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Michael Jackson Justice: Is Michael Hidden in His Lyrics?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is Michael Hidden in His Lyrics?

December 4, 2010 – Michael is In The Light Where He Cannot Be Found

James 5:16 – 18: Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. 17 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. 18 And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.”

“The prayer of an innocent person is powerful, and it can help a lot.  Elijah was just as human as we are, and for three and a half years his prayers kept the rain from falling . . .”   Inside the Mysteries of the Bible, pg 139. 

“I’ve got this problem, but I don’t have anybody to help me. I’ve got this dream, but I don’t have the resources.”  No, here is what I’ve learned; everything you need to fulfill your destiny is within reach. God will always use something that’s close to you. It may not look extraordinary, but you have what it takes to fulfill your destiny.  When David faced the giant, Goliath, all he had was a slingshot and five stones. It looked ordinary. He could have thought, “I’m not going to face Goliath. That would be foolish. I don’t have a chance.” No, David knew that with God on his side, those ordinary stones would be exactly what he needed. Sure enough, David defeated Goliath and made history.  Today, remember, victory isn’t about what you have, it’s about God’s anointing on what you have.  With God on your side, all things are possible!  Focus on Him and what He can do in your life because He has extraordinary things in store for you.” From the Joel Osteen Program, whom I don’t really follow, but I did like this particular message.

“Every day, create your history”  Michael Jackson - History
“…All is possible if God is on my side”  Michael Jackson – Speechless

Michael and the Jackson Brothers, Creating their History

What I see through all of this going on with and beyond Michael, is a systematic destruction of this message.  For some reason I believe the three years and six months mentioned in James 5:17 is significant.  Why?  Because it is also mentioned in Revelation.  It is also half of the number seven.  It is a number I hold in my head for some reason and it has been haunting me.  I am sure it will hit me when the time is right. 

The entertainment industry has been key in steering what is normal and considered acceptable in society.  Not just with Movies, but with music, and other mediums of art.  It has also infiltrated our sources of news, our children’s schools, and our government systems.  It is not just here in the states either.   The destruction of the message began before Michael sung about it. 

I get so overwhelmed thinking about this sometimes, like writing this blog update investigating Branca, because it is not just him.  I have to sit back because I find the tears are blurring my vision before I even realize I my thoughts have completely left the topic I am writing about.  But has it?

Michael’s songs about this are all through his albums.  This message is all over his speeches.  My God this man TRIED!  They buried him in bad press, sycophants and thieving employees and two horrendously damaging accusations which patterns followed each other to the letter.  Michael told us, and some of us have already forgotten it.  You want to know why I get angry about this Sony album that was put out and THAT is really such a small battle in part of a bigger war.  If we lose that one?  What hope does Michael have?  Everything he suffered will have been for nothing and personally, that is not acceptable to me.

They attempted to financially sabotage Michael.  They couldn’t do it directly, he was too loved.  They began with the rumors in the press, moved people in around him and replaced people that worked for him.  Michael’s trusted were systematically removed and you want to know how?  By doing the SAME THING they are now doing to fans.  Using plants and setting up groups on Facebook to entrap fans, only with Michael, rumors were started by “employees” about other employees, undermining the trust.  This blog and others have been responsible for educating them, so now who do they target?  The newbies.   Same pattern, they just pick up and move on to the next group, spinning their faulty webs.

Michael said to Jesse Jackson, “Conspiracy, all around me”.  Deborah Kunesh, Charles Thomson, the TINI group, and those bloggers (you know who they are) are busy at work following the same blueprint they used to turn the public against Michael.

No, Michael was not nor did he ever want to work with Sony ever again.  The same people doing this to him are still with Sony.  Fans are seeing exactly what has been going on now, because unlike the artist these people were trying to destroy, they don’t have an original idea one in their head.  They can’t even come up with new lies.  Their contradictions to Michael’s own history gives them away. 

Michael’s “Thiller 25th Anniversary Album” was Michael’s last contractual obligation to them.  How do we know for sure?  Because Michael said so!  From 4:27 through 4:43, Michael mentions Sony by name three times.  At 5:42 Michael says that “we” (that is ME AND YOU) "can’t let them get away with what they are doing".  “THEY” - Not “Tommy Mottola” only . . . but T-H-E-Y.  And those T-H-E-Y people are STILL WITH SONY Today! 

At 5:50 Michael says, “I just owe Sony One More Album – It’s just a box set, really”.  That BOX SET was the Thiller 25th Anniversary Album.  All remixes.   Mark down the times mentioned above and listen to Michael:

The Ultimate Collection and the Definitive Collection were PUT OUT BY SONY because they could put out any previously recorded music of Michael’s that they wanted, without permission or collaboration. The work was already done.  Sony owned the rights to them until July 7, 2009.  One of Michael’s “two new songs” that he “owed Sony “ (mentioned at 5:56, which he wrote AGES ago), was distributed between those two “collections”.  The “collections” were a “nose-thumbing” to Michael.    

Notice Michael lets his fans in on the fact that “Thriller 25”  is “just a box set, really . . .”  Why would he do that if he was concerned about its sales?  Because he wasn’t.  He didn’t want Sony to make ANY money on it.  At the time, Michael was a “free agent” as he said.  He had other projects planned.  Shortly after this 2002 speech, is when they went in for the kill; Then the editing of the Martin Bandier documentary, the tampering with witnesses who ORIGINALLY defended Michael (Arvizos), then the 2005 trial in which they tried like hell to financially and psychologically ruin him.  They failed.  Michael prayed.  God prevailed.

Who are T-H-E-Y?  Marty Bandier, the original counter bid against Michael for the ATV catalog back on 1985.  Tommy Mottola, who is still VERY MUCH involved with Sony (The “gatekeeper of Michael’s unreleased music” – at 0:13)


John Branca is still very much involved with Sony, McClain, Howie Weitzman, and others, which we will cover later.  

Nothing much has changed at the top.  Only the rotating stalkers, fake journalists and facebook entrappers change.  If they are contradicting Michael, they are NOT for Michael.  It’s that easy to spot them.

Even me, who lives in nowhereville, who started a blog originally to document the process of getting to know Michael and who he REALLY was, has had the same thing happen.  At least one blog was created since June of this year, specifically to attack my blog.  That began when I first started seeing and reporting that AEG just may have been helping Michael.  Since then another blog started up, then rotating “facebook friends” when I expose them and delete them, more apply.  David Edwards sent me many, many “friend suggestions”.  He began bombarding me with appeals to post his blog which seemed to concentrate on Michael’s innocence during the trial and the press.  I didn’t understand why he concentrated so much on the past when many others had already done so (Aphrodite, Geraldine), it got to the point where I felt he was trying to distract me from the direction my blog was taking.  I learned later he was.  He supports Thomson, Sony and Branca.  You see their alliance to the same all over facebook with the same explanations:

1. “Michael and Sony had a good relationship.  His problem was only with certain individuals”

…Of which still work for Sony.  See Michael’s speech above again.  Michael says Sony, Mottola says he still controls Michael’s unreleased music.  Michael’s entire speech was about Sony, Mottola only took up a minute and thirty-one seconds of that almost ten minute speech.  It was SONY as WELL as other individuals.

2. “Branca was rehired by Michael in 2003, the same year he was fired”

We’ve proven this is not the case and that Branca showed up in Michael’s life only after Sony got involved in the concerts and quite possibly after TII footage was sold to Sony.  Michael never rehired him as his attorney.  Sony edited and had complete control of the “TII” footage after they purchased it.  They could have added producers, credits, anything.  Branca and McClain were added as producers and they also appeared with Michael’s 2002 Will after he died,  AND WERE APPOINTED by Melville even though blatant conflict of interest existed.

3. “Boycotting the Sony Produced “Michael album will hurt Michael’s children”.

No, it will not.  Michael’s children HAVE already been provided for.  At 6:09 minutes on that Sony Speech video above, Michael tells us he writes at least 100 to 120 songs PER ALBUM.  Michael did not stop writing songs after Invincible.  The first Posthumous album Sony can throw together is this mess called “Michael” with the jacked up demo tracks including an Michael impostor?   Somebody has those other hundreds of songs in safe keeping for his children.  Michael’s children are quite safe.  Don’t you think after this speech and after that trial that Michael would have made sure of that?

4.  “Michael’s brothers are not to be trusted, they are money hungry, took advantage of Michael”

Let’s take a look at this closely.  How much money has Michael’s brothers made since Michael died?  (off of Michael).  How much money has AEG made?  How much money has Sony made?  How much has Branca/McClain made off of their 10% of the increases in the estate?  Who is the one making a killing here?  Only the last two entities mentioned are making big bucks from Michael’s earning power, NOT his family or his children!  Jermaine is getting sued for back child support according to the last update I saw on him.  This is Michael’s brother.  Regardless of what you think about Jermaine’s reaping what he has sown, the fact of the matter is, Jermaine is family, Branca is not.  And Branca has made a lot more money off of Michael then his family did!  He wants to make sure that continues!

While we’re on the subject of “killing”, if everything is so hunky-dory with Michael/Sony and The Estate, then again WHY ARE PEOPLE GETTING KILLED?

These arguments that these Sony-worms are putting out are NOT making sense when you look at the HISTORY, look and LISTEN to MICHAEL’S OWN WORDS and compare it to their self-contradicting arguments.

The “official word” from the Jackson Estate has NOTHING to do with Michael.   It  is worth nothing.  Michael is not running the estate, Branca and Weitzman are.

Any question you may have regarding who was behind what happened to Michael?  Ask Michael.  He is all over youtube.  It is not that hard to find the answers, unless you don’t WANT to find them.

Michael’s “legacy” has already been created, musically.  Any albums with his name on it put out WITHOUT HIM is the only thing that will undermine that legacy .  It is NOT MICHAEL’S WORK.  It is SONY’S LIES.

On the “Sony Speech” above, at 6:52 Minutes, Michael says “I am leaving Sony . . . Owning HALF of Sony Publishing, and they are VERY ANGRY WITH ME because of it…”

There it is Mr. Branca, in Michael’s own words.  Just how angry were you?  You can’t argue with truth, but you can try to cover it up.  However, it is not going to work.  Michael documented nearly everything on video.  And much like the song “Threatened” he is showing up all over the place, isn’t he? 

Aggravating, isn’t it? ;o)

And what of the “certain individuals” within Sony who they say Michael really had the disagreement with? 

Well, out of a nine minute and 40 second speech, Michael gave Mottola a whole minute and thirty-one seconds.  The rest is what SONY was doing to Michael.  And much like the garbage going on with the rotating Facebook stalker-friends Sony did nothing to Tommy but rotate others in his place.  Mottola is still very much awaiting his payola just like the rest of them.  Anyone trying to tell you different is a liar, and probably an individual with multiple facebook profiles to make it look like there are a larger number of Sony-compliant fans than there actually are.  Trust me on this.  I used to do the very same thing in marketing online to avoid spam issues.  You will know them by their arguments (fruits).

With that said I want to embark on a little project.


Michael’s Invincible Album was his last original, recorded album.  Let’s talk about some of the songs on this album since Sony wanted no part in promoting it when it was first released.  (Because they Suck.  How’s that Michael?)  I have wanted to dig into this for a very long time.  I listen to the songs repeatedly and much has come to light since my friend Miss “J” sent it to me.  Some songs I thought were to Lisa Marie really weren’t, if you really listen to the lyrics.  I get chills up my spine just thinking about what we are about to discover together.

Michael’s Invincible Album contained these songs:

Break Of Dawn
Heaven Can Wait
You Rock My World
2000 Watts
You Are My Life
Don't Walk Away
The Lost Children
Whatever Happens

Most of the songs on this album is Michael’s life.  I think it’s time we take a closer look at what this man went through.  Judging by the timing of this album, the fact that it was Michael’s last with originally recorded songs, I think it is safe to say that Michael was aware of quite a few things and that just possibly, that was why Sony did not want to release it.

I have a lot of information on John Branca that some of you may not have known and some new info on Michael’s real financial situation pre TII.


Don’t Walk Away

This Time Around…

="true" width="425" height="344">


This time around I'll never get bit
Though you really wanna get me
This time around I'm taking no shit
Though you really wanna fix me
Somebody's out
Somebody's out to use me

They really want to use me
And then falsely accuse me

This time around
They'll take it like spit
'Cause you really can't control me

Spoken Lyrics wrap provided by Notorious Big

“Listen, I've got problems of my own
Flashin' cameras, taps on my phone
Even in my home I ain't safe
as I should be
Things always missin'

Maybe it could be my friends
They ain't friends if they robbin' me
Stoppin' me from makin' a profit, see

Apology shallow
like the ocean
I guess I'll resort to gun totin'
If I was dead broke and smokin'
I'd probably be by my lonesome

I'm a killer nigga I ain't jokin'
Endo smoke got me choked and I'm hopin'
The fool comes slippin'
So I could blow'em open
This time around
I changed up my flow
Got rid of the rocks
Got Pitts by the door
I've raised other peoples to watch my back

Stay away from strangers
So I won't slack
And I know my nigga Mike like that”

Yeah . . . He knew what was going on.  I’m surprised that Mr. Branca and the Sony gang didn’t catch this.  You people have made billions off of his music.  Perhaps maybe you should have spent some time getting to know it?  He had your number and you didn’t even know it. 

Let’s see what else we can find.

“It doesn’t seem to matter and
It doesn’t seem right
‘Cause the Will has brought no fortune . . .”

Keep Praying for Michael and his Family….


  1. Bonnie – I have read some few blogs dedicated to Michael since he passed away. They all talk about, one way or the other, how the media abused him but never associated the media slandering and vilifying him with the music industry he worked for. It’s almost like the Michael Jackson’s bloggers completely disregard the very first conspiracy and the working of his destruction came from the industry. Why is that the bloggers are very unwilling to address this facts?

    I also believe the bloggers evading the facts kept the fans that follow them in the dark, whether they are old or new fans. Many fans know Michael had difficulty in working with Sony as long as Tommy Mottola was a CEO for Sony. Since Tommy is not there, they think the problem Michael had/has with Sony was/is solved, and Michael was/is in cahoots with them. What they don’t understand or ignore to understand is what Tommy Mottola said that he is still the “gatekeeper of Michael’s unreleased music.” What it means is even though he is not a CEO of the company but he still part of Sony and has say so one way or the other. Think about this, Tommy wouldn’t make that statement on a national TV if he has no direct impact on the company. So those of you who still believe Tommy is not with Sony, please stop for a second and listen what he himself said that he is still the “gatekeeper.”

    I work for a company that our former CEO sits on the board of the company and has still says so in running the business of the company. How the arrangement made I have no clue, my point is it can happen for the former CEO to still have an impact on the company they don’t manage directly.

    I believe this is a huge failure in the part of Michael’s bloggers from not educating the fans that the music industry specifically Sony abused and continue abusing Michael using every means and Tommy Mottola is very much part of Sony.

  2. @Mimi - did you get my email? I'm trying to find the link. I have hundreds of bookmarks. I found the one with the spoken tapes if you want that?

    Some of the bloggers you mention are neglecting to "educate" people on purpose. Their job is to take as much attention off of Sony as they can and funnel all the blame into the press and even AEG. All I know is that if there are people THAT ANGRY that people are being killed, then SOMEBODY is frantically looking for info about something because without it, they are not going to get what they worked so hard to steal.

    This is a 20+ year investment they made . . . forget Michael, the human being! This is 20+ years of huge money being poured into plants, the meticulous character destruction of Michael using the press, the buying off of officials, paying a gang of women to stalk him back and forth between rehearsals, home and doctors offices . . . they're ticked!

    You have Ronni Chasen, a high profile public relations professional in Hollywood shot five times in the chest. Whoever did this was angry. They say a crime of passion and I believe that! Someone found out she was working for someone behind their back. From the looks of your typical mob hit? They were angry, possibly shocked that she was helping someone, but did not want to destroy her face.

    Your typical mob hit like this . . . it is customary when they have to take out someone they admired, they do it, but with respect. The face isn't touched, they are taken out quickly and their funerals/memorials are usually taken care of. If she had any family, they would have been "gifted" or taken care of if the death would result in a financial hardship.

    Ronni's Memorial was held on Sony's Lot. (Shrug???)

  3. Brilliant blog yet again Bonnie.

    I can't stop thinking about the manner in which Ronnie Chasen was executed. It was such a violent and vicious attack and now it looks like the real perpetrators will never be found if the police continue to believe that the case is solved and it looks like it's going down that road.

    When I first saw that angry video of Michael talking about leaving Sony and how he outsmarted them, a lightbulb came on in my head. It was a long time ago - shortly after June 09 - but it woke me up with a vengeance. Sony's vindicativeness to an artist who made a fortune for the company and Branca's association with it. Then Branca's double betrayal with the offshore accounts with Mattola.

    I don't care how many bloggers try to santitise Sony and Branca - they just can't succeed because as you say Bonnie, Michael told us the truth.

    The reality today is that Sony and Branca and McClain have taken the lion's share of moneys generated posthumously by Michael (yes, Michael did the selling and not the estate because the public remembered how special he was in their lives after he died). This makes me so angry to see his enemies revel when his family receives a pittance. All because of that hoax Will.

  4. Bonnie,
    I have to say I was shocked when I first heard the rap from This Time Around ; Michael didn't feel safe in his own home and things were going missing. The pressure was really mounting up.

    I read an article that interviewed former Sony/ATV Chairman Paul Russell, who left in 2003, that says Michael turned up for board meetings and other important meetings about the catalogue. I read another article that said after 2003 Michael did not attend any board meetings and did not meet the new Chairman Martin Bandier, who came in 2007. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but if it is, you have to ask yourself why Michael would abandon his duties in this way? Or was it a calculated move to remove himself from the company politics and admin whilat still accruing maximum profits from his investment? I think the date, 2003, is significant.

  5. Bonnie,
    Isn't it possible that all these killings are because the "Bad Guys" want to tie up loose ends?

    They need to get rid of anyone who could testify against them in court. So they are killing off these people.

    The reason I ask this question, is because when Sonny Bono was killed, they made it look like a skiing accident.

    But what the news never told the public, was that 10 other people all died of heart attacks right after Sonny died.

    These 10 people were the "Loose Ends" I am talking about.

    All this I found on You Tube. Sonny Bono was a Congressman and he was about to Reveal a Drug Ring and Name - "NAMES"!

    That's why they Assasinated him and all those who had information about this Drug Ring.

    And to this day, they never caught the people who Murdered / Assasinated Sonny Bono.

    And the Drug Ring continues!

    So couldn't these killings of people Michael knew, also be tieing up "Loose Ends"?

  6. @Bonnie and Karin - Karin, your last sentence "All because of that hoax Will." I've stated my opinion on that on this blog in the past. The will is either a fraud or he signed under great duress while fighting with Sony (with Sharpton's help in NYC, then flying to LA to sign the will late on a Sunday, or maybe signing the will in NYC even though it stated Los Angeles). I wish this could be pursued but am void of ideas on how to get the information. Leonard Rowe (yes Bonnie I know) stated in his book that Randy Jackson said he had a tape showing Michael in NYC on July 7, 2002, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have hopped a late flight across country, feeling threatened, to sign a will. I just don't know, and will we ever know?

  7. Bonnie,
    Forgive me for asking this question here because it's off topic but, I was looking at Sam's photos with Celebrities and wondering......

    If these photos are all Photo-Shopped, couldn't the Celebrities "Sue Her" for using Their Image in a False way?

  8. Most fans first search from their home Internet all or most aspects of Michael's life prior to joining various blogs. If some of the fans don't even use their own judgement's capacity based on true historical facts but prefer instead to rely lazily to any garbage they read here & there, then they are "blind sheep".

    As you confirmed many times, Bonnie, in Michael's history & passing, the initial factual events should prevail :

    1. Michael's Album "Invincible" was sabotaged by Sony/Mottola in 2001 & Michael at odds with Sony since then.
    2. Michael was to be legally freed from Sony in 2002: only a vicious little appendix or sentence placed in the original Sony/MJ Agreement (with John Branca as Attorney) obliged Michael to continue to accept Sony owning his rights until July 7, 2009 : so conspiration was there.
    3. Michael "coincidentally" passed on 06.25.2009 when 12 little days later if still alive, he would have been definitely FREED from Sony's clutches on his Music.
    4. Weeks before 06.25.2009, Michael rehearsed for his TII comeback with the goal to re-emerge financially & publicly before he turns to film direction : but John Branca, as one of the T.I.I producers & Sony-allied, surged from the past, as well as others & was hanging around the rehearsals as well as gang stalkers. The 2002 Will held by John Branca, was legalized by an LA Judge in 2009 but very disputed to date.

    However, Sony - always Sony - may never be charged for their malpractice - if not crime. So their accomplices paid & corrupted by them to harm Michael, WHO are they ? individuals like gang stalkers, we know, but the rest ? MOB ? then it's practically a lost case : Michael might have had such paid MOB individuals spying, stalking him inside his Holmby home or on the TII set. The related too perfect "suicides" of Peter Lopez & Evan Chandler : more than suspicious. Ronny Chasen's murder, a murder contract, yes, but really related to Michael or to her own family or business entourage ? The Sony/AEG connection: I know it's not welcome here, but again I may be wrong so let's wait 2011. Last, Conrad Murray: Sony accomplice or AEG accomplice or simply a tragically inadequate doctor ?

    My only very little hope is with Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Brian Panish, famous for his numerous case winnings on important trials : this lawyer & his team surely conduct through investigation teams paralell researches : I don't even imagine that such a serious & reknown legal office could afford to charge AEG without solid proofs if AEG is innocent.

  9. Just stop by to say that you were right about Debbie of "Reflections..."
    I have said before that I didn't see her promoting the album, but she does and very strongly...

  10. @Karin - Thank you! That is why I am so angry. You know, I can recall quite a few songs where Michael is asking fans not to give up on him and we are going to go into some of those. I listened to one of them in the car today coming back from the store and I don't know why I do this to myself, but tears again . . . driving into sunlight. It doesn't work for road safety. I'm surprised I didn't get pulled over for drunk driving.

    Those people who are so insistent that Michael was "friendly" with Sony, ignorantly contradicting Michael's own speeches have an agenda, because nobody can be that blind and stupid unless it is on purpose (No, I am not mincing words, the kid gloves are off), and while they are out there campaigning for this album (What's the matter Sony? Can't the album stand on it's own merits? Tough to do that with substandard material isn't it?) anyone that says they are not buying the album, they pounce all over like a bunch of rabid animals that no longer bother to even lift their leg before relieving themselves. Then they can't figure out why everyone else notices they smell (lies are noticed).

    Karin we just have to continue working at it. Did you see the Oprah interview with the Cascios?' I have not. Did it air yet?

  11. Princessglam said - "I read an article that interviewed former Sony/ATV Chairman Paul Russell, who left in 2003, that says Michael turned up for board meetings and other important meetings about the catalogue. I read another article that said after 2003 Michael did not attend any board meetings and did not meet the new Chairman Martin Bandier, who came in 2007. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but if it is, you have to ask yourself why Michael would abandon his duties in this way? "

    Well Princess you bring up a good point . . . several actually. Beginning in 2001, Michael knew Sony was up to no good. He was just beginning to find out the depth of this conspiracy and also learned in 2002 that the rights to his songs that were due to revert to him, was actually defrauded from him thanks to the negligence of his lawyer, Branca. Much was going on then: Invincible, the fact that Micheal learned that John Branca was self dealing and representing both himself and Sony in a major conflict of interest. Michael requested and was granted an early out to his contract, with the completion of one more album and two new songs. In 2003, Michael fired Branca in writing, requesting all files and documents be turned over to his new lawyer, LeGrande. Then the Bashir betrayal, the accusations, investigation, arrest and trial. During the investigations in late 2003 through 2004 for the trial, was when the conspiracy was unearthed. Michael did not attend those board meetings, they were making other plans . . . to protect him and his assets.

    Bandier was one of the ones responsible for what Michael was going through. Was Michael going to come and congratulate one of the ones who made his life a living hell when Sony appointed Bandier to the board of the publishing company Michael owned half of? No way!

    It wasn't politics . . . it was survival.

  12. Josie said - "Isn't it possible that all these killings are because the "Bad Guys" want to tie up loose ends?"

    >>> What lose ends? These were people that were helping Michael. (Except Chandler) Chandler I believe was a loose end . . . a loose cannon to them. But the others? No. They all knew something and especially Lopez and Chasen. They had information these people wanted. The Wilborns I believe may have been a warning killing since they really didn't have any connection to Michael other than working for Tom Mesereau.

  13. June said - "I wish this could be pursued but am void of ideas on how to get the information. Leonard Rowe (yes Bonnie I know) stated in his book that Randy Jackson said he had a tape showing Michael in NYC on July 7, 2002, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have hopped a late flight across country, feeling threatened, to sign a will."

    >>> Rowe is back palling around with Joe again so I don't know what is going on with that. (LOL, I know, Bonnie hee-hee) Here is what I was told about the will and do not ask me my source because I can't.

    The will was signed in New York.

    Michael DID NOT WANT TO SIGN IT. I don't know what he was threatened with and I don't know how they got him to sign it but I do know that Michael suspected Branca of ill-dealings at that time.

    He did not fly back to L.A. he signed it in New York. Blanket was not on the will at that time. There were also possibly other sections and clauses added to the will AFTER he signed.

    Signed under duress? Yes. You bet. That they told me. Your guess is as good as mine as to why Branca wasn't sued to get it back, but I assume that much of THAT had to do with what they discovered during pre-trial investigations.

  14. Bonnie, I must have watched Michael's Sony speech at least ten times since last year, never really absorbing the full scope of what was happening on stage that night. The speech was a defining moment for Michael, and listening to it again just now gave me the chills! I sensed a very real danger and I think he knew it, too. It was brilliant when he asked to cut the film and sound before telling Mariah Carey's story, and then changed his mind in favor of going on the record. Allowing himself to be seen and heard, Michael was giving himself added "insurance" by exposing Mottola to the light of day, and any potential threats against Michael could ultimately lead to the "source." Michael was right when he said Sony was "very angry." Just HOW ANGRY were they? For Michael, owning half of Sony publishing was simply "good business." For Sony, it's half an empire meant to be reclaimed - at ALL cost. Is a human life expendable (or several for that matter), when the stakes are worth several billion dollars? That's billion...with a B! A sickening feeling hit me in the pit of my stomach after this speech was over. Michael's honesty left me feeling frightened for him, and we know now that his life was never the same after that.

  15. Josie said - "If these photos are all Photo-Shopped, couldn't the Celebrities "Sue Her" for using Their Image in a False way? "

    No, Josie, unfortunately they can't. No more than they can sue publications for using their photographs. Many attractions at the beach and amusement parks have the "Get your picture with a celebrity" kiosks (My son had his picture taken with Samantha Fox) and they pretty much photo-shop you next to the celebrity while you wait. Same thing with these photos.

    LineCH said - "I don't even imagine that such a serious & reknown legal office could afford to charge AEG without solid proofs if AEG is innocent. "

    >>> Right on everything you said other than I don't believe Michael is gone. AEG was not charged with anything. They are being sued . . . quite different then a charge of a crime. I also believe that AEG is acting as a connector and most agree on this only the separation is in WHO they are the connector for. I say for the family, others say for Sony. I believe AEG is a bridge to "bigger" things. Copies of contracts come to mind and if AEG was helping Michael? Then they volunteered to be sued.

  16. Beatriz said - "Just stop by to say that you were right about Debbie of "Reflections..."
    I have said before that I didn't see her promoting the album, but she does and very strongly... "

    I'm sorry Beatriz. I don't know how close you were to her, but I can tell you from experience that it stings when someone you once trusted betrays you. It stings even more when you find they are using that beautiful site they built to betray Michael and his fans.

  17. Bonnie said : " I believe AEG is a bridge to "bigger" things."

    Yes Bonnie, exactly least, let's hope so.

  18. "This Time Around" featuring Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious B.I.G. was on Michael's 1995 HIStory album. That song sounds like both men were keenly aware of dangerous entities being after them at that time.

    Biggie was murdered just two years later in 1997 while leaving the after party of the Soul Train Music Awards. He was stopped at a red light, only 50 yards from the after party venue. A car pulled up beside Biggie's Suburban and opened fire - four bullets to the chest in much the same scenario as Tupak Shakur, also 4 to the chest (plus a couple more). Does that make Ronni Chasen's 5 to the chest execution gang related or shed light on other possibilities for Biggie, Tupak and others? There is more to all of these murders.

    Surely it didn't take Michael 6 years from the time of that song to his 2001 speech or 4 years from the time of Biggie's murder to figure out who was out to "get", "use" and "control" him?

  19. June, about the alleged signing of the hoax Will. A Will has to be witnessed by two independent witnesses. The execution of the Will is extremely important to its validity. Witnesses cannot bear witness to a Will unless they are actually there to witness the testator signing the document itself. The validity of the Will could be challenged for example, if a witness signed the Will the day after or the day before the testator signed it. In other words, all parties must be present at the same time and must sign their execution clause stating that it has been signed "in each others' presence".

    This is why I am completely puzzled as to how or why a court would allow this document when the wrong place or date is on it. Yes, I have to agree with you that it is possible Michael somehow flew quickly back to LA. Bear in mind that most law offices would not stay open late into the night just to witness a will. These things are generally done in normal business hours. But I think that is drawing with a very long bow. Any probate judge would smell a rat when it's on the public record that Michael was in New York on the day the will was signed in LA.

    Then there are other factors - wrong spelling of names and certainly Michael's signature is not consistent with other signatures of his.

    Finally, no matter what duress Michael was under, he knew how crooked Branca was beyond any shadow of a doubt when the Interfor report was made public at the trial. For Branca to be conspiring with offshore accounts with Michael's sworn enemy Mattola (Michael called him evil and devilish) would surely have been the straw that broke the camel's back. I just can't see Michael allowing any will appointing Branca as his executor being permitted to remain in place. If that Will really existed in the first place then Michael would have replaced it with a new one. I don't believe it ever really existed but that they have altered the old 1997 Will which Branca drew up giving themselves greater power. My theory only.

    Bonnie, no I haven't seen the Cascios' interview with Oprah. We rarely get to see live shows of Oprah over here in Australia. Mostly we just get reruns of her shows even on cable. She has long since lost her gloss.

    To PrincessGlam, 2003 was the year that Michael's world fell down upon him. The year that he was charged by Sneddon with those allegations and handcuffed like a criminal. The year that Neverland was raided and he effectively lost the sanctity of his own home forever. The year that his financial security was destroyed because his career went on hold after all of it. Joe Jackson said that Michael went for days without eating or drinking during this period. I don't believe his life was ever the same after that year. He knew that Sony were bullies and he wasn't up to it.

  20. Bonnie "The Wilborns I believe may have been a warning"

    ...& maybe a warning on Dr. A.Klein : his ex-assistant, Bruce Ayers also died mysteriously early 2010. Michael may have confided a lot in 30 years to Dr. Klein until AEG imposed new doctor's rules to Michael, if this is true.


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