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Michael Jackson Justice: December 2010

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Branca Koppelman Behind Michael's NOI Bodyguards

December 27, 2010 – Michael’s A-Team - “A” for “Anti-Michael”
Same Greedy Bunch

Michael Jackson: "Blood On the Dance Floor" Part 1 and Part 2, and "At Your Name" reveal why they wanted Michael and why they cannot find him.  "At The Mouth Of The Dragon"

Yes, back to these people.  I know, I know, you are sick of seeing  their faces, but  there is more to this legion of vipers and there is one more rumor I would like to clear up while we are at it.

As the state of California was about to embark on the building of a case against Michael Jackson back in the latter part of 2003 and early 2004, Branca, Koppelman, Malnik and others were gathering to hit Michael while he was vulnerable.

They were trying to get him to agree to relinquish his rights to half of the ATV catalog.  In return they wanted  to give him a fraction of what it was worth, give him a cash lump sum that would have still left Michael over $100 million in debt with no way to pay it off.  We covered that on These blog updates (in order, if you need to refresh):

The meeting pictured above . . . the very one that “Justice4none” (some, meaning NOT MICHAEL)  has proudly displayed on his site as “Michael’s trusted advisors” is of a meeting which took place on January 12, 2004.  These are among the people that are there:

Charles A. Koppelman, John Branca, Mark Geragos, Trudy Green, Karen Langford, Alan Malnik, Alan Whitman, Zia Modabber and Leonard Muhammad . . . yes, the son-in-law to Louis Farrakhan.

Remember this rumor?

Dr. Tohme’s ties with the Nation of Islam – sources below:

MTV News, Gil Kaufman – Where Tohme denies he any affiliation with NOI

This of course made it’s rounds to the blogosphere and the MJ fan forums and message boards.  Tohme had no affiliation with NOI.  This was Farrakhan’s son in law.  Guess who else was involved?  The lovely John Branca, Charles Koppelman and Modabber.

Picture of Leonard Muhammad in middle – Far end of Table in photo above

More proof . . . let’s check out the enemy’s own mouthpieces:

Leonard Muhammad – Posted January 13, 2004, source ,

Michael wanted to fire these people as soon as  they were installed in 2003 shortly after the accusations became public, as per this posted article on “”, which quoted an article published in the New York Post on December 31, 2003, two weeks before the meeting above.  Source

Reading down on the same page is also quotes from the Associated Press.  Nation of Islam bodyguards was never Tohme’s problem, it was Louis Farrakhan’s son in law.

Michael never hired him . . . THEY DID.

Who are the rest of these jokers?

Alan Whitman – Michael’s accountant. Works for Allan I. Whitman of Fox, Bernstein, Whitman, Goldman and Sloan

Karen Langford (lawyer) works with Branca.  (she appears on TII Credits)

Kevin McLin – One time spokesperson (self appointed?) for the Jackson family (yes, in on it)

Zia Modabber – Previous attorney for Michael, appears on “Michael” CD in “Thank  you” along with John Branca, McClain, and several others that attended this meeting.

According to Billboard, Modabber is the one who told Michael that Marc Schaffel was a porn producer, prompting Michael’s firing of him.  Ironically it was Schaffel that was the “employee” that came across paperwork that alerted Michael to the conspiracy back in 2003, while working with Michael to produced that benefit concert for the 9-11 victims. Source

Who's "zooming" who, here?
This quote from the source above – "My focus was on doing what I could to get the rights to release the single," Modabber said of the song, which was being held up because Schaffel claimed rights to it. "I got involved with trying to clean up that mess."

This is a lie.  Sony is the one that REFUSED TO RELEASE THE SINGLE stating Schaffel’s previous job as an excuse.  Schaffel is the one that spoke out against what Sony did and was in fact still working for Michael when Sony refused to release it.  I covered that here: Source, and Mark Schaffel’s interview here.  Source

This is what they have done to each and every person that got between THEM and MICHAEL!

So They Could Accomplish This

Quoted from the Associated Press –

“The Nation of Islam, in response to several inquiries, has said today that it has no official business or professional relationship with Mr. Michael Jackson," said a statement issued by The Final Call, the group's newspaper. "The Nation of Islam joins thousands of other people in wishing him well."  Source

No business or professional relationship?  Then what is Muhammad doing at the January 12, 2004 meeting with other NOI people and all of the accountants and lawyers, including the then fired Branca?  Did Michael know Branca was at this meeting?  Did Michael even know of the meeting?  Because according to this article, He wanted NOI gone a month prior! Source

Same source as above – “As the Nation of Islam inserted itself, many of Jackson's regular advisers were unable to gain access to the singer, the sources said.”

No, they didn’t insert themselves.  They were “inserted” in, to keep Michael’s trusted away.  This is beyond sick.  Five years later, Tohme gets the blame for Nation of Islam, as if these news reports from the NY Times and the AP did not exist?

Michael finally fired everyone in 2006. Branca was supposed to be gone in 2003.  Branca was still working . . . behind Michael's back, not WITH Michael!  This was after Michael is fined for not paying the insurance on his ranch, and having to come up with back pay for employees of the ranch before having to send them home.  The 2005 trial and it’s preliminary investigations were the catalyst and some cleaning house finally took place. 

Whitman testified in one of Michael’s court cases that he paid himself $100,000 a month. What for, I have no idea.  I didn’t know you had to pay someone to sabotage you.

The deceptions continue today.  These people are still working together.  “Justice4Some” is a hired hand . . . so is Thomson, so is the newly enthusiastic “Michael” CD Promoter, Aphrodite Jones.

I have started making a list of all these people and their connections.   They won’t be hard to spot. They have a “Michael CD” in one hand, and their other hand out for your money.

And the Estate?  They let it go on because those people are doing their job.

Guess what folks?  Tohme is not the bad guy.  Another rumor bites the dust.

“This Time Around”

(rap: the notorious big)
Listen, Ive got problems of my own
Flashin cameras, taps on my phone
Even in my home I aint safe as I should be
Things always missin
Maybe it could be my friends
They aint friends if they robbin me
Stoppin me from makin a profit, see”

2 Thessalonians 2:10
and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

You’re fearing me, ‘cause you know I’m a beast
Watching you when you sleep, when you’re in bed
I’m underneath
You’re trapped in halls, and my face is the walls
I’m the floor when you fall, and when you scream it’s ‘cause of me
I’m the living dead, the dark thoughts in your head
I heard just what you said
That’s why you’ve got to be threatened by me

Sunday, December 26, 2010

William Wagener and the Michael Jackson Documentary

December 27, 2010 – William Wagoner - The Christmas Blog Follow-up

Justice is in Truth, not the Dollar

Proverbs 17:16 -  Why should fools have money in hand to buy wisdom,
   when they are not able to understand it?”

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  I apologize for the length of  the Christmas blog, especially considering that one link took you to a web page for more reading and videos :o)  Little did I know that I created more work for myself.

I received an email from Spotlight with some information on a video posted by William Wagener, about the condition of Neverland.  Has anyone seen this?

Neverland Restored – William Wagoner Video

My friend was upset because she thought this meant that Neverland in fact had not been restored.   Compounding this confusion was the photos I posted on the website contained some older photos of Neverland.  In fact the photos TMZ posted did not contain any of the amusement rides.  Only the catering RV’s, security, refurbished landscaping, train station and residence.  I noticed the pool had also been restored and was looking pretty again.  Those pictures are below and I will replace the ones on the website with these as well.    This was totally my fault.  I clicked on the wrong TMZ photo links for Neverland.

TRUE Christmas Party Pictures from TMZ

However, going back to William Wagener’s video, I was surprised to see the title of his video “Neverland to be Restored.”

The edited date on the video is of December 11, 2010 and shows up on screen at 0:39.  This is not from the video camera but notated into the video on uploading.  Video is taken from outside the gates of Neverland on Mount. Figueroa Road, NOT of the inside gates or the house or the location of Michael’s theme rides.  This video gives the appearance that Neverland has not been restored.

At 0:54, he pans over across the road, which does NOT belong to Neverland. 

At 1:06, the date typed into the video is December 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm.  (wow!  Talk about your special effects, Wagoner was able to jump ahead two years?)

At 1:37, Wagoner zooms up to the wall where Erin Jacobs, Amy J. and Karlene’s black painted message to Michael appears, which had NOT been cleaned off yet.  The scandal which involved that happened back in the late spring of this year.  Supposedly they had to pay to have it cleaned off and I’m not sure of the date that happened, but it was before November, because I posted about that on THIS blog update: Erin Jacobs Graffit of Neverland in August of this year.

At 4:34 – William Wagoner states that Neverland looks the same on December 11, 2010 as it did except more security cameras were added (what for William?)  He suggests that Neverland could be bought back and restored, but according to TMZ, that had already been done by Colony Capital.  I doubt Colony Capital would ever sell Neverland to William Wagoner, so what does he need all this money for?  Wagener also states that we need to “take it (Neverland) back from the kinds of people that did this to MJ.”

Colony Capital holds the title on Neverland.  What did Colony Capital ever do to Michael?  The people who did this to Michael do not own Neverland.

Date the Wagener video is loaded onto Youtube is December 14, 2010.

Date that TMZ announced that Neverland was restored and Colony had Christmas party at Neverland for employees – December 18, 2010.  It was also reported by UPI and Billboard, so what is William Wagener doing?

Description on Wagoner’s video:  “Michael Joe Jackson was NOT guilty, in fact he was
the victim of an arrogant, self delusional Prosecutor, and a greedy family of grifters, and a media who was billions in profits in a conviction of even a misdemeanor. Who am I? I am William J. Wagener, a local TV producer, who attended more days of the trial, nearly every day, than any National report. And after trial did a lot of snooping among the media, which mostly did NOT know who I was.”

Let’s help them out.  THIS is who William Wagener is:

“A warrant for Wagener's arrest was issued by officials in Wisconsin five days before the election, on charges of violating the terms of his probation in connection with felony bail jumping. As a convicted felon, Wagener had no right to run for public office, Wisconsin authorities asserted .”  Source

William Wagener ran for 5th District County Supervisor in 2002 and was arrested shortly before the election. Because he was a convicted felon, Wisconsin authorities claimed that he had no right to run for political office. As a result, Wagener was arrested by Santa Barbara authorities.
In response, Wagener’s attorney John Holland said that his client’s prior conviction should have had no effect on his right to be a political candidate.”  Source

But this was more interesting, and goes into more detail concerning Mr. Wagener’s past.  Source  Please read this source.  This is the man that wants millions of dollars of YOUR money.

Really?  In my state, convicted felons cannot even vote let alone run for office.  The man jumped bail!  I realize that Sneddon is the last person on earth that I would consider worthy of judging another, but Wagener’s problems did not begin in California.  Was his arrest opportunist of his opponents?  It could be.  But considering that Wagener was already far behind the polls before his arrest, I did not see the motivation other than Wisconsin caught up with him.

At the end of the video, Wagoner is still asking for each Michael Jackson Fan to give $10 to fund this “defense” video.   I thought Larry Nimmer had already produced one of these?  Why does William Wagoner need to produce one?  Why can’t he use the platform he already has?  Aphrodite Jones didn’t do a good enough job on “True Crime”?

I would love to allow myself the possibility that William Wagener is on the up and up and yes, many a person either running for political office or for some other reason, has been in the path of Sneddon’s bulldozer.  But when someone is asking for fans the world over to give $10 in an effort to raise millions to make a documentary which has already been made several times, and selling Michael Jackson fans the dream of buying back Neverland, reality begs the question:

How is William Wagener going to restore something he has absolutely no legal ownership of? 

What makes William Wagener think that Colony Capital will ever sell Neverland to him?

Michael Jackson Still Owns Neverland, or Shares Ownership

Should fans trust him to their hard earned money and lastly, even if they DO, can they trust William Wagener to manage Neverland in a manner other than the integrity on which he skipped bail in another state?

The same person collecting thousands of dollars over the last month for sunflowers for Michael’s Forest Lawn resting place is the same person collecting funds for William Wagener.  You all know her has Sandy Lee Scott.  It is reported that Sandy Lee Scott is the one that offered to manage the collection of funds for William Wagener’s (what do you call this?) campaign?  While she may be of honorable intention, is she aware what legal harm she could possibly be opening herself up for?

Is ANYONE asking for an accounting of all the money fans from all over the world are sending these people? 

You want to help, you listen to the emotional appeal of someone you believe is truly seeking justice for Michael.  However, the same patterns keep emerging and no justice has yet to see the light of day.

Aphrodite Jones was also at the trial almost every day.  She wrote a book and re-released it after Michael’s death.  She was also featured  in a series of “True Crime” talking about the case.  Michael was innocent and the victim of the press, grafters and a vendetta by the prosecuting D.A.

Geraldine Hughes wrote a book after defecting from the prosecution of the 1993 to declare his innocence in THAT allegation.  Michael was innocent and the victim of the press, blackmail and a vendetta from the prosecuting D.A.

Charles Thomson, after defecting from the Lowly Newshound and the “Twisted Vision” character of MJStar fame, is in the process of TRYING to build the same type of fame on the same type of defense.  Michael was the victim of the press and extortionists.

ALL OF THEM blame the press for Michael’s persecution and all of them simply refuse to identify the entity BEHIND the press.  They blame either grifters looking to sue, a corruptible prosecuting district attorney or a blood-thirsty press, or all three.

These PEOPLE are running fans around in circles.   Why? 

None of them address the fact that BOTH SETS OF ACCUSERS could not in any way afford to pay off a pack of government officials in the judicial system and a pack of plants sprinkled throughout the press to spread a story. 

None of the people mentioned above want to connect the corporate entity behind all this, and NONE of these people were on Michael’s side BEFORE THAT TRIAL.  Not a single one of them.

Now the latter could mean nothing because before Michael’s trial, I didn’t have a blog about him either.  But I’m not asking for a few million dollars to fund yet ANOTHER documentary, and I’m not trying to sell a book or making the “True Crime” rounds.  Every one of the people mentioned above have ties to the press or the media.  (Geraldine Hughes being the exception as an ex-secretary to the attorney for Chandler).

Every one of the people mentioned above has made money from this tragedy.  Every single one of  them!

I also am quite aware of the interview with Tom Mesereau.  I’ve seen it.  Tom didn’t look too happy being cut off constantly by the rude-self-promoting-snake-oil-salesman.  Did Tom Mesereau just take yet another opportunity to talk about what a good person Michael is?  I doubt he knew that Wagener would use this interview to sell an idea of purchasing Neverland using fan-base money.

Three things strike me about this video and the timing of it and here are the questions I have:

Either William Wagoner is lying about the date he shot the video (and can’t fix a typo in the 2012 date on the screen) or . . .

William Wagoner is showing a leaf-covered outer entry of Neverland in an attempt to convince fans and appealing to their emotions, that Neverland is neglected and cover up for a story that appeared on TMZ (and other news sources) stating Neverland was restored or . . .

TMZ (and other news sources) was lying about Colony Capital’s restoration of Neverland and about the Music School idea.

Puzzling is that Colony Capital has made NO public statement either denying or confirming either story about the future of Neverland. 

Also puzzling is the fact that William Wagoner, if his timeline on this video is even accurate, shot this film on December 11, 2010 (not 2012), uploaded it on December 14, 2010, four days before the story about Neverland’s restoration even appeared on TMZ.  Convenient timing, don’t you think?

Did they KNOW that Neverland was being restored or that a story about such would be published?

Puzzling again?  I remember a blaze of Twitter posts about the audacity of Colony Capital over the delivery of concrete to Neverland Ranch back in June of last year!  Source

Neverland Receiving Concrete in June of 2009 


Then in September of 2009, the New York post (and a few other ‘news’ sources) reported plans by Colony and Jermaine to turn Neverland into a theme park (you mean, like it WAS before Michael left his home after his trial?)  at this source here.

And now, because William Wagoner filmed a rather lousy quality video tape OUTSIDE of Neverland gates with dead leaves blowing around, we are supposed to believe that no upgrades were made to Neverland.  At least the captain of the titanic made the assumption that there was more to the eye when trying to avert an iceberg in the North Atlantic one fateful night.   Is it deliberate deception with Wagoner or incredible short-sightedness?

The photos I published on linked to the Merry Christmas blog are indeed photos of past visitors as Spotlight suggested to me in her Christmas day phone call.  However, THESE are not.

TMZ reported that the rides had been restored but they are NOT pictured with the news item.  Only a restored residence, train station and pictures of catering RV’s for the Christmas party are pictured from an aerial shot, complete with appropriate flora and fauna for the time of year in that area of California. 

Wagoner’s video could have been filmed about the same time, but there is no video inside the park.  Some fans may not know that Neverland had two sets of gates.  The outer one was the stone you see below.  This is the gate in which William Wagener was filming outside.

Gates William Wagener filmed his video

Note that these gates are flanked by a wall of fieldstone.  The same wall in which Wagener gets a closeup of Erin Jacob’s graffiti.  This video could have been taken at the same time considering the condition of the foliage.

This second picture below is the inside gates in which Michael had his arch installed.  Note the wall flanking THESE gates are brick, NOT fieldstone.  Wagener’s video is not taken inside Neverland or of the area where the train station, residence or theme park are located.

The inside Gates, Where the Arch once appeared

The timing of the publishing of this video is before TMZ’s announcement that Colony had restored Neverland.  Wagener’s video either has nothing to do with TMZ’s announcement or it has everything to do with TMZ’s announcement.

Wagener is trying to restore Neverland, so he says.  Is there any proof whatsoever that he has any agreement of sale for Neverland?  How is he going to buy Neverland from people unwilling to sell it?

There has been an incredible flow of money, from fans pockets in an excruciating economy, to the pockets of those preying on the emotional vulnerability of fans.  I ask you . . . What justice has come of the millions that have already come into the coffers of the merchants and charlatans who have taken your money?

Lisa Marie wanted sunflowers at Forest Lawn.  Why didn’t SHE buy them?  Too “indifferent”?

The garden at the music school in (I forget where it was).  Is this bringing Michael Justice?

The banners?  A show of support.  Not bad but we still have the same people looking to bleed fans with requests for money for Christmas presents for Michael’s children, more banners, T-shirts, a major campaign to buy an album of over-processed demos and impersonators called “Michael”, and various requests for donations to help different people afford to visit Forest lawn and now the documentary.

How is enriching someone selling T-shirts at a court house going to bring Michael justice?

This is all starting to get out of hand, especially now with the call to Michael fans to fork over “$10 from each fan world-wide”.  It does not cost that much money to make a documentary.  You can do it with one video camera and a talking head.  Just ask Stephanie Wilburn.

Buying back Neverland?  It’s a great dream except that it seems just fine with its present owners.   Colony Capital has not even talked about selling Neverland and Neverland is being restored.  So sorry to disappoint Mr. Wagener.  If he were truly interested in justice for Michael, maybe he could leave his own personal vendettas behind and start focusing on the entity that paid off the officials in the first place.  Sneddon had to be bought. The judges had to be bought.  Even crooked public officials don’t put their careers on the line unless there is big money involved.  That big money had to come from Somewhere.

Perhaps Wagener could ask Sony for a loan?

Feedback from a friend:

Bonnie, I'd say your instincts about not trusting Wagener were spot on.  I did some checking and found out that he once ran for county supervisor of Santa Barbara in the years before Michael's trial.  His political aspirations fell flat because it was discovered he had an arrest record.  Don't know what the charges were, but he is a convicted felon who did jail time! 

He is likely using Michael's name to enhance his notoriety and gain public a crusader for justice! 

Wagener is not only preying on Michael's fans to raise funds, but I'll bet he's using Tom Mesereau's interview to enhance his credibility by showing everyone he was able to get someone like Mez on his show.  I think Wagener is it for himself, which now explains why he was talking so much about his own opinions during the interview and giving Mez less on camera time to respond to important questions. 

I know I can kiss the money goodbye and don't expect to see anything come of this so-called project.

Glad I saw learn something new every day!  For what it's worth, I hope this will help you determine what Wagener was up to with that Neverland video!

Love you, Bonnie! 

There is no sense in making a documentary unless you are going to address the real issue and expose the root of the evil.  If all they are going to do is repeat what has already been put out there, they are wasting your money and everyone’s time. 

I don’t think Michael would want his fans to be taken advantage of in his name.  Documentaries will not bring justice.  Diverting the attention and resources of Michael’s fans will not bring Michael justice.  Stopping the flow of money into the behemoth behind Michael’s torment will.  We all know who that is, and it didn’t take millions of dollars to figure out who it was.  Michael told us for free.  Michael paid with his life because of it.  Keep that in mind before financing another criminal’s ambitions for glory.

Remember to research before funding anyone, please.  It’s your money.  Stop funding these people.  They have enough of your money!

Stop Feeding the Monster

Micah 3:11
Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the LORD’s support and say, “Is not the LORD among us? No disaster will come upon us.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michael Jackson’s Christmas Present

Christmas 2010 – Michael Jackson’s Christmas Present
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Don’t laugh, I was nervous!

In the Beginning, God Created the Heaven and the Earth . . . The entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation is a love story for the world.  What I have learned in the last year personally is that my life, from beginning to end, is also a love story.  I am here because I had to be, in order for God to be able to tell that story through me.  It just took me a lot longer than Michael to figure that out.

Michael, this song is just for you:

I learned this year the answer to the question most asked by those not familiar with God:  If God is about love, then why is there so much suffering in the world?

That is a good question.  I do not believe God creates suffering.  What is here we have brought into the world ourselves.  If God controls everything, then why let us do this to ourselves?  What is the plan? 

Even suffering has its purpose.  It is an opportunity to let God use you to be a blessing to someone who is in need.  If suffering persists in the world, there is a lot of us not doing our job.  When we suffer, we have a tendency (most people do) to hold onto our pain.  It is ours to burden.  That pain causes us to close up, close our hearts, close our minds and close our ability to feel, much like scar tissue.  Our eyes and ears are also dimmed as a result.  Also, when we hold onto our pain and insist on shouldering it ourselves, we are denying another the opportunity to be used by God to be a blessing to us.

We are inherently selfish creatures.  Sometimes it takes us a lifetime, if we ever learn at all, that the simple gesture of asking God to shoulder the pain of another opens all those closed doors, including the one that releases all of your pain.  Because it is at that moment you have found the unconditional love that you have been looking for all along.  Your eyes open to see things that have previously been hidden from you.  Your ears hear things you never heard before.  You feel for people in situations you’ve previously never paid attention to before or have turned away from.

God does not force himself upon you.  You have to open that door, willingly.    It is a blessing to take on the burden or the pain of another.  You are following in the footsteps of the one who shouldered the pain, the guilt and the shame for all of us.  Unconditional love is God created.  If God gave us no other choice, then unconditional love would not exist.  It has to be voluntary from us or it becomes conditional.  Without choice we would not have it and without suffering in the world, we would have no opportunity for the genuine desire to ask God for someone elses pain. 

Unconditional love isn’t received until it is given.  Our reward in a place without suffering is passing that test and following Jesus, who followed God in that simple act of unconditional love.

In a year and a half, Michael showed me how beautiful my life is, with the suffering, with the childhood I had endured, with the struggles, pain and unfairness of it all.  I see now how it all fits into the greater good.  God used this person, this man I did not know, and put him in front of me.  God used Michael’s suffering to tug and tug and tug at my heart as I was pulled to watch each and every interview trying to get to know him in an effort to defend him to a minister on my Facebook friend’s list.  I was led by the heart and walked through every searing injustice served upon him over the last 20 years in a three month time period. 

Dedicated to Michael Jackson and his Children and Family

This time last year, I was an emotional wreck and still in the process of learning and opening my eyes.  I was only a few months into my understanding of just what happened.  I wanted to revisit that.

In August of 2009, God used Michael to open my heart.  It was a chain of things that lead up to that opening and it is an experience that has changed my life forever, sometimes to the chagrin of people who used to be my friends.

It is not something easily explained to those who only saw Michael as a tabloid pop star.  But if my heart could be opened, maybe retelling it might open the hearts of new visitors to this blog.

June 25th, 2009 was a boring day from what I remember up until the early afternoon.  Driving back from a weekly trip to another town, the announcement came over the radio that Michael had died.  Not much more than a celebrity to me until then, the shifting of something deep inside me was very physical and I didn’t even connect it to Michael right away.  I had previously described it as gears suddenly slipping inside me and like a kaleidoscope being twisted out of focus, everything felt just unreal.  It  remained that way until the gears reengaged. 

That happened the week of Michael’s memorial, after my brother and my niece returned home from a week long visit over the 4th of July.   An attack on Michael on my own facebook page by a minister was an immediate emotional trigger.  I remember the feeling of reading that post like it was yesterday because it was then, that the slipping gears caught and before thinking, I jumped on this person about how Jesus would have never acted like that or called anyone names like that, etc…  This is before I even knew who Michael was, but I knew this was wrong.  This one incident is what caused me to look into who Michael was and why there was so much hatred directed toward him.

Instead of reading stories about Michael, most of which were tabloid garbage, I was led to his interviews.  I wanted to see him talking. The very first interview I ran into was the Oprah interview in 1993, before the first allegations from Chandler.  The second interview I found was the deposition in 1995 where he is being questioned about Wade Robinson and Brett Barnes.  On both interviews he talked about Jesus.  He didn’t just talk about Jesus, he was trying to explain on both videos the correlation between coming to Jesus as a child and the condition of innocence.  With my jaw agape and my eyes opening, I started bookmarking and cataloging interviews by date.  I wanted to see what time and events had done to this man as they happened.

From the end of June through the end of August I did this and began watching them when I had all I could find on Youtube.  That one day where I saw the 60 Minutes Interview, cried for two hours, then later saw “Stranger in Moscow” short film for the first time, is when it happened.  The word “abandoned” got me and I found myself in shock at the realization that I had just asked God to give to me his pain, not even knowing what good it would do now that he was dead (which is what I believed at the time).

Unconditional Love

What God gave me was the answer to finding unconditional love.  I saw what Jesus did for us, I saw what Paul did for Jesus and what John the Baptist did for Jesus.  I saw what Michael had been doing for us while getting shut down, threatened, sued, humiliated in the press, accused of doing vile things to children he unconditionally loved and helped.  I saw Michael’s message and the real reason they wanted to shut him down.  I suddenly understood why I had the childhood that I had.  I understood Michael’s emphasis on innocence and I saw where society was working to destroy it and I also learned why it was that God instilled Michael with that sensitivity and draw to children.

Because that is where the evil is aimed.  God saw the entertainment industry taking aim at our young . . . our most innocent and vulnerable.  God knows what is behind it.  Parent and child being separated from each other, the family unit begins to break down just as little Michael Joe Jackson’s voice is being discovered by his mother while he is making his bed one day.

Michael and the Jackson 5 “ABC Demo” – Rare

They would not let me embed this one but you have to see it . . . home movies, 8mm reel type of young Michael and his brothers at home.

Michael - He never really changed at all
Love is the answer to everything he is . . . with all of us 

Michael interviewed by Dick Clark in 1970

And Michael a little older – about 15 to 16 years old

Michael’s pain of a missing childhood and nights in hotels and on the road, going to sleep without a mother’s arms around him from the time he was six years old created a divine empathy for children everywhere.  Michael’s pain became a blessing to children in hospitals, orphanages, the inner cities and the rural poor.  In taking on THEIR pain with his first promise to his mother, to help the children in Africa he saw on t.v. as a child, Michael could ease and release his own pain.

Merry Christmas from Michael to Children in Need

Michael Christmas 1998 at Neverland.  Prince is almost 2 and very cute.  Michael in pajamas taking pictures of everything in sight and taking video of his boy. . . typical dad, also very cute to see.  (Michael . . . I want one too!  Whatever it was at :043!)  “Trash, people!” 
(Yeah right, its Christmas, LOL)

Michael talking about the child in every man, woman AND child and why Neverland appealed to everyone.  At 2:54, Michael says he will never sell Neverland.  This was one of the rare glimpses of all there is available to do at Neverland.  My husband?  The quads for sure.  I’m a water girl.  Anything to do with water and speed, sliding, splashing, shooting (water) and I’m there.  I always thought if everyone in American loved the water and had access to it on a daily basis, there would be no obesity problem here.  There are things you can do in the water that you can’t do on land . . . okay I know, the video!

Michael’s own home movies circa 2002

I found this video by accident and I thought when I saw it, what a beautiful way to say Merry Christmas to Michael.  It is not my video, I did not make it (as you will see at the end, this person believes Michael is dead, I do not commit to that), but in their own words, Debbie Rowe and Michael both testify to Prince, Paris and Blanket being Michael’s children.

Debbie Rowe . . . Wherever you are please know that I love you and will defend you as Michael’s family because you are.  I want to give you a big hug and thank you for making him happy.

Michael and Debbie talk about their children

Michael’s Last Christmas With His Children 2008

Michael and Some Pictures with His Children

From Stevie Wonder, Dedicated to Michael . . . In the Arms of God, Regardless of what you believe, He is in the Arms of God.
I wanted to include a comment on this video I saw posted below:

“The music was already written, the lyrics (which you can tell are unfinished) were for MJ.   Stevie probably has hundreds of compositions on demo and in his mind, he decided to pull one out and dedicate it to MJ.”

And my personal favorite, and no, to this day I cannot listen to this without tears.  Michael, this is what was supposed to be.  What is going on now is not.  The people that interrupted, marred and sullied your true purpose here will not see any rest as long as I am breathing.  This is not just about your music, your status as a performer, it is not even about your catalog.  If it were just about the catalog or the money, then why the persecution? 

No.  This is about God, what he means to you, where your love for others comes from and where your message comes from.  These children in this video is what this is all about.    The love you expressed for people everywhere is what this is about.  This has been a battle between good and evil all along.  It is a  battle between truth and lies, between love and hate, contentment and jealousy, ecstasy and anguish.  It was here before you and it will continue until God makes his margin call.

What happened in 2003 – 2005


Arrest –

60 Minutes Interview

Note Michael’s demeanor above.  Between the 60 Minutes interview and Geraldo, something happened.  Below Michael was quite direct, focused and almost serene.


On the Jesse Jackson Interview, Michael was informing the audience that he was well aware of the conspiracy against him and how deep it was.  Again Michael was very clear, direct and yet calm.  What happened?

Jesse Jackson Radio show

So what changed between the 60 Minutes Interview and the Geraldo and the Jesse Jackson Radio interview? 

Could There have been an “intervention”?  What gave Michael the confidence through these interviews?  Was there a prayer answered?

Christmas Gift for Michael – Give in his name

African Life Youth Foundation –
An African initiative in response to the needs of the youth.
A documentary of their work in Uganda assisting the youth in how to avoid STD's and how to be responsible and how to work in relationships with others. Working tirelessly to stop abortion in Africa altogether.

Samaritans Purse
This Charity is one of those child oriented in which the largest percentage of donations go directly to those in need instead of overhead.  Churches organize the donating around the world.  Our church takes part in the “Christmas Child” amongst other things.  They also work in areas hit by natural disaster like the earthquake in Haiti last year.

I wanted to include one comment from this video, which is a testimonial of someone who was a child in Russia getting these shoebox gifts:

“I remember living in Russia and getting those shoe boxes. Now i live in USA, have a great job and God blessed me so much. I am so happy and blessed now to do this for others as i remember how special it was for me as a kid!
Just letting you know all, it might a little help from your point of view, but for those who get this present its BIG! And they grew up they will remember that someone cared for them. Because i certainly do!

Sleeping Children Around the World
SCAW raises funds to provide bedkits to the neediest of children in underdeveloped and developing countries. 100% OF YOUR DONATION GOES TO THE CONTENTS OF THE BEDKIT FOR THE CHILD.  Info:
For more information please visit: or their Youtube channel

And Last Michael, a hospital in Argentina, our friend Liz Johnson participated in charity drive for a hospital in Argentina, for children and babies in that hospital. This is what she wrote.

"If you can dream it, you can do it" MJ

A year ago, I was member of a group of fans who love a very well-known actor here in Argentina, a very generous man who is committed to organize charity campaigns. In 2008, he was named UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for refugees.

Together we decided to form a charity group. Our first campaign was to help a children's hospital. They needed (and still need) lots of things, such as toys, nappies and clothes, but they desperately needed an incubator for premature babies.

We visited the hospital and took toys, clothes and nappies for the little babies and kids. Our beloved actor was able to get wheelchairs through an organization called Cilsa. We also started raising funds, but the incubator was very expensive. Sadly, our charity group dissolved a short time later but many of us continued walking the path of charity.

On Dec 13 last year, I met a wonderful group of Michael's fans, and when I asked them for help to raise funds for the hospital they said "Yes" instantly and unconditionally.

To sum up, this Dic 13, "an angel fan" from abroad donated all the money to buy the incubator! The same day, a year after! We are very happy and thankful to this "angel fan" of Michael’s. We can't express our gratitude and our happiness enough. This person asked me not to reveal their identity, so I will respect that.

I always say my beloved actor opened the gates to charity for me... Michael took my hand and he is teaching me how to walk this sweet path of giving.

This is a very short account on the miracles Michael has brought to my life. Those of you who are interested in knowing the complete story on how Michael has “rocked my world” will be able to do it through a book I’m writing to share my experience. I hope I can publish it very soon.

Dear Bonnie, thank you very much for your friendship. I love you very much.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you very much, Michael, my Messanger of Love.
I will love you for the rest of my life.


I asked Liz to upload it to Youtube so that I could embed the video into the blog.  This is what I saw when I went to the link she sent me:

This is the same thing Sony did to Michael in 2001 when Michael wanted to release the song and video “What More Can I Give” in response to and to raise money for the victims of 9-11 in New York, The Pentegon and Pennsylvania.  All the artists had already done their recording and t he video was produced and finished.   Sony still having Michael under contract, said “No”, blocked the video and the song and  the project was dropped.  Many spoke out about it, but not enough people.

What fascinated me was the speed in which the video was blocked.  It was on Youtube for less than 12 hours.  With the millions of videos on Youtube, how did they find this little one from someone who has not posted that many videos?

Those of you wanting to see this video, just ask or send a private message request.

Michael, this was meant as part of your Christmas present and I’m sorry you can’t see the video, but you know about it and THAT they cannot stop.

Facebook Video

Michael . . . Whatever Happens, Remember This

An Answered Prayer

Precious as smiles
A charge in the air
An answered prayer

A life so real
A love so pure
Joy is the answer
Is what hope is for

Lending a hand
Giving a heart
Faith in demand
A prayer is a start

For greed and envy
There is no room
In hearts of love
Exists no doom

Before the last tear
Hits the floor
His presence felt
Grief no more

Open call
For those of faith
The gathering
For love’s sake

For evil’s plan
They do not dare
Can’t overcome
The answered prayer

Bonnie L. Cox © Poem 2010

God bless each and every one of you.  Please have a warm, safe and Merry Christmas.  Hope is contagious, Faith is the symptom, love is the cure.

God Bless you Michael (wherever you are), Prince, Paris and Blanket and the rest of the Jackson Family and Merry Christmas.