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Michael Jackson Justice: Not Fit to Walk in Miss Katherine’s Shoes

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not Fit to Walk in Miss Katherine’s Shoes

October 21, 2010 – Not Fit to Walk in Miss Katherine’s Shoes

For the most part, Twitter has become a battleground and a slaughter field for those who haven’t the guts to look themselves in the mirror before lodging accusations against others.  What is crawling under my skin right now are the reports of the attacks against Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, and other members of the Jackson family, namely Randy Jackson and Taj Jackson, who have been the most active on twitter.

I fail to understand the purpose of attacking the mother of someone these people are supposed to love.  The very people asking Katherine in public, how Michael would feel about her letting Oprah into her house to talk to HIS children should be asking themselves this question:

How do they think MICHAEL would feel knowing ANYONE was talking to his MOM like that?  How can someone be so arrogant as to believe that THEY have any better intentions for Michael’s children then THEIR GRANDMOTHER?

Caps!  I’m sorry but it prevents me from throwing something!  This is Michael’s mother!  His “mom!”  This is the woman whom Michael said was “perfection” during an Oprah interview in 1993.  This is the same woman who stood by Michael at his trial EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS!

This is Michael’s mother, should any of these people need to be reacquainted:

Miss Katherine in 2005 right before Michael’s trial (with Joe Jackson)
There are 4 parts to this interview

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This is Katherine Jackson after the anniversary of Michael’s passing:

This is Katherine Jackson in June of 2010

Should anyone forget just who Michael’s gentle and compassionate qualities came from?  Have these people forgotten the story of Michael’s reaction to learning about the raid on his home in 2003 and how his mother came directly to Las Vegas to be with him?  How she cleaned up the things Michael threw and didn’t want anyone else to clean it up because she didn’t want them to see Michael like that (upset) and add to his pain?

Do these people honestly believe that berating his mother, in public and online is making him proud of them?

Michael wasn’t globally adored because he admonished people.  It wasn’t any propensity to “strike a pose” on twitter by bashing the parents of children that passed on. 

This is why Michael was adored. This is what endeared people to Michael.  Look at how Michael responded to people and how they responded to him!

How did so much ugliness come of this?  Regardless of how you feel about Oprah interviewing Katherine, some of you people are going to have to realize that despite your feelings to the contrary, the children ARE well taken care of, loved and their BEST INTERESTS are in the hearts of their grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins!

If some of you people have not realized by now that the INFORMATION you are being fed is through the PRESS AND THE INTERNET and that it is DRIVING the perceptions of what is really going on, none of you have learned a doggone thing!

Michael dealt with the press for 95% of his life from the time he was a child and he still remained innocent.  What makes you think his children do not have those same qualities and strength?  How can you believe that Michael’s children, with everything they have seen their father live through, not be aware of what they are still fighting?

The LAST THING Katherine Jackson is going to let happen is those children getting hurt.  Beyond that they have a whole pack of Jackson relatives that have the same objective.  That’s a lot of Jacksons!

It is perfectly normal and understandable to NOT understand the concept of Oprah getting inside of the Jackson home but there is a reason for it.  This is not some accident or momentary loss of judgment.  Just because YOU don’t understand it does not mean it’s sinister.

If you are CONDEMNING Miss Katherine, you are condemning Michael Jackson because like it or not, SHE is who Michael left in care of his children.  Why?

BECAUSE HE TRUSTED AND LOVED HER!  Please leave her alone!

Lisa Marie Interview

I have been on the phone today and sent private messages in response to the Lisa Marie Interview with Oprah.  I have seen, heard and read both interpretations of that interview.  I have not had time to view the links people sent me (thank you!) and there was a family birthday today that ran over the time I set aside to watch his interview.

From what I have read, there are two separate and distinct interpretations of this interview. 

There are those that believe Lisa Marie “behaved” herself and spoke truthfully, for the most part, about Michael. 

Then there are those that believe Lisa Marie made more of a drug issue then what it actually was and described him as a “spoiled child”.

Since I have not seen this interview yet, I want to withhold my own comment until I view the links.  Hopefully I can complete that tonight and write about it tomorrow.  This weekend is a house-cleanout so I may not get much time to answer emails, but I will get the blog up.  I will tell you right up front that I heard about Lisa Marie talking about “the drug problem”.  This was back in the 1990’s, which he had already talked about before.  Mention was also made about Lisa Marie talking about the Bashir documentary and him being drugged during those interviews. 

I have not seen this Oprah interview yet and I don’t want to comment on the drug issue or mention of it until I view this.  However, I will keep in mind that regardless of what Lisa Marie says in this interview, we know what was found on the autopsy report.  I will write tomorrow of what I learn in these interviews.

Thank you everyone for sending these in.  I  really hope I have television set up when Katherine is interviewed. 

Miss Katherine, I don’t know how hard it is for you to hear these things about your son.  You have certainly had to steel yourself against the press and the media far longer than I have known what they did to Michael.  I hope you are nowhere near Twitter or facebook.  If you are even slightly aware of the burdens some people want to place on you in regard to Michael, please know that most of Michael’s friends, admirers and fans love and support you than not.  We know that every decision you and your family make in regard to Michael and his children revolve around getting justice for him.  That includes Michael’s mother, dad, brothers and sisters and his CHILDREN telling the world who Michael really was.

Oprah is not ignorant to the fact that many will be scrutinizing how she treats Michael’s family.  We may not like the methods, but sometimes we have to use the same tools to undo what was done.  God bless you and know we are praying for the Jackson family.

Those of you out there beating on an eighty year old, grieving mother, I am making a plea to you to grow up and find something constructive to do with your time.  You can’t possibly think that any of that would help Michael’s cause.  All you are doing is compounding the pain for Miss Katherine, Michael’s CHILDREN and the rest of his family.   Why don’t you try this:

Pretend Michael IS still alive and is reading everything that is going on, on the internet.  Would you still be acting the way you are acting?

Good night and God Bless you.

Remember Michael Loved from his Heart


  1. Bonnie said: "Caps! I’m sorry but it prevents me from throwing something!"

    Pardon my giggles here, but now you understand why I'm unafraid to make use of caps at times. Welcome to my "club." It's also a great means to emphasize a point. But, if it's a constant, well... then you simply come across like you're having a screamfest, or worse... a raving lunatic, and nothing gets accomplished.

    As for this blog and its purpose? You get no argument from me. We're on the same page.

  2. Bonnie – these people who criticize add say bad thing to his mother have no LOVE for him. Period.

    Who do they think they are? They are not the one who carried him for nine month and gave birth to him. They are not the one who stood by him from thick to thin throughout his life. I said this before and I am going to say this again. Michael said in his book “Moonwalk”, “I can’t imagine growing up without a mother’s love”.

    Please stop this madness and give respect for the eighty year old mother, grandmother, great grandmother some respect for God sake.

  3. Thank you Bonnie!!!!!!!!
    You did Katherine proud!!!!!

    There is so much of Katherine in Michael. So much more than just genetics in fact he inhereted her beautiful heart. I had commented earlier about an interview that Jermaine had done where he said that Katherine was the only one who could get Michael on the phone at a moments notice and really talk to him. She was the one point of stability, sanity and normalcy in his life. She was also the one point of TRUE trust in his very complicated world, a world that we know (and Michael knew) was filled with what Lisa Marie called "Vampire's" who competed for his attention inorder to suit their own agendas. Michael, the person, was lost to these individuals during his life. How pathetic they seem to me.

    I send prayers and deepest affection to you Mrs. Katherine Jackson as you continue to grieve the loss of your son and loving father of your dear grandchildren; Prince, Paris and Blanket. I can't imagine what this last year has been like for you and MJ3. I pray that you will find the peace and justice your family and especially Michael so deserve.

    This was a year of learning for me as I learned about a person that had always been a part of my life (our lives), in a matter of speaking, who I thought I knew but truly didn't know very well. I learned to understand (with Bonnie's help), respect, admire and develop a deep affection for this unique individual that I was never likely to meet in person. I don't typically pay attention to celebrities but this man was more than just any celebrity, he was Michael. No one can ever compare...:-)

    Michael, you will always have a special place in my heart.

    Please know that I love you more, Michael Joseph Jackson.

  4. Hi Bonnie, I just found this link in Twitter and wanted to share with you in case you didn't see it before. It could be good to belie LMP interview:

  5. Bonnie, I have only this to say as I cry my eyes out after reading your blog tonight on Miss Katherine:


  6. @Bonnie,

    I just love this interview with Joe and Katherine!

    They both are a couple of great people and they both did a great job raising all those kids!

    I can see their strength in this interview and I back them up 100%.

    Thanks so much for putting up these interviews, Bonnie. You captured their essense here!

    I would love to sit with Joe and chat. I love how straight forward he is.

    And these tapes prove the Jackson's know alot more than people realize.

    The Jackson's are NOT Naive in the least!

    I wish the people that are bad-mouthing Katherine would just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!

    I am no longer concerned about any interview Oprah may do with Katherine.

    Like you said Bonnie, Katherine can handle herself just fine.

  7. I saw the LMP interview on Oprah!

    It was confusing.

    She admits that MJ knew someone was trying to kill him for his Catalouge and Estate in 2005.

    She said MJ mentioned NAMES but of course she would not tell us those names.

    I hope they subpoena her during Murray's trial.
    She has vital information that should come out.

    She mentioned that MJ's interview with Martin Bashir was Edited Badly and Manipulated Badly but, then she says MJ was either High or Sedated during that interview. That he was stoned on drugs the whole time.

    She never mentions WHY MJ was on Drugs only that he had a Drug Problem, like her Father.

    She said she Divorced MJ because of his Drug Problem and because he had YES people all around him.

    Her not wanting to give MJ children ALSO played a big part in their Divorce, but she doesn't say this.

    Only that she didn't want kids from MJ for fear of a Custody Battle later on.

    She said MJ Proposed to her on one knee by a Fireplace in their Library, and gave her a ring, yet on Diane Sawyer she said it was over the telephone.

    Michael was there when she said it was over the telephone and neither one of them ever mentioned a fireplace, on one knee, romantic type proposal.

    So what gives here? Is she lieing or what?

    On her Oprah interview with her mother she said she had No Idea MJ was going to kiss her in public at the MTV Award show.

    Now, in this 2010 interview, she said she knew about the Kiss and was nervous about it. But she Knew About The Kiss all along!

    So she lied again!

    The thing that really made MJ look bad in this interview was LMP stated that MJ had a Drug Problem.

    That no one could help him because he would push you aside, if you tried to get him off drugs. Including Family.

    So now we are back to MJ being a Drug Addict!

    That's just great! What a mess!

    Now What?

  8. Hi Bonnie, I know you are busy but I wanted to share this with you:

    I laughed when I saw this and I thought you might need a good laugh also.

  9. TWO Things about that interview on Oprah that really sent up flags for me, was at the very end.

    When LMP said she would not speak about Michael Jackson ever again.
    That this was The Last Time and ONLY With OPRAH!

    The way they both smiled and Laughed Together at the Very End of the Interview. Teeth and all!

    I think LMP did more damage than good in this interview!

    She made Michael look like a Drug ADDICT!

    That's not going to help the Investigation!

    I wish this Interview NEVER Happened!

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    Wow, its so sad to attack Mrs Jackson and they don't even know the content of the interview. It may be totally the opposite of what is being assumed. Mmmm so sad!!

    I watched the Oprah/LMP interview and I was left with a feeling of suspicion. I agree with some of the other commenters that Lisa made the point that drugs were a problem and eventually led to the divorce yet she continued to be involved with him for years afterwards. Would it be fair to say or assume she was still trying to save him from hisself? Mmmmmm

    Is it just me or did Oprah seem to guide her through the entire interview? At certain points it seemed as though both of them would burst into laughter.....I don't know maybe I am being to suspicious and cynical. They showed a picture of her standing behind the casket and she made it clear that this would be her last interview in regards to MJ admitting that it took his death for her realize that he loved her....Hmmmmm Its just not sitting right with me....I am very curious to see whats next after the interview with Mrs Jackson.

    In fairness I will give her the benefit of the doubt but honestly I am very suspicious....

  11. Josie you said,"She made Michael look like a Drug ADDICT!

    That's not going to help the Investigation!"

    As crazy as this may sound I have the feeling that was the point of the interview.

  12. MissShae - It WAS the point of the interview and maybe for Lisa Marie to redeem herself to Michael's fans since she is working on a album. Well she failed with this one.

    Lisa Marie is about as emotionally detached as one can get without being a sociopath. Either Oprah did some heavy editing or Lisa Marie loves Sony more than she ever did Michael. (I am very, very angry right now. She lied. I can't believe her!!!)

  13. I have the blog ready for this interview tomorrow. I will put it up then. I have to get to bed.

  14. MissShae - You have every right to be suspicious. As Josie pointed out, LMP couldn't even remember what the heck she said in previous interviews to keep her story strait. Every one of these people are pathological liars.

    Would YOU remember how Michael Jackson proposed to you? How flipping hard it that???

  15. MissShae - LOL on

    I laughed when I saw this and I thought you might need a good laugh also.

  16. Josie - Thank you for the confidence on the videos of Katherine. I just love her. Her and my husband's mother are two peas in a pod. Both of them sweet, loving, short (LOL) and precious creatures with big hearts and their lines in the sand. ♥

  17. Spotlight - Everytime you say that you make me feel bad for making you cry, :o((( I know everyone here is pretty much sick and tired of seeing Katherine get hazed by a bunch of hooligans and cyber-thugs.

    Beatriz - Thank you for the link. This is that Cheryl Lynn so I am not going to use it because she is not reliable either. However we do have the autopsy report and the letter in which Michael was asking for non-addictive pain meds in a note found at Neverland.

  18. Mimi, Lady and SandyK - Thank you so much for your notes of support for Katherine. She probably ignores things like that, she knows there are evil people out there. She talked about them in the one interview I have posted above (she calls them wicked, wicked people. She knows who they are). Lady thank you for posting your blog link here for us to read your view on this interview as well. ♥

  19. Bonnie,
    first of all thanks for the sanity - this craziness about Michael's mother and her choices is just so gotten out of hand - everyone feels entitled to speak harsh words and be totally unrespectful of a Lady, and that can never be a good thing. So thank you very much.

    As for the LMP interview, I must admit my personal feelings after viewing it on YT are quite different from what I read here, it may be that I tend to always believe in people's truthfulness, Idk - it just felt to me like was not that detached at all, on the contrary. But yes, there were things that irritated me of course. A lot of them. But still the main feeling (my personal opinion here) is that Lisa regrets the way things went - very much.
    Okay, gotta do some work (it's mid morning here) so
    Love to you all

  20. Thank you Bonnie & Everyone.

    Reading Mrs. Katherine Jackson's name brings me always a feeling of peace. I am anxious to read you all again next. Just wished to dedicate a few words

    To Mrs. Jackson (although you won't see it for sure)

    You are a LADY & a wonderful Mother & Grandma, with all due respect & affection. Only sorry though that a certain Oprah had to set her foot in your respectul house although it certainly has its purpose for you & your beloved ones.
    God Bless you & Keep well, we need you !

    Ref Oprah/LMP "dream" team : these are no LADIES but real nuisances for Michael's memory & ongoing investigation, sold out to some obscure evil entities. Both women have an arrogant ego and a cold heart. Sorry but alike many of you I am also revolted today, only praying that the worldwide public will not be too infected by their pervert comments.

    Good week-end

  21. Bonnie - I agree with the comments made by others concerning the inconsistencies in Lisa's statements from prior statements she has made.

    Here are a couple of Oprah's: At the leadin, she says L and Michael hadn't spoken in nearly a decade, but L herself in the interview says her last talk with Michael was in 2005 (did not say if before, during or after the trial), this was when he told her he knew who was after him, gave her names but wouldn't reveal them. I agree with Josie, she needs to be subpoenaed.

    O's other inconsistency was pointing out the house across from Michael's where (O says) Lisa spent time growing up. Well, when Elvis died, Lisa was 9, Priscilla sold the house the following year, so I don't imagine L did a lot of "growing up" in that house. And Elvis and Priscilla were divorced when L was four years old, so just how well did she even know her father who lived 3000 miles away; her father died of a self-inflicted overdose, Michael was murdered (homicide - death at the hands of another).

    The circumstances of Elvis' death are more akin to those of Heath Ledger, than to Michael's.

    Regarding L saying Michael was "high" during the Bashir interview, Lisa, when was that exactly, as the Bashir interview was conducted, as I understand it, randomly over an 8 month period, if she's going to allege such actions and show clips of that sorry Bashir footage, she should be specific.

    L and O sure seemed like great pals, going "hiking" together this past summer, and L's comment if anyone wanted to know anything "see Oprah".

    I was hoping Lisa would speak more positively about Michael's charitable works, his joy at seeing sick kids play at Neverland (she says they had a good amount of down time, not out in the media), and other happy times. Instead, she was puppetted by O's persistent interruptions and leading questions.

    I would like to see, for once, Lisa talk about her marriage to Nic Cage. How 'bout that, Oprah, for a subject for your tabloid show? Oh, right, no ratings boost.

  22. I am nothing but proud of Katherine Jackson, have the utmost respect for that woman! Her family is very fortunate to have such an intelligent, warm and wonderful role model. Michael absolutely knew what he was doing by placing her in charge of his kids. There's no better place in the world for them in the absence of their father.

    The 4 part interview with Katherine and Joe brought many smiles to my she shushes Joe! LOL! She is certainly the ballast. All the talk of "battered woman syndrome" can be quelled with these videos. She is her own woman and Joe sure pays attention when she says "No, Joe". Joe's respect for Katherine certainly shows. I have to say, I like him too. At least for interviews they seem to be a good team - with him willing to go a little further in telling how it is.

    Katherine is courageous, graceful, strong, wise, deep-rooted and well-balanced. I have no doubt she will hold her own with Oprah. I look forward to the purpose of that interview.

    I see Katherine's beautiful reflection in Michael.

    A treat for all, Michael's first date?:

  23. Thank you for this blog Bonnie. Well said !!… and needed to be said. Miss Katherine is such a classy lady … I am so impressed by her poise and demeanor, her honesty and eagerness to respectfully address each of the interviewers, sometimes distasteful questions. As a Mom myself, I can insightfully hear these words from her “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and I can see why Michael referred to his mother as “perfection”. She’s absolutely ‘love’ly throughout these interviews and I’m confident we will see, and be proud of her in her encounter with Oprah. Thank you again Bonnie, I have so much respect for you and your purpose. ♥

  24. Hello Bonnie :) - I should never write when I feel a bit low. Sometimes I rail at what might have been lost. But, I thank you for your kind words to me.♥

    You eloquently voice what has been fomenting in my heart in regards to the total lack of respect being show to Katherine Jackson. That's Michaeal's Mother! I try to let the Jacksons know that not all fans are so disrespecful and deluded as to our place in the scheme of things. We are fans, people. Michael placed his true legacy(Prince, Paris, Blanket) in the hands of his fiercest protector. Who would dare question that?

    Now: LMP & Oprah - What are they up to?
    Take Care Bonnie ♥

  25. I have a bone to pick about part 4 of the Katherine Jackson - A Mother's Story videos...Dateline bringing up both 1993 & 2005 with visuals then suggesting Katherine brought it up when we all know they just can't resist!:

    Katherine says: "The first child that they tried to accuse Michael, he had come forward and said Michael didn't touch him. And he had said that before but he was afraid, he was afraid of his father."

    (Anybody know of Jordan Chandler being anything but silent? Serious question, I honestly want to know.)

    Josh Mankiewicz is then edited in and says: "Mrs. Jackson is apparently referring to an internet rumor (Jermaine...with no citations?) shortly after Michael Jackson died suggesting that her son's 1993 accuser admitted he lied. In fact, there's no evidence to support that. A source close to the boy's family tells Dateline that the boy never recanted his story."

    Well, several thoughts here. Why did he spend so much time refuting that one statement? I wonder who that source is. Is Taraborrelli (for one) claiming to be "close" to Jordan Chandler's family?

    Nevertheless, I think Dateline was negligent in their duty to inform. Mankiewicz could have said more, like Jordan refused to testify so the prosecution could not go forward...anything! But again the viewing public is left with doubt in Michael's innocence at the END of this Katherine Jackson interview. Well, near the end - in the last few minutes.

    I do wish Katherine had brought the subject up differently or not at all. For example that it was instigated by Evan Chandler, that it was an extortion plot, that Evan had drugged Jordan, that Michael had no say in the insurance pay off...something that could be verified. What she said is almost verbatim what was reportedly attributed to Jermaine, including her comment that Evan may have committed suicide because his conscience was bothering him:

    I want to make clear that my intentions are NOT to be critical of Katherine. I have certainly made worse mistakes (if it was a mistake?). Chalk it up to experience, which I'm sure she learned from and undoubtedly benefited her in talking to Oprah. Or...maybe them putting that Jordan "admission" out was part of something bigger? Michael's is a constant lesson on not rushing to judgment.

    Unfortunately, immediately prior to Katherine's above statement Dateline edited in a bunch of negative 1993 headlines ending with the statement "Remember, Jackson was accused in 1993 ...he settled with his accuser without admitting any wrongdoing." (Notice his tone of voice there.) This, in response to Katherine revealing that Michael came to her and said "Mother just think, what I love most in this world are children...and this is what they are trying to pin on me."

    It's sickening how these programs attempt to undermine people's good, honest intentions and sway opinion with editing!

  26. The internet is sadly a very negative place. It's also a representation of the real world... if not a place to be more blunt and cruel than one is in the real world.

    ANYONE talking bad about Katherine Jackson is either doing so with ill purposes or knows nothing about Michael and her love for him. She is THE most kind hearted and true person, besides Michael, in this entire web of lies.

    Katherine probably is not long for this earth. That's probably why she is not already dead. I probably sound like a complete nut, but hopefully some of you see this from a pretty obvious point of view (at least to me.) They're waiting for her to die before the final nail in the coffin - the catalogue. It would seem Katherine has a hold of that, someway, somehow, or it would have been bought already by Sony.

    Fuck Sony. They successfully carried out a plot to murder Michael Jackson. Katherine is the only one of his close circle that can "make a change" and won't be bought by blood money. Unfortunately, she is an old woman and there may just be a Dr. Murray to make sure she goes faster than normal.

  27. Exodus said:

    Katherine probably is not long for this earth. That's probably why she is not already dead. I probably sound like a complete nut, but hopefully some of you see this from a pretty obvious point of view (at least to me.) They're waiting for her to die before the final nail in the coffin - the catalogue. It would seem Katherine has a hold of that, someway, somehow, or it would have been bought already by Sony.

    Fuck Sony. They successfully carried out a plot to murder Michael Jackson. Katherine is the only one of his close circle that can "make a change" and won't be bought by blood money. Unfortunately, she is an old woman and there may just be a Dr. Murray to make sure she goes faster than normal.

    Josie says:

    Exodus, you bring up some Excellent Points here!

    I Thank You, for doing so!

    I agree with you 100%!

    Katherine Jackson NEEDS our prayers!

  28. Now I got to my senses. Thank you. I left a comment condemning Katherine some time ago and I am so, but so repentfull after I read this. I am so sorry. It is true, Michael had enough reasons, strong reasons to trust his mother. And yes, his children are like him and will be strong enough to manage some Oprahs in their way.
    God bless them ahd keep them from all this terrible evil that surrounded their father.


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