally disrespectful or spamming.

  53. lisa - Lisa, you have been a faithful friend and supporter for the truth. I will not sleep tonight. Blog for Murray tonight and the research really did me in. Thomson? Who is that? I don't even know anymore. Been trying to uncover the lies behind a murder than may never have happened!!~!!!! I have to think about this.

  54. Marie-Louise Camper - God Bless you. I am sure Michael is proud of you, wherever he is watching from. Regardless of what any of us go through due to our beliefs, adherence to the truth, taking our stand for right over wrong, we know that whatever we suffer through because of it, that it is nothing compared to what was inflicted upon him. I try to keep that in mind whenever I am attacked. It is people like you that encourage and inspire me to keep going.

    SandhyaDeepak - Very funny.

    jomc12 - Very well said. Michael is still the point. But at that courthouse on Monday, I guess the "point" got lost by a few paid demonstrators with an agenda that had nothing to do with Michael. I still do not understand that. Why do they attack me? Because they are told to. I deleted on post on here . . . No point in acknowledging behavior like that, I didn't even respond. Just deleted her comment. I hope no one answered her, LOL!

  55. véronique and Naya - Thank you very much. I am glad you are able to access this blog from France. Veronique is it you that is translating? I think it is a BIG BLESSING to be able to get to know people like you through Michael's cause. I cannot tell you how much I have learned. There will never be another like him. God Bless you <3

  56. truthbtold2all - I love what you said about shining light on the darkness! Tonight I lost the rest of my insides over the discoveries about Murray doing that blog update. I'm not sure how much more I want to dig into all this. It's getting too hard to take. It's getting to the point now where I'm not sure what I should report and what I shouldn't report, there is NO RULES except not to lie. If you uncover a lie that you believe was put in place to help someone, should you still uncover it?


  57. MichaelPureSoul - Yes we do. How?

  58. Thank you Bonnie for mentioning by name the 'Justice4MJ'Group.. They are not about any Justice. They want their faces out there. Diva's in their own minds.. Amy Kimes, Erin Jacobs and Karlene Taylor who are over the hill wabbabe celebrities who certainly look 'rode hard'..This is all about making $$$$ for themselves. I addressed awhile back where the money they made from the T~SHIRTS and Hoodies they sold was donated too. They said ALL profits would be donated to a LA Aids Charity for children. I asked to have the receipt, amount and name&address of the charity posted. I was attacked viciously by them. Amy Kimes had my phone number from my purchase of the items. She and Erin Jacobs called my home with on going threats for me to get out of the MJ Community..I had the police at my home who recorded each call until they had enough. They contacted the PD in the area Amy Kimes lives in which came off the receipt sent to me w/the clothes. They told me to personally post a warning whereas they would be told to STOP.. The Police kept my phone. I am sure the message got to them because the calls stopped, but their voices are very clear on the police recordings. The PD put a trace on my phone. I got so many emails from others telling me that they have done this before and the police have been contacted and reports made on Kimes and Jacobs. Inter and Intra state stalking and phone harassment is a FELONY. So, let them bring it on because my local Police Department have enough on them if it ever happens.. one time.. In reality, they are stupid, they are using MJ's plight for financial gain.. and TMZ is very familiar with Erin Jacobs..Thank You.

  59. Oh Bonnie, I can feel your pain, stress, anxiety, burden and confusion. Remember who authors the last one. ;o) And, remember to feel free to give me some of your researching burden...ok?

    "If you uncover a lie that you believe was put in place to help someone, should you still uncover it?" The answer to that is clear to me. If uncovering a "lie" would be helping the bad guys then...NO!

    To me there is not always a perfectly defined line between lie & truth. In other words sometimes it comes down to survival or a higher truth and in that kind of scenario, "lies", partial truths, diversions etc. do not always equal bad, may be necessary for truth to come to light and conspiracies to be exposed.

    If your child was in grave danger (think Hitler's Germany here) and a "lie" was necessary to ensure their safety from evil powers, what would you do? Would it be fair to expect loyalty from those closest to you ie: family? Would that expectation as well as your actions be honorable in that kind of situation?

    LOVE...and Peace...


    Here is an example of the 'Justice4MJ' group. It really is the 'Destructive Group using MJ's death to cash in and HURT others..

  61. wow Jenn . . . that's a story! These are the same people that are after Taaj and Samantha and Karen? Are these also the same people with whom Brian Oxman was helping sell T-Shirts for the first Pre-Trial?

  62. Thank you Truthbtold . . . I know who "authors" confusion and I also know he comes in sheep's clothing. I have many of those on my facebook page as we speak. I know who they are. "You will know them by their fruits" . . . and they're posts and suggestions are more revealing than they know.

  63. Boni
    I am totally with you, am from Spain and here also there is known all the truth, which there are many people got into Michael's murder, that Murray was alone the assassin that I kill it, but the order was sent by others.
    I support you in what you need, it relies on me, we must achieve that justice is done against the real culplables.
    If you need something in what could help you from here in Spain. HERE I AM.

  64. Yah, I know you know Bonnie. :o) We sure are seeing a lot of sheep's clothing! Discernment is key and boy are we all getting a lot of opportunities for practice!

    June, that facebook page: "This content is currently unavailable". Interesting how quickly destructive ones delete incriminating evidence! We've seen it time and again on here.

    Lots of eyes watching, huh?!

  65. I was also told by others who emailed me that Amy Kimes and Erin Jacobs have caused such problems for them they, too have made Police Reports. I was told that Karen Faye has filed a police report on them, Betty Byrnes and Heidi Heigl (SP?).. from the REAL MJFCSC.. I wish Taaj had a way of contacting karen Faye..via.. Samantha De Gosson, since she was pictured with her to also support her in protecting her self from them.. They are Evil and Dangerous to others. They have made the Fans fight for Justice humiliating and those associated with them and those who send them money are being used.. Read the articles written about the amount of money they pocketed. They found a good 'gig' and are riding it out as long as it lasts.. Thank You.

  66. Or maybe Erin locked up her Facebook pages so you have to be a friend, dunno.


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