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Michael Jackson Justice: Let's NOT REPEAT 2005!!!

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's NOT REPEAT 2005!!!

Let's NOT REPEAT 2005!!!

This will be a short blog update. I am still doing the lawsuits but they will wait until Monday.

I want you to know that I have signed myself out of both FOK and Sammy DeGosson's Facebook pages. I have posted frequently on FOK Facebook page, not so much DeGosson's but I felt a need to remove myself off their friend's list. Please Don't jump to any conclusions, it has more to do with personal reasons and fairness than anything else. Some things going on that I strongly do not agree with, but no hard feelings.

I will talk more tomorrow about it.

Love you all. TRY to spend some of this holiday in the sun before you have to go back to work/school on Tuesday. :o)

Who Killed Michael?

The REAL Guilty Party!

And HIM!!!

Not Him



  1. LOL!!! which picture. Working upward, in order:

    Jermaine Jackson
    Dr. Tohme Tohme
    John Branca
    A room full of ex-Michael advisors who tried to defraud him, including Branca, Koppelman, Trudy Green and Geragos. I can't see the rest of them.

  2. Where is Thome disappeared to?

    I never hear about him anymore?

  3. @ Bonnie,

    Why isn't Motolla in the list?

  4. This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm always impressed with the pictures you're able to find of Michael. You always find new ones I've not seen before. I like the black and white one of Michael, especially because of his eyes. Even though the picture was taken during that awful trial, there is a calm intensity to them, inspite of being in a cituation that was anything but calm. An excellent picture for a pencil study.

    I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!!!

  5. I just read this article from November 2009 that appears to be an ‘insider’ account of the goings on during the T.I.I. rehearsals. A lot of the information is familiar to all of us. For me, reading it brought back that initial anger I had when we started to hear information trickle out about what had been going on behind the scenes.

    Michael was treated in a way that didn't make sense. He deserved more respect than he got. I'll never understand this. (Well, partially I will understand because I know it comes down to money.)

    I'm still disgusted and heartsick over this.


  6. Bonnie – why Mark Geragos is part of the list? Wasn't he his first lawyer during the 2005 tria? I have heard him several times giving interviews defending Michael. He was even asked by Dr. Murray's team to join the team and he refused saying he was Michael's lawyer before and it would be a conflict of interest.

  7. SandyK,
    I read that post quite sometime ago and was not sure what to think then. I honestly thought it was a plant story. I now have a different spin on it. It actually confirms somethings.

    The source basically is saying there was some dissention on the set for a number of reasons and I believe Randy Phillips and his higher ups were behind it. Money and control stirred it.

    I believe Michael was initially excited about getting back onstage but his feelings changed as time went on. The pressure was all around him coming from every angle.

    The pressure he placed on himself to meet his own standard of perfection, his personal insecurities weighed him down, his family or certain siblings trying to get in on the action, the investors and or promoters not allowing him to let his creative juices flow freely instead wanting to control every aspect.

    When I saw Michael at the O2 arena and he left with his fist raised and he slightly threw his head back, that meant F... you to the powers that be. The increasing amount of shows, production way behind schedule, his obvious loss of interest not to mention his health concerns.

  8. Forgive me for the long post, I have read so much on the subject of Michael Jackson and his death that I feel like I am busting at the seams...LOL

  9. and...

    Arnie Klein may have been a personal friend and his dermatologist but something is not right with that whole situation to me. He did visit his office alot supposedly for medical reasons for his Lupus and Vitiligo and to have some facial work also. Remember he charge the estate
    50K or so after Michaels death for 51 intramuscular demoral injections. I saw his interview on TMZ live and to me he had an axe to grind with the Jackson family and now I am starting to understand why. I think they may blame him in part for catering to Michael's "drug dependancies" and he was not invited to the Memorial Service at Staples. Then he confirms the "The Gay Lover" story...please he is trying to cover his butt. There is more going on in that situation than meets the eye.

    Father Joe's legal action revealed that AEG/Randy Phillips and Murray were concerned with Michael's office visits to Klein to the point that a intervention was needed. They wanted Michael to stick with Murray's remedies for Michael's sleep problem.?????? Yet right after Michael's death Randy Phillip's said in an interview that he did not know what happened and he knew all along. There is more to that story that has yet to be revealed.

  10. and...

    Thome and Jermaine. Jermaine introduced Thome to Michael in order to save Neverland and resolve other business related issues. I think Jermaine had a personal agenda all along and it back fired on him. Thome takes control and tells Michael he needs to go back to work. Michael finally commits to the concerts and the terms change. He was not a happy camper. Thome can't even get the schedule worked out coupled with the fact he isolated Michael from family and friends. Michael said to June Gatlin that Thome has a way about him....Michael has been in the music business all his life and had to deal with alot of different personalities, he knew something was not right. Mrs Jackson voices concerns and Rowe enters. He claims he found out that Randy Phillips was doing some under table dealings with concert tickets and tells Michael, his parents and Phillips which Phillips could not deny. In Rowe's book he had copies of the contact between AEG and Michael. Thome sold Michael down the river and Jermaine had to be aware. Phillips did not want to deal with Rowe so enters Frank Dileo.

    I think Michael realized that he was entangled in yet another mess and was looking for a way out....Its alot more to this than meets the eye.

    Peter Lopez....I believe his death, suicide/murder is directly involved with Michael's death. Did he know to much and the guilty party or parties silenced him or did he silence himself for something he did??????

    Branca....I am undecided on him. I am just not getting a bad vibe from him but I do believe he knows more than what he has said publicly. Michael new he had a copy of his will even if no one else did. Lets remember Michael was a very private person.

    The conspirators may not be pictured above....
    I could say more but I will stop for now....

  11. Hey Bonnie. We are in agreement about Tohme, Tohme and Jermaine definitely. Not everything written and fed to us is truth. We must know that. Enjoy the long weekend.

  12. Well, regarding Branca and Jackson, I've just completed an astrological analysis of their relationship that I think many may find interesting:

    Being an astrologer has helped me to understand a lot of interactions in relationships over the years, and so needless to say my recent look-see into the planetary interplay between Branca and Jackson shed a great deal of light on a number of things. Including issues I was entirely unaware of. So, feel free to take a lookie if anyone wishes to.

  13. LadyAquarius,

    I read your post and and checked out the link. I respect your opinion and analysis of the subject matter but, "astrology can only indicate potentials... not absolutes". What I struggle with is this, Michael never drafted another will or up to this point no one has come forward with a more recent will.

    Raymone Bain, Michael's former business manager stated she asked him more than once if he had a will in place and he responded each time yes he did. Although it may be true that they did not see eye to eye on somethings and may have had heated disagreements, why would Michael call a meeting with him just days before his death?

  14. Missshae40 - you said, "Although it may be true that they did not see eye to eye on somethings and may have had heated disagreements, why would Michael call a meeting with him just days before his death?" Before I ask you some question, can you please tell me who is the person Michael has a meeting before his death? Are you saying Branca?

  15. Hello Mesrak,

    Yes, he met with Branca. Here is a link you can read.

  16. @ Misshae40: That's what bothers me too, both on an everyday thought level and from what I saw in that chart, when I compared the two. The only thing I can come up with is this...

    Maybe it wasn't Michael who placed the call. You have to remember something here, Branca still had ties to Sony, and worked with THEM. With such in mind, it's possible that Sony sent Branca to Michael. Another piece of interest was Michael's transits on the day of his death. Again, I'll reference yet another astrological article I wrote regarding such:

    On the day that Michael died, there were some rather stressing Mars aspects to his natal influences. In fact, Michael was in the early stages of what an astrologer will tell you, a "Mars return." Mars in Michael's chart (and also its return in 2009) simply didn't work very well for him, and tended to in fact, work against him. Mars in his 2nd house, says: "I work VERY hard, perhaps TOO hard for my money.", in simple terms. Michael was definitely "on edge" regarding whatever he tended to value in his life-- most notably on that particular date...his finances.

    On another level: Was Michael exactly welcoming Branca back with open arms??? Not with that aspect effecting BOTH of them during that time. In fact, it may have brought about yet another bad argument between them. This would've been a moment where I would've liked to have been a "fly on the wall" listening in and watching the fireworks.

  17. LadyAquarius,

    You make valid points. Maybe it wasn't Branca but another party that your astrological studies may be referencing.

    I have a gut feeling, and I could be wrong, but Michael trusted Branca's abilities as a Entertainment Lawyer. Look at the financial mess that had been created by listening to others. I feel Branca is going to do right by MJ's estate. Look at what he has done so far.

    Unfortunately Michael's family has stirred up alot of these problems simply because he did not leave them with control of his estate. I can understand why he didn't and they do too. It would be in a bigger mess and by the time MJ3 comes of age they would be virtually penniless.

  18. Lady– I r ead your blog on your blogspot and it was very interesting. Thank you for sharing your expertise in astrology. From the way you analyzed it sure shows clearly they weren’t a good friend at all.

    Missshae40 - thanks for the link. I read that article long time ago and I read it again now. The article just stated Branca’s point of view and that doesn’t mean it is true. First of all, the claim he did that he resign in 2006 is false. Second, he said he got a call from Frank that Michael wants him back a few days before he died cannot be believable unless he shows us some signed and notarized documents by Michael. Or do we have to believe it because it is written in print?

    How would they be a good friend when Branca deceiving him by working for Sony behind his back while he was representing him? No good friends do that. As his lawyer and a best friend, wasn’t he supposes to tell him every detail and every fine print on the contract he signed with Sony? Michael found out after many years that some clauses in the contract prevented his own master recording from reverting back to him on the year he thought it would as he was advised by supposedly BEST FRIEND and LAWYER.

    Let me tell you, there is nothing in the world that hurt people than the betrayal of good friends. That is what John Branca did to Michael, betrayed him and stabbed him in the back.

    We all know Michael is a forgiving and loving person and he probably forgive him, but bringing him back on board to work for him again is IMPOSSIBLE. Look, this is business and his livelihood and this so called friend and lawyer was playing game with his business & livelihood.

  19. @ Misshae40: "Maybe it wasn't Branca but another party that your astrological studies may be referencing."

    THAT is entirely possible given the Mars aspects being thrown off between the two. I don't believe that either one of them really wanted to work again with the other. But, that's my opinion.

  20. @ Mesrak (Mimi): Thanks for the compliment. My expertise lies in astrology, and if I can use it to help shed light on certain aspects regarding Michael? So much the better, I think. :)

  21. Mesrak and LadyAquarius,
    Both your points are well taken. But I still must ask the question; Why didn't Michael change his will? The will was written in 2002 and he died in 2009, thats a seven year difference. Michael was a very intelligent man and he new his estate would be worth millions if not billions and if managed correctly would grow to be worth much more.

    Yes, he made some bad choices along the way but who hasn't? He was human just like all of us, thats part of lifes journey. I think it was wise not leaving a family member in charge. He knew his family better than any of us and thats why he decided to set it up the way he did. I also venture to say that if he distrusted Branca so much and felt betrayed by him that will would have been changed years ago without hesitation.

  22. @missshae40,
    great observations!

    I also respect your opinion and analysis but also feel that, "astrology can only indicate potentials... not absolutes". I would find it very difficult to base any decisions on such analysis but I believe it can open doors in order to think about issues in a different way. I type of thinking "outside-of-the-box" if you will.

    I always enjoy reading your comments!

  23. @missshae40,
    "But I still must ask the question; why didn't Michael change his will? The will was written in 2002 and he died in 2009, thats a seven year difference."

    The drafting of the 2002 will makes sense since Michael obviously needed to include his youngest son in that legal document.

    The 7 year gap wouldn't necessarily bother me except for this. I believe Kenny Ortega has stated, (unfortunately, I don't have the source right now), that Michael was approached 2 years prior to his death in order to encourage him to do a come-back tour. I can't help thinking that with that much advance notice, and Michael's health issues, that he wouldn't have updated his Will in case of any problems during such a tour.

    My understanding is that Michael stopped doing large scale concert tours 12 years ago because of his health. The demands of touring became physically too hard on him. The process and his perfectionism affected his appetite, his chronic insomnia and would potential cause lupus flare ups (fatigue, aches, pains, etc.), which are all worsened when he toured. He loved the fans and doing concerts but he hated touring and had said as much himself.

    In light of this, drafting a new Will would seem necessary. Unless he was still satisfied with the 2002 document.

    Of course, we already know that there are members of the family that feel that either the 2002 Will is fake or there is another Will that has not seen the light of day, or maybe has been destroyed for some reason. I don't think we'll ever know. At the end of the day, I think this issue will forever be a mystery.

    Anyway, just a thought.

  24. To clarify, Michael didn't agree to do a tour 2 years in advance, he was just encouraged to start thinking about it. In fact, initially he didn't want to do a tour. It took a while for him to say "yes." I don't know at what point he gave his approval.

  25. @ SandyK: Thanks for your thoughts as well. I use the astrology as a means of "thinking outside the box." It's a great tool for looking at the inner-workings of a situation as well and for spotting out the potentials. But, like I've said's not an absolute. What I mean by that is that it will not tell someone whether or not they're guilty of wrongdoing. In the case of Branca and MJ, it doesn't say that Branca was guilty of killing Michael. However, it did indicate a clear potential for Branca's double-crossing him and selling him out to Sony, and when you look at it from Michael's perspective and what has been documented, that aspect of the analysis certainly rings clear and true.

  26. Hello SandyK,

    Good post. I honestly think the will is valid and will continue to do so until concrete proof is presented otherwise. My common sense tells me that after all the mistrust that Michael had experienced in the last years of his life, if he had a shred of doubt about the competency and honesty of the named executors he would have changed it years ago.

    Again I say, Michael was a very private person and the left hand may not of known what the right hand had done. Certain members of his family may feel that because they were not aware of the 2002 wills existance and contents may feel that it can't be valid.

    The family may be emotional and their feelings are hurt simply because he did not leave provisions for them. As I listened to some of the conversations on you tube Micheal had with a female friend, he said Joe was always throwing in his face that if it wasn't for him he would not be the successful entertainer that he was. Michael remarked, " how long do I have to pay". I also remember a comment Randy Jackson made in regards to the family not being invited to the award show in which his children accepted in their fathers honor. Which in my opinion was a very wise choice for the children to be there.

    Sadly I think it is certain members of the family that are stirring the pot on this will issue simply because they were not provided for and they feel they should get a large piece of the Michael pie. It happens in families everyday.

  27. @ missshae40: I agree with your comment to SandyK. Michael felt the need to be able to provide a firm foundation for his children. Not his siblings nor his Father. He felt his siblings could provide for themselves. As for his Father, well Michael's question of "How long do I have to pay?" had been answered in the Will, I think. He was finished paying. Leaving his siblings and Father out of his Will did not mean that he didn't love them. His priorities were his Mother and his Children, obviously. Nothing more...nothing less.

  28. @misshae40,
    We can speculate why Michael did not update his 2002 will or did he updated and we don’t know.
    If he did not updated, he did not think he would die soon and he probably thought he had time to do it.
    He was so exhausted with all these allegations and law suits he went through and did not focus on it.

    If he updated it which I believe he did (this is just my thought), the lawyers who involved in updating it probably were bought with a lot of CASH to shut their mouth not to come up with the new one. Mafias and Mobs do such activities all the time all over the world, shutting people down with MONEY or by terminating them from their life.

    Do you remember Peter Lopez, Michael’s lawyer, who was reorganizing Michael’s business and found dead? He probably had the new will but threatened not to come up with while he was alive or maybe he got paid too and finally it was too risk keeping him alive so they terminated him.

    What I am saying I am not undermining the power of Mafias and Mobs who infiltrate in the government and big corporations for the pure reasons of all mighty dollars.

    As Sandy said, we will never know the truth unless in the future some forensic expertise analyze and dissect everything and tell us. But I truly believe Michael would have anything to do with Branca and Sony after all that. For me to believe Michael really left the old will as is and Branca to be the executer of his estate, I need a current proof that shows that. Otherwise, I will keep on speculating for the current will to be a fraudulent will.

  29. By the way, I want to say one thing. If he had a new will that does not mean he assigned his family members to be an executers of his estate.

    There are many very prominent truthful worthy professional people he could assign too. Well, time will tell and let’s keep on praying for the truth to prevail either way.

  30. Mesrak,

    Soooooo true, all is speculation until solid proof is presented otherwise for or against the current will and the executors.


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