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Michael Jackson Justice: Now Sony Thugs Impersonating Cascios

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now Sony Thugs Impersonating Cascios

The Deeper the Hole They Dig, The Deeper They Will be Buried.

I want to point out that this piece of trash was posted SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOG and there is NO SOURCE LISTED on this blog for the origin of this FAKE POST of Dominic Cascio.

Those that know the Cascios know that they have never stepped into the public arena since Michael's death and most assuredly would not to say such hateful things against Michael's family knowing how much they helped Michael and how much Michael loved them.


Dominic Cascio:

The kids while at my house had homeschooling everyday at my house while Michael worked in the studio! (2 different parts of the house) everything will be revealed shortly! The truth will prevail! The Jackson brothers and 3t are brainwashing everyone because of their own jealousy! Including the kids! Michael distanced himself from his brothers for a reason! They were all greedy, and always looked for trouble and they are doing the same now! Remember that they have no say in the estate, and they are not entitled to any money from the estate… the only ones who benefit from the estate are those 3 beautiful kids! So not buying the album will ultimately hurt them! My brother has 3 songs on the album, and if they were fake they wouldn’t be going out! Remember the Jackson’s ordered a forensic test to test the vocals and they came back positive! (all 3 tests) all the producers who worked with him like Quincy Jones, Bruce Sweden, Teddy Riley all say its him so who is claiming its fake?? ONLY THE JACKSONS! Now if they still have a problem they should take legal action but since they have NO case they are trying to ruin the album to hurt my family, which is doing nothing but hurting the kids! So like i said look at the big picture! Don’t be manipulated! Michael always said don’t listen to what you hear about him because people make up lies! My brother has sworn affidavits which means he swore his life these songs! We are not desperate we are trying to make Michael’s latest work be heard! If Michael didn’t like these songs he would never record them to begin with! He didn’t record on friends tracks just for fun!!! this was serious! not fully finished but very serious work! the fans are doing more harm to Michael’s name then good!

Michael’s is singing in the whole song, the other voice is just giving accents that michael could not record yet because he wasnt able to due to his death! You can hear it in the background when he sais the word Jackson.. Michael is saying Jackson but in the back you will heard Jackson said with a different tone and accent, maybe this voice is causing confusion with the fans but just like in butterflies there were other singers credited in the songs just like this guy is! maybe without the voice there wouldnt be confusion of the credibility of the songs but it is too late think what should have been done.. this is the way it is and we are not making false tracks! michael was recorded through out the whole song, these were just extras to give more body! maybe it was the right decision maybe it was wrong but in no way would we try to fool the fans, or anyone! We have always been and will always be LOYAL to michael and the kids!

there will be a statement plus more from my brother one day soon and i hope it will clarify every thing! 3t and the Jackson’s started this smear campaign after John MacLaine songs were taken off the album to put my brothers. (Sony’s decision) by the way John Maclaine was fired years ago and Michael hated him ever since! unfortunately the last will found was one while John was still working with michael.. ( kinda suspicious if that’s the latest will) michael would have never left the estate in his hands knowing the way he felt about him.. so again… LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!!! you’re accusing the wrong people… You can say that he sounds different, you’re right, different studio, different equipment, different point in time in Michael’s life! don’t be mad about these songs! celebrate them, if you don’t like them I’m sorry but that is a glimpse of what he was still working on… Monster is a song i know he couldn’t wait to develop more! videos and story line! Wait until the album comes out before you judge (the fans)!


A sick attempt to make people believe that Dominic Cascio actually wrote this.  The Cascios were Michael's friends and were loyal to him.   That in itself should tell you that none of them would have ever written this.  Especially posted on some anonymous blog somewhere by someone we've never heard of saying that Dominic wrote this with NO ORIGINATING SOURCE.

Don't be fooled fans.  There is a LOT OF MONEY at stake here. 

Corey Rooney said that both he, Riley and The cousins were in that room listening to the vocals.

Many NON JACKSONS involved in the estate.    Again they use the same tired "you are hurting Michael's children if you don't buy this album".  This has become their calling card.
Remember - Michael's children were HURT when their father was TAKEN FROM THEM!!!  Michael's family, brothers and cousins DID NOT DO THAT!  We KNOW WHO DID and so do they!

You are HIS FANS...

You KNOW his HEART....

Don't Give Up On Him . . .

And DON'T Give in to THEM...

God Bless you


  1. News Item:

    "TOKYO -- Masao Morita, the son of the late Sony co-founder Akio Morita, has been named chairman of Sony Music Entertainment Japan (SMEJ).

    Morita will also assume the position of representative director of Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan, Sony's film concern in Japan. Both positions become effective June 24, it was announced Friday.

    Morita's task will be to help Sony return to its conventional position as the label with the largest market share in the Japanese music industry. According to SoundScan Japan (SSJ) the company slipped from this perch in 2007, based on physical sales, and has not returned. It had held the top spot since 1998, the year SoundScan Japan started releasing such market data."

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  3. Well Put.
    You Go Bonnie!

  4. Anybody know who this is?!/profile.php?id=100001852210227&v=wall

    I received a friend request from them. They have a total of four friends. No info, no message telling me who they are . . . I am glutted with requests like this.

    How do these people keep track of all their ID's and passwords? They must have a whole separate database for that.

  5. Problem:

    Do not go to the Sony Ultimatum website. I read it. They are in support of purchasing the CD but are using the excuse that Sony is trying to sabatage the CD . . . they name Ted Riley as the one responsible for not being upfront and we all saw what Corey Rooney posted.

    Basically, it is a web site advocating the purchase of Michael's music while trying to appear to demand Sony make sure this doesn't happen again. They have four friends . . . They sent me a friend request, therefore I was targeted.

    Corey Rooney stated who was in the room and who disagreed that the vocals were Michael. Neither of Michael's nephews have denied it. Ted Riley did not deny it. Me made his statement and the Sony people twisted that around. We don't really know where Ted Riley stands but if they are now setting up web sites to attack his integrity, chances are, he is not the bad guy.

    Like I said before, they are beginning to get sloppy.

  6. Note the circular blame which makes absolutely no sense:

    From the website:

    "The fact that Sony streamed a 30 second clip without any lyrics leads many to believe that Sony was well aware that the vocals on the track were unacceptable and further eludes one to believe it was an intentional effort on Sony's behalf to sabotage the production and promotion of the new CD Michael."

    Now, why would Sony sabatage a CD they are trying so hard to promote? This isn't Invincible. Invincible they dropped promotion of it . . . This one they've used Charlie's "MJStar", Catherine's radio show and the TINI groups are trying so hard to promote.

    They are tripping all over themselves, contradicting themselves left and right. Their arguments are not making any sense.


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  8. As a comment on the Nov. 14th entry, I said this: "It's NOT my intention to deter them. It's my intention to bury them alive in their own BS. Think Judas and his 30 pieces of silver, and what happened after that. Maybe now, you can understand my point. This matter is entirely up to God because at least here on Earth, we are extremely inept. We have a corrupt Justice system. Sony and company have already WON!!! Michael is dead. Michael's family are at war with themselves. Michael's fans are divided. Murray has yet to stand trial, and AEG is taking all of the blame."

    NOW you DO see what I mean. It's quite clear that all of Sony's little gameplayers and henchmen are doing exactly as I have said, and they will continue to do so. In simple layman's terms: They'll kill each other and themselves over "all things Michael."

    Alas "poor" Judas... the rope is unraveling and your fate is upon you. Oh, you dropped your 30 pieces of silver, here...

  9. Not I Believe Roger Friedman from showbiz 411, but he said, “Now sources tell me that there were “work tapes” made during the Cascio sessions. These aren’t outtakes of the songs, but tapes running in the studio while Michael discussed what was going on with Eddie Cascio and other members of the Cascio family. Jackson’s own kids even make cameo appearances on the tapes.”

    Okay Roger where is the tape? Oh I forgot that he said, “At some point, the work tapes will be released, although it’s unclear by whom. The main thing is, there’s plenty of evidence of Michael Jackson working with Eddie Cascio.”

    Well nobody is denying Michael worked with the Cascio. The point here is Sony is putting out unfinished Michael’s songs using others voice to finish it.

  10. Bonnie – I am following Randy’s twitter and I am loving it telling it like it is.

  11. Oh my God, Randy said many important things concerning Sony and the estate executers. Many of the things he said have underlining messages. The most important one for me is “questions about death conspiracy and questions whether to buy the album or not.”

    Which means he wants us to question everything and not be fooled by what presented to us by Sony and the executers, they are phony and money hungry and greedy.

    You know what others who support Sony and the executers will say about Randy’s conversation today? Oh, he is a jealous brother and Michael anyway did want anyone of them near his money.

    This is the line they’re going to use to discredit what he witness and the truth. As he said “the story has not ended” we all know the truth in time.

    Bonnie, I hope you will go over it since there are many things he said that need some attention.

  12. Oh Bonnie...After listening to Randy Jackson tonight on Twitter, this REALLY bothered me: "Why would Sony sign a 10 album deal over a period of seven years and McClain couldn't find enough product for one album", Randy Jackson

    Anyway, now we can all maybe understand why certain legal peeps connected to Michael are suddenly and "mysteriously" coming up very DEAD??? It's obvious that whomever has possession of those recordings keeps shifting them around. They don't stay at one place very long, that's for sure. Someone or should I say, several someones are playing "hot potato" and "keep away" w/ Michael's unreleased recordings. I'm sorry, but THIS is very amusing, and I've just got to ROFLMAO over it. I luv it! :P

    On the downside, a "10 album deal and not enough product to complete 1"? Who else besides me now sees how Sony will KILL the Estate over this??? Oh boy oh boy! Step right up! Get your tickets 4 the bloodbath of the Century!!! This is VERY interesting...

    Wearing a wicked grin...

  13. Just for fun:

    2001 Madison Square Concert


  14. I know that Karen Faye is controversial, but I'd like to post this recent Twitter from her:

    "Michael made it very clear to me that he wanted to sever all ties and obligations to Sony. I will never betray him."

    (I do understand people will take issue with her last sentence, but I wanted to focus on the Sony part of her quote.)

  15. I will be deleting the posts here in regard to Randy's Twitter event to unclutter this page. I have the whole thing over at

    So please direct your comments of the event over there . . . We have lots to cover and discuss!

  16. SandyK and Lady - I deleted your comments on the Twitter event because I just posted the whole thing over on the page mentioned above.

    In your comments on the Twitter there were quotes from Randy that were NOT in the twitter event. I don't know where you copied those from but the ones I have are directly from Twitter.

  17. Hi Bonnie and everyone ~~~why does it have to always come to this in Michael's life??? I can't even imagine how he dealt with this possession and warped handling of his personal art/creation. It is beyond me. Its a chain of deception, a web of lies...where it takes a world wide magnifying glass to try to figure it all out! And all her ever wanted to do was to share love, truth and compassion.

  18. Leslie said - "Hi Bonnie and everyone ~~~why does it have to always come to this in Michael's life??? "

    Because no other artist was up to the challenge of fighting this industry and what they are doing. Look at what we have learned because of what he went through. No, I would rather have him back with his children and prefer he never have lived through this. I have a real hard time fighting off the urge to HATE these people. I have never realized how ugly we have become as a species and we are capable of so much more than this.

    Michael's songs, some of them he pleaded not to let ourselves be drug down this path of self gratification at the expense of others. What some call progressive is in reality REgressive.

    Nothing has changed since Biblical times.

    I heard a great quote on a movie that is playing in the background right now, "A Christmas Carol" where Marley is telling Scrooge,

    "You know the price of everything, but the value of nothing." Just now it came on.

    This is the caliber of people Michael was dealing with.

  19. Bonnie said, "'You know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.' Just now it came on.

    This is the caliber of people Michael was dealing with."

    PERFECT quote!!!

  20. Bonnie said, "In your comments on the Twitter there were quotes from Randy that were NOT in the twitter event. I don't know where you copied those from but the ones I have are directly from Twitter."

    I don't understand why there would be a difference. That's very curious. I assure you that I was copying Randy's tweets as they were being posted on his page. When you get a chance, could you post 1 or 2 quotes that you identified as not being part of the event?

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  21. SandyK said - "I don't understand why there would be a difference. That's very curious."

    Please disregard Sandy . . . You and Lady took the blame for a couple other people and it came out entirely discombobulated. I posted that to Lady on the blog in question. Trying to do too much at one time.

  22. Bonnie said, "Please disregard Sandy . . . You and Lady took the blame for a couple other people and it came out entirely discombobulated."

    Not a problem. I understand...:-)


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