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Michael Jackson Justice: What We DON’T Know about TMZ

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What We DON’T Know about TMZ

August 27, 2010 – What We DON’T Know about TMZ

It is Friday night as I am typing this. No, I don’t have a life, but thanks for asking. I never got out anyway and since the closest action to where I live is the “other” murder capital of the world, I much prefer to stay home.

Yesterday was a bit of an emotional one. Every time I have one of those days something breaks (aside from my heart) and I find new information. Tonight I had planned to connect with Michael’s siblings, but as I was researching the various stories that the press had put out about them, I came upon some interesting information that pulled me back over to TMZ.

Remember back in March, I had written a blog about TMZ and how they seemed to be the only online tabloid with an inside track on all things Jackson. I even joked that maybe someone in the Jackson family hired TMZ to leak information for them, hoping to somehow control the rampant rumors. The old link to that blog update is here, Should you need a refresher.

I don’t like tabloids. I don’t read them. However TMZ has been rather calm compared to some of the other online tabloids like Radar Online, E! As I was searching for some of the rumors that had been printed about Jermaine Jackson, a TMZ article popped up in the search results. It wasn’t related to what I was looking for, but something caught my eye . . . the year 2005.

So I thought to myself, “When did TMZ launch?”

“ is a celebrity news web site which debuted on November 8, 2005. It was a collaboration between America Online (AOL) and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Bros.,[4] until Time Warner divested AOL in 2009. The site is now under the sole control of Warner Bros.[5] The letters TMZ stand for thirty-mile zone, referring to the "studio zone" within a 30-mile (48.3 km) radius of the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles.[6] Shooting within this zone is considered local. Locations outside this zone are subject to mileage and travel time charges by the talent and crew.”

Early TMZ History:

“Seven months prior to the official launch of, America Online (AOL) had 'hinted' that they were planning on launching a Hollywood and entertainment-centric news site that would be produced in conjunction with Telepictures Productions and had shown interest in launching a website featuring a focus mainly on celebrities.”

Back when I wrote the original blog on it, I had thought that TMZ launched in 2007 which made me suspicious, but upon a deeper look at the timeline, TMZ on TV is actually the one that launched in September of 2007. actually launched in November of 2005. I looked at the date, almost five months after Michael is acquitted in his trial. Seven months prior as this article states, AOL had discussed plans for such a web site. That would take original conception of TMZ back to April of 2005, which was right in the middle of Michael’s child molestation trial. Source

TMZ launched after Michael’s trial. That was a pretty big story to miss out on. I had read previously that Harvey Levin was a lawyer on “The People’s Court” before he started TMZ. I wanted to find out what else was in his background.

Harvey Levin -

“In 1996, Levin moved to New York to work as a legal analyst for the 1997 revival of The People's Court (he appeared on the show during the 1980s and first half of the 1990s as a legal consultant during Doug Llewelyn's years) and deactivated his California bar license. He became host of the series in 1998 as well as continuing to serve as its legal analyst. Levin served as creator and executive producer for Celebrity Justice from 2002-2005.” Source

To simplfy Levin’s career timeline, I condensed Wikipedia a bit:

1975 - Levin passed the Bar exam
1977 – 1996 – taught at the Whittier Law School in L.A.
1994 – 1996: Reported on the O.J. Simpson murder trial. During this time he was also a legal analyst for KCBS TV in Los Angeles.

1996 – 1998: Became a legal analyst for “The People’s Court”.
1998 – 2002: Took over as host for the series as well as served as legal analyst.
2002 – 2005: Creator and Executive Producer of “Celebrity Justice”.

Through the time of the first surfacing of the allegations against Michael through the trial and acquittal, Levin was with Celebrity Justice. Did Celebrity Justice every cover the trial? I did some searches.

Celebrity Justice –

“Celebrity Justice was an American news show which ran from 2002 to 2005. It was produced by Harvey Levin Productions, and directed by Brad Kreisburg, and Rob Dorn for one episode in 2005. It was hosted by Holly Herbert and Carlos Diaz.” Source Interesting to not that both Celebrity Justice and offices are located in the very same “Victory Studios” in L.A. using the very same photo of the building.

Also noted is that Celebrity Justice was winner of the 2005 Genesis Award for Syndicated News Magazine. The Genesis Award is given in different categories for producing outstanding works which raise public understanding of animal issues, presented by The Humane Society of the United States. Source For a Celebrity Justice show, I thought that was a bit unusual.

Telepictures Productions: Produced The People’s Court in which Levin began as a commentating lawyer. Source Prince Al Walid is also involved in ownership of Warner Bros. and owned stock in Telepictures and AOL. Source

Michael Garin: of Telepictures founder of Lorimar Pictures started as a television syndication firm, which became Warner Bros Television in 1989. Source

Article where the show “Celebrity Justice” is mentioned in relation to Michael Jackson Trial.

I found this link, which only shows part of an interview Harvey Levin did with Greta Vansusteren where Levin talks about the prosecution pulling airline records to determine if Michael ordered wine poured into soft drink cans so children he was traveling with wouldn’t see him drink it. It wouldn’t let me see the rest of the interview, so I went looking for others. Source

Here Levin is interviewed shortly after Michael’s death in regard to TMZ’s new prime status as the news show that broke the story of the death of Michael Jackson before any other network. Under the paragraph bolded where it mentions Debbie Rowe, Levin talks about his predictions that Katherine would get the children, the executors would control the will and the twists and turns with the will and the creditors. This interview was given July 8th, or it was published July 8th, 2009. And Levin was aware of this already? Source

Levin also defends Michael during a snide remark by the interviewer that Michael and Princess Diana’s deaths were not on the same world-wide level of awareness. To that remark, Levin replies, “Jackson was a world figure. That comparison doesn't stun me.” Doesn’t stun us either.

Levin also talks about the drugs issue and the doctors that would be called onto the carpet about prescription drugs. We now know that these other doctors were released of responsibility due to lack of merit, probably because there was no evidence in the autopsy that Michael was an addict. Levin carefully words his answer in the paragraph above, stating “With all we know, he had a problem with drugs -- a big problem. The question is, how did he get them?” With all we know. He never comes out and states that he is an addict or that he had a problem with drugs. (Yes, I like picking these sentences apart. I was the queen of sentence diagramming in school).

What else I find surprising is Levin’s surprising approach to news about the celebrities in that he said he was more interested in the “mundane” everyday happenings with celebrities. I have noticed too, if you go back over reading, that the coverage since Michael’s death was reported by them that the coverage was more on the people surrounding Michael than any negativity on Michael himself.

The comments if you scroll to the bottom of that link on suggest that Levin was Michael’s ally. How did this happen?

I had trouble finding if any episode of Celebrity Justice covered the Michael Jackson trial at all. There was a list of episodes here for 2004 to see if any of the allegations against Michael were discussed. Source

I did not find anything on Michael Jackson being covered on Celebrity Justice, but I did find references to Celebrity Justice commenting on lawsuits against several tabloids by various celebrities as was referenced on this website (little over halfway down). Source

“Celebrity Justice reports the lawsuit says that the defendants, including the Enquirer and Morris, acted reprehensibly and must be punished before they callously destroy another private persons life in their race to profit and to sell tabloid magazines.”

“A Half-hour show which chronicled celebrities and their legal woes.” Source

This article was about a Dancer in Vancouver being accused of performing prostitution on Ben Affleck. Celebrity Justice reported on the case, condemning the “National Enquirer” for it’s use of unauthorized photo’s of a private person.

Here was an interview with Harvey Levin, condemning the Juror in the Michael Jackson case who said he really thought Michael was guilty. Source

TMZ gets it’s start in November of 2005, AFTER Michael is acquitted of child molestation charges. (I still HATE that word). Before that Levin produces Celebrity Justice from 2002 until 2005, then starts up TMZ, essentially a tabloid . . . the very thing Celebrity Justice had a particular disdain for.

Levin worked as a law teacher and a law analyst on radio and as a guest on news shows, but never really performed in a court room.

Before Celebrity Justice, Levin was an analyst and then host of “The People’s Court”.

So is Harvey Levin a good guy or a bad guy?

Do you think the Jackson Family could be using TMZ as a press outlet to control the worst of the rumors about Michael, his children and his family?

This is a topic I want to revisit later on and I am running out of room in this blog update.

Tomorrow I am taking a break (really, LOL!) and Sunday, I have a special, birthday tribute message for Michael. I will also have a contribution by Micheline James for Michael’s birthday as well.

Sunday . . . Nothing negative, all positive, inspiring and all about Michael. :o)


  1. Bonnie, did you know that Harvey Levin is the reporter who broke the news that Evan Chandler and Dr. Mark Torbiner gave Jordie sodium amytal in May 1994? This was first reported nationally by Mary Fischer in her GQ article. Although Fischer didn't name Levin as the reporter who broke the story, Ray Chandler did mention him in his "rebutall" to her GQ article.

    Ray Chandler started a website years ago, and even though he doesn't identify himself as the owner, we know it's his site because of his staunch defense of Evan Chandler, and his promotion of the book "All That Glitters". We did a post totally "rebutting" his rebuttals here:’s-site/

    When you go to the website and read his rebuttal to the GQ article, you'll see him mention Harvey Levin, and lame attempt to debunk the sodium amytal theory. Personally, I no longer believe that Jordie was given sodium amytal, and I think he was just made to lie and they lied and implied that it was given in order to make us MJ supporters look crazy by saying "That kid was drugged and hypnotized into lying on MJ!".

    If you read the comments that we made on that post beginning on July 5th @ 11:04pm, you'll see that we discuss Harvey Levin's involvement with the 1993 scandal.

    Lastly, I don't know if you've seen this video of a 1994 60 Minutes report on false memories, but it proves that people can indeed be brainwashed with sodium amytal, and this visual proof is critical o showing that the use of sodium amytal as a mind altering drug is NOT as far-fetched as it seems! Open the link and scroll to the bottom to see it!

  2. Oh, one last thing Bonnie: Here is a list of some of the media appearances that Ray Chandler made while promoting "All That Glitters":

    He made no less than 20 media appearances, but there was one appearance that he was DESPERATE to avoid, and that was on the witness stand in a court of law! In case you didn't read this post (I don't know if I sent this to yu already), Ray Chandler used the Journalist Shield Law to get out of testifying against MJ. Believe it or not, he wasn't subpoenaed by Sneddon, but by Mesereau! If MJ was truly guilty, then why would his defense team want him to testify against him?

    BTW, in case you haven't read "All That Glitters" (and I suggest that you do!), here is an excerpt that basically sums up the type of people that the Chandlers were:

    From page 128 of All That Glitters:

    “Had Michael paid the twenty million dollars demanded of him in August, rather than the following January, he might have spent the next ten years as the world’s most famous entertainer, instead of the world’s most infamous child molester.”

    Could they be any more blunt? What scumbags!

  3. Very interesting about TMZ.

    “With all we know, he had a problem with drugs -- a big problem. The question is, how did he get them?” With all we know. He never comes out and states that he is an addict or that he had a problem with drugs.

    Yes, lots of loopholes in statements.

    "...had a problem with" also means the opposite, as in being opposed to. Saying Michael had "a big problem" with drugs can mean he stayed away from them as much as possible. We know that Michael certainly did his homework. Why would an addict bother?

    I have a big problem with drugs. I avoid them!

    " did he get them?” Or...did he get them? Was he even interested in getting them or is it all gramatical trickery and interference?

  4. @ Bonnie,

    I understand your post about not jumping ship but, possibly changing boats.

    This whole case is "So All Over The Place" that it's hard to know who's guilty.

    I've changed boats many times already.

    I will continue to follow your investigation and hopfully, in time, we will reach a "Solid Conclusion."

    I look forward to your post tomorrow.


  5. "So is Harvey Levin a good guy or a bad guy?" From what I've seen, Levin for the most part is pro Michael BUT he's quite suspicious of those whom surrounded Michael. Including Arnie Klein. That's why I think he enjoyed the whole "gay lover" thing. In my opinion, Levin KNEW that MJ was surrounded by nothing more than a bunch of headhunting, pathological liars and users, and it was his intent to expose them for who and what they truly are.

    "Do you think the Jackson Family could be using TMZ as a press outlet to control the worst of the rumors about Michael, his children and his family?" I don't dismiss the possibilities here.

    As far as the whole drug abuse issue goes, here's my take. Ever since '93, Michael had a problem with painkillers. He even went into rehab for it. I don't believe that Michael was a typical addict. He knew he had a problem, and did his best to avoid repeating it.

    However, as recently as the 60 Minutes interview with Bradley, where Michael discloses the bruises on his wrist from the handcuffs, and tells about being manhandled which led to his right shoulder being dislocated, you can see in that interview, that Michael "slipped up" a bit. He asked if it was "time for my medication yet?...I hurt." and the very look on his face, when he turned to look at Bradley--you can tell that Michael caught himself there too, as I'm sure that many of us with observant eyes did. I'm sorry but yes...Michael was in pain, and I sympathize, but also, it DOES admittedly show that he had "issues" with painkillers, and lastly...he looked to be a bit "stoned" in that interview as well.

    Do I believe that Michael was an "addict"? NO. At least not in the "traditional" sense of the word. However, Michael DID suffer from some serious falls during his career. He also battled a bit of arthritis (and on that issue alone, since I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis), it's not hard to understand WHY he needed pain relief.

    Yet, also has to wonder: Was he treating physical pain, or emotional pain? Sometimes the physical pain we feel, is a result of emotional turmoil. That's where Michael had "issues", I believe. If someone/something hurt or upset Michael, I suspect that he would internalize it to the point that it would manifest itself as physical pain. Even in his book, "Moon Walk", Michael admits to being "holding things in" rather than taking things out on others.

  6. Hi Bonnie:

    Thank you for helping us keep a level head. I have to admit I disliked Mr. Levin because he was associated with TMZ but, I never really looked at how he handled Michael in his reporting.

    Interesting enough, I did like Mr. Levin when he was on the People's Court and was so very surprise that he stooped to what I thought was tabloid trash because he was associated with TMZ.

    Thank you again for helping MJ Fans stay level headed while we hold on to one day seeing justice served for Michael. All of your hard work and thorough research are very much appreciated.


  7. Do I believe that Michael was an "addict"? NO. At least not in the "traditional" sense of the word. However, Michael DID suffer from some serious falls during his career. He also battled a bit of arthritis (and on that issue alone, since I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis), it's not hard to understand WHY he needed pain relief.

    Yet, also has to wonder: Was he treating physical pain, or emotional pain? Sometimes the physical pain we feel, is a result of emotional turmoil. That's where Michael had "issues", I believe. If someone/something hurt or upset Michael, I suspect that he would internalize it to the point that it would manifest itself as physical pain. Even in his book, "Moon Walk", Michael admits to being "holding things in" rather than taking things out on others.

    Hi LA1962:

    In reference to the above statement, from my view point, an addict is an addict, there is no distinction regarding that problem.

    There will of course be a distinction in what a person is addicted to but, there is no distinction regarding the underlying problem, the problem being that they are being controlled by what they are addicted to.

    People become addicted to substances for different reasons.

    A person addicted to illegal drugs my have had an early start in life that was filled with trauma and heartache, they may have had bad breaks along the way or it may have just been their destiny to have a difficult life and the only way they knew how to deal with it was to succumb to illegal drugs to escape reality.

    Michael became addicted to painkillers because of the tremendous amount of pain he must of been experiencing as a result of work related injuries. The stress from the turmoil going on in the later half of his life served only to increase his dependency.

    My point is, some times life becomes so difficult that a person feels a need to turn to something to cope. Being an addict is not a crime. To me the crime is the people surrounding you that are enabling you by helping you feed your addiction instead of helping you find a better way to deal with your underlying issues.

    These criminals can be a low life drug dealer or a low life licensed medical doctor. In either case there should be no distinction in their punishment because both criminals are helping to feed an addiction instead of helping the addict help themselves.

    This is not an attack against you LA1962, this is just my take on this issue.


  8. Hi techlilinu. I didn't find your response to be an attack. The only reason why I have an opposing reasoning here when looking at Michael's battle with painkillers, is because he took the time to find substitute (often those that had a history of being non-addictive) painkillers. "Traditional" drug abusers do NOT do that.

    With that said, for the most part, I agree with your commentary about the "enablers" that surrounded Michael. Why other doctors are not being charged with "feeding" him such, I'm totally clueless, because they should be. Each and every single one of them. But, then again...MJ also enjoyed firing people who didn't kiss his royal butt as well. So, heaven forbid if anyone told him "No." opinion.

  9. @ Techlilinu and LadyA1962,

    My take on this addiction question is I agree
    with Techlilinu.

    An Addict is an Addict no matter what the circumstance.

    MJ found something that worked for him and he stayed with it.

    The guy was in pain both emotionally and physically.

    Taking pills not only worked for him but it was fast and easy for him.

    The guy had a busy schedule and taking pills helped him keep up with his busy life.

    So he was Addicted to pain killers NOT becacuse
    he wanted to GET HIGH, but because he NEEDED to
    Control his Cronic Pain.

    That's still an Addict to me.

  10. If he wanted to find some other way to deal with his cronic pain; he would have searched until he found something else { IF HE HAD THE TIME! }


    His finances were a mess and he needed to fix them fast!!

    He had a concert to prepare for!

    The poor guy never got a break!

    I think anyone else would have done the same thing.

    Keep taking the pills and fix up your life!

    What I'm saying is MJ was an addict because he had no other choice.

  11. If my posts are confusing I will say it all in
    one sentence.

    MJ was addicted to Pain Killers because he Needed To Control His Chronic Pain and Didn't Have Time To Look For Another Way.

    If these BLOOD-SUCKING MONSTERS would have left him alone, the guy would be off pills and alive today!

  12. ladyaquarius1962, I also noticed that "slip" in his interview with Bradley. A fleeting unguarded moment he normally wouldn't have let happen. I noticed it when that interview first aired and I found it disturbing and it stayed with me.

    Yes, Michael did have problems with chronic pain and chronic insomnia and I believe he was trying to manage these issues, not get high.

    Sometimes, I believe, that pain management got out of hand. We also see the same issue in his finances. That was an issue that occasionally got out of hand has well. Of course primarily after '93.

    My observation isn't meant to diminish Michael, especially just before what would have been his 52nd birthday, it is meant to be a sympathetic comment in regard to a human being with a lot of overwhelming burdens on his plate. Many of those burdens forced upon him by others. If only things could have been different!

    As it's on my mind, this issue brings me back to Lisa Marie Presley's post from the day after Michael's passing that she titled, "He Knew."

    She says, "I can't recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death.

    At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, "I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did."

    I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that."


    Also, during Michael's "Dangerous" era of the early '90's, he was known to cryptically sign his name with the date 1998 below it. At the time, he apparently didn't think he would live past his 40th birthday.

    I don't think Michael had a suicide wish. I think he wanted to live but I got the sense that he felt, at that time, that he might become consumed by his own fame, and other's greed, in the form of an accidental overdose. Advance forward to 2009 and I was struck by how family members and associates, other than LMP, were not entirely surprised by his death and were even surprised that he made it to 50?!?

    That was a revelation to me and made me wonder, and still does, what did they know?

    Over the last 14 months, I've learned a lot about Michael and have gained a deeper respect for him and his struggle to deal with the difficult issues in his life. Like Rev. Al Shaprton said during Michael's memorial from July 7, 2009, when he addressed Michael's children, "there was nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with." Strange indeed!!!!

    Regarding Michael's legacy, he also told the congregation that "Michael brought blacks, whites, Asians and Latinos together," and that "it was Michael Jackson who said "we are the world" to feed the hungry long before Live Aid."


    What a remarkable and gifted man! What a terrible loss!

    Bonnie, I'm looking forward to your birthday tribute to Michael tomorrow.

  13. I wish I could remember where I read this, but didn't Harvey Levin discuss the Arviso's and their early con games regarding the son's cancer. I hope you can find it or I can remember. My mind is full of information from everywhere. :) My take is to follow TMZ, tabloid for sure, but Harvey bears watching. JMO

  14. @Josie

    «MJ was addicted to Pain Killers because he Needed To Control His Chronic Pain and Didn't Have Time To Look For Another Way.»

    or more accurately:

    MJ was addicted to Pain Killers because he Needed To Control His Chronic Pain in order to be able to face his (own and family's) financial turmoil.
    He hated to tour (he said so) and he was pressured by everyone to do it one more time, or else...
    It's almost impossible to escape these kind of sharks:

  15. I would like to see the hard evidence for all the addict claims. Without that, it just sounds like a bunch of tabloid assumptions and gossip being passed off as fact.

    16 years ago for me is many chapters in my past - a lifetime ago. People evolve and change. A 1993 admission proves nothing in 2009. Even then, I don't believe he was anywhere near a hardcore addict or he wouldn't have been able to function. Neither does asking if it's time for his medicine prove anything about addiction. And now the motivation is "financial turmoil"? Geez...what a loada judgemental crapola!

    Give him a freakin' break.


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