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Michael Jackson Justice: Transitional and Michael Jackson

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Transitional and Michael Jackson

August 18, 2010 – Transitional and Michael Jackson Continued

Continuing on the Transitional Lawsuit since the post was outgrowing page six in Word Documents, I wanted to get all the information in there because people are finding obscure information that I am missing because I am looking at so much at one time.

I have a busy weekend and won’t be able to comment much on these but I will try to get back.

Please know that the majority of this work is Gina’s and I have officially run out of time to check out all the links for myself to comment on them. I will do that when I get back this weekend.


Court Updates

In the Transitional Investors case Jackson's lawyers filed for a demurrer on Michael Jackson's part. What is a demurrer?

“a written response to a complaint filed in a lawsuit which, in effect, pleads for dismissal on the point that even if the facts alleged in the complaint were true, there is no legal basis for a lawsuit.” Source

One More Case Settled!

Michael Jackson's lawyers settled another court case today with Transitional Investors LLC.

Official Dismissal Court Papers

Transitional Investors was the one who requested the dismissal.

Jackson Repaid Another Loan

Since Jackson just repaid the loan the agreement has been terminated, and the titles of 1503 songs from the MiJac catalog been transferred back to the star.

Michael During his 2005 Trial

Don Stabler also sued Michael’s estate

The assets attached to the loan that now belongs to Barclay. If Barclay is not paid this fall by Branca and McClain, All of Michael’s assets . . . his entire share of Sony/ATV, his Mijack Catalog all go to Sony as their “right to first refusal” is exercised and they purchase the set amount for Michael’s assets.

Prescient Capital - The ones who supposedly played a roll in negotiating Fortress loan for Michael Who owns them? Darien Dash

I dug into his other business and solidly linked him to Sony. Stabler promised him percentage of deal if Jackson signed. Dash was the other guy pressuring Michael.
Prescient Capital and Prescient Acquisition seem to be used interchangeably.

"A financial company specializing in asset acquisition sued Michael Jackson on Monday" Source

Steven Altman, a lawyer for Prescient owner Darien Dash

Fortress Investment - Group Who owns them?

Wesley R. Edens, Robert Kauffman, & Randal A. Nardone - founders


Some of the managing structure is in links:

A bunch of Fortress articles:

Steven Altman - A lawyer for Prescient Capital

Transitional Investors - Whom Prescient came in contact with and through them obtained funds from Fortress . . . who owns Transitional?

Stuart D. Shelly - founder

Principals are here:

"Transitional Investors, a San Francisco-based fund that's run by veterans of Bank of Montreal and failed telecom firm Global Crossings...Stuart Shelly, general partner at Transitional and a BMO alumnus..."

Don Stabler - The man Randy Jackson allegedly brings to Michael during the trial, to get him to sign the forms for Transitional. According to Michael, he refused to sign it and both Stabler and Randy J. left Michael's house angry about it. I'm having trouble finding ANYTHING on him. Is he an accountant or lawyer, I've read each in different articles? Do you have any more info on him?

Anyone we need help on Don Stabler if you have or can find any info post in comments below, thank you!

The statute of limitations has run on the debt. But Perry Wander, lawyer for Stabler & Associates, tells TMZ the company relied on Michael and Randy's repeated promises that the debt would be paid, so the estate should not be able to raise the technical, statute of limitations defense.

The elusive Stabler's website with pic if you can figure out how to get a copy - it's conveniently within flash, which also doesn't seem to appear in searches. - interesting how this and the last one...Dash was it...their website domain names have nothing to do with their business names. (Gina said this)


NEW YORK — As Michael Jackson digs himself out of a financial hole, Sony got something it's long wanted: the opportunity to take control of the lucrative music publishing catalog that it owns with the pop singer.

Michael During "This is It" Rehearsals

Looking for missing video

Sony Speech London

Good discussion about Tommy Mottola

Who they are now trying to steal from! They’ve already stolen their father!

I wanted to end this with one of my favorite videos of Michael, receiving a gift from fans. I particularly find his reaction to seeing a picture of himself as a baby in the bathtub endearing, (I have that one on my computer too) and further along when he says he's afraid to turn the page, LOL.

Michael receiving a gift from fans.

I will see you all on Monday. I need a break or my husband says he will kick my little hard drive. :o) Love you!

Michael and his son Prince


  1. Bonnie - plz check your email - not sure if what I sent is reliable, although it looks to be so; hence, I did not want to post here.

  2. Another great post as usual Bonnie! I have some info that I want to give to you:

    1. Here is video of Marlon Jackson at MJ's induction into the Dance Hall of Fame last week:

    2. For your viewing pleasure, I have obtained the entire 2 hour video of the November 29th, 2005 Harvard Law School seminar with Mesereau, MSNBC's Dan Abrahms, and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. It's amazing!

    The topics of the seminar not only included the MJ trial, but the media's role in high profile cases, and the role that race and class can play when it comes to prosecution, including MJ. Listen to Mesereau's speech at the beginning where he gives an AMAZING example of blacks being targets specifically because of their race! You would think he was talking about a case from the Civil Rights movement, but that case happened in the early 1990's!

    You can download it here, and you must have RealPlayer to view it.

    Here is some analysis of the seminar:

    By the way, for future reference, if I have something I want to send to you, should I post it in the comments here, or send it to you on facebook? I don't know how flooded your inbox is on FB.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  3. @ Bonnie: Some GOOD news arrived today that I thought you'd enjoy reading about...

    Michael Jackson 'lawsuit dismissed'

    A lawsuit filed against the late Michael Jackson over a canceled concert has been dismissed.

    The suit stemmed from Allgood Entertainment's claim that the singer reneged on a deal to stage and perform in a Jackson family reunion concert.

    The company filed suit against Jackson in 2009 and pursued legal action even after the 'Thriller' musician died in June of last year, according to The AP.

    A district court judge in New York ruled in favor of the popstar's estate and dismissed all charges in the case.

    In his judicial opinion, Harold Baer Jr. wrote that it had actually been Allgood Entertainment, not Jackson, that had broken the contractual agreement between the two parties.

  4. Bonnie – can you please address some of the confusion some fans have out there concerning the loan that will be due soon? On the blog “Michael Jackson Know About Transitional?”, you mentioned that the two loans are backed by Michael’s share Sony/ATV and by Michael’s own songs, which is true. Here is the link of Wall Street Journal’s article that mentioned.

    Look at the last two paragraphs on the first link;

    However, (look at the eight paragraph on the link below) this new article implies as if the entire loan is guaranteed by Sony/ATV. This statement stirs some confusion among fans and for some to believe none of the of loans are backed by Michael’s own music, Mijack publishing.

    Also the same link talks about the refinancing of the loan that is backed by Mijack.

    First – the article implies the entire loan backed by Sony/ATV

    Second – it is talking about the refinancing of the loan that is backed by Mijack.

    If the loan is only backed by Sony/ATV, what loan that is backed by Mijack refinanced? Was there another additional loan that has nothing to do with Barclay loan that is backed by Mijack?

    Thank you Bonnie for clearing this up. You are the BEST.


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