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Michael Jackson Justice: Colony, Xanadu, Dr. Tohme and Michael Business News

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colony, Xanadu, Dr. Tohme and Michael Business News

September 30, 2010 – Colony, Xanadu, Dr. Tohme and Michael Business News

 Children around the world missing out . . .

I was going to apply the lyrics to “Scream” last night but my day would not allow it.  I can’t just post lyrics, links and force an interpretation, I have to listen with eyes closed, let the word sink in and put my self in Michael’s shoes (most of the time I trip, bigfoot!)  But I did finally get it done tonight.  So that makes two blogs you have to put up with.

I had a meeting this afternoon concerning our relocation, and an interesting presentation after that kept me there until 3pm.  Since I did not get to sleep until 6am and had to set the alarm for 10am to get to this thing, my brain shut down pretty much around 5pm, for an hour.  Then I was back up on the computer.  Don’t worry, I fed my husband. 

Scream is in the works.  Don’t worry you will love it.  I will take this opportunity to catch up on some news though just to keep you all discussing.  The link is now posted here.

“LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Michael Jackson's final business manager asked a judge Tuesday to unseal detailed financial records from the singer's estate, arguing that the sealing of the documents could prevent him and other creditors from being paid.”  Source

I had been on the fence with Dr. Tohme for quite a while until looking into Colony Capital and their attempts to help Michael save Neverland Ranch.  I no longer believe Dr. Tohme is guilty in this mess that has become Michael’s death investigation.  There has been renewed outcry for the proverbial “beheading” of not only this man, but Randy Phillips of AEG Live and even Thomas Barrack and Philip Anschutz.  The people calling for the public flogging of these entities and individuals are the very same people who photo shop pictures of themselves to lie to fans, and do everything within their power to either convince fans, or convince themselves that the Jackson’s would have anything to do with them.

Rest assured I have not turned away from their continued fraudulent deceit.  I continue to investigate and I will have more on this bunch shortly.  In the meantime, all I ask is that you keep watching.  I find it very interesting that AEG has done NO ATTACKING whatsoever toward anyone, including Sony . . . yet Sony and their industry thugs continue to send it’s paid network after AEG.

“You will know them by their fruits . . . “

Dr. Tohme I believe is responding to the sealing of estate deals by the judge (Yes, one of the judges on two payrolls in California . . . the state payroll and whatever corporation offers him the deal)  Beckloff the Bought.  

“Tohme claims he negotiated the contract for the concerts and is entitled to 15 percent of the revenue from the movie, DVD sales and album.

Tohme's attorneys argued in the filing that he and other creditors should have access to unredacted copies of a report filed last week by estate administrators regarding Jackson's post-death finances.
The motion seeks access to revenue, expense and profit information that is not publicly available.
Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman had not seen the motion and said he could not immediately comment.”  Source

Dr. Tohme was Michael’s manager and DID negotiate the contract for the concerts.  But the request to see unredacted reports of the estate finances could also be an attempt to view and determine unjust enrichment from the estate executors.   After all, we have already seen both Branca and Weitzman in action on that score.  Branca with Michael’s previous Sony contracts and the self dealing with Mottola prompting his firing in 2003, and Weitzman’s Cobain estate shenanigans which he managed to strong-arm Courtney Love into dropping those charges.

We shall keep an eye on this one.

 The Xanadu Complex in New Jersey

Colony Capital and Xandadu

“Derek Roseman, a Senate Majority spokesman, confirmed that the office received the subpoena Wednesday and that it would “fully comply” with the request.

“The subpoena asks for “any and all records relating to endorsements by lawmakers of any proposals submitted by Mills Corporation or Mills Meadowlands to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority,” according to a source familiar with the document.”  Source 

“Colony Capital replaced Mills as lead developer in 2006, a year before Mills was dissolved. Colony walked away from the project last month, and the project’s lending group has taken it over.” 

Remember this project I discussed back earlier this year when I began investigating the backgrounds of Colony Capital and Anschutz’s relationship?

I was kind of hoping this project would go through because it was something I thought Michael would really want.  It also gave me this hope that somehow Prince Al Walid was carrying on their “Kingdom Entertainment” plans in honor of Michael.  But the project has been consistently road-blocked and delayed in absence of “payola” to appease local regulators and Colony bailed out.  Hopefully they can find another worthwhile location in a more business-friendly state.  I really hope they don’t give it up . . . I would go, even at my age.  The role-playing activity however, would have to raise the age limit for me.

 He's been bleeding a long time now...
Michael’s quote:

“like the old Indian proverb says do not judge a man until you’ve walked 2 moons in his moccasins.
Most people don’t know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true.  I cry very very often because it hurts and I worry about the children all my children all over the world, I live for them.

If a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, history could not be written.
Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live, it is the same with those who criticize, they desire our blood, not our pain. But still I must achieve I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world for the children.  But have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.”
  - M.J. (circa 1995)

This is now a famous note written by Michael that very well could have been the start of a song.  This is such a heart-wrenching plea.  When he talks about his "children all over the world" and being worried about them, I read this as fear of who would be their voice, who would be their advocate if anything happened to him?  Who would take care of them?  The children of the world had no other friend like Michael Jackson.  He brought awareness of what they have been denied more so after his death, after the Youtube videos of his visits to children's hospitals and orphanages around the world were finally viewed.  Michael never tooted his own horn.  He wasn't a self-glorification person, which is more than I can say for some of his so-called fans out there trying to convince others how close they were to Michael . . .  AFTER he dies.

The second paragraph Michael talks about how shallow our history would be if every piece of information we ever had, had to be proven. He is right.  Michael was about truth and seeking truth.  It's a shame those in his life sought to bury him in lies before he was even gone.  He has been bleeding for a long time . . . he is still bleeding.  Because justice is not the goal of most out there.

 Those out their bloviating and posturing about justice are spending more time trying to cover up their lies and destroy those exposing them, then they are concerned about anything to do with Michael.

I was reminded in an email again last night that the truth will prevail.  And of that I have no doubt.  I wish I could remind those who work so hard at lying how futile their efforts are.  But some are entertained with their antics as they strive so hard only to prove what they are struggling so hard to cover up.

In totally unrelated, yet related news, I was sent a link tonight explaining another tidy relationship, this time in representation of the battle-weary Lindsay Lohan.

“Did u know Lindsey Lohans lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley is a lawyer n weitzmans firm & lindsey is on mottolas record label Casablanca.”   - Contributed by Vanessa  Source 

Are any of Motolla or Weitzman’s clients sober?  Mottola has one client on his Casablanca label (Casablanca is spelled f-r-o-n-t)  which is Lohan, who is making him NO money.  To my knowledge she doesn’t even have any songs to steal the rights to, so one has to ask . . . why bother?  Do you think maybe someone can get to her before she ends up like Michael or Weitzman’s other client, Cobain?  (Remember Cobain’s songs?  Remember his railing against commercialization of his music?  We should look into this too!)

I did that and Vanessa again beat me to the punch.  Guess who Shawn Holley is married to?  (drum roll)

Dorian Holley.  Remember him?

“The singer is married to trial attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, who practices law in the areas of both civil and criminal litigation. A partner of Howard Weitzman of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldiser LLP, she has defended and worked for individuals such as O.J. Simpson, Sara Jane Olson, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, The Game, Axl Rose, Jesse McCartney and Michael Jackson. She was also an on-air legal analyst during the E! Network's nightly international coverage of Jackson's 2005 child sexual abuse trial.”  Source 
Did anyone suspect?  I sure didn't!
So who REALLY killed Michael Jackson?  Could have been ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE working on those rehearsals.

We will expand on this further in the future.  Ain't too hard for you to Jam, is it  Dorian?

This blog is kind of a mash of subjects tonight just to catch up on the headlines.  My thoughts and I want to hear about yours.

I will leave you with a couple of links . . . One of Michael on his way to the Gary home.   Adorable!  Although  I felt like smacking that (who is that guy?) next to Michael spraying the perfume.

Michael “ain’t doing the typewriter” . . .
And a very human and funny Michael, the entire video

And for more pleasant reading about Michael, I loved this article sent to me by Dee

A nice article sent to me by a friend about Michael in Vanity Fair.  I thought you might like to read it.   Let me know what you think about this one too. 

God Bless you . . . two blogs tonight.  :o) 


  1. About MJ's now famous message on a napkin: I've heard that Katherine Jackson claims that such was written during the "Bad" tour, when Michael was in Japan, in 1988 after hearing complaints from his Mother via a phone call about the "bad press" over such things like "the Elephant Man" and so forth hitting the tabloids. Supposedly Katherine told DiLeo to put an end to such because they were making Michael look like an idiot. So...???

  2. Interesting stuff about Dorian there. Thanks Bonnie for keeping us informed. I look forward to more blogs from you! :)


  3. Lady, I have seen two versions of the story on where this came from and when. I have seen that it was in response to the first child molestation allegations in 1993, and the version you are telling me. I could put both dates there. I guess it doesn't matter because that note is universal in what they did to Michael and continued to do.


    Thank you LisaMarie. I do get help from other people also wanting the truth to be told. ♥ And it's not always easy. God Bless!

  4. Morning, Bonnie - respectfully speaking I think you should give some weight to these latest issues involving Tohme. When I heard of his court motion set for October 7, same date as Branca's report is set for hearing, that was the first news he had made in many months. His claim in the estate is for a broker's fee for finding a buyer for Neverland; he didn't have far to go to find Colony Capitol; wasn't Colony one of his clients when he worked with Rogich? (Is it true that Tohme is Jermaine's wife's cousin? I've read that a few places. That would be a logical method for how Tohme met Michael, through Jermaine and Halima, when Michael was looking to refinance NL.)

    The AEG contract (which now Tohme says he "negotiated") took $2,000,000 from Michael's first advance to "wire" to a company called TT International in Lebanon. I don't know if Michael even got the first advance (IMO, Michael probably never even saw that provision buried in the contract). Michael's advances were tied to confirmation from the LLC (supposedly Tohme) that Michael had performed satisfactorily. Imagine that, Michael wouldn't get his money unless Tohme "approved". IMO Tohme should be careful what he wishes for when it comes to claiming payment due to his negotiating that shoddy contract.

    Tohme is listed in the credits of TII, the film, as Michael Jackson's "personal advisor". No listing at all as being his "manager". This would tie in with Tohme's statements right after MJ's death that he, Tohme, was Michael's "unpaid personal advisor". I'd like to see a power of attorney or "management contract" between Tohme and Michael Jackson. If he's claiming to be Michael's manager, where's the proof?

    As for Shawn Chapman Holly being married to Dorian Holly, and being a lawyer in Weitzman's firm, and defending Lohan and the other celebs, the LA legal community and entertainment industry are joined at the hip. I lived there for over 20 years and was never surprised to hear a certain lawyer was representing yet another celeb; not saying it doesn't raise eyebrows but it really doesn't indict either.

    So it will be interesting to see what, if anything, is resolved at the October 7 hearing.

  5. Hello Bonnie,
    one more beautiful post as usual, thank you so much for the hard work.... don't forget to take good care of yourself <3

    About that Vanity Fair article you linked - the one by Lisa Robinson. I would like to express my very personal opionion on it, since I read it months ago, and did more than my fair share of crying over it. I was quite ticked off by it actually. While it isn't offensive in the way loads of so many others, there's a general attitude of "passing judgement" about it that I simply cannot condone anymore. Ms. Robinson was blessed enough to have met Michael quite a few times and, well, she doesn't seem to have understood much about the man. (....)I was surprised at how different Michael looked from the last time I’d seen him, how much makeup he was wearing (it rubbed off on my clothing when we hugged hello) (....) THIS for example is so out of place! And of course he was wearing tons of makeup by then, what with his vitiligo in full action all over his precious face. The Thriller era was the one when Michael began wearing DARK makeup, even darker than his original skin tone, to try and even out those patches. And I didn't like the beginning of the article either..... I don't wish to copy it here now because it always hurts me to read that kind of judgemental innuendoes and the whole thing is really so superficial.
    Forgive my ranting, please. It's just, you know guys - I cannot take anymore lack of respect for my Michael. Just can't.
    Lots of love to all of you

  6. Bonnie - I think I read that the main reason the estate executers gave to seal the financial detail records was, it will be hard to negotiate business deals with others if they see what deals were negotiated before and with what amount and they will base their negotiations on that. I am not too sure if it is a good reason. Every business dealing is different and has its own uniqueness, so why others will base their negotiations with what other businesses did does not make sense.

  7. Bonnie - “Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live”. Those who strike against him are doing it not to live but to destroy through deep seated hatred they have for him. “Michael was about truth and seeking truth”. This particular character is what attracted me to him the most. In this day we are living, finding someone who stands for truth is very hard, and you have to look hard to find one.

    I don’t know who Dorian Holley is before today. Are you saying he was part of TII rehearsal and what was his role? I am baffled

    Oh Bonnie, the perfume spraying was awful. I was keep saying stop, stop as if this guy is listening to me. I said too who is that guy? Is he a family member or worked for Michael? Anybody know? I am curious.

  8. The guy that's spraying the perfume is Elijah.
    The guy that does the typewriter move is Levon.
    Both are Michael's cousins (sons of Joe's brother).
    Michael has always been very close with them.

    You can also see them at "Michael Jackson Private Home Movies" show. They were the young kids that pushed Michael into the pool and then the supermarket bag boys when Michael visited the supermarket in the later years.

  9. @Bonnie,

    Most of the Vanity Fair interview was stuff I already knew from Michael's book,

    Things like, how they had to lie about who discovered them and their not being married and how Michael had to lie about his age.

    The part about the Victory Tour was honest. How the brothers WERE JEALOUS of Michael is very true and also normal.

    It's the human condition after all. If it had been Jermaine who was the big star, I'm sure Michael would have been jealous, too.

    No big mystery there.

    The whole interview reminded me of simplier times. When things hadn't yet gotten out of hand. I thought it was a good interview.

    The trip to Gary, in the car, the perfume....well
    that was a bit much!

    I love Michael but he must of smelled like a
    French-Whore with all that perfume!

    There is (after all) a limit to everything! But it was funny, too!

    I liked how all these interviews prove that Michael never changed as far as honesty goes.

    He admitted that the family wasn't "Tight."

    When he said at the end, Tight my ass. That was very honest of him. And came as no surprise to me.

    After all, the Jackson's are human and just like everybody else, ya know?

    I just wish Michael would have been able to make Movies (not just Videos, aka, Short Films.)

    Michael really wanted to get into Film and would have been darn good at it!

    It's true that film is forever. But a Concert can also be forever, when it is filmed. (DVD)

    I also liked when he mentioned about the girls tits bouncing up and down.

    Let's face it, Michael talked just like anyone else. And it was refreshing to me, to hear him use words like ass and tits. It proves he was Normal all along.

    As for that guy in the car with Michael, that young guy, the one who said he invented a new dance, ...... Who was that?

    And the short guy with the glasses, Who was that?

    Just curious about them. Who were they?

  10. Thank you for discussing MJ's written words Bonnie :)

  11. June - "His claim in the estate is for a broker's fee for finding a buyer for Neverland; he didn't have far to go to find Colony Capitol; wasn't Colony one of his clients when he worked with Rogich? "

    The news item I read was that he was seeking a percentage of This is It because he helped set up the deal. I listed that source up there.

    When did Jermaine marry Halima? Because Michael had been a NEIGHBOR of Barrack's since he moved into Neverland in '88. Everyone is ASSUMING that Jermaine brokered all these "introductions". Did it ever occur to anyone that during one of MANY days that Barrack's children spent playing at Neverland that just MAYBE Barrack HIMSELF might have offered the saving of Neverland? Especially since Michael did not even know Tohme until After Barrack himself called Anschutz as he stated in his interview.

    These papers are getting this whole thing twisted!

  12. Simo - "About that Vanity Fair article you linked - the one by Lisa Robinson. I would like to express my very personal opionion on it, since I read it months ago, and did more than my fair share of crying over it. I was quite ticked off by it actually."

    You are not the only one with that sentiment and I'm glad you voiced it. I did feel irritated by the way some things were worded in there as well. I thought Vanity Fair would be "Fair???" I liked the article and did see some things I hadn't seen before, but you're right. Another journalist with prejudices toward Michael.

  13. Hi Mimi - "Bonnie - I think I read that the main reason the estate executers gave to seal the financial detail records was, it will be hard to negotiate business deals with others if they see what deals were negotiated before and with what amount and they will base their negotiations on that. "

    The reason is a good one, but it's also an excuse. Why would Katherine have to be sealed out of the information? I don't see how deals being revealed would hurt the estate, it would only hurt those deals competing with each other for Michael Jackson business.

  14. My2cents - "The guy that's spraying the perfume is Elijah.
    The guy that does the typewriter move is Levon.
    Both are Michael's cousins (sons of Joe's brother).
    Michael has always been very close with them."

    The blonde guy is Elijah??? I would have never recognized him! Levon I knew was a cousin but Elijah was a surprise. Thank you My2.

  15. Josie - "The trip to Gary, in the car, the perfume....well
    that was a bit much!

    I love Michael but he must of smelled like a
    French-Whore with all that perfume!

    There is (after all) a limit to everything! But it was funny, too!"

    I think My2cents answered the question about the short guy with the glasses (Elijah?) And on the perfume . . . I would have been gagging. How did Michael breathe? I saw him at the end of the long video kind of "sniff" or snort, maybe he had to blow his nose and didn't want to do it on camera (LOL). I never saw him do that before.

    People are making too much of the "not tight" comments because there were also interviews, like the one he did with Geraldo during the trial, where he said that they all loved each other and were "a family". They weren't lovey-dovey all the time but they weren't cut-throat haters of each other either. And I cannot STAND it when I see fans who never MET ANY OF THEM cyber-hazing them on Twitter or talking about Katherine on their blog like THEY are going to teach HER mothering skills! Are they for real?!!!

  16. @Bonnie - the trip to Gary, the perfume, MJ's comments on "fish" - it was all a very enjoyable watch - and Michael was "miked" through it all, so he knew his words would be captured; he held nothing back, just spoke as the true "human" he was; it was fun to see.

  17. @Bonnie,

    "And I cannot STAND it when I see fans who never MET ANY OF THEM cyber-hazing them on Twitter or talking about Katherine on their blog like THEY are going to teach HER mothering skills! Are they for real?!!! "-Bonnie


  18. @june,

    I agree with your comment about Michael and the Gary trip. It was fun and refreshing to see him being real...:-) He had quite the sarcastic streak too...:-)

    Something that made me sad is comparing this 2003 footage with footage in TII. The Gary trip shows him being fun and playful. I think he really enjoyed that trip. The TII movie, on the other hand, shows a different Michael. I didn't sense the same confident playfulness that he exhibited in the Gary trip. It wasn't totally lacking. The cherry picker scene shows a little bit of his light hearted side. There's also that one scene after the credits finish rolling where he's involved in a little playful banter, but it's still not the same. Rehearsal video I've seen in the past, such as the "Bad" tour, does shows him very playful at times. Apparently, at that time, he would play pranks on the crew, and Sheryl Crow, who was a back-up singer for him at the time, said he enjoyed tossing vegetables over the wall of her make-shift dressing room. He had a similar arrangement and they shared a wall.

  19. @Sandy, yes I agree. I'm glad you raised this. Michael's demeanor in TII was downtrodden to say the least. Age and circumstances (the contrived trial and aftermath) had taken it's toll on him physically and emotionally. To me, he looked like I FEEL every day having to go to work; I don't want to be there!

    And I think it's disengenuous at best for any of the young singers, Timor, and others, to say he danced like a 20 year old! I know he didn't go all out in these rehearsals, but compare his performance in the 2001 anniversary concert with those rehearsals, just not the same enthusiasm and zest for life and performing, IMO.

    That trip to Gary in 2003 was very enlightening. And it also occurred before the trial. Michael was stressed by what happened with Sony 2001-2002, but he pushed through and carried on. After the trial, it seemed his enthusiasm for most things was gone (and who could blame him).

    In TII, there's a scene at the end of They Don't Care About Us, where at the end he closes his eyes and smiles, as if yeah, it worked, or yeah, glad that's over. No, Michel was not happy; I don't believe he was "ill" as some have observed, he just didn't want to be there. Seems to me that if there had been playful moments, Kenny O. would have inserted them in the film to show Michael's happy, playful side.

  20. Bonnie, you say you believe that Thome is not a bad guy. So I wonder why he fired all the security people, why he didn't allow anybody, including Michael's family to be close of him. Why he sent to auctions all the Michael's belongings, and finally, if he was his "personal advisor" why he didn't protect Michael?

  21. Beatriz - I answer to your questions:

    - I do not know the reason that he fired all the security people. We won't know that until it is time for us to know. I can speculate, but I am not going to.

    - We don't know that Tohme didn't allow Michael's family close to him. We only know what the press has put out. Michael seemed to make it to the anniversary part with no problems. He managed to see his family at the business meetings with no problems. I question almost EVERYTHING in print now and SOME of what is spliced together in televised interviews.

    - We don't know he sent the belongings to be auctioned. That was Julien's call. We only know what the press has reported about Tohme. They were supposed to have Michael's things in storage, not sell it. Funny how now that the Estate has control of Michael's things . . . they get sold! Tohme had nothing to do with that, now did he?

    - On protecting Michael . . . what makes you think he didnt?

  22. @Bonnie and @Beatriz,

    The Tohme issue is still one that confuses me as well. Bonnie, and anyone else, what are your perceptions of the tape June Gatlin played of Michael stating his mistrust and even fear of Mr. Tohme?

    Certainly, the "jury," so to speak, is still out on Tohme and I don't think he intended anything bad to happen to Michael. I do believe that. That being said, something wasn't right and there may be legitimate cause for concern that he perhaps overstepped his bounds in Michael's business affairs. There are still unanswered questions. Since last year, Mr. Tohme has dissappeared into the shadows. Probably a wise move.

    Also, Bonnie has noted in the past, and rightly so, that the press can and often does misrepresent people and events. We all know how that affected Michael. As far as this broadcast is concerned, forget about Frank D. and June G., what about Michael's words on this tape? Real? Manipulated? (Curious detail: the tape recorder Gatlin plays the tape on is a Sony product.)

    Source 1:

    Source 2:

    This audio source has Michael discussing his fear of Tohme. Transcript as aired on NBC in summer of 2009:

    Michael September 2008:
    "Last time we spoke, you told me to check on Dr. Tohme and I did a complete checking."

    "This guy he just...he just has ways about him that looks like he's...see what he's done...there's a divide between me and my representatives and I don't talk to my lawyer, my accountant. I talk to him and he talks to them."

    "That's not good."

    "I know it's not good. I don't like it. I wanna get somebody in there with him that I know and trust. I don't know what's in my accounts. I don't know."

    "Oh, that's not good, Michael."

    "I know that's not good."

    "You can't allow somebody to just be in total control of your life."

    "I totally agree with that. That's why I'm calling you."

    Source 3 (audio tape reported on NBC, 2009)

    Disclaimer: In fairness, NBC played this tape with interruptions. I would have liked to have heard it with out NBC's production crew cutting in several times.


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