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Michael Jackson Justice: Leonard Rowe's Book and Some Things to Clear Up

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leonard Rowe's Book and Some Things to Clear Up

Sept 7, 2010 – Leonard Rowe and his Book. Some Things to Clear Up

There are two different stories to Leonard Rowe, and it is hard to determine if either one of them are the truth.

I remember watching the video on Youtube entitled “Angry Black Man” showing Michael’s speech in Harlem, where he publically called Tommy Mottola out for being a racist. I am THIS CLOSE to producing my own Youtube video entitled “Angry White Female” as I watch people not only try to re-write history, but completely fabricate it.

During the cyclone of facebook pages and Justice Groups shutting down under threat of discovery, one thing has certainly proven true. That if you do not stay on the path God put before you there are those who don’t want the truth known that are MORE THAN WILLING to do anything to knock you off that path. Fortunately, God is faithful and he does have is ways of letting you know that you are moving in the right direction. I have been blessed by so many messages, phone calls and emails of encouragement and I FEEL your prayers. The phone call last night, you know who you are . . . Thank you and God bless you. My sister in feathers . . . you also know who you are, and Ms. W of W. state, you know who you are. Lady Labelle, Truth, Mimi, Vanessa, Lady Soulsearch, Josie, June and if I missed anyone listed I apologize, but you are still in my heart.

I’m not going to dwell on the hatred because it serves no purpose. There has been a campaign waged against this blog because the truth is coming to light and there are individuals that don’t like that. Those that are upset and do not understand need to know that it was not any easier for me to learn and write about it, then it was for them to hear or read it. These two were people I believed to be on the up and up. Yes, it hurts when you find that the trust you had in someone has been nothing but a manipulation.

I’m going to get into Rowe’s book in a minute, but I want to point out some things that have been stirring out there about Karen Faye. Up until people started emailing me, I had no idea that Karen had been previously fired by Michael. I chalked it up to rumor, but it was no rumor. There are two versions of the story running around:

Fox News’s Roger Friedman version of it at this source (for the record, Friedman and The Globe are probably blood brothers. He’s about as hateful toward Michael as you can get.)

This source (which can not be referenced)

This source also has a version, which also can not be referenced (this version is also the one Karen had told, that everyone was let go before he left Neverland).

The source below is an account of one of the fans who ordered through the MJJSource Website back in 2005. It also discusses tactics ALLEGEDLY posted by Karen, including an “enemies” list of people on her facebook page (when she still had it.) Personally I have NEVER seen this when I was on her page, but then I stopped going to her page on a daily basis when the fighting broke out.


When Karen closed her page, Samantha DeGosson opened hers. Samantha has been organizing a campaign against me and my blog. (I have the posts to prove it.) In the fall of last year, Karen asked me to spy on Kenneth Ortega and Randy Phillips by setting up a fake facebook page. I had written her back and told her I thought fighting lies with lies was a bad idea and I had to decline, that maybe she could get someone else to do it. I never heard back from her. After that she didn’t talk to me other than to add a comment occasionally to a link that I posted to.

This is the first time I have ever gone public with this and this was back in the fall of last year. Back then I was under the impression that AEG was guilty at the very least, of negligence. Every bit of THAT belief, came from Karen and TINI. Since then things have come to light not only about AEG, but about the shady objectives of TINI and Samantha herself.

Below is the account of one customer that paid for a subscription to the Michael Jackson website back in 2005 that never received her merchandise. Keep in mind that I in no way lend any credence or verification of this, only it is for your information. There are many versions of what happened out there on the net, but one thing is true. Karen Faye did not work for Michael when he came back to the U.S. even though he still made appearances and accepted awards. Only during TII rehearsals was Karen called back, and by whom, we do not know.

One other thing is also certain. Fans have been splintered and the reason for THAT also has a common denominator. The fighting began on Karen’s page, over Karen and it continues. Why? If everyone’s agenda was to rally around Justice for Michael, then why the fighting?

Because other agenda’s exist outside of Justice for Michael. For right now, let’s take a break from this and bring in another player that no one has heard of until after the death of Michael.

Leonard Rowe:

Taaj Malik and several others are hawking Rowe’s Book after their “photo-op” in Vegas with Joe Jackson. Several of my friends have purchased this book and I got to read it for the first time a week ago, however, I had not been able to get back to commenting about it. Now, it has my undivided attention.

Some background on Leonard Rowe and it is not pretty. Most of you already know this:

Leonard Rowe, Convicted Felon

Leonard Rowe successfully sued by R. Kelly

This is the man whom Joe Jackson calls a concert promoter. AEG is a concert promotion company. What was Rowe before 2009?

Leonard Rowe has a reason just in that fact alone, not to like AEG. They are competition. Rowe and Joe Jackson have appeared on Larry King Live. Have you seen this interview? I wasn’t sure who I wanted to shake the most, Larry King for asking Joe that stupid question (Where’s the body?), Joe Jackson for asking Larry a stupid question (upset about what, Larry?), Rowe himself, who insisted he knew exactly what went on within TII rehearsals even though he had been fired. I almost thought this whole interview was a Saturday Night Live skit. Larry King and Joe Jackson, Part 1

I do not understand why Joe Jackson would allow someone with his background to even get near his son, let alone try to wedge him in as a business adviser (Is he qualified for that? Really, didn’t Michael have enough of those?) Could it have been that Michael did not know his background? Maybe it did not matter to Michael? We can’t ask him now, can we? Who wanted Rowe in? Michael or Joe?

Joe’s other business partner

I am not picking on Joe Jackson. Joe Jackson has been just as susceptable to sharks and hangers-on as has plagued Michael, only on a smaller scale. Leonard Rowe could just as easily be someone put in place to splinter the family, just as Sony has it's little minions out there splitting up the fan-family. As far as Joe Jackson is concerned, I do believe this is what is going on. Keep reading.

Did it not surprise anyone that Rowe went through an online self-publishing company to put his book out? I wasn’t at first, but I was interested in it because the press release put out by “Fastpencil” publishers promoted the book as delving into the issue of the Sony/ATV catalog, but the book almost solely concentrates in AEG and trying to convince readers that AEG was at fault for Michael’s death.

There were many glaring errors in the book and timelines that were overlooked, others that were over-lapped, so I took just a couple of excerpts from the book as follows:

“He told me he did not allow his children, Prince Michael and Paris (at this particular time Blanket was a baby), to watch television because everything that was being said about him was always negative. He said they always referred to him as "Wacko Jacko", and they are always calling him a child molester. He also said no matter what good he did in the world, it was never talked about publicly. He knew that he was disliked by the powers of the entertainment industry [...]”

Michael on his way to BECOMING the entertainment industry

The powers that be in the entertainment industry was not AEG, it was the mob element in the entertainment industry. During the time the “Spielberg” incident happened over Dreamworks, it was Sony that Michael had his battles with and he was black-balled in everything he wanted to accomplish. This was what I believe began happening to their plans with Kingdom Entertainment. Prince Walid and Michael's big plans had doors slammed in them. The mob element did not want Michael Jackson breaking in to movies or plays or any other artistic endeavor. He was a threat. Look what he did with the music industry. A black entertainer now amassed a huge music publishing empire with enough power to keep Sony from taking it over. No way were they going to let him anywhere near motion pictures or theater or any other form of live entertainment! Michael, the black entertainer, was a multi-billion dollar man DESPITE two decades of trying to cut him down.

Rowe in this paragraph does not describe who those “powers” are. The next paragraph I saw read,

" [...] While in New York at Madison Square Garden for the Prince concert, I received a call from Randy Jackson and he said that his brother, Michael Jackson, wanted to see me as soon as possible. Michael had asked me to fly to Miami the following day and meet him there."

Why would Michael want to see him in Miami? Leonard says here that Michael asked him to meet him in Miami, but Leonard said he was talking to Randy, not Michael. A bit confusing but no big deal.

"[...] After we finished crying and laughing together, we began to make plans to tour the world. He said to me, "Rowe, after my upcoming trial... naturally, I want to get my legal problems behind me. I want us to tour five continents." I told him, "We would hit America first, so this evil industry in America would not have time to set traps for us." And he agreed."

They made plans to tour the world? Really? Didn’t Michael tell Dick Gregory that he didn’t want to tour anymore and that touring would kill him? Isn’t this the same sentence TINI put up on their videos for “This is Not It”? Then why would touring the world with Leonard Rowe be any different? Next paragraph states,

"I remember at that time Michael was in pretty good shape. He looked very good to me. He had never been a big person, but he looked healthy. The whole time I was there, he kept running out of the room to check on the kids. I saw then for the first time how great of a parent he was [...]"

If this was during the trial then this happened between late 2003 and early 2005. Michael was in Miami in 2003, according to this news item. This was before Sneddon went after him, but after the Bashir Documentary came out. JUST after.

Michael in 2003

Leonard here describes a healthy Michael in 2003 despite the stress. I seriously doubt Michael was talking about touring when he was reeling from the release of the Bashir Documentary. Is this man insane? Did he forget the hell Michael was going through at that time while he was writing this?

"[...] I spoke to him almost on a daily basis up until the time he went to trial. After this trial, I did not speak to him again because he flew out of the country. When he returned to America it was two years later I believe, in 2006."

Michael was in Ireland in 2006, he didn't return to the states until 2007.

Michael left the states in November of 2005. He returned in 2007. At this link, the press release by Fast Pencil sells the book on the “ . . . conspiracy behind the murder of Michael Jackson relating to his 50 percent ownership of the entire Sony catalogue, which is now worth billions of dollars.” But he doesn’t mention Sony at all. The whole book is about AEG. Another paragraph:

Michael in 2007, Rather Healthy after his 2005 Ordeal

"[...] On January 1st, 2009, I was approached by a promoter from New Jersey with an incredible deal for Michael and his brothers. The deal would pay Michael alone $15 million for one performance. His brothers would receive a $1 million each for one performance. Knowing how defiant Michael was when it came to working with his brothers, I asked the promoter to do something special that maybe would persuade Michael to do this; which was to give his mother a million dollars also. The promoter agreed. I then placed a call to his mother. By this time Michael was living in Los Angeles and I did not have his new number. I asked her if she would please have Michael call me. I told her I had an incredible deal for him. She said she would do it." (Well? Did she?)

By this time, Michael had already been in negotiations with AEG for the O2 concerts. This was done in December of 2008. Source

In October 30 of 2008, this statement was made by Michael :

Michael's spokesperson, Dr. Tohme, in response to recent rumors regarding Michael's participation in a Jackson 5 reunion, has issued the following statement from Michael Jackson:"My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we've certainly shared many great experiences, but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them.”

Leonard is contradicting Michael here. Also what isn’t clear is in what capacity Leonard is basing his relationship with Michael at this time. If concert promoters are contacting him with deals he’s taking to Michael, that would make him a broker, not the promoter. He is already trying to inject himself into Michael’s business.

We have the letter, official statement from Michael preventing Mr. Rowe from working or speaking on his behalf. Where is the letter hiring him?

"June 3rd of 2008 - Michael has dinner with Thomas Barrack Jr, chairman and CEO of Colony Capital LLC, in the Las Vegas Hilton's Verona Sky Villa."

This probably could have been about discussing the refinancing and purchase of the Neverland loan, but I also believe that Tohme was Barrack's appointment to Michael, since Michael was not paying Tohme.

More from Rowe:

"I was at home the following night when I received a phone call about 9:00 o'clock. When I answered, someone was laughing, but I knew that laugh; it was Michael. He said, "Leonard Rowe." I said, "Michael Jackson." I started telling him about this incredible offer that had been presented to me. After we talked for about twenty minutes, he asked me to get on a plane and fly to Los Angeles. He wanted me to meet with the person who was handling his business at the time. That person was Dr. Tohme Tohme. Michael said, "I will have him call you immediately." About five minutes after we hung up, Dr. Tohme Tohme called me. I told him about the offer I had for Michael. He said that Michael told him that he had known me for a very long time, that he loved me, and told him to meet with me. I told him I would be arriving in Los Angeles the next day. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call once I arrived."

The first odd thing about this is the friendliness in which Dr. Tohme discusses Michael with, to Tohme, is a complete stranger. Then further down, Rowe switches tracks and describes Tohme as someone ducking him and refusing his calls. If Tohme admitted to Rowe Michael telling him that he loved him and knew him for a long time, would Tohme risk angering his boss? Somehow, Tohme, even though I believe he is innocent at this point, is NOT the warm and fuzzy type with people he doesn't know.

In December of 2008, Michael met with Tom Barrack and Dr. Tohme where they discussed and according to this timeline, came to an agreement with Michael for a concert deal. That contract was signed in January of 2009 during a meeting in early January between Michael, Phillips, Anshutz and Tohme before Tohme was officially working at Michael’s manager according to the timeline. Why would Tohme invite Leonard Rowe over to talk about a conference in direct competition with a family friend of his employer??? According to him, this was January 2nd or close to it?

“At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Michael (with Blanket and Dr Tohme Tohme by his side), meets an AEG delegation headed by Philip Anschutz, its billionaire founder, AEG's chief executive Tim Leiweke, Randy Phillips, who heads up AEG Live and Paul Gongaware. Michael signs a deal for 10 concerts in London next summer and he also accepts to submit to a rigorous medical check-up at his LA home.” Source, very top entry.

So how is Michael willingly negotiating and getting ready for two concerts at the same time? Especially when he said he did not want to tour anymore. Add that along with the side-dish of testimony of how ill Michael supposedly was during this time and Rowe’s version of events just does not make sense.

This paragraph:

"I arrived around noon, L.A. time, and gave Dr. Tohme Tohme a call. He said he was in a meeting and asked me to call him back later. I waited a few hours and called him again. He then told me he was on the phone and would call me back. He never called. The following day I called him again and I received no answer. I was beggining to think this guy was ducking me, or giving me the run around. I could not understand why, because the deal I had for Michael was like no deal I had ever seen. Most entertainers would kill to make this type of money in one day. I knew that whoever this guy was he did not have Michael's best interest at heart."

Wow. He came to THAT CONCLUSION just over a couple of phone calls? Is he sensitive much? Rowe is supposed to be in the entertainment business. Now why would Rowe come to the conclusion that Thome didn’t have Michael’s best interests at heart just because of unreturned phone calls? Maybe Tohme was protecting him from the same thing R. Kelly had to put up with? Further along,

“After not hearing from Dr. Tohme Tohme, I decided to call him from a different number. By this time I was getting angry about this situation. When I called him from a different number he immediately picked up. I told him I believed he was ducking my calls. I explained to him that I had flown out from Atlanta and I did not appreciate him playing games with me. I said, "Michael asked me to come and see you, and that is what I'm doing. If you refuse to talk to me, I will go directly to Michael and tell him". I did not now why he was ducking such a lucrative deal for Michael, but later I found out. He asked me after that bitter conversation to meet him at his lawyer's office the following day. He assured me he was not ducking my calls, and that he had just been busy. But I knew he was lying.”

Who other than Rowe himself, testified to Michael wanting Rowe to even work with him? Has anyone else, before Michael’s death, mentioned Rowe at all? I didn’t even know who he was until I saw him on Larry King . . . I had never heard of him before.

"The following day at about 3 p.m., I arrived at his attorney's office (Dennis Hawk). The promoter who was making the offer also accompanied me. Dr. Tohme Tohme was there when we arrived. We presented the offer to him, but he told us that Michael had this huge deal worth about $300 million that he had to get done first. We asked him what deal, he refused to tell us. We had heard all along that AEG was trying to close a deal with Michael. So we left the meeting with the offer going nowhere. Dr. Tohme Tohme said he would get back in touch with us as soon as he found out about the other huge deal."

January 4th now? Rowe mentions no names except AEG. Who is this promoter? Is it Allgood? Because Allgood was supposed to have been working through DiLeo. So now we have three concert promoters with three different concert deals (unless Rowe’s is also with Allgood, which can’t be because he mentions a promoter in New Jersey). And yet AEG is the only one taking advantage of Michael? I would love to see what Lenny’s contract would have looked like!

So far we have learned that there are three concert deals or proposed concert deals over-lapping the same basic time periods between 2008 and 2009. DiLeo’s deal, AEG’s deal and Rowe’s deal. If Rowe’s book is to be believed, Michael surely would have been dead by the time all three of them got done with him, if it didn’t happen under AEG’s watch.

Rowe never names the promoter. He never names the promoter on t.v. interviews either. But he sings the exact same song as TINI. However, TINI is now MIA to avoid discovery of fraud. (This is called hiding, in layman's terms).

In one of the links above, It states that Leonard Rowe got to know the family working with the “Off the Wall” tour. If anyone outside Leondard Rowe can verify any print about this from 1979-1980, please let me know. If Rowe really has been in the business that long, I wonder where his ties are bound? Does Joe Jackson know what he is getting into? And why would Rowe implicate another company for simply doing the same thing he himself planned to have Michael do?

Is it simply a matter of sour grapes over competition? Or is there something more?
Considering the reasons that Rowe has spent time in the pen, why would anyone believe that Rowe would have had Michael’s best interests at heart either?

He'd Already Had Enough!


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