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Michael Jackson Justice: Christmas Presents for Michael's Children or Charity?

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Presents for Michael's Children or Charity?

The Subject of Christmas Gifts for Michael's Children

I most certainly did not expect to put up another blog today, but because of the subject matter and the relevance to what I posted previously I will.
I was tagged in a note regarding Taaj Malik organizing a gathering of funds to buy Christmas Gifts for Michael's children.  Considering Taaj's opportunistic "love" for the Jackson family, trusting her to manage funds for anything, let alone Jackson Related gifts kind if gives me the willies.  Most of you know about her hate-tweets to Randy and attacks on other members of the Jackson family.

The person tagging me in this note, had a better idea, however Taaj kept deleting it.  

If you are so inclined to participate in doing something for Michael's children, you can most certainly do so individually.  You don't need to do it through a group that has questionable associations or that is run by a person that in my opinion based on her past behavior, is at best unstable.

You can also do what the person suggested below.  I will add her name to this if she gives me her permission.
Michael looking rather relaxed at TII Rehearsals

  • This Note is MY Opinion ONLY..
  • First, I read where Taaj wants  to collect MORE MONEY from Michael's Devoted Fans to Purchase Christmas Gifts for Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. I think this is a nice gesture, but it is over the top and not needed.
  • I wrote Taaj, and she deleted my SUGGESTIONS.  I know that the children have received many, many gifts growing up and Michael DONATED such gifts to Children Homes and where they would be appreciated (this is not saying they were not appreciated, but Michael did NOT spoil his children and made it clear they were his children and he did not believe in letting them think they were more special than other children)
  • My SUGGESTION was to Taaj, is that if she felt the need to collect $$$, that the Best Gift would be to choose several Charities that Michael supported and make a Substantial Donation to those Charities in the names of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson in MEMORY of their Father 'The King of Pop', Michael Jackson. What better Wave of Love and Admiration for ALL Michael believed in and lived for, than to continue what he spent a Lifetime doing anonymously in most cases.
  • I am sure Paris does not need a Fancy Dress, or a Spa Certificate. ( which would most likely not be used for obvious reasons)  Prince and Blanket are not in need of an electronic game, Video game or treats.
  • As I said, it is a good thought, but I feel more Appreciation would come from such Donations in their name in MEMORY of their Father.
  • The 'Sunflower Group' is Fan~mily centered and this group shows the FAN LOVE for Michael each Friday and ALL MJ Fans should join this Group.  This is something Close and Personal for Michael week.
  • Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson have all the material items money can buy. What they are missing is their father, and I feel the Best way to HONOR their father is not by buying trivial gifts for the children, but showing that the Fans 'get it' and his lifetime of Humanitarian Efforts will be continued.
  • Thanks for reading this, and I hope it happens..

I did not write this but I do think it is an excellent idea and it is very "Mike-Like".  Remember, Michael treated ALL CHILDREN as if they were his own.  He loved them the same as his own.  So if you decide to give to a charity that gifts children, you WILL be gifting Michael's children, in his mind and heart.

When I get set up at the new house I will begin compiling a list of LEGITIMATE charities and I will research them to make sure their donation to benefit ratios are the highest.  That means that most of what they take in goes to the intended purpose and not spent on overhead.

Love you all MORE and I will see you on the other side.  My husband is dragging me away from the 'puter as I type this . . . BYE! LOL! ♥♥♥


  1. Bonnie, Thank You so much for responding and putting this up. I think the Best Christmas would be in GIVING to Michael's 'OTHER CHILDREN'. I do not know what is true or not of Taaj's other collections of funds, but what I do know is when the amount spent on Birthday Gifts, etc. and the merchandise has to be left at the Guards gate, this is an indication the family wants to be left of this, the kids are not 'needy' children. Michael's 'other children' are needy children. The Gardner School is need of school supplies desperately.. The recent uncovering of Michael's name is a beginning. What better Christmas donation than to the Gardner Elementary School where many children of need attend. I am a teacher and teach in an inner city school. I know the look of delight and surprise on the faces of children who receive items such as new bookbags, school suppies, new shoes, a donation for the children to have Field Trips. When money is tight in a school district as it is in LAUSD.. these kinds of things are the first to be cut from budgets. Kids share textbooks, my own first grader was sharing a text and personally ordered it from the publishing company and she attends a Lutheran School. So, all schools are suffering. This idea of a party dress and spa certificate, I have to say stayed with me for a few days and I had to address it. It is a waste of Fan Money, and I believe is SELF SERVING.. AS I wrote in the Note: THINK DIFFERENTLY... Think like Mike, not like Taaj.. By removing my posts, she showed a side that convinces me more, it is about TAAJ MALIK and NOT MICHAEL JACKSON.. Thanks Bonnie, Wishing you a Safe move and God Bless..

  2. Bonnie, thanks for sneaking off for bit to do this post. In these difficult economic times, a little more is always appreciated. I'll be keeping my peepers open for the charities that do the most good. ♥

  3. Bonnie, it was really considerate of you to address this issue in the middle of a hectic move. You won't get an argument from anyone when it comes to knowing what Michael would really appreciate this Christmas. His children are a proud extension of himself and his beautiful message. Prince, Paris and Blanket would no doubt be honored to see contributions made to various charities in Michael's name. I can't think of a better way to keep their daddy's spirit alive and by their side. Times are too tough to send money on blind faith without knowing how funds are being spent and who is managing them.

    Thanks again, Bonnie...and we look forward to working with you on this when you return. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    HAPPY MOVING...and Casper and I wish you a Happy Halloween!

  4. Excellent post Bonnie!!!♥ I'm looking forward to your list of worthy charities and hopefully I can add one or two myself.

    Jenn said, "Michael's 'other children' are needy children. The Gardner School is need of school supplies desperately.. The recent uncovering of Michael's name is a beginning. What better Christmas donation than to the Gardner Elementary School where many children of need attend."

    Jenn, your suggestion is excellent!!!♥

    These kind of suggestions represent the substance of Michael Jackson and a cornerstone of his legacy. When he traveled the world during his concert tours, we know he visited hospitals, Frank Dileo admited that his heart was softened and that he was even brought to tears when Michael insisted that the hospital visitations were the most important part of his concert tours. This is what really mattered to him and why he matters to me. I'm so glad he was in the world, and yes, I wish he was still here...:-)♥♥♥

  5. Thank you Bonnie & Jenn, great idea !

    Whenever I'll send something for kids in Africa, I will mention : from Prince, Paris, & Blanket Jackson.

    God Bless you all !

  6. Thanks for addressing this Bonnie.

    At Christmas I always give a thought to the needy children knowing how much all kids look forward to toys and treats. I think giving to the reputable charities in our respective communities that we know walk the talk and do what they claim to do is a great idea.

    Michael also loved animals and I like to donate when I can to our local RSPCA as they really do a great job caring for the abandoned and ill pets and wildlife where I live.

    I think all of these ideas would make Michael's children very happy.

  7. Everyone take care . . . last hurray, packing up the computer now and we are on the road....for 10 hours!

    Love you! See you on Monday (or Tuesday).

    God bless you, Michael and Michael's family♥

  8. I think it would be so wonderful in light of Michal's name being 'Unveiled' at the Gardner St. Elem. school that his true Fans celebrated this VICTORY and 'Adopted' the school for Christmas in the names of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson in 'HONOR' of their Father. Anyone who would like to get this going Please contact Bonnie and she can get in touch with me and a PAYPAL could be started for this ONE AND ONLY Reason and TIME.. I have a contact person at the school.. Thanks So Much.. I don't know how to set this up, but maybe some one can help. Thanks so much!

  9. TAAJ MALIK does not want to do anything that is out in the open and LEGITIMATE. I do believe she is 'theif' and using MJ's name and death to make money. Both groups are bad, but she has proven to be a LIAR .. When I read the post and pic she had up and titled it 'Dear Randy' I had to LMAO after all the horrible, horrible things she has said and accused Randy of. Bonnie, IS there anyway that you can send to Randy.. via.. Hayvenhurst the horrible things she has said and done, her Pictures, etc. I am sure he has No idea who this evil woman is. They need know. She and her gang she now runs with.. Samantha and CO. are NO ONE MJ would want by his kids for a second.. I feel so bad that she is out there 'PRETENDING' to be a MJ FAN. and she is full of it crap and I mean the worst Crap.. PLEASE.. PLEASE BONNIE..

  10. This is a day late but still very cool!!! I think Michael would approve!!!...:-)

    "Halloween Light Show 2010 HD - Thriller (Michael Jackson)"


  11. Update on Oprah/Katherine interview:

    Oprah show with Katherine, Joe and children to air November 8th.


  12. Bonnie have you seen these? First images of Michael's children on Oprah :(

  13. Thanks for sending me the links to here and kampanilla's. Both are great sites. ~ MJFanVids

  14. Interesting article concerning Sony Music and Michael:

    "Michael Jackson Can’t Help Sony Music Any More"


  15. Bonnie, you're clearly very busy with your move so hopefully it is going well so far!!
    Best regards, Sandy


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