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Michael Jackson Justice: What DID Happen on June 25, 2010?

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What DID Happen on June 25, 2010?

Justice For Michael

August 3, 2010 – What DID Happen on June 25, 2010?

My goodness! I take a three day break and gears start turning. What to make of them? I don’t know. I was met this morning with a note in my email, an excerpt from Leonard Rowe’s book “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson”. The tagged photo of the page in the book read:

Justice Fund Excerpt from Book

(Click to enlarge, then hit browser back to return here)

The U.S. Justice Department. This is the first confirmation I have seen that they are involved since the declaration by Raymone Bain in the press release announcing the discovery of a conspiracy against Michael, which I covered in this blog entry: Raymone Bain Press Release

If this is accurate and the Justice Department is involved in this, it would answer a lot of questions, such as:

Why not one person in authority, from D.A. Steven Cooley through the California U.S. Senators, the governor and the FBI that I have written to have acknowledged any letter I have sent, not even so much as a “get lost” form letter. Nothing.

Possibly why Dr. Murray is being handled the way he is being handled at the moment. Coincidentally, I went back and watched his Youtube video again last night and linked to it in last night’s update, because he had echoed the same as the family members insisting that it was more than just Dr. Murray . . . “The truth will come out”.

Conrad Murray during Pre-trial in June 2010

Why there were hints of fear in Janet Jackson’s face during her interview and why other family members seemed unwilling to talk.

Why only certain tabloids were the constants in first reports of news with Michael’s murder.

Why certain behaviors of certain individuals were allowed to slide.

Possibly why Thomson and Taraborrelli reacted so violently to any suggestion I made that they were possibly affiliated with Sony or paid bloggers for them.

Why certain bloggers were out there spinning and twisting news articles and posting false court documents to defend any suggestion that Branca was involved, against years of evidence to the contrary.

It also adds confirmation for me of the possibility that neither Colony Capital nor Anschutz is involved in the death of Michael. Why? Because the people under investigation “were always after him”. Anschutz Corp. and Colony are new additions to Michael’s history. Colony was not affiliated with Michael when Michael talked about a conspiracy during his 2003 interview on “60 Minutes”. There has been correspondence between me and certain individuals that leads me to believe that a smear campaign has also been initiated toward Colony and Anschutz Corp and/or AEG, to the point where they have placed Colony first in the line of conspirators, which makes no sense if you know the history of this whole thing. So strong was their insistence in negating the evidence against Sony/Branca, that I broke off contact with them.

Charles Thomson’s blogs both seem to question the integrity of AEG and the concert promoters during the O2 Press Conference and the lead up to that. Lowly Newshound cited inside Sony sources for much of that blog, then as they got closer to the O2 appearance date, inferred that the concert promoters were contacting him to give him dates and times but he didn't say AEG specifically, only the promoters of the concert. He questioned Michael’s work ethic, his reliability, his sobriety and his sanity while simultaneously berating the press for the way they treated Michael.

In CharlesThomson.blogspot, Thomson claims in one February update that he is frequently paid as a Jackson expert and spends most of his blog updates on this blog defending Michael against rumors in the press. Source

It is declarations like these from a just out of school 22 year old that lead many to wonder just how someone still in school could have landed an exclusive interview with a head of Sony publicity in the U.K. to write about the “Thriller 25th Anniversary” album. A paid Michael Jackson expert who’s never met the man and is friends with a rag journalist and tabloid biographer, both of which attacked me at the speculation that either one of them were paid by Sony.

Michael . . . or not, at the O2 Press Conference

But most of all, it explains that Michael Jackson was right all along. He was not paranoid (except in a healthy sense of the word), he was not throwing stones, he was not anything the press made him out to be. The press that was fed information to cover what was being done to him. Michael was in danger, he KNEW he was in danger, he begged for help and the press not only disregarded him, they drowned out his pleas with more ridicule and persecution.

What I would ask during this newest revelation, is why a Justice Fund and a request to call the Justice Department with any information related to the case, would be printed on some obscure page in one of the many books about Michael, instead of announced through the press or the media? Did the media refuse to put that out there? Did Michael’s people not trust the press enough to print even that information? Why in a book that people have to buy? And is it confirmation that the U.S. Justice department is involved?

When did Leonard Rowe’s book hit the shelves? It didn’t. It was published as an e-book by “FastPencil” (which explains some other things) . You can order it here:
"What Really Happened to Michael Jackson"

Leonard Rowe was one of the managers tangled in the threesome of confusion during the last month’s of Michael’s presence with us. Tohme, then Rowe, then DiLeo show up, then Tohme is fired, then Rowe, leaving DiLeo the lone-duck standing to represent Michael, but no! Tohme was still making announcements after Michael’s passing, then gracefully faded into the background while Mr. Rowe did interviews with Joe Jackson on Larry King. Frank DiLeo was also out in the media doing interviews almost comically contradicting each other as to the correct state of Michael’s health, dedication and enthusiasm for the “This is It” project.

We can almost filter out those in the Sony camp by the contradictions.

During this past year – almost 14 months, just seeing the title of “U.S. Justice Department” in association with the investigation of Michael Jackson’s death gives me the one small but definite ray of hope that I had been praying for. I believe there is a possibility that I will not only be able to get some sleep tonight, but that it just may happen with a slight smile on my face.

Every bit of turmoil, questions, pain, anguish and even ridicule from different family members and friends (come on . . . we’ve all endured this) about the amount of time we’ve spent on this will all be worth it if we can just witness this one thing . . .

That God did indeed have Michael’s back, that justice is indeed in the works and that everything that man has endured will not have happened in vain.

After everything is said and done, I will never look at the music industry the same again. I will think twice before purchasing and album, CD, mp3 or IPod download or movie for as long as I live.

If I am right about Colony (and I think I am) and/or Anschutz, I pray that they take the noble plans Michael and Prince Waleed had originally planned with Kingdom Entertainment, before all hell’s greed broke loose in a fury over Michael, to continue in his memory and commit to creating wholesome family oriented and youth based artistic development, entertainment, amusement and fun.

All I ever wanted when I started this blog, was for people to know the real truth about Michael Jackson, who and what kind of person he was. That, in the goal of justice, was half the battle. And as I see and hear, we still have work to do in that department.

Michael in Anguish

I also want to take the opportunity to thank God for a promising sign that a prayer is going to be answered.

I also want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and words of encouragement in response to the loss of our friend, Roger. Every need prayed about was met for the family. Friends poured from out from the past and present to chip in and give him a patriot's send-off. If you would, please keep his boys in your prayer's for a while longer as his oldest is taking it the hardest.

Thank you and God bless you all!


  1. The Feds are in on this! Oh please...let this be a ray of hope to seemingly never-ending shadowy darkness for Michael's sake and for all those who loved him the world over...

  2. Bonnie, I am sitting here crying as I do most of the time when I look at Michael or read about him. But this time they were tears of relief and validation for all your efforts in being Michael's voice! This news about the DOJ is a ray of light cracking through the thick maze of confusion. Only someone with your dedication, solid information sources, and a tenacious will to seek justice for Michael could have brought this to our attention. You are amazing - and I, too, just may be able to drift off to sleep tonight with a hint of a smile on my face. My little "feather" will be caressing my cheek telling me to be strong - for him! Love you, Bonnie...and keep on "truthing!"

  3. ladyaquarius - I suspected a while back that they might be, just because of the way the family was acting. For the silence that surrounded the case and the seeming delays, I would have thought the family would have been screaming to the press about the descrepancy, but they were talking like an investigation was actually going on, even though the LAPD were looking like they weren't doing anything.

    See what happens.

    Micheline - Yesterday was my day to cry. I've been to elated today to cry. I want him vindicated of ever last vicious smear that every disgusting, raggy, trash filled TABLOID piece of you-know-what wrote about him! Every last one! Wait until you see my blog tomorrow . . . I'm going "ballistic" tomorrow on this garbage. Last day before my two stress days with client number one. Need to purge and dump.

    My solid information sources were Michael, Michael's family and a few biz documents and YOU ALL for helping me find them! So thank YOU! You guys are amazing!

    Now if you will excuse me, I have to go apologize to someone I sent a letter to a couple of months back . . . cause I was wrong. :o)

  4. I wish there was a way to edit TYPOS on comments so you guys don't have to see how tired my fingers get typing. :o)

  5. Thank you so much Bonnie. I have been asking and thinking for the longest who is doing the investigations , and why is the family continuously telling us that the truth will come out. And they must know something. I hope it is true the US Justice Department is involving in the investigation. What a good news it is indeed. My long month’s puzzlement who is involved to untangle this mystery saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

    God all Mighty who Michael put him first of all the things throughout his life is truly watching his back.

  6. I saw that the other day. I always believed there was an ongoing investigation. I don't like the way his family has been attacked for "not seeking justice". I never believed nothing was happening. I have been praying about it and I have had this calm come over me that I always get when I know God hears my prayers.

    I don't know if you know this, but Randy Phillips has known Michael for 20 years. There was an interview with him on youtube where he says this. I can't find it now.

    "He and I go back to the LA Gear sponsorship deal I represented him on. He is working on his 'Thriller' remix album and some amazingly brilliant new music," Phillips explained.

    Look at this

  7. I know Michael didn't like Randy Phillips. I think AEG was used as a tool to get to Michael. I don't know if Anschutz or CC/Barrack were directly involved, but I don't trust any of them. I'm certainly not going to accuse anyone though. I do believe Tom Barrack expected a return on his investment. "He's an undervalued asset," Tom said of Michael. I know Thome wanted Michael buried at Neverland, and so did Jermaine. They would have never known if that would have worked out with Michael alive. I'm not accusing Barrack, Thome, or Jermaine of anything but to me this is enough to at least be suspicious of ALL of them. Jermaine still wants Michael buried at Neverland.

    Conspiracy's can pick up new conspirators along the way.

  8. MicheleK, interesting post about the old connection between Michael and Randy Phillips. And if AEG was used as a tool (by whom? but may we know) to get to Michael that brings the ties closer. And I too remain suspicious of all of them. It was reported some time back that Randy Phillips' sister was married briefly to Tohme in the 70's. There are just too many connections and "coincidences" not to be suspicious.

  9. MicheleKC and Bonnie I agree with you, but in my case, I know there is a big connection between them : Jermaine's wife Alima, is the cousin of Thome, Thome worked with Colony Capital and is the brother in law of Randy Phillips of AEG. I think everyone of them is involved in some way, either to make Michael bankrupt (the AEG contract tells a lot on this) and drugged so that he was in a state to be controlled, or murdering him.
    Remember also that AEG insurance will go to estate and Sony if paid. This is a very big deal between them all, in my opinion.
    All of them will have a slice of the cake here.
    Jermaine opened the doors of his brother's house, so to the murderers, and started to show his "talent" everywhere like he was Michael, soonely after the death of his brother.
    To me, that's at least least.

  10. For someone who is not a US resident. What do the US Justice Department represent? As in hierarchy. Are they a national government body for justice?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Lonely Truth ~
    Supposedly, yes. The U.S. Constitution set up a seperation of powers, divided into 3 branches of government to "ensure" a system of checks and balances - Legislative (House, Senate, Congress), Executive (President) and Judicial (Supreme Court).

    "The Department of Justice's job is to enforce federal law and to ensure its fair and just administration throughout the United States." It handles citizenship and is in charge of the prison system. (Richard Fine springs to mind.) In short, it along with all the other branches, is corrupt. Here is the DoJ structure:
    Office of Attorney General is at the top, within are: Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), FBI, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), National Security, Office of Justice etc.

    I don't know where the DoJ falls within the federal structure. Is it beside the Judicial Branch...the enforcer? Maybe someone else can enlighten?

    In addition, The 1st Amendment giving freedom of press I believe was intended to ensure the citizenry had a watchdog on government. How very far they have strayed!

  13. Hi Bonnie:

    I called the number and it does ring to the Department of Justice. You get the operator but, it does ring there.

    Maybe this is a good sign that a serious investigation is and has been going on.

    Let's all hope for the best.


  14. Sorry Ladyaquarius, perhaps I misinterpreted your meaning.

    You're welcome LonelyTruth.

  15. Department of Justice is under Executive Branch - along with EVERY other federal "Department". I didn't know and have to wonder how many Americans do, how heavily the scale tilts toward the Executive much control that ONE PERSON in office has!

    I don't mean to take this off course Bonnie but OMG...The Judicial Branch is under the control of or at least heavily influenced by the Executive Branch?!? So much for checks and balances.

    Thanks Bonnie for spurring me to become educated!

  16. Truthbtold – I thought when books are on “black list” the government is usually involved to do that. If the US Justice Department is involved in the investigation of Michael’s death, why would they put the book in the “black list’?

    Anyway, the book is not talking about the conspiracy against the government or anything has to do concerning the national security of the country. The book is simply about an individual citizen who was abused throughout his life by the media machine and those who conspired to destroy and finally killed him.

    The book is not available in many sources you checked because maybe those books sellers are thinking if they do carry it might not sell because it is “POSITIVE MICHAEL”. Do you remember Aphrodite Jones had a hurt time finding publisher to publish her book “The Conspiracy of Michael Jackson” and she had to use her own money to publish it? Every one of them turned her down saying they did not think “POSITIVE MICHAEL JACKSON” would sell.

    Also, I really don’t understand when you said, “But I have to say, the Justice Dept. excerpt sent shockwaves through my consciousness, makes me suspicious and hesitant to buy the book”. Can you please explain your suspicion between the Justice Dept. and the book? I thought the Justice Dept. involvement in the investigation is really a good sign. Do I have 100% faith in the Dept. NO. I believe at least something interesting will come out of this. If the Justice Dept. is not involved in the investigation, who is there to bring Justice for Michael? LAPD?

  17. Good morning (for me...). Wow. I'm going to try to suggest that we stay a little more positive as things happen and are revealed. I know that there has to be something with the timing of all this because if you are investigating, you don't want the party you are investigating to know you are doing it until you already have the information you want. I suspect that is why information is leaked out over these months like it has been.

    Mesrak (Mimi) - I believe the "fear" in Janet's face and the nervousness probably had more to do with being afraid of saying to much on camera then being fearful of threat, because they want justice for their brother too. Yes, I agree with what you said about God being in control as well.

    MicheleKC61187 - Nobody really liked the way his family was behaving in the beginning. It got really vicious, even I took jabs at Jermaine early on. Then things calmed down, an atmosphere of sympathy for the family kind of took over, then back and forth on who was guilty and because of the rivalry thing, everyone suspected Jermaine (Tohme) of being involved because he introduced the two . . . but I don't think he did, I think Barrack may have been guilty of that. Barrack also knew Michael he was a neighbor. He also knew Anschutz (friends) and he also knew Randy Phillips and if Randy knew Michael for 20 years, that could make sense because these people all knew each other, BUT they were not in business with Michael in any way until 2006 - 2008. Phillips worked with Michael on one thing. Everyone wants to bring up the insurance, but that is really insignificant compared to what these companies are already worth. I can see Michael's wife killing him for insurance money, but an international, billion dollar corporation?

    We know who had a big enough dollar sign motive to try to kill Michael and it was there all along. Michael knew about it in 2003. Try to keep an open mind and keep watching the signs.

    june - Some see the connections as a bad thing, other see it as a good thing. I don't see the connection as a bad thing. Poor Tohme is getting beat on no matter what he does. But he does look like he can take it. June I agree with you on one aspect. I do believe AEG was a tool . . . and I'll leave it at that. :o)

    mistress - The AEG contract, to me is suspicious. There is a lot that it DOESN'T SAY that I think should be there. Aside from that the insurance is really a strange thing. I read that the Estate already got insurance money . . . but it was only $3million and it was not a claim paid out it was CASHED OUT. This means that AEG did not file a claim but canceled out the insurance to cash out the policy (I used to sell insurance). Again, this is rumor, but that is what I read. Why did AEG give it to the estate? Because AEG didn't pay for it, in the contract it stated the Michael had to pay for it. How would he do that if he is not dead? He would have to have done it before he died. Legally, AEG would have to pay the estate.

  18. truthbtold2all - blacklisted could also mean that no publisher will publish it . . . remember who owns some of those publishers? Rowe is not a known author. Many new authors have to go the way of self-publishing. And on Michael Jackson, some of those big publishers could be getting pressured by mob people not to carry the book because of what it contains . . . Rowe was just playing it safe to get the book out there. I agree with what he did.

    techlilinu - Thank you. I had called it too. So now we are probably being watched because two of us called and hung up, LOL. Seriously, I just hung up during the menu.

    Truthbtold - The U.S. Justice Dept is also responsible for investigating gov. corruption within the states, investigating possible foul play, and corporations involved in fraud or conspiracy that cross state lines. Keep the faith, girl . . all is not bad. :o)

    Mesrak (Mimi) - Thank you for the information and answering Truthbtold's questions. Exactly on the LAPD. I hope they are involved in Richard Fine and the California judges cases too! (praying!!!!)

  19. My first question is why they put this important information on that book? Seriously. I didn't know of the existence of Rowe's book.
    And also I have a thought about the AEG insurance and I would like to know your opinions

    The insurance with Lloyd's doesn't cover death caused by others. Michael's death has been ruled as an homicide. The insurance covered just death from incidental overdose but not if there was malice. Propofol is not an illegal drug but it's the way it was administered, it was done with malice so the insurance won't pay.
    Have you considered that Lloyd's probably is waiting until Murray is condamned for murderer?
    If in the end he's guilty the insurance company won't pay AEG because Michael was murdered, there was malice, it was not accidental.
    If Murray is not guilty I think that Lloyd's will pay AEG because it was in the contract.
    Anschutz the president of AEG is financing the campain of Cooley and Brown and I think that one of the reasons is that insurance. It's a 20 million $ insurance! I know that Anschutz is already a billion $ man but why lose 20 million $?

  20. Mesrak (Mimi) ~ "Blacklisted" to me is a general term meaning it is being made difficult to publish, distribute, is not being picked up by book stores or receiving press like an "accepted" book would be. Yes, similar to Aphrodite Jone's book.

    Shockwaves, my suspicions, hesitation...maybe it's my mind working overtime. Maybe I'm overly suspicious. Somewhere along the line I lost faith/trust in government to act in our best interests.

    Could be I misinterpreted the "Justice Reward Fund" and it is something that the author of this book has set up? I first read it as a reward instigated by The Justice Department. If it is a nobel deed by Rowe then that would explain why it had not been previously publisized.

    Ok, thanks Bonnie, I'll try to be more positive or keep my fingers still (mouth shut). I just hope they do their job this time.

    I sure don't have a problem with Rowe self-publishing or the type of publishing that actually knocks out a corporate middleman.

    So...what about Rowe having been one of Michael's people...was/is he a good guy? Anybody know if the book is accurate and worth reading?

  21. Thank you Bonnie & truthbtold for explaining what does it mean when books put on “blacklist”. I did not know that some publisher can get pressured by mob not to publish some books. Pretty interesting to know.

    Bonnie – on your last blog, you attached a video interview of Michael’s spiritual adviser talking about Tohme. She even let us hear a voice recording of Michael telling her how this guy was treating him and how he did not trust him. Why was that this guy keeping him in the dark?

  22. Dear all, for what I have read and watched about Leonard Rowe, it seems he is one of the few honests persons who was with Michael. It is not clear why he was fired, but with all the conspiration I'm not wondered.
    I'm sure his book is excellent, it is in my plans to buy it.
    I ask you please if some of you could explain to me how is about the US Justice Department. Is it not the same as LPDA? (also not a USA citizen...)
    I thought the LPDA was the justice. If not, who they are?
    thanks in advance!
    And thanks Bonnie as always for your great job!

  23. Thanks Beatriz for answering my question about Leonard Rowe. I was reading what he had to say on his website too and it does sound like a good book.

    U.S. Justice Department is part of federal government. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is city police. It gets pretty complicated with all the different levels of government - city, county, state and federal.

  24. From what I have read, Rowe is a good friend of the family and I believe his intentions are honorable. As far as publishing the small printed article about the Justice Department, perhaps that's something the author did to encourage people to call the JD if they had further information. I don't believe it was from the JD or we would have heard it somewhere else before this. I'm ordering his book.

  25. Thank you truthbtold2all, and sorry for say LPDA. I really had no idea what it was. Now I really wonder how such a case is only followed by the "city police".
    I always say my country is very undeveloped, but when there is an important case it's the federal justice in charge. I see this is the way that works in USA , and no wonder now at all why there is so much corruption.
    Eveyrthing is cooked between neighbors...
    Please no offense. We have much more corruption than you, even in the federal department...

    @june, who is JD?

  26. beatriz - the death of Michael, I mean the crime happened in the State of California in the city of Los Angeles. Therefore, in the United State of America, the city where the crime is committed is responsible to investigate the case and bring it to court. Sometimes the Federal Government has to involve if the city cannot further investigate the case because maybe the case needs special experts which the city luck.

    As Bonnie said on the above, the Federal Government investigates if corporations involve in conspiracy, so in Michael's case there is corporate conspiracy, therefore, the Federal Government has to involve.

    You asked what is JD. It means Justice Department. JD in short.

  27. Hi Lisa! - I thought putting the DOJ info in a book was weird too, but thinking about it, maybe they want to keep the phone calls down to a minimum and not have every crack-pot Michael-basher calling that number as well. They advertise the links to this book on the Michael fan and FB pages to keep control of how many people see this and phone in. This could get abused. And yes, You have a good point on the reasons insurance hasn't been paid out yet, but . . . I had heard that the estate did get insurance money ($3million) and that the policy was cashed out, not paid out. I'll have to dig into that one. Geeze, these people know how to keep us busy!!

    truthbtold2all - I have not really formulated an opinion on Rowe yet, however, anyone trying to expose and bring attention to what happened to Michael must be on the good side. In an interview with Larry King and Joe Jackson, he also mentions the drugs with Michael and that really just ticks me off.

    Mesrak (Mimi) - Are you asking me why was Tohme keeping MICHAEL in the dark? I don't think he was keeping Michael in the dark. Something Tohme said in an interview was that he built a "wall around Michael". Now why would someone who could be under suspicion say something like that? There were other things Tohme said during an interview what made me step back (proverbially) and re-evaluate what was coming out of his mouth. Michael has always had these people "after him". And during 2008 closing in on 2009, something very important was getting ready to happen. One most definate was the master recordings reverting back to him in July of 2009. In 2011 Michael was due to be free and clear from Sony which would have given Michael much more leverage and power to hold on to the Sony/ATV catalog. Tohme shows up in 2008 and "builds a wall" around Michael.

    Now, some are reading this as Tohme closing Michael in . . . but, what if he were closing the bad guys out? Or trying to? Tohme is very, VERY hard to read, but I keep watching his interview on Youtube and the more I watch him the more I learn about him. He's very "all-business" but there is something in his face when he mentions Michael's name that is almost endearing . . . ALMOST, LOL!

  28. beatriz - If someone hasn't already, no, the LAPD is not the same as UJD. The LAPD is for the city of Los Angeles ONLY while the U.S. Dept. of Justice is a federal agency. They usually step in when crimes take on a cross-border character in which the issue with Sony would definitely fill that requirement. USJD also would investigate and prosecute corruption of smaller government bodies within the different U.S. states.

    june - June, if you can, let us know what it says. I am strapped budget wise and cannot get it.

    Beatriz - JD is short for Justice Department

  29. Thank you Bonnie for clarify, the fellows did already.
    I understand your hope now, I follow you in that too!

  30. Thank you Bonnie. I have a feeling of hope restored that I had almost lost. Please God, let this be real! You are right, it would answer so many questions that have troubled me over the last months, from Janet's strange demeanor to the slap on the wrist that Murray seems to be getting from the LA court system.

    I'm reading Rowe's book now. I downloaded it for $10 from Amazon and I'm reading it on Kindle for PC. So far it's very interesting. You are right, once you read it, you will never look at the music business in the same way again.

  31. Hi ladies (and gentleman lurkers), I want to answer these and have a little more info but I got home late from work tonight and we have a funeral tomorrow. I will be back tomorrow evening. I had a blog ready to go tonight too, but that will also have to wait. I hate delaying but . . . life . . . and death calls. :o(


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