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Michael Jackson Justice: Heal the Word? Start With Michael's Network of Friends and Managers

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heal the Word? Start With Michael's Network of Friends and Managers

November 15, 2010 – Heal the World? Start with Michael’s Network of Friends

This is going to turn into a project, I can feel it.    We had started to dig into people that surrounded Michael quite a while ago and I think now the time is ripe to make some connections.  This goes deeper obviously than just the main people.  

I want to start with Michael’s statement on the Jesse Jackson Interview:

“…There is a BIG FIGHT going on RIGHT NOW on this” . . . and “There is a lot of conspiracy, I say there is A LOT of conspiracy going on as we speak. . .”

What else did he say?  In reference to Jesse’s question about Michael’s finances:

“It’s not true at all , it’s just one of their many schemes to embarrass me and drag me through mud, and it’s the same pattern I told you with these other people in the past, it’s the SAAAAME pattern…”

It’s the same pattern.

Artists create.  Vultures repeat.

Just before the Betrayal of Bashir

In Part Five he says:

“My level of trust will change because there was. . . there is a lot of conspiracy going on, I’ll say that much.  A lot of it.  All around me.” – This tells me that This was not just Mottola, not just Branca, Not just Bandier . . . A LOT OF IT he says . . .

When Jesse Jackson presses him about the conspiracy Michael tells him he cannot comment and he is under a gag order.  He says, “I’m under a gag order, and this is a very serious, serious thing.  I don’t want to say the wrong thing, with the wrong flavor.”   

He repeats that it is a very delicate area, where they are now.  

Michael during his trial in 2005

I know this is off topic but I wanted to take a moment to appreciate something that Michael said.  When Jesse Jackson asks him what we can expect from Michael Jackson in the future, Michael talks about film. He talks about it being the most expressive of all mediums.  He talks about capturing a moment in time and of changing people’s lives.  He said, “That’s where you marry the visual and the music together.”

Michael had already done this for us on stage.  Michael accomplished this in his musical shorts or short films.  Look at what he accomplished as people tried to box him into music.  No way could they afford to let him loose into film.   

Michael talks about his love for God in this part of the interview as well.  Many of Michael’s songs were about God, celebrating God, about prayer, about love.  This wasn’t something people were ever going to learn about him from the media.  You had to listen to his music, read his poems and writings and listen to his speeches.

Imagine what Michael had to show people, about love, about God in film.


I have often spoken to a couple of your over the phone about the possibility that what happened to Michael had to do with more than just the catalog.  And if the catalog itself, what has become a music and intellectual property and publishing empire was really just a tool to acquire something else?
Can you imagine, a "Heal the World"  or a "Speechless" in movie form?  Can you imagine the power of the message if Michael had accomplished "marrying" the visual to the music? 

Is it any wonder they felt compelled to shut him down.  They couldn’t just swindle him out of a catalog.  They had to use the press to completely bury who he really was, with the most heinous of crimes against a child.  Was it the message itself they wanted to destroy?

Toward the end of this interview, mind you this is IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS TRIAL, Michael is talking about his future, talking about his perseverance, talking about his faith, and how he knows who he is.   This is not a broken man.  He’s very confident yet calm.  This does not sound like a man on drugs or addicted to drugs.  This sounds like a man who turned it over to God.

Jesse asks him toward the end of part 5, “What are you dreaming up now?”  

 Michael responds “Oh, uhm (clears throat), like I was saying before, uh . . . it’s to innovate and pioneer the medium of film and there’s other things I want to do which are some surprises of things in society that I wanna do in the future.  In Africa I have some great plans that I’ve been preparing to do there.  I had several meetings with people who’ve flown out to see me since I’ve been going through this, so my heart is set on doing some things there very much so, as well.”

This conversation is going to be referenced later into this. Michael is still doing business . . . during his trial.
I love the way Michael talks about Africa, his projects there and the beauty of it.  It is also interesting the comments he makes about relief efforts and how astute and aware he is of the lopsided distribution of money and material goods for the Tsunami relief or of any aid distributed in the course of natural and man-made disasters.  Michael has always been drawn to trying to fill in where injustice leaves holes.  He saw it as his responsibility with the gifts and blessings God gave him.

I want you to listen to part 6 as well and realize that this man was talking about all this, during the course of this incredible trial of his life.  While fighting for his own life, he is still talking about his need to help others save theirs.

How did the real Michael Jackson become so buried by greed, lies and hate?  When did the plot to destroy him actually begin?

Michael Always took Time Out for Children

Many including myself were of the consensus that Michael’s troubles really began in earnest when he bought that ATV catalog in 1985.

Michael received a royalty check from Epic Records in 1985 for the Thriller Album.  The check was for  $53 million dollars. That was in May.  Michael was also pulling in revenue from his Motown hits and “Off the Wall” album plus his film endeavors with Captain EO for Disney.  Just as Michael was turning 27 years of age in August of that year, they finalized the deal for the ATV catalog which included Elvis songs, Little Richard, Sly and the Family Stone, Petula Clark and the Northern Songs – The Beatles Catalog.  They had been in negotiation for this catalog for almost a year.  This is where I want to begin.

Also Visit this link to see Micheline's Comment on the Sony Album Cover Art.  This should bring about some interesting Discussion here.

 Please Pray for Me and Pray for my Children . . . Have Faith in Me Because I am Innocent



  1. MY IMMORTAL - 3:55, stop the video. You'll see what I mean.

  2. I posted this link above as well. I wanted to see the other album cover of Lisa Marie's husband's band's album. Someone somewhere had commented that there was a Ganesha Om symbol on one of the guy's shirts.

  3. Bonnie, you did it again! Thank you for warning me tonight prior to my viewing this "Immortal" video. No matter how many times I see tributes to Michael, my eyes become flooded within seconds, but he is worth every tear. I stopped the video at 3:55 as you suggested, and it froze on Michael in his tux just as he looked upward - heavenly! But oh, his face at 4:09 is so incredibly warm and close that I could almost touch his cheek. One cannot escape the beauty of his smile and the honesty in those eyes!

    This is going to be a great series, and the Jesse interview was very important to listen to again. Despite not being able to give details, Michael really lays it on the line about the scope of conspiracy. To realize the strength required for Michael to cope with sinister business threats, while facing the worst personal ordeal of his life, is a true testament to his incredible tenacity, faith and courage.

    I remember that photo of Michael wiping tears from under his glasses, and the pain he must have felt after that fall. My ribs took a similar hit two years ago at my office when I fell against the side of my desk. We're talking near fainting, four-letter, foul cussin' A-G-O-N-Y! For Michael to be in tears that day tells me he wasn't even on a strong enough medication to dull the pain to get through sitting in court. No doubt because he had to keep his mind sharp during the trial. My poor baby! :-(

    This angel in disguise was not a quitter, and a more "macho" man you won't find anywhere!

    Can't wait for more on this, Bonnie!

  4. Thank you Bonnie for revisiting Jessie Jackson's interview. It is the most powerful interview of Michael ever had. It is so important to revisit from time to time where Michael’s problem is really originated since some of us have some tendency to forget.

    Randy said yesterday “questions death conspiracy.” I believe the conspiracy Michael talked in this interview Randy is referring. Why was that he said anyway?

    You said, “Was it the message itself they wanted to destroy?” I believe so. His lyrics are powerful and telling the truth of the world we live in. Michael has many followers and many people including myself influenced by the life he leads and always want to imitate him.

    Imagine if he brings his vision to help heal the world in movies medium, it would have been life changing events for many. I remember in one of his interview explaining how he imagined capturing people’s attention in telling stories in the movie and how powerful it would be.

    Micheline’s analysis of the cover of the new album is really fascinating. Even though I did not look at it the way she did but I wasn’t happy about it when the first time I saw it. I did not see any happiness depict on the middle painting. It seems like he was saying “whatever” and luck some power.

  5. Interesting twitter from Thisisnotit:

    MJthisisnotit @Akon lots of publicity for you.

    Wonder what that means?

  6. Michael, you still captivate me.

  7. Yesterday Charles Thomson made a consistent attempt for Randy to answer his question about Kelvin MacKenzie of IVT. I believe Randy ignored the question purposely because he probably or most definitely knows who Charles is and how for so long vilified and abused Michael on his blogs and forums and never came out clean apologizing to Michael’s family and to the fans who love him.

    Since Randy is not forgetting and forgiving what Oprah did to Michael, why would he forget what Charles did to his brother? He fooled some fans to back him up but is not going to fool Michael’s brother, no way.

    Even though the question asked was so important and Randy could have answered it simply, I am glad he chose not too and ignored it because it came from one of the infiltrate and dissever of the fan base

  8. Spotlight said - "I remember that photo of Michael wiping tears from under his glasses, and the pain he must have felt after that fall. My ribs took a similar hit two years ago at my office when I fell against the side of my desk. We're talking near fainting, four-letter, foul cussin' A-G-O-N-Y! "

    When I read the last sentence here I have to tell you, I was laughing outloud, picturing you (oh, I could hear you, LOL!) And I'm really sorry but the way you said that . . . hillarious! (Maybe Michael was four-letter-foul-cussing Agony when he hit the floor too.)

    When I was a child I had surgery that included breaking all the ribs on my right side. I had metal bars put in so the ribs would not collapse as they healed. I was in the hospital for two weeks, one week of that on morphine (a kid!!!) I could not take a breath without severe pain. I remember my estranged father standing over my bed. I hadn't seen him in three years. Next time I awoke my mom's mother fighting with my father (who wouldn't fight) until the nurse came in and made him leave. I didn't see him again until I was seventeen.

    When I got home I still had to lay flat on my back 20 out of 24 hours a day for the next month. When school started, I was not allowed to run, climb trees, ride my bike, play any contact sports (which I hated anyway) and my singing took a back seat for a year. I had to build my lung capacity and strength back up.

    I remember that pain like it was yesterday. How did you fall against the desk?

  9. Dear Bonnie,

    Thank you for the video (His presence still lingers)its beautiful. Im gonna watch it about 20 more times. Goodnight got work tomorrow!


    I am having a BIG PROBLEM with this right now. BIG PROBLEM!!! Do NOT CALL my house those of you who might feel compelled to do so, I am in NO SHAPE.

    Forgive me, but WHAT THE FLIPPING DOG DOO IS THIS?????

    SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT A "Michael's Funeral After Party" is? An after party?


    Bush, Karen Faye and Courtland are in the photo. I don't know who his lady friend is.

    I really need to understand this. I KNOW what an "AFTER PARTY" is in Hollywood and the last time I checked, it was NOT THE SAME as a WAKE.


  11. Bonnie,

    All I can say is, whoever wrote THAT CAPTION, worded it Badly.

    Or else simply has NO RESPECT AT ALL!

  12. Hi Bonnie, I honestly don't know what an "after party" is so I can't enlighten you. I know that Wakes are considered in our society to be acceptable but I personally find them somewhat disrespectful and tasteless to those who are grieving.

  13. Bonnie, I have often been to funerals where either food or a meal is served to the attendees afterwards. In fact, once I was at the funeral of a young mother who died of cancer, and it was announced that she had personally chosen the meal, and it was her wish that everyone have a good time. This is in the South, if it makes a difference.

  14. Re:

    They all look like such a VERY happy bunch, don't they??? No tears to be found ANYWHERE!!! Wonderful friends MJ had. Absolutely wonderful. BAH!!! PHOOEY!!! The FAKERS!!!

  15. Josie said - "All I can say is, whoever wrote THAT CAPTION, worded it Badly.

    Or else simply has NO RESPECT AT ALL! "

    >>>>My sentiments exactly!

    Karin said - "I know that Wakes are considered in our society to be acceptable but I personally find them somewhat disrespectful and tasteless to those who are grieving. "

    >>>I am Irish. We have wakes but it is a solemn event. There is food, gathering of family and close friends, we are NOT partying. We are thanking people who come and pay their respects.

    @Lady - I agree, they look like a VERY HAPPY BUNCH don't they??

  16. Rhoda - We just moved to "the south" and We always had gatherings after our family's funeral's too. Never called it an after party. I always assumed THAT TERM was reserved for the completion of an entertainment production. THAT is a happy event (or sad, if you liked working with those people) . . . NOT A FUNERAL.

    An after party for a funeral tells ME that these people were celebrating something. I was looking for a SONY logo in the background of this photo but didn't see one. I HAVE considered other possibilities, but these people look happy, not sad.

  17. Bonnie "Was it the message itself they wanted to destroy?"

    Since he acquired the ATV catalog, Michael had a spell on him but not only.

    Michael's Faith & his great humanity always emerged in his Art & would have later as well highly radiated in his own message films (THEY took us that too). His unique style must have irritated many business leeches from the start although he made them rich & was highly acclaimed worldwide. His genuinely good & innocent personality & the artistic vision of this intelligent man did not really correspond to the "Hollywood System". The "K. Faye" picture does not surprise me in fact. Why for example, a Marilyn Manson or an Alice Cooper were never ridiculized in the media as Michael was ?

    Keep well anyway.

  18. Bonnie,
    With regards to the 'after party', the Funeral program referred to it as a Repass:

  19. Bonnie, not the correct place for this comment, I apologize, but do you believe this "announcement" that there will be a video shoot for "Hold My Hand" in Tustin, California this coming weekend and people (fans) are invited to participate by emailing to a certain address; directed by one Mark Pennington; who is this guy? Announcement says Akon's part was previously shot. Do you know anything about this? Frankly, I'm stupified! Another jaw dropping announcement by whom, Sony?

  20. I’m trying hard to not sound melodramatic and be mature, but my heart just shattered again. With the rest of you I’m travelling the road in search of justice for Michael… I feel determined and strong knowing that it’s so “right” to take a stand against SONY and the cruel abusive system that is the music industry in which our artists are held hostage.

    When I hear the recent songs released on You Tube, ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Hold My Hand’, I can formulate my opinions of “yes it is” or “no it’s not” with a certain amount of confidence and justifiable disgust. I remain poised… positive.

    But the release of “One More Chance” just put me over the edge. Was that part of the SONY plan… to weaken me? This video starts out … it surely holds my attention, cute concept with the audience under the lights of the performers stage … Michael dancing around and on the tables… (I’m enjoying the song and busy trying to figure out if that’s a poser or not) … and then BAMM … a get a glimpse, and I’m sure it’s him … ever so ALIVE … and I loose it … and I keep loosing it every time I watch it, or even think about it.

    I understand this to be a release of short film which was shelved because of the evil force that led to that horrendous trial which attacked this sweet loving man. Here he was in Vegas singing about getting One More Chance at LOVE. Michael’s message is L.O.V.E. I keep finding myself back to his message. WE are to find the good in this world and staying on that focus so it grows and forever blossoms, so it’s beauty shines in the hearts of mankind and so this world does change and become a better place. It IS very difficult to stay on course without him here, but I know my heart …and have FAITH in the rest….we will succeed, wickedness will succumb to goodness and love… and Michael will know we listened and be proud ♥♥♥

  21. @Princess - Repass, party (I don't even know what a repass is) I have some more pictures of the event. The caption under that picture and the smiling faces??? I was a little not happy . . let's say that.

    BTW the link you posted for info on the ATV? I am actually working on this which is why I did not put your post through. But I will credit you with the info and post that comment under there for you. Is that okay?

    @ June - on the "Hold My Hand" shoot, not, I only know what I posted. The Estate is actually announcing the auditions so I assumed it was there idea. But Sony has to be filming it because it's their arena. Branca handles the paperwork. Sony is producing it, the estate is the one that announced it. I hope that clears that up. If I were fans, I'd stay clear away . . . who knows who else is going to end up getting shot.

  22. @Cathy - Amen on that! I had the same reaction to "One More Chance". I have not even bothered to try watching the video again. "Hold my Hand" I have on my computer and I sing to it, but it's starting to produce the same sour, turning in my stomach, but not as much as the thought of post-death Michael productions trying to fake his DNA in recordings of songs and selling them as authentic.

    People keep forgetting that MULTIPLE MURDERS have resulted over this! Kind begs the question . . . if they got what they wanted then why are people still being killed?

    What more do they want?

  23. The other woman in the picture I believe is Taunya Zilkie. She is President of ZILK INC. She has been Karen Faye's friend and employer for many years.


  24. Bonnie - first, the story of how I fell against my desk two years ago. Be prepared for another belly laugh!

    I was standing in my office, chatting with a colleague, while munching on my favorite snack, crunchy Cheetos (I practically inhale those things!). I asked my colleague if she wanted some. Bad idea! There was a long phone cord on the floor in front of me. With the open bag in my hand, I took a step toward her and the pointy tip of my leather boot caught in the wire. I fell sideways and hit my rib cage on the edge of my desk. UGHGGGGHH!

    As I fell to the floor, the bag went flying across the room and there were Cheetos everywhere! My colleague tried to lift me, but failed (and to make matters worse, she passed gas on the way up!). She called for two police officers to help me, and when they arrived they couldn't see me at first. I was on the floor behind my desk. All they saw were Cheetos all over the floor and said, "what happened here?" My colleague says, "there's been a slight accident - behind the desk!" Off to hospital in an ambulance.

    By the way, all the cussing took place in the hospital when they tried to get me to lie down on a table for an EX-ray. There was no way they could get me on the table and go from a seated position to lying down. I kept screaming, "I can't F-ing move!" They had to Ex-ray me standing up.

    Within a few hours my bruise was the size of a large dinner plate, so I can imagine how Michael felt sitting in the courtroom, being so thin and having very little padding to cushion his fall. That was so cute, when he was telling Jesse Jackson about the fall and said, "I'm already fragile." Oh, that really got to me! Michael is quite simply...a love. ♥

  25. Bonnie - that party photo ticked me off big time, too! I posted this comment on that Twitter page today:

    "AFTER" party? Same as WRAP party, isn't it? Is this a celebration of the completion of a production, or grieving after the devastating funeral of Michael Jackson? Everyone looks so glamorous and festive. I'm confused."

  26. Bonnie, thank you for sharing my commentary on the "Michael" CD cover art. Apparently, others are having similar reactions, which will work against Sony's marketing efforts - one can only hope! I posted the additional comment below on FB last night and added a few more thoughts worth considering.


    "The one word that keeps coming back to me to best describe the feeling when I look at this cover is...MORBID! This is Michael Jackson, for heaven's sake. The album should be celebrating his genius with fireworks all over the place! Yet looking at this makes me depressed and only serves to remind me that Michael is gone. I am not the only one who feels this way. And if that's true, what was going through Sony's mind to have come up with such a dreadful concept?

    Is the CD cover a reflection of Sony in turmoil - in a battle between greed and personal ego? Greed on the one hand, because Sony can't help salivating over the profits that Michael was always capable of earning for them. And ego on the other, because Sony can't bring itself to acknowledge that Michael was and always will be the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen - and the single most prolific income producing entity for Sony. Jealousy often rears its ugly head in warped and destructive ways, and in this case, by holding back on the Glory and Glitter Michael deserves. The cover art is ominous and dismal, and I don't believe it was accidental.

    I am LIVID over this. One obvious example of well deserved "fireworks" that should have been illustrated, but was totally ignored was on Michael's iconic RHINESTONE GLOVE! Click the link at the end of this post to see the glove. Notice how DULL it is? There should be intense sparkle shooting out from this glove, complete with a surrounding "halo." Michael's gloves were always studded with brilliant Swarovski crystals. The glove on the cover looks like rock salt! The anger is mounting...what's going on here?

    For me, the feeling the CD cover gives off, is the acrimonious parting of the ways between Michael and Sony. There is no escaping the empty void. I look at the imagery and feel dragged down emotionally. We need to keep in mind that Michael still has something Sony wants - his multi BILLION Dollar catalog! All is fair in love and war, and with no love lost between Michael and Sony, this is a high stakes war that has dogged Michael for 25 years. Sony will crush as many heads as necessary to get that prize.

    Let's think a few chess moves ahead the way Michael would. I am beginning to wonder what the real motive is behind the release of this reconstituted piece of pseudo whatever - it's not Michael, when so many are REPELLED by it! It begs the question, does Sony want this CD to fail in the marketplace? That might not be such a stretch...if the strategy Sony is using sets them up for their next move. The Michael CD is already a disappointment on many levels, causing negative reaction, conflicts, debates, DISTRACTIONS. The CD could very well be a "red herring," and Sony's next move is what I believe we need to watch for.

    My thoughts are always intermingled with Michael and the pain he went through at the hands of Sony and others. In searching for answers, I am trying to think through Michael by keeping my mind open to receive everything, and dismissing nothing."

  27. OMG! Bonnie, I can't watch the "One More Chance" video a second time without dying! As soon as Michael jumped up on that first table and started moving, my heart stopped at how beautiful he was, and knowing why he couldn't finish the video! Doesn't the world know when the sun has gone down? Our "sun" was taken away in handcuffs! I can't stand it.

  28. "BonnieL said...
    @Princess - Repass, party (I don't even know what a repass is) I have some more pictures of the event. The caption under that picture and the smiling faces??? I was a little not happy . . let's say that.

    BTW the link you posted for info on the ATV? I am actually working on this which is why I did not put your post through. But I will credit you with the info and post that comment under there for you. Is that okay?"

    Bonnie, I'd never heard of a Repass either but a search on the internet says it is a meal after the funeral to celebrate the life of the deceased. I think all of us on the forums noted how happy people seemed to be after the funeral......

    I hope you found the ATV information useful. I have been scratching my head over it for months, and will be interested to read your take on it. We all need to pool our findings if we are to make sense of the conspiracy.

  29. I am so totally with you all on the OMC video, guys.... it has done me in. Completely. Cannot for the life of me stand to watch it again, as much as i LOVE the song. I did not realize, until I actually watched it, what it means to see Michael dancing and doing his magic - knowing this will be no more. And I don't even know why my (ours, from what I gather) reaction is so different from watching TII - not that This is it doesn't kill me, but this one is something different. I imagine a lot of it has to do wtih the reason why the video was shelved until now, with the horror it brings back. When Michael starts kicking and smashing the lamps and stuff on the tables - I was reminded of what he did in his Las Vegas hotel room as he knew about the raid.... and the rest of it, and I simply lost it.
    The sadness is unbearable.

  30. SandyK said - "The other woman in the picture I believe is Taunya Zilkie. She is President of ZILK INC."

    >>>>Thankyou. Yes someone enlightened me on that. She used to be Randy's girlfriend?

    Spotlight said - "As I fell to the floor, the bag went flying across the room and there were Cheetos everywhere! My colleague tried to lift me, but failed (and to make matters worse, she passed gas on the way up!). "

    Spotlight, when I first read this last night, my husband was reading it over my shoulder. We were laughing so hard (I'm sorry!!! But this was hillarious!) I had tears coming out of my eyes, and even my husband was having a hard time reading it outloud. He wants to know if we can read it to his mom and his sister, during their visit for Thanksgiving, LOL!!!!

    I know it was painful but thank you so much for sharing that.

  31. Bonnie, if you don't think my Cheetos story will "bomb" at the dinner table, you have my blessing to share it at Thanksgiving! My former colleague would be mortified if she knew she was in there (the one who cut a bomb!). Think of poor me...stuck on the floor, unable to get up and open a window! :-(

  32. Bonnie said, ">>>>Thankyou. Yes someone enlightened me on that. She used to be Randy's girlfriend?"

    Yes, briefly according to this source. Taunya was also Michael's publicist for a short time until Bain was brought back on. Apparently, the family didn't approve of Zilkie. You may already know that Bain is something of a piece-of-work herself with her $50 million lawsuit against Michael. I believe that suit has since been dismissed.


  33. Spotlight said, "Bonnie, if you don't think my Cheetos story will "bomb" at the dinner table, you have my blessing to share it at Thanksgiving! My former colleague would be mortified if she knew she was in there (the one who cut a bomb!). Think of poor me...stuck on the floor, unable to get up and open a window! :-("

    Total LOL!!!!

    Spotlight, I hope you're O.K. now!!!...:-)...and inhaling fresh air!!!...:-)

  34. Hi Bonnie,

    I'm fairly new to officially joining the blog eventhough I've been reading it, but I'm just now learning to thoroughly read the comments, which are so enlightening and not only are the followers of the blog leaving interesting/insightful commentary, I didn't realize that you so lovingly respond to almost all of them which just adds more good information!

    That said, I may have missed it but I want to comment on the art work on the new album and also the title of it. For one, I find it disrespectful to MJ's legacy to call a pseudo-"posthumous" album, "Michael" Not only is it uninspired, it's disrespectful. The album is not the best representation of Michael because he isn't around to have completed it. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why the crown on MJ's head is above his head - not firmly planted. He is the undisputed King of Pop. The cherubs seem to be taking the crown off or putting it on? In any case, why would either scenario be appropriate when we're talking about Michael Jackson the KING of music -- and celebrity philanthropy for that matter.
    I would love to ask the artist about this. I'm going to try and reach him if possible.

  35. I'm catching up, chronologically. Sorry if any of this is repetition.

    The album cover - Thank you Micheline for your thought-provoking insight.

    Strangely enough though...

    Do you want to know one of the first things I noticed on the album cover?
    ....... The video camera behind it all. Then I think about the photos of him on display at the memorial and funeral, the short film they were from - Michael was directing, comes from behind the camera. Sorry, though I can see it in my head, I can't hear it or think of the name right now.

    Strange, the UFO over the moon landing.

    Knowing Michael's passion for Africa, there's only a few words on that album cover. One of them is AFRICA.

    Anyway, after I saw the video camera I had a different outlook:
    The monsters on either side of, but BEHIND, him in the Thriller jacket...
    The success of Thriller catapulted Michael, Could the message be that he has overcome the music industry ghouls...that he is steps ahead, that Thriller empowered him to take on and conquer?

    In both Thriller and Ghosts, Michael was leader/director of the monsters, apparently a fascination of his. Many ways to look at this and interpret.

    The crown being lifted off...
    At the public memorial they laid the King of Pop to rest, is my understanding.
    To me his looks like a poker face - quietly determined, strong and courageous.

    The glove...

    His gloves will not again glitter in dance under spotlights on the hands that envisioned and made them famous. Thus, they have lost their sparkle. With the costume he is wearing in the main portrait, the glove looks more like part of a knight's armor to me. Is that an Elizabethan collar? And, isn't that a Monarch butterfly on his shoulder? Hmmm...interesting!

    His hand is over his heart. It is also where the hand goes during The Pledge of Allegiance

    This may be way out there but with Michael's own words and his extremely creative, superior intellect in mind, I remain open to possibilities...

    What if Michael has/had a chain of solid connections to/from inside the music industry? Could this artwork have been commissioned by Michael's people then submitted, presented - sent along the chain back to Sony...part of the broader plan?

    The Cascio recordings issue is looking similar to me - dangling unfinished songs in front of Sony sharks. Then they are apparently desperate for Michael vocals. Or was that the executors? I kind of lump the two together in my head.

    Michael could have thought of the intricacies involved in pulling off such things...years ago.

    How intelligent was Mr. Michael Jackson? How intelligent do people believe Michael to be or have been? How much credit are even his fans willing to allow him? Michael Jackson's capabilities are still being bound and misrepresented, if even in people's minds. My opinion.

    Setup - a chain of events set off to go in a particular direction. It's like dominoes falling in slow motion, creating a picture.

    Who's out-thinking who?

    :oP::: SONY -
    You up a creek baby! Being tumbled down off ya mountaintop perch. Nothin' you can do but fall down down down...into that hole you've been ever so busy diggin'. Doesn't destiny suck?

  36. Oh...and the video camera has multiple lenses (and microphones?) pointed in many directions, or it's multiple cameras.

    I'll have to take a closer look at this artwork.

  37. Hi Truth,

    The "short film" you reference I believe is "Liberian Girl." That particular image of him wearing a red shirt sitting behind a movie camera was featured prominently during the memorial.

    The "moonlanding" you mentioned represents the "moonman" symbol for MTV. As I'm sure you know, Michael is credited with putting MTV on the map with his cutting edge music videos of the 80's and 90's. He is also credited with opening the doors to African American artists on that network in a big way. I haven't figured out the UFO yet.

    The "Africa" word is part of the "USA For Africa" cause that Michael promoted. He and Lionel Ritchie wrote the song "We Are The World" to benefit that charity.

    I thought it was interesting how you saw the crown as being lifted off. I saw it as the crown being place down on his head. All the images behind him from his professional career illustrate why he was given the label of "King of Pop" in the first place. (You may already know that Liz Taylor is credited with coining this phrase.)

    I liked your observations about the glove and seeming like armor and how it won't glitter again. Although I did think it was odd that the artist didn't give it any sparkle. Maybe he had your thought in mind. I believe the glove figures prominently in the picture since the first title Michael was given as an adult entertainer was the "gloved one" due to his performance on Motown's 25th Anniversary show back in the 80's, where the now celebrated sequined single glove and moonwalk were first introduced. The title "King of Pop" came a few years later. I just love this Motown 25th video! Passion + Heart + Talent = MAGIC!:

    The butterfly figures prominently on the cover due to it being a focal point in Michael's recent 3D "Earth song" video. An important video to Michael that would have been featured during the TII concerts had they occured.

    On the lower right hand side of the painting next to the tiger, you'll notice that Prince (the singer) has been given a nod. Michael never performed or recorded with him, but Michael viewed Prince as his primary artistic rival. The press liked to play up this "rivalry" but the two were in fact friends.

    I haven't been able to determine if images from "Scream" or "Stranger In Moscow" had been included.

    Great observations!

    Note: Although I find the album cover interesting, I am of the same view as Will.I.Am. He feels the release of this album and any attempt to complete Michael's unfinished work is disrespectful to him. I agree.

    Source for "Liberian Girl" video where Michael appears at very end:

    Source for "moonlanding":

    Source for "Michael" album cover:

    Source 2 for "Michael" album cover:

    Source for full "Michael" cover:

    Source for "USA for Africa - We Are The World" video:

    Source for 1985 "We Are The World" black/gold jacket:

    Source for Elizabethan costume:

    source for Michael's legendary performance on Motown 25.

    Source for 3D "Earth Song" video:

  38. Hey SandyK!

    Thanks very much for the compliments and filling in the blanks+ so much more - Liberian Girl...that's it, thanks! My brain is mush.

    I too am in total agreement with Will.I.Am, a stand up guy. Michael sure does/did have some solid true-blue friends. I find comfort in that.

    Wow, thanks too for all the links! I haven't had a chance yet to view them all but sure will be exploring those.

    Knight-Elizabethan-Monarch (butterfly)

    What I was trying to (subtly) get across is I wonder if there is a message in that?



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