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Michael Jackson Justice: More on Leonard Rowe

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Monday, September 20, 2010

More on Leonard Rowe

Sept, 14, 2010 – More on Leonard Rowe  

Four Your reference, the Timeline:
Michael For All Time
We left off some days ago with some questions about Leonard Rowe.  One of my more frequent posters, Lady (short for ladyacquarius1962), found and submitted this in the comments for that past blog.
The article was actually posted on November 28, 2007 and it states this:

“Jermaine Jackson, Michael’ brother, has confirmed speculation that The Jackson 5 are to embark on a reunion tour in 2008. The family had been trying to get it together for another reunion tour for years, but the possibility was delayed by Michael’s child abuse trial in 2005. Jermaine told the British radio station BBC 6 Music that the band has discussed setting up concert dates “sometime in 2008.” Concert promoter Leonard Rowe, the man behind Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall tour in the late 1970s and early 1980s, recently admitted he had been in touch with the infamous Jackson family to discuss reforming for a number of live dates.”Michael will be involved,” Jermaine says. “We feel we have to do it one more time. We owe that to the fans and to the public.”The Jacksons last toured in 1984, on the infamous Victory tour, just after M-Jack dropped Thriller.”  Source 

This is a printed article in a gossip rag online saying that Jermaine was trying to get together a reunion tour, which may have been true.  I did remember hearing something along those lines a few years back.  But Michael according to the link I posted yesterday had issued a press release in 2008 that he had NO PLANS to tour with his family.  In this article above, Jermaine is quoted as saying “Michael will be involved.”  (Oh, how I could play with this one . . . but we’ll stick to the issue of Rowe for right now).

If you look at the wording of Jermaine in that press release, he does not say Michael will tour with them, he just says “Michael will be involved.”  (Yes, I have to look at everything now).

I have seen no articles DATED IN 1979 OR 1980 that say anything about Leonard Rowe.  That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, only that I have not to this date seen them.  There was a copy of this press release posted on Kingofpopnews

The news release posted here (can’t find original press release link), does not appear on the MJJtimeline blog.  But this write up mentions the “career to successfully promoting and touring hundreds of acts, including the Jacksons, Prince, R. Kelly and the late Marvin Gaye.”  But it does not mention the lawsuit from R. Kelly nor his time in the pen for insurance fraud and writing bad checks.

It also discusses Rowe’s being “…a staunch advocate for African-American rights in the concert promotion industry for the past 35 years. His landmark antitrust and civil rights litigation against nearly every concert promoter and agency in the music industry won the promoter a no-nonsense reputation for challenging the status quo.”

If this is true, where was Rowe during Michael’s battle with Sony back on 2001 and 2002?  And why is Sony not mentioned in his book?  This battle was no secret, where was Rowe’s staunch advocacy for Michael during this time?  Like all his other “friends”?  MIA.  Was he too afraid?  One could use this argument if he had not gone out of his way to publish a book with the sole intent of implicating AEG.  He couldn’t have been TOO fearful. Sony is ignored by Rowe . . . why?

I have seen Randy Jackson’s remarks on twitter, about being worried that his parents do not know the element they were involved in.  I now wonder if Leonard Rowe is one of those people.  Brian Oxman is the one now pushing this lawsuit against AEG and has steered away from his quest to have the executors challenged.  Not one of these people is willing to mention the involvement of Sony. Since Oxman was there in 2005 (Mesereau did fire him) and Rowe was around during the 70’s at the very least, and both are familiar with the Music Catalog, it kind of makes you wonder why the denial of history.

To more on his book:

He gave us the run-around for the next two weeks. We received no information, but we stayed in L.A. the entire time. I finally became annoyed with the situation and I decided to call Michael. I told him how I was being treated by Dr. Tohme Tohme. Michael had also become very annoyed with this guy for some reason. Michael said he would give Dr. Tohme Tohme a call and get back with me shortly. Michael called me a couple of days later and asked me about the deal. I told him the promoter had agreed to give his mother $1 million on top of everything else. He asked me if they would give her $2 million. I told him I did not know, but I would go and see if I could get it done. I went to the promoter and told him if he could give Michael's mother $2 million I thought we could close the deal. The promoter agreed to do so.

(Why doesn't he name "Allgood" why "the promoter"?  And he doesn’t elaborate on why he believes Michael became annoyed with Tohme, it’s just thrown out there.  I have a copy of the Allgood agreement and in the binder agreement the sum of $24 million is mentioned for the fee paid to the artists.  Of this, DiLeo would get $2 million (10%) and $400K paid upon securing the signatures of all the Jacksons.  This is not ten percent, unless the $400K is missing a set of zeros.  This would leave $21,600,000.  Of this according to Rowe, Michael would get $15 Mil and Michael’s mother Katherine would get $2 million.  That would leave $4,600,000 for the rest of the Jackson’s to split while Miss Katherine gets $2 million?  Where is Rowe’s cut?  Where is Rowe ANYWHERE on this contract?) 

Later that night, I received a call from Michael. It was now March 21st, 2009. When I was talking to him I noticed that he sounded like there was something on his mind. He then asked me this question, "Will you come and work with me?" He said, "I need you to oversee what AEG is doing, and to watch over my finances". He then said, "Rowe I have three children; I cannot come home from London with no money". I asked him, "What is your deal with AEG?" He said, "I do not even know what my deal is". I told him that I would be honored to do that. He said, "I don't know anything Rowe about what is happening. I agreed to do only ten shows in London for AEG, but the next thing I knew they had sold out fifty." 

(Okay, this is finally starting to sound familiar.  We’ve heard this from Joe Jackson, from Karen Faye and the TINI members.  I do not recall hearing the issue of 50 shows coming from any of the other Jacksons, but Michael may not have talked to them about the shows after March.

What is odd, and this is a bit off topic, but there was a 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration at Chakra’s restaurant in May 14, of 2009.  Not one of the Jackson’s have talked about Michael at this anniversary celebration or any conversation they had with Michael concerning the concerts aside from his Nephew Taj Jackson on his website.  Michael was in the process of rehearsals at this time and no one talked about the need to intercede.  There was a picture also floating around the internet supposedly of Michael at Chakra’s sitting next to his son Blanket, but when I showed the picture to someone who had been to Chakra’s, they said there was no décor in the restaurant like that.  That picture is below:

Michael at Chakra’s?  Not according to Patrons. Then Where was this taken?)

Continuing with Rowe’s book:

The first duty that he gave me was to get in touch with Randy Phillips of AEG [...] and go over the shows and try to arrange them in an order where they would be do-able for him. Michael said, "There is no way I can do the shows with the schedule they have in place." [...] The following Monday I received a call from Brother Michael at around 9:00 a.m. He told me that he had spoken to Randy Phillips and Randy would be calling me around 10:00 a.m. that morning. The call never came in, so I called Randy Phillips at 10:25 a.m., and was not able to reach him. A short time after I called again and still couldn't reach him. At 12:31 p.m. I called and finally reached him. He came on the phone very arrogantly and hostile. I said, "How are you doing Randy? It's been a long time." He was very short with me. He said, "What can I do for you?" I told him that Michael had asked me to get with him, and try to rearrange the schedule where it would be more do-able for him. Randy Phillips said to me he wasn't going to do anything. He said, "We have everything under control, and I don't need to meet with you." I told him that Michael asked me to do so. He said he was not meeting with me. I said, "Okay, thank you."

(Okay . . . This is Rowe's account . . . keep reading . . .)


(There is no signed contract?  Yes there is.  Joe Jackson and Oxman handed one in. I have a copy of it.  It is signed.  I will go over the AEG contract in more detail later, but did you notice that AEG’s contract requires Michael to perform for 80 minutes and there was a big outcry?  Rowe’s (or DiLeo’s . . . those two can fight over it) Allgood contract required Michael to perform 90 minutes out of a 150 minute show!  So what is Rowe’s problem with AEG? Anyhow, there was a signed contract and it was for 10 shows with up to 31 or “more” as per agreement of the parties IF this is even the actual contract that's been proliferated online.)

I was scheduled to visit Michael the following morning on April 14th, at his home in Beverly Hills. He asked that I come very early, around 7 a.m. because he had to leave for Las Vegas about 8.30 a.m. and this would give us the opportunity to talk for about an hour before he had to leave. His father Joe was now in L.A., staying at the Encino family home. While I was visiting him that afternoon, I asked him, "When was the last time you saw Michael?" He replied, "I haven't seen Michael in about three years." I also asked him, "When was the last time you spoke to Michael?" He replied, "I haven't spoken to him in about three years." I said to Joe, "We are going over to Michael's house together in the morning". [...]

(April 14th of 2009, they were already beginning auditions for dancers.  On the 14th of April  they were in the middle of auditions which took place over the 13, 14nd 15 of April.  Plus the issue with Julien’s Auction was being settled by Tohme.  Michael and Kenny O went to Vegas with to see Le Reve on the 4th, not the 14th.  Michael being up at 7 in the morning is hard enough to believe.)  

[...] When we arrived at the front door Michael approached us, dressed in his pajamas and wearing his reading glasses. He broke into a big smile, and I could tell he was glad to see Joe. [...] I then began talking to Michael about AEG, Randy Phillips and the London shows. I started to explain to him about some of the things they were doing that I had a problem with, such as the scalping of the tickets and Michael receiving payment in U.S. currency instead of British pounds. I also asked Michael to try and separate his business as much as possible from AEG. He seemed to understand everything; he also seemed to be in full agreement.

(PJ's and reading glasses . . . awwwwwwwww! Okay back to business. Tickets went on pre sale March 13.  50 dates sell out w/in four hours ending on March 15..  On the contract, as I read it, I still do not see how they could possibly wrest control of Michael's assets away from Sony as per a previous refinancing deal with Fortress.  Sony had first refusal but they still had control.  Michael couldn't give AEG the catalog if he wanted to under refinance agreement with Sony.  This was the problem I had with this contract.)

Time was slowly approaching for Michael to start preparing to leave for Las Vegas. He then asked if I brought the letter that I had told him I wanted him to sign. This letter was addresses to Randy Phillips of AEG, and stated verbatim: "Dear Mr. Phillips, Please be advised that effective from the date of this letter (March 25th, 2009) that Mr. Leonard Rowe is my authorized representative in matters concerning my endeavors in the Entertainment Industry. All such matters concerning me shall be directed to Mr. Rowe, who shall act in my stead, until and unless I revoke this authorization. Please extend every courtesy to Mr. Rowe". After reading the letter Michael observed that I left off something that he told me to include. He wanted me to oversee all of his finances. He handwrote this on the letter and signed it. He then told me as we were leaving about a meeting that we were going to be having soon. He gave me and his father a hug and said, "I love you both." And the we left.

(Again, Rowe is off about 10 days on this trip to Vegas that Michael took. The 13, 14 and 15th, dancers were being auditioned and Michael was present as shown in the youtube video.  There is no copy of this letter that Rowe cites above floating around on the internet, only a press statement allegedly made by Michael talking about how much he trusted Rowe’s judgment (who needed convincing?)  Rowe states that Michael “hand wrote” something Rowe left off the contract about overseeing all of Michael’s finances (yeah, let’s just give Rowe a blank check why don’t we?)

It was about three weeks later, approximately one month to the date. On May 15th, 2009, I received a call from Joe while I was having lunch at my hotel in the Valley, (Studio City). He said, "Rowe, you need to come quick. We are having a meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel." I replied, "What meeting?" He said, "The meeting Michael wanted us to have with Randy Phillips, of AEG." I said, "When?" He said, "Now, get over here."

(I see this on the timeline. Here
I was confused because I had not heard from Michael in about a week, and I remembered him saying we were going to have a meeting but he never mentioned when. I asked him, "Where is Michael?" He replied, "He is over here at the hotel, and he said for you to get over here now." I asked "Who is there?" He said, "Michael, Katherine, Randy Phillips, and another guy from AEG." I said to him, "I'm on my way; I'll be there in thirty minutes". [...]

(So why didn't Michael tell him if Michael wanted him there?  Here Rowe talks about Joe calling him over, not Michael.  I thought they were in business together now?)

The Look on Michael's Face as he Read's Rowe's Account of this Meeting

[...] When I got to the front of the hotel, there stood Joe. He said, "You are holding everything up, follow me." [...] When we entered the room, there sat Michael, his mother, Katherine, Randy Phillips and his business associate from AEG, Paul Gongaware. [...] The look on Randy Phillips' face when I entered said it all. Without saying a word, I could tell from the expression on his face that he hated to see me there. As the meeting began, my thoughts of Randy Phillips were confirmed. I had always known that he wanted to control everyone associated with Michael. His way of doing this had been with the AEG checkbook

(Is Rowe being deliberately obtuse here?  His thoughts of Randy were confirmed?  What does that mean? What thoughts?  Who was “everyone”?  Maybe Rowe couldn’t control Randy the way he controlled Joe?  What was Randy controlling with the AEG checkbook?  He does not explain here at all.)

[...] I knew I was going to address some sensitive matters. So I thought it would be best that I make Michael aware of what I was going to be addressing. I then asked Michael if I could speak to him in private. He said, "Yes."

(And Randy let this happen?  For shame! Perhaps if he whipped out “his checkbook”, he would have had better control over Michael at that moment!)

We went into another room to talk. I told him that I was going to discuss the scalping of the tickets in London by AEG, as well as other unethical things that I felt had been done by them. I asked him if he had any objections to that. He said, "No, go right ahead."

(Michael said "No, go right ahead."  How cute.  I can't picture him wording it like that, but okay.)

[...] I started asking about the scalping of the tickets in London. Randy Phillips replied, "Those were not scalped tickets, they were secondary sales." I said to him, "That is just a pretty name that you have created to put on it. I have always known it to be called scalping." Believe it or not, he agreed with me and said, "You're right."

(Rowe is so "John Wayne" here, LOL!  "You better smile when you say that, fella!"  And gee, wasn’t Randy agreeable?)

This ticket procedure called scalping can be very lucrative for a concert promoter. When a promoter finds that he has a show in high demand he can pull a number of tickets before they go on sale. The tickets that are taken most of the time are from the first ten rows. These tickets are often referred to as premium tickets, or gold circle. [...] This of course is without the artist having any knowledge of or participation in the profit. Michael's tickets were so much in demand that this was very easy for Randy Phillips and AEG to do. WE HAD INVESTIGATED AND FOUND OUT THAT THEY HAD SOLD SOME OF MICHAEL'S TICKETS FOR MUCH MORE THAN $500 OVER THE FACE VALUE OF THE TICKET. IF YOU WOULD DO THE MATH, AND MULTIPLY JUST $500,000, THE PROFIT FROM ONE SHOW, TIMES THE FIFTY (50) SHOWS THAT MICHAEL HAD SOLD OUT, YOU CAN SEE THAT AEG STOOD TO PROFIT MILLIONS, WITHOUT MICHAEL'S KNOWLEDGE. [...]

(Yes scalping, as opposed to insurance fraud and check fraud, is on offense punishable by getting slandered in a self-published book.  We would hope that they all stood to profit Millions.  DiLeo was going to get $2.4 million from the Allgood deal, which Rowe says he was involved in.  The “scalped” tickets are something we will go into more detail on at another time.) 

When I asked Randy Phillips, "How many tickets did you scalp in London?"
His answer was, "I don't know."
I then asked, "How much did you sell them for?"
He also said, "I don't know."

It was evident that he did not want to reveal this information to Michael or myself. I then asked Randy Phillips, "What currency is Michael going to be paid in?"
He replied, "In U.S. currency."
I said, "No. The money is being collected in pounds. I would like for him to be paid in British pounds as well."

(Who else witnessed this conversation?  Why not in Euros?  Why not force the British to pay for their tickets in U.S. dollars?)  


(Randy's face gets red?  Really? What does that look like?  Let's talk about the conversion rate when trying to get the money back into the states.  Currently it takes $154.021 U.S. Dollars to make $100 British Pounds.  At the time this contract was written up (signed in January of  ’09) the rate was $145.138 U.S. to $100.00 Pound on Jan. 5th.  (This fluctuates day to day).  The fees charged by banks to convert would on top of the exchange rate and thse fees vary.  But Michael would have to pay this conversion rate if he had gotten paid in pounds. While this would not make much of a difference if AEG was getting paid in pounds, I thought I would mention the difference between exchange rates and conversion rates.  Was Michael to be paid in British pounds or the Euro?)  Source 
As I continued talking about what I viewed as unethical business practices by AEG, Joe became highly upset to a point where Katherine had to intervene and have him sit down. Having been a promoter for the past thirty plus years, it seemed apparent that Randy Phillips and AEG were planning to take advantage of Michael in London.

(Having been a promoter for the past thirty years, you would think he'd realize that Randy probably didn't like him because he was a "third wheel" in the deal.  Randy had to know about the other concert deal that Rowe had been trying to talk Michael into.  If I were Randy and Rowe was questioning my integrity with HIS background?  I would have shown him the door.)

[...] I had been with Michael before when he was preparing to tour. He was very much a perfectionist. He would worry you to death about every detail; he wanted everything to be perfect. But for some reason he was different this time. It was as if he knew that he would not make it to London. He didn't seem to care about any of the things that he would normally be concerned about. This was hard not to notice if you knew Michael. It was like he had an intuition or some kind of premonition that he was not going to perform in London. [...]

(What is this supposed to mean.  Way too vague.  This sentence is revealing though " He didn't seem to care about any of the things he would normally be concerned about".  Now I could play with this sentence and psycho-analyze this until the end of the world.  At such an early date, Michael did not care about the things he normally cared about?  Didn't think he'd make it to London?  I guess not!  He had other plans.  Is Rowe's book a put-on, or did he really not know what was actually going on?  The way he words this tells me this book is a put on. Did he say Michael thought he would die before he went to London?  No, he did not.)

[...] I was so afraid for Michael and what he was facing. I knew that without me around Randy Phillips  would have no obstacles to face. I felt this would truly cause a disaster for Michael. [...]

(In a letter signed by Michael, Leonard Rowe is preventing from working or speaking on his behalf. This happened on May 20th..  During this meeting, Michael's children were also here . . . all this went on with Michael's children there?  I don't know Leonard Rowe and never heard of him before the Larry King show with he and Joe Jackson being interviewed (and we both saw what went on during that show).  Not knowing Rowe I would say this man had an ax to grind.  As another concert promoter, Rowe was competition for AEG, not a collaborator.

 Rhymes with "MAD"

The touring deal with concert promoter AEG Live was arranged by a Colony Capital associate Dr Tohme Tohme who has been Michael's manager and president of MJJ Productions for a year.  As part of the deal, AEG's corporate parent, Anschutz Corp., agreed to invest in a pet project of Mr. Jackson's, a 3-D feature film based on his song and music video "Thriller."  

 Check out Taaj Jackson's web page, starting with June through recent entries.  A Zombie Movie Called "Code Z"  Taj Jackson's "teaser page"  Taj Jackson's Web page: .  His June 2010 entry is inexplicably gone, where he talks about his conversation with his uncle Mike at Chakra's restaurant.

There is no longer a "3-D Thriller" project to work on, unless Taj Jackson has taken up the "dream".  Who's funding it?  Mr. Anschutz's name now occupies another piece of paper in relation to the Jacksons. 

With the Jackson Family now filing their lawsuit against AEG, it looks like for now, they are doing it without Leonard Rowe.  But Rowe's role may have already been played out.  Most of the venom directed at AEG has been through the press and through a few individuals running  facebook groups (and let's not forget a whole web site that got on CNN the very month it launched).  Rowe wrote a whole book about them!  (Don't quit your day job, Rowe . . . whatever that may be).
Either the Jackson's are taking the testimony of a few plants as gospel or . . . There is reason to implicate AEG in a wrongful death suit.

One thing I do know for certain . . . there seem to be more and more people involved in the Anti-AEG campaign that share the same personality traits. This doesn't make AEG innocent mind you . . . but I go back to the statement I made earlier . . . That Sony seems to be doing it's hiring from the same mental ward.  Maybe they can make an effort next time, to find someone without a criminal background?  (Or that acts like they have a criminal background).
I have been praying for the Jackson's a protection prayer since the news of TINI came out.  The prayer is said before I start my day and before I retire for (in my case) the early a.m.

If you are a faithful person, I am asking you all to please pray with me or whenever your day falls.  I condensed it, but you can add your own personality to it.  Please Read it at this link here  (with explanation).  I was told this is a powerful prayer.

Pray with an open heart and if need, let the tears flow.  This is for Michael, whether you agree with me on any of this or not . . . let God decide.  Let him sort it out.


  1. Hi, Bonnie! I love you very much.

    The picture of Michael with Blanket had been created at Janet's home as I know . It was Janet's birthday. Janet has talk about this to Robin from Good Morning America last October or November. Sorry for my English.

    God Bless You and Your rest family.

  2. Great blog Bonnie.

    I´ve been to Chakra´s a couple of times and that pic is taken in there. I´ve pics in there taken by myself where you can see the sofas. The brickwall behind him is close to the bar I think or in one of the VIP rooms or it´s on the terrass. But the pic is taken there for sure.

  3. Hey Bonnie, thank you for the blogs and for the prayer. I will pray with you Bon.

    Well crikey, now I am truly confused. It was only when I read the early part of your blog that I came to remember that Allgood were suing the estate based on a deal they claim they struck with Dileo. I recall that they claimed the negotiations started with Dileo way before Dileo came back into Michael's life. I also remember being angry with Dileo for accepting money when he wasn't even officially working for Michael and the subsequent lawsuit against Michael, thinking small wonder Michael was sued so much.

    So, I concur totally with you. Unless Allgood were approaching both Rowe and Dileo in an attempt to broker a deal with Michael, then Rowe couldn't be the one involved with that concert deal. Now, I don't know, perhaps that's the way they do business with a big entertainer by approaching as many people they knew may have a chance at success in a deal. I don't have any other explanation for Rowe's claim.

    This really makes you wonder just how many people made their living off knowing or being acquainted with Michael and how easy it was to set him up to be sued.

    Let's just say that I believe that Rowe has taken a lot of licence in his book. As you point out, there are a lot of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the book even with established dates and events. The danger is that this could steer a lot of people in the wrong direction for nothing.

    AEG is being villified at the moment and in many respects Randy Phillips probably deserves many of the accusations levelled against him. I believe he is a ruthless businessman otherwise he wouldn't be in the job he is. However, I think Michael was wronged by many corporations and people in his life. The proposed Allgood concert deal is a classic example of how people abused their association with Michael.

    My thoughts and feelings are with Prince. Up until Katherine Jackson brought her wrongful death suit this past week, I was hoping that Murray calling Prince into the bedroom was somehow not real. I was hoping it was media hype or embellished somehow. Sadly it is true and I simply don't know how that boy will be able to deal with that dreadful memory. Conrad Murray is a disaster.

  4. @ Bonnie and Truth

    Thanks for answering and commenting on the bridge accident.

    Your right Bonnie, they probably did it on purpose and wanted to injure him instead of kill him.

    I think killing MJ was their LAST RESORT.

    After all these years, there was no other way left but to kill him.

    They had tried everything else.

  5. Bonnie,

    Wait a minute! That doesn't make sense!

    If Michael had been hurt from the bridge falling

    they couldn't sue him for that. It was an accident. They have insurance for that sort of thing.

    But it would not be MJ fault so how could they sue him?

    Besides, I don't think he put up that catalouge for a loan in 1999.

    I don't think he even took out a loan in 1999.

    So they must have wanted to kill him......but that doesn't make sense either.

    If MJ didn't take out a loan and didn't owe the concert people any money, than even if he died, they could not sue him for the catalouge.


    So the whole thing must have been an accident....
    For Real.


    Or am I missing something?

  6. Bonnie there is a series of videos on you tube were F Dileo is being interviewed. He gives his version of this other possible concert and how he became involved. If you believe Dileo's explanation it makes some sense and this could very well be the concert that Jermaine referenced. It also explains to me why Joe and some of the brothers have some hard feelings towards him. I believe it was Joe and Jermaine that conjured up this reunion concert but didn't have the money to back it. Michael made it clear that he did not want to work with his brothers. Joe has always hounded Michael about reuniting with his brothers. Rowe was brought in by Joe and they were going to get Katherine to talk Michael into the concert. I don't think they were aware of the AEG contract because Michael kept them out of his business and for good reasons. The conspiracy against MJ was all around him, no doubt. If you read Rowe's book he did not really say anything bad about Michael only about his health and physical limitations.
    Bonnie it is much much more to this whole situation than you have put your finger on.
    Jermain made a comment in a CNN interview saying he knows all the players involved in his brothers death and he died because "they" didn't want to see him back on top. Mmmmmmm

  7. veronikanovikov - I remember the interview with Robin that Janet did but I thought she had said it was the anniversary dinner. Another friend that I had talked to who had BEEN at Chakra's was at the bar and she said there was no decor like that in there (brick wall, seats near a brick wall, etc...) so we have conflicting info. I'll have to go dig up the Janet/Robin Interview. (and I will have to get speakers . . . tonight. Yes, tonight. It will be done. ;o)

    Lana - See comment to veronique above. I've never been, but I have one comment for Janet's house and one for Chakra's and one saying definitely NOT Chakra's.

    Karin - Much of what we have on Phillips has been in print and from TINI and the Sam group. I have seen him interviewed on camera and he seemed kind of subdued. I would really like to know where the "ruthless" reputation came from because before THIS IS IT I never heard of Randy Phillips. AEG also does the concerts for the Gaithers (which I did not attend this year because of all this going on) and I never heard anything bad about AEG before THIS IS IT, and Michael Jackson. For that reason, I reserve Judgment ONLY because I now have NO REASON to believe anything that comes out of TINI or the Faye/Degosson crowd either. And now Rowe and his very questionable "facts" and time lines in his book. I also find it very hard to stomach the way people get treated in these groups and between one group or another. If these people are Michael's friends, have they learned NOTHING from him on how to treat people?

    I agree with you Karin, that many, MANY corporations have taken advantage of Michael, but so have many, MANY individuals and "FRIENDS" who are still out there using his name to write books, sell merchandise, capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame and worse, use his name to hurt other people.

  8. Josie - The issue of Michael's fall with the bridge in 1999 was NOT DEFINITE REASON he fell, it was just an observation considering what year this happened and what was going on at the time and what was getting ready to happen.

    Missshae - "Bonnie it is much much more to this whole situation than you have put your finger on.
    Jermain made a comment in a CNN interview saying he knows all the players involved in his brothers death and he died because "they" didn't want to see him back on top. Mmmmmmm "

    Jermain I cannot comment on because I AM AWARE of the "whole situation" which is why I am so angry that some people are being targeted that shouldn't be targeted. I do believe that Jermaine knows what is going on. I think most, if not all of the family knows what is going on. The ones who would NOT want Michael back on top are exactly the ones who are in control now . . . Sony and Branca. AEG was not in control, but like Randy said, there is a lot more to come out of this.

    As per the agreement with Michael and Sony over the Transitional/Barclay refinance, AEG would have had to have an okay from Sony . . . a deal to capitalize or use the Sony ATV as collateral (They had first refusal) and I do not believe Sony would have ever shared. This is what we have to watch for in the discovery.

  9. I thought I'd add some interesting high quality videos of a healthy, confident and self assured Michael (cir. 2003) from a Chinese video sharing website, of all things. Most are over 20 minutes long and give a different perspective of Michael. I haven't seen all of them but the last one documents Michael's visit to Gary, Indiana in 2003. Very cool! There are also some fan interviews/hysteria and some brief narration. Enjoy!

  10. Hi Bonnie - about the pic at chakra's, it's hard to tell for certain, but the website contains similar seating to where we see Michael, Blanket and the other kids:

    @Sandy - love those videos of Michael back in 2003 in Gary, I'm amazed at how anyone got that close to him, he must have allowed himself to be "miked". Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh I surely believe its alot more to come of this that will blow all our minds. I don't think all the family knows only certain ones and the others are speculating on what they have been told or suspect. The conflicting stories from the different family members makes me think that.

    Ohhhh Bonnie the web is dense and tangled in places but I believe the tangles are on purpose. Remember think outside the box. The family was not aware that Michael had a will and that will had been amended as he had his children. Michael new his estate was worth millions if not billions and he would have had another one in place. Remember, as close as he was to his mother she was not aware of a will. I don't find that odd.
    By no means am I trying to make you angry with my comments Bonnie. I had to open my mind to all and any possibilities.

  12. Bonnie – Why Rowe did not provide evidence that Michael wrote the letter to Randy Philips in his book? Since he did not, we don’t know if it is true. At least he should put the copy of the letter in the book to prove it.

    The guy was all over the TV right after Michael died claiming he is the manager the promoter and everything without showing any proof and condemning AEG.

    I don’t believe also that father and son did not talk and see each other for three years.

    He said, “Having been a promoter for the past thirty plus years, it seemed apparent that Randy Phillips and AEG were planning to take advantage of Michael in London.” Okay let’s say this, having been in the music business and doing concerts all over the world and making business deal for 30 plus years, if I am not mistaken the years, Michael is not fool to be taken advantage of anyone. This guy is undermining his intelligent.

    What is this guy is trying to tell us that Michael was not enthusiastic like he used to be and felt it he was not going to perform? I don’t know if we suppose to believe Kenny Ortega but he was on different TV show right after Michael died saying how Michael keeps calling him every night telling him how and what he wanted for the concert to be perfect. Kenny remembers this particular call from Michael telling him that how he wanted certain things to be and Michael joked saying “if we don’t do that God will give it to Prince” (the musician). According to Kenny, Michael was very enthusiastic.

    During that time while he was appearing on every channel, I never believed this guy for a minute even though he was appearing with Jo to make it credible.

  13. @MissShae:

    You said “the family was not aware that Michael had a will and that will had been amended as he had his children”. Are you saying he had another will than the one Branca presented?

    I can understand that the family might not know about the will. In my personal opinion, I believe there is another will but the question is who has it? If there is no another will, I don’t think we will never know why Michael left his old will as is.

  14. SandyK - Thank you for the videos! I'm going to have to get online storage soon, LOL! My 120G is not "heavy" enough to hold all this "Mike-stuff". I am copying videos now since I don't know what Sony will delete and what they won't. Michael really loved the Japanese people. Much more "genteel" people.

    June - THANK YOU for the Chakra's web site. Yes, I do see the section that the picture above could have been taken, against a brick wall (light colored) with different colored booth-like seats along the brick. I think we have solved this mystery!

    MissShae - I am not angry at all. No way, you have been always so polite! No, I agree with you. The people that got close enough to Michael to use his "weaknesses" (which I also consider strengths of his) against him I believe have done that to his family. Some are wise to it and those members of the family are doing their best to council the others. This coming together is a positive step. They will figure out eventually who their enemies are just as Michael did. I pray because it will help.

    Mesrak (Mimi) - This is true. He included the whole AEG contract, why not the letter to Randy Phillips? Why not the letter where Michael hired him? There isn't one. Only a press release that quite frankly anyone could have written and sent in to the press. There is a LOT OF THAT in Michael's past.

    No, I'm not a placer of trust in Leonard Rowe.

  15. Bonnie, you're welcome concerning he videos!


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