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Michael Jackson Justice: September 2010

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colony, Xanadu, Dr. Tohme and Michael Business News

September 30, 2010 – Colony, Xanadu, Dr. Tohme and Michael Business News

 Children around the world missing out . . .

I was going to apply the lyrics to “Scream” last night but my day would not allow it.  I can’t just post lyrics, links and force an interpretation, I have to listen with eyes closed, let the word sink in and put my self in Michael’s shoes (most of the time I trip, bigfoot!)  But I did finally get it done tonight.  So that makes two blogs you have to put up with.

I had a meeting this afternoon concerning our relocation, and an interesting presentation after that kept me there until 3pm.  Since I did not get to sleep until 6am and had to set the alarm for 10am to get to this thing, my brain shut down pretty much around 5pm, for an hour.  Then I was back up on the computer.  Don’t worry, I fed my husband. 

Scream is in the works.  Don’t worry you will love it.  I will take this opportunity to catch up on some news though just to keep you all discussing.  The link is now posted here.

“LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Michael Jackson's final business manager asked a judge Tuesday to unseal detailed financial records from the singer's estate, arguing that the sealing of the documents could prevent him and other creditors from being paid.”  Source

I had been on the fence with Dr. Tohme for quite a while until looking into Colony Capital and their attempts to help Michael save Neverland Ranch.  I no longer believe Dr. Tohme is guilty in this mess that has become Michael’s death investigation.  There has been renewed outcry for the proverbial “beheading” of not only this man, but Randy Phillips of AEG Live and even Thomas Barrack and Philip Anschutz.  The people calling for the public flogging of these entities and individuals are the very same people who photo shop pictures of themselves to lie to fans, and do everything within their power to either convince fans, or convince themselves that the Jackson’s would have anything to do with them.

Rest assured I have not turned away from their continued fraudulent deceit.  I continue to investigate and I will have more on this bunch shortly.  In the meantime, all I ask is that you keep watching.  I find it very interesting that AEG has done NO ATTACKING whatsoever toward anyone, including Sony . . . yet Sony and their industry thugs continue to send it’s paid network after AEG.

“You will know them by their fruits . . . “

Dr. Tohme I believe is responding to the sealing of estate deals by the judge (Yes, one of the judges on two payrolls in California . . . the state payroll and whatever corporation offers him the deal)  Beckloff the Bought.  

“Tohme claims he negotiated the contract for the concerts and is entitled to 15 percent of the revenue from the movie, DVD sales and album.

Tohme's attorneys argued in the filing that he and other creditors should have access to unredacted copies of a report filed last week by estate administrators regarding Jackson's post-death finances.
The motion seeks access to revenue, expense and profit information that is not publicly available.
Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman had not seen the motion and said he could not immediately comment.”  Source

Dr. Tohme was Michael’s manager and DID negotiate the contract for the concerts.  But the request to see unredacted reports of the estate finances could also be an attempt to view and determine unjust enrichment from the estate executors.   After all, we have already seen both Branca and Weitzman in action on that score.  Branca with Michael’s previous Sony contracts and the self dealing with Mottola prompting his firing in 2003, and Weitzman’s Cobain estate shenanigans which he managed to strong-arm Courtney Love into dropping those charges.

We shall keep an eye on this one.

 The Xanadu Complex in New Jersey

Colony Capital and Xandadu

“Derek Roseman, a Senate Majority spokesman, confirmed that the office received the subpoena Wednesday and that it would “fully comply” with the request.

“The subpoena asks for “any and all records relating to endorsements by lawmakers of any proposals submitted by Mills Corporation or Mills Meadowlands to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority,” according to a source familiar with the document.”  Source 

“Colony Capital replaced Mills as lead developer in 2006, a year before Mills was dissolved. Colony walked away from the project last month, and the project’s lending group has taken it over.” 

Remember this project I discussed back earlier this year when I began investigating the backgrounds of Colony Capital and Anschutz’s relationship?

I was kind of hoping this project would go through because it was something I thought Michael would really want.  It also gave me this hope that somehow Prince Al Walid was carrying on their “Kingdom Entertainment” plans in honor of Michael.  But the project has been consistently road-blocked and delayed in absence of “payola” to appease local regulators and Colony bailed out.  Hopefully they can find another worthwhile location in a more business-friendly state.  I really hope they don’t give it up . . . I would go, even at my age.  The role-playing activity however, would have to raise the age limit for me.

 He's been bleeding a long time now...
Michael’s quote:

“like the old Indian proverb says do not judge a man until you’ve walked 2 moons in his moccasins.
Most people don’t know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true.  I cry very very often because it hurts and I worry about the children all my children all over the world, I live for them.

If a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, history could not be written.
Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live, it is the same with those who criticize, they desire our blood, not our pain. But still I must achieve I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world for the children.  But have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.”
  - M.J. (circa 1995)

This is now a famous note written by Michael that very well could have been the start of a song.  This is such a heart-wrenching plea.  When he talks about his "children all over the world" and being worried about them, I read this as fear of who would be their voice, who would be their advocate if anything happened to him?  Who would take care of them?  The children of the world had no other friend like Michael Jackson.  He brought awareness of what they have been denied more so after his death, after the Youtube videos of his visits to children's hospitals and orphanages around the world were finally viewed.  Michael never tooted his own horn.  He wasn't a self-glorification person, which is more than I can say for some of his so-called fans out there trying to convince others how close they were to Michael . . .  AFTER he dies.

The second paragraph Michael talks about how shallow our history would be if every piece of information we ever had, had to be proven. He is right.  Michael was about truth and seeking truth.  It's a shame those in his life sought to bury him in lies before he was even gone.  He has been bleeding for a long time . . . he is still bleeding.  Because justice is not the goal of most out there.

 Those out their bloviating and posturing about justice are spending more time trying to cover up their lies and destroy those exposing them, then they are concerned about anything to do with Michael.

I was reminded in an email again last night that the truth will prevail.  And of that I have no doubt.  I wish I could remind those who work so hard at lying how futile their efforts are.  But some are entertained with their antics as they strive so hard only to prove what they are struggling so hard to cover up.

In totally unrelated, yet related news, I was sent a link tonight explaining another tidy relationship, this time in representation of the battle-weary Lindsay Lohan.

“Did u know Lindsey Lohans lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley is a lawyer n weitzmans firm & lindsey is on mottolas record label Casablanca.”   - Contributed by Vanessa  Source 

Are any of Motolla or Weitzman’s clients sober?  Mottola has one client on his Casablanca label (Casablanca is spelled f-r-o-n-t)  which is Lohan, who is making him NO money.  To my knowledge she doesn’t even have any songs to steal the rights to, so one has to ask . . . why bother?  Do you think maybe someone can get to her before she ends up like Michael or Weitzman’s other client, Cobain?  (Remember Cobain’s songs?  Remember his railing against commercialization of his music?  We should look into this too!)

I did that and Vanessa again beat me to the punch.  Guess who Shawn Holley is married to?  (drum roll)

Dorian Holley.  Remember him?

“The singer is married to trial attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, who practices law in the areas of both civil and criminal litigation. A partner of Howard Weitzman of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldiser LLP, she has defended and worked for individuals such as O.J. Simpson, Sara Jane Olson, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, The Game, Axl Rose, Jesse McCartney and Michael Jackson. She was also an on-air legal analyst during the E! Network's nightly international coverage of Jackson's 2005 child sexual abuse trial.”  Source 
Did anyone suspect?  I sure didn't!
So who REALLY killed Michael Jackson?  Could have been ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE working on those rehearsals.

We will expand on this further in the future.  Ain't too hard for you to Jam, is it  Dorian?

This blog is kind of a mash of subjects tonight just to catch up on the headlines.  My thoughts and I want to hear about yours.

I will leave you with a couple of links . . . One of Michael on his way to the Gary home.   Adorable!  Although  I felt like smacking that (who is that guy?) next to Michael spraying the perfume.

Michael “ain’t doing the typewriter” . . .
And a very human and funny Michael, the entire video

And for more pleasant reading about Michael, I loved this article sent to me by Dee

A nice article sent to me by a friend about Michael in Vanity Fair.  I thought you might like to read it.   Let me know what you think about this one too. 

God Bless you . . . two blogs tonight.  :o) 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michael and Janet Jackson Let out a “Scream”

September 28, 2010 – Michael and Janet Jackson Let out a “Scream”

 Michael taking a break in filming "Scream"

I am going to concentrate on songs from Michael’s HIStory Album since that was the first album recorded and released after the first child molestation allegations took place.  Many of his songs on this album dealt with the ingredients that lead to this event.

Michael Recorded “Scream” in  December 1994 at the Hit Factory in New York City and at Flyte Tyme Studios in Edina, Minnesota.  It is a retaliatory song directed at the tabloid media and their coverage of the child sexual abuse accusations made against Michael Jackson.  Source and History of “Scream”   

Michael Jackson’s “Scream” with Janet Jackson

(feat. Janet Jackson)
Tired of injustice
Tired of the schemes
The lies are disgusting
directed at me.
Kicking me down
I got to get up
As jacked as it sounds
The whole system sucks

Peek in the shadow
I Come into the light
You tell me I'm wrong
Then you better prove you're right
You're sellin' out souls but
I care about mine
I've got to get stronger
And I won't give up the fight
With such confusions don't it make you wanna scream
You're bash abusin' victimize within the scheme
You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize
Somebody please have mercy
'Cause I just can't take it
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream

Tired of you tellin' the story your way
It's causin' confusion
You think it's okay

You Keep changin' the rules
While I keep playin' the game
I can't take it much longer
I think I might go insane

With such confusions, don't it make you wanna scream
Your bash abusin' victimize within' the scheme
You find your pleasure scandalizin' every lie
Oh father, please have mercy 'cause I just can't take it
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop *?!@#!in' with me
Make me wanna scream

"Oh my God, can't believe what I saw
As I turned on the TV, the city
I was disgusted by all the injustice
All the injustice"
"All the injustice"

[News Man]
"A man has been brutally beaten to death by
Police after being wrongly identified as a
robbery suspect. The man was
an 18 year old black male..."

With such collusions don't it make you wanna scream
Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme
You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize
Oh brother please have mercy 'Cause I just can't take it
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream
Stop pressurin' me
Just stop pressurin' me
Stop pressurin' me
Make me wanna scream
Stop your pressure!

Confrontational Gaze in "Scream"
Dare You!

I remember seeing the previews of this video back in the mid 1990’s and I remember thinking it was weird.  I couldn’t really hear the lyrics but understood it was an “angry” song.  In the mid-1990’s I was concentrating on raising my boys and battling with the school district over my oldest son, who has Asperger’s.  I was at best unaware of Michael and his issues with anything.  I was superficially aware that Michael was abused by the press.

Michael’s part on the first verse, he says “Tired of injustice, Tired of the schemes, The lies are disgusting
directed at me.  Kicking me down, I got to get up, As jacked as it sounds, The whole system sucks
" – summarizes the injustice of the allegations, the scheming and lies behind it, and motivating himself to get back up.

Janet’s part of the verse says – “Peek in the shadow, I Come into the light, You tell me I'm wrong, Then you better prove you're right, You're sellin' out souls but, I care about mine, I've got to get stronger
And I won't give up the fight”

Michael's Ferocious Stage Presence

This verse is interesting especially when you couple it with the chorus which comes right after this.  Peek in the shadow and I come into the light . . . they have nothing to hide, they are not the ones doing the lying.  “You tell me I’m wrong, then you better prove you’re right”, the burden of proof is on the accuser not the accused.  Next she sings “You’re sellin’ out souls, but I care about mine” – This could have several meanings.  She could be talking about the press selling lies about real people and hurting them or it could have a deeper meaning.  Knowing the core objectives of those in power in the entertainment industry, could Janet be singing about what the entertainment industry does to the actual artists?

The entertainment industry has taken the creative control . . . the SOUL of artists and twisted them into an agenda made palatable by marketing a subtle acceptance of social degradation one year, one decade, one artist at a time.

Michael Jackson’s songs however, ran against this agenda.  Michael saw a system pitting races and religions against each other.  He was the victim of a system that emotionally bullied and tortured until you conformed.  Michael wouldn’t conform.  Michael through his music, tried to warn us what they were doing.

It is amazing the complete misinterpretation of Michael’s song “They Don’t Care About Us” by someone like the New York Times, calling Michael anti-semetic and racist because the word “Kike” was in his song, while rappers could repeatedly use the “N” word in their songs, sing about killing cops and taking drugs and killing rival gang members without getting so much as a finger wag.

Michael Jackson's Gentle Soul

Those in the driver’s seat of social awareness are the very people lying to us.  Anyone calling them out as Michael did, were vilified and unmercifully persecuted using the misinterpretation of their own words.  With Michael, because he so incessantly spoke of God, God’s love and acquainted trust in God with that of the trust a child would have, they went a step further and made him a “pedophile” . . . at least, in the press.

There are still industry insiders that post on forums that they KNEW Michael was a pedophile and they never knew the man.  The jury has been out and back for years, but they still peddle this garbage.  Sony needs to get ahold of this gentleman and inform him that now Michael is “dead”, he needs to “change direction” or Sony will lose profits.

This part of the Chorus – “With such confusions, don't it make you wanna scream
Your bash abusin' victimize within' the scheme you find your pleasure scandalizin' every lie”

Michael by this time knows that there is a “scheme” behind the allegations and the lies in the press and that it is by design, not an accident.

Michael and Janet - "Scream"

At the beginning of the film, you see the space ship floating over the earth. Then the camera zooms in on the portal and inside the ship.  Lights come on and vending machines are visible, one which prominently displays a sign for “stress tabs”.  Both Michael and Janet are awakened and come to life, as if finally the noise (feedback) of the lies and injustice in the press beg them to respond.  Michael “screams”, breaking the “glass” of silence as both he and Janet come out swinging, battling the injustice being forced upon them.

In one early scene, Michael begins dancing then the shot flashes to Michael breaking a guitar, smashing it on the floor.  His talent has brought him attention, but not all of it is good.

During “Scream” the video, which interestingly enough was also shot in black and white, as was “Stranger in Moscow”.  The siblings are in a space ship and a number of shots give the impression of the lack of gravity, which reminded me of the lack of gravity to the allegations made in the press about Michael and the Jackson family in general.

The shots show flash pictures of a flat screen that shows words.  The words I caught were “gravity”, “habitation”, “gallery”, “Media”, “Meditation”, “observation”, “Recreation”.  This wasn’t just words thrown up on a screen to separate segments of the video.  This was telling us something.  These words are displayed throughout the video in this order.  I would like to hear everyone else’s interpretation of what, if any significance they have.

Several scenes in the video (I’m sorry Michael . . . short! Short film!) depict the siblings playing games that end in destruction of some inanimate object, like the space-aged racket ball game where the ball breaks a vase.  This reminded me of the games those trying to hurt Michael were playing with the intent to destroy.  Other shots show Janet and Michael playing a video game and fighting over the controller, playfully.  I thought this was adorable and it gave the impression that the siblings may tangle or even fight with each other but not to question that love was there.  It could also have poked fun at the completely disproportionate attention the press put on such disagreements between the siblings, in an effort to portray them as a dysfunctional, fame-spoiled family.

At the very end of the film, we see Michael and Janet holding each other.  Janet with a fierce and confrontational look on her face and Michael with an angry and wounded look on his face.  Janet has a protective arm around her brother.  There are many reading this blog who share this sentiment.

This video was about and in response to the allegations yes, but I believe this was also mainly aimed at the press and the media and their destructive hold they have on society.

We can be coerced, bullied, pummeled, harassed just watching our own televisions, reading the newspaper or listening to the radio.  We are told what to buy, who to vote for, what music to listen to, what lies to believe, what ideology is “acceptable” and we can stop it by doing one thing:


We don’t have to watch, listen to or read it. And in our desires to be “entertained” and “escape”, be cognizant of what it is they are forcing down your throat. 

Ask yourself if there is any “gravity” to what they are telling you.  This is your “habitation”.  There is a  “gallery” of available information.  Do your own research if it is going to affect you.  The “Media” is not your friend. They don’t care about you.  Use “Meditation”, “observation” of the pieces of information you get and if it still confuses you, you can always turn it off and reconnect with your family in some good, old fashioned “Recreation”.

God Bless you.

Michael Jackson in his element

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stranger in Moscow, Friend in my Heart

September 25, 2010 – Stranger in Moscow, Friend in my Heart

I can't wait to get to this one. "Stranger" ripped my heart out and like you the first time I saw it was after June 25, of 2009. It was very simply and tastefully shot, the stark black and white images, the slo-mo rain falling and slow shutter bird wings and wasp and coffee spilling. But the words, I am telling you.

Stranger In Moscow

I was wandering in the rain
Mask of life, feelin' insane
Swift and sudden fall from grace
Sunny days seem far away
Kremlin's shadow belittlin' me
Stalin's tomb won't let me be
On and on and on it came
Wish the rain would just let me

How does it feel (How does it feel)

How does it feel
How does it feel
When you're alone
And you're cold inside

Here abandoned in my fame

Armageddon of the brain
KGB was doggin' me
Take my name and just let me be
Then a begger boy called my name
Happy days will drown the pain
On and on and on it came
And again, and again, and again...
Take my name and just let me be

How does it feel (How does it feel)

How does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel (How does it feel now)
How does it feel
How does it feel
When you're alone
And you're cold inside

How does it feel (How does it feel)

How does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel (How does it feel now)
How does it feel
How does it feel
When you're alone
And you're cold inside

stranger in Moscow
Like stranger in Moscow
We're talkin' danger
We're talkin' danger, baby
Like stranger in Moscow
We're talkin' danger
We're talkin' danger, baby
Like stranger in Moscow
I'm live in lonely
I'm live in lonely, baby
in Moscow

KGB interrogator - Russian to English Translation]
"Why have you come from the West?
Confess! To steal the great achievements of
the people, the accomplishments of the workers..."

“It concludes with a narrative, spoken in Russian, by a KGB interrogator.[17] The narrative, translated into English is, "Why have you come from the west? Confess! To steal the great achievements of the people, the accomplishments of the workers..."

The Dawning of a Realization for Michael

I can see already where this is going to take me and I feel as though someone is pulling my heart down through my stomach every time I listen to this song.   This is only going to get harder the deeper we get into these song lyrics of Michael’s.  Get your Kleenex.

I had to stop several times in this song, without even the aid of the video, just to savor the delicacy of the instrumentals.  This song is the one that turned everything around for me.  This is the song that told me who Michael Jackson was, what he went through and the first day that I heard it was at the end of a three month period of studying Michael through his own interviews, speeches, depositions and even his home movies.   Had never heard the song before the fall of 2009.

In the first stanza of this “poem” turned into a song sets the theme for the loneliness and isolation Michael is suffering.  He wrote this in Moscow, on tour during the explosion of the torment of the child molestation allegations in 1993.   The first time I heard this song, those first four lines told me immediately what this song was about.

“Mask of life, feeling insane” – This hit me particularly hard and right at the beginning of the song.  It says so much about how he feels about beating heart in a superficial world.  Everyone else around him is “living”, he goes on, gutted by what someone has just done to him.  No rhyme or reason why a child and a family he befriended would do this to him.   It is the period of numbness between the initial shock and the emotional breakdown.

“Swift and sudden fall from grace” – We know what this is about.  The sudden turning of the media, the public and the music industry against him.  The core of his fans however, stood by him as he was to find out later.

The last four lines of the first stanza talk about the Kremlin’s shadow belittling him and Stalin’s tomb and the rain.  I did not get this the first time I heard the song. It seemed like it did not fit there, other than to recognize the coldness of where he was when he wrote it.  However a year after digging through this whole epic conspiracy and learning a few things, I believe the Kremlin represents the mocking shadow of possibly Sneddon and the D.A. who seemed to take a disproportionate pleasure in tormenting Michael through the press, the constant raids and the strip-search/examination they made Michael endure (remember, he had not even been arrested.  His lawyer at the time was Howard Weitzman.  Michael did not keep him around long.) 

Walking in the shadow of the Kremlin

The Kremlin’s shadow I saw as the whole system, the press allied with a system that Michael was on the cusp of realizing was slanted against him.  The rain, which came on and on, and would not let him be is the pain being inflicted by every comment on the news, the talk shows, every headline appearing in the papers and tabloids, every lie spawned from the incident which kept growing and growing.

“Here abandoned in my fame, Armageddon of the brain” – The first time I heard this verse in the song, I stopped singing it with him.  My throat closed up, my chest got tight, then the tears came.  I listened to the rest of the song, but this part made the song for me because it transported me back to 2005 when both Michael and I shared a very bad year. 

I wanted to know who abandoned Michael.  I wanted to know if he felt that it was God that abandoned him.  I wanted to tell him that God didn’t abandon him and that I knew because I had been there.  I knew exactly where he was.  I saw the same chasm and looked down over the same precipice once.  I once stood there, yelling to God, “What am I supposed to do now?  You pushed me to this edge, you tell me where I’m supposed to go?” 

At the time, I did not know Michael enough to know if he jumped or not, but I knew I almost did.  And it was over pain caused by the manipulation of a child I loved against me.  The same thing.  I was going through a divorce, Michael was the victim of rage from a vindictive sycophant.  Both used children against us. 

It was at that point in the song that I felt this intense urge to ask God to give me that man’s pain.  I don’t even know why or what good it was going to do at that point.  Michael was gone and would not feel the relief from the burdens.  I don’t know why I felt l could handle it, but I remember praying mentally that I thought I could handle it because I was so good at shutting down from the time I was a child.  I was an expert at walking through emotional walls and deflecting hurt.  I asked God to give me Michael’s pain and let me keep it so he didn’t have to deal with it any more.  Little did I know that God did exactly the opposite.  He used Michael’s pain to open up that heart of mine because it was at that moment I realized my pain was gone and all I could feel was Michael’s.

I cried for two hours after this song.  Two hours solid, with my head on this desk, sobbing.  My husband came home from work and I had to tell him I thought I was coming down with something because my nose was stuffed tight, my eyes were swollen.  Making dinner, I had to keep turning toward the sink because the tears were coming and I couldn’t stop them.  After dinner, he went down to the office and I cleaned up.  I let the tears go full force.  I couldn’t even see the dishes I was cleaning up.

The same word occupied my brain over and over again . . . loneliness.  How incredibly alone he must have felt with everyone around him pulling back, acting is if they no longer knew him, Michael himself pulling back just from reaction and a need to self-protect.  I could imagine him curled up into a ball, in the corner of a hotel room, crying, wondering what it was he did that was so wrong.

Exhausted – Do you Give up and go over?
Or do you fight with energy you no longer have?

I could not get that phrase out of my head.  What did he do?  With all the bad people roaming the earth and an innocent is publicly flayed, mocked, emotionally tortured and wrongfully accused.  I will not lie to you when I tell you that I pictured him dragging a cross through the streets and up a hill while people spit on him.  I know he would probably cringe if he saw this analogy, but that is what this reminded me of.

I thought, is this what Christ wanted me to see?  Is this what he wanted me to relate to?  Have people so taken for granted the things we were given that even those who DO seek God do so superficially, thinking it means something when in reality our hearts are still closed?

I wondered if this is what Christ felt like, when he knew what it was we were going to suffer if he didn’t do what he came here to do . . . if he backed out.  Did Christ volunteer to take our pain?  Yes he did.

So that is the love they talk about in the Bible.  To want to take the pain of someone else for no reason at all, without even understanding why you want to take it.  You just ask for it because . . .

You love them.

That brought about a fresh bout of tears.  (One box of Kleenex gone, another being worked on).  At two am I finally went to bed.  My husband was asleep.  I freshened up, washed my face with COLD water to try to shrink my sinuses.  As I lay there in bed, the tears come again.  I can’t stop them.  So I pray.  I ask God, “Why are you doing this to me?” (I have a short memory . . . I asked for this)  “What is wrong with me?  Why can’t I cut this man loose?  I didn’t know him!  Why am I crying like this God?  Help me let this go!”  As I prayed, it turned into a prayer FOR him instead of for me, “I don’t understand why you allow this to happen, what did he do that was so wrong?  Why did the bad guys win?  How could  you let him suffer when he TALKED about you?  He witnessed for you!  He did what you told him to do!  (I was getting angry), He tried to show you to others and look what happened to him!”  Then I screamed in my head, “Why didn’t you protect him!”  Then I was done praying.  I couldn’t do any more.  My pillow was soaked, my nose was stuffed back up and I couldn’t breathe.  The rest of what happened is here.

For me, the purpose of that song “Stranger in Moscow” was that moment two-fold.  It opened me up and it put me on a path.  I have no idea where it will go.  Faith so far, has played a big part in this.

Renew – He was not alone, God was on his side

“KGB was doggin' me, Take my name and just let me be” -  the KGB, the press, the public, he cannot escape them from the time he was a child performer, they have always been there, wanting something from him.  His name was now a marketable commodity which prevented most from seeing him as human being (having a hard time with this).

The chorus he talks about danger.  I wasn’t sure if this meant his well being was in danger (mentally and physically), or if there was something a bit more sinister, as during this time, Michael was just learning that people surrounding him did not exactly have his best interests at heart.  The scope of what was around him was becoming more clear.  In an anguished cry, he also sings that he is “living  lonely”, which is a frequent sentiment in his songs.

Chillingly the end of the song, which you can barely hear, is a narrative spoken in Russian and the instrumentals fade out.  That narrative, translated into English, says:

"Why have you come from the West?  Confess! To steal the great achievements of the people, the accomplishments of the workers..." KGB interrogator

This was a chilling addition and one I never paid attention to until now.    Why was  this added at the end?  What was Michael trying to say?  Were people trying to steal his achievements?  Was he on to them that far back?

Within a few years, Michael was going to be entangled in a battle with Sony over ownership of the masters of his own songs, which Michael made public in 2001 during Sony’s sabotaging of his album, “Invincible”.  The bigger battle however, was not over contract misrepresentations or master recordings, it was over a massive and increasing music publishing catalog.

That also may be a secondary reason for all this.  Considering the messages in Michael’s songs, and the contents of the Invincible album, Sony may have had a deeper reason for not wanting to promote this album and the music industry giving it the reviews that it did.

There was something else going on.  Yes, there was money and a publishing empire at stake, but there were other catalogs for the taking.  Why such a decades long battle for control of this one?

We are going to follow Michael’s footsteps . . . yet another yellow brick road . . .

Getting His Second Wind

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Jackson's Know, Even if the Deceivers Delude You

September 23, 2010 – The Jackson's Know, Even if the Deceivers Delude You

Before I start on this, I want to tell you something that is a little on the personal side because I think it needs to be said.

God Answers Prayers, Right Meech? 

Anyone doubting the influence and power of God has only to have one urgent prayer answered to change their mind about the possibility of his existence.  Last night was such a night in many for me in my lifetime.  Not that my mind needed changing, I already believed.  However, sometimes things get so intense that you wonder if maybe you read too much into some of the signs that are sent your way, that you are on the right path.

There are a couple of you that know how precarious a position I have been in personally, and the struggle both my husband and I have had to face due to this economy.  Tomorrow one of those issues was about to reach its zenith when a phone call out of the blue answered a week long prayer for both my husband and I.  Not only did this phone call solve an immediate and acute problem, but it also answered a doubt I had about the amount of time I am spending doing this.  Yes, I am supposed to be here.  Sorry Deceivers.

There are people that were once close to us that absolutely do not understand why I do what I do.  I am still trying to understand although that understanding becomes clearer as things become uncovered and time answers questions.  If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, God will provide a way for you to complete that task.  I wish everyone could experience the complete security of knowing prayers will be answered.

While delving into Michael’s lyrics and the call for help he made repeatedly in his songs, his creativity blindsided even those attempting to silence him.  Michael had such a brain, I could read him for the rest of my life and never get past the introduction.

Michael doing vocal warm-ups. 

Now to the subject of tonight’s blog:  TINI’S worldwide campaign (for a couple of fan stalkers who just happened to get together a website in 15 different languages and launched campaigns globally within the first months of TII release being announced.) And their agenda.

The highlights:

TINI’S facebook page description reads,


Samantha DeGosson’s Family According to her father, she works with someone named Jill as a member of the paparazzi, photographing celebrities.  So we now know the industry she works in, which made her an easy pool to hire from.  But for one problem.  I have found absolutely NO IMAGE CREDITS to Samantha DeGosson's name.  None.

It says she is a talented photographer.  I’m curious, has anyone seen any photographs of Michael with Samantha’s credentials on them?  Any photographs with ANY of Samantha’s credentials on them?  On this search  All I could find was photos Sam took of herself, the photoshopped one of her and Michael (which obviously she didn’t take if she is IN it) and pictures of herself hugging a chipmunk.  No pics with her credentials appear anywhere on a search on web sites, magazines or celebrity rags.  I would think a search would pull up something besides a flickr account, a facebook page and a couple of tourist pictures.

MJ Body Guards said Michael was wary of them.  Maybe Michael was on to them?

On a Chinese web site, Samantha’s account of the last day with Michael was different then the account she gave her facebook followers.

"He put his window down and leaned all the way out and waved and smiled," de Gosson said. "That behavior was so different from the last few days where he didn't look happy or well. I don't know what was different about that very last moment. Maybe a sign, our last goodbye."  Source
This was also different then the account she gave on her testimonial on TINI.

A Photoshop screw-up - Sam . . . did  you forget YOUR SHADOW?

Check out the outline of the girls against the background and the grass.  Why?  Why photoshop these?  Practicing?

LOL, this one, the shadow of the lobster is going in the wrong direction for the light angle.

So is she a talented photographer or a talented photo-shopper?

This one’s easy - Samantha practicing photo shop skills

Beckham, Photoshopped -  lighting and composition different on her than on Beckham.  Better camera used with Beckham too.  Better focus.

There are more in there, I didn’t go through all of them but if you have time, have fun.

Samantha and Taaj Malik are now partnered up.  Maybe Samantha was impressed with Taaj’s facebook bookmarking deceit.  Here we find the meeting up of Joe Jackson in Vegas.  I will not say a word about this picture.  I’ll let you figure it out.

Taaj Photos and Evidence of Photoshop

Adding someone in Video

Fake - Look at her arm size of head and lighting all different
Michael's left sleeve different, that hand was added.

I do NOT condone battles on the internet and I most certainly have not got involved with either of these groups.  I have distanced myself from both of them.  But this video is an excellent, intelligent and SANE explanation of what is going on.  Source 

I do not know this lady at all and do not know Erin Jacobs or Amy.  Amy is the one with the restraining order against Taaj Malik.

Below is a post I found explaining how one person discovered, and on youtube walks you through how Taaj managed to convince people that Hulya Julie was setting up fake facebook accounts.  You can read more about this at this link and I’m sorry about the source:  Taaj Espionage

Another revealing post, these on

“I have no doubt that MJ found Karen very annoying at times, but I think he kept her around because she stroked his ego. It could NOT have been due to her make up skills. In most pictures of the two of them, she always looks sooo clingy and she litterally clings on to him. It's like watching children when they hang on to their parents leg and wont let go... I think she was madly in love with him .”

And this one:

“since the bodyguards have openly said that Michael was sick and tired of Samantha and the bimbos (sounds like a singing group from the 60's) always being in his face, but was too much of a gentleman to say anything, why are they still hanging around pretending to be ultra close to Michael? The dude didn't even like them!!”

And this one:

“Taaj Malik is a NOBODY who deceived the original Justice for Michael aerial banner group by saying she had very close contact with the Jacksons. According to of the administrators of that facebook group who was with Taaj when the birthday cards and necklace was became very obvious that Taaj had lied about her connections.”


“Watch the video that KF recorded of MJ in his dressing trailer. I'm sorry, but there's moments where you can just see he's annoyed by her...there's even a moment of awkward silence when KF OBVIOUSLY has over-stepped her bounds with her blabbing!”

“To me, KF is no better than Arnold Klein and Brian Oxman. She was a NOBODY before Michael passed away...but now since his death she has acquired quite a few fans...since when the XXXX do make-up artists have fans?”

Doesn’t this look a bit like gossip?  I agree.  And to be quite honest with you the whole silliness sickens me.  However, this is the element that is trying to convince you (and others) that they are working WITH the Jackson Family.

While I know that the members of the Jackson family are not dumb and can see right through this, it is YOU THE FANS who are getting hurt and chances for Justice for Michael are getting hurt.

The fraud that has been perpetrated has its objective:  Divert, divide and disillusion.

Taaj’s barrage against Randy Jackson, calling him a drug addict witnessed by more than just me, just read down through the posts.  This is the same Twitter rant that Taaj asked me in a phone call to contact Randy Jackson to apologize for.  And now they want us to believe that the Jackson’s are buying their stories?

Taaj Tweets to Randy Jackson back in July:

















The Jackson family is well aware of this behavior.  Randy Jackson was a recipient of the abusive Twitter rants from Taaj Malik.  She was following Muzikfactory2 (Yazmeen’s) lead in that department.  When I told her about my research into Transitional and Randy’s innocence, she asked me to apologize to Randy for her.


There was just one problem with this.  Unlike her, I never said or gave anyone any impression that I had any position with the Jackson family.  And I believed she did up until that point. I have the same access to him that she does . . . Twitter.  This is when I began distancing myself from her.  After the Stephanie Wilburn fiasco, I began researching not just her but this sudden alliance with Samantha Degosson, who from last reports is still aligned with Karen Faye.

Is this the brand of integrity Michael’s friends and fans want to align themselves with?  Why would these people have to resort to this caliber of deceit if they are on the side of true justice?

Justice does not have to lie or manipulate.

Earlier tonight I answered one of many emails and private messages I have been getting.  I answered this particular person and I will post my answer here so that hopefully the record will be set strait on where I stand in regard to AEG, the fraud, the attention seekers and the lack of focus and the reason for it in trying to unite for Michael.


"I still believe that AEG is innocent of murder and I have reasons to believe that but I also realize that I don't have ALL the answers. The Jackson's have to have their space to do what they need to do.  I remain in a “we shall see” mode.

On the "they hired Murray" we only know who told us that. There is a contract with missing signatures that was left on the bed. Lot's of circumstantial and possibly planted evidence. I leave NOTHING out and will await what the Jackson's find on discovery. If you look back at the history of what they did to Michael through 2005, you will see the same thing going on . . . lots of circumstantial and planted evidence (Michael's porno mags, AEG contract with Murray that was not signed laying on the bed? Come-on! Michael sleeps with his contracts???)

AEG has nothing to do with my faith (I don't know why people single this out. Michael was a Christian too). Since when did being a Christian make you evil?
  If I was in cahoots with AEG I wouldn't be in the financial position I am in right now.  Well, maybe I would, if that AEG contract is to be believed and that is how they pay their help (LOL, okay not funny).

People have a really short attention span and seem to forget that if you go back to the beginning of my blog, AEG was one of the people I railed against. It was INDEPENDENT RESEARCH that was NOT TAINTED BY TINI, FAYE AND THE DEGOSSON Information that led me to the conclusions I found.
 I leave those blog posts there because I want people to see the progression of this, the investigation and the complete proliferation of misinformation that has been put out there.

If I could post everything I knew without jeopardizing an investigation I would, but I cannot. So people are just going to have to believe what they want or do their own investigation. For now, AEG regardless of what I have found, know what they are doing and so do the Jackson's. I will just give them their space. This is their investigation, not mine. All I am trying to do is keep people from making the same mistake they did in 2005.
  Until Michael was taken from us, Sony was the only one that Michael himself implicated.  That is the ONLY facts we have.

Michael is my priority to the point of alienating quite a few of my friends who do not understand how important this is. If I knew in my heart that AEG was guilty I would not be holding back on that blog, trust me on that. This is for Michael and the crime committed against his children, not AEG or Sony,
 or anyone else.

Thank you for sticking it out and being patient. Please keep in mind that everything being shoved in our faces is not as it seems.
  Just because it is in print doesn’t make it the Gospel.  Right Michael?"


There are people on my facebook page that do not belong there.  They are not my friends.  I have over 600 on the thing and may have to start a separate facebook page just to get rid of the trolls.

Aside from that, the one thing that disturbs me about all this is the seeming anti-Christian bent these messages and emails have taken.

I am not intimidated by hatred.  If these people want to label me, fine. Do that if that is the only way you can function.  At least I now know what we are dealing with and I am beginning to see those people for what they really are.

Now on to more constructive things. . . .