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Michael Jackson Justice: John Branca and Johnnie Roberts, Love at First Lie

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

John Branca and Johnnie Roberts, Love at First Lie

December 9, 2010 – John Branca and Johnnie L. Roberts, A New Anti-Michael Partnership

Holding On

Tired of the confusion
Tired of this mess
If it weren’t for God
I’d be Belleview’s Guest

Where is the sanity?
Where are the sane?
Where is the love?
And who is to blame?

It’s not about money
It’s not about bling
We’ve got to hold on
And let God handle things

As hard as it is
To listen to spin
When they are done playing
Just what will they win?

The prayers God will answer
In his own time
So dig in your heels
Don’t go over the line

Have faith of Abraham
And patience of Job
The Grace of sweet Jesus
Wherever you go

And whatever you do
That God gives to you
Know you’ll be blessed
When he is through

There is nothing like waking up to a crisp, sunny day in December and trying to start your day with a fresh set of tears and a steel ball in your gut.

I hate the news.  I hate the news almost as much as I hate the word “hate”.  The news IS hate.

When we wake up, I get my husband ready for work, pack his lunch and make his breakfast.   We usually sit down and pray, eat then read the Bible before he heads off to work.  But after devotion this morning, he wanted to see the news.  I can’t remember what was so important to him, but what I do remember is two things:

The update on Ronni Chasen’s murder investigation and the coverage of Julian’s Auctions on Good Morning America (This is why I hate T.V.  It is good for losing hope and that is all.)

Not Losing Hope for the Man in the Mirror

No longer internet rumor, The police in L.A. are now claiming that a bicycle-riding, unemployed, low-level ex-con living in a transient type housing complex somehow ended up on Wilshire Boulevard after midnight, on his bike.  This person rode up to Chasen’s Mercedes, shot her five times in the chest with amazing accuracy through a passenger side window while trying to rob her but taking nothing. Source 

First reports were, It was a professional hit, it was planned including the route she would take from the premiere to home, and the murderer didn’t even leave behind shell casings, signifying a professional hit.

Now, one has to wonder how many times Branca had coffee with the chief of police in his office because this is how the investigation has changed:

The man police cornered in the lobby of his housing complex supposedly shot himself with his own gun even before being served with a warrant.  No one saw this but police, and judging by quotes in the paper THEY didn’t even see it.  They only say he “sustained” a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Someone riding a bicycle at midnight on Wilshire somehow saw a Mercedes at a stop light, rode up to it and shot her five times in the chest before she could floor it and pull away.  Not only that, but a derelict on a bicycle, riding up on a Mercedes to rob it, somehow managed to shoot her, not steal anything (which supposedly was the motive for this crime), pick up all the shell casings IN THE DARK and speed away on his bicycle before anyone saw him.  FIVE TIMES!!!  Why would some derelict want her dead and spend the time picking up shell casings but take none of her valuables with him?

And what happened  to the testimony from his neighbors that Smith was talking about getting $10,000 dollars (some say for workman’s comp insurance, other say he said for killing Chasen)?  Now it’s a robbery attempt?

Believe that and I have Ocean-front Property to Sell ya in Death Valley!

Ronni’s wounds did not happen as a result of a panicked, fleeing robber on a bicycle.  This whole story is ridiculous.  Is this what your taxes are paying for, California?  You can’t even afford SMART criminal police to make up a better story than this to cover their crimes and the crimes of their buddies?  Their audacity is surpassed only by the drug cartel members south of the border!

Thankfully, one of the interviewees thought the whole “investigation” was a ludicrous as I do.  Honest people don’t become police officers anymore, you have to have a background in organized crime to qualify for the academy! And apparently you have to be really bad at lying!

(contributed, anonymous) “So, as I look at all the new cut and paste press release tripe that's coming out about this now, I realize the connection.

Sony needed someone to hype their crap. Maybe they found their man in Ronni's brother. No way he could have pulled off this kind of sophisticated integration with the blogs and the news releases all over town about the "solved" murder and all the propaganda outlets already in place, that Ronni was probably against!

So they got rid of Ronni and now Larry's got the key to the safety deposit box and all Ronni's press contacts and off they go.

So sick. Just sickening. This means, the LAPD, BHPD are involved. Cooley is corrupt to the core and they're prolly all bought off by the mob.

Michael - send us strength.” 
(She means God . . . we know you can’t do it by yourself)

Julien’s Auctions Strikes Again, This time with Branca’s Blessing in Public

Then Good Morning (yeah right!) Moscow (I mean America . . . Does that still exist or do we get arrested for saying that now?), was showing off some lovely holiday gift ideas for the rich and morbid and right on top of the display was Michael’s paintings (the one mimicked on that gross album cover of him in red royal garb with a crown on his head), his jackets, his gloves and other items before I turned away, turned off the t.v. and fought the urge to throw the remote.  (I won, I think . . . get back to you on that.)

I was told by a source that the fiasco behind Julian’s Auctions while Michael was getting his Neverland Ranch refinanced was actually Branca interference and had nothing to do with Tohme.  Tohme had Julian’s remove and catalog Michael’s belongings, which is what Michael wanted.  Julians came up with this story of Tohme threatening Julian’s with “there will be bloodshed” . . . a story that went out through the press.  However, being told that Branca had a hand in issuing an order to Julian’s to auction Michael’s things when he wasn’t even Michael’s attorney (false power of attorney?) and maybe the promise of steering other celebrity business Julian’s way?  I believe that is completely possible.  He’s lied about everything else, which brings me to another issue: The best P.R. Money can buy?

The Wrap (Not Rap)

How do these “journalists” who previously worked for mainstream news organizations end up downgrading to third/world type tabloids papers and still have a “respectable” career?

This happened to Roger Friedman previously of Fox News and it happened to Johnnie L. Roberts previously of “Newsweek”. 

Roger Friedman –

Michael’s best buddy at Fox News, Roger Friedman, was fired.  And it couldn’t (wouldn’t ) have happened to a nicer person.  I mean that in the most literal sense.  Maybe the writer of Justice4some can get him a job since he likes quoting him so often?

As Fox called in the FBI to find out who had leaked the film onto the Internet, Friedman posted a column last Thursday marveling at how easy it was to find a copy of the purloined Hugh Jackman comic book film online.”  Source

And this one:

Frog-faced liberal entertainment reporter Roger Friedman has been fired "let go" from The Hollywood Reporter, where he was hired after he was fired from Fox News last year. Roger Friedman is known for unethical reporting that first became known in 2004 when he made up a very negative story about Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Source

His numerous articles smearing Michael have finally come to a halt.  Thankfully others now are finally coming out and explaining the “debt-ridden” Michael people like Friedman tried to fraudulently put out to the public, like this article, ( Source ) which intelligently explains that Michael was not broke as the press would have us believe.  

 No, he was known long before that, in the smears he would put in print about Michael Jackson and his family.  And you know his “inaccuracies” had to be pretty bad for the Hollywood Reporter to fire him.  His Biography is here.

Did you know Roger Friedman is also a producer?  No wonder Sony used him. drop down to the bottom and look at list of producers.  Harvey Weinstein is also a producer. 

I guess it is safe to say the Roger Friedman is indeed a music industry hack who was positioned to sabotage Michael in the press.  Roger also does film editing.  Many of these people also have ties to the Jewish business community and I don’t mean the “legitimate” one.

Roger has family in the entertainment industry? 

“Prior to forming RLF Entertainment, Mr. Friedman was the President of AMC Theaters Entertainment International and the AMC Motion Picture Group in Los Angeles. He was also the President of Columbia Pictures Distribution at Burbank Studio in Hollywood California and Executive Vice President of Distribution and Marketing at United Artists in New York City. Mr. Friedman has 20 years of experience and is an active voting member on the executive branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Academy Awards-Oscars). He recently joined the Board of Advisors of Smart Video Technologies, Inc. (Cell Phone Live Entertainment). In addition, Mr. Friedman is a key partner of the "Media Entertainment Group", a business dealing with various elements and products of the entertainment industry.”  Source

Johnnie L. Roberts -

Roberts has been sent to me by quite a few people over this past week.  I read every one of his write ups.  You know who he sounds like?  Justice4Some blogger.  It’s the very same propaganda using the very same fake documents.  He claims information in documents and shows you pages from those documents that cut off the information he is quoting.    Johnnie Roberts used to work for NewsWeek and the Wall Street Journal.  Why is he writing for something as low on the totem pole as “The Wrap”?

“With a three-decade career spanning award-winning work at Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal, Roberts is one of the most respected editorial voices in the media and entertainment space.   A frequent commentator on PBS-TV’s “Charlie Rose,” CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC, as well as “Entertainment Tonight” and “Access Hollywood,” Roberts has added new media to his deep expertise in the business of television, film and music.” – Source

Well that answers everything, doesn’t it?  Looks like a steady slide down a greased pole into the pig pen.  Looking at this list, that is a lot of demotions.  But if you are being subsidized, I guess all that matters is the money, right?  Judging by Michael’s story money trumps integrity every time with these bozos. 

There was some scuttlebutt on Twitter and Facebook about the series “The Wrap” was doing on the relationship between Michael Jackson and his fired lawyer Branca.  Here are some quotes from his articles:

Who’s Controlling Michael Jackson’s Financial Empire?
“Indeed, in June 2009, within a week of Jackson's death, Branca returned to the fold after a three-year break up. Six days after Jackson's drug-fueled death -- and having spoken to him only once in three years -- Branca, along with longtime Jackson family friend John McClain,  emerged as co-executor of the tragic icon's extraordinary estate.”  Source

A three year break up? That would be the same 2006 date that Justice4some tried to claim was the real date Branca “left” Michael’s employ.  No, Michael never rehired Branca.  They are still playing this game.  Michael had Branca removed from the Sony/ATV board in 2006 as a condition of a refinancing deal in which Sony did not want to be cut from should Michael want or need to sell any portion of his ATV catalog.  They have tried repeatedly to spin this into proof that Branca was still working for Michael.

This was the first tip off that this guy, this “journalist” was up to no good with these articles. 

The Secret Report that Got Branca Fired
“Interfor’s investigation, "found a tight business relationship between Branca and Tommy Mottola,” then-CEO of Sony Music, where Jackson was an artist, according to an excerpt from the firm’s final report. The excerpt added: “Interfor has begun investigating the flow of funds from Jackson through Mottola and Branca into offshore accounts in the Carribean [sic].”

The portion of the Interfor Report is here.  Source   The article on Branca here.  Source

The article goes on to state:

“The investigation, which apparently began in late 2002, provided no credible evidence to corroborate those and other assertions. And the probe may have been little more than part of an elaborate smear campaign intended to influence the beleaguered Jackson to fire Branca.”

Really?  That is not what the whole two pages provided said.  We can see by the statement above where this is going.  Where are the rest of the pages of the report to verify this claim? 

On this link , The letter in which Michael fires Branca in 2003,  I have posted on this blog before.  Paraphrasing, the author kindly leaves out  the section where Michael request’s “any and all files, documents to be returned.  Who would try to entice Michael to fire Branca?  The lawfirm this author speculates instigated the report said the lawfirm that replaced Branca was the one ordering the report.  This is false.

“It’s unclear who ordered the investigation. But the report, dated April 15, 2003, was prepared for an attorney with Hale Lane Peek Dennison & Howard, the firm that Jackson hired to succeed Branca.”

In termination letter, Michael clearly states who Branca is to turn over all files to and that is Attorney LeGrande.  It is also in court transcripts who it was that ordered the investigation by Interfor and that was Michael’s attorney at the time, LeGrande.  LeGrande was the one interviewed about it by Tom Mesereau on May 13, 2005.  Is this supposed journalist now dismissing court documents?    In this quote below from the “Secret Report that Got Branca Fired” reads:

“(There are some indications that the report in some way figured in Jackson’s child molestation trial in 2005, and it has been grist for internet conspiracy theorists apparently for years. More recently, Joe Jackson filed the Interfor excerpts in his son’s probate case in an unsuccessful effort to oust Branca as co-executor.) “

Some indications? This whole two pages he posts online (linked to is the very same copy that I have, retrieved online as well.  Secret?  Maybe it was back in 2005, but it isn’t now!  Not only that but the final report he has online is dated April 15, 2003 (tax day?). Branca was terminated on February 3, of 2003, so Branca was fired before the report was finalized.  That was the same day the Bashir Documentary debuted.

Michael During Bashir Taping

If you read through the court transcripts of this particular day, it looks more like they are trying to accuse Michael of defrauding creditors than anything to do with why he was actually sitting in this court room.  The Fire Mountain issue was brought up on court probably to detract from the results of the Interfor report. 

According to the court transcripts of May 13, 2005, down on line 12 through 23, the Avram lawsuit is the subject and LeGrand is being questioned about the lawsuit which was going on during February of 2003, the same month Branca was fired.

On that same court transcript, LeGrand testifies: “Mr. Konitzer, and he expressed to me his belief that Mr. Jackson had significant financial resources to call upon. So the original plan was not about financial  ruin. It was developed before any of us knew of the financial circumstances that ultimately were  disclosed to me in February of 2003.” – Court Transcripts, May 13, 2005

This is when LeGrand, according to this testimony, learned of the financial mess that was now Michael’s businesses.  February of 2003 is when Branca was instructed to turn over all documents, financial statements and all files pertaining to Michael’s businesses to LeGrand. 

I found this piece of questioning interesting:

Auchincloss:  The intent of the plan was to make money,

LeGrande: yes.

Auchincloss:  One of the mechanisms for this plan was to

use the Internet as a platform; is that true?

LeGrande: Yes. There was a portion of the plan devoted to Internet. (hmmmm)

Branca absolutely was investigated and it absolutely did come up in court proceedings and Interfor DID in fact discover an improper relationship between Mottola and Branca.  Sony DID IN FACT wire funds to an account in the Carribean in John Branca’s name and Branca’s “firm” WAS INDEED also representing Sony while representing Michael Jackson.  All the court documents say was that LeGrande did not commit the funds to continue the investigation.  It does not say no improprieties were found.

Copy of court transcript for that portion of the testimony here:

“The abortive bailout was led by Goldman Sachs and included two others -- Charles Koppelman and Alvin Malnik.

A veteran music executive and investor, Koppelman and a partner had lost out to Jackson in the 1985 auction in which the performer acquired the Beatles catalogue. As Jackson's putative adviser, he recruited Goldman.”

This should throw up alarm signals all over the place!  Koppelman and Malnik working together to defraud Michael of his catalog?  Could this be why Michael looks so miserable after a certain time frame in the Malnik Pictures?  Perhaps he found out what they were trying to do?

If Koppelman was indeed working on any refinancing for Michael over this catalog, and Michael did not know Koppelman was one of the people who bid against him in 1985 for that same catalog, then who’s fault is that?  


Michael with Malnik and his friends in Florida

Does someone want to tell me how Koppleman, as a previous rival for the catalog and a rival music executive with another company end up being an advisor to Michael?  I cover his shenanigans here , here , and here

This also on page two of this article:

“About Interfor and its owner, Malnik wrote: “I have heard negative and unreliable comments about that company and its director, Juval Aviv.”

An Israeli émigré, Aviv once made a Village Voice headline, “Secret Agent Schmuck.” The Voice reported that Israel had officially discredited Aviv’s public suggestions that he was the lead assassin of state intelligence service Mossad in avenging the Munich massacre.

Last week, Aviv, through an assistant, referred a call for comment to Gibson, the Jackson attorney identified on the report.”

This is pure speculation and rumor taken from tabloid.  It is a smear campaign specifically aimed to attack the very company who’s report he is referring to.  Also in the copy of the Interfor report that I have (which is also limited) no “Gibson” is mentioned in the pages I have.  The pages he graciously gives us to look over linked to his article do not mention Gibson either.

I also did some research on Interfor, inc. and by all I have found, they seem to be a stellar investigations company, partnering just recently with Information Defense Corp.  sourc

Information Defense Corporation (IDC), the premier provider of innovative information security solutions, and Interfor, Inc., a leading international corporate investigations and physical security consulting firm, are pleased to announce that they are partnering to offer their combined services to combat the growing specter of cybercrime and fraud.”

Cybercrime and fraud . . . I wonder if this firm is aware of the crimes being committed on the internet and in the “news” defending Branca from his own past?  I wonder if they are aware of this article writing by Johnnie L. Roberts and what he said about their firm?  Especially since he couldn’t even get the current director’s name right it is obvious he did not do his research.

Well, if Interfor, Inc. didn’t know they do now.  I sent them a copy of his article and where to look for the smear on their company.

We will continue digging into Johnnie, his agenda and Branca another time.  I better close and save some space.

God bless . . . remember the protection prayer for Michael and his family.

And no . . . I did not throw the remote.


  1. JUst in -

    Pearl Jr. Anyone remember her? She was a contributor to a book called "Letter to Michael, a Collective Goodbye?" Authored by Alana Thomas?

    Anyone remember contributing to this book?

    A letter, a poem?

    Anyone remember the charity the proceeds are supposed to go to?

    Because here it is:

    On Amazon for 19.95.

    I don't mind, but I would like to know which charity this money is going to since I donated work to this book and it's being sold in Michael's name. I thought this was a book for Miss Katherine and children only?

  2. @Princess - I didn't post your comment but I wanted to thank you for including it. Links to his articles don't get posted here and it this form doesn't let me edit even my own comments.

    The internet I thought, as far as Michael's desire to use that platform began as far back as Kingdom Entertainment, but did not get off the ground at that time. Michael was interested in interactive games for video games, but he was also interested in family entertainment centers, amusement parks and resorts catering to families (getting them out and together).

    The Xanadu project, which I was watching intently was one of those places that had Michael written all over it, including two separate child creativity development centers (one for improv and one for magic,it was amazing!) I want to cry my heart out that this project ran into so many walls but I guess you can't get anything built in New Jersey unless you're willing to cater to the Mob and I doubt Colony had such motivation. When you're trying to build Heaven you don't deal with the devil.

    Psuedocide . . . how nice of her. Makes me want to run out and copyright my blog so she can't touch it.

  3. Dear Bonnie, as always, I read your articles every day and today I wanted to tell you that Tarak Ben Ammar, tour manager Michael's History, he spoke very highly of Branca. Now I do not know if you know it, he defended Michael spoke very well throughout the evening at the funeral.
    I am sure that you, Bonnie, you know Michael very much and I know that the world of money.....
    I love you Bonnie.

  4. @Daniela - I don't care who Tarak Ben Ammar is/was, I know what MICHAEL thought of Branca. And as far as the funeral goes, Randy Jackson himself said on Twitter that Branca and McClain were invited to the funeral AND DID NOT BOTHER TO ATTEND. The world of Money? Yes, I'm sure Branca is very familiar with it . . . everyone else's money.

    I also know that Mr. Johnnie L. Robert's information and "sources" are from Taraborrelli. Integrity non-existent.

  5. Hi Bonnie What is happned to the loans? There
    are rumours on facebook fake MJ Groups page
    that the ATV Catalog loans were due on the
    3/12/10 and because the estate has not pay the
    loans $ony has taking over Michael Portion of
    the ATV Catalog. Also on the same groups page
    saying Michael only owned 25 percent of the
    catalog the time of his death. And Michael took
    loans against his own Catalog as well I think
    Godfather John Branca and $ony Mafias is putting
    this information out. Michael fight so hard for
    his catalog's and everything he work so hard for
    makes you wonder Michael was such a God loving
    person WHY? did God send so many Greedy Evil
    Nasty Soulless. People his way. Thank You Bonnie for your work God Bless You.

  6. It is very sad to hear all those contradicted statements from the police concerning Ronni’s murder case. I have a bad feeling that she will not get a true justice with all these inaccurate statements they are making now.

    Somebody from her family should insist for through investigations. I hope some genuine detectives, if there are any in the police department, take the case and go for it however many years is going to take. This is what happen when big corporations with big money involve in mob kind of assassinations, truth be buried forever.

    You’re right Bonnie even the reporter that was interviewed couldn’t believe how quickly the policy’s story changed. Government corruption coupled with big corporations greed is ruined this country big time. What is the future will be, only God knows that I know not of.

  7. Bonnie – thank you so much for analyzing very well “TheWrap” crap articles. I always wonder how we would know all this if it wasn’t for your sustained investigations.

    When I read a few sentences of the first article on the “TheWrap”, honestly, I thought someone is going to expose Branca’s conniving nature. I got excited for a minute and to quickly be disappointed when I read this statement, “TheWrap reveals the complicated relationship between the singer and the lawyer that Jackson would hire for the last time within a week of his death.” That’s when I said, “wait a minute this guy is trying really to deceive us.” After that, I lost interest in further reading.

    My knowledge when it comes to Interfor investigation is very weak. I know now I need to go back to your previous blogs educate myself.

  8. Ella said - "Hi Bonnie What is happned to the loans? There
    are rumours on facebook fake MJ Groups page
    that the ATV Catalog loans were due on the
    3/12/10 and because the estate has not pay the
    loans $ony has taking over Michael Portion of
    the ATV Catalog. Also on the same groups page
    saying Michael only owned 25 percent of the
    catalog the time of his death. "

    Ella both rumors are false. Michael never defaulted on the loans and therefore retained his 50% share.

    As far as the 'OTHER'rumor, it is just a rumor. Here is a rumor I heard . . . Michael's portion of the catalog is in a trust and cannot be touched. But that's just rumor.

  9. Mimi said - "This is what happen when big corporations with big money involve in mob kind of assassinations, truth be buried forever"

    . . ."Stories buried and left untold

    Someone is hiding the truth . . . hold on

    When will this mystery unfold . . . "

    No, it will not be buried forever.

    Do you see what is happening? Every one involved in this whole conspiracy is slowly but surely revealing themselves while in the process of of covering their crimes.

    The police, which police? Which Judges, which politicians and officials right through to Branca, Branca's goons right down to the fake facebook fans of Michael. Every single one of them.

    You will know them by their fruits.

    Someone higher than them is always in control.

    Ronni will get her justice. She may have to wait but she will get it as will Michael.

    "Untouchable" . . . I love that song.

  10. Michael, I forgot to credit those lyrics to you . . . sorry.

  11. Mimi said - "“TheWrap”, honestly, I thought someone is going to expose Branca’s conniving nature. I got excited for a minute and to quickly be disappointed when I read this statement, “TheWrap reveals the complicated relationship between the singer and the lawyer that Jackson would hire for the last time within a week of his death.”

    >>> LOL . . . I know, I did too! Boy was I angry when I saw where it was leading. But most of the people that have written me are on board with Branca's true history with Michael. He's not fooling anyone. It's getting kind of embarrassing for him actually. Look at the class of people he has working with him. Samantha DeGosson? Thomson? Taraborrelli? If it weren't for Michael these people would probably be homeless.

  12. Super blog as always, Bonnie! You mentioned above that you love the song "Untouchable," but you probably meant "Unbreakable," right? I searched anyway for an "Untouchable" Michael tribute and found this one by U2. It's a great video. I haven't been able to close the floodgates for two straight nights. :-(

  13. @Bonnie,
    Yes, I remember Pearl Jr. and Yes I too, contributed to THAT BOOK.

    I have no idea Which Charity the proceeds go to.
    But, you are right, the book was suppose to go to Katherine and the children.

  14. Bonnie, Do you remember watching the 30th Anniversary Concert of Michael Jackson and his brothers?

    There is a girl in the audience that looks like Samantha DeGossen and I was wondering if it was her or not.

    I believe, Michael had plants peppered throughout the audience and the camera man picked these women to show during Billie Jean.

    It made Micheal look better and is part of show business.

    I believe one of these women was Samantha. She is shown in the beginning of the performance. She has long blonde hair and is dancing provocatively.

    Let me know if you think it's her or not.

  15. @My2cents – I'm not posting your garbage but I will answer it: No secret letter existed until now? Give me a break. Fans are not that stupid. Post your propaganda somewhere else. I know who you are. Branca is all through this and everyone knows it. Just look at the self-dealing going on now in respect to the estate, earning from Sony AND as producer of TII. If he is so ethical how did that happen? I've read this. Have a nice day.

  16. @Spotlight - Yes, I meant Unbreakable (Untouchable? Where did that come from? LOL!) Well, he's untouchable now, maybe that is where my brain was when I wrote it. He probably does have a song out there somewhere called "Untouchable". I will watch the "floodgates" later . . . Trying to stay in the Christmas spirit

    BTW . . . I am working up a very special something for this blog for Christmas. It is FOR Michael but it is also for you all. Hope you like ♥

    @Jose - On Pearl Jr. and Alana I got a list of the charities involved, thank you very much. From what I was told, Miss Katherine DID get a book delivered to her. I just never thought this was going to be sold on Ebay and for so much money. It's someone else's work. I was told Pearl Jr. also wrote the book Psuedocide and is selling it also . . . back to the very fans she got the content of the book from!

    On Samantha, no, it is not her. Completely different shaped mouth and face. At first I thought you meant the LITTLE GIRL at the very beginning, but I kept watching and saw who you were talking about.

  17. Your blog on Ronnie, Branca/Roberts & Co : Police, Justice, Media : JUST APPALLING !

    Out of topic but short : The Discovery Channel next TV broadcasting on Michael re-enactment autopsy

    is also commented by other Euro news like the German "Spiegel".

    After 18 months & several signed petitions & letters protesting against media abuse on Michael, I realize that some TV channels & media just don't care & continue to display indecent inuendo. Did K. McKenzie or the UK Channel ever apologize ? of course NOT.

  18. "BonnieL said...
    @Princess - I didn't post your comment but I wanted to thank you for including it. Links to his articles don't get posted here and it this form doesn't let me edit even my own comments."

    No problem Bonnie!

  19. Bonnie, have you heard about that horror set to air in January on Discovery Channel (which will by then be the OWN channel.....surprise surprise *not*) where they're elegantly planning to re-play Michael's autopsy for us and educate the audience on every possible detail? Oh, the horror.
    Regardless of what the fanmily will try to do to have this indecency stopped..... It does look like yet another "poke" or what?

  20. I was thinking about something concerning Branca some claim working for Michael until 2006. We all know and can’t deny the facts that there is a letter written and signed by Michael terminating Branca’s services and his firm in 2003. I wonder, when did he get hired back, 2004, 05 and got fired again, when?

    Do you see the dilemma here? This is what I don’t understand. Michael went through painful process of discovering his long time “friend” and lawyer lying, cheating, and stabbing him and finally wanted to let their relationship dissolved, the 2003 letter is a testimony for that. So now they (Branca supporters) are trying to convince us he worked for Michael until 2006 without showing us any convincing evidence when he was hired back again after he was fired in 2003.

    Now we are told again by the same supporters Branca was hired back a few days, weeks before Michael passed away and fell again to present any evidence to show us if he indeed got hired again in 2009.

    As Michael supporter, which one do you think make more sense for you to believe?

    1 – Branca’s service was let go in 2003, and we have evidence to prove it.
    2 – We have NO evidence that he was hired back at any time to work until 2006 and fired again and hired back in 2009.

    For me, I believe the first one because Michael showed us the evidence that he let go of Branca but not show us any evidence that he hired him back in subsequent months or years.

    I believe and trust Michael if he really indeed hired him back he would have made the evidence became a public knowledge just like he did on 2003. Don’t you think so?

    The question is whom do you believe? Michael who provided you proof or those who said he hired him back and fired him and hired him back with no proof to show?

  21. Bonnie,

    I just read that Oprah's network OWN = Oprah Winfrey Network, is also the Discovery Channel!

    Oprah must be behind this Autopsy Documentary and she is said to be addicted to Ratings.


    How Low Can You Get!!!!!

  22. @Bonnie said, “No, it will not be buried forever."

    “Someone higher than them is always in control.”

    "Ronni will get her justice. She may have to wait but she will get it as will Michael.”

    Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the lies going on and by the flip flapping of fans that one day they are with Michael and act like they understand his pain and another day you find them supporting and parsing Branca and Sony.
    Witnessing these sometimes make me lose faith.

    But having firm believe in God in spite of all difficulties is what I need to have. I know our faith is always tested through hard times. I have to be able to imitate Michael and how gracefully took all the disappointment he received from so called good friends and associates. I know it hurts knowing all these things happening in his name. I pray and “keep the faith.” Justice for Michael. Justice for Ronni. Amen.

  23. @LineCH and Simo - Yes I heard about the "step right up folks and see for yourself, the reenactment of one of the most grotesque abuses of media in history . . ."

    Didn't they already show something like this earlier this year? The reenactment of his death or something? Also someone further down posted that Oprah's OWN Channel now runs Discovery Channel. I will tell my son to stop watching it.

    You see how the media is going to take information on an autopsy that has not even been presented in court yet and come to their own conclusions. They're not showing it in the U.S. but it shouldn't make any difference.

    I have honestly never seen such evil in my life. Never.

  24. Mimi said - "1 – Branca’s service was let go in 2003, and we have evidence to prove it.
    2 – We have NO evidence that he was hired back at any time to work until 2006 and fired again and hired back in 2009. "

    the Wrap apparently posted some cockamamie document that Michael rehired Branca, yet it never existed until now. This has been going on for how long? Of course, they think the fans are all stupid (no, only the trolls they hired and their multiple facebook personalities") They are starting to look really dumb. How does Koppelman feel knowing his previous buddies are trying to throw him under the bus? (Why don't they just get a BHPD officer to shoot him? Call it a crime of passion).

    Rest assured Michael never hired him back. Michael is not stupid and Branca is finding that out now.

  25. Josie - They are just trying to anger people. It's not Michael, and as gross as the whole idea is, it is much like the fake Michael on the album. They are doing it to anger someone.

    Mimi said - "Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the lies going on and by the flip flapping of fans that one day they are with Michael and act like they understand his pain and another day you find them supporting and parsing Branca and Sony.
    Witnessing these sometimes make me lose faith. "

    >>> So do I but I haven't lost faith. If you step back and look at what is going on (like I sometimes forget to do when I'm bogged down in detail), you will see who it is they are actually damaging. Their credibility is going right down the tubes. These fake fans are nothing. They are pawns for the ones who think they are in control. They are insignificant and are best ignored at this point. they've already been exposed, anything more is just wasting time our time. Concentrate on Branca and Sony/Koppelman/Bandier and Mottola and the politics in this.

  26. . . . And never forget to keep them in your prayers (MJ and family)

  27. Hi Bonnie, watch this site:
    He wrote to MICHAEL JACKSON:
    Teddy Riley says the opposite of Quincy Jones on the new album. Why?
    What do you think?
    Your affectionate daniela

  28. Daniela, I think Teddy has lost it. I have no idea what that boy is doing. I did post last night and Teddy is definitely a Sony boy. Began working with Michael in 1991 right around the time that Michael renewed his contract with Sony. You can almost see the swarm of locusts in the distance right after Frank DiLeo parted and that ironically was a year after Sony bought out CBS/Epic records, Michael's label.

  29. Bonnie and Daniela - Teddy Riley, unfortunately, IMO, is out for himself. His blog has been opened to the public! He is writing a book, talk about self-promotion, but perhaps it will be a pro-Michael book. He critized Quincy Jones, then on the blog apologized for the criticism. Teddy praises the "Michael" album on which he co-produced many of the songs. And, as Daniela says, he is openly critical of Michael's family. He claims other things on the blog which sound very odd.

  30. Bonnie said- "You see how the media is going to take information on an autopsy that has not even been presented in court yet and come to their own conclusions. They're not showing it in the U.S. but it shouldn't make any difference.

    I have honestly never seen such evil in my life. Never."

    I agree Bonnie. It is the bottom of the barrel. Complete and total exploitation of Michael of which I thought perhaps when he passed it would stop, but then we saw that re-enactment of his last day on Discovery. Besides this being an affront to any sort of human decency, it is also total disregard for Michael's family, his children; and the worst thing is that it could compromise and/or taint the trial outcome. Personally I feel sick just thinking about it.

    This is sheer and unadulterated horror. Pure evil.


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