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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Left Us a Script and Sony is Following It

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michael Left Us a Script and Sony is Following It

September 21, 2010 – Michael Left Us a Script and Sony is Following

It is amazing, the script that Michael left behind for us to follow.  The conclusion has changed and some of the characters but the directors, producers and script are the same.

Michael says "Not Again  . . . "

Michael’s songs reveal more than what we originally thought.  The small revelation about the meaning of “Blood on the Dance Floor” led me to look at other lyrics and friends have been filling my inbox with lyrics of songs.  Songs like "Scream", "This Time Around", "Money", "D.S.", "Threatened", "Privacy", "Invincible", "Too Bad", "Ghosts", "Who Is It" and more.  When you couple this with his songs such as “Earth Song”, “Cry”,  “We’ve Had Enough”, “Speechless”, “The Lost Children” you can almost expand the scope of this struggle that Michael has been a part of for most of his life.

One of the most painful thoughts that creep into my head on a daily basis, is what Sony took away from the children.  What they tried to destroy was not an artist or a performer.  They tried to destroy a message of love from a human being that was about as connected to God as a modern day person can get and still be a human being.

Watching these videos, I just sit here and cry.  There are children that have died in the last 14 months that, had Sony not tried to destroy something beautiful, would have at least died knowing someone loved them.  There are children who will die, that will never have that opportunity to see that face, looking down on them and smiling as they are being held for the first time in days or weeks, as some of those children in those videos did.

Michael’s song lyrics, as we began to explore in “Susie Ain’t Your Friend” I began collecting and saving the lyrics to his songs but I have to go back to the time things began going sour . . . back to the time he bought the catalog.

Why Would THIS Threaten Sony?

In the meantime, I want to let you all in on a little something.  The path we are going to explore here is not just proof that Michael was completely sane and not paranoid.  The things that are unfolding are following a script.  Not only will we figure out what happened to Michael IN HIS OWN WORDS, but we can prevent something . . . another travesty of justice from unfolding using that same script. 

There are several innocent people that are right now getting the same trip on the same railroad line as was given to Michael.   The engineers on this railroad are the same people that set out to destroy Michael beginning back in the early 1990’s.  The cars moving the victims are the media and the press and now, the internet and social networking sites and fake MJ fan forums.

Back a few weeks ago, all you-know-what broke loose on this blog when I revealed the schemes of a Stephanie who contacted me about a documentary.  Everything she told me was false, except that there is definitely a documentary being produced.

What she told me:
That she was working with “Half Century Legends Films”, which does not exist.  There is no business license for that company.

She told me that Samantha DeGosson was telling the truth about Jermaine (which was that Tohme was guilty of collusion in foul play and that Jermaine was responsible for introducing the two).  Then she told me that she had only interviewed Taaj and Samantha and was not associated with them.  Then she told me she was going to give up on the “Documentary” idea and that the “production team” was actually two guys that were just starting a company and never got their business license yet.  So her stated ambitions of a theatrical June 25, 2011 release seemed quite a bit ambitious for two guys with a camera that didn’t even have a business license as a production company.

Samantha DeGosson has just recently announced the documentary she is a part of is slated for release in June of 2011.  This is the same documentary.

The documentary is about the death of Michael Jackson, yet Dr. Murray has not yet even had his pre-trial, AEG has just had another lawsuit filed against them and nothing has been proven in a court of law.

Does anyone besides me smell an odor very similar to that of Bashir’s “Living with Michael Jackson”?

How does someone working with two unknown fellas with a video camera and no business license manage a theatrical slot in theaters nationwide (world wide?) on June 25, 2011, the second anniversary of Michael’s death?  Someone would have to have some heavy connections . . . like perhaps the same connections the owner of the TINI website has to get their brand new launch advertised on CNN after paying for hosting and service with a company big enough to host Sony’s web site?

I am waiting to see if this same group of people can manage to entice another Jackson sister to write a book about how guilty AEG is, and see which California official they send over to take pictures of Randy Phillip’s identifying markings.

Samantha’s testimonial from “This is Not It”:

"I have been a fan for over 20 years but only over the last 8 months of Michael’s life had I become what is called a “follower”. By that meaning I followed Michael on a regular if not daily basis. I got to see where he went and how he was and the people around him. I got to see his physical and mental state and how quickly things deteriorated in the last few weeks/months of his life. This is my recollection of the events preceding his death and how some of us, including myself, knew he was running out of time and was in great danger. We tried to intervene but we were too late."

This is essentially what Bashir did . . . FOR exactly EIGHT MONTHS!  Only he had Michael’s permission. These folks did not.

She has also had her picture taken with:

“On her flickr she has pictures of her with Bobby Brown, David Beckham, Blair Underwood, David Foster, Alice Cooper, Larry King, Samuel L Jackson, Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler... seems like a girl who likes taking pictures with stars. There are bunch of pics taken in a celebrity golf games.”

Another paid assignment, which explains how she could afford that kind of a lifestyle.  Following Michael around for eight months makes Samantha a female Bashir.  Was Michael her assignment?  Eight months of following Michael on a daily basis, yet according to her, she was also at the trial the day he came straight from the hospital in pajama pants.  She was also at Neverland the day he was acquitted.  How did a fan-follower/stalker get into a court room during a world famous trial?  Was she even there, or did someone like Taraborrelli give her the details of Michael’s reactions?  The pictures of him “hiding” behind a pillar are pretty accessible on the internet.  I have ones like these:

2005 Trial near column

Tortured Look at 2005 Trial

  • How does a group of fan-followers fund a state of the art web site and get plugged on CNN the very month that it launches?

  • Who foot the bill to follow Michael Jackson around for eight months while managing face book pages and a web site?

  • Who paid for the artistically created testimony pictures?

  • Who is funding the production of the documentary of the death of a pop star and what connections do they have to get this into theaters June 25, 2011?

  • How stupid do they think people are?

Proof that I am not the only one who came up with the theories that I did.  Seems that the difference between my theories and the ones on this forum is that this forum was not as popular on the search engines as my blog.

Read through this forum here.  

One of the posters, who also has an art background (as I do, in portraits) also noticed the very same things I did:

“It's a very professional photoshop. If someone could find the original photos that would be helpful.

Maybe it's because I have an art background so I notice these things., but if you look closely at the first photo, the subtle shadow behind the girl is unnatural and the angle is wrong. In the second photo the proportions are off.

Again, it's a very professionally done photoshop job, but still not flawless.”

Really read this.  Their theories of why this is being done are a little off, but not by far.  These were posted back in October of 2009.  Someone else was on to these folks before I was, but I was the one attacked.  So who is crazy?

You follow the money, it goes to Sony.  You follow the press, it goes to Sony.  You follow the TINI people and it still goes to Sony!

The documentary?  Another attempt to apply what they so successfully orchestrated to destroy Michael in the form of a Bashir-like documentary!


Let the courts decide.  Follow the lyrics and really look at them, read them and study them.  You will be able to determine their next move.

If you wanted to know how Samantha could fund her following Michael to London and the U.S. and Vegas over the last eight months of his life, now you know!

If you wanted to know how a group of rag-tag “fan-followers” could afford a professionally designed and hosted web site on the same systems that Sony, Universal, Warner Bros, Toyota and CBS uses, NOW YOU KNOW!

If you wanted to know how a no-name, unlisted and non-existent film company can get a loan to be able to budget the filming of a documentary over the course of ten to eleven months before it’s ambitious aspirations to launch in theaters nationwide on June 25, 2011 without so much as even a business license . . . NOW YOU KNOW.

Michael told you EXACTLY what happened to him.  Sony refused to promote the album, gave it bad reviews, refused to release certain songs in the U.S.  Now we know why!!!!

I am compiling a list of his songs and the lyrics along with a short history of what was going on in Michael’s history when he wrote the songs.

He tells you EXACTLY what they did to him. 

Read the lyrics to “Morphine”.
Read the lyrics to “Scream”.
Read the lyrics to “Threatened.”
Read the lyrics to “Tabloid Junkie”
Read the lyrics to “Privacy”
Read the lyrics to “This Time Around”
Read the lyrics to “Too Bad”
Ready the lyrics to “Money”

And more . . . it’s all there.

Michael did not just try to tell us what happened to him . . . this is a script of things that are still happening.  I have said it before that Sony launched and won a public relations war against Michael from early 1990’s on, destroying any attempt Michael made to be heard.  Through lots of prayer, a few loyal friends and a lawyer that Sony didn’t own, Michael was vindicated and completely cleared of all charges.  But in the court of public opinion, it was already too late.

We are seeing the exact same thing being waged against AEG now.   And while the jury is out (it hasn’t even been called in yet, and we are condemning them) on AEG, I do think it is safe to say that Michael Jackson told us who is involved and what they did to him, in his songs.

I also believe in my heart that TINI and DeGosson are more than suspect in their motives and have proven they cannot be trusted.

And what of the Jackson’s lawsuit against AEG? 

What of it?  There have been MANY lawsuits filed about, over and against Michael Jackson.  It’s another lawsuit.  I pray that it does what it is supposed to do.

For now, while the Jackson family determines who it is they can trust, we can rely on Michael to tell us the answers we have been seeking.  His music was not written in vain.

Let us see what we can find out.

2 Bad, 2Bad, 2 Bad Sony!  Why Don't You Scream and Shout it!


  1. Bonnie, I am no one important in the saga of MJ. But, what I am is an intelligent person (#1 in my High School class and a 4.2 college grad.) I am 30 years old and hold two Master Degrees and working towards my Doctorate in Education. Saying this... a year ago I realized that something was not working when I was reading the things Ms. DeGosson was posting. I was on her page at that time and was quickly deleted and scorned by many of her 'Fans'.. I had many people delete me because my open and vocal opinions were pretty much what you are writing now. Something is wrong, the eight months.. I called it; chasing, following and stalking him which he did not like no matter how much he cared and loved his fans. Her being at Santa Maria the day of the pj incident, her being at Neverland.. I was not buyng her stories as she continued to draw more 'Fans' and collect gifts being sent to her. I don't know at this time exactly where the truth lies, but I do know that something is not all right.. There are some who believe the photo is NOT photo shopped.. I questioned Seven about it and she believes it is authentic.. I am still unsure. Yes, it cost money to follow, chase and stalk someone and Ms. De Gosson does not appear to look like one who has deep pockets. I see that she is now one who Taaj is backing, but it does not change the sinking feeling I have that there is more to come regarading Samantha De Gosson and Company. The video that Pearl Jr. made of the interview outside the courtroom of De Gosson was also unsettling. I messaged Pearl Jr. regarding it, and she too was a little skeptical she stated. So many people can claim anything at this time. WHY is there only the one photo??? Just that has me shaking my head. I googled Michael Jackson and put the date that photo was supposedly taken and hit Images and one did come up of that exact post of Michael, but the person he was with was whited out and it was not De Gosson..Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your questions are my questions and have been for quite some time. Thanks Bonnie..

  2. Hi Jenn,

    I was interviewed on a Ustream event where DeGosson was interviewed (Seven and I did one together after Samantha) and she fought with both Oxman and the nurse they had on there. I defended her at one time before I looked into the allegations that some were making.

    The issue that made me investigate her further had to do with her starting a thread on her page where Jermaine was attacked because of his association with Tohme. (Which according to MY research had little to do with Jermaine and had more to do with Tom Barrack).

    I got tired of the way people were treated who asked questions (if you're not bowing and praising, your ridiculed" and left both Samantha and FOK page (Friends of Karen Faye). I had the pictures of Sam and a couple of others (I have them all now) in my files and decided to pull them up (her story about being in the court room the day Michael walked in with Pajamas on was a little over the top) so I looked at her pictures. Not authentic. Anyone that has taken a photography class or has an art background (document creation and correction for me) could see obvious errors in the photo shop. I'm surprised at Seven authenticating Sam's photo . . . she should know better. I got a second opinion from someone I used to work with at FedEx Kinkos (FEDEX office now) who did this type of photo work and she sent the pic back with the errors circled. I called her and talked to her about what she found. I sent the rest of the pics over (she did this free of charge) and told me how they did the other ones. Pretty slick! Some of the pics had whole parts of body's shopped in there, hair over the hand, fold of the hood (sammy's pic) drawn in between Michael's fingers . . . and the shadows and lighting were off, composition was off (pictures of girls taken at closer angle then the one photo of Michael, his curls extended into hair of other people, etc . . . )

    Then Sam's page goes down, then TINI'S page goes down. I had help investigating TINI'S web host information, then I get attacked beyond belief. I had to scrap all comments on the one blog.

    I don't know why Karen is backing these frauds but your feelings that something is way wrong is correct.

    The documentary they were working on is backed by somebody, but not the company I was told it was when they called me for an interview. That company does not exist. The story Stephanie gave me of two guys with a camera that just started the company? And they are getting it released nationwide in theaters on June 25, 2011? How? A wing and a prayer?

    Keep watching them and see what happens. Taaj is going to end up getting emotionally hurt if she is not careful. Not sure she even knows who she is dealing with.

  3. Bonnie, first of all thank you for never giving up -
    Of course Michael's lyrics always, always carry important messages about what was going on in with him. Even things he wouldn't speak about, he'd write about them in a song. So true.
    I would like to give my very personal take on TINI, on Samantha, the sue and the rest - for what it's worth. I too, like Jenn here, have been asking myself questions and I've been trying to get my head around things. personally I always tend to assume people are speaking the truth and are sincere. I have a trusting nature, even naive I'd say. So it's been very difficult for me to digest a lot of the things you've been stating here - difficult because I believe in what people tell me, by default! And I have a very good "gut feeling" about you. Otherwise this wouldn't be so hard to understand, I wouldn't care. But I do. it's painful to accept that some people who are apparently so involved in getting justice done for Michael might have their own agenda in doing so and might be hiding certain facts or, worse, just be liars.
    I still don't know what I believe about the infamous pictures, having no expertise myself. Can you say "torn"? I am torn.
    One thing that is striking me is that Samantha attended the Frozen in Time seminar in L.A. last week. The one where Michael's trials were discussed and that featured the Despicable Deputy L.A. DA Ron Zonen and the Honourable Mr. Tom Meserau among others. You have certainly read about it and we know this was an event meant for Attorneys only, not a public conference. So I wonder how Samantha could be there, when I seem to understand she's a freelance photographer, not an attorney. I find that strange, but there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation of course.
    Anyway I would like to ask - what are your feelings about the sue against AEG? I mean: the way I see it (again, my very personal opinion), either Michael was perfectly fit and healthy and fully anticipating his comeback (this has more or less been the tune we've been hearing from R. Phyllips, K. Ortega et al, isn't it?) and all of a sudden in came Dr. Murray and everything went array. Or, Michael was not at all fit and healthy, he was quite the opposite, and in this case, whatever the source of his health issues, AEG should have taken better care of him and put his safety first - which they didn't.
    The thing is - can we accept the first scenario at all? Or is there another option?
    Thank you for letting me express my doubts, I want to say once again that I have a lot of respect for everyone's opinion as long as it comes from a sincere place, which I have no doubt is your case.
    Just wish we could be sure about everyone involved in this. Michael deserves our honesty, doesn't he.
    A hug from Italy.

  4. Hi Simo - I did too, assume everyone was telling the truth (except the tabloids). I was on both these ladies pages, trusted them, well more Karen then Sammy. And I would write all this off as the antics of "wannabees" except we have Karen Faye, Michael's makeup artist validating these people and on top of that a website supposedly started by fan-followers that seems to have the budget and advertising clout of a multi-national corporation.

    If all it was, was a bunch of girls wanting bragging rights to Michael Jackson, I wouldn't even bother with this. But once I started digging into Sony's tactics and pairing them up with seemingly unrelated events (Thomson and Taraborrelli, Gatling, plants within different Michael fan web sites, fake marketing web sites set up by Sony, then the fake fan photos and the discovery of TINI'S questionable origins) the attacks on this blog have been horrendous to the point of childishness.

    There are blogs out there started up specifically to attack this blog. If that doesn't tell me I'm on the right track I don't know what else will.

    I don't do this to look for a battle. I do this because some of the very sites and people out there who purport to be fighting for justice for Michael are doing nothing but hurting other people and making the fans spin their wheels long enough to take the focus off of Sony.

    TINI entertained posts about Sony's guilt, but their sole purpose was to go after "This is It". When I was still a member of their site, they were the ones out their squashing the notion of boycotting Sony under the guise of "hurting MJ's children's futures and MJ's legacy". Sorry, but that was already done when they persecuted him over the last 20 years then took his life!

    Now they want to attempt to build back up his reputation, turn him into a figure of sympathy to drum up the dollars for the Estate (Branca and co.) and of course, Sony. And they are using the very same methods they used to destroy Michael. I don't know how they can live with themselves, but I would like it if they would do JUST THAT, because I can't and won't live with them!

    The people on this know who they are. I have gone into enough history and detail as to Sony's and the mob within the music industry and what their tactics are. We've covered Payola scandal on this blog, the fake fan web sites, the fake MARKETING web sites, fake forums, planted journalists and the really scary thing about all this is that people that DO believe me, half of them think this is an isolated incident. It is not.

    Every bit of news you get is suspect.

    Michael deserves honesty, yes. But he rarely got it. At the VERY LEAST he deserved his life, un-violated! But the sense of entitlement from people with CEO as titles flipping amazes me! God will deal with them whether THEY believe or not . . . in the meantime if something smells like a skunk, I'm not going to take to kindly to someone trying to talk me into believing it's a rose.

    A hug TO Italy from America . . . if we even have one left. ♥ God Bless you.

  5. Thank you for answering me, Bonnie.
    I know I may sound more than a little clueless but - this is just SO unsettling. So deeply, deeply disturbing.
    And when we think about it, it really is UNBELIEVABLE how Michael dealt with this most of his life. Never knowing who to trust, who to confide in, who to turn to. He really had only his own soul, and God of course.
    What an extraordinary human being we have lost. And still no lesson learned.
    God bless you too <3

  6. Simo - It's up to us to tell people what an extraordinary human being we lost. I wouldn't count out the lesson learned yet though. I read through some of the lyrics of his songs and I just can't believe it. It almost transports you back to when this was going on with Michael. It' makes it brand new and you FEEL IT! Michael's isolation and sometimes hopelessness. Michael got downright belligerent when putting onto lyrics what was going on. And the crying shame is Sony and Michael could have had such a mutually rewarding partnership if people had respected him, appreciated him and had not been so greedy. But there is more to this than even the catalog. There is a whole ideology behind what is going on as well. The songs Michael wrote, some did not want out there.

    Michael had a world audience and they knew it.

  7. Morning Bonnie, those Invincible lyrics are oh so telling! I've been listening to them for months now and have been thinking, just as you have so eloquently stated, of the "not so hidden" messages in those lyrics. Michael was battling with Sony over his contract during the Invincible era, that's widely known, well no wonder Sony would not support someone who wrote (most of) these lyrics in the very album they were not promoting. MONEY - those lyrics say it all. You've done a great job of laying it all out. SONY didn't want this album out there at all!

    And, Bonnie, the short film Ghosts: that "mayor" (really Michael) IS Tom Sneddon, the entire message of Ghosts concerns people trying to drive Michael from his home. Released in 1995 before the trial, right? He knew back then that Sneddon would never stop stil he got his pound of flesh.

    Michael did not leave subliminal messages; he left clear messages. Perhaps some of us (myself included) got so wrapped up in his creative musical genius we forgot to listen to the message. I'm listening now.

    And this also ties in with that awful film TII and the Tour. I didn't hear much (if anything) from Invincible in the film, perhaps a clip from Speechless, innocent enough. Bet we would not have heard MONEY or This Time Around, or any of the others you listed. Silenced again by Sony.

    About Samantha attending the lawyer's seminar on 9/15, there were other non-lawyers in attendance who have publicly commented, but none with the apparent total lack of any credentials possessed by Samantha; however, she has been making her connections over the years and someone could have obtained a ticket for her, someone? Zonen, Feldman, another lawyer whose initials are "JB"?

  8. I couldn't agree more on this, Bonnie.
    They knew it alright. And would not allow it.

    Those pictures you put up there, those two from the trial - how can anyone stand the look in his eyes, the fear, pain, exhaustion.
    Such a powerful and torturing reminder for all of us. When you look at those pictures and then look at his joy when around children - oh, Bonnie..... I, too, sit and cry. It's too much to bear.
    Stay strong, stay focused, take care.

  9. Hey Bonnie, have you even gone to bed yet?!

    Great blog post. I would love to see the timeline of Michael's songs (with dates) beside what was happening in his life at the time.

    "Why would this threaten Sony?" Perhaps because it is contrary to the image they were busy portraying about Michael.

    In his songs he definitely lashed out at the establishment too. That should cause one to ponder the possibility that this may go beyond Sony and mobs.

    There is a war raging for control of our children - through legislation, schools, the child care industry, unions, forced pharmaceuticals, the media, games, degrading values and societal pressures.

    How many people are aware that parental rights are being unjustly terminated for non-compliance? That children are big business for CPS? I've read and seen court documents of this in regard to parents excersizing their rights, in the best interest of their child, by refusing unnecessary psychotropic drugs after a vague and intrusive school questionnaire lead to a bogus "diagnosis". In them, no latitude for sarcasm or evasion. The wrong answers set off a chain of events. After the parent lost the court battle, the child was then placed in a mental institution and deteriorated from normal to disturbed after months, even years of daily doses of harmful mind-altering drugs. Who wins? Big pharma. It could be any of us one day. People need to become more aware of what is going on around them and right in front of their eyes, with more compassion.

    These are the kind of things going on in society that Michael could very well have exposed in his music. In that way, he was a global threat.

    The powers that be are working overtime dumbing us down. Michael was teaching us to think critically for ourselves.

    Michael taught us by example to become selflessly involved, beginning with children. He made an impact not only by visiting and helping sick children but what he offered at Neverland, free of charge, even providing transport for families, was even more powerful and far-reaching. I don't remember EVER hearing the truth at the time about Neverland in the news. Instead we were bombarded with imagery attached to labels about Michael. That is powerful stuff, the deceptions they invaded our minds with. Is it any wonder they violated the Constitutional sanctity of his home by strip searching him there? What upstanding lawyer would allow that?!? Why not at the police station? Because it was with intent and they actually won that battle because Neverland became a thing of the past. It became a place Michael would forever associate with that humiliating violation with hauntingly vivid imagery.

  10. Hi again Bonnie, on my way to work another thought hit. These two albums, BOTDF and Invincible, are full of these "message" songs, i.e., "really got a hold on me", "falsely accuse me", etc., and weren't these two released 1995 or later? AFTER Michael partnered with SONY on the ATV? In my opinion, rather than delving into when these songs were written, the impotant issue is when they were used in an album. They were Michael's voice. Up until 2002 when Michael called out Sony and Mottola in public, he did not speak up; however, his message was SO clear in these "post Dangerous era" lyrics.

  11. Michael's Marketability:


    Michael's global affect/effect:

    Go to YouTube and type in: michael jackson flash mob. That's how far-reaching his influence is. A threat to status quo? I would say so! (sorry for the source!)

    "That's why I write these kinda of songs, it gives some sense of awareness and awakening and hope to people." (This Is It)

  12. Bonnie you are fantastic! We all are near you. Thank you for everything you do for Michael. The world wants the truth.

  13. Hi Bonnie. I want to thank you immensely for the amazing work you have done for over a year now. For years i have watched , as a fan, in dismay as Michael has been persecuted, tortured and ultimately killed. I felt so alone in my belief that the turmoil of the last 20 years of Michaels life was in fact a calculated "conspiracy". I thank you for taking the time to investigate and share your discovery with us all. I cannot say that enough. This blog provides so much hope. We will not forget what was done to Michael and we will not let Sony, The Pressand the justice system forget either. I am however in disagreement with you as to AEG's role in Michaels Demise. Yes, AEG was not present prior to 2008, given the evidence as of now, but AEG knew better than to be so negligent in the supervision of Murray. They obviously knew Murray would be with Michael overnight, therefore we should assume that Murray disclosed to them what he intended to do overnight, be it factual or not per Murrays depiction to whomever inquired. Furthermore, someone with the beyond satisfactory physical Michael supposedly undertook wouldnt need that intense of medical supervision, in my far from expert opinion. If Murray was under contract with AEG, they need to be held responsible in some capacity for the gross misconduct that obviously took place. A company should always be held responsible for the actions of their on-duty employees if the actions could have been denounced or even prevented by the company as in the case with AEG. So for that negligence alone, AEG should take some responsibility and not skate away free. After all, if we dont hold them accountable for their part in Michaels death, it gives the impression that their part in Michaels death was okay. It was Not. I think that Sony, Branca and McClain have to be exposed for justtice to prevail and for Michaels children and familys sake but we cant forget that the final knife in Michaels back was held by AEG. It is important to look at all the pieces to the puzzle and not leave any out regardless of how big or small they may be in comparison to each other. Your last few posts alarmed me because you speak so much about pro-Sony bloggers and i was afraid that you may be a Pro-AEG blogger. I do not wanna be a a pawn in the division amongst Michaels fans. I still believe in you because your heart is projected through your posts. God Bless you Bonnie. You are simply amazing

  14. Once again Bonnie... wow!

    About Samantha, her family is rich, her dad makes big money, so I guess she gets money to live from him, she´s making a few bucks herself with photography.

    Being in court on PJ day... I was there and they had this lottery almost every day, if you won you could get in. I was inside 11 times. I can confirm her story from PJ day... however, I don´t know if it´s "her" story, maybe she stole it from someone else.

  15. june - Ghosts is one of the songs in which I knew the basic story line Michael was performing. What shocked me was that my older son, who has Asperger's, was watching the video with me one day and aside from the "How's he do that!" on the first dance number, we get to the second song "Ghosts" (Is is Scary) and my son says, "Did you hear what he said?" I replied "yes" and my son said, "That's about his life!" My son did not know anything about Michael Jackson other than my occasional comments about how unfair the press was to him back then. He knows more now but I was floored.

    About Samantha, I'm wondering if she was even there, because she stated on her blog that there would be no DVD available and clearly there is going to be one available. Most people interested in going knew that.

    Simo - I still go through those days. Not sure how much longer I can keep fighting. I have other more pressing, personal problems to deal with right now and I'm between a rock and a hard place. The economy has not been kind to us, so I may have to leave for a while. I will feel like my right arm is getting ripped off. I'm praying but . . .

    truthbtold2all - Wow. What you said about a war being waged for our children. I didn't think many people were even paying attention to that and you are right. It's not just here in the states either, it's global. One of Michael's speeches (both of them) at Carnegie and Oxford he talks about the destruction of the family unit and the importance of restoring the relationship between parent and child and how parents seem to just be giving up. Michael saw all this. He starts this foundation and then SCHMULEY the SCHMUCK steals the money! I'm sorry but that man is a scumbag thief! (money changers in the temple).

    They are trying to outlaw home schooling in some states here and have already done it in the european countries (Michael THANK GOD YOU HOMESCHOOLED!!! His children are not "plugged in")

  16. Bonnie - Wow, the documentary is true and it’s going to happen on the 2nd year of his anniversary? You are right, what are they talking about before the trial even began? They are going to convict somebody before the court gets a chance do it, just like they convicted Michael before he had his chance in court. What a horror

    Stephanie said she is going to give up on the documentary, but Samantha announced the documentary is going to happen but she did not bother to tell us who is doing it?

    How did she be able to take pictures with all those stars? Is she following them too?

    Somebody has to pay her for her living and for the travel to follow Michael for all this month. Who else but $ony.

    Bonnie, I am so glad you’re exposing all this. No one, nobody in the entire fan base or else you can find speaking what Sony did to Michael.

    The other day, you probably saw it, I came across this blog that defends Leonard Rowe’s book but not mentioning the flaw in the book and nothing that he said about Sony.

    I believe, Sony planted many, many sharks around to continue their dirty business even after he passed away. I am heartbroken.

  17. @Jenn:

    Thank you so much for confirming what Bonnie relentlessly trying to tell us about “Samantha De Gosson and Company”. You are one brave person for questioning what she is doing, and we appreciate all that. Her followers are mislead and blindly following her without fact checking, I feel sorry for them.

    She is dangerous and every step of her need to be exposed all the time. She is there to make a few bucks in the name of Michael. Eventually her followers will see the light and know how she deceives them. The time is coming. We pray.

  18. Mimi - I don't know which blog it was defending Rowe's book. I'm sure they are out there, but Rowe's accounts do not match up in several places. Sony was responsible for what happened to Michael. I'm pretty sure most fans know it. The attempt to salvage the damage they did to Michael to recoup and capitalize on his name is what we are now seeing . . . and AEG is on the chopping block. Even if the two were working together, Sony is now throwing them under the bus. I have reason to believe that AEG was NOT working with Sony other than to get permission to use Michael's songs and those convictions are strong. But I could not do that without taking into account who and where the information about AEG's "sins" came from. Now that those sources have been deemed unreliable at best, I have to question everything that has been printed and blogged about AEG. The contract . . . is it even real? We thought the TINI testimony pictures were real . . . but they're not. There are several documents that have been exposed through the press that are not authentic and MUCH of what has been printed is not confirmation of anything other than the fact that the press and those working within it know how to copy a headline and a story. Numbers make it believable.

    You know what scares me? Crest may VERY WELL NOT be the best toothpaste. (tongue in cheek)

  19. Bonnie - I looked back at Samantha's reporting of the September 15th seminar; Seven posted it with Samantha's permission.

    Samantha near the beginning says "Turns out there will be no DVD of the event. It wasn't recorded as far as I understand and quite frankly there probably wouldn't be any great interest or revelation to be gotten out of one."

    Then, at the end of her post she says "since there will be no DVD."

    Kind of opinionated of her to surmise that there "probably wouldn't be any great interest". And then to have to say it TWICE (no DVD) makes me wonder if (according to S), we are to accept her "report" as the final word on the subject so as to discourage us from viewing it and deciding for ourselves. Oh well .....

    And her "report" says 98% of the attendees were attorneys and judges; so what in the heck is SHE doing there? I still say someone (an attorney?) bought her a backstage pass ......

    Also of interest, William Wagener (who was not at the seminar) interviewed a college criminology professor (it's on youtube) who had also been at this seminar, who seemed to imply that Zonen admitted that ultimately Michael was the victim of a shakedown. This female professor was reading from her notes of the seminar. Can't imagine Zonen admitting this, even after the fact, so I think a DVD WOULD be of great interest at least in that regard.

    I emailed LACBA yesterday asking the status of this DVD, how much, how soon available, etc., got an "out of office" response, but hope to hear more soon.

  20. @ June: BOTDF and Ghosts was released in 1997, and Invincible in 2001. The rest is correct. MJ's portrayal of the Mayor in "Ghosts" was intended to be a mock-up of Tom Sneddon.

    @ Bonnie: I agree that there is "more" going on here than what we're currently seeing. I don't trust TINI, and never really did. My first thought was (and still remains) that if these fans KNEW Michael was thin, frail, and weak-- one even supposedly thought he was stoned on at least one occasion, why didn't any one of them go to the proper authorities??? And guess what? It is STILL an unanswered question.

    As far as the photos are concerned, yes...there are several people out there still claiming the photos were "shopped." However, here is the supposed and well-touted "proof" that they weren't:

    As for me personally, I like you know what I was told. But, I also know that those people have a lot to lose should they lose their "credibility", and that's why they had to "prove" they weren't fake. But, personally? Fake or not...they're only pictures, and if all they want to secure for themselves is "bragging rights" then so be it. That's their thing.

    Most of us are concerned with seeking and obtaining justice for Michael. That does not include Karen Faye Kissinger, Sammy DeGosson, and whomever else. It is limited to only MICHAEL JOE JACKSON. The rest are absolutely meaningless and entirely inconsequential. But, that's my opinion...

    As for all of the misguided hatred and sue-crazy freakiness towards AEG...the truth WILL come out, and you can bet that a whole lot of fakes, and whatnot are going to be exposed along the way.

  21. June - Sounds like a discouragement toward buying the DVD, doesn't it? Why would she want people not to know what was said and who attended? She said she hugged Tom Mesereau. I don't have to tell you what I think about the authenticity of that. Especially when I know that the story Stephanie gave me about interviewing him for this documentary was false.

  22. Mimi commented: "No one, nobody in the entire fan base or else you can find speaking what Sony did to Michael."

    You're right!!! That's because they're all too busy following Mama Jackson's ill-fated crusade against AEG. I'm sorry, but like Bonnie, I too believe that AEG's only "crime" was that they wanted to snuff out their biggest competitor, "Live Nation". This will get exposed eventually too. There is NO way that AEG will take a "fall" for Sony. NONE. I believe that Sony misled AEG regarding Jackson's health, and basically set things up so that AEG would be just as much a "fall guy" as Murray. Worse, you can bet on this...if it comes down to it (and I'm sure they already have the "weapons necessary") they will blow the lid off of a LOT of rot. Stay patient, stay alert, stay observant, and stay tuned...

  23. @June:

    Since Samantha said she was at the seminar, did she summarizes the seminar to her followers or do they have to accept her words that she was there?

    If I were the one who attend the seminar, I will inform my followers by summarizing what happened and what went on. I don’t know if she did or not since I don’t follow her. Do you know if she did? Otherwise, we should consider that she wasn’t even there after all.

  24. Thanks a lot Bonnie, now I have to go read about Schmuley and what HE did to Michael! Sheesh!

    Michael was right, he must have known - so tuned in to what was going on behind the facade of gov't. I wouldn't be surprised if he was aware of all these things I talk about. Children ARE the future. Control them, control future society.

    I know some about homeschooling too Bonnie. At one point I removed my children from "public" school because the principal and teacher backed me into a corner as though I had no rights. On the one hand there was the zero violence policy. On the other, my 7 year old devastated by her teacher reading them a blood and guts book, as part of the curriculum, about a homeless girl who had to kill a pig to eat. I sent letters up the chain of command then pulled the plug on my contribution to their funding. The homeschool option allowed me to do that legally.

    They were chipping away at homeschool rights all those years ago - no school tax funding support and channeling optional homeschool educational support into gov't schools, blending the two.

    Yes, it's a global problem. More and more countries are becoming influenced by the west's corporate materialism, which has a devastating affect on cultures.

    There's more behind parents seemingly giving up. It's mostly about choices or was until the economy began being seriously manipulated. More and more households are empty all day long. Parents are at work, children in child care. Parents come home cranky and exhausted. Children come home needing time, encouragement and love from their parents. They clash. Parents buy kids Game Boys and expensive toys to take their place. Kids learn to withdraw to their room sad and unfulfilled. Parents are happy for the space to relax. Over time, the kids get angry and lash out, eventually detach. Reminds me of Cat Stevens' "Cat's in the Cradle".

    This is all part of the agenda. Materialism = 2 incomes + child care = family detachment. Women are viewed as worthless unless they have a job, stay at home moms are not valued. Welfare reform expanded the child care industry and forced single women to work 2 or even 3 jobs. Some even went/go to school too. How much time is then invested in their children? The State often heavily subsidized the child care so what is the point? To separate families, interfere with bonding and expand child care funding.
    Let's not forget control and compliance.


  25. Cont...

    They are in the process of funneling all institutionalized (yes, school is an institution) children, including preschool and child care (think as young as 6 weeks old) under the government school umbrella. Head Start is part of that and bring children in-utero by targeting underprivileged "at risk" pregnant girls/women. Mental health "testing" is administered to even very young children in schools, it is or will be mandatory (see my previous post), health care will be mandatory and without natural choices. (No more opting out of harmful vaccines.) I recall Michael once saying that they have changed history in school books, there's that too.

    Watch what is happening to child care. Though my children were never enrolled in one, I am aware of what is happening in that industry. They scream health and quality (to get expansion dollars) yet turn away when a child is abused or murdered in child care, take no responsibility for not following up on numerous previous complaints.

    The unions are heavily involved in steering child care policy. Unaffiliated parents and community members are NOT allowed on my state policy committees. They consist of 40% paid government administration, 40% paid SEIU (union) and 20% primarily complicit organizations. These incestuous committees write their own legislative rules and submit updates to the laws that govern them. Gee...I could go on and on but I will spare you from becoming completely overwhelmed!

    Again, more people need to stand up for their rights, even if they aren't directly affected by these things. It's only a matter of time until it reaches them too.

    Michael's children being homeschooled was a wise choice indeed! They certainly have a good foundation that will serve them well in the future.

  26. Bonnie commented: "And her "report" says 98% of the attendees were attorneys and judges; so what in the heck is SHE doing there? I still say someone (an attorney?) bought her a backstage pass ......"

    Maybe, John Branca got her a "pass?" How ssssweeeet...

  27. still use CREST?!? LOL

    Wanna know something else?

  28. Okay..... Did you pay attention to this one from threatened?
    “Your worst nightmare is me, I'm everywhere
    In one blink I’ll disappear, and then I’ll come back to haunt you
    I’m telling you, when you lie under a tomb
    I’m the one watching you
    That’s why you got to be threatened by me”

    Oh my God, “when you lie under a tomb, I’m the one watching you”. That is really pretty scary and powerful. Those of you out there who are lying and deceiving for your own gain, he is telling you that he is “WATCHING YOU” you better be scared.

  29. @mimi - yes Samantha summarized the seminar to her followers of which I am NOT one. I read her "summary" on another blog I follow, and inserted my comments above on Bonnie's blog merely to clarify that as far as I knew there would be a DVD of the seminar regardless of what Samantha said (2x) that there would be NO video. It seemed to me she was encouraging folks to take her summary as gospel and not seek the video on their own so as to form their own opinion as to who said what at the seminar. I hope this clarifies my earlier comment.

  30. Mesrak ~

    Threatened is such an angry and powerful song, isn't it? It's one of my favorites.

    In one blink I’ll disappear, and then I’ll come back to haunt you

    That's the line that sticks in my brain. He sure disappeared in a blink. If this song is aimed at any one person, it's Matolla (sp). A lot of Toms in Michael's life.

  31. All Others with meal (ATTORNEYS ONLY) $150.00
    ATTORNEYS ONLY was added at a later stage, when tickets were first offered this was not there, if you want to verify, put it up on your FB wall, plenty of members saw the original price, which was without (ATTORNEYS ONLY)NOTICE ATTORNEYS ONLY HAS BEEN ADDED TO MOST OF THE OTHER SECTIONS, WHICH WAS NOT THERE!!

  32. @Simo, & Irush4

    I want to make some comments about AEG.

    As we all know, we first heard how AEG horribly treated Michael from TINT website and from those girls’ testimonies, and it spread like fire throughout Face Book and blogs.

    The testimonies in TINT informed us that Michael was very sick, frail, completely out of it, and unable to perform the shows.

    Did I believe the claim right after I read and heard about it? Not at all.

    This is why:

    They did not tell us when Michael got so sick and become frail, before he agreed to do the shows or after?

    If he was sick to the point that he is weak and fragile, why did he decide in the beginning to do the concert?

    If he was sick after he agreed, what deteriorate his health rapidly within a short period of time?

    I cannot believe Michael agreed to do the shows knowing his health is in bad shape. If I believe this, I am really undermining this intelligent man.

    If he got really sick after he agreed, I still cannot believe that he didn’t inform his health situation to AEG.

    If he did inform AEG, I don’t believe AEG insisted for him to continue with the program despite his health failing by the minute. Even if they did, he had the right to say he was not feeling well and the plan must be postponed for another time.

    Do I believe Dr. Murray was negligent in caring for him? Yes.

    Irush4 – you said, “Your last few posts alarmed me because you speak so much about pro-Sony bloggers and i was afraid that you may be a Pro-AEG blogger”. What Bonnie and some of us are saying is we don’t have facts yet what AEG did to Michael, but we have documented facts what Sony did to Michael. If someone is blogging supporting Sony/Branca, well, he/she do not understand the pain and the anguish Michael went through in his life or he/she is sold and bought for $$$$, which is possible.

    Even though there is AEG contract floating on the internet, book written against AEG, websites, blogs, and Face Book talking about the crime they commit, none of us know the truth until they face the court and the jury.

    Yes, the family files a lawsuit, but that doesn’t mean they have the truth on their side. The court and the investigation might shade a completely different light to all this matter.

    Why are we convicting someone before they have their day in court I don’t know?

  33. Truthbtold - I LOVE Crest! What's wrong with Crest? Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple pie and Chevrolet (which no longer exists,it's now Obama-let) and Crest! American Old-fashioned junk food and good toothpaste (tastes like chicken!) My bedtime snack every night, LOL!

  34. Very thought provoking post and comments today!

    "...importance of restoring the relationship between parent and child and how parents seem to just be giving up." -Bonnie

    I was thinking about Michael's decision to home-school his children as opposed to send them to school with other children. I'd always wondered about his reasons for doing that although certainly in the big picture I recognize that he was trying to make the best decision for his children as any parent would do. Also, I believe he was trying to accomplish what he discussed in his Oxford speach about parent child relationships. Too many things going on cause kids to get lost in the shuffle. It can also be a challenge when you don't have vast resources at your disposal. More sacrifices have to be made and many people don't want to do that. Too many parents feel they have to keep up with the Jones while oblivious to the fact that they've lost touch with their kids.

    Concerning Michael's situation, two things came to mind, on the one hand, he had a need to protect his children who for better and for worse had a very high profile dad who was often unjustly micro-scrutinized and attacked. In fact he had commented on his fears of having a "Lindbergh baby" situation. His reference is to the very high profile Lindbergh kidnapping case in the 1930's where the 20 month old child of the well known Lindbergh's was kidnapped. A large ransom was asked for and paid but the child was murdered anyway. A horrifically tragic story. Any parents nightmare.


    On the other hand is the point that some have made here and that is to have more say in what children are being taught over and above basic reading, writing and arithmetic. Parents have limited say in what books are being read, what history is being taught, and what belief systems are being promoted. Certainly a home-schooled situation allows for more control of these issues. You're less likely to have someone else telling you what your child should or shouldn't be learning or believing, especially if you don't agree with the status quo. Less corporate programming and more one on one learning can be a very good thing and I'm sure Michael was well aware of that.

    In my experience with friends and acquaintances that have home-schooled their children, I have yet to come across a child that was behind their age group in the basics. Often times they were ahead of their age group. I would imagine Michael's children are as well.

    I also believe a home-schooled situation is more likely to promote independent thinking. Public/private educational institutions can be prone to certain ideologies whether, political, religious or philosophical. I know that the teaching staff can be encouraged to teach based on certain ideologies to at least some degree. Home-schooling essentially cuts out the middle person, so to speak.

    Bonnie, you were commenting on how some states and many European countries were trying to ban home-schooling. Unfortunately I haven't read enough about this effort but it is a sad and shocking development. Like I mentioned before, I don't know anyone whose children are behind their age group because of being home-school. The opposite is usually true. I'm sure you would agree.

  35. @Bonnie,

    "Truthbtold - I LOVE Crest! What's wrong with Crest? Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple pie and Chevrolet (which no longer exists,it's now Obama-let) and Crest! American Old-fashioned junk food and good toothpaste (tastes like chicken!) My bedtime snack every night, LOL! "

    Huge LOL!!...:-)

    Obama-let! You must be referring to Government Motors, a once almost proud American institution who, sadly, is being kept afloat by Obama dollars and financial support from the far east. I currently drive a no-Obama-dollars Ford...:-)

  36. Truthbtold - You are so on top of what is going on, I am proud of you. You mention anything like this to people working within the establishment and you will get laughed off the planet with your "conspiracy theories" . . . a concept that they teach in textbooks to debunk by attacking not the theories themselves but the person. This has been the classic assault weapon of the TINI clan. Someone wrote me and told me to shut my "piehole", LOL! I was talking to someone about this over the phone and I couldn't say the word without laughing. But it just goes to show you the juvenile tactics they use.

    Michael identified several forms of entertainment as wedges between parent and child relationships in both the Carnegie and the Oxford speeches. Not blaming the entertainment itself but the use of them in place of the relationship between parent and child.

    The entertainment industry has been a catalyst in the beginning of this trend of separating parent from child, emotionally. The results are evident in the breakdown of our society. Empathy, love, sacrifice and hope are now looked upon and twisted into weaknesses and it begins in our schools. "Self" has been put before everything and taught as virtues . . . Self-reliance, Self-worth, Self-esteem, Self-assured etc . . . And we wonder why our children feel empty and don't even know who they are when they leave school and are shoved out into the world to fend for themselves. Stabbing others in the back is a skill to be celebrated on the T.V. reality shows. SICK STUFF!

    Anyhow Truthbtold, you are right on the money. And Michael knew about it, Michael saw it happening. He saw so much of the world without becoming OF IT. {{{Michael}}}

  37. @truthbtold2all,

    Yes, "Threatened" is powerful. Another very powerful song, and a favorite of mine is "Stranger in Moscow." This song was a turning point for me and how I viewed Michael. Not that he hadn't gotten my attention before, but this said something more substantive about him and showed a very different and more mature Michael Jackson. I was totally drawn in.

    Hauntingly beautiful this song documents Micheal's intense inner struggle in the early 90's after the first round of ugly and false allegations were launched against him. The loneliness and isolation he had often felt was intensified by the lies that preceded what he referred to as his "Swift and sudden fall from grace." He expressed the intensity and depth of these particular human emotions brilliantly in word/song/video. All 3 have to be experienced at the same time. It's a complete work.

    "I was wandering in the rain
    Mask of life, feelin' insane
    Swift and sudden fall from grace
    Sunny days seem far away"

    "How does it feel
    When you're alone
    And you're cold inside
    Here abandoned in my fame
    Armageddon of the brain
    KGB was doggin' me
    Take my name and just let me be"

  38. Taaj - We never said nobody was allowed to attend but attorney's only that space was restricted, which it was. You also did not address the issue of the DVD which Sam said would not be available but which obviously is.

    Just what exactly is it that you are getting out into the street and doing? You said you are going up against the giants. What giants? Hulya? Because so far that has been your biggest effort to date is your war against other fan groups.

    Thank you for the info on the tickets for the event, but since a DVD will be available, the availability of tickets is a moot point. I deleted your other comment before posting. This blog is not the proper forum in which to issue juvenile challenges. Thank you.

  39. Mimi - You said: "Did I believe the claim right after I read and heard about it? Not at all.

    This is why:

    They did not tell us when Michael got so sick and become frail, before he agreed to do the shows or after?

    If he was sick to the point that he is weak and fragile, why did he decide in the beginning to do the concert?

    If he was sick after he agreed, what deteriorate his health rapidly within a short period of time?"

    On the issue of AEG:

    Mimi's statement is exactly how we should look at this . . . we do not know. And the people who TOLD US THEY KNEW have been lying to us about other things leaving the integrity gauge way below the "fill" line.

    Between the stories we have two Michael's -

    AEG's Michael, which when listening to interviews on Youtube, was relatively healthy, on the thin side, not eating as he should but lucid and coherent.

    TINI and Faye's Michael - Which was emaciated, could hardly get up the stairs of the Staples stage without help, had food "fed" to him, slurred his words and was at times incoherent and forgetful.

    Makes you wonder how the heck the last three days of rehearsal footage managed to look so good with that quickly a deteriorating Michael.

    Now for Michael number three . . . the one that I SAW in videos and on TII:

    Sometimes engaging and funny
    Sometimes a bit irritated
    Sometimes impatient
    Sometimes embarassed because he was too sharp with someone and didn't intend to be.

    Sometimes really awkward on stage.
    Whining (about making him sing, resting his voice).

    The biggest urge I had while watching TII was to go up on that stage, take Michael's glasses off and say, "Yo! It's the eyes dude! We wanna see the eyes!" and maybe brush the hair out of his face because that just drives me nuts. I'm a mom. (shrugs)

    There were MANY TIMES during TII that I had to pause the video because I could swear that was not Michael on that stage. You don't morph body shape and facial shape within a three day period if indeed those clips were all within a three day period.

    Other than that . . . I thought TII was really weird. Like if I had ADD I probably would have enjoyed it with the flashing changes of costume during the same song. If I had epilepsy I would have been in trouble.

  40. SandyK - Stranger in Moscow was by far my most favorite and personal of Michael's songs. That song is the one . . . I first heard it after Michael was gone and about an hour after I watched the 60 Minutes interview all the way through for the first time. I was just done. That was the day everything opened up for me . . . heart and soul for this man. I prayed that night, got that "air kiss" angel kiss, whatever you want to call it and I was comforted but committed to learn everything I could about what happened to him.

    This has been a conviction like no other I have ever had before and it has thrown me for a loop. NOBODY in my family or my church understands it. If they knew what this man was put through and just how important this battle is to what is coming down the road for all of us, maybe they would wake up and pay attention.

    I don't want to belittle anyone else's struggles over Michael's, but this encompasses so much! Everyone's struggle in what is going on is wrapped up in this.

    I was over a friend's house for dinner on Tuesday night and we talked in length about this for the first time. Her reply was exasperation. She said to me, "How in the world did you learn all that in that short a length of time?" Because it's not an interest . . . it's a mission.

    She too had thought he was guilty. The press corrupts everything before they "teach" it to us.

    So this prodigal child/gifted intelligent man/musical prophet/faithful messenger that God gifted us with is persecuted, tortured, emotionally crucified and because he was a "pop star" it's okay. Because he didn't go to a church every Sunday, it's okay. Because he didn't "shut up" and "behave" it's okay. Because he wouldn't let the status quo be, it's okay . . . or maybe . . .

    It's just because the press "said so."

  41. I have been working hard tonight on the blog for tomorrow . . . it's a long one. Please be patient with me. Another timeline and then we will get into the lyrics.

    Also have a miracle of sorts to share with you. Of sorts . . . oh no, it was a full-blown miracle.

  42. SandyK ~

    Great job on summarizing the benefits of homeschooling!

    Stranger in Moscow, I agree, hauntingly beautiful.

    ∼ ❤ ∼

  43. Oh my gosh Bonnie! Shut your PIEHOLE?!? What a cruel thing to say...goodness more apple pie?!? That must have forever tainted your homespun visions of tantalizingly luscious American favorites! Surely that will now invade your dreams? I can only imagine...deep and peaceful slumber...home team bleachers, 7th inning...hotdogs, apple pie and southern fried chicken flavored CREST floating around your subconscious. You realize you're salivating. SUDDENLY the thought creeps in...SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE! Bars descend from your upper lip. Then suddenly, as though your physical self has by-passed your brain particles, you find yourself catapulted to your great grandmother's back porch clawing at the screened cupboard where her last and very famous apple pie rests in safety from varmints. With great anticipation you ever so gingerly grab that pie, sink your fingers in and proceed to stuff it through the bars blocking normal feeding activity. Then, just as the first morsels approach your awaken with a jerk. The disappointment is overwhelming! For the rest of your born days you remain scarred for having never been allowed to experience your great grandmother's famous apple pie.

    Do these people really understand the depths of pain they have caused you?!? Unforgivable❣

    ~ૐ~~ ❤ ~~ૐ~


  44. Ok, back to reality...

    Bonnie, you said: "Truthbtold - I LOVE Crest! What's wrong with Crest?"

    The history of fluoride (toothpaste mentioned down a few paragraphs):

    Though at times overwhelming, it's a good thing to be informed...❣ Isn't it?

  45. The Bar Ass'n replied to me. The video ON DEMAND is available, yes, at a cost $140.00! Too much for me unfortunately. Seems unfair to the general public to charge so much, when members of the Bar can get it for less. The Bar Assn's videos are typically far less expensive for the public. But hey, this is Michael Jackson, and all those high priced attorneys must be paid to speak! The number to call to order this Video ON DEMAND is (213) 896-6560.

  46. @Bonnie Have you ever met like the followers Michael Jackson??

  47. truthbtold - you said: "Oh my gosh Bonnie! Shut your PIEHOLE?!? What a cruel thing to say...goodness more apple pie?!? That must have forever tainted your homespun visions of tantalizingly luscious American favorites! Surely that will now invade your dreams? I can only imagine...deep and peaceful slumber...home team bleachers, 7th inning...hotdogs, apple pie and southern fried chicken flavored CREST floating around your subconscious."

    First of all, let's get real . . . I do NOT enjoy "watching" baseball. If I am not involved on the team, I am not interested. "Spectating" is not one of my interests.

    Secondly, I did have a dream last night but it was not about apple pie, baseball, hotdogs, my great grandmother or pieholes (is this sounds like a country and western song).

    My great grandmother was the ultimate olfactory training tool. Summers as a child at the family vacation property in the mountains . . . the aroma of oak and maple in the 1928 pot-belly stove heating the front of the cabin was we all begin wandering in from the different cabin bedrooms in our night clothes, rubbing our eyes and having the soul-warming scent of blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins and pie all baking as your grandmother, in her Irish apron and house dress the the eternal hair net across her bun, efficiently and deftly switches each filled baking pan from oven, to table, and from counter to oven.

    Meanwhile, you stand there, trying to keep the string of saliva from dripping onto the cooling confection staring you in the face. Suddenly you realize that heat rises and your bare feet are as cold as the rest of your body was when you emerged from under the covers in the unheated cabin bedrooms after sleeping all night with the covers over your head, creating your own condensation.

    I miss those days. I can bake but only do it during holidays when we have someone else to feed besides my husband and I.

    Hmmmmmmm . . . blueberreeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

  48. Truthbtold - The history of flouride. Scary. I remember always being asked about flouride tablets the school wanted to give my boys. We always opted out of them. My boys went to a dentist. The scare tactics they use to entice parents to give children GARBAGE.

    There was a study done and a lot of speculation that the intense concentration of infant vaccines were causing ADD in children. Nothing conclusive was ever reported, but this is the kind of stuff I am talking about when you read studies PAID FOR by the government telling you that it's "okay". Then the comments come of how bad a parent you are for NOT wanting to shove a bunch of viruses into your child's blood stream when they are at the peak of their growth speed and development.

    June - Ugh . . . I'm out too. Geeze, only ten dollars less than actually attending and you don't even get to ask a question, LOL! Tom!!!! Maybe we can talk him into putting it up on his web site. :o) (pweeze!)

    Tomate Joyeuse - Have I ever met LIKE the followers of Michael Jackson? (BTW, your avatar is really cute). I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the followers as in Samantha DeGosson? Those people?

    There are LOTS of "followers" of Michael Jackson depending on how you use that term and what your definition of that is. If you can clarify more of who you are talking about I can better answer your question.

    I have met "some" followers of Michael . . . a couple in person. But the group that hangs around with Samantha DeGosson? No. They are more like groupies and I have never had any interest in sitting outside someone's home, camped out, spooking the living daylights out of them and following their vehicle around for the sole purpose of reporting back to a corporation what that person is doing.

    Espionage . . . stalking, private investigator, stake out. Samantha was on an eight month stakeout. I have never met her, no. I don't think she would like me much.

  49. Esto es exactamente lo que dice Farrakhan a las 7.30 en adelante.
    " Recibí una llamada creo que 7 días antes de su fallecimiento . Fue a partir de un abogado , cuyo nombre no voy a llamar. Dijo Farrakhan póngase en contacto con Michael, que está en serios problemas. Me dijo que lo que quieres decir? Dijo Miguel estuvo de acuerdo con 10 conciertos , ahora lo han reservado para el 50 y tenemos miedo de que no será capaz de cumplir con la obligación y él ser demandado y esta será una manera de tomar su legado ( el catálogo de su propiedad ) . Me dijo ¿qué quieres que haga , no me ha llamado ? Dijo pero hay gente cerca de él que son seguidores . Me dijo realmente? Él dijo que sí. Le dije así me dan unos días y me dejó pensar en ello.

    Fui a África y el día primero llegué a África estábamos sentados en la mesa a cenar , y un mensaje de texto llegó a newman vara que Michael había tenido un paro cardíaco . Golpeé la mesa y le dije , mi hermano se ha ido. 15 minutos más tarde nos llegó otro mensaje de texto diciendo que Michael Jackson ha muerto.

  50. Bonnie ~

    Ok then, insert yourself playing whatever position in the outfield or you can even be the batter. LOL 'Twas just a little creative fantasy that hit me, not meant to be factual, though certainly making light of childish adult behaviors/name-calling. Thought it might put a smile on your early morning face. Oh well, I thought it was funny.

    You are SO fortunate to have known your great grandmother and to have the gift of those wonderful memories, thanks for sharing! People who have never experienced such simple pleasures may never understand the importance of such things, the strength, character-building and appreciation that comes of it.

    The efficiency you described of your great grandmother's domestic skills is sadly a lost art, or very nearly so. Wish I had some of them. I am unfortunately domestically and organizationally challenged.

    All but one of my grandparents were long dead by the time I came along. My grandmother, who died while I was in my early teens, was not a sociable kid-loving type.

    Nothing can beat an old-fashioned wood cook stove! Oh how I would love to have a log cabin in the woods with one of those and natural spring water!

    I look forward to your upcoming posts.

    @ June ~

    That is crazy money on demand! Not even physical merchandise...a DVD? Sounds to me like the purpose is to limit access. Once again, only for the rich. Then there's the fact that being accessible only online, they can record your IP address and make sure, for one, that you can't hand out your password for others to watch it on their computers.

    Yes, I do border on paranoia sometimes especially when it comes to the internet - erring on the side of caution. And even though I know it's futile most of the time, it makes me feel better.

  51. Bonnie~

    I know those scare tactics well!

    The SCHOOL gave out fluoride tablets? Wow. They're using the schools for a lot of non-educational purposes - easy access to our children.

    Uhoh...I've researched vaccines too...add to that - #1 autism, SIDS, (damage mistakenly diagnosed as) Shaken Baby etc. etc.

    You said - "Nothing conclusive was ever reported"

    EXACTLY..."reported" being the key word. There is a boatload of conclusive evidence. One of dozens of links I've bookmarked:

    Ever wonder what exactly is in vaccines? And, more scientific evidence:

    I wonder if Michael's kids were ever vaccinated. And if not then if they have been now that they are attending school.

    "Espionage . . . stalking, private investigator, stake out. Samantha was on an eight month stakeout."

    I know Michael loved his fans but surely many have crossed the line. He mentioned fan mob situations where he was frightened. I've often wondered if Michael's song Privacy may have also been written with stalker fans in mind, hoping they too would get the point.

    Thanks for your comparison of the different versions of Michael's physical condition, very helpful.

  52. Bonnie – I love the way you expand my thinking about all those talk Michael being so sick and on the verge of dying during rehearsal. You are completely right and the TII movie is a testimony for coherent Michael not frail and couldn’t move.

    Oh yes!!!! I love those eyes. They tell everything.

  53. I agree with all of you how important to home school your children. If you really want to know how our government, the Big Pharma, the food industry, and big corporations are ganging up to destroy humanity for all mighty $$$$$, read “The China Study” by Dr. Colin Campbell, respected nutrition and health researcher.

    He “reveals the truth behind special interest groups, government entities and scientists that have taken Americans down a deadly path”. Shame on them.

    It’s our responsibility to teach our selves and say NO to corruption. Wake up people they are here to kill all us.

    Once you start reading the book, you will not put it down until you finish it. it’s that interesting. Very powerful.

  54. Here is a video just to cheer you up and to mesmerize with the wonderment of God.

  55. Carmayca's translated:

    This is exactly what Farrakhan says in future to 7,30. " I received a call I believe that 7 days before its death. It was from a lawyer, whose name I am not going to call. Farrakhan said póngase in contact with Michael, who is in serious problems. It said to me that what you mean? Miguel said was in agreement with 10 concerts, they have reserved now it for the 50 and we are scared of which he will not be able to fulfill the obligation and he to be demanded and this will be a way to take his legacy (the catalogue of its property). It said to me what you want that it does, has not called to me? It said but there is people near him that is following. It really said to me? He said yes that. I said to him therefore they give days me and he let think to me about it. I went to Africa and the day first I arrived at Africa we were seated in the table to have dinner, and a text message arrived at newman twig that Michael had had cardiac unemployment. I struck the table and I said to him, my brother has gone away. 15 minutes later another message arrived to us from text saying that Michael Jackson has died.

    Not my translation! Sorry, is it morbid to laugh at "cardiac unemployment"? Shoot, I am in some kinda weird mood today!

  56. Mesrak ~

    It's really good to hear of others becoming aware. You're so right it is OUR responsibility to teach ourselves!

    I have that book The China Study, another I haven't yet read. I bought it to learn more about the sabotage of our food, I didn't realize it had all that other stuff too. Thank you for your helpfulness!

    "Wake up people they are here to kill all us." Very brave of you! I am just another they brand as lunatic that AGREES wholeheartedly!!

    It's easier to scream "conspiracy theorist" than to do some research and learn the truth. Admittedly what the elite are doing is outrageous, difficult to grasp and outside of our normal realm of culturally acceptable possibilities. But there comes a point when it is proven beyond theory and becomes just plain a big fat conspiracy from every direction. They seem to be using Mein Kampf as their guidebook:

    "All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true in itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie...It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation."

    Sounds like what they did to Michael too.

    Beautiful video Mesrak, thank you!

  57. I have to get to work on this blog post tonight and it looks like it may be another A.M. posting.

    I was tipped off about a SD post concerning AEG and Sony and I will probably put off reporting on that.

    I am getting emails and private messages "suggesting" that my integrity will be diminished if I continue to defend AEG and some of the messages I am getting are so anti-Christian (calling me a fundamentalist and such) that I dare to wonder if there is not some other reason this hate campaign is being waged against AEG.

    Are any of you interested in what I am thinking about this? Because this is looking like something much deeper and more significant than just a music catalog, which includes Michael.

    Think about this:

    Michael was THE MOST POPULAR recording artist of all time. His audience was worldwide, even in non-english speaking countries. His appeal before the beginning of the sabatage, was in large part due to his outreach to disadvantaged children all over the world.

    Michael's messages in his songs, interviews and speeches were about God, for God and to God. He wanted us to listen. God put him on the world stage for this reason.

    Look what they did to him.

    Now that it looks like they accomplished SILENCING HIM, they are targeting another Christian entity in his death.

    I have kept all messages I have been sent and I don't want to have to resort to publicly posting them here, but the trend of messages that I am getting is disturbing me.

    If Anyone wants copies of these you can contact me private message through my facebook account. Some of them have been comments here that I deleted before posting and some of them are private messages in facebook.

    I am going to have to address this sooner or later, because the campaign they are waging is making me sick to my stomach.

    Truthbtold - I have cardiac underemployment so you have my sympathies, LOL! The translation was cute. Farrakhan is not someone I consider "Mike-Like" and I pretty much disregard anything he has to say. He also teaches from a platform of hate and entitlement and has made it harder for the different races to get along by inciting intolerance. If you took "black" and "white" out of his vocabulary he would have nothing to say.

    MIMi - Thank you for posting that divine and THERAPEUTIC video. God Bless you and your timing. ♥

    Now I have to get back to work to get this blog post up. More Shennanigans and more lyrics.

  58. @truthbtold2all,

    Thanks for your kind words concerning my home-school comment...:-) You know, I forgot some VERY important "side effects" of home schooling that are important to note and that is better behaved kids, less attitude and stronger family bonds!!! Kids are more likely to stay focused on one activity and are less likely to be pulled in multiple opposing directions simultaneously. Also, you'd be amazed at how many resources are out there to help parents. Home-schooling is great, if you're able to manage it, and I've seen it work!!! (This is NOT a paid endorsement...:-)...:-)...:-)

    Coming home from work I listened/watched "Stranger In Moscow" again and was impressed once again with the sophistication Michael showed in expressing his very difficult and painful emotions. This caused me to want to reflect on it further. Also, Bonnie, I was glad to see that this is your favorite song of his as well. I saw the video when it was initially released years ago, but hadn't seen it in years until after Michael's passing; causing me to watch it with new eyes; the events of last year giving it new meaning. This song/video wasn't just about Michael. He was empathizing with the loneliness and isolation of others from all walks of life. In the video, in spite all that was pouring down on him in life (rain in the video) he turns his face up, opens his arms and faces it, as do his "video companions," so to speak. The video doesn't end in despair but with the promise of a new beginning. Beautiful!!!! Michael, you are amazing!!!! I wish that new beginning was still possible for you now.


    @Bonnie and @Mimi,

    Was Michael healthy or was Michael sick before he died??? The million dollar question! I do hope this question will be answered during the trial. In my view, there was a little of both. The man had clearly lost a lot of weight and for me, that is NOT healthy, especially for someone who wasn't heavy to begin with. Compare him in 2009 to pictures taken in 2003 and there is a night and day difference. The celebrated "gold pants" of the '97 History tour would have fallen off of him in 2009...:-(

  59. Bonnie - Did you see this? TMZ posted it today.

  60. Bonnie commented: "I am getting emails and private messages "suggesting" that my integrity will be diminished if I continue to defend AEG and some of the messages I am getting are so anti-Christian (calling me a fundamentalist and such) that I dare to wonder if there is not some other reason this hate campaign is being waged against AEG.

    Are any of you interested in what I am thinking about this? Because this is looking like something much deeper and more significant than just a music catalog, which includes Michael."

    Regarding the private emails, etc. saying your integrity could be damaged in defending AEG: First, I don't think nor do I get the sense that you are defending ANYONE surrounding Michael in all fairness. I will say that you as well as I (and am I'm NOT Christian for the record...I am a Witch-- having been initiated as such in 1986) simply feel that the least amount of "blame" falls onto AEG. They're the proverbial "new kids on the block" in this whole nightmare concerning Michael, and I think that you're just being fair to such in that regard.

    This is NOT saying that AEG had no motive, BUT...just because Papa and Mama Jackson are all of a sudden portraying themselves as the "loving/caring" parents of Michael when throughout Michael's childhood, it was perfectly okay by Katherine to turn a blind eye and develop deaf ears while Joseph abused not only Michael but ALL of her children, by being "sue-happy" (and let's face it-- MANY of Michael's fan base, especially those of us who are veteran fans (I'm in this category-- having been a fan for 40 yrs.) KNOWS it's "all about the MONEY."

    Neither parent's actions has ANYTHING to do with justice for Michael. In the same breath, it also doesn't mean that any one of Michael's fans believe the same way that they (the Jackson family) do, any more than every fan believes that AEG is guilty. Personally, I think that AEG is just as much a "fall guy" as Conrad Murray! But again...that's MY opinion.

    As an interesting note, Mama Jackson (Katherine) is currently going to be SUED!!! Why??? Read on...

    Granted, these links are courtesy of TMZ, but do a bit of "Googling" and you'll come up with similar issues being raised about Papa and Mama dearest.

    Perhaps with these things in our fan-mindedness, we can fully understand WHY Michael had family members make an appointment in order to see him once he came back to the US, and WHY Michael didn't leave his siblings or his father a red cent-- per his 'WILL', as questionable as such may be, but I seriously doubt that he would've altered ANYTHING regarding that family. He KNEW what they were, and STILL do I, and many others as well. Here's one such blogger who sites such things openly:

    Granted, not too many approve of Muzik's often harsh and quite vicious tactics and attacks BUT...I cannot and will not argue her current blog's well-made points.

  61. As far as more "reputable" reporting about the impending lawsuit against Katherine, here's some more links:

    And, that's just a few to prove that more than TMZ have drawn attention to such about "Mama Dearest."

  62. SandyK - Also, Bonnie, I was glad to see that this is your favorite song of his as well. I saw the video when it was initially released years ago, but hadn't seen it in years until after Michael's passing; causing me to watch it with new eyes; the events of last year giving it new meaning. This song/video wasn't just about Michael. He was empathizing with the loneliness and isolation of others from all walks of life. In the video, in spite all that was pouring down on him in life (rain in the video) he turns his face up, opens his arms and faces it, as do his "video companions," so to speak." - - - -

    I can't wait to get to this one. "Stranger" ripped my heart out and like you the first time I saw it was after June 25, of 2009. It was very simply and tastefully shot, the stark black and white images, the slo-mo rain falling and slow shutter bird wings and wasp and coffee spilling. But the words, I am telling you.

    When I first, you know what. I'm going to save this story for tomorrow. It was a heart opener.

  63. Sandy - Was Michael healthy or was Michael sick before he died??? The million dollar question! I do hope this question will be answered during the trial. In my view, there was a little of both. The man had clearly lost a lot of weight and for me, that is NOT healthy, especially for someone who wasn't heavy to begin with. Compare him in 2009 to pictures taken in 2003 and there is a night and day difference. The celebrated "gold pants" of the '97 History tour would have fallen off of him in 2009...:-( "

    I have gotten testimony from people who said they signed a confidentiality agreement that Michael looked fine. One said he looked a little older and thinner but not unhealthy and was in relatively good spirits. Another said he was quiet but in good humor and that was several days before he died . . . supposedly. I talked to three people who weren't supposed to talk so . . . piecing their testimony together, I gather he was thinner than usual but not acting alarming.

    As I was writing this I just got a call from Taaj. Getting really tired of this garbage.

  64. MIMI - So who are they trying to seal MJJ business info from? The press or Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family?

  65. Lady - Before we start taking everything that TMZ reports as gospel, I want to step back (after reading these brief but effective diversions from justice) and look at the wording and the rancor in which these tabloid attacks are being lodged at the Jacksons.

    The Jacksons are trying to investigate the murder of their son/brother. The closer they get to the truth, the harsher the attacks that will be lodged against them.

    Why is it Katherine Jackson cannot sell a book about Michael without being ridiculed but both Geraldine and Jones can relaunch updated versions of their books about Michael? This is Katherine's son.

    The same people putting out these garbage, slanted stories in the press about the Jacksons are the SAME ONES lodging attacks against different fans fighting for justice, putting up fake web sites and fan forums etc . . .

    I want to keep things in perspective. MUZIK . . . that girl is going to get the surprise of her life when she finds out that the Jackson brothers actually loved Michael and the real culprits are the very ones she's been defending . . . but then again, maybe she already knows.

  66. @ Bonnie: I don't take TMZ's reporting as "gospel." That's why I dug up other links regarding the $13 million-dollar suit pending against Katherine. This suit goes back a number of years to when Joseph (no surprise) and Jermaine (another no surprise) tried to get Michael to join them in yet another failed "reunion tour." Again, because Michael declined...Papa, Jermaine, and Katherine all wound up sued and yes, all 3 lost that suit. Well, that suit has been unpaid for several years, and has also accrued interest. Hence, the $13 million-dollar price tag.

    But yes...the asian concert promoting group that won the suit has been watching Joe as well as Katherine, and noting the money rolling in since Michael's death. They want their payment. So this is why Katherine is in trouble.

    As far as Muzik, "that girl is going to get the surprise of her life when she finds out that the Jackson brothers actually loved Michael and the real culprits are the very ones she's been defending . . . " goes in my opinion Hun, I don't really know or much less understand how "he Jackson brothers actually loved Michael", when (do a bit of Googling on these things, and you'll find out)-- neither of these being exactly "the first time" that Michael had been stabbed in the back by "family"...

    A.) Jermaine, Randy, and Joseph SUED Michael for failing to sign on for the "AllGood" reunion concert deal, in favor of AEG (TII tour).

    B.) Since Michael died, BOTH Jackie and Marlon are linked to the November "new" release.

    C.) Janet has filed against Michael's estate to be compensated for her expenses regarding Michael's funeral.

    I'm sorry, but a "loving family" they are NOT. Not in my book, and apparently, not in Michael's either.

  67. @Lady - I agree with your statement about long-standing rancor in the Jackson family. Your comment B re Jackie and Marlon being linked to the "new" release. I read that a while back which explained to me why they were so publicly "quiet" about their deceased brother. Is it to help protect the integrity of whatever Sony decides to release? Or is it for the MONEY. And frankly I'm sick of both twitters of Jackie and Jermaine, sound like a couple of rich boys with a lot of time on their hands. And if I hear Jermaine attempt to sing one more "Michael" song, that will be all the slack I will cut him. And Janet wants compensation for her part in paying for her brother's funeral? I can only hope that is not true. Well, done with ranting, it's not my style. However, I do have to say it would not be unusual for 9 siblings to differ over a lifetime, especially if one were supporting some of the rest for at least two decades! Easy enough for them NOW to say they loved Michael, but, as Lady pointed out, there is a long history. This element of sibling rivalry and betrayal should be a cautionary tale for the rest of us regarding our siblings, IMO.

    And I'm really sorry for Katherine about the asian promoters dragging her into the problems caused by Joe and Jermaine.

    These issues and many others are why Michael distanced himself from his siblings, although I do believe at the end they all could and should have reached out to each other.

    As for the accounting Branca has filed, something that struck me right away was that Leonard Rowe's $50,000 claim WAS paid, Arnold Klein's two claims totalling over $50,000 have not been paid (and IMO should NEVER be paid), and Thome Thome (remember him who seems to have disappeared) put in a claim for over Two Million Dollars which hasn't been paid.

    And there's another interesting (though relatively small) claim: Kai Chase, the cook I believe hired by AEG to "make sure Michael ate" according to Randy Phillips in a statement after Michael's death; she put in a claim for $8,000 which was compromised down to $4,000. If AEG was employing her to make sure Michael ate, why would she expect the estate to pay her at all.

    Bonnie, I agree that Katherine should be able to write a book about her son, in fact I purchased it and it's lovely, wonderful pictures when they were all young. What I don't understand is whatever partnership she has with Marc Shaffel in this venture. Now he speaks very highly of Michael but that was not the case several years back when they were in a law suit against one another. Just something else to be unraveled, I guess......

  68. Bonnie - sorry I misstated in a post a short time time; Katherine's partner in the book was named Howard Mann, it was not Marc Shaffel, although they are similar in appearance. I don't mean to misinform anyone.

    About Marc Shaffel, however, it seems he's been photo'd more than a few times with Debbie Rowe, and I guess I'm wondering what's up with that ....


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