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Michael Jackson Justice: Why the Jackson Camp’s Stories Don’t Mesh

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why the Jackson Camp’s Stories Don’t Mesh

September 3, 2010 - Why the Jackson Camp’s Stories Don’t Mesh

I have been on a personal bent since last night, or early this morning depending on how you look at a clock. And I believe it is just the accumulation of inconsistencies that are finally getting to me.

One lie leads to another, and to another, and to another. If you want solid ground to stand on, it is probably best not to reinforce the truth with lies. Right now lies and illusion are really fighting to share the same shelf in my mind.

Yesterday Denis (bless his heart) shared with me this link. It is an interview supposedly done with Latoya back in July of 2009. Source

Memorial held July 7th ( a Tuesday) source

Date of article (last update) July 13th which was a Monday. They said “Although the memorial was watched by millions on TV, the most poignant farewell came last Monday night (a week ago on July 6) at Forest Lawn Cemetery, where the family had an open coffin viewing.” Source

Last Monday would have been the Monday of the week before the article was written (or last updated), which would make it Monday July 6th. So according to this, Michael’s viewing was before they gave his brain back? And before the actual memorial? He was still being AUTOPSIED during this time!

I had people send me two links to websites Access Hollywood and the Londonpaper (now defunct) verifying the date of a private viewing on July 6th, 2009. I have a few problems with this (now that cooler heads prevail, I think).

On this link in Reuters, it reports a second, family ordered autopsy, reported on June 27, 2009. Source

It says: “Jackson's body was returned to his family on Friday night after an examination by the Los Angeles County coroner's office failed to determine what killed the 50-year-old entertainer, pending toxicology tests that were expected to take weeks.”

Friday night was June 26th. Did they not do the toxicology tests? They said “ …failed to determine” and “…pending toxicology tests that were expected to take weeks."

Also says this: “LOS ANGELES, June 27 (Reuters) - Michael Jackson's family gathered at his parents' suburban Los Angeles home on Saturday to make funeral arrangements for the troubled King of Pop amid reports that they are seeking a second, independent autopsy.” - The troubled King of Pop? Was he still troubled?

Further down in same article it says: ”The celebrity website reported that a second autopsy was underway at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon, on the orders of the Jackson family.” - Okay, so there WAS an autopsy already underway, not just ordered.

Michael Dancing in Ghosts - 1996

In a CBN News article found in archives , it states: “According to The Times, which cites Pennsylvania forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, the coroner's office probably kept Jackson's brain even after his body had been released to the family in order to conduct a neuropathology test.” Source - The first autopsy was reported completed and the body returned back to the family the night after Michael died. If that is possible with all that had to be done, I have to commend the L.A. Coroner's office. Especially when the results took MONTHS to be released. Hurry-up-and-wait to the extreme!

According to the same above article, Murray was not hired until the month before Michael’s passing. As of this article in the on July 9, 2009, Michael’s brain had still not been returned. That is four days after the reported viewing. (I’m really sorry! I don’t like talking about this either!)

"As soon as we are done with the brain, we will return it," Winter said. "There is a whole series of tests that will be done." Source - And they were supposed to do what with it after a viewing and a nine hour makeup session?

Could a viewing be held without a brain (don’t snicker – I get the double meaning)? Probably, but holding a body In storage for that many months it took for them to finally return what Michael would be buried with is a bit macabre. My lunch is turning in my stomach just thinking about this. Michael’s funeral was not even held until September the 3rd of 2009. If both autopsies were done by the end of June and the body returned, why wait so long to bury him? Who put his brain back in the casket with him? This is the kind of thing that really leaves me thinking that fans were being deliberately tortured with this.

Another thing that is bothering me which curiously is shot down by rabid defenders of Michael’s death is the inconsistent stories about the condition of Michael within Michael’s own camp. Latoya describes him as being peaceful, “looked like Michael”, was still “warm to the touch” with “eyes half open” and like “he was praying”. Further down in that same article in the daily mail, Latoya describes the condition in which family friend Michael Amin saw Michael at the house before the ambulance took him away.

“I was told the doctor kept telling everyone he was alive, but Brother Michael saw him and said it was obvious he was dead.” She said in that interview.

She also says this: “Police also removed two bagfuls of prescription drugs issued to various aliases from pharmacies in different US states. They have subpoenaed the star’s medical records from a series of doctors. La Toya says: ‘It will all come out. You will be shocked.’ Did she already know the results before they tests were done and medical records turned over?

And this statement by Latoya: “‘He had needle marks on his neck and on his arms and more about those will emerge in the next few weeks. I cannot discuss that any further as I may jeopardize the investigation. I can, however, say that I have not changed my mind about my feeling that Michael was murdered.’” This also before the results of the autopsies were completed. Further up in the Daily U.K. Latoya said Michael looked “fine” “peaceful” and she even “checked his legs and he looked fine”. No concerns of needle marks in his neck or arms. She even lifted the covers to see his legs and his chest she describes as red (not blue as bruising would appear on a body with lividity as reported in autopsy and EMI report.” So who put the needle marks in him later? And how did Michael regain color after being "obviously dead" at the house?

This article in the dailymail states:

“But their mother Katherine, 79, has overruled them, saying she felt an open coffin would be ‘ghoulish’ and harmful to Michael’s three children, of whom she has temporary legal guardianship.” According to Latoya in another article, the children had already seen their father at the hospital. Source

Odd Statement further down by Randy Phillips: “Mr Phillips said: ‘We are still trying to figure out the logistics of getting Michael to the arena if, indeed, that is what happens. There will be no funeral procession. Whatever happens, it is about Michael’s spirit and his life. Even if the body is not there, he will be there in spirit.” Even if the body is not there. Well we could play with that one, but I will leave it as is and let YOU do that.

Odder statement, regarding the make up artist for the memorial, which they are calling the funeral in this article (remember this article is posted on July 5, 2009 at 1:49 am) and the “funeral” (memorial) is to take place on the following Tuesday, which is July the 7th. The private viewing in the previous article is July 6th or Monday. Source

Ghosts Short Film, 1996

“The plan is for the make-up artist to attend to him in the mortuary in the early hours of Tuesday morning. We are looking at ways for the family to say their final farewells in private, with the coffin open. Katherine has said that she wishes to place a memento from each of the children in the coffin, perhaps a toy or item of clothing, along with letters from the children and a photograph of them all together with their father.” This is a blatant contradiction. No explanation necessary.

The makeup artist testified on 20/20 on June 25, 2010 that she and his wardrobe designers of 30 years spent nine hours preparing him . . . for what? There was no open casket at the memorial (public funeral) and the viewing, which supposedly happened the day before, the preparation team supposedly hadn’t been there yet. An eye witness who was with a group of fans that same night the make up artist, the two wardrobe people and a couple of family members went into Forest Lawn told me they were still there when the small entourage came out and it was nowhere near nine hours.

Also stated during same 20/20 interview was a description of how Michael was dressed (in an outfit that was a combination of his looks over the years), and they were specifically asked if he wore the one glove. The interviewer was told “No. No gloves” as that was his “Billy Jean” era and that period of his life was over. But Latoya’s interview on both Barbara Walters and the link describes Michael in a white pearl jacket with black pants, a gold belt and black gloves on both hands, with one white glove laying in the coffin with him. That sounds like THIS outfit:

Michael at 1993 VMA Awards with Sister Janet
MJ 1993 Grammy

Did Karen Faye do Michael’s makeup for a viewing on the 6th of July for nine hours, come back on the morning of the 7th and do it again for the memorial/public funeral? Did the viewing ever happen? And if we say the viewing did happen, why did none of the family go in to see him after all the painstaking costuming and makeup session and why did Katherine say on the 5th of July that there would be no viewing and the children would not be exposed to that it was too “ghoulish”?

These are not the only questions I am getting emailed, but around and about the funeral is where a lot of the fans break off into groups “beLIEviers” and “non-beLIEvers”. The non’s have taken the stance that “believers” can’t possibly be real fans because they selfishly put the family through pain every time they suggest he is alive. The “believers” look at the nons as “idiots who don’t want to see the truth.”

I have run into many independent pieces of information that could convince me of evidence on both sides. What I don’t agree with is the actions of some to bully ANYONE because they ask questions. And I have a separate file on my computer that has just as much evidence of the possibility of him being alive as I do of him being dead and truth be told, the former side as of right now is a bit more convincing.

Does that make me a “hoaxer”? A “believer”? Maybe, but I am not in the Jackson camp giving televised interviews, contradicting the family about what he wore in the casket either. What I will NOT do is agree to be bullied into shutting up about certain inconsistencies when they arise. It’s one thing to read it in print and say “The press misconstrues”. It’s quite another to hear two different people, on two different shows answer the same questions, uninterrupted, while contradicting each other.

We could talk about the lack of Michael’s name being engraved in the mausoleum, or the fact that despite every other document that’s been leaked to the press including an autopsy that is subject of an ongoing investigation, no one has been able to produce one photo of the miraculous nine-hour makeup and costuming job Michael’s posthumous team performed on an individual for whom NONE of his family members saw during a private, family-only viewing. The only person even admitting they saw Michael “after” his “passing” is Latoya and that was in the hospital.

I cannot close my mind to any possibility. If I do, I am guilty of lying to myself and I am also guilty of selling Michael short. What am I guilty of if I DO leave open the possibility of his being alive?

Hope. Faith.

All things considered, there are much worse things I could be guilty of. Those that are so bound and determined to destroy the “hope” of others with “stop the bullshit” statements need to start considering that there are more important things than belittling the hope of others. Not only is it cruel, it is destructive.

In my allegory that I posted Sunday, on Michael’s birthday, the two in cloaks that followed the little girl were “fear” and “doubt”. There is one clue for you.

I anticipate getting attacked over this. If I am not, then maybe the two sides have mellowed over time.

For the record, I have NOT shelved the possibility that he is alive. But it has no bearing on the need for justice. Regardless of what the reality is, there are those in the music industry that did their best to destroy, maim, emotionally eviscerate, financially rape and malign the artist, Michael Jackson. Nothing will keep me from researching, exposing and publicizing on this blog, what those people did.
If Michael is indeed dead, I will deal with that when the time comes. For right now, no evidence or piece of information will be shelved because all of it is important in uncovering those that are guilty and complicit in Michael’s pain.

I know I promised the Sony article for tonight. Tomorrow that will go up, and then after that we will dig into the post trial lawsuits.

Love each other . . . no matter what side of the believer fence you stand on. Because depending on the outcome, there will be one side that you will count on to help you over it.

Michael in "Ghosts"


  1. Frank Dileo, Thome, Jermaine, and Latoya all claim to have seen Michael's body at the hospital. Tohme said it was "something he would never forget. Latoya spoke about taking Paris to see him at the open casket viewing, along with Rebbie. She said no one else really wanted to see him. She also talked about the necklace Paris "tried to put around his neck, but couldn't lift his head so she wrapped it around his wrist." I'm glad there were no pictures. I know his parents didn't want to see him like that. Just imagine having to live to see the death of your child and having to see a picture of him dead every time you turn the TV on.

  2. This is my comment on your last post:

    About the inconsistencies and lies around Michael's death. I spent 5 years researching John Lennon's death. I believe there was more to that than just some crazy. I found so many inconsistencies in reports about that.

    John was at the recording studio that night, and a friend that was there said that John told him that he and Yoko were going out to eat and then head home. Yoko said that in the car on the way home she asked John if he would like to get a bite to eat before they went home, but that John said "no, I want to see Sean before he go's to bed." I also heard in one report that there was an argument between Lennon and Chapman over an autograph. There was no argument. Some reports said that Chapman called out "Mr. Lennon" before shooting, others said Chapman didn't say anything. Some say Yoko walked behind John, others said she was in front of him. These are just a few things I remember at the top of my head. It's been a few years since I stopped my research into this.

    Inconsistencies like this are very common, but when people start researching and looking for things they start to think. That's why so many people believe Elvis is still alive. I'm surprised there were no theory's of a hoax around Lennon's death. He too talked about how his life was in danger. He told his son Julian and many others, "if something happens to Yoko or me, it's not an accident." In 69 John was asked by a reporter at a press conference "How do you expect you'll die?" John answered "I'll probably be popped off by some loony." CRAZY!

    I do believe Michael was murdered, and a lot of those lies around his death are attempts to cover it up.

    Bonnie, I understand your frustration and I have a deep respect for what you are doing. God bless you!

  3. I hope you don't take offense to any of this. I know where you're coming from and I commend you for speaking your mind despite the attacks. But I also have know from my own research that truth can be twisted. Michael knew this best.

  4. Destroying hope is NOT what I'm trying to do. BUT, if Michael IS dead, and I hate it, but I believe he is, I know the ones who love him MORE than we could EVER imagine can't have that same hope that the fans have. That's the hardest part of the whole thing. I know what it's like to lose a loved one, and I wish everyday I could have her back.

  5. @ Bonnie

    Excellent Blog!

    After reading this blog, I too,
    am not sure what to believe.

    Is he Dead or is he Alive?

    One thing is FOR SURE!

    He Cannot be BOTH!

  6. Is MJ Dead or is MJ alive?

    We will get the answer.

    In Time.

    I can wait.......

  7. As for the Music Industry....I'm with you Bonnie

    Yes! There needs to be Justice!


  8. Bonnie, this post sure must have cost you a lot and I appreciate ever so much all your dedication - personally find it amazing!
    Nevertheless, and of course this is just my opinion - I have developed an utter, definitive and irreversible Impossibility to take ANY of what I read about Michael as any Gospel. I'm talking about articles on any newspaper, not your blogs and those of other people who clearly have MJ's best interest at heart (and I think I'm able by now to telll the difference).
    So whatever i READ, I istantly discard as 90% BS.
    This is why I wouldn't pay so much attention to discrepancies in news reports - they are the rule.
    On totally another level there are things I actually HEAR stated from people, be it on Tv, on the Web, whatever. Those are the things we should be working on, and again this is just my two cents, but I believe it's important - for our own sanity, I'd say - to bear in mind that contradictions in print may mean nothing more than the usual Zero Professionalism manner of treating (alas) any matter nowadays.
    But what people around Michael have said, are saying or will say - that is really important, that is what I focus on.
    I hope what I said makes some sense and of course this isn't meant in any derogatory way towards your blog, not at all, on the contrary!
    A big hug and lots of gratitude.

  9. Bonnie,
    Karen Faye stated on Twitter that the last time she made Michael up was July 6,2009, the night before the memorial.

  10. @ Simo,

    I agree with your viewpoint. They has to be some way to get on solid ground here.

    Hearing what people say around Michael is solid ground (To Me).

    Especially his family. Inconsistencies may come from the Jackson's but one thing they all seem to agree on is that Michael is Gone. Dead.

    The Memorial did take place and the world saw it.

    The whole family was there.

    So either Michael is Dead or the whole family is in on The Hoax.

    But yes, I will continue to LISTEN to what people are saying about Michael especially his family.

    And I will ignore what is in print.

    Good Advice, Simo.


  11. SandyK - I'm keeping all options open. The two interviews (Latoya's - Barbara Walters and Karen's - 20/20 contradict what he was buried in) Those were T.V. interviews and not print. Also eyewitness said Karen, MLB and CT were not in there nine hours. While the latter isn't really that important, the rest of this is just the tip of the iceberg. And I'm sorry but nine hours of makeup and costume for four people to see him? FOUR people? These questions keep getting swept under the rug with blanket responses about "insensitivity" and "selfish" remarks thrown at people. I realize you are not being disrespectful or unsupportive in your response and just stating how you feel about all this. I respect that as well. Here is my stance . . . any and all information is subject to scrutiny because it has the potential of discovery of another bad guy. When these inconsistencies pile up like this, I put them out there because I am not the only one asking these questions.

    Josie - I'm just keeping all doors open right now and looking at everything, not discounting anything. There were some things I had to change as I opened other collaborating news items that would debunk some of my other questions, so I am staying true to what I see. Thank you hun!

    Simo - I agree with you on the print but the televised interviews are key. The articles I posted just back up the T.V. interviews. Latoya's account on Barbara Walters and Karen/MLB's account on 20/20 contradict each other. It gets more convoluted from there. Many other things not funeral related also. Trust me, the print on anything is suspect.

    CynthiaL - I remember that. So my question then is, why would their be a viewing on the 6th if he was not made up? And if Karen and MLB worked on him all day on the 6th, why would they not have an open casket at the memorial? Who saw him? Nobody. How can they have a viewing if Karen and MLB are in there for nine hours dressing and making him up? That is what I had the most trouble with aside from the conflicting reports of Michael's condition from home to hospital.

  12. Bonnie-
    I'm with you on the inconsistencies. The whole thing about Karen making Michael up almost two weeks after his death is bizarre to IMO. I don't want to get graphic, but two weeks is a long time to wait to dress a body, even if embalming has occurred. I read, but have not confirmed, that the body was frozen in order to preserve during the two months before the actual funeral. It's all a little macabre and strange.

    This is taken from a comment that I left on you Murray in Handcuffs blog, I reposting because I want to be sure you see the infromation-

    I recognize a lot of the information you mentioned in this blog and I think it comes from the research of a poster called jruby from a forum called The Death of Michael Jackson. I have said before that I am NOT a hoaxer but I do read everything. As a lark and out of curiosity, I purchased Pearl,Jr.'s book, Puesdocide a few months ago. Mostly because there's over 270 link to articles and videos pertaining to Michael's death. While I don't agree with much of the book, I have to admit the these hoax investigators are amazing researchers.

    You might find jruby's research interesting. Here's the link to her post-"

    I completely understand where you're coming from in this current blog. You only mentioned a very small fraction of the odd inconsistencies that some investigators have uncovered in this case. I haven't changed my mind, yet, but I can see how the BeLIEvers have come to the conclusion that Michael may still be alive. This case is simply mind boggling. I'm waiting for proof, but you're right, the evidence on the hoax side is growing.

  13. Bonnie
    Every question I also poses.
    Said Latoya and Jermaine said the opposite.
    The family contradicts itself all the time great inconsistency in their statements.
    The dates, places nothing sticks.
    When Michael alive I do not believe even if it was.
    That would mean he would finally be quiet and happy, but how would he be happy without her children?
    I remain convinced that Michael was murdered.
    The music industry is largely responsible.
    AEG also.
    Randy Phillips, DiLeo, Ortega contradict all in their statements!
    They lie is obvious.
    In France with a group of friends, we do a lot of research done by Denis party, we often come to similar conclusions as you.
    Your work is extraordinary, so do not let go.
    One day or another we have the truth about what it is to pass this terrible night
    June 5, 2009.
    14 months of research documents and information 14 months of contradictions!
    We want the truth about his death and we have Bonnie.

  14. Veronique,
    It is amazing to see Michael's fans from all over the world standing up and demanding justice. I see sites from France, Germany, The Netherlands, South America and many more all doing the research and coming to the conclusion that Michael was murdered by Sony,AEG and others. If we all stand together the truth will prevail. Thank you very much..

  15. Hi Bonnie. :) Another great post. As Judge Judy says, "If it don't make sense, it aint the truth". A great investigator follows where the evidence leads. The truth, whatever it is, will reveal itself. I am not ashamed to say that I am a believer. I do not understand this schism of Michael's fans.:( Surely, we are all invested in one IMPORTANT goal. The belief in in Michael (preserving his legacy, restoration of his good name, etc.) If that is our concentration, our personal feeling should be shelved, surely. It really isn't about us. Practice what he preached. LOVE. Love really is the answer.

  16. The way I look at it is....there are so many crazy fans, or just crazy people in general..that the family did what they had to do to keep Michaels body from being 'stolen'. I'm not saying they should have told so many different things, but as far as this date or that date..what he was or wasn't buried in...where or even truly when..they did what they needed to do.
    What I'd like to know is how could someone so world wide known and LOVED..pull off such a stunt, if truly he is alive (which I personally don't believe). He was suspose to be on the verge of being totally broke, could people at the hospital say they seen his dead body, or even take those pics of him laying dead on the cots? I mean with as many people that claim to have seen his with all police, FBI agents, EMT's, on and on...Plus, how can Murray be up for manslaughter (which again, personally I believe it should be MURDER) if Michael truly is alive? IF he is alive and has pulled off an incrediable would have been because he or his children's lives were in danger. He would NOT have just up and left his children...everyone else..probably...but not his kids.

    I haven't done all the research that you have done, and I commend you for that, but this is my opinion. Wheather MJ is alive or passed on...I pray that he is at peace. (which if he's alive..without his children..he wouldn't be in peace). Thank you for your time reading this.

  17. Thanks Bonnie, I love your blog.
    Yes too many contridictions and lies.. Its like they have made this whole saga into a mystery on purpose.
    And how do you explain some of those death hoax forums set up before the 25th june. Don't know what to believe anymore. I wonder will we ever know the truth or will it be a mystery forever with no justice.
    I believe he was murdered and its a big coverup I would love believe he is alive..
    Keep up the good work.

  18. CynthiaL - Back in the beginning, about August of last year, one of the first web sites I came across while at the early stages of my getting to know Michael was one of the hoax web sites (not the one you sent me to). I started reading about the theories of the Illuminati and I left and never went back. I closed my eyes to the "believers" posting on Karen's page mainly because of the fights that broke out. I thought they were rediculous. As I have been researching, I come across information that pretty soon I had to start another whole folder for on my computer. I'm not 100% either, but I'm getting close! Thank you for the link. :o)

  19. véronique - Yes, Ortega, Phillips and those being interviewed from TII are lying, but are they? Listen to how they phrase things. That production is a whole other blog series all by itself. Yes people are lying, but they are not necessarily lying because they are bad guys.

    I get asked that question alot. How could Michael be happy not being with his children. Well, he wouldn't be. But I don't believe that if he had to be away for awhile, he would go without seeing them at all. They would find ways to meet. If DOJ is involved in this, and I believe they are, this would be necessary.

    CynthiaL - You are right. Amazing to see this in every country that Michael has graced with his presence. Gives you goosebumps.

    jomc12 - Great comment Jomc! It is NOT about us. It's not even about what we want to be true. If you go back to my earlier blog entries you will see how much I struggled sometimes with the evidence I was talking about. This isn't just some flight of fancy, this is where the evidence is pointing. I didn't get the evidence from hoax sites, I got it from watching interviews of these people on T.V. and Youtube.

  20. Tink 1961 - "how could people at the hospital say they seen his dead body, or even take those pics of him laying dead on the cots? I mean with as many people that claim to have seen his with all police, FBI agents, EMT's, on and on." - Tink, there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of any of this. Not one police officer or EMT has been interviewed on T.V. saying they saw his body. Where are the pictures of Michael's body? There are none. The EMT report is wrong and so is some of the items on the autopsy report. FBI agents have said NOTHING about this case whatsover, but now that you bring this point up, if the DOJ is involved in this, don't you think THEY know how to make someone disappear? Also nobody at the hospital said they saw his "dead" body. Nobody. Show me and interview where they said that because I have looked. The only people even admitting to seeing him AFTER HE LEFT THE HOUSE was Latoya at the hospital, and she describes him as being "warm" and looking good. Who else said they saw him? I am looking for this evidence. And On Murray . . . he is UP for manslaughter. They've stayed his pre-trial four times now and it's been over a year and he has not gone through a trial yet. If he actually gets convicted of anything I will be surprised. His children, if he is alive, have probably seen him or talk to him. Everyone is assuming that there are no ways for this to be possible and they are completely disregarding very compelling evidence. We can't do that. There is much more than just this, but as I said before, if we don't look at all evidence, we may miss something very important in connecting who was trying to hurt him.

  21. Brandi - "And how do you explain some of those death hoax forums set up before the 25th june." - I didn't know they had been set up before June 25. Wow. Really? Some of the most perplexing interviews have been with Michael's father, when he was on Larry King with Leonard Rowe. Did you ever watch that interview? Wow. Joe didn't know where the body was and got frustrated and told Rowe to step in. I was laughing. And why would Larry King even come right out and ask "So where is the body?" What person would ask a grieving father something like that? I see what you believe. I have another file looking like he was "taken out" of the picture to be protected . . . and they covered it up. We wait and see and keep digging.

  22. I too have noted the inconsistencies in the storytelling within the Jackson camp, but not just regarding Michael's death. Depending upon which Jackson is doing the talking (and even then, I don't think we'll EVER hear a direct answer out of any of them-- with exception to Randy in my opinion-- from what I've observed over the years, he's the ONLY one who's pretty much lays things all out on the table-- usually anyway.). For the most part Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, and Marlon have kept themselves quiet throughout this whole ordeal.

    LaToya has consistently had a long history of coloring and over-dramaticizing events and situations to suit her purposes-- whatever they may be, especially when it's in regards to Michael over the many years. Let's face it this lady tells a wonderful story, but also consistently, her stories are just that. Stories not necessarily truths.

    LaToya wrote a book that detailed her Father supposedly had an incestuous relationship with her, and that Michael was a pedophile. Hmm... Both stories have long-since been recanted, as she claimed she was "bullied" for the most part by her then husband to do such. So, do I, could I, or can I really trust a single word that comes out of her mouth? Sadly, the answer to that is a resounding "No."

    As for Jermaine, I've noticed that he is an emotional man. I definitely believe that he knows more than what he is saying, and he tries to hide whatever he knows. The reason? He's outright scared! You can see it in his eyes, and by his actions.

    My family owned a tavern for most of my early life, so I learned to "read" people rather well as well as "smell BS coming for miles" Plus, I had a communication arts class in High School, and one of the things we learned in that class to do was to read a person's body language-- not just a person's facial expressions based upon a book written by Barbara Walters (and let's face it...she's the BEST interviewer in all TV history-- she could smoke out a rabbit from a fox hole!) who detailed the art of being able to do so.

    Is Michael still be alive? Anything is possible. We only saw a closed casket, after all. BUT, you cannot conduct an autopsy, even more so 2 autopsies without a body. So, if Michael IS still alive, the REAL question is: Who's body is it, if it's not Michael's? Yes, I'm being facetious because the truth here is this...also in an autopsy, if there is ANY doubt as to whom the body is, there is also a call for dental records to PROVE whom the person is made by either the Police Dept. and/or the Coroner. So, again...if I've ruffled any beLIEver's feathers out there, I apologize. But the truth here is that as much as I personally wish and would want Michael to be here with us-- alive and well, the reality states that he's not. Besides, it goes against Michael's own heart and nature to pretend death. IMO, he would NEVER put his children (who were EVERYTHING to him) through such an ordeal. NEVER. And, that's the bottom line.

    I believe given the fact that the Jacksons were raised Jehovah's Witnesses and that for the most part, they also enjoyed privacy, it makes sense that only the family would've seen Michael in that casket, outside of KF and the wardrobe specialists.

  23. As far as KF's claim of it taking 9 hrs. to dress and makeup Michael goes, pardon me, but have any one of you tried to do such to a frozen body??? And, I mean just that...FROZEN SOLID fresh from the morgue. So IS quite possible that it took 9 hrs. Trust me on that one. It's personal experience talking.

  24. It is all very confusing, which for some reason must be the purpose. I don't understand the purpose of the inconsistencies from the Jackson camp if Michael is indeed dead. Wouldn't they want unity for justice? To me all the smoke and mirrors from them makes more sense if he is alive. It has occurred to me that some of the inconsistencies from those closest to Michael could be from before and after they knew he didn't die. But then, how can you see the body and not know? Did they see a dead body, his dead body, some other dead body, a manequin or could he have been in a Romeo and Juliet state of near death or...? Maybe the body eyewitnesses information, including the makeup and burial clothes people, was a tabloid plant...easy enough. But they didn't have their stories straight. Maybe this was the time for LaToya's vivid imagination to shine with all the details of what the kids put in the coffin etc.

    Speaking of that article from Denis, since when are direct quotes changed to fit specific cultural understanding? "...It was funny seeing him changing nappies..." Why change diapers to nappies? Did she really say nappies so instinctively just because it is a British interview...was it given directly to Mail Online? If they take these liberties then what else? And speaking of liberty, did anyone catch the photo of family coming out of Forest Lawn's "Hall of Liberty"? Since we're scouring clues, could that mean something?

    Wow Bonnie I certainly understand your upset! Thanks so much for all you do in sorting this all out for us! I look forward to you unscrambling more and eventually, I hope, revealing all you know. Thanks!

  25. @Lady, I am in agreement with you; if not Michael, then whose body was autopsied 2x, and why would (or SHOULD) there be pictures of his "dead body"?; the ambulance photo alone was more than my stomach could take; Michael's children could not be entrusted with such information (if a hoax, and I don't think he would put them through that trauma); and so what if there are inconsistencies in the family's stories? Eight siblings and two parents put on the hotseat every night For months; no wonder we hear nothing from them at this point (although I am upset that Marlon and Jackie appear to be working with Sony on the unreleased tracks); and what is unusual about ONLY the family viewing him in a casket?; what IS unusual about KF and others "dressing him" even IF there was no open-casket viewing? They all said it was an "honor" to do this.

    I want Michael to be alive as much as anyone; however I am convinced he left us on June 25, 2009, and those responsible need to pay, Murray, Sony, AEG, Colony, Bashir, Sneddon, all of them and whoever else was complicit in his demise.

  26. I know Michael leaving his children in the fake death scenario is a big stumbling block in believing he may have. I may stand alone in my perspective but here goes...

    Sometimes parents have to make tough choices that neither they nor their children like. Decisions, in the best interest of their children. If Michael's life was in danger, as he apparently stated on many occassions, then would it have been better to wait until they did him in or get the jump and disappear? Would his death or a temporary absence be better for his children?

    As far as what children can cope with, they are amazingly resilient and my experience has been that adults tend to underestimate their strengths, abilities and especially their intelligence.

    I too have been guilty and will give you an example. Our beloved family dog got hit by a car one snowy winter. My older daughter and I searched but couldn't find her. We finally did the next day. I "protected" my younger daughter, who was 6, from the grizzly details by not allowing her to see the dead dog. My older daughter and I buried her. We all made a cross and painted stones for her grave but that was not enough for my younger daughter. She was upset, felt left out and expressed (in a 6 year old's way) her disappointment that I did not trust her strength. It left a big gap in the experience for her. She's 18 now and still mentions it occassionally. I still feel horrible for my decision, for denying her the experience. But I did learn from it.

    Four years later, my children lost their father and I became a relatively young widow. Our children were 12, (barely) 10 and 6. My 10 year old (same one I denied the dog experience) especially adored her dad and wanted to visit him in his casket. She was the only one of us that did, my oldest backed out at the last minute. Her grandmother offered to accompany her, she refused. So, at barely 10 years old she walked through those doors alone, which closed behind her, up the aisle to the coffin. She laid in some cards they had made for him, I don't know what else because I didn't ask. 5 or so minutes later she came back through those doors, ran into my arms and burst into tears. It broke my heart but it was not my place to deny her the experience that she chose.

    A few weeks later we made a couple of flower wreaths, picked up his ashes and went to a spot at a nearby lake that was significant. My little girls held their dad in their hands. Dancing, they waded into that lake and tossed the wreaths. Then, as their daddy sifted through their little fingers, they said their final goodbyes.

    I know first hand the strength and resiliency of children. I have no doubt that Michael's children can handle this if in fact he is not dead. And, they are intelligent enough to understand, loyal enough to keep the secret. They may not like it but I do not believe they would choose the alternative.

  27. I totally agree with June, it doesn't seem unusual to me at all that Michael was dressed to the hilt for his burial, even if only 4 family members chose to view him. Dressing fine and looking good was a huge part of his life, and the family tried to honor that aspect of him.

    I also agree with Tink1961 that the family was probably concerned that someone would try to steal the body. I think that was a big part of why they chose Forest Lawn. I can't even imagine the stress a concern like that would cause the family members.

    I recall MLB saying in his interview that he had to lift Michael's body himself during the preparations because the funeral employees had gone home. So it sounded like the 3 of them were there after hours. I also noticed during this interview that MLB would not exactly described Michael's clothes, he just said they represented several different of his eras, or something like that. I thought it was obvious that MLB had been asked not to let the public know how he dressed Michael. LaToya being a family member could say or would say whatever she wanted about it.

    Anyway, I think that's where a lot of contradictions come in about his clothing. MLB trying not to say too much. Also, sometimes things are put into the casket at the last minute by family members. I think a lot of other contradictions come into play because those who saw and know are trying to be sensitive and not make themselves appear ghoulish. Also, the professionals, i.e. EMTs, doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, I'm sure have all been told not to talk to the press. For one thing, it could jeopardize the criminal case. Another thing would be client confidentiality or even company policy of the hospital or ambulance co.

    Anyway, that's my .02. Thanks for ALL opinions.

  28. What I don't understand is if MJ is alive how is "The Hoax" of his death suppose to help anything?

    If he is alive, then NO CRIME has been committed.

    It's been 1 year already.

    No one has been arrested on ......

    "Conspiracy to Commit Murder" charges.

    Dr. Murray (if a plant) may have given names but then where are the arrests?

    Also, whether MJ is dead or alive one thing is for least to me.

    And that is "The King of Pop" is gone forever.

    Sony gets all MJ's music (unless an arrest is made)

    And MJ gets the NORMAL LIFE he always wanted and maybe see his kids (in a disguise) later.

    But unless an arrest is made, we the public, will never know what happened.

  29. Bonnie,
    This is my first time commenting on your blog. I appreciate all your hard work. I have read all your post and the comments. I also share in your frustration. I have been looking at everything that I possibly can to try and get some type of understanding of "why" this happenned and who all the players are.

    I have come to the conclusion that we are meant to be confused. I think we are not meant to know the full truth. Michael believed that his privacy should be respected and he did all in his power to keep it that way. Remember we did not know about his skin condition until he confirmed it while interviewed by Oprah. He did it his way and by the time he talked publicly about his vitiligo he had been suffering for years. Remember he was the one that admitted that he had a addiction to prescription medication at that time. Reading Pearl Jr's book is what open my eyes to the fact that he "may" have had a bigger problem with alcohol.

    I have a problem with several things. Remember the televised transport of his body from the hospital to the coroners office. OOOOOHHHH Bonnie it looked so staged to me and over the top. The illusion....

    Jennifer Hudson's performance at the Memorial. She sang Will You Be There beautifully with emotional conviction that drew everyone in. As I watched and the dancers encircled her, she stood there glowing in her white dress, I thought this is symbolic of a re-birth. Maybe I am taking this to far but thats what I thought and still do to this day. Whether the re-birth is spiritual or physical, that I am not sure.

    Honestly Bonnie I am not sure if he has actually passed. Did they bury the "persona, the brand" or the man? I am on the fence.

    Could this death be a part of a bigger plan? Yes, I think that is very plausible. Could he have done this to watch the conspirators from behind the scenes? Very possibly. Would he do this to his children? Maybe he would to accomplish a bigger mission. The two eldest may be aware. Any and all things are possible.

    Jermaine....whewwww. I think guilt may be Jermaines bigger problem. He was the one that introduced Thome to MJ that is if Thome is one of the heavys in this whole situation. Jermaine wants to be the "Icon Superstar". I would like to think that he had nothing to do with setting his brother up but I am not sure. Sibling rivalry can turn deadly. Remember Cain and Abel...

    I read Leonard's Rowe ebook and it was informative but I was left with a feeling of oh really Mr Rowe. He made it clear Michael was a bible reader and believed in God. When he got to the contract between MJ an AEG I felt he surely had an axe to grind with Randy Phillips.

    I believe that Michael was a man who had/has the light of God in him but so many of those around him did not.

    Its so much more I can write but I will stop for now. Please keep up your research!!!!!! Pray and ask God to guide you to the light.

    Peace to you,
    Truth Is Freedom

  30. Bonnie-
    I had never given the idea of Michael still being alive a second thought until I read Pesudocide:Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life, by Pearl, Jr. I definitely have some doubts about Pearl, but some of the links she gives in the book really got my curiosity going.

    You mentioned reading about the hoax soon after Michael's death, but did you know that the first Hoax forums were set up on June 25, 2009, a few hours after he was pronounced? They were both registered through GoDaddy. The first one called was registered from Pennsylvania by an individual and the second called by an organization in Arizona. The entire world was in a state of shock on that horrible day so who, in Heaven's name, was setting up forums claiming that Michael was alive and why? This was only one of hundreds of strange happenings involving Michael's murder that have had me puzzled.

    As I stated before, I'm not hoax believer, but there are so many strange and mysterious events surrounding Michael's murder that I can see how the Hoaxers have come to their beliefs. Unless you examine all of their claims and evidence you can't make a judgment about their conclusions.

    Please, let me know when you reach your final decision. I would love to hear you opinion.

  31. I honestly an divided on this. 50 - 50.

    I can see where Michael could have pulled this death hoax off. Yes.

    I remember him saying at his Sony Speech,

    "They never thought I'd out think them."

    Michael was/is NOT STUPID!

    Michael was/is A FIGHTER!

    Michael KNEW there was a conspiracy all around him and said so.

    Michael had /has the money and the means to pull of a Death Hoax.

    The points Truthbtold2all made - MAKE SENSE!

    Michael loved/loves Illusions and Magic

    He always did a disappearing act in his concerts.

    I honestly am 50 -50 on this and I am repeating myself, I know. I'm sorry.

    I just can't believe Michael would let them kill him without a fight!

    His kids would get over it and be so happy to know their father is alive (later) that Yes, I could see Michael staging his Death.

    If it were me, I would stage my death, too.

    Thing is, there had to be a specific DATE to KILL him.

    June 25th was that date.

    Perhaps through Murry he found this out and let it play out.

    I know this whole senerio is so Elaborate but....

    when it came /comes to Performances......

    Michael was/is Always Elaborate!

    Besides, it was necessary.

  32. This Is SO HARD!

    I feel you Bonnie....I really do!

    Hang in there!!

    If there are no arrests and or convictions -

    we will never know for sure if MJ is dead or alive.

    If there are arrests and convictions -

    We at least stand a chance of knowing the REAL

  33. As for whose body was autopsied.....

    Why couldn't the whole autopsy thing be a cover?

    Maybe there was no autopsy and there were more people involved in this hoax then we realise!

    As for Karen Faye and the others, I can see where they would be crying because they don't know if they will ever see Michael again.

    So to IS A DEATH.


    Anyone Out There......

    Do I Make Sense or Am I Losing It?

  34. One thing I do believe....

    There was a Conspiracy on MJ Life!

    I still think Sony was involved!

    God Bless You Bonnie for your hard work.

    Hang in there, girl!

  35. Bonnie, you know I love your work. And I have to say I'm PROUD of you for writing this post. I never understood why people keep atacking the beLIEvers. In the end, we're all fans and we all love Michael... so what? I've been saying for months that their research is amazing.

    Going back to the Hoax, I honestly don't know what to believe. Some friends told me that in the US is not a crime to hoax your death. But then, a lot of people would be involved (Paramedics, police, EMT...). Even Ortega, Phillips...

    If people from TII know the truth then... why hoax the death? I mean, I could understand if Michael wanted to hoax IF he was afraid that someone would take his life. But if the TII staff know the truth then... who threatened him? I don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly.

    The bad guys here are $ony, AEG, CC. I would rather think that they believe he's dead. So, the family proves they wanted to harm Michael, they're put in jail and then... Michael is back! :) (ok, I'm dreaming now)

    Anyway, whether Michael is alive or not we must keep fighting because the bad guys MUST be responsible of their acts.

    Also, Michael would NEVER lie to his children and make them believe he's dead. No way.

    Lots of Love to everyone,


  36. I was reading through the Murray information and Joe Jackson is right.

    Murray has the answers.

    If they could really truely squeeze Murray

    (or whatever his name is) they would get The


    Murray Knows THE TRUTH.....ALL OF IT!

    I have to stop. I'm driving myself NUTS!

    God Love Ya, Bonnie!

  37. Thanks Josie, glad my long-windedness makes sense and was helpful.

    I don't know, I would be surprised if Murray knows a lot. I think he's a low man on the totem pole in all this.

    The best, most successful plots compartmentalize information...only the orchestrators know everything. Everybody else just carries out their individual part, without a lot of knowledge of the larger plan.

  38. truthbtold2all..Talk to me please

    compartmentalize for me please

    what's your take on how it went down?


  39. I go to these sites and I can't handle it!

    My mind is spinning!

    God Love Ya Bonnie!



  40. Bonnie –You are right the inconstancy we see in the media reporting always happen in any thing they are broadcasting via their publications or TV or radio. If you really pay attention the different outlet of the media, they tell us different version of the same story all the time. Sometimes I asked okay which one is true the first one or the second one or the third one.

    I can truly understand the confusion those incompetent journalists created about Michael's autopsy, memorial, burial, and viewing. But what I do not understand is the confusion Michael's camp created. What is going on?

    I will tell you a story what happened at the cemetery (Forest Lawn) on the day of the anniversary. Fans were allowed to pass by the Great Mausoleum of the Holly Terrace supposedly where Michael buried to give their respect and to give what ever they bring ( flower, gifts, etc.) to the securities standing by the door. I want to make sure if Michael's body is in that building so I approached one of the security person and said “is Michael here in this building”? He said, “NO.” I said, “I am sorry, are you saying he is not here. He said, “I said NO”. I said, “okay what I mean is, is his body in this building”?. He said, “I already told you NO can't you understand”? After he said that he moved away, and there was another security guy standing next to him listening all this exchange and I turned to him and said “do you know what he is taking about”? He shrugged his shoulders and left.

    I stood there for a few minutes unmoved wondering what was going on, and why all of us passing by this building all day long thinking Michael's body is there, and where is his body? I told as many people as I could and no one seems to know anything. You might say what are those securities know about where Michele's body is? But those securities did not come from outside for that day, they are Forest Lawn securities and they must know where the body is or is not. Why is that he said to me I am still wondering. But I put it in the back burner until I heard the possibility of Michael is still alive.

  41. @Rhoda - I agree with everything you said several posts above, and the part about KF and the others dressing Michael, we agree he always dressed stylishly and his family kept that in mind when asking Bush to do that "honor", brings to my mind that Michael NEVER would have wanted to have rehearsal footage turned into a film, ala This Is It. I will bet that most of his family have not to this day seen it, and I'm sorry that I did. Michael was still "Michael" in the 30th anniversary show in 2001, then in comes Bashir, Sneddon and the rest; Michael was never the same, RIP Michael.

  42. Mimi,


    Either they moved the body (so no one could steal it) or he is still alive.

  43. To pull off a hoax like this takes many people.

    Do you think MJ could afford to pay all these people?

    Do you think MJ was important enough that he would get the cooperation of that many people?

    This is something a President of a Nation may pull off but MJ?

    I'm just wondering if we are making MJ bigger and more important than he is/ was?

    Anyone care to comment?

  44. Wouldn't the athourities just think MJ was parainoid about this conspiracy or that he should just sell the catalouge and be done with it?

  45. How do you make the bad guys believe MJ is dead when we don't know who the bad guys are?


    Wouldn't the bad guys want to see the body?

  46. Truthbtold2all

    Please give me a senerio on how this hoax could go down.

  47. Bonnie, I will read with great interest as you continue to investigate this issue. For me, this will largely be an intellectual excersize since I find it very difficult to see how Michael could have faked this. There are many valid questions to be asked and much that can be learned. I do support your investigation though and I won't critize you but I may occassionally respectfully challange the points you make. In fact that's one of the reason's I've stayed with your blog is because you have been curtious and respectful when I've disagreed. This is to your credit and like I said, why I've stayed! Best wishes on your investigation!

    To go back to a comment from yesterday, I had meintioned how being a "fly on the wall" during Jermaine and Michael's blow-out many years ago would have been "glorious to behold," (in terms of Michael) and you said that you would be upset if someone thought your display of anger was "cute." I totally agree!! I would too!!...:-) So I needed to define what I meant. I would never want to define Michael's rare moments of temper as "cute." Not ever! When I think of cute I think of puppies, bunnies and kittens. "Glorious to behold" is preparing for a force of nature such as a full on summer storm with thunder, lightning and sideways rain! Quite the spectacle while keeping at a distance. Again, I'm sure these moments were rare for Michael since he's never appeared to have an anger management problem. (Unlike Sean Penn or Kanye West.) Anyway, I just had to clarify...:-)...:-)...:-)

    @june - I agree with your observation that Michael was still "Michael" in 2001 until the wolves came after him. After that, he seemed to loose his baring in some way, not all at once but little by little. Heartbreaking...:-(

  48. Josie – I think I see what you're saying. Do you think the body is moved from the Holly Terrace because they were afraid fans might do something that day? Or he doesn't want to admit it to me the body is there for some reason. The security was very tight and I am not too sure the need to move the body.

  49. LOL - just kidding! Relax Josie, have a cup of strong chamomile tea or something. ;o) Sometimes a walk in nature works wonders too. Patience...

    I don't know the answers, I'm reading, watching and hearing much of the same stuff as you. But it is computing into something quite fascinating for me.

    Interesting Mesrak (Mimi) but my question would be how, why would a security guard know such a thing? And why would he reveal such a nugget, wouldn't that be risking his job? Maybe they are not just everyday security guards.

    Move the body? Think about it. So twice or more per year they are going to move the body from it's final resting place? Not very restful. Surely such tight security is enough protection.

    @SandyK intellectual excersize for me too...for all of us apparently and perhaps that is what it is meant to be - a lethargy buster to get our hibernating synapses firing again!

  50. Thoughts concerning alledged death hoax:

    1. A signed death certificate and Murray being charged with involuntary manslaughter with a trial that is supposed to start in early January of 2011, despite being put off several times so far. If Michael is still alive, at some future time Murray could conceivable sue him for a false charge/defamation of character and loss of income for at least a time. At one point, Murray was in danger of going to jail for falling behind on his child support payments. (I've seen a recent article that suggests the defense team wants to exhume Michael's body for more testing. Mortifying!)

    2. So many people involved: Family, Michael's security, paramedics, hospital staff, coroner and staff for first autopsy, different staff for second autopsy, mortuary staff, make-up artist, clothing designers. There are a lot of people who potentially handled Michael's uncovered alledged remains. How do you get all of them to buy into a secrete? Especially the people that weren't close to Michael.

    3. Paris' heartfelt and tearful comment at the public memorial. I was floored by that and reduced to tears.

    4. Total speculation but I have come accross comments that imply that Sony started the death hoax rumours to distract people from "following the money," which seems to lead to them everytime. Can't get mad at Sony if Michael's not dead! Right!?!

    5. Being one of the most recognizable people in the world would make it difficult for Michael to hide anywhere for too long. Even with disguises, he would become even more of a prisoner than he had been for his 50 years! Although, one could argue that Osama Bin Laden has been able to stay hidden for years now without a trace. Osama has been able to do this because of an incredably loyal network and lots of money. Does Michael have that kind of network or access to ready cash I wonder? Anyway, just a thought.

    It would be wonderful if Michael were still here!!! I miss his beautiful smile and gentle humanity.

  51. Missshae40 – thank you for commenting on Bonnie,s blog for the first time. Your input is very valuable since we are here to learn and stand together for justice. I hope you will be back again.

    I was shocked when you're mentioning Pearl's Junior's book (who is this person by the way) that says maybe Michael had a problem with alcohol? This is really my first time hearing this. Do you really believe this? I think to me is a complete fallacy. If he had a problem with alcohol we would have heard it by now.

  52. Two reviews of Miss Pearl's book, "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?", one negative, one positive. I'm not trying to promote this book. This is for information only.

    1. I found this interesting negative review by a reader concerning Miss Pearl's book. I personally have not read the book so I have no opinion at this time:

    "I am so disappointed in this book and it's author. Pearl promotes herself as a crusader for truth regarding MJ and she has done some good work regarding the Arviso trial. But this book presents all kinds of issues that have nothing to do with June 25 and that invade MJs privacy to an alarming degree, considering the source. As someone who truly respects and admires the man I had to stop reading. Some things are none of my business. They are none of anyone's business. MJs sex life, his children, his marriages and some other issues have no place in this book.

    As far as any real "hoax" info, for anyone who has been busy on YT or the forums the last 11 months this is just a directory. There is too much info that is "widely known" (aka rumors) presented as fact. I know 2 others who purchased the book and they share my opinion--we expected more from Pearl.

    Also, it is entirely possible MJ is involved in some type of protective custody and if so, this global "Where's Waldo" that Pearl suggests could be damaging. If MJ is alive I doubt he did all this so that 11 months later fans would "smoke him out". That is absurd in my opinion."

    2. Next is a positive review of this book:

    "This book was a page turner. Being able to go to the links to see and hear how Pearl Jr came to her conclusions was such a bonus. There is so much information its hard to wrap your mind around all of it. One thing is for sure. . . I don't know how Michael could remain such a loving, caring person when he had to go through so much garbage most of his life. I hope this book helps bring "Justice for Michael". All he did was share his talent with us, only to be treated horribly, all in the name of greed and jealousy.

    I hope that Michael truly is still with us somewhere on this earth, and as one scenario suggests. . .that his Death Hoax is a sting operation to bring all the people who used and abused him to justice.

    Thank you Pearl Jr for all of your research and hard work. I will be waiting for your next book! Until then, I will be reading this one over and over."


  53. Mimi,

    They moved the body or they lied about moving the body so nothing would happen to the body, that day.

    Fans can get out of hand, ya know.

    But after they told you NO he wasn't there why didn't the other fans get upset?

    They came to pay their respects and his body has been moved?

    Why didn't the fans ask where the body was moved too?

    I would have pitched a fit! I come all the way to California to pay respect and his body is gone!


    Why didn't the fans get mad?

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Mesrak (Mimi) - About Forest Lawn- they have a VERY strict privacy policy. They can NOT, (even if they know everybody knows Michael is buried there) disclose that information. They will lose their job. Check out my blog post about this. I was a little upset when I wrote it so please don't get offended.

  56. Sandy K

    Thanks for your comments.


    Yeah. I have no other choice but to wait.

    This is so very hard to take.

    God Bless You Bonnie!

  57. SandyK, my thoughts about your thoughts...

    1. Why would an accomplice sue?
    2. I don't know. Rent an ambulance, a hospital wing and actors for the unknowns? Not likely but possible. I don't think so though.
    3. Hhmmm...she is her father's daughter, a lot of love there.
    4. Maybe Sony started the rumors rumoring they started those rumors. Or the tabloids did.
    5. Don't worry, I won't get started on the Bin Laden hoax. About the cash - it was said (true? Who knows!) that Michael kept $1million in cash at the house, that it and all his jewelery was missing.

    If Michael did this, then the plan had to be in the works for a lot of years. I only at this point believe, with great hope, it's entirely possible he did this. If anyone could pull it off, it would be him. And oh how this world needs (more than) a little good news!

    And now, I'm getting rummy...time to hit the hay!


  58. Michele,

    That doesn't make sense. How are people suppose to know where to go to place flowers and things?

    Unless they can ask the people in the Office.

    Is that how it's done, Michele?

  59. I'm convinced about Michael's dead. First of all it's my gut feeling.
    Second, in my opinion, most of the theories of the "hoax" are very nicely fabricated with an excellent imagination, most of them have no sense at all. I'm not going to enumerate them because I guess all of you have already read them.
    There is a big evidence: the whole family and his friends are showing their grieve. So they must have evidences, they are not following the media news.
    The state is doing very badly, Michael wouldn't allow it if he was alive.
    What I see on the "hoax" is people take a "supposed" clue and from there make a big story. And they are not real clues.
    I think that the whole thing about his death, memorial etc, have been hidden by his family in purpose for his privacy and Katherine's religion.
    BTW I'm going now to investigate about that. If the Jehova's witness have any rules about death.
    It's just my opinion.

  60. @ Sandy K,
    I believe Michael would have the means to pull off such a hoax. Michael knows people in very high places. Very wealthy and influential people. Have you noticed that not one picture has surfaced, only the pic of him in the ambulance(questionable at best). Yes I think its possible but I am not completely convinced.

    Paris's performance was exceptional. I never saw a tear drop. Don't get me wrong I felt it too but after watching again I never saw a tear. Prince looked at her like ok Paris. Check out the clips on You Tube. Before she gives her heartfelt message, watch her actions and how Janet tries to cover for her. Latoya stands behind mortified. It is an enhancement of that on YT and you can see the earpiece in her ear and when she removes it and Janet takes it from her as discreetly as she can.

    Sony may have planted hoax info to keep the interest up to sell more and make more money. Its all about the benjamins.

    Michael can hide and he has people that would help him. As for him being isolated, he knew what he signed up for if he hoaxed this.

    I know it all seems incredible but I can see it happenning. I even thought maybe he didn't originally plan this but the media had him in cardiac arrest and he took it from there.

    Conrad Murray may know some thgings but I don't think he knows the whole plan. You notice he has not had anything derogatory to say about MJ since the death. He told the troot(his pronounciation)and the troot will prevail.

    Its so much to this whole situation Sandy that its hard to digest it all. Michael was/is a very intelligent man. I would not sell him short. Remember he said, The best is yet to come....

    Truth Is Freedom

  61. Michael is dead. Faking your death is illegal here in the US and It doesn't match up with Michaels character as a person who who do something like ths to his family, kids, and fans. Some facts do match up and make sense, but it just didn't happen. Sony killed him as well as others.

    Anythng interesting fact is being that Jackson family took that sign from that fan at the last court date.

  62. Okay, if the family requests that no one know where the body is located at Forest Lawn then the security MUST NOT anyone.

    Fine. But we are fans and this was a First Anniversary so why would the family keep the fans away?

    That doesn't make sense that the Jackson's wouldn't want the fans to know where Michael was buried!

    Does it?

    How are the fans going to pay their respects?

  63. Oh geez...haven't made it to bed yet!

    Missshae40 ~

    Wow, thanks for that great comment! I have a question. Why would Paris need an earpiece, who/what would she be listening to? And do you have a link to the enhanced video?

  64. Josie, the family has already disclosed his burial location. The Forest Lawn staff are not ALLOWED to. If the family wanted to, that's fine, but Forest Lawn staff still can't say ANYTHING! If you look at Forest Lawn, Glendale on wikipedia, there is a whole list of celebrities that are buried there, not one is listed on Forest Lawns website.

  65. missshae40 and truthbtold2all, good points. Thanks!

    Yes, there is a LOT of info and very difficut to digest as you said, missshae40. I agree with you concerning Michael's intelligence and not selling him short. I'm reminded of a speach he made in the early 2000's where he declared his independance from Sony and that he was now a free agent, at that time. (Reminds me of when he broke free of Joseph when in his early 20's.) He also said that "Sony thought I couldn't out think them"...or words to that effect. Maybe he out thought all of us!!! If so, Bravo Michael!!...but what a price he paid as a result!!!

    I do hope the best is yet to come.

  66. Missshae40 ~

    I'm also curious about Paris' earpiece. I hadn't noticed it before.

  67. missshae40

    WOW! You said something and I got goose bumps!

    You said something that Michael said on 2 different occassions that I always wondered what he meant.

    "You ain't seen nothing yet!"


    "The best is yet to come!"

    I also saw no tears from Paris.

    I am hopeful that MJ is alive somewhere on Earth.

  68. Goodness me Michaelmagic!

    I have this plaque warning canvasers and welcoming people to my home:
    I'm out of my mind but feel free to leave a message.

    And, I have a magnet on my fridge I have there to remind me and others:
    A closed mind is a good thing to lose.


  69. @SandyK,
    I ordered and read Pearl Jr's ebook. She had some good info and mixed in rumors and gossip in my opinion. She was a bit invasive especially when she discussed Grace and Michael's relationship. I didn't think that was cool nor when she discussed his porn magazines collection. It was a bit long and she went down several ellow brick roads. Some of her comments were distaful also.

    She referenced alot of haoxers material from you tube. Some links did not work, well several of them. She also used alot of articles form the net as well and some of those links were no longer available. Alot of the links did work and there are alot of people investigating MJ's situation.

    Truth Is Freedom

  70. Sorry but I did not bookmark the video that enhanced Paris removing the earpiece. Go to you tube and find the video with all the siblings and MJ's kids on stage. I think its before Marlon speaks. Janet is beside her and Latoya is behind her. Interesting to say the least...

    Truth Is Freedom

  71. Well, I couldn't find any interesting information about Jehova's witnesses funerals, more than:

    "The Jehovah’s Witnesses funeral service is similar to other Christian faiths, but lasts only 15 or 30 minutes. The funeral usually takes place within a week after death. At the service, men wear a suit and tie, and women are expected to dress modestly, but neither needs a head covering. Flowers and food may be offered to the family before, during or after the service.

    Services take place in a funeral home or Kingdom Hall, the Jehovah’s Witnesses place of worship. There may or may not be an open casket. The Congregation Elder conducts the service and delivers a talk, which may be tape recorded. Cameras or video equipment, however, are not permitted. Guests who are not of this faith may participate in the service to the extent that they feel comfortable. At graveside, the scriptures are referenced and a prayer is read."

  72. @missshae40,
    "You notice he (Murray) has not had anything derogatory to say about MJ since the death."

    Forgive me, but has he ever said anything derogatory about Michael? I don't think he has. The only thing that I can say that is "good" about Murray is that, for the most part, he has listened to his lawyers and kept his mouth shut except the for one YouTube video and photo ops at Forest Lawn. Yuk!

    I agree,
    truth IS freedom!

    Hopefully truth will be revealed in Michael's case.

  73. Paris is NOT wearing an earpiece.

    When she cried, I saw NO TEARS.

  74. Paris was playing with her ears because she was nervous. I play with my eyebrows when I'm nervous. I hate that this sweet child has had to be analyzed like this for saying goodbye to her father.

  75. Michele

    Thank You. I guess the fans will just have to remember where he is located at Forest Lawn.

    I do understand the policy and it makes sense to me now.


  76. Josie, Paris' tears came when she hugged Janet. Blanket had tears streaming down his face.

  77. @missshae40,
    Concerning Miss Pearl's book, from the reviews I've read, including yours, I think I'll pass on this book. Someone referenced this book when suggesting that Michael may have had a drinking problem, concidering the gossipy nature of this ebook, I'll take that with a grain of salt, and probably even dismiss the idea all together.

    Thank you for your comment on it.

  78. MicheleKC61187,
    "Paris was playing with her ears because she was nervous. I play with my eyebrows when I'm nervous. I hate that this sweet child has had to be analyzed like this for saying goodbye to her father."

    Your point is very well taken. I very much wish I hadn't brought it up.

  79. check out this link

    and yes she pulled out an earpiece. I am not trying to pick her apart, far from that...She tried to be discreet, she pulled it out after she put the tissue in her hand bag and Janet tried to smooth it out, check out the link.

    Truth Is Freedom

  80. MicheleKC61187,
    While it's still on my mind, the reason I mentioned her was because I was incredibly moved by her wish to say goodbye in a public way at such a young age. My heart continues to go out to her and her brothers.

  81. and I echo your sentiments SandyK. I would not dare pick the child apart. I empathize with the children and the entire family. But Mrs Jackson has said in an interview that Paris is an aspiring actress and Prince loves film and can already set up a set and cutie pie Blanket can dance. Michael raised very intelligent children.

    Truth Is Freedom

  82. I just wish they'd get on with this investigation

    One thing that comforts me is knowing that there is a whole world out there wondering and waiting
    to see if Michael is alive or not.

    To see what will happen to Murray.

    It just feels good to not be the only one.

    Thanks to Everyone who comments here.

    I don't know what I'd do with you guys.


    Much Love - Josie

  83. Josie you are definitely are not alone in your quest for the truth. I want to know the good, bad and the ugly. I prefer that no stone be left unturn.

    Truth Is Freedom

  84. I meant to say ....

    "I don't know what I'd do without you guys."

    Sorry for the typo.

  85. missshae40,
    I feel ya! Like Bonnie said, we have to look at all the evidence.

    Like you said, the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I honestly am 50/50 on this.

    I just pray all the fans will somehow get closure

    and Justice For Michael.

  86. I am also Josie. I believe anything is possible. Did you check out the you tube link I posted? Tell me what you think...

    Truth is Freedom

  87. missshae,
    Yes I saw the video. She pulled out an earpiece and then made her speech.

    I don't know what the earpeice would be for.

    I didn't see anyone else with one.

    Maybe she was listening to some music to help calm her nerves before giving her speech.

    That's the only reason I can think of for having an earpiece during a memorial service.

  88. Thank you for the link Missshae40. I watched that segment @1:36 a dozen times in full screen and TBH, I'm not convinced that is what Paris was doing with her ear. When her hand came down I couldn't see her put anything in her purse and her hand appeared empty. I don't completely discount the possibility but the resolution is not high enough to tell for sure.

    If she did have an earpiece, why would she remove it while on center stage in front of millions of people?

    It is apparent though that she is nervously preparing for her turn.

    I remain open to possibilities...

    I agree, truth is freedom and, truth is power.

  89. TruthBTold2All,
    I am not sure why she would remove it on stage. I asked myself the same question. I so wish I could find the video that was enhanced to show her ear close up. When I saw it I had to view it several times because I could not understand why and the purpose.

    check out the above link were her ear is enhanced at 2:58

    I do believe something is not right about this whole situation as I stated in previous post above.

    Truth Is Freedom

  90. Interesting post: I checked the links because I had never noticed this before:

    Paris at 5:55 on this link you can see the wire along her right side going up into her hair and around her ear, you can see it glint in the light.

    at 6:12, yes, I can see wet just under her outside corner of her eye. There was a tear or tears even though yes, it is hard to see in the quality of this video and it is a scant and fleeting glimpse. The lighting is really not all that great on that stage.

    Earlier in same video around 1:17 you can see where the wire his hooked onto her outfit in the center and travels up her shoulder on the right side into her hair This inconclusive because the wire I saw in the previous link went to Paris's RIGHT ear not her left. I can see something in the closeups of the right ear, but cannot tell what it is and may very well just be the fold of her ear. (Geeze, Sorry Paris).

    I know we can get pretty heated about discussing this kind of thing and people can take this pretty personally:

    If you entertain the thought of Michael being alive your risk being branded an insensitive, selfish, indifferent to family/children's suffering.

    If you believe without a shadow of a doubt that he is gone, you risk being labeled closed minded, of selling Michael short, ignoring evidence, not giving Michael a chance etc...

    I want to thank EVERYONE on here for being respectful to each other while discussing their different views. This is a wonderful example of differences of opinions getting along.

    I went to bed and this blog post had 43 or so posts. I woke up to 91. I can't answer every one individually this time, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated everyone's very classy and considerate responses to each other. I love you guys!

    Josie - Nobody is trying to drive you nuts, LOL! Honest! No "drive-Josie-nuts" conspiracies! :o)

  91. @ Bonnie,

    I said I was driving MYSELF nuts!

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Honestly I find offensive to Paris to say that she dropped not tears. Poor girl, I wonder if she ever could read this. She is in desperated anguish for the lost of her dearest father and some people are analyzing her emotions.
    About "the best is yet to come" is a very used expression.
    The Best Is Yet to Come could refer to:

    "The Best Is Yet to Come" (song), a song by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh

    "The Best is Yet to Come", a song by Clifford T. Ward

    The Best Is Yet to Come (album), a 1982 album by Ella Fitzgerald, arranged by Nelson Riddle

    The Best is Yet to Come (film), a 1951 film

    Frank Sinatra sang this song.

  94. Dear Paris,

    Please ignore all this chatter about earpieces and know that we all hold you, your brothers and your very special dad forever in our hearts!!!!

    We know you still hurt but I hope you and your brothers were still able to have fun this summer!! I'm sure all 3 of you had lots of new adventures to reflect on.

    Best wishes from all of us as you start your latest adventure at your new school!!! It will feel strange at first but I know it will go well for you and your brothers!!!


  95. I realize Paris probably won't be reading this but I wanted to write it anyway...:-) It's what was in my heart at the moment.

  96. As patient as I am and after all of my heartfelt comments and a few others,I found this was the deal breaker for me coming back to this site because a lot made me literally sick. .

    Until I came across your comment Sandy K-I have immense respect!

    I wept at the beauty in truthbtold2all's share of her private moments and loss. so much valuableness in you and your life's experiences.


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