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Michael Jackson Justice: God Bless The Victims of Tyranny Everywhere on 9-11

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

God Bless The Victims of Tyranny Everywhere on 9-11

In Rememberance of the Victims of 9-11 and Sony's Refusal to Let Michael Jackson
Release the Song Designed to Raise Funds for the Victims of 9-11

This was NOT written by me, but I did add more pictures and video links. This was posted to my Facebook page by several people and appears on several notes and blogs already.

God Bless People Everywhere under Tyranny and Terror.
God Bless the families of the 9-11 Victims.
God Bless Michael Jackson's family for what they HAVE BEEN enduring.
God Bless Michael's fans for refusing to lay down their swords and shields.

The Write up is below:


(In Photo: Michael Jackson during the recording of What More Can I Give)

Michael Jackson was originally inspired to write "What More Can I Give" after a meeting with anti-apartheid activist and President of South Africa Nelson Mandela in 1999.The songwriter stated that during a conversation with the then-President, the concept of giving was discussed by the pair. The singer revealed that it was during this interaction that the words "what more can I give" came into his mind and he began writing. With the first version of the song completed, Jackson intended to premiere it at his Michael and Friends – What More Can I Give concerts, staged in Munich, Germany and the South Korean capital Seoul in June 1999. Ultimately, Jackson did not perform the song at the concerts and it remained unreleased.

Michael In Concert

In 2001, two separate concerts were held on September 7 and September 10 in celebration of Michael Jackson's thirtieth year as a solo entertainer (his first solo single, "Got to Be There", was released in 1971). Held in New York City, the shows sold out within five hours of going on sale. The concerts featured performances by artists such as Usher, Whitney Houston, Mýa, Liza Minnelli, James Ingram, Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony. They also contained solo performances by Jackson himself, and marked the onstage reunion of the King of Pop and his brothers (The Jacksons).

Michael Jackson Performing on September 7, 2001

Michael Jackson, 30th Anniversary Concert With his Brothers Sept 7, 2001

Michael Jackson, 30th Anniversary Concert With his Brothers Sept 7, 2001

Hours following the second concert, Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked and crashed four commercial passenger jet airliners as part of a coordinated suicide attack on the United States. The attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon outside of Washington, D.C., and a crash near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, resulted in the loss of 2,993 lives. Following the events of September 11, Jackson rewrote "What More Can I Give" and expressed his views on the song, writing and music:

"I'm not one to sit back and say, 'Oh, I feel bad for what happened to them I want the whole world to sing ["What More Can I Give"], to bring us together as a world, because a song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over. And we need peace, we need giving, we need love, we need unity."

Michael's Video for 9-11 Victims, What More Can I Give?

Watch Here

The Charity Single that was Never Released . . . THANKS SONY FOR NOTHING!!!

Michael Said:

"I believe in my heart that the music community will come together as one and rally to the aid of thousands of innocent victims. There is a tremendous need for relief dollars right now and through this effort each one of us can play an immediate role in helping comfort so many people."

Additional Info:
In 2001- Michael Jackson instructed his security to look out to his fans who attended his 30th Anniversary Concert that are stranded in New York City because of the 9/11 attack. He gave financial assistance to his fans who cannot afford hotel accommodations and rescheduled flights.

What More Can I Give
Written and Composed by: Michael Jackson (with Lyrics)

How many people will have to die before we will take a stand?
How many children will have to cry, before we do all we can?
If sending your love is all you can give, To help one live.

How many times can we turn our heads and pretend we cannot see?
Healing the wounds of our broken earth. We are one global family.
Just sending your prayers, Is something you'll feel... Helping one heal

What have I got that I can give? What have I got that I can give?
To love and to teach you, To hold and to need you...
What more can I give?

Now let's rather lay down our fears and reach out and make a pact.
Show him the love that is in our hearts let us bring salvation back
Just sending your love has the power to heal... So let's all give

What have I got that I can give? What have I got that I can give?
To love and to teach you, To hold and to need you...
What more can I give?

Say the words... I'll lay me down for you
Just call my name, I am your friend

See, then why do they keep teaching us such hate and cruelty?
We should give over and over again...

What have I got that I can give? What have I got that I can give?
See, to love and to teach you...To hold and to need you
What more can I give...(they think I'm crazy but I'm not!)
To hold and conceal you...To love and to heal you
What more can I give?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sony refused to promote the song and didn't want to release it.

Write to them and ask them WHY! (My addition)

Michael Jackson - Another Victim of Tyranny

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  1. I know that a lot of the comments have been deleted while Bonnie regroups and prepares for her next post. In the meantime, I wanted to re-add this tribute poem for the 9/11 victims and for all the families that have lost brave loved ones in the fight for freedom over-seas. Thank you. Love and peace to all. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    The Broken Chain

    We little knew that morning, that God
    was going to call you name
    In life we loved you dearly,
    In death we do the same.
    It broke our heart to lose you,
    you did not go alone;
    for part of us went with you,
    the day God called you home.
    You left us peaceful memories,
    your love is still our guide;
    and though we cannot see you,
    you are always at our side.
    Our family chain is broken,
    and nothing seems the same,
    but as God calls us one by one,
    the chain will link again.

    Unkown author



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