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Michael Jackson Justice: Navigating the Death Hoax Videos – Part 2

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Navigating the Death Hoax Videos – Part 2

October 19, 2010 – Navigating the Death Hoax Videos – Part 2

Yesterday and today was very emotional.  What is it about tears that opens you up?  Honest cries of breaking hearts so says the song from Amy Grant.  I knew this was going to happen when I started on this subject.

The same lady who sent me these videos has been nothing short of encouraging as she has already been through these emotions and I want to post what her observations were.  These two paragraphs were part of the larger message, but I wanted to post these and express that she very much echo’s my feelings about this:

“I really think this is what makes his haters so angry.  They say all this garbage  about him, but if you spend 10 minutes on learning about this man you can't help but like him...and love is not far behind that.  This just made the haters crazy.  Tell me one other artist who could survive all this and still have millions of fans?  It wasn't just his music it was HIM.  I think this battle was just as much spiritual as it was business.  People met him and just loved him.  Music industry couldn't have that - they are suppose to have control over the artist period.  Hollywood couldn't have this either...MJ wanted to use his influence to spread the Word of God.  You know the devil always fights you the hardest when you trying hard to do God's work. Devil really doesn't need to be bother with the others dancing in sin... 

For me there is no other explanation other than a spiritual fight.  THIS is why his death hurt strangers and has moved people into action....that's GOD.  I know God is what moved you and moved me too.   This has changed me forever.  I know we are not alone with this feeling. 

Kenny O and Rand P-  I believe you are right.  However in my anger and frustration my vision was blurred and I saw guilt and I blamed KO.  I was so angry I thought this guy sold out his friend.  But I believe you are right.  If you listen with a clear and open mind you see how much they respected this man(Michael).  All these men. Paul Gongaware slipped by me before but he even touch me with his praise and Respect.  There is a depth of understanding that comes from him.  They had some long talks.  All of the relationships : Anschutz, Barrack, Tohme, Phillips, Gongaware.  These were not simple new relationships.  They all KNEW him over time.”

I cannot tell you how close she is to what I felt about this being about more than just money.  Never have I seen anyone so viciously attacked, nor have I ever read of such outside of the Bible.  Certainly not during my generation.   I know what that statement sounds like to some people, but let me remind you of some of the rhetoric that has been sent to my inbox and private messages because they are too embarrassed to post it publicly:

Sent in via contact form on  the web site:

A visitor to your web site has filled in the form at
The information they provided is shown below:

  Name: = intheclosetwithmj
  Contact Email: =
  Send us your Feedback: (1): Bonnie,Bonnie,Bonnie.............Good Lord, you are THE PLANT ON THE INTERNET FOR AEG........Your level of arrogance and self-righteousness is sooooooooooo Aushultz!!!! And all you have to do is listen to Michael, to see how he felt about Jermaine, good God girl!! You are an idiot. YOU ARE THE AEG PLANT!!
Send us your Feedback: (2): Give me a break with this holier then thou right wing fundamentalists attitude. Have you read about Aushultz's past?  Excuse me, you've forgiven him!!!!!! I say...praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All you do is fight with people, anyone with any sense and knowledge knows you're motives.  Shut your piehole.......nobody is buying your crap. E-mail me if you have the guts. And don't do your usual melodrama victim crap on line. Like you did with Seph and Sammie.  I happen to know alittle something about born again fundmentalist.  You are not to be trusted.check out Bush, devil in carnate Cheney, always an agenda.  oops, just like you.  Yes, Sony is in this big time....but so is AEG.  Email me and have the integrity to keep it between us. I know, I know,  you will just pray for me harder.  Pray for a brain,  that's what you need.  Bring it on,sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!By the way, what did you think of MJ's video In The Closet???????????As a fundmentalist born again Chr ian?????  (what she couldn’t spell out “Christ”?)

By the way, I found this person.  She lives in Pennsylvania and I know where she works.  Amazing what you can find doing a search on an email address.

Now all the hate mail I have received has not sounded like that.  I’m not even sure this person believes what they wrote.  It was just an angle of attack as they assumed one of them had to work.  This is the kind of mentality that prompts such a strong reaction to Michael with friends in my church, some family members and most people that still believe the media tells the truth.

What was done to Michael Jackson is the same thing that is being done to teachers who want to cry foul over what is going on in our educational system.  The same thing that is being done to scientists who want to question the questionable information on everything from pharmaceuticals to weather change.  T he same thing that is being done to journalists that WANT to print the truth.  The same thing that is being done to lawyers who see illegal payments to judges in a certain state and are thrown in solitary confinement for 15 months without the benefit of a trial or even charges.

No.  This is not just about money.  It is about the power to influence.  Control.  They could not have a globally adored, admired pop star visiting children’s hospitals, giving record amounts to charity unpromoted, praying on stage, singing about God and talking about Jesus in interviews.  Those that want to hate him or want YOU to hate him will try to convince you that because Michael had some real-world problems he tackled in his songs, like losing out on love and women that throw themselves at him, he’s not a faithful person.  Mmmm . . . okay.  I’ve never seen a Catholic priest accused of child molestation suffer the same persecution as Michael Jackson, even when they WERE found GUILTY.

Hoax evidence, part 2
LOL.....Doo-Doo (Check Jacket)

Scrolls through printed intro on “TII”.

Part of disclaimer: “Her aim is to expose the fact that “This Is It” was misrepresented, is not a documentary, and also plays a part in Michael Jackson’s death hoax.”

1:34 – states, “You must know that I love Michael, and I am in no way trying to make him look bad.  My only aim is to show you the truth.”

(why would he look bad with her showing us the truth?)  She further states that she loves Kenny and has the utmost respect for him and that she has “no axe to grind”  Why would we  think that?

At 2:14 she states that “I don’t simply go to IMDB and quote whatever I find, then share it with you.  Far, far from it.  I’ve been fortunate so far that IMDB validates some of the information I was previously aware of.”   It is necessary to go into this much detail?  Many people quote IMDB without having to explain all this.  This lengthy explanation coupled with the fact that IMDB is an industry editable data base really makes me question her now.

At 2:44 she states that she doesn’t deal in sensationalism or supposition, “only fact.”  However putting pieces of information together in the previous video with the words, “obviously” and contradicting “facts” presented within the same video, as she did with the explanation of Strecklein’s boyfriend, Corey’s audition. 

At 3:47, she states that it was known from the beginning in the industry that Michael was directing and starring in his own feature film.  (However, we do NOT know that the film he may have directed, was planning to direct, was in fact “TII”.)

4:08 – Very critical of the whole concept of the documentary, calling it a “crock of crap”.  Then it goes on to encourage you to check on the IMDB link and verify that the camera men only work on feature films.  You can view search them on IMDB here

4:28 – She says “TII” had a massive payroll and her stated memberships in SAG and AFTRA and the memberships of those appearing in TII are proof of what?  That if you are going to work in the industry you have to be a card carrying member.   This is not earth shattering proof that TII was a feature film.  Every dancer, performer/vocalist musician and crew members are union members.   They have to be if they want regular work.

5:15 – DGA Directors Guild. She says both Michael and K.O. are members.  It also says that you have to be to work in feature film.  Does this mean work at a DIRECTOR in feature film or just work in feature film . . . period?

5:34 – She goes into doubles and an interview with Navi, who in my opinion, looks nothing like Michael.  It also describes him during the interview clip as a “Michael Jackson decoy” which we know from interviews, Michael has said he’s used to escape fan-gridlock.  However what Navi says is rather curious.  Navi said that he was asked to work on the concerts but “sadly it never materialized.”  However at 5:57, the news item at the top of the frame of the “This is It” poster says (I’m sorry Michael) “Essex Jacko impersonator Navi Parasram, 36, turned down an invite to appear in the film.  He said, “They asked me to do long shots, visuals, placements.”  Sony declined to comment.

I read through this twice before I understood that Navi was actually looking forward to working on the concerts, but when asked to “appear” in the film (after Sony purchased it?  What were they planning to use Navi for AFTER they already had footage they were editing?)  Then it says that Sony declined to comment?  Why?

Was there a reason Navi was going to work the concerts, but declined an offer to work with Sony on putting together the film?  Why would Navi decline to take part in the film if he was looking forward to working with Michael on the concerts?  Did Navi not like how they were going to use him in the film?  Or did he just not like Sony?  (If it is the latter, that man has my respect).

Michael and Navi

After the Navi segment, she discusses the stunt double, Randy Hainy and the “Gilda” scenes shot with Randy in “TII”  (sliding down the banister and jumping through the glass in “Smooth Criminal”).  She also says that Randy did all the hard, physical work, like the running (why?  Michael forget how to run?  Stay with me on this…)  Shots of Randy on the cherry picker were edited into the sequence (before or after Sony purchased footage?  Does it matter?)  

Now the other oddity I noticed . . . Jasmine the “Earth Girl” had a body double, Alana Gordillo, and she tells you where to find her name in the full cast and crew list.  She did not receive screen credit. Why is she telling us this and why is it significant to her death hoax theory?  At 9:38 she tells us . . . because documentaries do not have body doubles or stand-ins.  This does make sense, but for one thing . . . why wouldn’t stand-ins also need to rehearse?  Would Randy Hainey’s jumping through the window come off perfectly after one try?  Probably not.  His sliding down the banister?  Jasmine’s falling to the ground trying to run from the bulldozer?  Either way body doubles are easily explained.  Body doubles and stand-ins also need to know their cues and practice their parts.  She neglects to point out that this was not just a documentary . . . this was a documentary OF CONCERT REHEARSALS that included special effects and stunts and both principles and stand-ins would have to know their parts.  It is not a stretch to imagine them in the final cut of this film.

Michael clones was the next subject she brought up.   She claims there were three Michael clones.  Now without additional information on this other than she “knows this for a fact”, she also claimed that Michael has several assumed names that he goes by in the film industry and that she saw one of them listed in the credits.  However, she does not elaborate on what that name is.  This leads us to believe that Michael has been involved in the “film” industry much longer than “This is It”.   Are there other movies out there with Michael in them that we don’t know about?

Again she stresses that Kenny Ortega is a nice person and a consummate professional but that “TII” is a hoax and that the hoax is part of a massive plan.  That statement with the word “but” in it bothers me.  What is this lady’s motive?  If she loves Michael and she is not trying to make him “look bad”, then why expose something he is trying t o accomplish with innuendo’s that he is trying to pull one over on the fans?

She tells us toward the end of the video that they had to rush “TII” to into the theaters because they were aiming for an academy award and the film had to be entered before December 25th.  (An academy award for a documentary?  Why not the Nobel Peace Prize?)

“When Kenny said, “I brought Michael into the editing room every day”, he wasn’t lying” . . . This made me angry.  This is a textbook tabloid twist.  Kenny could have brought Michael with him in his heart.  Kenny could have brought Michael into the editing room for the “Dome Project” every day while they were piecing together special effects on film.  Remember . . . Sony did the editing after they purchased the footage.  And I doubt Kenny walked Michael into the Sony studios to do this.  Sony did the final editing. This far into these videos is when I began to really wonder what this lady was playing with.

Now when watching the clips of Kenny talking about this to the fans right after her statements, you get a sense that Kenny indeed asked Michael to “be with him.”  I interpreted this to mean that Kenny was asking the audience to know that he was including Michael in the process and I did not find this disingenuous nor did I find it pretentious.  It more than likely broke most fan’s hearts.

Michael . . . Literally

At 11:11, I laughed because of the way she worded this.  She says, “Mike was there for several editing sessions and during the sessions he wasn’t ‘literally there’ (here I laughed.  If he wasn’t ‘literally there’ then where, literally, was he?), virtually every scene was provided to him to view so his approval and direction could be obtained before editing could move forward.”

If Michael was working on a movie with “This it It” only being part of it, I might be able to believe this. But Sony did the editing of the film.  Sony had creative control of the film, it was included in the contract when they bought the rights to the footage from AEG.  Any editing Michael did or could have done, if he is still here, was done before that particular footage was sent to Sony.  If Michael is no longer with us, then Kenny has some heavy, celestial connections and I want to meet that man.

She tells us that final editing in post production took place at Sony Pictures in Culver City.   This is leading us to believe that Michael is not only alive and working on this “TII” massive project, but that he is working with Sony.  This is the part of the three videos I watched the first time where I got angry and started crying.  Hope came to my rescue with the note above.  Some other revealing information also came in later in the day.  She also said that much of “TII” was shot at Sony as well as the Staple’s center.  This contradicts the information from the stalkers and Karen Faye when telling us in the early days of this where Michael was rehearsing.

So all this proves that Michael is alive (her ending question on part 2), but somehow, the underlying message promoted throughout this part 2 is that Michael was working with Sony.  It was mentioned several times throughout the video.  Subliminal suggestions?  How many of you believe Michael is working with Sony?  Yes, yes, forget all that Sony/ATV stuff, forget that 2005 trial that many connoisseurs of prime-time indoctrination believe should have put Michael behind bars.  Forget about all the rumors and  the public opinion warfare that was foisted upon him.  Michael is after all, Christian and he forgives, right?  He forgives all, right up to the subsidized skid-row paper dolls that followed him around to the end like a sheet of Cottonelle hanging off the waistline of your pants after leaving the restroom.

Michael Jackson and Siedah Garret

After much deduction and process of elimination, we were down to two possibilities.  That either Sheryl Crow, aged 48, toured with Michael but not with Kenny, or Siedah Garret, aged 50, toured with Michael and Kenny as possible culprits behind these series of videos.

Given age, time worked with both Kenny and Michael and the fact that she was asked to audition for TII, we settled on Siedah Garret.

Anapassionheart provided a nice link to a write up on Seven’s blog to corroborate this at this source. The comment toward the end of that blog, where Siedah says she “wasn’t for sale” as a reason for her not being chosen for “TII” gave me pause.

According to that blog update, Siedah Garret asked to be in TII, had to audition, then was not selected, but passed it off by saying it was because “She was not for sale”.  Was this before or after she was not selected?  I agree with the person who wrote this.  It does sound like sour grapes.  But are they sour enough to put up hoax sites aligning Michael with Sony?

The latter part of this video the woman tells us that Kenny and Michael were very clever and that you never saw any mention of Michael’s death during TII.  LOL!  That is probably because, since this was a documentary of rehearsals preparing for a concert and Michael was IN IT, why would they mention Michael’s death?  As for the “Love Lives Forever” in favor of “1958 – 2009”, no one wants an epitaph at the end of an already emotionally wrenching film.

I think this part 2 is the one that got to me the most.  There was a hint of meanness in it and more of an agenda of making fans believe Michael would work with Sony.  There is a part 3, which we will cover, and then I want to move on to something about Michael that has inspired me the most.

These videos do not convince me one way or the other that he is alive or dead.  I believed what I believe before I ever saw these videos.  We will talk more about that at another time.

To Be Continued . . .

One Man…Under God…Indivisible From his Purpose


  1. Posting first comment on this before bed. I checked my stats . . . Two hits from Bahrain at 3:04 am my time. His friends over there are still care. ♥

  2. Bonnie,
    I Love YOUR ANSWERS to Oprah's 6 Questions!

    (Found in Part 1 of Navigating the Death Hoax Videos)

    I will watch Oprah this Thursday and I will prepare for the Worst.

    I hope I'm wrong.

  3. Josie - Thank you! I couldn't resist. I hope LMP is just as full of 'tude! when Oprah starts prying.

    Have faith. The Jackson's have been through the wringer and they are not stupid. They know this routine. Michael's children are smart if they are even involved in this interview. Silly rumors are running everyone's blood pressure up. Next to nobody gave Michael credit for his intelligence. I hope we don't make the same mistake with his children. I've seen Katherine in interviews. She can handle herself.

  4. Bonnie,

    Michael may have forgiven Sony for all they did to him but, there is no way he (Michael) would ever TRUST SONY again!

    Therefore, Michael would never work with Sony again. Period!

    Just how Stupid do these Hoax People think we are?

  5. Here is my take on it.

    I think AEG filmed the Rehearsals in order to make a DVD.

    I think it was meant to be a Documentary.

    I think auditioning the dancers was legit and NOT filmed in advance.

    I think Doubles were used for the dangerous stunts that were to be a PART OF THE CONCERT.
    It's still a documentary, though.

    Then Michael dies.

    Sony buys the documentary and edits it, to suit their purposes.

    I think the list of cast and crew were added by Sony...Later...after Sony bought the Documentary.

    Then Sony edits the footage and makes people believe it was a Movie all along.

    Sony puts out Hoax Videos to confuse the fans.

    AEG is innocent and Sony is guilty of tampering with this documentary.

    Sony planned to kill Michael and did so.

    Conrad Murray was the fall guy or someone else got to Michael, killed him and set Murray up to take the fall.


    I don't TRUST anything that is said on any of the hoax videos. They MIX Truth with Lies to Confound and Confuse.

    I think these videos are made to confuse the fans and divert our attention on who killed Michael.
    I believe both Elvis and Michael are dead.

    I believe Elvis died from drugs. (NOT Murdered)

    I believe Michael was Murdered.

    Michael may have forgiven Sony for all they did to him, but he would Never Trust Sony again.

    Therefore, Michael would never work with Sony again.

  6. Bonnie,

    My opinion on Oprah interviewing the Jackson's is as follows:

    I know Joe and Katherine can handle themselves but Michael's children should not be subjected to this cra_!

    I don't think Michael would want his children talking to Oprah at all.

  7. Hello Bonnie,
    Well were to begin...
    The insiders version of the facts of TII is suspect to me. Other investigators, hoaxers, believers, fan-mily etc had already covered this long before this video series appeared. Again I ask, what is the point? It almost seems like a desperate attempt to blow the whistle. What is the impact of this video series? ZERO impact in the bigger scheme of things. It had already been pointed out long ago that the cameras used to film were not inexpensive toys. IMBD and its info on TII was pointed out as well long ago along with the fact that it can be edited. They revealed nothing new to me. I have been checking videos for over a year on YT in regards to MJ's death, conspiracy theories and hoax investigations. I have check the Blog talk radio shows and listen to the discussions in regards to MJ's life, death and his legacy. Every article that I can find, every blog etc. Every aspect of this mans life has been covered. From a twin, duelism, doppleganger and doubles to Chris Angel's possible involvement. Certain investigators have even suggested that something happen in the mid to late 80's that caused MJ to under go a drastic change to the point that they suggested that the last 20 years of his career was a prequil to TII. It has all been an illusion. Bonnie tell me what has not been covered in regards to MJ? As one of the video makers ask, How deep does the rabbit hole go??

    As for Sony...Just think about this, is it really impossible to think that Michael would not have involvement with Sony? He owns half of its publishing...True he had trouble in the past but is it to hard to concieve that just maybe tables may have turned in a different direction at Sony? I am open to the possibility until proven otherwise.

    As for MJ's skills in the film arena, check out his interview with Geraldo. He clearly stated that he wanted to take film innovation to the next level. We both know that he was an innovator and along with his intelligence and creative genius he would succeed with the write partnership....AEG, Prince Auwaleed????? I choose to think out side the box and keep my mind open when it comes to MJ. It's a bigger plan fueling all of this, one just has to look at what has transpired in this saga.

    I often ask my self, Is Michael still writing hiStory? Bonnie if all this proves to be true I can honestly say I would not be angry. If all this had to happen in order for him to move forward so be it. What seems crazy and unneccessary to some may be completely sane and neccessary to others.
    Who knows whats really moving and shaking behind the scenes except those directly involved.

  8. I've changed my picture for one of Michael during his Bad Era.

    This is one of my favorite pictures of him.

  9. Bonnie said, "Josie - My answers to those six questions from Oprah . . . (paraphrasing possible LMP Answers)

    1.Are you struck with the parallels between your Father's Life and Michael Jackson's Life?

    ---- No. That's a stupid question.

    2. Was there a lot of Pressure for you to have a Baby?

    ---------- There was a lot of pressure when I HAD the babies.

    3. Why did the Marriage End?

    --------- Which one?

    4. Did you suspect a Drug Problem?

    Yes, and I think you should get help.

    5. Do you think you could have Saved Him?

    -------He didn't need saved. He needed people to LISTEN!

    6. Did he have to Die, for You to Recognize that he Loved You?

    ------ No, he had to die for people like you to leave him alone. I'm sorry it didn't work Michael."

    WooHoo!!! These are great! I thought I'd bring this over to this lates post. I agree Bonnie, I hope LMP brings lots of 'tude!!!

  10. Bonnie, thanks. I'm sorry about the haters. It's wrong how when we reveal personal parts of ourselves to others that the odd one or two will use it against us to push our buttons to hurt and thus control us. You have been open and honest about your faith and spiritual beliefs and the hateful email exploits this fact and was obviously intended to knock you off balance and silence you so you'd back off. Well, it didn't work so it was a failure.

    These videos Bonnie. I honestly haven't seen anything compelling in them so far to persuade me. I don't even know what the relevance was about the body doubles and the Earth Song girl. Can anybody help me out here with what is the relevance as to why they were raised? I mean aren't stand ins, stunt people and doubles used in advertisements, plays, in Hollywood and on Broadway so why not in Michael's concert as well? Why would it be considered unusual?

    What I'm looking for is some solid evidence about her claim. Maybe I'm missing something or not getting it.

  11. Bonnie, I'm sorry you got those negative emails. I think you're doing a great job and I support you 100%.

    If those people have a problem with you, they should address you personally, and not include your political or religious beliefs because they are irrelevant. I think you can disagree with someone without attacking their politics and faith, you know?

    I don't know if you've seen this, but here is some info on MJ's faith. Maybe you can share this with your friends at your church who have a negative view of MJ due to the "Wacko Jacko" image:

    Here is another story on his faith:

    Also, in the third verse of "Heal The World" when MJ sings about the nations "turning their swords to plowshares", that is taken from the Bible. You can read more about that here:

    One last link for you: if you ever want to totally annihilate Jordie's story to someone who doubts MJ's innocence, you can show them this link where we compared Jordie's interview with the interviews of REAL child abuse victims, and Jordie's interview sticks out like a sore thumb due to his LACK OF EMOTIONS!!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  12. Bonnie - the note that lady send you was extremely powerful. My body was shaking and chills running up and down in my entire body reading it, and I am crying. This is what hearing the truth does to you. I have never looked at it the way she explained it, “They say all this garbage about him, but if you spend 10 minutes on learning about this man you can't help but like him...and love is not far behind that. This just made the haters crazy.” “I think this battle was just as much spiritual as it was business.” What a true statement y’all.

    I feel like I want to say this and I am going to continue reading when my tears and my feelings subside. I love you all for standing for truth.

  13. MissShae makes a valid point here: "As for Sony...Just think about this, is it really impossible to think that Michael would not have involvement with Sony? He owns half of its publishing...True he had trouble in the past but is it to hard to conceive that just maybe tables may have turned in a different direction at Sony? I am open to the possibility until proven otherwise."

    The answer to that is YES. It's called being "BLACKLISTED." Let's think about it...

    Thanks in large part to the infamous Bashir documentary, and the "war" w/Sony that Michael had, which resulted in his "peaceful" release from his contract with them, ask yourselves this...

    WHY didn't Michael release anything NEW under a new recording label? With all of the financial beatings he took since "Invincible", then the 2005 trial, then the other lawsuits, to me it would've made sense that Michael would have wanted to not just leave the US to go "vacationing" in Bahrain for a year, and spend some time in Ireland.

    The reason for this is simply, he was blacklisted. Unless Michael would have formed his own recording label and went entirely independent (a very real threat to Sony I believe-- that's another reason why they HAD to "break" him financially), thanks to Sony's "friends" in the music industry, there would NOT have been another recording label in the entire industry that would have touched him with a ten foot pole!!!

    When you think about things in that context, what choice did Michael have but to work w/ Sony? Like it or not...

    Now as for my thoughts on this Hoax part 2...

    This video totally lost any hope for credibility with me. There is nothing within it to substantiate one iota of the person's claims. Just suggestion and innuendo. No proof.

  14. Bonnie, regarding Siedah Garrett and the "not for sale" comment, this comes from Seven's blog of September 27th.

    I found this entire blog very heartwarming as participants included some who had worked with and for Michael for years, Siedah being just one, others being Greg Phillangares and Ricky Lawson, and others going back to the J5 days. This is a wonderfully nostalgic read for all.

    The commentary on the blog was largely from a number of persons who attended the symposium in Chicago and wrote of their impressions. The person who commented on Siedah's desire to work on TII, and not getting the gig after auditioning, said "Siedah said she liked Judith Hill, but 'she is young...and for sale'. In other words she needed the break and would work for far less than someone like Siedah or Greg would." Then this commenter said "sour grapes? Maybe a little. But, I thought the money part of the story was interesting."

  15. Bonnie – I wipe my tears and continue reading to get upset all over again reading this crap from this lady “intheclosetwithmj.” “And all you have to do is listen to Michael, to see how he felt about Jermaine.” Did Michael ever say anything negative about Jermaine? I haven’t heard that before. Do you? Oh my God is this person who send you the note with full of disrespectful words is thinking she is Michael Jackson Fans? Did she forget this is absolutely not Michael at all? Have she ever seen or heard Michael openly even secretly disrespect any one in his life. Again, what is that got to do if you are “born again fundamentalist” or not for fighting justice for Michael?

    This how the devil talks to you through this person. The devil is at work. Keep on keep it up Bonnie brining the truth, God all mighty will win and that is the law. Oh jealousy at its best.

    This person is completely misinformed and twist everything you write on your blog. If this person has any decency, which she hasn’t by the way, she would have examined what you wrote about AEG and she would have found out quickly that you did not give them a free pass yet to what happened to Michael.

  16. This simulated voice person could be anybody. I found it irritating that she dangles carrots like Michael is known by other names in Hollywood then doesn't give the names or cite any evidence. I found it quite suspect that she says Michael worked in the Sony studio. To be honest, I don't see a lot of substance or value in these videos.

    I've seen other much more compelling death hoax videos out there.

    So...I'm curious Bonnie, what makes these worthy of your time and energy? You think it's another troll?

    IMO, Navi not only doesn't look like Michael, he doesn't look like himself - comparing the above photo and the video interview. The one in that photo always strikes me as a woman, I can't shake it.

  17. @Lady: I am totally confused when you said, "there would NOT have been another recording label in the entire industry that would have touched him with a ten foot pole!!!”

    “When you think about things in that context, what choice did Michael have but to work w/ Sony? Like it or not...” Are you saying he probable worked with Sony? Even though he was “Blacklisted,” do you believe no one in the music industry wanted to take a chance with him? Please correct me if I misunderstood what you meant, but I don’t believe that. I think they would be glad to have him since they know he was money making machine and that’s what it counts.

    Any way, he didn’t have to work with any industry as you said he “would have formed his own recording label and went entirely independent.” What would stop him from doing that?

  18. @Mimi - what about Thriller 25? Released in the US February 2008 (and similar dates worldwide) by Sony's BMG re-issue divison, Legacy Records? Of course Michael wanted the unparalleled distinction of this honor, so what choice did he have but to work with Sony (at least on this)? This was three years after that heinous trial, I don't believe Michael had returned to the US yet, seems if he wanted T25 to come out, he would have had to work with Sony (again, at least on that).

  19. I am still confused on the "Thriller 25" album. I was under the impression that this was one of those "surprise" obligations that Michael still owed Sony under the original contract, not a new project.

  20. Truthbtold said - "So...I'm curious Bonnie, what makes these worthy of your time and energy? You think it's another troll?

    IMO, Navi not only doesn't look like Michael, he doesn't look like himself - comparing the above photo and the video interview. The one in that photo always strikes me as a woman, I can't shake it. "

    -----The motives behind some of these hoax videos is what makes them worth my time and energy. I look at them to get ideas for what direction to go in research and some, like these, surprise me and stop me long enough to want to look into them and I find little gems like Sony's new marketing ploy to get people to go out and buy 3D Blue-Ray devices and 3D tv's because the "new" Michael Jackson's This is It "Sequel" is being released as 3D Blue Ray when in fact it is nothing more than the SAME DVD/BLUE RAY version of "This is It" with some additional scenes and put out as 3D, bundled WITH THE NEW DEVICES. It's a crock!

    People should be ANGRY about this kind of garbage because it's LYING plain and simple!

    On your comment about Navi - I agree. He looks nothing like Michael. Not even in Makeup. E'Casanova looked more like Michael than Navi does. Navi is not even close to the same age. But Navi did pose as a decoy for Michael many times, to help clear a path for the real Michael to get through fans.

  21. Truthbtold - also on Navi . . . the photo above with Michael and Navi is not a woman. You can tell by the hands, LOL!

  22. To add to June's comment about the Sony release of "Thriller 25," I thought I'd include this partial list of Sony releases from the last 9 years, not including "Invincible." There were also various re-issues from Universal/Motown that I did not include in this list since they weren't Sony releases. Sony and Michael, essentially, had been very busy over this time re-issueing previously released material in various different packages. (I have the "Essential Michael Jackson" that I've been playing countless times over the last year.) This list shows that Michael was infact doing business with Sony over the last many years, including the years of his trial. Understandably he didn't have a choice concidering Sony's stake in these properties.:

    Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume I
    -Greatest Hits, re-release of disc one: HIStory Begins
    -Released: November 13, 2001

    Number Ones
    -Greatest Hits
    -Released: November 18, 2003

    Off the Wall/Thriller
    -Box Set
    -Released: 2004

    -Box Set
    -Released: 2004

    The Ultimate Collection
    -Box Set
    -Released: November 17, 2004

    The Essential Michael Jackson
    -Greatest Hits
    -Released: July 19, 2005

    Thriller - 25th Anniversary Edition
    -Reissue/Studio Album
    -Released: February 12, 2008

    King of Pop
    -Released: August 22, 2008
    (Epic-Sony BMG)

    Dangerous/Dangerous – The Short Films
    -Box Set
    -Released: 2008
    (SMV Entertainment-Sony)

    The Collection
    -Box Set
    -Released: 2009

    Michael Jackson's This Is It
    -Released: 2009


  23. "Thriller 25" 2008 (Trivia)

    Extra material consisting of re-recording of original songs on album using current artists. The re-release of this album was well received but these re-dux Thriller titles (11-15) at the end of the disc were not well recieved, and for good reason, you can't improve on perfection!:

    11. "The Girl Is Mine 2008"
    (with Michael Jackson, William Adams, Keith Harris 3:11
    12. "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 2008"
    (with Michael Jackson, William Adams, Keith Harris 4:21
    13. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008"
    (with Akon) Michael Jackson, Akon, Giorgio Tuinfort 4:14
    14. "Beat It 2008"
    (with Fergie) Michael Jackson 4:12
    15. "Billie Jean 2008"
    (Kanye West Remix) Michael Jackson 4:37
    16. "For All Time"
    Michael Sherwood, Steve Porcaro


  24. BTW, I mentioned how I have the "Essential Michael Jackson" that I've been playing endlessly since Michael's passing. I bought it around the time of Michael's memorial July 7, 2009 before the idea of boycotting Sony ever entered my mind. I've learned a lot since that purchase.

  25. @June & SandyK: I can understand Michael working with Sony while he was still under the contract with them as Sandy said “re-issuing previously released material in various different packages.”

    What I am saying is Michael never worked with Sony if he was not obligated with contract. We have not seen any new material released between Sony and Michael under a new contract. All we saw is re-issuing old material I believe while he was still under old contract.

    This is how I understood this whole working with Sony thing. If there is something I am missing, please let me know.

  26. Bonnie _ "-----The motives behind some of these hoax videos is what makes them worth my time and energy."

    Ok, got it. :o)

    Beginning at 11:01 is a bit confusing for me. It states Michael was involved in editing sessions, that scenes were provided to him so "approval and direction could be obtained before editing could move forward." Then it says - "After viewing them each day, Kenny, Michael and others...were able to essentially know to what extent the footage would need editing before the post-production phase took place." That to me sounds like it could have taken place each day after rehearsals. It doesn't actually say when these sessions took place - before or after June 25th, but that it was before post-production. It insinuates that it was after June 25th but doesn't say that. Is post-production when Sony became involved, after buying the editing rights?

    Then her next statement at 11:29 states "All of that took place at Sony Pictures in Culver City, and was done DURING post-production". Isn't that a direct contradiction of her immediately prior statement? Is she trying to say AEG and Michael edited footage prior to Sony buying the rights or in partnership with Sony?

    And IF some of the footage was shot at Sony studios, what does that prove? If it's true, the only thing it proves to me is that a Sony studio was rented out for some of the filming...but when?

    While it insinuates a partnership with Sony, it doesn't prove anything.

    MissShae said - "As for Sony...Just think about this, is it really impossible to think that Michael would not have involvement with Sony? He owns half of its publishing...True he had trouble in the past but is it to hard to conceive that just maybe tables may have turned in a different direction at Sony?"

    If Michael had any involvement with Sony then I believe the only reason would be to cook their goose, to turn the tables on them himself.

    ladyaquarius said - "The reason for this is simply, he was blacklisted. Unless Michael would have formed his own recording label and went entirely independent (a very real threat to Sony I believe-- that's another reason why they HAD to "break" him financially), thanks to Sony's "friends" in the music industry, there would NOT have been another recording label in the entire industry that would have touched him with a ten foot pole!!!"

    Several thoughts here. Michael, with his huge and faithful fan following was and still is sellable, brandable, STILL worth a fortune. I have a hard time believing he was blacklisted simply because the industry is about money and he was/is far from a "washed up" has-been. Even if Sony threatened other labels to stay away from Michael, I believe potential profits would have over-ruled any fears.

    On the other hand, I should think Michael had big plans for the future of his music, right along with his other talents. I would imagine those plans would not involve any major industry labels...being the astute business man he had become.

    I don't believe anybody broke Michael financially. I think he hid his assets to prevent this because he was on to them, knew what they were trying to do early on. This is where some of the (bogus) lawsuits could come into the picture.

    Let's not forget:
    Prescient+Transitional+Fortress=Genius! That alone makes me smile.

    You continue to amaze me Michael❣

  27. @Mimi, no I don't believe Michael issued any new work under contract with Sony unless obligated by contract, but I view that as a double edged sword. Michael definitely would have wanted, whatever the circumstances, to have T25 released. And I did think Sony had the rights to Michael's OWN songs until July 2009, and if I'm missing something, please set me straight!

    @Sandyk, you have looked into this more fully than I have, so I'll defer to you for further comment.

  28. @June : you are right when you said. “Michael definitely would have wanted, whatever the circumstances, to have T25 released. And I did think Sony had the rights to Michael's OWN songs until July 2009.”

    What I understood is since he was obligated under the original contract until July 2009, T25 and other previous songs re-issued. He would have ended his original contract if he could but he couldn’t.

    I read this while back on some Branca supporter blog detailing this packaging previously songs and re-issuing them to refute the idea that Michael would never work with Sony as if he was under new contract.

    Like I said, Michael did not have any choice but work with them while he was under the original contract, and that is where the re-issuing of on old songs and T25 happened.

  29. Mimi, yes I believe that's what I was attempting to say, he was forced to work with Sony if he wanted T25 to come out. Just another sad part of the entire sad tale. And I'm still unclear why Michael thought in 2002 that he was done with Sony only to find out there were years remaining on the contract.

    1. That's what I also have trouble understanding. Michael I believe would have known something as important as that.


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