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Michael Jackson Justice: Navigating the Hoax Videos – Part 3

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Navigating the Hoax Videos – Part 3

October 21, 2010 – Navigating the Hoax Videos – Part 3

Yesterday my eighty year old neighbor came over to my house.  She wanted to hook up her laptop on our high speed internet because she needed to download virus definitions.  She hadn’t done it in a while and her dialup connection was disconnecting her before she could completely download it.  As I walked her back outside, we discovered we had a gas leak.  Our Gas company had us shut off and was working on it until 9:30 last night.  We were very, VERY lucky.

The last in this series of Death Hoax Videos concludes tonight:

The very first subject this lady tackles after the usual disclaimer is what she calls the “bam” scene at the end of the “TII” movie/DVD.  This is where Michael says, “(inaudible) …right there.  Have it right there, ‘kay? (makes sound) Whomp!  Let me breathe in my own time, when I come back in.  I’m gonna button my shirt, jacket or whatever it is . . . Then I’m going to look around a little bit, play with them (snaps fingers three or four times) snap my fingers maybe then BAM!”

The next frame she tells us “Well, that was shot back in October of 2008”.  Michael’s outfit, hair and bodyweight were the same as June 24th rehearsal footage.  Now it most certainly is possible that Michael’s outfit, hair and such were his “wardrobe” for this “scene”, but what are the odds that Michael would wear the same hair, glasses and outfit that he does in the last night rehearsal footage?  Especially if this was being shot of a MOVIE about A DOCUMENTARY  of a series of concert rehearsal footage?  For this reason I want not to buy into her theory of this particular scene being shot back in October of 2008.  Why?  Because in October of 2008 (or there about), THIS was going on in Michael’s life:

October – Shopping at bookstores with his children, attending Halloween parties with his children and fending off rumors of a concert reunion with his brothers.  However, a quote on that same time line from a press release states:

"My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we've certainly shared many great experiences, but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them. I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon."SOURCE: Scoop MarketingScoop MarketingLarry Solters,”  Source 

Michael talked about making films and taking it to a new medium as far back as 2005 during  the Geraldo Interview.  He talked about it in radio interviews and he talked about it during the Bush interview in Ireland.  In this particular press release in 2008, he says he is in the studio (what studio?) developing “new and exciting projects” that he wants to share with his fans in concert soon.

I hate to say it (or maybe, I love to believe it), but Michael’s statement does seem to cryptically verify what this woman is saying in regard to working on projects.  However the media at this time has told us that Michael had not even signed a contract with AEG yet and had not even met up with Barrack and Anschutz yet.  This didn’t happen, according to the time line blog and the media until December of that year.  Since by his own admission Michael was not planning on recording or touring with them, what concert could he possibly have been talking about?

The Visionary - Michael Jackson's Patented Anti-Gravity Shoes

The sequel the woman talks about (with Michael’s last “TII”scene being both a clue and intro to a sequel), she says is titled, “Michael Jackson’s This is It, Enhanced 3D Version” will be released on Blue Ray.  Not everyone has Blue Ray.  People would have to go out and purchase the “Blue Ray” devices to view this.  Ironically the developers of “Blue Ray” devices is Sony. Source  (Sony is becoming the experts in transparent motives.  Is there a device to view that?  Yes.  It’s called the truth.)  And not surprisingly, Sony Pictures will release the film.  (Remember, AEG sold the rights to Sony back in August of 2009. This is not an AEG project if this woman is be believed.)  The announcement was made at the Berlin IFA conference on September 1, 2010. 

"Incorporating Panasonic's professional broadcast technology and bringing it to an easy-to-use consumer model, the SDT750 makes high-quality 3D video content a reality in the home,"  Source 

I found this:

“The 3D footage Michael Jackson intended to be shown in his “This is It” stage show before he died is finally being made available to consumers in an enhanced Blu-ray Disc of the documentary of the same name.

Buried among the many announcements today by Sony Electronics at the IFA conference in Berlin was the news that Sony Pictures Entertainment will be bundling “Michael Jackson’s This Is It – 3D Enhanced Edition” with the purchase of a 3D electronics products.

The company also confirmed that it will be bundling Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland 3D” on 3D Blu-ray.”  Here at this source .  Doing a search on THEIR source, I found this:

“Buried among the many announcements today by Sony Electronics at the IFA conference in Berlin was the news that Sony Pictures Entertainment will be bundling “Michael Jackson’s This Is It – 3D Enhanced Edition” with the purchase of a 3D electronics products.” Source   This is not a release of a new movie.  This is a bundling of a 3D version of a previous Blue-Ray release.

It also says, “The documentary shows Jackson and director Kenny Ortega filming selected scenes in 3D, including “Thriller” and “Earth Song,” the latter of which was broadcast on TV in anaglyph 3D during last year’s Grammy Awards.” – This was already done, so Youtube Hoax ghost is giving us a play on information that is already out there.  If you don’t watch the “tech” news, you might not catch this.  This is starting to look like a Sony marketing ploy similar to their embarrassing fake, marketing company run PS3 consumer forums and Sony-run Michael Jackson Fan Club forums run by 19 year old relatives of Sony company officers.

She says it more than explains the huge 3D crew in “This is It”, but it really doesn’t.  Because this was planned for the concerts.  Another twisting and cutting and splicing of information to make it appear new or relevant to her argument.  This was talked about during the making of the documentary.  This is not new information.  I was somewhat disappointed.  I wanted it to be true.

Remembering that Sony did the final editing on “This is It” that was seen in theaters, the owner of this You tube channel wants you to forget this little piece of information.  You take the core of the truth and add information to unearned relevance to that information.

Recognize the male "stalker" of the TINI group in the O2 audience?

She asks if any of this 3D enhancement and unseen footage was planned before June 25, 2009.  This is misleading.  Of course it was or it wouldn’t have been filmed.  Then she states if any new scenes were filmed for TII AFTER June 25, of 2009.    Here is where she gets tricky.  She says yes, new scenes were shot after, then in the next frame she says that there were reshoots and pictures in which body doubles were used. 

Why would body doubles be used if Michael were alive?

Because if Michael were gone, of course there was no Michael to reshoot these scenes.

If Michael were alive, it was because Michael is NOT working with Sony and therefore Sony would have to use body doubles to reshoot those scenes.  She talks about most of the footage of “Thriller” being shot after June 25th and that this will be scene in what she is calling the “sequel”  (which we now know is only a bundled 3D version of “TII” included with the new hardware BlueRay from Sony).

5:25 Is interesting as she states that Sony purchased 80+ hours of footage.  We were originally told that “TII” was taken from 100 hours of footage.  She also says Kenny Ortega sifted through that footage to create a cohesive documentary . . . only in my opinion it is not cohesive.  Far from it.  It looks exactly like the “out-of-sequence”  footage that she mentions in the previous frame.

Next frame she does some math.  111 minutes of documentary vs. 80+ hours of footage. Where is the remaining “little less than 78 hours” of footage then?  You would have to ask Sony.  The rush to “get this to theaters” in time to be entered for academy awards, left little time for Sony to alter, photo shop pictures from stills, and still put together a film they could call a documentary, which quite frankly looked like it was specifically designed to make AEG look like they neglected the health of their star.  Quite a campaign went out via TINI, Karen Faye’s facebook page, and the DeGosson stalkers  to support this. 

Clue at 5:43 – She says  there has been a hoax connection between Michael’s death and “Alice in Wonderland”.  Ironically Alice in Wonderland is one of the “bundled” movies projected to be included in the Sony 3D Blue Ray purchase.  Another marketing ploy.  What a web we weave.

6:50 she talks about a new subject – The addition of voice-overs added in post production during the “BAM” scene dialog where you hear Michael Bearden seemingly talk over Michael.  The reason she gives this information is the appearance of wanting to explain possible controversial interpretations of what is being heard by viewers.  She said it was added to give the impression that Michael was talking to someone so viewers wouldn’t think the last scene awkward.  

Michael's voice is unmistakable

Next is brilliant.  An explanation for all this additional “walla” is because Michael would know that every move and every sound he made would be scrutinized by his fans.  She then cuts to the scene in which Michael is “conserving his throat” during the scene performing “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.”  She said Michael said this so his audience wouldn’t question his voice not sounding quite like his.  Do you buy this?  I do, with caution and not for the reasons she states.  Continuing, she says that this made allowances for a clone to sing (for reshot scenes?) without being questioned how it sounded.  Since only Sony would have control over “reshot” scenes after they purchased the rights to the footage, the actual motive behind the way this information is presented to us is in question.

I replayed the video where Michael is singing with Judith Hill and there is nothing wrong with Michael’s voice.  There is nothing wrong with Michael’s performance other than, if you look at the DVD, there is a point where they are singing together and Michael is silent while Judith is singing her part.  Michael shrugs his shoulders.  Just my observation but he does not look like Michael here.  Sony edited reshot scenes with body doubles?  So Michael is not Michael in some scenes?  For what purpose?  Is this video an attempt to cover the true motive of what Sony did once they obtained the footage?  Is it merely a marketing ploy?  Both?  Or is Michael really and truly alive?  (or both?)

Here we go . . . at 11:27 she talks about how she was taken aback by how very thin he was.  Why put this in there?  To lend credibility to the stories out there about how unhealthy he was?  If Michael was “fine” then why put this in there?  Anything to create doubt as to the true reasons behind Sony’s “additions” to the footage of “TII” we saw in the theaters or on DVD.  This was INCREDIBLY suspect to me.  It does not belong in a video who’s presumable purpose is to tell us that Michael is “alive”, “fine” and “in control” of a hoax.  Makes no sense at all.

This statemement: “Metephorically, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is no longer with us” (a phrase used by Michael’s family . . . dead is not used neither in TII, this video or coming from the lips of anyone in Michael’s family.)  “He was laid to rest on June 25, 2009.  However, Michael Jackson, the film maker and much more, was set free on that same date.”

I can believe this.  I actually think this is a beautiful statement and a beautiful thought.  But again, if someone was on Michael’s side, why would they pre-empt Michael’s plans by outing him with these videos?   She said Michael had compelling reasons to fake his death (yes, no kidding! A threat of harm and 20 years of persecution by your record label might have something to do with it!) 

At 13:07 – This sounds like Kingdom Entertainment, not any project Michael would have to do with Sony.  I have talked about this previously on a previous blog update highlighting Michael’s press conference with Prince Al Waleed back in 1995.  Source 

The last five minutes of this video, part three, is about as hopeful and inspirational as any fan or admirer of Michael Jackson could imagine.  However, I do not believe in my heart that if Michael faked his death, if was for a change of careers or even the opening of a new phase of one’s life.

What bothers me about this series of videos is that we all know what Sony did to Michael.  We all know the complete divisiveness in which Sony kept Michael under contract, blacklisting him and Prince Al Waleed with their attempts to get projects with Kingdom Entertainment off the ground.  The public and acerbic battle between Michael and Sony over Invincible and his contract, the catalog, control over his future via conflict of interest with Michael’s own lawyer, Branca and Sony’s then CEO Tommy Mottola.

I don’t have a problem subscribing to the very probability that Michael is alive.  I do however, have severe problems with accepting Sony having any part in it.  Especially considering Michael would have had to fake a death to get out from under Sony in the first place. 

You add all this into what has happened both online and in the press in regard to AEG being completely slammed by those associated with Sony and their publicized tactics, plants and stalkers and there is no way.  Maybe this woman did not have an ax to grind . . . But Sony sure does if ANY of this is true.  Because it means they FAILED again, to put him down.

Michael and Sony - Lest Anyone EVER Forget

Please let me know how you feel about all this.  Given all that has happened in the last 16 months, I am sure glad I will have the break of moving and being away from the computer for a few days.  I’m also afraid of the very same. 

In a nutshell, this takes me back to a night in the early fall of 2009, when I laid there in my own bed, soaking my pillow with tears, begging God to explain to me just why it was I was crying for someone I did not know in the first place.  The prayer turned into a prayer FOR someone I believed was unmercifully persecuted and died for no other reasons than jealousy and greed.  I was assured by a cool, calming kiss that came from nowhere, in the dark to tell me that he was protected and not forgotten.

Between then and now, has been a struggle in faith to say the least.  I have not passed a day where a tear was not shed over one piece of news or the other.  Even though I believe I know why I have been so moved by this, I still want reassurance . . . just like a child that wants to be told that they are doing a good job halfway through their project.

But most of all, it has been the incredible education I’ve gotten on a man most people thought they knew.  If anyone could accomplish even the framework of what this video suggests, it would be Michael, with of course, the help of others who saw in him what I am seeing in him right now.

Even if it turns out to be true that Michael did not make it, just everything that this whole experience has opened my eyes to, that is going on in the world is worth every tear I cried, every bruised knee from kneeling on a concrete floor to pray, and every heart breaking piece of news.

I don’t want him to be gone.   That is not a weakness.  That is a hope.   Hope is not dead and God does not lie.  I just pray I am not misinterpreting his answers to prayers.

This concludes for now, our foray into the world of “Michael Jackson Death Hoax” videos.  God bless you and please keep an open mind and check out all information before acting on it.  The press has been relentless in pursuit of your anguish and hopelessness.  Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Michael Jackson - Love Lives Forever...


  1. Well...with all due respect, the whole 3D hype of the "Extended TII" is going to end up to be nothing more than a reason for people to re-invest ridiculously high amounts of hard-earned money that is likely to be best spent on things that are truly needed rather than shelling out $$$ for 3D televisions and 3D blue ray DVD players ( WILL need both in order to obtain the "full 3D" effect).

    Sorry $ONY but I'm hanging on to my hard-earned money. 3D is still somewhat (at best) EXPERIMENTAL, with the only success being that of the film, "Avatar" to date. And...even for THAT you would've had to shell out of a few more bucks at the movie theatre by viewing it in IMAX in order to enjoy it in 3D.

    Sorry Bonnie, but all this last video seems to do is be an overly dramatized "advertisement" for the "need" for 3D televisions and 3D blue ray DVD players and nothing more!!! It's not working. At least not with me. Geez...they don't even have all of the "bugs" worked out of the HD ones for Pete's sake!!! Ugh!!! Phooey!

  2. Bonnie – thank you so much for all that you have done so far for Michael and for informing and teaching all us who are not aware of many things about him. His immense love that he showed to the world will not be destroyed and it will keep shining forever. He is still with us if it is not in flesh in sprit.

    But I know in my heart Michael knew every bit of cruelty that Sony did to him very well. You explained all of them in detail in many of your posts. No one can refute it and nobody came forward to do so in your blog.

    Haters will continue spewing their hate to discredit you at the same time to denigrate him as usual. You have done a marvelous job and I support you 100+%.

    I wish you a safe move to a new city and state. I hope all is well and take a good rest because I know how hard it is to move from one house to another let along across the state. We all pray for you to have a smooth move.

  3. Bonnie,

    I hope your move goes safely and smoothly and I'll be looking forward to more of your posts when you've settled in.

    Take care,


  4. I wish, I wish, I wish......(sigh). I wish his worth was acknowledged before his "death". I wish that he knew definitively how much he was loved, before his "death". I wish that they hadn't been so afraid of his goodness. I wish they had not been so afraid of his power to change lives. I wish they were not still afraid of what he can still do. I just wish he were here.♥

  5. Lady said - "Sorry Bonnie, but all this last video seems to do is be an overly dramatized "advertisement" for the "need" for 3D televisions and 3D blue ray DVD players and nothing more!!! It's not working. At least not with me. Geez...they don't even have all of the "bugs" worked out of the HD ones for Pete's sake!!! Ugh!!! Phooey! "

    ----No need to be sorry, Lady. That is what I saw in this too, at least as an underlying motive for these videos. If you watch these videos and don't check out her claims, it is very convincing and influencing. Once you start looking INTO that information though, your heart drops with disappointment, then you get angry, which is why I thought it would be valuable time spent.

    After all this, someone emailed me and said, "Oh, so you are a believer now?" Again with the labels. It means something only to the people assigning them.

    Mimi - Thank you very much, I will TAKE those prayers with gratitude and I will most definitely need them! Next week. OMW! (groan!)

    I feel like I have so much work to do, two other blog updates but first I have to address this bit with the attacking of Katherine . . . which Oprah interview is tomorrow? Is that LMP or Katherine & Family?

  6. Bonnie, please have a safe move; having done two cross country household moves I know it can be daunting. Stay calm.

    The O interview tomorrow is LMP, get your DVR's ready!

    @Lady, re those videos, how do we even know that computerized "voice" is that of a woman? And I agree about the 3D machinery, there will be none in my house. That 3rd vid was nothing more than an advertisement IMO.

  7. June asked: "@Lady, re those videos, how do we even know that computerized "voice" is that of a woman?"

    I agree. I merely say "she" because the voice is made to sound female. But with modern technology, it very well could've been a male disguised as female for all we know. I say this in memory of "2000 Watts"-- a song of MJ's on his "Invincible" album. That recording had TONS of voice manipulation within it, AND... Michael even used his real voice in it too. :P

  8. Bonnie...this was a stupendous 3-part series! Your blogs reflect your hard work and dedication. There is so much information to digest, but when it's presented from a position of truth, it's not all that confusing. I do believe you're gaining support while the TINI movement is beginning to run out of steam and lose impact. The Truth will always trump "smoke and mirrors!"

    Bonnie, the experience you described from last fall was so profoundly similar to mine, and occurred at almost precisely the same time, and you and I didn't know each other, remember? I still think about it because the message was so comforting and reassuring that I had no choice but to embrace it. When a positive sign comes to us, regardless of the form it takes, we must hold on to it. For the first time in my life I wanted so much to "believe" that God answers prayers that my heart was open wide. I would like to share that experience here, because each one of us has been touched by the love...and loss of an angel.

    My phenomenon occurred one night last October 2009, about a week before the opening of "This Is It." I wasn't even sure I wanted to see the film, because I couldn't bear the thought of seeing Michael looking thin and frail and to accept that he was gone. Our little Michael? I wanted to die rather than accept it. For four solid months since hearing the news of his death, I was numb with grief, crying several times a day, violently at times, unable to sleep or eat and barely kept it together for the sake of my job.

    That night was very chilly in my apartment as I had not yet turned on the heat for the winter. As I got into bed I was shivering and pulled the comforter over me. Suddenly for no reason I had to remove the comforter when I felt a warm "presence" in the room. It felt like a balmy tropical breeze was moving across my bed, which made no sense with the windows shut tight on a cold October night in New Jersey!

    Here is the best and most emotional part. The "breeze" was so gentle and felt like a soft veil caressing my body. This went on for about a full minute, then I realized without seeing anything...I'm crying now...the breeze was Michael! He was not standing before me in the visual sense, but rather, it was his loving aura - his essence. The veil was draping over me slowly like a gentle embrace, and the breeze continued to move up and stopped at my ear.

    The breeze was gently whispering in my ear, but without words. Michael "spoke" to me through spiritual energy and kept saying, "please don't worry about me," "I am OK," "you must believe that." And then he said, "I love you." I just knew it was Michael - he wanted me to stop suffering by letting me know he was, in fact, in safe hands. He "stayed" and didn't leave, and it was the first time in four months that I was able to sleep through the night.

    Bonnie, after that, you know about the two feathers, so if there is a higher power at work, we must keep the faith. Thanks for letting me share this. I love you, my dear friend! ♥

  9. @ Bonnie: "After all this, someone emailed me and said, "Oh, so you are a believer now?" Again with the labels."

    Go figure. However, when it comes down to "all things Michael" EVERY nook and cranny no matter how far-fetched is worthy of at least a glance. In this case, all that was discovered within these particular "hoax" vids was that this is EXACTLY what they were... hoaxes!

    I like most people out there would LOVE it if Michael would still be here with us. In fact, I personally would prefer it! But, for whatever reason(s) it is apparent that he was needed more so elsewhere on a different plane of existence if you will. Just because our bodies "die", our spirits continue to live, and we certainly don't float around eternity playing harps! There was a "higher purpose" in this. Of that, I'm certain...

  10. Meanwhile, back in the land of the "living"...

    Jackson doctor's legal bills issue in Texas court

  11. Hello Bonnie, I hope your move is safe and drama free.
    As for the tears you have shed, you are not alone. I have shed a few myself over the course of my rediscovery of Michael Jackson the entertainer and my discovery of Michael Jackson the man. Through this journey I have grown in a positive way so I believe it was worth the tears.

    As for Sony and 3D I believe its all part of the marketing strategy....part of the bigger plan.

  12. Judith I missed you. You said "I wish, I wish, I wish......(sigh). I wish his worth was acknowledged before his "death". I wish that he knew definitively how much he was loved, before his "death". I wish that they hadn't been so afraid of his goodness. I wish they had not been so afraid of his power to change lives. I wish they were not still afraid of what he can still do. I just wish he were here.♥ "

    -----Me too Judith. Regardless of where he is, I was "told" he was protected. ♥♥♥ Tomorrow's blog will be easier. Mom. ♥

  13. @ Bonnie and Spotlight: Like the both of you, I too had a hard time swallowing Michael's leaving of this end of life. At first, when the news first came out, I sat there totally numb... unsure of what to do, how to react, endured a thousand flashbacks which finally rested with me being a then 7 yr. old girl sitting in front of the TV with my sparkling Christmas tree's reflection on the TV screen, witnessing this awesome and smiling little boy with magic feet sing and dance off somewhere with my heart, some nearly 40 yrs earlier. Then, it finally hit... it seemed like someone dropped a glass which shattered into a thousand pieces all over my floor. The only problem? It wasn't a glass. It was my heart. I cried myself sick and I mean that as I watched CNN. I realized I lost my "childhood friend" who grew to become my hero. It was awful, and I cried myself to sleep that night, only to wake up the next morning hugging my pillows tight. The thing was, is that I could've sworn I was hugged and held all night, but Hubby spent the night on the sofa (he works a 2nd shift) and he didn't want to disturb me. So was that Michael? Anything is possible where he's concerned.

  14. To Everyone,

    I've already spoken on how I feel about these Hoax Videos.

    They are all lies to divert our attention off of who murdered Michael.

    They are also marketing strategies to sell 3D Products.

    Well, my attention is still on Who Murdered Michael and I could care less about any 3D Products.


    I hope your move goes well. Pace yourself and get some much needed rest.

    We will all be here, when you get back.

  15. Wow,
    so much sweetness here today, it's soothing and touching in a very comforting way to have you (Bonnie, Judith, Spotlight) share those special moments here with us, thank you so much <3 <3
    Whatever awaits us, whatever happened, I sometimes have a deep feeling that it is all worth it, whatever the "outcome". This is all part of a journey, this is a time in our lives that we're gonna bring inside forever. Gee, I'm talking as if it's just a phase, and that's actually not how I feel about it.
    What I feel is - after a lifetime of having Michael somewhere in my own "background", now I have let him inside my heart and soul, he has merged with me on so many levels and that cannot change now, it is so.
    So yes, whatever "this" is, it's definitely worth all the tears, and the rest.
    Thank you Bonnie for giving us a place to put this into words, take care and have a safe move :-)

  16. Where are you moving to and from Bonnie?

    No reason to my question, just general curiosity. No need to share if thats too private.

  17. @Lady, yes, that computerized voice could be anyone and I understand why you referred to her as a "she".

    Your link regarding Murray's legal bill payment being challenged by his insurer. Couldn't happen to a nicer fella, IMO. His attorney claims Murray bought insurance that would provide coverage. For what? Murder? I don't know of any insurance that provides coverage for criminal acts. I did find that article very interesting for at least now we get a glimpse of where Murray's legal bill coverage MIGHT be coming from. Still doesn't explain how he pays his daily living expenses for himself, wife, girlfriend, other children, back support payments, judgments, etc.

  18. Dear Bonnie,

    Thank you so much for this series. The videos have failed to persuade me of their claims but I have been invigorated by your analysis of them and the discussions here on the comments section. I'm afraid that my take is that these hoax videos are a hoax.

    After reading your experiences over Michael and everybody else here, it's unanimous how we all seem to have been traumatized since the tragedy of June 2009. I still feel empty inside and the world to me was less treatening when Michael was alive. I suppose because he was the voice for love, care and compassion. There's a certain security and comfort when somebody voices concern for the suffering and stands up for the downtrodden. There's just such a shortage of these qualities on the planet.

    Bonnie, every single ounce of your hard work and every tear you have shed has been worthwhile. Please believe this. Michael touched you in the same way that he touched so many of us and I am so glad that he did. It seems that once we allow him to enrich our lives, that things aren't the same. I don't even waste my time arguing with haters. I simply say that if they took the time to get to know this lovely man on a more personal level then they would feel shame for judging him so harshly.

    I hope you have a safe and smooth move. It's a huge job but I truly pray that you adjust to your new surroundings quickly. Be blessed Bonnie.

  19. @Lady: After I read your comment and the response Bonnie gave you about the third video, I went back and watched again it in light of what you said.

    You are absolutely right when you said “but all this last video seems to do is be an overly dramatized "advertisement" for the "need" for 3D televisions and 3D blue ray DVD players and nothing more.”

    The third video reveals the intentions of all the videos clearly. In a nut shell this is how I understood it:

    Michael is part of in the making of the “feature film” TII way before 2009.

    Michael is still working on his vision directing and producing movies. If he does this, he must be alive. Right? So he is alive according to this lady making movies, evidently hiding. Right?

    Michael continues (since he is still alive) working with Sony and he never stopped working with them.

    Michael’s hard earned “feature film” TII is now going to be on 3D with some sequel added to it that will thrill you as he always does.

    Fans and whoever love Michael go and hurry and buy the 3D Blu-ray player and 3D TV so you will be able to see Michael in 3D when the 3D DVD comes out soon.

    Whoever planning to create this videos put some unnecessary staffs in there to throw us off hiding the real intention under a death hoax.

  20. All these comments are so beautiful I don't even know where to start. I am going to HATE leaving you guys for a few days. My husband is already gearing up for my moodiness (he knows how to handle me...makes me laugh all the time) and he ASSURES ME that we will have the internet hooked up down there pronto! LOL! He supports what I am doing even though he wishes I would regulate the time I spent on this (I try)

    @Lady - My initial reaction to hearing the news was a little on the weird side because at the time I was not connected to him in anyway. At least not that I was aware of. I was in a car driving and the first feeling I had was not sadness, it was more like a shift of something inside. It took me a second to register that feeling because it really took me aback. It then felt like gears inside me were slipping and then nothing made sense. And that feeling stayed with me for two weeks. I got through the fourth of July with my brother and my niece visiting for that week. Then after that, I am on my Facebook page when I saw that disgusting comment from one of my friends who was a minister in a church in the southern part of my state. When I read it this extremely strong sense of anger at the injustice overcame me and I responded to him. I didn't even know Michael and I'm defending him with this conviction I had no idea where it was coming from.

    After the response from that I realized if I was going to defend Michael, I had probably better get to know him and that is when it began. I said to myself, "I don't want someone else telling me who Michael was, I want Michael to tell me . . ." and I began searching, watching, cataloging and bookmarking all interviews, in chronological order. Then I did searches on speeches, then on home movies and deposition . . . everything with Michael talking and answering questions and telling us who he was. Then I went looking for his writings, his lyrics, quotes etc.... But I will tell you this: What it was that actually started cracking my heart open was the very first interview I listened to of his and the way he talked about God and the way he talked about Jesus and what Jesus said. It was like he opened my childhood back up for me and THAT was painful! I had to open my heart and let that little girl out and everything else started falling into place. The gears inside me that had been slipping for two weeks re-engaged all because of that minister on my facebook page.

    That one comment of that minister was the catalyst for the realization of just about everything that is wrong in the world. Someone who is supposed to be a counselor and a teacher of Christ's word calling someone a bad word over something that person had long been found innocent of, calling him names, and amongst other things I felt THIS is exactly why people don't go to church anymore. I saw it happening over and over again . . . the persecution of an innocent person by the very people that person loved AFTER being found innocent by the justice system. A story that most of us have heard before.

    I hope this comment fits, geeze. Sorry about the length.

  21. Josie - Thank you very much and I will get some rest. I'm pretty excited actually to be moving, I love the home we will be moving into. It's smaller but out in the country and my husband will have his "man-cave" LOL!

    Simo - What you said about Michael "wandering around" in your own background and to later let him into your heart is so true. I sometimes wonder if God didn't put him here specifically to "look for the love" in public thereby showing us what we are completely missing in the point of it all.

    Human beings have short memories and we consistently repeat our history. How some can call this progress I will never know. The evils this whole thing has opened my eyes to is really something I thought I would never see in my lifetime. It scares me sometimes even though I know where I am going. I think you just came up with a new term . . . the "Michael-merge" LOL! ♥

  22. Lonely - We are moving because my husband's company is relocated the department he works in, so we will be leaving this state and moving further south. We live in the East Coast or close to it. I have it posted in other places on the blog, but considering some of the email and messages I have gotten, I don't want to post the info here since it's completely open. Email or private message Facebook, no problem.

    June - Murray's legal bill being challenged by his insurer is probably because he is not being sued for malpractice, he is being charged with manslaughter and you're right . . . manslaughter is a criminal charge, not a civil one and his insurance probably will not cover legal expenses for that.

    Karin - I wish I could help you feel "not empty". I have never felt empty about Michael's passing. I have felt incredible pain, sometimes unexplainable until I understood where that pain was coming from and understood what we lost . . . actually we didn't loose him, we collectively closed the doors on him. I have said it before that I believe what a lot of us are feeling is just as much GUILT as it is pain in losing him. That guilt is compounded by the knowledge that such a small percentage of people will ever understand or learn anything from all this. It's grotesquely apparent in the actions of some of the groups out there. Plain and simple, we don't DESERVE him. I look back at who I was and what was important to me before all this started and see how incredibly closed up, self-involved and SELFISH I was and how small my world was and I CONSIDERED MYSELF A CHRISTIAN?! I realized after seeing several "Christians" behave when his name is mentioned, how very little we practice what we read in that Book every day. Most of us are not doing what we were put here to do. I think about ALL THIS now where before I did not.

    I am thankful for how this opened my heart and I do thank God for it. But what do you do? You have this whole new world opened to you and you feel EVERYTHING and you're not sure where to go or what to do. THAT is when prayer becomes more important than ever. You ARE like a child just starting out again and you are asking and wanting guidance, assurance you are doing good or doing the right thing, you pray about all this because that is your connection to the one who has given you all this.

    I read more Bible and UNDERSTAND more of it because of Michael and listening to him and reading his poetry and lyrics. I feel God more because of him and I feel and understand my dreams about Christ more because of him. Everything is so different. Christ has been trying to open those last doors in my heart for the last 30 years. God knew how to move me and he used Michael's story to do it.

  23. Bonnie and Simo… I read your sweet comments to each other (a couple of times) and each time I visualized Michael wandering around in your backyard (LOL I read it wrong but I guess that’s how my brain works – visualizing) until you let him in and he merged with your heart and soul …as he did with mine. I do also believe, as you describe, that this part of our journey is again, confirmation of God’s love, and he speaks to us this time in our search for the truth about the passing of one of his most precious angels.

    It is such a beautiful place in our hearts… it is so wonderful to be here with you all. With Love, Cathy

  24. Hello Bonnie & everyone,

    After reading all these beautiful comments this week I should shut up now but just wished to share with you that the moving speech of little Paris Jackson for her father on 06/25/09 was the "click" to me that made me start investigating extensively on Michael & discovering the truly great human being he was. His good soul certainly lives grace to our love and prayers for him & his family. Also your spiritual blog which I follow since early 2010, Bonnie, was a highlight to me. I only wish now for Michael the finding of the truth surrounding his death & a complete worldwide recognition of the real good man he was.

    Bonnie : What a hell of an incredibly good & incisive job you made on this "Hoax" theory this week - but sorry I dislike this sort of "unsane" mystery stories run by some individuals.

    Good move & God Bless you & family

    Hope you got my e-mail address OK for identification

  25. Bonnie - you said, “ I look back at who I was and what was important to me before all this started and see how incredibly closed up, self-involved and SELFISH I was and how small my world was and I CONSIDERED MYSELF A CHRISTIAN?!” I realized after seeing several "Christians" behave when his name is mentioned, how very little we practice what we read in that Book every day. Most of us are not doing what we were put here to do.” That’s what I love about you. Your openness of accepting who your were before and how you changed to truly uphold what it means to be a true Christian as Jesus intended for us to become.

    I wish many Christians realized and really practice what is written in the Bible so this world can be different with all of us loving each other. That’s what Michael practice every day spreading pure LOVE to all. As his son Prince said, accepting the award on his behalf, “Our father was always concerned about our planet and humanity. Through all his songs his message was simple. LOVE”

    His kids are so adorable and I love them so much. I wish to live long enough to see them all mature and carry on his LOVE message to the world.

  26. Cathy - Your comment was so adorable up to and repeating what Simo said about Michael "wandering around" the back yard (looking for a friend?). There is so much now to read in what Michael has said in interviews . . . how long will Jesus wander around our backyards, looking for someone to be his friend, looking for you to open your door? {{{hugs}}} to you Cathy, I feel the same way . . . Beautiful hearts. ♥

    LineCH said - "the moving speech of little Paris Jackson for her father on 06/25/09 was the "click" to me that made me start investigating extensively on Michael & discovering the truly great human being he was."

    You know I couldn't even watch that until much later? I couldn't do it. The memorial happened as I was beginning my study of him (I don't like that word anymore, too impersonal . . . my "cultivating my friendship" with him) and I was not at the time understanding the purpose of this big memorial with the children front and center. I understand it now.

    The truth is going to come out and I KNOW justice will follow because that is what that "kiss" was all about. The world-wide recognition of what a really good man he was through EVERYTHING the press/media said about him is actually unfolding right now. It will pick up steam as time moves.

    I do not buy into ANY of the hoax theories. All of them seem to have an agenda but there are some that are actually just hopeful people. I do NOT want to be responsible for disrupting that hope, however when there is a "profit" to be had by those masquerading under hope", it needs to be brought to the surface.

    Beyond that, I sell no one short including Michael. There is a purpose for everything. Time and events is just another amazing mechanism of engineering wonder created by God to get us from present to future. And yes, I will address your email this evening. I'm trying to schedule things so I can get everything done, LOL!

    Love and God bless you♥

  27. Your comment fits just fine, Bonnie. After all... most of us are raised with the sense to "not speak ill of the dead." Now, knowing that here is a Minister of all things, a supposed representative of the Almighty who broke that common courtesy, geez... He's lucky he had you to deal with and not me. I would be sitting in jail for arson because I would've burned the church down! Good grief!

    Good luck with your move! I remember having to do that and I hated it. But oh well.

  28. Since everyone is sharing their experiences when Michael died, I'll share mine.

    I never paid attention much when MJ was around. I was busy raising my 2 kids at the time.

    When I heard he died, I thought he was in another country and had retired from show business.

    I didn't know anything about his personal life and never followed his trial in 2005.

    I was busy (in 2005) recovering from a TV Preacher that I had followed for years, that had died of Cancer and was found to be a Charlitan.

    I was Shocked and Disillusioned because of this Preacher, so I Purposely blocked out anything concerning MJ and his trial, because I could only handle One Shock at a time.

    Then in 2009, Michael DIED and I started checking info on him via the Internet.

    I couldn't Remember ANY of his songs or videos, except Billie Jean and then it was ONLY THE NAME of that Song that I remembered!

    I couldn't even remember how the song went!

    So I went to You Tube and watched his videos.

    It was like I was watching these videos FOR THE FIRST TIME and then Suddenly, my memory was unlocked! (ONE VIDEO AT A TIME)

    I REMEMBERED (where I was!) and (What I Was Doing!) when these videos first came on MTV!

    I Mean! WOW!

    It was like someone had Unlocked a part of MY PAST, that I had Forgotten Even Existed!!

    [I had disowned my mother and was going through some very personal trauma at the time these videos had first come on MTV.]

    [So these videos got pushed down into my sub-concious mind and stayed there for many years.]

    I watched his concerts too, and found myself falling in love with him (as a talented showman).

    It wasn't until I came across his Sony Speech, that I realized there was more to this!

    In time, I realized he had been Murdered!

    I also learned about all his Humanitarian Work and was BOWLED OVER by it! I had no idea!

    So I fell in love with him (AGAIN) as a Humanitarian, too!

    I found Bonnie's Blog and have been hooked ever since!

    Now I see what a Genius he was!

    Friends use to tell me "He's a Genius" and I never knew what they meant at the time.
    I didn't get it.

    I was preoccupied with my own personal life so it never registered in my mind.

    NOW...I Get It!

    Now I See and Now I am Hooked!

    I will never forget Michael Jackson The Showman or Michael Jackson The Humanitarian!

    WOW! The Guy was Great!

  29. Dear Bonnie,

    Your replies reflect a true, honest & sharp-mind personality.
    Take good care

    Peace to everyone

  30. I saw the LMP interview on Oprah!

    It was confusing.

    She admits that MJ knew someone was trying to kill him for his Catalouge and Estate in 2005.

    She said MJ mentioned NAMES but of course she would not tell us those names.

    I hope they subpoena her during Murray's trial.
    She has vital information that should come out.

    She mentioned that MJ's interview with Martin Bashir was Edited Badly and Manipulated Badly but, then she says MJ was either High or Sedated during that interview. That he was stoned on drugs the whole time.

    She never mentions WHY MJ was on Drugs only that he had a Drug Problem, like her Father.

    She said she Divorced MJ because of his Drug Problem and because he had YES people all around him.

    Her not wanting to give MJ children ALSO played a big part in their Divorce, but she doesn't say this.

    Only that she didn't want kids from MJ for fear of a Custody Battle later on.

    She said MJ Proposed to her on one knee by a Fireplace in their Library, and gave her a ring, yet on Diane Sawyer she said it was over the telephone.

    Michael was there when she said it was over the telephone and neither one of them ever mentioned a fireplace, on one knee, romantic type proposal.

    So what gives here? Is she lieing or what?

    On her Oprah interview with her mother she said she had No Idea MJ was going to kiss her in public at the MTV Award show.

    Now, in this 2010 interview, she said she knew about the Kiss and was nervous about it. But she Knew About The Kiss all along!

    So she lied again!

    The thing that really made MJ look bad in this interview was LMP stated that MJ had a Drug Problem.

    That no one could help him because he would push you aside, if you tried to get him off drugs. Including Family.

    So now we are back to MJ being a Drug Addict!

    That's just great! What a mess!

    Now What?

  31. I found this from Oprah’s site about today’s interview with LMP.

    “Though Lisa Marie says her marriage to Michael Jackson was real, she also admits that Michael was a master at manipulating the media.”

    “He was brought up that way," she says. "He was conditioned to get himself where he needed to go for his career, and he became very good at making and creating and puppeteering."

    “These manipulations made Lisa Marie question Michael's love for her at the time. "I always confused that manipulation thinking that it meant he didn't love me," she says. "But I understand it better now. The manipulation was a survival tactic for him."

    Do you think there is truth in it? He manipulated the media and in turn to be abused and vilified by it? I don’t get it. Please help me understand

  32. Yes, I believe MJ manipulted the media on occasions because it's part of show business.

    He was raised that way. Told that it's okay to lie if it's about show business.

    Being raised a Jehovah's Witness as a young boy, he learned it was okay to lie in Show Business ONLY.

    Ex. He had to lie about his age when he was a young boy. He said he was 8 years old when he really was 10. Things like that.

    So he may have lied about the Elephant Man Bones. He may have been the one to put this story out to the media to get publicity and then made a song about it.

    The song: "Stop Doggin' Me Around" was on one of his albums and it sold and he was back in the public eye.

    In other words the Media uses the Star and the Star uses the Media. It's a Love/Hate Relationship and normal in Show Business.

    But the Little White Lies MJ told were HARMLESS.

    That is the point here. MJ was HARMLESS.

    Lying about your age is no big deal either.

    LMP was afraid MJ was using her to further his career and to make himself look innocent of the child molestation charges.

    But in reality, MJ really loved LMP and was NOT Manipulating her at all!


  33. Rather than re-type my thoughts on Opie's interview w/LMP, I invite everyone to read about it here:

    God bless you

  35. One thing that really STOOD OUT (for me)about this interview with LMP, was when LMP said she had cried All Day on June 25, 2009 and didn't know why.

    Then she heard that MJ had died.

    In other words, she was trying to say she sensed something was very wrong, somewhere.

    Well, my gut impression of this, is it's all a Dramatic Lie!

    I know people can sense things before they happen, because I have done this many times in my life but, this being LMP-on National TV with Oprah as the me pause.

    I have doubts about it, cos it sounds too dramatic and too much like LMP is trying to draw the audience in.

    It sounds "Scripted" to me. I ain't buying it!

    So from the get go, I had my defenses up during this entire interview.

    The other thing that bugged me was when LMP talks about MJ doing Drugs.

    She Never says WHY he took drugs, only that he took them and implied he was Addicted!

    She made it sound like MJ had a Drug Problem and Died FROM that Drug Problem!

    Then she backs it up by saying that even Michael HIMSELF thought he would die from drugs like Elvis!



    Because MJ was MURDERED!!

    Her earlier stating that MJ named names of those he thought wanted him dead, made him sound like he was Paranoid from Drugs!

    She botched the whole thing up!

    I feel LMP did more damage than good for the on going investigation as well as for Michael and his good name.

    I wish this interview NEVER took place!!

  36. @Lady: thank you for your post about Oprah and LMP. I did not see it yet. I am waiting the 9Pm repeat here in the pacific NW.

    But I went to her website and there she posted some of her interview. I read this when she asked her about sleeping with children:

    “Lisa Marie: I didn't see the Michael I knew in that Martin Bashir interview. He was high as a kite from what I saw.

    Oprah: He said some pretty shocking things in that interview. Particularly about how he felt it was okay to sleep with young children.

    Lisa Marie: I think he said stuff sometimes to be defiant. He got so angry at having been accused. I think that sometimes he was such a little stubborn rebel and, like a child, he would just say what he felt everyone didn't want him to say.

    Oprah: So you never saw anything, and to this day, you don't believe that any of those [molestation] charges were true.

    Lisa Marie: No. ... I was never in that room. I can tell you I never saw anything like that.

    I also read this:

    “During that final conversation, Lisa Marie says Michael told her she had been right about certain people around him—the vampires. He also asked her if she still loved him.”

    "I told him I was indifferent," she says. "He didn't like that word. He cried."

    “Before the conversation ended, Michael revealed something chilling to Lisa Marie. "He felt that someone was going to try to kill him to get ahold of his catalog and his estate," she says.”

    "So he actually gave you names," Oprah says.

    "He did, and I would like not to say them," Lisa Marie says. "But he expressed to me his concern over his life."

    Did she say all these things in the actual interview? I am just asking since you did not cover it on you post.

  37. Going over LMP interview now and I can tell you I am not happy. AT ALL! Oprah is the manipulator and LMP . . . wait until tomorrow's blog. I'm writing it up as I go through these interviews. It is definitely looking like Lisa Marie is bought. I am NOT HAPPY!!!

  38. Mimi,
    She did say all those things that Lady posted.

  39. I watched it and I am not happy either.

    If LMP felt like she needed to do this for herself (she is not denying that she did it for herself), she could have left out some of the things she said as they completely irrelevant and unnecessary, unless she purposely wanted to add fuel to the fire.

    Everyone knows Michael was a human being. As a result, everyone knows he wasn't perfect. I say this because as soon as one disagrees with what his so-called friends choose to reveal about him publicly, the immediate response is condescending and goes something like, "it is unfair to imagine Michael as do not want the truth, you just want the don't know him..." etc.
    Truth? WHAT truth? That he made errors like every other human being on this planet? That he had flaws like everyone else? Sorry but this is already agiven simply by him being a HUMAN being. Just because "some" fans worshipped him doesn't mean that he wasn't viewed as a human being, and frankly, revealing the kind of "truth" his so called friends are revealing does NOT help him or the cause for justice in ANY way shape or form. Not to mention that much of it is completely irrelevant, if not harmful.
    I don't know WHY I am surprised at these people, like LMP, who KNOW the ways of the media and still PERSIST in wording themselves in a way that is sure to open a can of worms. Saying that you don't truely know the truth about the charges because you "weren't in the room", but that you have not seen anything inappropriate during your marriage to him is so below the belt that it sickens me. True, you weren't in the room - just like the rest of us weren't - but in 14+ years one would think that you would have known or taken interest in knowing the whole truth (ie read court transcripts), not to mention you married him shortly AFTER the first allegations! Why oh why was it so difficult for you to refrain from certain ambiguity and for once, if you are honest with your reason for this interview and sorry for what you've said/done in the past, stand up for him and defend him with facts, not giving the media even 1% chance to twist your words? I feel sick and disgusted.

    P.S. If Karen Faye thinks that she can intimidate me or anyone else who is critical and unforgiving of Lisa just because shes her new-found friend by saying that it is against everything Michael stood for, then she should stop being hypocritical and selective of whom we should be forgiving and forgive all those that hurt Michael herself, including the ones she is accusing of his death and not having his best interest in mind!!! So sick of hypocrites and dictators who feel entitled to tell others what to think or feel just because they were in Michael's life.


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