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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Truth is Omnipotent, NOT owned

Hidden in Lies, is the Truth . . . In Plain Site

September 4, 2010 – The Truth is Omnipotent, NOT owned

Happy long weekend, Labor Day holiday, those of you crazy enough to be on the computer reading this tonight. I told you last night in a short blog post that I had removed myself from Friends of Karen (FOK) and Samantha DeGosson’s facebook pages and tonight I would tell you why.

Well, I know what speculation is running around, but it is nothing really earth shattering. The plain and simple fact is that I disagree with that is currently going on, on those pages. I STRONGLY disagree.

FOK – During the posting of one of my blogs about the inconsistencies of some of the Jackson camp (who's actual members seem to keep changing) have said during televised interviews and print interviews and made some comparisons. Discussion about what I believe about any evidence of Michael being possibly alive was discussed. Some have posted, as has happened in the past, that they were angry that someone would even ask about him being alive.

Apparently a few had also asked these same questions on Karen Faye’s personal Blog and I was sent a response that Karen made to that poster.

There were three responses to three different people that set me off about the blog and one was that she called someone “stupid”, she told another that she was going to post what she wanted about Michael and if they didn’t like it they could leave the blog, and the third was an order to “stop posting Michael is alive comments” and that she wanted people to follow “Her Truth”. Those were her words . . . "her truth".

If it doesn’t make sense, It isn’t the truth

When I deleted myself from FOK page, I was sent a message by FOK that said:

Friendsof wrote:
"No more "Michael is Alive" theory on the wall please. FOK has entertained this for as long as possible. This page is called FriendsOf Karen. Please respect her truth. Thank you FOKers. FOK knows you will understand this request ♥"

“Her Truth”. “My Truth”.

What happened to "THE truth"?

What does this mean? Does this sound a little particularly too “Rev. Jim Jones-ish” to you? Color me disgusted but I have no desire to follow someone to the jungles of Guyana to drink poison. True I need to lose a little weight, but there are healthier ways to do it.

Far be it from me to ever tell someone what they can and cannot allow on their page. But I am also free to disagree with it. And since I did disagree with it, I felt that being a “Friend of Karen” would be a bit hypocritical if I did not trust her or had misgivings about her.

I have been emailed and called all day today about “what was going on!!!” (Don’t you people have anything better to do? LOL! It's a holiday for crying out loud!) and many of the questions I was emailed and called about were whether or not I was a “hoaxer”.

I was very clear on my blog what I believe in that particular blog post, and that is that no piece of evidence or information gets tossed just because someone else doesn't want me to look at and analyze it. One of the biggest disagreements I have had with regard to this “Believer-Hoaxer” bashing is that the evidence is very compelling. What good would it do to follow it? How would this possibly help Michael?

That’s just it. It doesn't matter what I believe. The point of even bringing up a possibility that Michael is alive in the first place is for us to take a look at what we are doing, because potentially innocent people are getting "convicted" in public opinion because of heightened emotions and this is turning into a witch hunt.

Isn't that a little too familiar with what happened to someone we loved in 2005???

We Don’t want to do this again

Sammy De Gosson –

I deleted myself from her page also because yesterday (busy day!), I was alerted to a thread concerning the implication of Jermaine Jackson in Michael’s death.

This is what I had copied, along with a few of the comments.

Samantha De Gosson: Dr. Thome Thome was once married to Randy Phillip's sister, Janet Phillips. Jermaine's wife is Thome Thome's cousin. The more you research the links between all parties involved in his murder, the more sickening and apparent it becomes.

While Samantha is free to speculate, just as I am, the comments that followed this wall post are disturbing and this has been a pattern over there. I would never, ever implicate someone in a crime on the sole information that they had a common inlaw.

On this blog, I have entertained everyone’s views regardless of whether they agreed with me or not. Sometimes I didn’t LIKE IT but I still respected it.

This does not mean that either Samantha or Karen have to be as accommodating on their pages or blogs. They don’t. But I cannot be a “friend” on their pages if I have misgivings about them, so I deleted myself. These is not the only issues I have with them but they’ve added up and I just think that it is best this way.

I have one question I am going to ask you (any of you) to answer, because this has me really disturbed. Please no fighting, just discussion. I want you to know why I do have misgivings about them.

If the Jackson family suspects AEG, Phillips or Ortega in the death of Michael Jackson, then someone please explain to me why both Phillips and Ortega were invited to the private funeral for family and friends, and neither Karen nor MLB were not?
(We answered this question with THIS video She was there.

If Karen is working with the Jackson family then why have there been no pictures at all of Karen with any of the family members of the Jacksons since the date of Michael’s death? It’s been 14 months.

If Samantha DeGosson was as close to Michael, Michael’s children and had the confidence of Michael, following him for the last 15 years, why has she been able to produce only one picture of her and Michael together, which to be honest, looks like a very creative photo shopped piece of work?

One photo in 15 years? That’s it?

These are the questions I have.

You are free to answer them, you are free to disagree with me, but any abusive posts will be deleted.

One other thing I want to point out. All this began to break out right after I posted that blog about the inconsistencies within the Jackson camp. I’m at this point not so sure they are indeed with the Jackson camp.

I am not looking for a battle with Karen of Samantha, but I am going to point out what bothers me about them in hopes that someone can convince me I am wrong . . . because in all honesty I want to be wrong on this.

Please be respectful, but tell me something.

There have been a slew of blogs put out about AEG just since the last two days, like I said . . . I guess quite a few people wanted to detract from that blog post about the inconsistencies.

It is times like these that tell me that the truth is RIGHT THERE. The more you get piled on, the bigger threat you are to those who don’t want you near the truth. That is what keeps me going.

I will address these blog posts, both from Seven, and loveformichaeljackson wordpress blog. There are some issues within these blogs that were not addressed in regard to the contract between AEG and Michael Jackson, LLC.

The lawsuits are still in the works . . . see what happens? Detractors are working overtime.

Isaiah 2: 6 - 8

For You have forsaken Your people, the house of Jacob,
Because they are filled with eastern ways;
They are soothsayers like the Philistines,
And they are pleased with the children of foreigners.
7 Their land is also full of silver and gold,
And there is no end to their treasures;
Their land is also full of horses,
And there is no end to their chariots.
8 Their land is also full of idols;
They worship the work of their own hands,
That which their own fingers have made.

Did anybody care that he was going down
By the workers of iniquity who handed him his crown?


  1. @ Bonnie: "It is times like these that tell me that the truth is RIGHT THERE. The more you get piled on, the bigger threat you are to those who don’t want you near the truth. That is what keeps me going."

    BRAVO!!! You hit the proverbial "nail on the head" with that statement, and you need to heed your own advice to keep going.

    Cheer up, I understand your reasons for leaving the sites you'd mentioned. I too had left many MJ-relative sites for similar reasons. I did it for the sake of my own clarity of thought regarding the entire issue/s surrounding his death. I believe that some sites are simply no more than the adding of more smoke to the underlying fire. I want to deal with the fire...not the smoke. On that note, it sounds like we're on the same page. So, hang in there, and keep going. :)

  2. lady - I wish I could talk to you.

  3. That's simple enough:

  4. If the Jackson family suspects AEG, Phillips or Ortega in the death of Michael Jackson, then someone please explain to me why both Phillips and Ortega were invited to the private funeral for family and friends, and neither Karen nor MLB were not?
    -Karen and Bush WERE at the funeral. Is this not from then?

    -I cannot explain to you why Ortega and Phillips were there. I do not know what the familys thoughts were back in September 2009.

    If Karen is working with the Jackson family then why have there been no pictures at all of Karen with any of the family members of the Jacksons since the date of Michael’s death? It’s been 14 months.
    -Where have you seen pictures of Karen with anyone randomly surfacing on the internet? :/
    -There is video of Karen and Randy together at FL if that helps. I don't remember where I saw it, but I definitely did at one point.

    If Samantha DeGosson was as close to Michael, Michael’s children and had the confidence of Michael, following him for the last 15 years, why has she been able to produce only one picture of her and Michael together, which to be honest, looks like a very creative photo shopped piece of work?
    -I don't recall Sammy saying she followed him around for the past thirty years and she definitely never claimed to be Michael's close personal friend despite what people seem to think.
    -Her picture does not look photoshopped to me.

    You are more than entitled to your opinions, but having met and spent time with both of these ladies in person as well as speaking to them for quite some time (Karen for about a year, Sammy less time, but I am still confident enough in this), I think you are not on a path that will lead you to any truth right now thinking that they are lying to you or anything like that. That said, it is your path, explore it as you will. I would never (and have never) tell you what to do or think. :)

  5. can find me here:

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  7. Bonnie let me just say this to you,

    Rise above the madness and continue investigating. Always remain open minded and think out side the box.

    Truth Is Freedom

  8. Bonnie, peoples suspicions of Jermaine and Tohme are not because of the "in-laws". I don't know if you remember Jermaine on Larry King Live last July. He said that John Branca was a good family friend, and that no one should contest the will because "it is so Michael". Jermaine wanted Michael buried at Nerverland even though Michael said he never wanted to go back there(Tohme wanted that as well). He's still, as of this past June, trying to convince the public Michael should be buried there. Jermaine and Tohme's connections to CC make them all the more suspicious. Jermaine also said recently "Michael could have done 200 shows".

    I don't know if Jermaine had anything to do with Michael's death. I hope not. I'm not accusing him of anything, but we can't just dismiss evidence because it doesn't go along with what we believe. Jermaine's and Tohme's involvement at the end of Michael's life is SUSPICIOUS, whether they are "bad guys" or not. It still needs to be looked at.

    Another thing. Jermaine didn't start talking about conspiracy until the evidence started piling up. Joe and Latoya were the only ones.

  9. I concur that KF and MLB were present at Michael's funeral at FL in July 2009. The link to the pics are here:

  10. Lady, are you reading the captions? These pictures are July 6th, not September 3rd.

    "Hair/makeup artist Karen Faye arrives to Forest Lawn Memorial Park on July 6, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Jackson, 50, the iconic pop star, died at UCLA Medical Center after going into cardiac arrest at his rented home on June 25 in Los Angeles, California. "

  11. This was the date that Karen said she did his makeup.

  12. The memorial was the evening of the 7th. The private funeral was not until September 3rd.

  13. Hi MicheleKC: I have a problem with Jermaine's statement on LK Live. From everything that I've read through in the past years (dating back to Jackson's ultimate firing of Branca), including my own delving into astrology for the purpose of shedding some potential light on the inner workings of their "partnership", I'm sorry but I find it VERY hard to believe that Branca and MJ were still "good friends" at the end of Michael's life. So, if indeed as according to Jermaine, he was still a "good family friend" I think it was strictly as a means of potentially keeping an eye on Michael's doings. I realize that such sounds awful, but after what I've seen and read, one thing rings quite clear: Michael no longer TRUSTED Branca in any manner. And, let's face it...Once trust is gone-- there goes everything else as well.

  14. I'm going to bed. Thank you all for the help! Remember please respect each other while I'm sleepy . .. sleeping, geesh.

  15. Yeah, that's what I saw. Now the question here is WHY are they listing July when the funeral wasn't until September??? It's either sloppy journalism or it's "smoke."

  16. MJJblog - It hiccups. When you post, refresh page first and see if it shows up.

  17. That and one more notation here about KF's photos...

    There is NO WAY that those photos were taken at FL in September. WHY??? Fans were NOT ALLOWED inside FL grounds during that time. So, how can there be guardrails and fans??? HELLO!!!

  18. Lady, I don't know, paying last respects . . . the 6th according to Karen they DID go to FL, but to do makeup and get him ready. It is also the reported date of the "viewing"

    7th - Memorial at Staples (Phillips talked about getting body to memorial from Forest Lawn).

    Sept 3rd . . . actual funeral.

    I have watched this and stopped it dozens of times. There are a total of four blonde women in the whole place. None of them are Karen and none of them are MLB.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. 3:33 - 3:36 . . . Who does this guy look like???

  21. Uh, please disregard the comments by the video poster. Sorry about that.

  22. Also, if she was prepping Michael for a viewing the evening of July 6th, then how did they have the viewing???

  23. At 7:35, you can also see that whom I believe to be KF at the funeral, she was also dressed quite differently compared to what was seen in the photos link.

  24. Okay, at the very end . . . Karen is here at the funeral. Go to all the way to the end. Karen and her boyfriend arrive. I didn't recognize her. She is thinner here.

  25. Hey! Yes, signing the book and like I said, she is thinner. This is a much better video quality wise than the copy I had on file.

    Did you see the guy at 3:33??? He almost looks like a grown up Gavin Arvizo

  26. Yup...that's why I deleted my previous comment before I mentioned at 7:35. She was there.

  27. So Karen was AT the funeral (have to tell the person who sent me this) on Sept 3.

    We know she was at the memorial on the July 7th.

    And we saw her in the photos on the July 6th coming to the viewing/makeup session.

    I saw Phillips, Ortega and Payne. I saw Liz, Yu and Mesereau.

    Now I owe Karen an apology for saying she wasn't at the Sept. 3rd Funeral.

    And go to bed so my eyes work better.

  28. Did they televise this funeral? I don't watch T.V. so you guys . . . I have to ask.

  29. I took a look at 3:33 and I don't agree there, but oh well. And no...the funeral itself was supposed to be a "private affair." No fans. But, paparazzi in helicopters were as usual, flying about. Even though, they were not supposed to. Go figure.

  30. I added that video above under the question about Karen and the funeral w/explanation.

  31. I watched the live feed of the Sept service ... the live feed lasted up until the beginning of the service ..... showed the guests arriving etc ... and yes Karen Faye was there .. in fact the video was so clear that you could actually make out what she signed in the guest book . She came with her boyfriend .

  32. Bonnie - I admire your desire to follow the truth. Keep looking for it and you will find it.

    However, I saw Karen Faye at Forest Lawn on the anniversary coming with someone, not with the Jackson family, and going inside to "The Holly Terrace" where the family has service. I have pictures I took of her and family members and guests going inside.

    Keep going and question everything and anything. That is the only way you will unravel the truth

  33. Bonnie, at 3:33 in that video, that is Alberto Alvarez. The one who called 911.

  34. Bonnie - about Ortega and Phillips being at the funeral in Sept. 09, you ask if the family suspected them why were they invited; maybe because they weren't suspected at that time; it's only through investigation that their actions have come under scrutiny, and in September 09, the film TII had not yet been released, although I'm sure it was being "put together"; also I would bet the family HAD to deal with them back then. It's only over this past year that AEG's and Phillips' motives and AEG's ties to Sony through Branca have been called into question. I'm glad to hear you have discovered Karen was at the funeral; I have always felt she was loyal to Michael; didn't the family ask Karen, Michael B. and Dennis to dress and make up Michael at the end? I feel the family reposed trust in all three of them.

    Bonnie, please keep up this work which is so desperately needed by supporters and fans. On some things we can agree to disagree; however without you "putting it all out there" where would we be?

  35. T-Storm - Yes, Lady and I found her in this video. They didn't have it televised I thought, was this on Youtube they had the live feed?

    This was the first video I have seen that showed that far into it and before then, the two videos I had bookmarked did not show her coming in. There are different versions and angle shots of this funeral. Going to have to analyze this video further . . . as soon as I get new speakers.

    Mimi - Thank you for that info. Good, that gives me some relief (I'm going to work myself into an ulcer if I keep this up. Had a dream about Bears last night and hiding from them in water!) Someone called me last night asking for info she should have already had because she was supposedly inside the Jackson family, come to find out she is not . . . and now one of Karen's friends is aligning herself with her and THAT disturbs me. There are a couple of us that are following this group of people very closely.

    MicheleKC - I wasn't sure because the guy looked so young. So that is indeed Alvarez? Yeah, that guy would be too old to be Arvizo. How old would he be now, 19 or 20?

  36. Bonnie,

    I respect you but did get very concerned when you stated that Karen wasn't at the private funeral. However, it was great to see the additional research from others here and I'm glad that issue has been resolved and an apology forthcoming. I praise you for that!!!

    I'd like to note that Lisa Marie was at the funeral (03SE09), and this is well documented in print, but you will find no video or photos showing this. (Or none that I've been able to find.) It doesn't mean she wasn't there.

    For me, people in Michael's life that were physically and emotionally close to him, and still very much griefing the death of a man they genuinely loved; Karen, Michael Bush, Dennis Tompkins, family; deserve to have those feelings acknowledged and respected (over and above fans). It doesn't mean you don't ask questions it just means it's much more important that any claims made be thoroughly researched and sourced, especially when dealing with individuals that still have raw emotions. (Yes, fans still have raw emotions too and we all know how important the fans were to Michael. He treated them, us, like gold!)

    I say this as a constructive comment and out of RESPECT for you Bonnie, not as an attack, please, please know that.

    The most important thing is that it is resolved!! Excellent!!!

    Keep up the great work!!! Looking forward to reading further!!!

    Love to you and everyone!!!


  37. Could the video of the funeral that you're talking about be posted? I've seen video before, but the one you're referencing seems more detailed.


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. SandyK - with respect to Lisa Marie at the funeral, I think TMZ posted a screen shot of Lisa's face in the back of the crowd at the funeral. They circled her face; while I can't 100% conclusively say that was Lisa, I agree with you because her presence is referenced elsewhere, that, yes, Lisa was at Michael's funeral.

  40. O.K. I see that you did post the video link. Wow, very good quality. I hadn't seen it before.

  41. Dear Bonnie, we know that the team of AEG Live and Kenny Ortega did not want to have as collaborators in "This Is It, Michael Lee and Karen Bush, and that is Michael who has imposed them. We also know that the funeral was organized by Kenny Ortega and AEG Live, so why would they invite Karen Lee and Michael Bush at the ceremony? I think many of Michael's friends are betrayed by putting in the press private photos after his death, I personally find it remarkable that Karen and Samantha are not the same, it is evidence of great respect and trust facing Michael. I find it quite normal that they keep their private moments they had with him a treasure.

  42. I used to be on Karen's facebook page before she closed her account. I was never on the FOK or Sammie's facebook pages. I do remember Karen saying several times on FB that any questions pertaining to Michael still being alive would be grounds to be immediately deleted from her page. If I remember correctly, she said since she had helped prepare his body for burial, it was too difficult for her to answer such questions. Just an FYI, not meaning to put anyone down.

  43. I am French, I apologize for not having read all reviews before posting mine. By cons I maintain that I find it very friendly from Karen and Samantha's photos or videos of private moments they shared with Michael. We're all searching for truth, but seek together without splitting until you know well have to analyze our research. Remain very careful in our communication.

  44. @Rhoda,

    "If I remember correctly, she said since she had helped prepare his body for burial, it was too difficult for her to answer such questions."

    Yes, this would be very difficult for anyone. Very understandable.

  45. @ja.dray,

    You mention Karen Lee and Michael Bush, did you really mean Karen Faye (makeup/hair stylist) and Michael Bush (costume designer)?

  46. SandyK
    Yes I speak about these people, sorry for my poor english, I'm french !

  47. One more thing concerning Karen, I feel that her, Michael and Dennis' account of preparing Michael for the last time (ABC's 20/20), is very genuine as was the look on their faces. I agree that I don't understand why it would take 9 hours, but I wasn't there. There may have been timing issues that weren't made public. It may simply be that dealing with someone's remains is more difficult than we know. I certainly have no experience of such a thing. In fact, emotionally, I would have a very hard time even touching him, or any lifeless body for that matter, especially if it was someone I knew. However, in this case, to show my love and respect for someone I cared deeply about in a personal way would be enough motivation for me to overcome any apprehension I might have.

    A thought that came to mind is that after they finished preparing him, I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to spend some time with him for a while before saying good-bye. Maybe even a long while, certainly sharing memories and tears. This was the last time they were going to see him...ever. They all shared alot of their lives together. He wasn't just another client to them and clearly there is deep emotion and deep connection there. (I don't know what the schedule was that day for the preperation and the viewing.)

    Bonnie, I'm sorry that you have an issue with Karen now in regards to questioning Michael's death. I would imagine that Karen has been seeing these types of questions for over a year now and I would imagine has just become emotionally worn out over it (we're all emotionally worn out to some degree)...especially if she actually handled his lifeless body! I have no reason to not believe her. I don't think she's covering anything up.

    Of course we all want to know the truth. We all cared about Michael, but to ask her directly about Michael still being alive, concidering what she's been through, and her very personal involvment, doesn't make sense to me. It immediately implies that she is being less than truthful. On such an incredibly sensitive subject, it seems this would cause more harm than good.

    Love to you, Bonnie,

    and love to all on this Labor Day weekend!

  48. @ja.dray,

    Thanks for the clarification...:-)

  49. On a body that has undergone a double autopsy, there is an enormous task of reconstruction so that the body is presentable. This may largely explain 9hrs preparation. According to the autopsy report that was published and after the advice of a embalmer ... Without going into too many gory details.

  50. Bonnie Karen Faye and Michael Lee Bush were at the funeral, I saw it on the live feed televised on CNN, I also saw her pictures posted on her Facebook page of the event/dinner after the funeral at the restaurant, she was there with Mr. Bush as well.

    The picture with Samantha is not photoshopped, she is not the only one that got her picture with MJ that day, there were also the other followers who did too. If I am not mistaken the reason why she didn't get other pictures with MJ was out of respect to him and also in Neverland you were not allowed to take cameras in or take pictures.

  51. Bonnie, I'm sorry but I totally disagree with you in all this, actually this post let me down in so many ways... you did not a single research about this!!!

    Karen does not go all over the internet showing pics from people she work with, Jackson's family or not, are you going to doubt about MLB as well??? Just cause he's private and keep things to himself and just share with us some particular things???

    About this--> Friendsof wrote:
    "No more "Michael is Alive" theory on the wall please. FOK has entertained this for as long as possible. This page is called FriendsOf Karen. Please respect her truth. Thank you FOKers. FOK knows you will understand this request ♥" --> you do realize KAren DID NOT write this? This was a message from the runners of the page, you're making a big deal about this, they wrote her truth as a way to say what she believes and not to create a big drama.

    I've been friends with Sammy long before many of you, and she does have tons of pics with Michael, she only had a few on her FB albums, when all this hatred and thieves came to Karen's and Sam's pages, she took them down. The pic now you think is photoshopped, was posted on, giving the great news: The curlz are back

    I can't believe what my eyes just read on your blog, I know all of those words are lies and ask you to please take them back.
    I understand this is your oppinion but you've left so much room for speculation and hate. I'm not asking you to change your mind, but to be more careful about what you share

  52. Regarding Randy Phillips and Kenny Ortega, I'm pretty sure the family at that point was not aware of all the wrong doings, they were part of MJ's last weeks of his life, they were part of the project of the concerts, I think with all the grief and commotion there was not yet time to think, I still wonder what the family they really knows about them.

  53. The picture of Samantha and Micheal from above is one I first saw on the TINI website ( a year ago. You used to be able to find that image under the "Testimonials" link. I checked the link today and it doesn't seem to work, at least not today. There were also a few other women that had pictures taken with Michael that same day (not long before his death). They posted lengthy testimonials about their observations about Michael and letters they gave to him (or tried to give to him) and others in his "inner" circle. I also don't believe the image is photoshopped, although I can see where some might feel it is. These women were apparently in the habit of following Michael around and Michael knew them by name. (To be honest, I think this is a little wierd for grown women to do, but that's just me.) The story goes that he was kind to them and didn't feel threatened by them in any way.

  54. @MichaelPureSoul,
    "Regarding Randy Phillips and Kenny Ortega, I'm pretty sure the family at that point was not aware of all the wrong doings, they were part of MJ's last weeks of his life, they were part of the project of the concerts, I think with all the grief and commotion there was not yet time to think, I still wonder what the family they really knows about them."

    Yes, this makes sense to me.

  55. Bonnie
    You have done an excellent job so far, why doubt Karen and Samantha?
    Karen has lived through difficult times has Michael makeup, imagine that.
    She can not have doubts about Michael's death.
    Where has all the lies of the Jackson family, there'll always.
    Why do you always doubt people who have nothing to win them on the death of Michael.
    AEG, Sony and Branca are the people on whom they must be investigated and many others.
    Samantha was close to Michael and this is not a lie is truth.
    She was not alone.
    Why should she lay on her FB photos with Michael is his private life.
    It has nothing to prove.
    Bonnie, I respect your work, but the truth is elsewhere.

  56. About the excellent quality of the video being mentioned here...

    I have been all over the net quenching my curiosity and questions...following links that lead you to more a maze.

    I don't know where I saw it...but it was pointed out that this was filmed in HD quality, which is very expensive, as though it has a specific future use. Maybe I followed a link from a comment on this blog? I'll see if I can find it.

    Something else that has been nagging at me is the subject of Taj's new (directing?) debut series - Code Z, dedicated to his beloved uncle Michael. Z for zombie I assume since it is a zombie series. Zombies are living dead. It's an interesting choice of subject...and timing.

  57. @ truthbtold2all: Taj's series Code Z is indeed dedicated to his uncle Michael. But, let me also say this...Taj was a HUGE fan of his Uncle's video/short film, "Thriller." That is really where the zombie bit comes in.

  58. @ ladyaquarius ~
    Thanks, I'm aware of that, which is certainly at least part of it, could be the only reason. Time will tell.

    "the family is filming the funeral [September 3rd] for undisclosed reasons." TV Guide

    Taraborrelli is guest commentator of the TV Guide uploaded live broadcast event on Youtube. What is interesting to me is Taraborrelli is asked to point out people that we may not know. The only ones he pointed out are the famous family members we all know, as the host reiterates RJT's long and close friendship with MJ. Ironic...!

  59. Bonnie
    What is it happen for you change your mind like that?
    Why, you who accuse SONY Branca AEG, why?
    Have you received threats, then you put the side of the villains and killers of Michael.
    I do not know for months I read you and you did a good job.
    Lire phonétiquement

  60. This was a very constructive (I thank everyone for that) exercise. I have been buried in emails, FB messages and attending to the comments here, so I will not get a blog update tonight. I had to take time out for church today since it had been three weeks since I had been there, forgot what my pastor looked like and HE forgot his Bible!

    Not everyone is going to like the questions I ask. I have to be gracious about that. I have nothing personal against Karen and I do NOT dislike her. I have a problem with what ocassionally goes on, on her page and Samantha's. That is all.

    The issue with the funeral. When you start asking questions, some people have very strong opinions. I was told that Karen was not invited to the funeral. With the two videos of it that I had bookmarked, I believed them because I did not see her.

    Instead of using those bookmarks last night (my library is vast thanks to Michael and I was too lazy to find it), it was easier to pull one up on Youtube. Someone was right . . . amazing quality. I did not go all the way to the very end before posting it. It was still playing and after I posted my blog, at the very end I see Karen come in and sign the book with her boyfriend (and I'm sorry, I forget his name).

    Lady beat me too it posting where she was.

  61. Dear Bonnie,
    Just two quick comments.
    "if it doesn't make sense,it isn't the truth".
    Not necessarily IMO. When truth is fragmented it doesn't make sense either. We are witnessing this everyday with the tabloids reporting pieces of the truth mixed with a bucket of lies.
    Sam de Gosson: "One photo in 15 years?"
    I wouldn't write off someone as fake simply because he/she may be humble enough to not want to show off on line. No taking sides here, just my opinion.

    Best regards,

  62. In regard to ill feelings toward Karen over Michael's death, I don't have ill feelings toward Karen, it is over some of the actions she takes on her page. And it is NOT over Michael being alive or not alive. It is about the refusal of discussing some of the glaring pieces of info that do not make sense.

    I was emailed by someone about this very thing, and I had asked her why not one Gov. official has made one statement about this case?

    I was told that it was because they didn't want backlash from the fans and knew everyone was sensitive. Well, in 2005, Sneddon and officials were all over that T.V. about THAT case.

    Family made the "official" announcement of Michael's passing. Not one doctor or hospital staff has made any official statements or even admitted seeing him.

    Not one law enforcement officer, homicide detective or D.A. has made one single statement. It has all been done in the press by family and ex-business managers, lawyers and doctors as guest experts on talk shows, but not one doggone official involved with this case has made one press statement. And this is a homicide investigation of the most popular musical star in our generation, probably ever.

    Now if they are NOT sensitive about death certificates, autopsy reports, EMI reports, FBI files getting out during the investigation, why in the world would it bother an official involved in investigating this case to make an official statement?

    This is what bugs me amongst other obvious things.

    I know these questions have been asked before, but people get shut down, bullied and labeled when they do. THAT is what ticks me off.

    IF Michael is still alive, they may HAVE TO DO THIS and keep things quiet. If he is not alive, then much of what I am seeing would not normally be going on.

    Do I feel it is fair to treat fans that have these questions the way some of these people have? No I do not. That is why I bring it up. If someone is going to get that militant about answering questions about data that makes no sense, in my opinion they have something to hide.

    NOT TO MENTION that there are people getting blamed for things they most probably did not do and it just reminds me of 2005 all over again. I absolutely HATE that we would have learned nothing after everything Michael went through.

    In closing this particular blog entry, I sincerely want to thank everyone on here for being respectful, NOT TEARING ME APART, and being respectful to each other.

    I know this was not easy, and I know some of you SEVERELY disagree with me, but this is how I work through things and thanks to some of you (Lady...SandyK, truthbtold, googmarylou, all of you) we did resolve some issues.

    God Bless you all. Enjoy your days off tomorrow . . . I have to get to work preparing to move.

    Love you!

  63. Truthbtold - Something else that has been nagging at me is the subject of Taj's new (directing?) debut series - Code Z, dedicated to his beloved uncle Michael. Z for zombie I assume since it is a zombie series. Zombies are living dead. It's an interesting choice of subject...and timing.

    "Dome Project" . . . Thriller 3-D?

    Did you see what Taj posted on his web site in June? About Chakra's and his last night with Michael there? Very interesting. Little tiny pieces of informtion that for some reason are digging their fingernails into my brain and won't let go . . .

  64. Maria - That is a valid observation and no offense taken. Thank you for commenting :o)

  65. googmarylou - I wanted to address your question, then I have to eat dinner . . .

    I have been threatened, but by people, not by anyone from Sony or AEG or Colony or anyone else.

    I do not side with Michael's killers. I did a lot of research and there are some that I believe are not guilty of anything but helping them. I follow paper trails, I dig holes and I test samples. I put pieces of information together that previously were far flung from each other . . . if they don't make sense, I throw them out. If they fit together like a puzzle, I keep them and write them down.

    Colony has done nothing wrong from every piece of info I have. AEG is a toughie . . . the contract, if it's not a phony (why would this be online and who would put it out there?) I am still looking over this . . . the wording "Michael Jackson, LLC" in regard to his assets is a clue, and I am in the process of working back through this to the 2006 refinancing.

    Just keep in mind "The Shell Game" I posted about in a previous blog. This whole portion of the research for me has about turned my brain to mush (no smart-alec cracks plz) but it is very fascinating. Good think I like mazes.

  66. Bonnie
    You should present your apologies to the allegations and accusations that you made to Miss Karen and Miss Faye Samantha Gosson.
    People have shown you that you were mistaken and you have done much harm.
    For you who are very religious you should make your excuses.

  67. With all due respect, KatStefany...After evidence came out that Karen was indeed at Michael's funeral in September 2009, Bonnie DID apologize and intended to further do so to Karen as well. Now, since you seldom appear in any of the comments to Bonnie's blogs before this, why do you only comment this one-- to which Bonnie admitted she made a mistake and apologized for it?

    Please do not take what I say as an attack on you. I am merely pointing out that there has been a lot of people ticked off about this particular entry (and others before this one as well) but the one thing everyone needs to keep in mind here, NO ONE is perfect. We are ALL prone to make mistakes. Michael himself for all intents and purposes made his final mistake in allegedly telling Murray, "I want my 'milk'!" on June 25, 2009. On that note...enough said.

  68. Bonnie this time i think you should apologyze To Karen and Samantha...
    This time u are wrong.
    And I want to add this:
    Q Okay, I will ask. The President has talked a lot about his love of music. He hosted Stevie Wonder here. He has talked a great deal about what's on his iPod to Rolling Stone Magazine. Well, what's his reaction to the death of Michael Jackson?

    MR. GIBBS: I talked to him about it this morning. Look, he said to me that obviously, Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer, a music icon. I think everybody remembers hearing his songs, watching him moonwalk on television during Motown's 25th anniversary. But the President also said, look, he had -- aspects of his life were sad and tragic. And his condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss.

    Q Why not a written statement, then?

    MR. GIBBS: Because I just said it.

    Q And you say he did send condolences to the family -- did he call the family personally?

    MR. GIBBS: Not that I know of.

    Q That was going to be my question, but you answered it --
    Then teh congress even did a minute of silence...
    And this is totaly different from..."nothing happend from the withe house". Sorry.

  69. @ zeromarcy: I don't believe that Bonnie was specifically targeting President Obama. What she had meant by Gov. officials not coming forth and saying anything, were those likely to be part of the investigation (if there really is one) on the suspicious death of Michael. To this, I refer to the Dept. of Justice, FBI, and so forth. On the flipside, look at California government. Fans have appealed to their Governor, and their Attorney General. What have they done outside of turn a deaf ear to their pleas of "justice for Michael"? In the meantime, there is an election year going on in CA and lots of money has been donated by AEG, and many individuals possibly connected with the death of Michael. So, do the math...

  70. Oh yah... "after this we're doing films"?

    Dome Project...7 (seven!)movies, which he completed filming on the 11th - 2 weeks or 7 + 7 days prior to his "death"?

    I am constantly astounded by Michael's genius!

  71. I think for all the hard work and research Bonnie has done on this blog in educating us on the various aspects of Michael's last months, she should be cut some slack by those who disagree with her conclusions on some issues. She is putting all the information out there, whether one accepts it is a personal decision. For myself, I believe Karen Faye to be honorable and that she loved Michael as did Michael Bush. We are all seeking the same thing here, justice for Michael and his family.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Oh, and BTW...

    Just as respect is earned, so can a genuine apology not be demanded.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. @ Bonnie

    For your question " Family made the "official" announcement of Michael's passing. Not one doctor or hospital staff has made any official statements or even admitted seeing him.

    Not one law enforcement officer, homicide detective or D.A. has made one single statement."


    Actually Coroner's office and chief coroner Ed Winter's has released several statements including confirming the second private autopsy and debunking Sun tabloids reports about the autopsy results. I'm sure that you can find most of it by google.

    I'll just post one important link to a video in which he talks about seeing the body and making a preliminary examination of the body and the future tests etc

    also LAPD confirmed Michael's death and released a statement about the investigation.

    they had other statements about interviewing Murray as well.'s-doctor-interviewed,-lapd-release-statement

    plus the DA's office released an official statement several days before they charged Murray.

    so I believe that the officials released several statements.

    Also I forgot to add that UCLA has released the Jackson family statement on their website. I believe hospital officials, doctors or medical personnel cannot provide any more details or make more specific statements due to HIPAA laws.

    - I made several corrections to my comment above and reposted it-

  76. @Lady - regarding your last comment about Michael's alleged "final" mistake regarding his "milk", I've tried to state what follows several times and several places in the past with few takers as to concurring or other opinions. I'm going to try again.

    I continue to believe that Nurse Cherilyn Lee set up Michael's propofol use by going on national TV right AFTER his death saying he had asked her for propofol months BEFORE his death. Did anyone else besides Lee say AFTER his death that he asked about it BEFORE he died? I haven't heard of anyone else except Lee. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps the IV drip was for hydration? Michael became dehydrated easily and, as can be seen several times in TII, the film, he's reaching for water bottles after certain numbers. He was taking (successfully per Dr. Murray) lorezepam and versed (prescribed by Murray) for sleep. Then Murray comes forth AFTER Michael's death to say he had been giving him prop for six weeks prior to death? In combination with Nurse Lee going to all the news organizations with her story? Why didn't she go to the police right after Michael's death with her story? And both Lee and Murray had the same stories as to how they met Michael, his kids being sick with colds. Kinda coincidental? Any opinions on this theory?

  77. @June

    Your question" Did anyone else besides Lee say AFTER his death that he asked about it BEFORE he died?"

    Answer : Yes

    Arnold Klein on TMZ Live said that Michael asked him for propofol, he warned Michael and he twice did interventions on Michael. (He also mentioned being with Michael on tour and staying with him so that other doctors couldn't give him the drugs)

    Dr. Arnold Metzger also said that Michael asked him for propofol but he rejected him.

    Susan Etok also claimed that Michael asked her for drugs

    Furthermore Murray's lawyers claim at least one other doctor before Murray that gave Michael propofol.

  78. @ June: my2cents is correct. Klein also had been asked about propofol. The entire purpose behind my statement: "We are ALL prone to make mistakes. Michael himself for all intents and purposes made his final mistake in allegedly telling Murray, "I want my 'milk'!" on June 25, 2009." is based upon the documented and interviewed statements of those involved. Note: Their statements does NOT necessarily reflect truth to Michael's actually requesting such. Rather, it's more so hearsay than actual proof. Nonetheless, I used the quote as means of illustrating how we all are (including Michael) capable of error and mistakes.

  79. Yes, Lady, I know what you intended in your original post, that Michael, like us all, was capable of error. I only stated my prior post about Michael's prior request for prop (if any) to see if I would get a response, as in the past, I had not. And I realize their statements (the doctors who said yes, they had) do not reflect truth to Michael's actually requesting such, and it is moreso hearsay. It is odd, however, that these doctors, Adams, Metzger, Klein and Etok, said yes, he asked for it, only because their names came up in Murray's records, whereas Nurse Lee was front and center of her own accord saying MJ had asked for it on every talk show that would have her just a few days after he died. She never went to the authorities with her claims until they came to her. Thank you for the information.

  80. Did Chrily Lee go to the authorities first with her story? Apparently not, according to her interview on CNN June 30, 2009.

    Partial transcript of Cherilyn Lee interview

    CNN and AC360
    June 30, 2009

    Campbell Brown sitting in for Anderson Cooper. The full hour will be with Cherilyn Lee (nurse practitioner).

    Campbell: did you go to the authorities with any of this?

    Cherilyn Lee: no

    Campbell: did you think about doing that?

    Cherilyn Lee: well, when I saw it on the news I kind of felt I knew what happened. And I just didn't really - I really didn't know what to do. I was saddened; I heard there was a physician there.


    The interview is disturbing since this "nurse practitioner" did violate HIPAA rules by talking about a patient's (living or deceased) medical condition with out permission. I don't know if she was ever disciplined for this. Despite her obvious carelessness, I still can't ignore her account of Michael asking for the drug Propofol and her treating his kids for colds at one time. (Yes, Murray initially had treated Michael's kids for colds as well. Concidering that he is alledgedly a cardiologist and not a pediatrician does make this troublesome.) Also, Lee is named on the affidavit that includes the interview with Murray.

    HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. Legislation passed in 1996 that includes a privacy rule creating national standards to protect personal health information.


  81. You're very welcome, June.

  82. @June,

    The doctors you mentioned, Adams, Metzger, Klein and Lee, are mentioned in the Affidavit as having talked to Michael, at some time, about Propofol. Dr. Etok is not mentioned in the Affidavit. I use the Affidavit as a reference because it is supposed to be the "reliable" legal document that will be used in court as evidance. Of course, the defense will challange its accuracy.

    In the Affidavit, Murray says that Dr. Adams sedated Michael at a third party cosmetologist's office with Propofol. Although, it doesn't say so, it is implied that Adam's was showing Murray how to use the drug with a live patient. The live patient being Michael, in this case. Murray is reported to say that this meeting took place in March or April of 2009, which is also the time that Michael requested that Murray be his personal physician on the concert tour. A tour scheduled to start the second week of July, 2009.

  83. @June,

    I'd also like to add this definition of hearsay as it applies to the law:

    HEARSAY EVIDENCE - The evidence of those who relate, not what they know themselves, but what they have heard from others.


    The doctors I've mentioned in the Affidavit are relating first hand information known to themselves, not something they heard from someone else. Dr. Murray was being shown how to use Propofol by observing Dr. Adam's using it on Michael. This is first hand information, not hearsay. If we are to believe Murray, of course. Right now, the Affidavit is the best source out there concerning this subject until the trial proves otherwise.

  84. @June,

    Also, Dr. Adam's has not publically contradicted Murray's statement in the Affidavit. In that case, I'm lead to believe it's true.

  85. It seems like you've been working too hard. It seems like as you dig deeper with analyses and investigations, your brain has mis-wired. Please take a good long rest, or you will spiral downwardly to insanity. Take care.

  86. Julie.brejou – what makes you think Bonnie is deleting people’s posts asking her to apologize to Karen and Samantha? I did not see her deleting anything. I wonder if you are referring to posts that say “This post has been removed by the author”. If that is so, “by the author means” you and I who are posting any comment are considered author and we can delete our own comment if we don’t like it or want to say something else than the original comment.

  87. @June,

    Forgive me for pursuing this further, in your original comment, you noted that the IV drip may have simply been used for hydration only. The autopsy report clearly states otherwise. If it were just for hydration, why the oxygen tanks and blood oxygen meter? Also, the IV drip would have been used to dispense the other medications given to Michael that night.

    Anyway, food for thought.

  88. Hi All:

    This is off topic but, it is a nice story that I just wanted to share with all of you.

    Please read and enjoy!


    Businessman tells of Michael Jackson's love of Oman

    Michael Jackson fell in love with Oman, a desert and rugged mountainous Gulf sultanate where he "felt safe," spending a month and a half in 2006, according to an Omani businessman.

    "Michael Jackson had come here for a visit of three days, which he extended to 45 days," Anis al-Zadjali told AFP.

    Zadjali, who works in tourism, said that Jackson, who visited the country secretly with his children, was "touched by the love and the generous hospitality he found in the sultanate."

    "A lot of people visited him and took pictures with him, but nobody took advantage of his fame as they did not publish those pictures in the media, which made him feel safe in Oman."

    The businessman said Jackson spent most of his time with the Zadjali family, despite staying at a hotel, and that he frequently visited the traditional souk of Mutrah, where he bought souvenirs.

    He said «We were eating lunch together and become part of our family, I felt very comfortable here and told us a lot about his life and how to treat people with him here», and children, Michael Jackson said Zadjali «One day, told us Michael for his children and he wanted to be able to gain with the same passion that he gained here, and wants to bring them to Oman , and embraced them when they arrived and told them when they are in the car (hello you in your home, O my children) »

    Zadjali talks about organizing a concert for the children of two families and when her sisters made a cake with the name of michael's children, and drawing upon the Jackson face of the star, he says «I feel free to Oman», and «then overflowed with kind Michael tears, and said (I want to stay here)».

    He also noted the businessman to the emergence of a strong relationship between Jackson and his sister's son Talal, a young man was fond of Jackson and mimics the dance moves brilliantly, according to Zadjali, «Talal collapsed when he heard the news of the death, as well as the whole family».

    Personal and Jackson, said Zadjali « He was compassionate and loving father to his sons have been used to teach them new things most of the time», stressing that it is incredibly «all the rumors circulating in the media», referring to charges of child molestation.

    The Omani businessman that Jackson «was reading was much we gave him books on the heritage of Oman and the architectural art, crafts and music there, one day he called me at seven in the morning to ask me about the different dynasties in Oman, forts and history».

    He «was open and loving people. It also has a lot of people visited and took pictures with him, but no one has ever used his name in something, where they do not publish these images in the media, and this is what made him feel safe in Oman ».

    He said «I love Oman because the people treated him as a normal, was happy to stay here».
    The international pop icon left Oman after the death of his friend James Brown in December 2006, Zadjali said, adding that Jackson was planning to visit again this year.

    The late Michael Jackson also lived in the Gulf state of Bower with his children in 2005 after leaving the United States following allegations of child abuse. He left Bower in May 2006.

    Click on the following link to see the pictures:

  89. My mistake, I mixed up the pictures. But I did know she was there.......I just suck at putting pictures with proper dates, apparently.

  90. Techlilinu – thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I believe one day Michael will be totally and completely vindicated by the media and many stories just like what you shared will be told across the globe.

    Also, I always think life would have been wonderful and he would be here today if Michael chose to live outside United States like the one in the story you shared with us. I think the choice he made to return back to America after he left the country was a big mistake.

  91. You wanting to defriend Samantha for your own reasons is perfectly fine,but you probbaly could of left this between you and her and not write about her on your blog. Not only is that kind of embarrassing, but she doesn't need another person thinking shes "bad news". Samantha is a good person and has done nothing but try to help Michael when she could and give light and information to fans. I really don't understand why a lot of people don't like her. She has one picture of Michael, that doesn't mean anything. She probably does have more but doesn't want to share them because they are private. Thats not a good foundation to build your case on. I happen to have a lot of pictures I save for myself and don't post on the internet.

    None of us will fully understand the relationship Michael had with them and what they are going through, but I think we should practice what we preach and not hold judgment to her or anyone else. We don't know the full extent to whats going on, and I think sammy knows a lot, and im sure some of it is getting kind of scary. Just don't hold judgment. Lets try using this word love we always throw out there so lightly and actually do it, regardless what others may be doing to us.

    I don't agree with this particular blog post. Sam is a good person, she has the same goal that all of us do. Why are we hurting each other when our goal is all the same. I don't really care what the response is, no matter what beef anyone has with her, our goal is still the same, she still is on your side, no matter what your differences.

  92. I never said I hated or even disliked Sam, MIchaelM, only that I strongly disagreed with the way she treated people that either didn't agree with her, or asked her questions that she didn't want to or couldn't answer.

    On the Photo of her and Michael the results are back. It was photo shopped. I was a document production specialist at FedEx Kinkos (now FedEx Office) and I have a friend with a graphic degree that still works there. The photo is shopped. She deleted her facebook page. I can only assume that is the reason why.

    I never denied she ever met Michael, only that there was less to the story than she made out. that is not my issue though, it is the way she treats people on her page unless they blindly follow what she believes and says. I have seen too much between this year and last. And if Sam couldn't keep her comments private, why should I?

    AGain, I don't dislike either one of them, and I'm sure they have their reasons for doing what they do. But calling my friends "stupid" or labeling and bullying people on their facebook pages or blogs into "submission" is quite frankly, bullcrap.

    The apology to Karen about the funeral has been made with explanation and I don't expect to hear from her. I tried to be upfront about why I left. I'm not drinking the "koolaide" sorry.

  93. MJJ Blog 2009 - That's okay. Because of you we checked dates and that video that was posted to the very end and found that Karen was indeed there. I'm kind of angry I was told that, but the two videos I had did not show her and cut off before it got to the point where she and Barry came in.

    This blog and the people posting (except for a couple of newbies who will be deleted for disrespect) has been amazingly calm, I mean this is hard stuff to dig into! Why anyone would think I would want to go out and arbitrarily HURT someone else is beyond me. They haven't read this blog if they think that.

    I have been on Karen's page since August of 2009 year and after she closed that, FOK and her blog. Samantha I can't quite remember but since she started the page. And there is ALWAYS controversy over there. Always someone getting belittled and I know people think Samantha reacts to attacks but I remember quite a few posts of hers, gloating that people were jealous that she knew Michael better than them etc . . . Juvenile! I didn't like it then, but I kept quiet and didn't want to get involved.

    After a year of it, enough is enough for me. We have more important things to do and other than stringing fans along I see nothing of value going on over there. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. I can't just sit there and take time after time, someone getting called "stupid" or being CURSED AT because they have a question she doesn't like. Done! Neither one of them are above the laws they want everyone else to follow.

    Lady - Thank you so much for finding Karen in that video and everyone else for sharing your views. Tomorrow is Labor-less day and that' is exactly what I am going to do.

    I still have the lawsuits to cover, Rowe's book and The contract between AEG and Michael, which according to Rowe's book was NOT SIGNED but the copy I have is. (one of the many odd things he says in his book).

    Those of you that don't understand where I am going with this . . . keep taking notes. They are pieces of a puzzle.

    Happy Labor-less day!

  94. My2cents - I am looking specifically for televised press conferences. The link you gave me for the one video won't load but that is probably my computer. I can't make a judgment unless I can hear the video so I will comment back on this later. Thanks!

  95. Michaelmagic - I don’t know who Samantha is so I can’t say anything about her, but I want to comment on what you said about her. You said, “I really don't understand why a lot of people don't like her”. Have you ever done your own research and asked some of the people who don’t like her what are some of the reason(s) for their dislike?

    If I were you, that is the first thing I will do to have a firsthand experience to learn who Samantha is and how she treats others.

    She might be nice to you but that doesn’t mean she treats everyone the same. This is just a friendly advice.

  96. Bonnie, the picture of Michael and Samantha is NOT photo shopped! I have seen pictures of other fans that were with her that day with Michael. All different pictures.

    One thing I know. Evidence points to AEG, Randy Phillips, CC having something to do with Michael's death. Why are you disregarding this Bonnie? Whether they were involved in a plot to murder him or not, they were NOT treating him right. Many witnessed to that. Wasn't it you that said we can't disregard evidence just because we don't like it. Many of Michael's family members suspect AEG.

    This is NOTHING like what happened to Michael in 2005. Usually when there is a murder there are suspects. Since most of us believe this was murder it's only normal to suspect people. Not accuse, suspect. I guess you are doing the same to SONY.

    I do believe Sony is involved in this, and it's not hard to believe that they would have used AEG to get to him. Michael said himself "Touring will kill me". What better way to get to him? I believe AEG was a tool to get to Michael, whether they knew it or not. They are ALL guilty of one thing for sure. Greed.

    "Since when do you get a refund and keep the product?"-Randy Phillips discussing ticket refunds. The product was Michael in concert, not a piece of paper. GREEDY!

  97. @ Mimi,

    I always thought if Michael STAYED OUT of the USA he would be alive today!!


    Oh how I wish he NEVER came back here!

    Don't get me wrong, I am an American but the people that treated Michael like crap were the USA.

    A phrophet is Never Welcome in his own Hometown

  98. @ Bonnie

    First 2 links that I gave are televised press conferences by the coroner and LAPD. It works fine at my computer, hopefully you'll be able to see them.

    Here's another televised press conference done by the coroner saying that the autopsy results will take time due to additional tests.

  99. - "And there is ALWAYS controversy over there" (about Samantha's FB pages)
    But what's happening here? Isn't it controversy?
    We can easily imagine that Samantha and Karen are tired to answer the same question: "Is Michael still alive?" They said once for all, their position on this matter, - remember, Karen had to prepare the body !!! - if people think different, why do they come on their pages, except for fuel controversy?
    Your articles seem interesting, but you just show us that you do not routinely check your sources (presence of KF and MLB's funeral).
    You enter yourself in a controversy because you don't appreciate that your friends are treated as stupid.
    Michael will undergo these attacks, he will be as always the innocent victim, it is a pity. He deserves the unity of all his fans to defend his memory and get justice.
    It reminds me how a war can start...

  100. SandyK - you asked regarding my original comment about the IV being used for hydration purposes only. And I meant that; maybe the original intent was to hydrate Michael, and the oxygen tanks, there were reports that Murray took them in and out of the house. Oxygen to help someone breathe for whatever reason, especially after tough rehearsals, not inexplicable in my opinion,and yes, Murray would have used the IV for the injectable benzos. Then, suddenly, when it came time for the end, how difficult would it have been for Murray to put propofol into the IV?

    As you say, food for thought .....

  101. And SandyK - I've been away from the blog overnight so did not see your earlier posts; about Dr. Adams "administering" prop supposedly to MJ in the presence of a third party cosmetologist. I came across the name of that "cosmetologist" months ago just randomly but cannot find it now. If you have time, can you look for it and post if you believe it's credible? This "other" doctor, the cosmetologist, has a checkered background of some type if my memory serves; I don't believe he's a "cosmetologist"; could have been a plastic surgeon. And Dr. Adams may not have refuted Murray's account in Murray's affidavit due to being under some type of gag order as I'm sure he will be a witness.

    I'm not sure why I'm even going down this road, except that everything just seems entirely too "pat" to me. See the comments above about Cherilyn Lee; I'm glad someone agrees with at least part of this! Thanks!

    As for Dr. Etok, she claims to have known Michael for many years. Now that I don't purchase Sony products,some months ago, I did purchase a supposed video tribute to Michael from another supplier, and there's Dr. Etok's face all over it saying he was an addict, and talking about how after he asked for it and she refused, she went to his medicine cabinet and retrieved "samples" of what he was taking, naming all the usual drugs he was accused of taking. What about HIPAA in regard to her, and putting it out on a video? It was replayed on MJ's birthday on either Fuse or BET? Some tribute!

    There is more to know about the relationship between Lee and Murray and whoever employed them, IMO.

  102. @June,

    Thank you for your response.

    Forgive me, so that I can better understand where you are coming from, are you implying that Propofol was introduced to Michael for the first time on the day of his death and that he had never used it before? Considering the evidence, that's hard to believe. What about Dr. Adams giving Michael Propofol in March or April of 2009, according to sworn statement by Murray on the Affidavit? Not to mention Dr. Ratner (anesthesiologist) who treated Michael in the 90's and traveled with him on tour. (Not in Affidavit.) Or Dr. Klein discussing it with him and strongly discouraging him from using it. As ridiculous as Klein is, he is a legitimate doctor and I can't see him as being part of any conspiracy with Murray...and whoever else for that matter. Michael was a long time regular customer of Klein's, 20 years in fact, and was "good" for his business. Why cut him down? (Of course, Klein never actually saw Jackson use it.)

    At the end of the day, it will come out in the trial. Hopefully the truth will prevail.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

  103. @June,

    Just saw your new comment, thanks.

    By the way, the Affidavit doesn't mention the name of the "cosmetologist," or that this person was even a witness, just that the office was being used for this meeting.

    Also, per the Affidavit, Dr. Adams specialty is anesthesiology.

    "MURRAY was present at a third party cosmetologist’s office where Doctor ADAMS sedated JACKSON with PROPOFOL (DIPRIVAN)."

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  106. @June,

    Dr. Etok pubicizing that kind of information, true or not, is shameful to say the least, I agree.

    Seems like lots of people are violating HIPAA lately with no apparent concequences. Etok, Lee, Klein, etc. What's the use of it then? Anyway, just a thought.

  107. Mesrak (Mimi) has left a new comment on the post "The Truth is Omnipotent, NOT owned":

    Techlilinu – thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I believe one day Michael will be totally and completely vindicated by the media and many stories just like what you shared will be told across the globe.

    Also, I always think life would have been wonderful and he would be here today if Michael chose to live outside United States like the one in the story you shared with us. I think the choice he made to return back to America after he left the country was a big mistake.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Mimi. How I wish Michael never came back here to live.

    He had been aquitted so he could travel as he pleased. He could have visited his family when he wanted to or send for them when he needed them.

    His children were used to globe trotting so traveling was already a part of their lives.

    And as far as his fans, it seems to me, Michael doesn't have fans, he has "disciples". I can only speak for myself but, I know I would go wherever he chose to perform, when he chose to perform, and when he was feeling up to it. All he would have to do is say the word.

    And now that we live in a Global society, Michael could have found a way to communicate directly to his fans without his meaning being misinterpreted by the media.

    America should be ashamed of itself. Our country did not treat Michael right and the rest of the world clearly saw that.

    And mind you, this trip was after the 2005 trial ended. From the pictures you can see, the people he visited had no problem letting their young children, in particular their young sons, hang around Michael. The children and the parents all seem to enjoy having him around. What's The Problem America!

    Yes, Michael should have never come "home". He should have done a "Tina Turner" and lived the rest of his life overseas where he could enjoy the peace and happiness he earned and so deserved.

    Love you always MJ, RIP


  108. SandyK - yes that's what I am implying, that possibly (and I say possibly because of the parties' involved), Michael did not use prop in the past. Ratner (the anesthesiologist) will not discuss now that he's living in Woodstock, NY and if prop was an issue in 1997-98 (History Tour) there's no confidentiality involved now, why haven't others come forward either corrobborating or denying?; Klein I have never believed about anything and still do not; where was HE at Michael's funeral BTW; I believe someone would have taken his pic (TMZ?) No, I'm not suggesting Klein is part of a conspiracy; all he ever wanted at the time was to get his pic in the news as usual (notice how little comes from him in the past couple months?); and do we believe Murray's affidavit about Adams? Absent any refutation from Adams, maybe so, maybe not.

    If these people are ever called as witnesses (if this case EVER goes to trial), the truth will come out.

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. @techlilinu,

    Sad to say but true regarding coming back "home" for Michael. I'm reminded of when Michael did his History tour in the late 90's, the only U.S. stop for that tour was in Hawaii. He always had a very strong following outside of the U.S. It's sad it took his death to get that kind of support at home.

  111. @June,

    Your points are well taken. And I do agree that Klein is a media hound. I think he has finally learned his lesson with his pathetic comments from a few months ago. Hopefully he goes back to his vocation and stops talking about Michael in any public way any more.

    Concerning the Affidavit, I use it as a reference for now since those mentioned are legally bound by what they've said on it, but I realize it's not the last word on the issue. It will and should be challenged.

    BTW, I haven't been able to find the name of the "cosmetologist" yet.

    Thanks again.

  112. A quick note, Aphrodite Jones has just publically announced her support for Charles Thompson and his work over the last year concerning Michael Jackson.

    I thought this was important to mention.


    I've said before and continue to feel that despite comments he made about Michael before his death, (I continue to find those comments distasteful as well and always will), in the last year he has produced several well written and well researched articles that have been worthy of merit in their support and defense of Michael. Like everyone else, I want Michael's name vindicated and he has done a good job toward that effort. I know that many will disagree with me. I do respect that.

  113. dominiquesorba - Michael would have never stood by and let a friend get attacked or told to shut up or just listen to him being called stupid. He would take it himself but stood up for others. To my knowledge neither one of them (Karen, Sammy) ever called me stupid. It wasn't me they said that to. I disagree with them, I don't like the way they talk to people on their sites and I feel that they have been dishonest. I left their groups and said why.

    There is much more to this going on and more people involved than this. You will soon see.

  114. SAndyK - Aphrodite probably aligned herself with Charles so he wouldn't call HER a "c-word" on twitter. She can do what she wants, I have no respect for the man. He does work for Sony. Aphrodite was press . . . they both were. Both of them said and thought ill of Michael and later changed their minds. She wrote a book. Charles probably has aspirations of the same.

    It's all about money. I disagree with you, but you weren't the one called the "c-word" when it was proven he wrote Lowly. He wrote one article about the press (which most FANS already knew was unfair to Michael) and he's a hero. Most fans did that for FREE.

    I still disagree with Aphrodite for publicly supporting Thomson but she may not be familiar with his background.

    allforloveblog. This is where she publicly announced it?

  115. Oh nooo Bonnie! That sounds like Randy Jackson's cliffhanger...been hangin' since August 31st!

  116. Mesrak (Mimi) - Mimi, I am deleting posts of people that are disrespectful. If they just came here to attack, then they probably have not bothered to read that a video of Karen at the funeral HAD BEEN FOUND and that I sent an email of apology to her and mentioned that on this blog.

    As for my feelings of how they treat people and the issue of following "her truth" (which to me a bit spooky) I'm not apologizing for my feelings.

    This blog is being made to be much more than it is. It is an explanation as to why I left those popular pages, and there were some questions I asked on information people told me in regard to videos that verified what they told me. We answered those issues and I thank Lady, SandyK and Mimi for helping me find that.

    It's these rabid followers of these people that don't seem to realize that they are the ones putting people off about Karen and Sammy in acting like this every time someone disagrees with them. There is something very wrong with that. If I was maliciously going after these two, I could understand the response, but that is not the case.

    Has anyone found the name of that "cosmetologist" yet?

  117. truthbtold - Randy Jackson's cliffhanger? Wasn't there supposed to be one of those from the August pre-trial?

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Bonnie, You don't know for sure that picture was photo shopped. Results are back from what? From what you or someone else analyzed? Her facebook page is gone because she couldnt take everyone bashing her anymore, she needed a break. Its not because she was worried about her picture being fake. Is she was worried about that she would of taken it down a long time ago. Can you imagine all these people coming at you saying your a fake, a horrible person, and all your trying to do is help out? Im sure you have received bad feedback and comments from others. Its not a nice feelings always having to be on your guard and having people judge you. She did make her comments public, but they had nothing to do with you. Have you met her? She has a lot of info that a lot of people don't know. She could be saying things based on her frustrations to what she knows and how she is feeling. You Bonnie, however made a whole blog post about her and pointing out your suspicions, which you are entitled to your own opinion, but I just think it was uncalled for. I feel so bad for her and what she is going through, and this kind of went over the top. I come to this blog a lot and I think you do good research on the death of Michael and the relations to his death with Sony, and I think it should stay that way. I know you think is your job to out the ones who are fakes and doubles like Charles Thompson, and fans do need to know and be aware to make sure they don't believe everything they read, but this is a person who is very involved in a justice fight. She has the same goal as all of us, and even though we don't see eye to eye with everyone, we still have the same goal. Just like Christians do. Christians may not agree with the way other Christians or how people choose to live their life, and you don't have to agree, but you can still choose to love, because our goal is all the same.

    Sam has so much going on, she doesn't need ANOTHER negative thing in her life. Sorry you don't agree, but there is enough negative going on, don't be the one contributing to it.

  120. @Bonnie,

    I'm sure Ms. Jones has a thick skin and could care less what people call her...:-) CT or anyone else...:-)

    However, I deeply regret that CT would stoop so low to insult you or anyone that way. That does show a great deal of immaturity and arrogance. No excuses there. I'm very sorry about that. I wasn't aware of that detail, I'm sure you must have mentioned it before.

    Yes, Ms. Jones did write a book but had a great deal of difficulty finding a publisher. Most didn't want it since it didn't contain trash about Michael. I don't fault her for writing a book. I don't think it was self serving, as in self-promotion and profit above truth, like some other writers' books have been. Her book was extremely valuable in showing the other side of the story. The truth. The side no one else wanted to talk about because it wouldn't sell. No one cared whether this particular human being was innocent of some extremely vile allegations. She did! (Of course you do as well, and everyone here.) She staked her reputation on it! On top of that, there was no money to be made trying to prove Michael's innocence. Literally, NOBODY cared. This only adds to her credibility.

    Also, as you already know, she worked for FOX news and was covering the 2005 trial, in her ignorance she thought Michael was guilty. She then made the effort to educate herself and realized he never could have been guilty. How many journalists/lawyers make that effort?

    To qualify what I meant by "announced," Aphrodite was being interviewed and was asked about fan dissention. The interviewer mentioned many sources of this dissention and the fire storm that had developed around Thompson, and she immediately felt that was ridiculous, or words to that effect. She then pointed out comments that were being made right now by individuals still insisting on accusing Michael of awful things. She felt that this was not getting the attention it deserved. At the end of the day, she didn't initiate the conversation about Thompson, she responded to a question asked of her in a public forum.

    His work on vindicating Michael over the last year has been largely pro-bono. I don't know about the Huffington piece. However, his blog over the last year contains several articles defending Michael on several issues including calling out AEG for the contract he ultimately signed. A contract that would have caused Michael to have to hand over a significant portion of his assets (including Sony/ATV) if he couldn't perform.

    Best wishes on this Labor Day.

  121. I just found a copy of the search warrant and affidavit, which includes a summary of Murray's statements to police. I'm not sure why only pages 16-32 are listed here. The 5th page down is where it talks about Dr. Adams and the cosmetologist's office.

    What I found fascinating is that also on page 5, Murray says he asked Michael about injection marks on his hands and feet, and Michael says they were from "Doctor" Cherilyn Lee giving him a "cocktail". Murray says he thinks it was propofol that Cherilyn Lee gave Michael.

    I have to wonder what kind of cosmetologist's office would permit someone to be sedated there. I would think there would be some type of regulations prohibiting things other than cosmetology there, for health and safety reasons. Oh, what's in the trash?, just an empty propofol bottle.

    I tried to look up Nevada cosmetology salons, i.e. Las Vegas salons, but that state web page is under construction.

    Thanks for interesting discussion of these issues, I had never heard of them before.

  122. Re: Charles Thomson aka: "Lowly", my jury is still officially "out" where he's concerned. I'm sorry, but leopards do NOT change their spots. He's in it for two things: publicity and money and it's clear that with him, the wind (uhm...keyboard) will blow (uhm...type) depending upon which side is paying him at the moment.

    As far as Aphrodite Jones' support of him, she likely supports the "good things" he says about Michael, but if she investigated "Lowly", she would likely think otherwise. On another note regarding Ms. Jones...I wish that she would re-issue her "Conspiracy" book. I'd be interested in purchasing a copy, but not for the ridiculous prices out there for a used copy of her work, because it's currently not being published. Some of the used prices extend to a couple of hundred dollars (US), which I think is beyond ludicrous. So, talk about a rip-off!!!

  123. At least Aphrodite Jones admitted on the national TV that she used to vilified and tortured Michael with her fallacy, unfounded, and completely inhuman treatment she has done over the years. And I applaud her for that.

    We need many, many so called journalists, reporters, and gossipers to do the same and denounce their cruel treatment they have done to the man who has done nothing to them, except giving Love and Share what he has to the world.

    That is exactly what Charles Thomson should have done, denounce his brutal treatment of Michael for many years by coming forward with huge apology so we all can respect him and admire him as a man who finally wants to follow honorable life.

    But what he is doing is covering up all his past and wrote ONE article (Mind you) about how the media treated Michael during the trial and wants to be accepted and loved and glorified as a stanch supporter of Michael all his life. Well he can go and fool someone, not Michael Jackson's fans.

  124. @ladyaquarius1962 You can read Conspiracy online here:

  125. @ Bonnie: "On the Photo of her and Michael the results are back. It was photo shopped. I was a document production specialist at FedEx Kinkos (now FedEx Office) and I have a friend with a graphic degree that still works there. The photo is shopped. She deleted her facebook page. I can only assume that is the reason why."

    This is another reason why I tend to get so darned upset. If alleged "friends" of Michael have to resort to photoshopping pictures in order to "prove" they were, then good grief!!! More lies. Plain and simple.

    I have photoshop elements, and I too have out of fun and artistic expression made a few pieces of myself and MJ (the Smooth Criminal ones). For example: But, as I said...such was in fun and art. However, there are several others out there photoshopping some rather "interesting" pictures that at some times illustrate some rather "hot poses and situations" using Michael. This is something that I think he'd find both embarrassing and it would also likely tick him off for his images to be used and abused in that distasteful manner.

    Anyway, back to my point...If you were a true friend of Michael's, and really did know him as you claim you did-- you do NOT have to use photoshopped photos to prove that you were.

  126. @Mesrak (Mimi),

    He's written more than one article defending Michael Jackson. Some of my favorites are articles he has done about other journalists that have used Michael to their own advantage including Martin Bashir, Ian Halperin, and Roger Friedman. He details why these individuals are frauds. I know, he needs to own up to his own issues, but he's right on target with these articles.

    In fact, Bashir's disgraceful 2003 piece on Michael was going to be re-broadcast on ITV in England in August 2009. Thompson complained forcefully to ITV to have it pulled. Unfortunately, he was not successful with his complaint. Too bad he couldn't have been more forceful.


    I acknowledge that Mr. Thompson needs to own up to rediculous comments he has made in the past. However, his past uninformed comments don't compare to the ignorance of Halparin and company.

    I praise Ms. Jones for always being upfront with what her views have been and how she has learned and gained a better understanding and appreciation for who Michael Jackson really is.

  127. @ Rhoda: HUGE thanks for that link. xoxo

  128. To make it clear, Aphrodite Jones has shown more integrity in her reporting on Michael interms of how her view has evolved than what Thompson has done. I'm saying this to acknowledge that I don't dismiss the issues with him.

  129. @ Rhoda: HUGE thanks from me too! I haven't seen that book in print since last January.

  130. Hello Bonnie,

    I hope that you are well...I think of you often and wonder how you are managing the loss of you & your husbands good friend.I keep you in my positive good thoughts.

    Getting to the point at hand and since you asked for this :

    "... but I am going to point out what bothers me about them in hopes that someone can convince me I am wrong because in all honesty I want to be wrong on this. Please be respectful, but tell me something."

    I could not think of a more constructive way to help a friend with coming to a place of a sort of resolve( for heart and mind). So lets talk and find what feels right,shall we?

    I believe in this search for Michael's truth/justice(whatever positivity you hope to accomplish), you are growing great leaps personally, spiritually, and emotionally. you(my opinion) come from a place of love and vulnerability.It is never an easy thing to do "putting yourself out there." but when we ask questions of ourselves it indicates a sincerity,maturity,a willingness of improving ourselves and/or the situation.

    I start with breaking everything down to a certain simplicity.I remind,

    what can we truly control ? if anything, only ourselves correct? so with that said, what is it that we wish to accomplish? how can I/you achieve what you are wanting to? why do I want this? who does it help?


  131. @ Bonnie, To clarify - Randy's tweets:

    I know its been a long time since I've tweeted. But that does not mean that things are not happening... 9:17 PM Aug 31st via mobile web

    You will understand what that means shortly. 9:17 PM Aug 31st via mobile web

    Aphrodite Jones has released an updated version of MJ Conspiracy. Not sure if it's actually in stores yet.

    BTW, some sellers are trying to get over $1000 for the original book...insanity! Glad I got mine awhile ago for a good price.

    Very nice and helpful comment Grace, thanks for so eloquently presenting why we love and follow Bonnie's hard work, why some us greatly appreciate Bonnie!

    LOVE & peace...

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  135. SandyK,

    To be honest, I am not aware of his other articles on those awful so called journaliss. Good for him, but I believe he still need to to come forth admitting his error to be respected for real.

    There must be a motive for him not to reveal his past wrong doing and why he changed his mind. Do you know?

    Unless he comes clean, this is the person we shouldn't trust and we need to be watchful of him.

  136. Rhoda and SandyK - you have both commented back regarding my earlier post today about Cherilyn Lee; Rhoda I see your latest referring to the search warrant and Dr. Murray saying that with respect to the needle marks in Michael's feet, that Michael told Murray they were from "Dr." Cherilyn Lee giving him "cocktails". Cherilyn Lee's practice, according to her website, is natural alternatives. I posted something about Lee in the past but I'm going to say it again now that someone else has also raised it. I recognize it takes a leap of faith possibly to believe it, but Rhoda, you stated per the search warrant Murray believes Lee gave Michael propofol. I reviewed some of Lee's statements in months past shortly after Michael's death. She claims to give people something called "Myers cocktail" named after a deceased naturopath type doctor, and when Michael asked her what she might do to boost his energy, at one time when she was treating his kids, she informed him of this "Myers cocktail" and from what I could surmise visited him again a few times to "treat" him thusly. It's supposed to be a natural product, but who knows. Tying in what I previously read about her and this Myers cocktail with what Rhoda posted above about Murray stating his belief that Lee gave Michael propofol, kinda blows my mind. Did she or didn't she? I hope Lee is still in the police mix on this.

    I'm still trying to find this "cosmetologist" and I'm going to research this "Myers cocktail" which Lee claims to use in her practice.

  137. Rhoda, you're awesome! (on the affidavit) A lot of these documents are like that, either redacted or pages missing nor not included.

    Who asked me about Sammy's picture? I used to work at FedEx Office and left in 2008. Friend still works there. Since they have much better software I sent the pic over to her. She confirmed it for me, but you can still tell if you blow it up. I just wanted verification it wasn't just enhancing the eyes or something like that.

    I was also told that the photos were removed from TINI . . . all of them. Michaelpuresoul, that was for you. I'm sure there was a reason for that. There is more, and I really have to consider whether I am going to disclose all or not, because if I wasn't baited, then two people could possibly do some damage to the Jackson family without even realizing it.

  138. Friend of mine just sent this to me:

    "Hi Bonnie,saw your latest blog and wanted to post a comment.For some reason or another it's not going thru.

    I have seen the name of Dr Etok come past,Ms Etok has a degree in biometrical enginering.she is not a medical docter.Her stories dont add up and myself and friend of mine have done research on her.In our opinion she did not know Michael.She also claimed to know Rebbie and Joe,we have had word from the family that they not know who she is.Also do you remember the story in TMZ,the one in which she claimed she had no idea how she ended up on the creditor list?Well she must have asked,as she was sent an email in which a creditor claim form was attached.We have a copy in our possession.
    Ms Etok is a fraud in our opinion"

    Anyone follow up with this please? I'm buried in lawsuit files.

  139. If our attention is on fixing the problem(s),then it can keep us identified with the problem(s) and that is what we'll become. if our intent was never to inflict or hurt then why isn't an apology easily forthcoming? I see that you did Bonnie and where you did not. And your feelings on both of your reasons- fair enough. Seeking and "feeling" that we stand on truth's side never gives us any rights.If we follow Michael's message we will not judge until we walk in that persons shoes. Truth is humble it always prevails, by now we all have to really know that. It may not be in the way you/we thought or want but it does prevail. if anything,believe.

    Being a "victim" or knowing someone victimized never means we have a right to impose our own justice upon the inflicter.I understand what a slippery slope this statement is but I also know that our post actions can never undo what was done. because what we do need(may not want at the time)does not come from the emotion of anger. The only thing we can undo is our anger to do that is to stand in the power of love. after all that is where faith and God are including justice. Only there can we grieve healthily, heal, and hopefully forgive.

    Be gentle with yourselves and be gentle with others ,people respond much more to love.

  140. Bonnie - your friend who posted about Susan Etok - I believe her comment was a result of an earlier discussion today concerning which supposed "experts" who said Michael had asked for propofol. Dr. Etok was one of them. I purchased a video (not a Sony product) which turned out to be mostly Dr. Etok claiming Michael had asked her for it (she even says she went into his medicine cabinet and took some "samples" of what she found, being the same retinue of drugs the media claims he took, sickening). This video was replayed either on Fuse or BET (not sure which) on Michael's 52nd birthday. Not a very nice tribute. What about HIPAA in her case? A doctor talking and making a video of his medical history?? She has a website devoted primarily to herself! I concur with your friend, Etok is a fraud.

  141. Hi Bonnie, if this is not Samantha in the photo, then whom is Michael hugging?

    Also have you seen these other photos of TINI members and what is your opinion of them?

  142. Jeff - Let me send these over to Ginny. The one with the dark haired girl is giving me pause, but I can't be sure, so I'm sending her and the guy over..

    Thank you for finding these. <3

  143. Tell ya what, I'd sure be a lot happier than that to have the privilege of meeting Michael!

    So, is what you're saying is a photo of Samantha was combined with a photo of Michael as some sort of proof of her claims that she was a close friend?

    Ok, I looked closer at the photo. Someone kinda slipped on her eye huh? LOL That one's obvious. Her head shadow is wrong for the distance she is from the inside of the car and too opaquely black. And, her hood between his fingers is doctored.

    I was a bit spooked for a that the nosepiece of Michael's glasses that looks like a mis-placed right eye?

    I don't even know who this Samantha is....a Michael fan who is gathering followers, a false prophet of sorts? Is she a friend of Karen Faye?

    I don't really need to know...sounds like too much of a popularity contest out there to me, too much drama. I'm happy enough here in my little isolated corner of the world.

  144. Exactly my sentiment Truthbtold2all, oh and Thank you! :)

  145. @truthbtold2all,

    I agree with you. I'm not quite sure how relevant it is to keep pursuing this avenue concerning this Samantha women. Unless she has some relavant information concerning Michael's death, otherwise I don't understand all the attention she is getting? Isn't this just feeding her ego?...with all do respect.

    The other pictures, accept the guy, I've seen on the TINI websit in the past. (I mentioned this earlier in relation to Samantha's picture.) As you said, Bonnie, that info is now gone from their page, including the written testimonials from the women. I wonder why?


    Wow! Very thought provoking comments. Well said!

    "The only thing we can undo is our anger to do that is to stand in the power of love. after all that is where faith and God are including justice. Only there can we grieve healthily, heal, and hopefully forgive.

    Be gentle with yourselves and be gentle with others ,people respond much more to love."

  146. About these photo shopped pictures......

    This is so Pathetic! So Juvenile!

    All this for 15 minutes of "Fame?"

    Sam (to me) has a rather smug look on her face

    in that picture.

    I'm glad you are exposing these frauds Bonnie!

    So, they shut down their Facebook Pages.....well,

    another one bites the dust!

    You're really doing some HouseCleaning here!


  147. Bonnie,

    Keep On Exposing The Fakes!

    First Charles Thompson and now Sam DeGosson.

    Can't these people get Sued for this type of thing?

    Like you said, they could do harm to the Jackson Family if someone doesn't expose them.

    Thank You Bonnie, for exposing them!

  148. In light of Grace's eloquent comments, we also have to make sure that we don't bare false wittness about others.

    Forgive me for breaking out a Bible verse, but much of the discussion today prompted me to review this particular commandment against baring false witness. I know I can be guilty of this myself and the temptation can be huge. I have to watch myself and my words. Words can hurt even if that was not the intention. So, I guess this review is primarily for myself and anyone else that feels convicted by this, that is, prompted to ask one self if our words might be hurting someone else. This doesn't apply to what something someone else says about us because we can't control that. We can only control ourselves and our words, kinda' like what Grace had mentioned.

    Sorry for being preachy, but this seemed like an excellent real life application. Thanks!!!

    "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor." Deuteronomy 5:20 (NIV)

  149. This comment has been removed by the author.

  150. Sandy K and Grace I agree with both of you and thank you on the reminder.

    This was NOT intended to hurt anyone. Just putting out my observations so that others don't continue to get hurt (over ego? Who knows). However, I also have to remember that in my zeal to expose certain lies or misgivings I don't end up pulling people into the fray that don't deserve to be there. For that, Karen, I am very sorry about the Funeral misunderstanding. I should have searched more videos before posting that question.

    (Karen's emails are bouncing, so I don't know where else to write her except to post it on her blog. Don't know if she wants that there or not)

  151. @Josie,

    With all do respect, Charles Thompson has not harmed the Jackson family. The VAST majority of his comments have been positive and supportive. Tell me, what would you sue him for in particular?

    I can't speak for Samantha's situation. I only know gossipy stuff about her and I try never to base my opinions on someone based on gossip. Gossip tends to be hyped, unreliable and difficult to varify, a false testimony if you will, and tends to be emotional and none rational in nature. Although, Bonnie has pointed out that SD has made unpleasant comments to others on her FB page. Such comments would have to be malicious in nature with the intent to cause harm such as lose a job, cause personal injury, etc. Simply hurting someone's feelings isn't grounds to sue as I'm sure you can appreciate. I'll leave it at that...:-)

  152. @Josie,

    Bonnie didn't cause them to close their pages and we don't know if they are frauds. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bonnie only stated that she didn't like things said on their pages. This doesn't make them frauds.

    This is said with love Josie, you are NOT being attacked. You're comments are always appreciated!!....:-)

  153. @june,

    Concerning the Affidavit, I've seen that section about Lee and her "cocktails" and Murray's idea that it contained Propofol. Lee has said that she didn't know what Propofol was when Michael asked about it and had to look it up. I don't have the time line of when Lee talked to Michael about it the first time and when Murray alledged Lee might be using it. I don't think she was using it due to the fact that she is a nurse practitioner/nutritionist, not an anesthesiologist. As we now know, it's a dangerous drug when not used properly, as we tragically saw last year...:-(

  154. Sandy K,

    Sam's photo was a Fraud.

    Sam made the photo.

    That makes Sam a Fraud.

    As for hurting the Jackson Family, that could be done with false stories.

    First you get people to believe you know MJ personally, then you write your stories.

    If the public believes your story, that can hurt the Jacksons.

    That would be reason to Sue.

    But, so far, it appears Sam didn't write any stories about the Jacksons. So that's good.

    But Sam was off on the Wrong Path with these pictures and for that, I'm glad Bonnie exposed her!

    Let's just "Keep It Real," ya know?

  155. Bonnie didn't have to cause the pages of FB and the photos and letters on TINI web page to be closed.

    Sam's guilty consciense did that.

    Just like when Charles Thompson blocked his site.

  156. As for Karen Faye, she's the Real Deal.

    I always thought she did a Fabulous Job on Michael's make-up throughout the years!

  157. @ Sandy K - this will be a long post, hope you can stay with me. I agree that Lee would not have been injecting Michael with propofol (my opinion), but she admits giving him the Myers cocktail (energy boost containing potassium and other natural supplements). She admitted meeting Michael shortly after January 1st, 2009 when his kids had colds and in the course of treating them with vitamins, he asked if she could do anything to boost his energy levels. She suggested this Myers cocktail, which she gave him in March 2009 (more than once?), so when Murray claimed in the affidavit that Michael told him the injections in his arms and legs were from "Dr. Lee" giving him "cocktails", it all added up.

    If you google Cherilyn Lee, you will see her website for Nutrimed Health Care in Los Angeles (naturopath).

    And if you google and search terrasig (which is terrasigilata) there are links (which I can't supply due to the capacities of my old computer) containing an article from a researcher about the effects of these natural ingredients in Myers cocktail when combined with a couple other medications, one of which is propofol. It's near the bottom of the page. Entitled something like Michael Jackson, Cherilyn Lee, Diprivan (Propofol), written approximately July 9, 2009.

    I'm unsure about stating that Lee gave Michael ANYTHING at all (although she has herself said she gave him the Myers); my initial query here was to ask if anyone found it odd, as I did, that Lee went on national tv right after Michael died with her story that he sought prop from her months before he died, without going to the authorities; she was specifically questioned by Larry King as to her reason for not doing so. She had no valid reason other than not knowing what to do.

    She says she met Michael same way as Murray did, according to them both, his kids were sick, met through common acquaintances. As I've said, it's all too pat for my liking. Now to find that she MAY have been giving him a natural "cocktail" for energy containing ingredients which don't mesh well with propofol (allegedly given by Murray), just adds to the mystery.....

  158. @ June. Here is the link to the article you mentioned on

    You know what's odd is that supposedly Michael contacted Lee on June 21, 4 days before he died, asking about one side of his body is hot, the other side cold. Why didn't he just ask Murray, his $100K a month personal physician?

  159. @ June,

    Isn't it possible the reason Cherilyn didn't say

    anything to the athuorities about Michael

    wanting Propofol, is because she didn't want MJ

    mad at her.

    She didn't want MJ to Fire her.

    As for Cherilyn and Murray both giving meds. to

    MJ, perhaphs Cherilyn was afraid to ask MJ if he

    was taking Propofol.

    She should have consulted with Dr. Murray about

    it, though.

  160. @ June,

    Maybe Michael didn't want to tell Murray about

    one side being hot and the other cold because

    he'd be afraid Murray would stop giving him the


  161. @ Josie, I think you're right, about maybe Murray would stop giving him the propofol.

  162. @rhoda - thanks for pulling up the links. Did you see the researcher's conclusions at the bottom that this cocktail might have bad effects if used concurrently with propofol? And I have questioned why Michael would not have told Murray about being hot on one side cold on the other on 6/21; his $100,000 private doctor. Instead he tried to reach Nurse Lee who was in Florida. On one interview she said she spoke with him herself, another interview someone spoke for him and relayed his troubles to her. Which is it? Four days later he's dead. I really don't know what to make of it, however I was suspicious of her the first time I saw her knowing that she had not gone to the authorities before putting her face on every tv channel that would have her. Another betrayer of her HIPPA oath as a "medical professional". I still feel she's hiding a lot, in my opinion. RIP Michael.

  163. Rhoda,
    I just wish Cherilyn would have talked to Murray about Michael's symptoms.

    But then Cherilyn would have gotten Fired and maybe Murray too.

    Sometimes we have to choose between our jobs and doing the right thing.

    That is not always easy to do.

  164. At 2:03 in this video there are pictures of others that were with Samantha that night. Her photo is NOT photo shopped.

    Why accuse people of being frauds when they are trying to help. WE were NOT there. I am glad she is doing what she is doing.

    I doubt Samantha's intentions are to belittle anyone. She is frustrated, and I can see why. She was witness to Michael not being treated right. HE let those fans in when he told them how he felt about the concert promoters and not wanting to do 50 shows. When he died she became part of this. She is doing the right thing. God bless her!

  165. I think too, if Cherilyn went to the authorities

    about the Propofol, both MJ and Murray might

    have been arrested!

    What A Mess!

  166. "Who asked me about Sammy's picture? I used to work at FedEx Office and left in 2008. Friend still works there. Since they have much better software I sent the pic over to her. She confirmed it for me, but you can still tell if you blow it up. I just wanted verification it wasn't just enhancing the eyes or something like that."

    I don't believe that is correct.

    I just saw Jeff's comments with the pictures. I don't think any of these are fake. Why would they be?

  167. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  168. @Michele,

    Bonnie says the photo of Sam is Photo Shopped.

    She got someone who has the software to check it out.

    That's good enough for me.

  169. Josie, we can't just blindly believe everything we read. Samantha started her campaign with the others that were there that night that got photos with Michael as well. They were all different pictures of Michael. She has NO reason to photo shoppe a picture. Karen Faye was witness to Samantha being there.

    There are some that still believe the ambulance photo of Michael was photo shopped just because Brian Oxman "confirmed" when he got his information from YOUTUBE.

    I hate that these things are being analyzed the way they are. What good is it doing for Michael?

  170. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  171. So much has been said about a few people and allegedly photoshopped photos. Pardon me but, blah...blah...blah. May I sincerely ask something? What does any of this have to do with Michael, and how he was likely murdered and who(m) were likely responsible??? I'm sorry but a good chunk of the comments in here are no more than arguments over why Bonnie chose to leave a few sites, groups, whatever. Her reasons for doing such has been explained, and STILL people are complaining and raising hell about it. I say...BIG deal!!!

    Yet, nothing but sheer childish fingerpointing and chaos has broken out in supportive response to supposed "injured parties" who have closed their sites for whatever reason(s) they may have had. Perhaps they WERE indeed caught in some baloney??? Maybe they may had been a bit hard and insulting of others, while being nice to others. Irregardless...Is ANY OF THIS what Michael would want??? Be careful when you answer that. Because I'm certain that Michael would've long since found the closest Exit door and walked out. I know that I'm tempted to follow him!

  172. This comment has been removed by the author.

  173. Lady, I agree with you, but when we falsely accuse the innocent and are leading others to believe lies, that is TOTALLY against what Michael would have wanted. The way Samantha has been accused of things (by MANY fans, not just by Bonnie on this post) is inexcusable. Samantha is trying to help justice for Michael, and she's being falsely accused of self promoting, being a fraud, etc. Just the way Michael was trying to HELP children and he was falsely accused of being a pedophile!

    This is a bad reflection on Michael. If Bonnie wanted to leave those pages for the reason she did, that's fine, but we don't need to be falsely accusing ANYONE!

    No offense Bonnie, but you're doing the same to these people as was done to Michael. The same thing your last post was about! You don't want to accuse people that there is actual evidence against, but you're accusing the INNOCENT.

  174. With all due respect MicheleKC, are you a photo expert? Can you spot a real photo from a photoshopped one? Are you a film expert? Can you spot where perhaps something or someone may have been inserted to look like they were with someone or somewhere they really were not? Were you THERE when the photos were actually taken??? If you answer "no" to any or all of these, then there is always room for doubt. Please...don't take this that I'm jumping on the proverbial bandwagon here and screaming "FRAUD!" Instead, I'm merely pointing out the possibility that Bonnie's digital friend's analysis is indeed correct. She was told that Sammy's photo was photoshopped, and that's what she is going on. Now...whether or not Sammy's photo was photoshopped or not, I could personally really give a hoot. However, I will also state this...

    Since Michael's death, there have been a TON of people coming forward saying "Oh yeah...we were pals for 'X' amount of years." without a single shred of evidence. There has also been women claiming that they've had children fathered by Michael as well. Most if not all of those claims were proven untrue.

    In any case, WHAT if anything does this whole argument have to do with Michael outside of it all being an awful reflection back onto him? Michael thought very highly of his fans, and loved them all dearly. Yet, since his death, there has been nothing but people out there looking to be popular or gain attention by lying about friendships with Michael and whatnotall. Top that off with the lies and wars going on within Michael's fandom. It sucks, and THAT is what is hurting Michael's chances of justice being taken seriously.

  175. "In any case, WHAT if anything does this whole argument have to do with Michael outside of it all being an awful reflection back onto him? Michael thought very highly of his fans, and loved them all dearly. Yet, since his death, there has been nothing but people out there looking to be popular or gain attention by lying about friendships with Michael and whatnotall. Top that off with the lies and wars going on within Michael's fandom. It sucks, and THAT is what is hurting Michael's chances of justice being taken seriously."

    It is a bad reflection on him, and yes, he did think very highly of his fans. Samantha was one of them.

    No, I'm not an expert on weather a photo was photo shopped or not, but that's not the point of this. Samantha WAS there that night, there are pictures of Michael with other fans. They are all different pictures. The other fans that were there are the ones that Samantha started her campaign with.

    This is not about weather a photo was shopped or not, this is about Michael. I know he wouldn't want people accused the way he was based on NO evidence.

  176. On the other hand, there IS evidence against AEG, CC.

  177. This comment has been removed by the author.

  178. Michele,

    We obviously disagree about Sam's picture.

    You are not going to change my mind about Sam's picture.

    The harder you try to change my mind, the more convinced I am that the photo is a Fake.

  179. MicheleKC: Point 1: "This is not about weather a photo was shopped or not, this is about Michael. I know he wouldn't want people accused the way he was based on NO evidence."

    There WAS evidence that Sammy's photo was indeed found to have been photoshopped, and Bonnie clearly stated it based upon her friend's analysis of the photo(s).

    Point 2: Were YOU there when the alleged photos were taken??? Did YOU witness such???

    Again...if your answer is "No.", there is room for the possibility that the photo(s) of which you so vehemently defend were indeed photoshopped.

    This is the last time that I'll respond regarding this matter. I think it's stupid, and a waste of time and energy spent best on other things...

  180. Lady, I'm not asking for a response, but were you the one doing the analysis on that photo? Did you see the evidence of it being fake?

    There was also "evidence" that those photos of Michael's genitals were a mach to Chandlers description. The "evidence" was hearsay, just as this "evidence" of this photo of Samantha being fake.

    Bonnie's last post, "LET'S NOT REPEAT 2005". I'm sorry, but that's what is happening here.
    The last thing I want to do is argue over ANYTHING.

  181. What a mess ... Through all these useless discussions around the photo of Sam, I see jealousy.
    Sam and Karen have been close to Michael, it's obvious and it stokes the wickedness of those who have not had the chance to approach and share moments with him.
    Josie, you're more in the incitement to hatred that a real discussion. Did you ever meet Michael ?
    All this is killing Michael again, for those who have faith in a religion, you do more harm than good by feeding the controversy.
    This will be my last speech.

  182. @ Ladyaquarius1962,


  183. Michele,
    You still haven't answered the question Were you there with Sam when that picture was taken?

    Yes or No

    If the answer is NO then you are going on Hearsay.

    So which is it.....Yes or No?

  184. Michele,

    And I AM asking for a response.

  185. Dominique said:

    Josie, you're more in the incitement to hatred that a real discussion. Did you ever meet Michael ?
    All this is killing Michael again, for those who have faith in a religion, you do more harm than good by feeding the controversy.
    This will be my last speech.

    Josie's Reply,
    I am just expressing my views, like everyone else.

  186. Michele,

    I am patiently waiting for your response.

  187. Josie, no I wasn't there that night, neither was Bonnie. She is just making assumptions. Karen Faye can attest to Samantha being there. Michael even kept a picture of her. Is there any reason to believe Karen would lie about this? This is getting ridiculous!

    For the same reason Bonnie left those sites, I am going to have to leave this blog.

    Bonnie, I had nothing but respect for you, and I'm sorry for the arguments on your post, but I'm going to have to leave.

  188. About Cherilyn, Murray & HIPPA, remaining open to all possibilities, something quite different occurs to me:

    Maybe that story of propofol & Myers cocktail is just that, a story and a doctor's oath has not been violated, especially if the main player there has never sworn to abide by HIPPA.

    How do you pronounce Tohme (to me)?

    MicheleKC ~ still shots of her friends in a video made well after Michael's death proves nothing about Sam's photo being doctored. What kind of logic is that?

  189. From Véronique Grand:
    You're bad people and you bad attacked people you knew only by FB, how can you say such things? I know and I met Karen and Samantha and what you say is monstrous. Think about the evil you do!

    Just think to Michael and stop your jealousy, all of this is just jealousy.

    This is my last post, you are not worth the trouble I'm wasting my time answering you, but you are not a fan, it's not possible!

    We must fight for justice!
    What you do will not help Michael, to the contrary.

    You do everything sony, branca and others want: the fans tearing each other apart in hatred and confusion! Just think about it ...

  190. Michele,

    Thank you for answering my question.

    You were NOT there when Sam got that picture taken.

    Therefore, YOU TOO, are going on Hearsay.

  191. I was asked to post this by the same friend that had the info about Ms. Etok:

    Ms Etok is not violating hipaa regulations as she is NOT a medical Docter, she has a phd in biometrical engineering.

    Many people have fallen into this trap, thinking she has a medical license--- she doesn't.

    The reason how she got in the press is very simple, she is pals with Ryan perry( daily mirror journo)& also taraborelli,latter one being pals with Diane dimond. Etok gave an interview to dimond, claiming later on in her blog I have/ had no idea who diamond is. How can you not know this when supposedly being a good friend of michael's

  192. @ Truthbtold2all,

    Thome is pronounced: ( Tow - May )

  193. SandyK - "Bonnie didn't cause them to close their pages and we don't know if they are frauds. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bonnie only stated that she didn't like things said on their pages. This doesn't make them frauds.

    This is said with love Josie, you are NOT being attacked. You're comments are always appreciated!!....:-) "

    A photo shopped picture put up with testimonies and the intended purpose to deceive is a fraud. Whether she did it or she paid someone else to do it or they did it for her for free is irrelevant. There is also something else going on with her. I am waiting for a phone call.

    Did she do this to hurt anybody? I can't tell you that. But when you are gloating on your facebook page to people you've just cursed at because they disagree with you, that they are jealous because you got close to him and they didn't, with a photo-shopped picture for proof, I don't necessarily see the good it is doing either. The problem is there is more to this and if it is going to harm the Jackson family it WILL be exposed, be it me or someone else. I am waiting for a verification before I go further. Not going to make the same mistake as I did w/ Karen.

    Jeff, I will talk to Ginny today about those pictures. I emailed them to her last night.

  194. MicheleKC - I'm sorry you feel that you have to leave. I don't know exactly what you are looking for in "proof". The picture of her is photo shopped. If you copy it to your own computer, enlarge it and look at her eyes, the shadow around the top of her head, the space between her face and Michael's (the curl of Michael's)and the composition of her compared to Michael's image, you don't even need the software to see it.

    She took her facebook page down that same night I posted that. Not only that but the other pictures on TINI (ALL OF THEM) were taken down along with the testimonials. Now If she took her facebook page down because of harassment, why would TINI remove EVERY ONE ELSE'S PICTURE TOO?

    Lady, I'm sorry I had to post this, I know you're sick of it, but some people think we're idiots.

    These are the same people out there slandering Tohme, Jermaine, Colony and Anschutz with MUCH LESS PROOF then what we have here. I sincerely wonder that if they have to defraud and lie to people to do this, what their real agenda is?

    I'm not interested in popularity Sandy and I 'm not doing this because I enjoy controversy and confrontation because I DON'T! I hate it! But is there ever a good reason to lie? Is there ever a good reason to lead people to believe you are something you are not? Is it ethical to start wars on both Karen's old page using a fake photo to gloat about your "position" and belittle people when they question you about it?

    I really don't know what Sam is fighting for at this point. But the phone call I got Saturday night was sure interesting! I'm actually WORRIED for the Jackson family!

    You are going to have to give me some time with this, because I have a moral STRUGGLE every time something comes up I feel has to be exposed. Should you let it go or expose it?

    Is it important?

    Is it pertinent to your cause or case? Will NOT mentioning it hurt others?

    This is going somewhere. If you don't like the information that is hitting the light you are free to leave. I don't know what else to say. I have tried to do this in the most DIPLOMATIC way possible and it is NOT ALWAYS EASY.

    Thank you every body for your patience. (gasp!)

  195. June, I just sent you an email.

  196. Michele- don't leave! I understand the points you are trying to convey but it is getting lost in rhetoric. Never mind those who are unwilling to view your perspective hopefully they are not to stuck in convincing that their argument = truth. The only thing I would like to see is fairness because the case built on her being a "fraud" is simply not strong enough YET for me to call her so. but I dont know that I would??? maybe if I was pmsing I would:))) OhNoShedid int! And No my profile picture here with Annie Lennox is not photoshopped ;)))))) I gotta wonder though,out of all the pictures of Michael, why would she choose that one to photoshop? I think I would photoshop me in the pic,where MJ is coming out of the pool at hayvenhurst! All jokes aside lets move on!

  197. In my opinion, this business of Facebook page removals due to differences of opinion is a waste of time when more investigation needs to be done into the terrible crime committed against Michael. Please everyone leave whatever site or FB page you please, but do it quietly and let's move on.

  198. June - See my email. Explanation forthcoming.

  199. Bonnie,

    Thank You for all the Hard Work you do!

    I'm with you all the way!


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