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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Saw Right Through Lisa Marie Presley

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael Saw Right Through Lisa Marie Presley

December 7, 2010 – Michael’s Heartbreaker, A Lisa Marie Revelation

Yesterday we left touching on the transactions and deals that took place during the course of Michael’s relationship with Lisa Marie Presley.

From yesterday’s blog: Since Lisa Marie’s divorce from Michael, the transfer of management of ATV to EMI in 1993, the relinquishing of 50% of the ATV to Sony in 1995 and the divorce from Michael in 1996, Lisa Marie has released two albums:  To Whom It May Concern released in 2003 with EMI and “Now What” in 2005 with Capitol Records, owned by EMISource   

There is a common belief that Michael’s “Heartbreaker”, created in 2001 and included on the “Invincible” album, was about Lisa Marie.  In light of the information we uncovered yesterday, I thought this would be a good time to look over this song, given the time it was written.  They lyrics especially (there was no video created for this song), seem to fit what Michael would have been feeling if coming upon the same information we had. 


Music Video “Heartbreaker”

Deceitful eyes, she's got those come get me thighs
she only knows how low that she can go
She speaks the lines that can control my mind
Wherever she goes I know my eyes follow
She blew a kiss, I swear that it was meant
only for me, then spoke with her body
her only goal is just to take control
And I can't believe that I can´t tell her no

I’m sorry, but I’m laughing because the lyrics in this first verse are a bit too-too for me and it’s hard for me to talk about them (and I know some of you are laughing WITH me, right?)   Innocuous as they are, the first question that comes to my mind is what was she asking him to do?  This opens up a theme of manipulation that is expanded upon throughout the song.

That girl I can't take her
should have known she was a heartbreaker
that girl I can't take her
should have seen right through her she's a heartbreaker
That girl I can't take her
should have seen it coming heartbreaker
that girl I can't take her
should have seen right thriough her
she's a heartbreaker

The second line on the chorus “should have known” she was a heart breaker and the fourth line “should have seen right through her . . .” and the sixth line “should have seen it coming . . .” when I first heard this song, all I could think about was the merger of Michael’s ATV to Sony which slid me back to the managing of the ATV in 1993 to EMI/Martin Bandier.

She plays a game with such an innocent face
I didn't know heartbreaking was her case
Her actions confess and put me through the test
I was surprised that I was caught inside
Now she's thinking that I will never know
ans she'll keep playing until I let her go
But I hope in time that she will finally realize
I'm onto her game and she'll get played the same

This stanza is practically self-explanitory.    The lines that stand out of course are the first one, “She plays a game with such an innocent face . . . Her actions confess (she promised him children to get him to marry her, then consistently refused to have children).  She believed Michael didn’t know of her deceptions, I don’t think he is talking about the having children thing here.  He sings, “I hope in time that she will finally realize, I’m onto her game and she’ll get played the same.”  Michael was particularly hurt by Lisa Marie, over the promise broken of children, but what was the reason Lisa Marie chased after Michael so obsessively after their divorce?

Michael on the Schmuley Tapes - The Jackson tape goes on to say, "After we got divorced, she would hang out with my mother all the time. I have all these letters she sent: 'I'll give you nine children. I'll do whatever you want.' And, of course, the press doesn't know of these stories. And she just tried for months and months, and I became too hardhearted at that point. I had closed my mind on the whole situation." Source Victoria Moon Wordpress

Michael’s own words testifies to Lisa’s behavior after the divorce.  This sheds new light on that Oprah Interview back in November.  Lisa contradicts who the “indifferent” one is.  I cover that here.


I never thought that I would stop dreamin' about you
Stop being without you
But everyone told me so, to stop caring about you
and start being without you
but I'll find a way to go and start doin' without you
and stop talkin' aboout you
and what will she say?
She will say I was the man that got away

There is no doubt this is about Lisa. The bridge above, Michael sounds as though he is hanging on , even knowing about the manipulation.  In listening to the Shmuley tapes, reading excerpts from those tapes and seeing the deals going on around and behind Michael while he was in this relationship, Michael was not only angry with her, but in a way, he still wanted to save her.  He thought he could.  He has her pegged in the last line above.

This contracts the things said by Lisa Marie, but Lisa Marie was given more air time to “explain” her relationship to Michael than Michael was given.  Michael was betrayed, but the problems Lisa Marie complained about over Michael I see as a transference or a role-reversal if you will.  

Michael in Concert Another Envy of Lisa’s

In REAL life, Michael was the one trying to save people, make people’s lives better, and by his admission was so beside himself over the deception exhibited by Lisa Marie, he closed his heart to her . . . had to.  You can only take so much.  Lisa Marie is the one with the wild past, self-destructive behavior, substance abuse (to get high, cocaine, not for physical pain relief) and the running after Michael, not the other way around.  Michael was the one that had to end up being indifferent in order to break away from a destructive relationship.

[RAP  By Fats)
You Playing Huh
I Thought It Was Love With This Game Huh
When You're Dealing With The Emotions Of Pain Huh
Take A Closer Look When You're Dealing With A Stranger
I Can't Change Her, No
Heart Murder In Place Then You'll See
A One Hill From Pepsi They See
One Hard Player, She's A Star Player
I Need This Crap Huh
I Didn't See The Heartbreaker, So Come On

The lyrics to this wrap are very revealing.  Michael thought it was love with this game?  The next two lines, I believe Michael was referring to the stranger as being Lisa Marie and trying to deal with her pain or get HER to deal with her pain because the next line, he says, “I can’t change her”.

The next line made me gasp.  Heart murder in Place?  Was this Michael saying her heart was dead?  Or that his heart was heardening?  Then “A one hill from Pepsi” . . . only one reference to Pepsi in Michael’s life that comes to mind and we know what that is.  This made me go back over the song and re-sing through it with “Sony” or his record label in mind, replacing or interchanging Lisa Marie for “Sony”.  Next line down “One hard player, she’s a star player” could be either Lisa Marie or Sony.  Next line is self explanatory and then “I didn’t see this Heartbreaker”. 

Truthfully this could have been either Sony or Lisa Marie, but I lean toward Lisa Marie because of the first verse of this song.

Song Background:

 -  Written and composed by Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels, Mischke Butler and Norman Gregg
 - Produced by Michael Jackson and Rodney Jerkins
 - Music programmed by Michael Jackson and Rodney Jerkins
 - Lead vocals by Michael Jackson
 - Rap performed by Fats
 - Background vocals by Michael Jackson, Mischke, LaShawn Daniels and Nora Payne
 - Recorded by Bruce Swedien and Stuart Brawley
 - Digital editing by Alex Greggs, Stuart Brawley and Fabian Marasciullo
  - Rap recorded by Bob Brown
 - Mixed by Bruce Swedien, Rodney Jerkins and Stuart Brawley

According to the Copright, the date of creation was 2001, with song publication on October 30, 2001.   The song was registered for copyright on December 10, 2001.  Copyright claimants are Mijac Music, Uncle James Music and Sony/ATV Songs, LLC.

In 2001, when this song was written and created, Michael had not yet gone public about Sony, but he was in battle with them.  That is the same year that Michael’s “Heal the Kids” foundation is dismantled after a falling out with Shmuley (over missing and misappropriated funds. We will cover this another time).  Michael completes the mixing and recording of “Invincible” in June of that year, in Florida. 

Michael starts a company called Neverland Valley Entertainment with Marc Schaffel in June of that year, meets with Sony to present the “Invincible” album to them and completes the final mixing.  Michael and Sony haggle over the first single and Michael has a tumultuous end of the year with Sony over Invincible and “What More Can I Give”.

Michael, Gracious to Fans

I had done a mini write up on another blog update about Lisa Marie, including some of the lyrics to this song.  I don’t see any meetings listed on any time lines for Michael with Lisa Marie anywhere after 1997.

I will tell you when I see Lisa Marie in pictures today and on that interview with Oprah, what I see scares me.  It’s the kind of fear you feel for someone who is not coming back.  She does not look healthy and she is completely and emotionally disconnected when speaking to anyone.  She was not this way during that first interview in 1993.  I can see why Michael wanted to help her.  He saw a lost little girl.  Michael knew the source of unconditional love.  All he wanted to do was share that with her.

“Money”, Michael’s song talks about “even sell your soul to the devil”.  Lisa looks like the end result of that and I am not saying that to be mean.  I am saying that because I am afraid for her.  She had and experienced someone that could show her unconditional love.  She sold him out.  The word “gutted” comes to mind.  She’s used that word before.  It’s a lot different than the word “Indifferent” and if there is still pain there then there is still hope.  I wish there was a way I could pray with Lisa Marie.   I have saved some of those tears I cry for Michael, set aside for her.

The “Michael Album”

Nice interview on “The Early Show” posted in CBS News.  If anyone has not seen this yet, I wanted to point out a couple of things.  Interviewed supposedly were Akon (taken from a previous interview) and Teddy Riley who did  the best he could to convince people that to HIS knowledge, he believed the voice belonged to Michael Joseph Jackson.  Not everyone shares his belief.

J. Randy Taraborrelli  said:

“On "The Early Show," J. Randy Taraborrelli, author of "Michael Jackson -- The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story," said he's heard the new album with Jackson's estate's permission, and said it's "great." "It shows you Michael's versatility," Taraborrelli said. "It shows his range in pop, R&B, hip hop and even a little bit of country. I was thinking nobody really has that kind of versatility today -- an artist that can to do it all like Michael Jackson." Would the album live up to Jackson's standards? Taraborrelli said, "I really do. I think that, of course, you know, what's interesting about it is a lot of it is a work in progress . . . “

Further down, "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith played a bit of the new album and said, "People, since just the little tiny snippets of this released, said 'That is not him.'" Taraborrelli said, "The estate did the due diligence in this regard. They talked to many people that worked with Michael Jackson over the years, artists, producers, arrangers and they played the songs for forensic musicologists. I know you are like, 'What is that?' These guys actually analyze the sound. They came back with the same conclusion, undoubtedly that's Michael Jackson.”

Toward the end, Taraborrelli says, “The family had the concerns and raised them and the estate did what it should have done and clear it up." But how much music is still left? Taraborrelli said, "They have 60 incomplete songs, but only about 20 left with vocals that they feel, that the estate feels are worthwhile. (The estate's) not releasing everything, but the things they believe Michael would want to be released -- 17 to 20 more songs. "  Source

 Teddy Riley, aside from the fact that he’s leaving some of the strangest blog entries on the blogosphere, is currently not being taken all that seriously and right now, that is the best thing he can do.  Neither side of this album controversy has spent much time attacking him. Everyone thinks he has flipped.  Maybe they will now leave him alone long enough for him to step back and get his head on straight.  He is being squished in the middle and needs some breathing room.

Akon, who has also been the specter behind some rather cryptic tweets, seems to jump back and forth between support for this album.  He seems to support it, but maybe it is only because his song is on there.  Has he heard what they have done to it?  At the same time, he has been quoted as stating that he will release no more music to Sony that he and Michael worked on.

The third person quoted (which I included above) is J. Randy Taraborrelli, author of the anti-Michael book, “The Magic and the Madness” and Sony supporter.  Randy’s expertise is in tabloid journalism.  He knows how to lie and he can’t even do that in right key. What he could possibly contribute as far as musical expertise is non-existent.  He categorizes these songs in genres the include Country!  What he is however, is a mouthpiece for the executors of the estate.  He has been for those men all along.  He’s not even a journalist.  He’s a huckster.  This is where politicians usually end up when their careers go sour.

The interesting thing about Taraborrelli’s testimony though is the last sentence . . . that the estate is not releasing many of the songs and that the things Michael would want released, which adds up to only 17 to 20 more songs.  That is about seven albums short of a 10 album deal.  Where are all these recorded, 100 – 120 songs PER ALBUM that Michael says he writes when producing an album?  These are RECORDED SONGS that are completed but not chosen for the album.  Where are they?

Either the estate does not have them, or they are purposely not releasing them.  Instead, Sony is satisfied to release demos and Michael imposters to sell to fans dumb enough to buy them.  (Yes, using the word “dumb” is not nice.  I know that.  But anyone buying a counterfeit Rolex for the same price they pay for the real thing is dumb.)

My next blog, we are going to discuss something very revealing and it could answer many questions for those not sure about Michael’s mental health.  Hopefully it will arm you the next time someone tries to convince you that Michael was a victim or a drug addict.

God bless you and Remember the Reason for the Season

Strongest Man I know (besides my hubby!)


  1. “Heartbreaker” perfectly fits Lisa Marie. When Michael was young, he used to hate being controlled by others of his innate ability to create. It seems like he has ability to see through people’s inner motives but he always gives them the benefit of the doubts and patiently waiting until they reveal their true nature. That’s what exactly he did to Lisa waiting patiently knowing “She plays a game with such an innocent face.”

    Michael is a good guy and I don’t know why he fell for Lisa? What is that in her other than she is the daughter of Elvis. I wish we can ask him this question.

    I wish the moment he finds out the schema of those who surrounded him and cut them off quickly, but his good nature will give everyone leeway. Michael knows everything, that’s why he writes such lyrics that fit everything what’s going on in his life. All we have to do is LISTEN the words in his songs if we want to know about his life.

    By the way, I love the song. It’s one of my favorite.

  2. @Mimi - I discover a new favorite song of his every day, but Stranger in Moscow will always be the one that opened my heart. That was the day everything opened up when I heard that song for the first time (60 minutes interview didn't help either). That song will be my favorite. That is when I felt everything again after being closed up for such a long time . . .

    And with that said, I cannot imagine how deeply buried Lisa's pain is. If you live with someone like Michael for even a month and HE cannot reach you? Michael like I said, saw a lost little girl. He just could not get to her. There were others manipulating that situation from what I've dug up.

    I don't know how to say this without sounding morbid but I am afraid for Lisa. What I saw on Oprah and in the latest pictures of her . . . She's not going to make it unless someone gets to her and it SCARES me. Lisa, please wake up.

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks so much for this excellent analysis of Lisa! I heard the song 'Heartbreaker' and similar thoughts skimmed through my mind. However, I do not share your concern for Lisa. May be because I have not paid any attention to her. The only thing that strikes me when I watch those interviews with Diane Sawyer is her lack of a heart and general decency- she looks too shrewd and artificial- made up from head to toe- a total antithesis to Michael- Michael always seemed to be choosing the wrong people to be with- well amost always- God would intervene and make him meet wonderful people like Elizabeth Taylor too. How could Diane Sawyer and Lisa laugh and mock Michael's looks? They spoke about him as though he was dirt and a big joke. Lisa said that Michael just talked her into the marriage- by generating sympathy for himself. Sad that this man who had so much of love to share, never found the woman who would love him and stand by him. Instead he was insulted by this lady whom he had loved so much. Expecting children out of one's own wife is the most natural expectation that any man can have. The whole world knew and so did Lisa what kids meant for Michael. And then doing this to him was a sin- anyways let us leave things at the hands of the Benevolent God. Lisa's deception only makes Michael's goodness more stark. Without the bad, we would not be able to appreciate and understand the good.

    2. Hi Suparna,

      Actually I have the same sentiments concerning LMP as you do. You have to remember I wrote this over two years ago and the interview with Oprah had not happened yet.

      I have done some extensive work since then about that time period in Michael's life and I am no longer of the opinion that Michael CHOSE LMP for ANYTHING and that she, like many other people in his life, was INSTALLED. It was she that Michael talked about to Schmuley that he describes as someone who was jealous of the time he spent with children (even her own) and stated "there is something wrong with that." LMP was the only person Michael dated that had children.

      Liz Taylor was a HANDLER. She was not a friend. It was she and Arnie Klein that sent Michael to that witch-doctor to put Michael back under mind control and away from his family. Liz Taylor was a jewish conspirator along with the rest of them (Do search on MK Ultra blogs I've done and Liz Taylor).

      I also do not believe that Michael wanted children for himself. He was focused on his mission. Things he was told to say to cover up what they were trying to do to him. Long story, but lots of research has been done since this post. But I agree with you on Lisa Marie. The deception is worse than you think.

    3. Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks for your response. Yes, I still need to do some research on this. I just read a bit about the MK Ultra and it was very disturbing. Michael had so much of innocence and purity about him. He was naive and despite all his wealth, was quite detached from materialistic desires. His wants were more child like and of a true artist. He squandered money over creating amusement parks for children, in buying art pieces etc. Obviuosly his money was mismanaged and he was fleeced by all and sundry- especially by lawyers and so called friends. Michael stood for postivity and he was deeply spiritual. Being a spiritual person myself I do believe in the existence of a Benevolent God who protects His children. Hence this idea of Michael being controlled by evil forces ontradicts the existence of God. I do agree that Michael would have been exposed to this world at an early age and that he might have had to abide by some of their commands- but then the God's power is greater than any black magic. To think that a good soul like Michael was completely controlled by a secret agency is scary. Evil power may have its short term effects- but is too fragile next to God's own power and is bound to fade out.

    4. And I also wanted to add that Michael was just too trusting and hence was back stabbed all the time. The interview taken by Martin Bashir is a real proof of this. Michael trusted the interviewer too much and gave away sensitive information about his private life, not realising that Bashir's motives were far from bieng genuine. Michael should not have given so much space to strange people. He never asserted himself much and so people took advantage of him all the time.

    5. Suparna,

      Michael did not squander money. That's tabloid trash. Michael's money troubles came from false lawsuits and fake loans taken out in his name by his lawyers, accountants and mangers just the same as they did with Kurt Cobain's estate and the same they are doing to Randy Quaid. Michael spent a FRACTION of what he made every year on himself. His ONE MUSIC CATALOG income brought him on 25+Million a year alone! That's not counting his other catalog income, merchandise royalties, album sales, royalties on song writing, music production, and his other side businesses that few knew about. Michael wasn't broke and it makes me bristle because people still believe that crap.

      His money wasn't just mismanaged. It was EMBEZZLED . . . by the millions. Michael wasn't ALLOWED to do much of anything but he found little corners to work his plan. His mission and interest was in God and God's plan FOR him. No other explanation for the level of attacks he endured.

      There was a reason Michael was so wanted by this cabal, and don't kid yourself . . . Michael was not as fragile as he looked. Even he had to do some feigning to survive and make them believe he was under their control. It kept him and his two siblings alive through the 1990's.

      Michael gave everyone the benefit of a doubt . . . once. But I also believe he could see it coming most of the time. The good people he did trust were closed off by the handlers around him.

      I know you have a lot to read, but there is a plan in motion. Michael is not done yet and God is not done with Michael yet. If you believe in God, just know he has this under control. God bless . . .

    6. Thanks Bonnie. Yes I agree that God is not done with Michael yet. I do indeed have a lot of reading to do.

  3. Dear Bonnie,

    Unfortunatly there are alot of people out there like LMP, out to destroy even when you give them so much love. I have become familiar with alot of people like that since I moved from Jersey to Virginia seem like everybodys drinking the same kool aid. LMP is very good at role reversal I dont think she can be changed. God has his angels and satan has his. I belong to God!

  4. Dear Bonnie,

    I think LMP is looking unhealthy now because now she sees the big picture and its too late and shes sick as hell about it. She sold her son out for 5 million this would never happen if she was with MJ. Even If she wakes up right now her soul is sold at least for the next five years. Mj knew she was running game and she was to stupid to stop and take his love. They could of been a power house together a force to reckon with, they where the perfect balance and strenght to fight the music industry. She can still help but she on the wrong side of the fence and thats why MJ left probably to save his life! I dont think she can change she too far gone she need to be anointed with some holy oil and some serious prayer, Im talking old revival prayer.

  5. Bonnie, you become more and more in depth descriptions of the characters that were close to Michael.
    Well, I also wanted to say something about them:
    Lisa Marie,she saw Michael in the figure of her father Elvis;
    Taraborelli,the last time I was in London I wanted to buy his latest book, I'm glad not to have bought;
    Teddy Riley,speechless;
    Akon, I thought the best;
    "This is it"
    Bonnie, compliments for the photos are beautiful.

  6. From J. Randy T. interview: "They have 60 incomplete songs, but only about 20 left with vocals that they feel, that the estate feels are worthwhile. (The estate's) not releasing everything, but the things they believe Michael would want to be released -- 17 to 20 more songs. "

    I'm just wondering where J. Randy got this information. Does he speak directly with the estate executors? If so, that is astonishing since it would be a breach of client confidentiality. If they only have 20 songs left with vocals, that seems to be far less than they would need to complete their contracted 9 more projects over the next 7 years. I have a hard time believing the estate would be so foolish as to say this to anyone.

  7. @Marvelousmary - "I have become familiar with alot of people like that since I moved from Jersey to Virginia seem like everybodys drinking the same kool aid."

    >>> I spent some time living in Virginia briefly (when I worked for the World Bank...DC) but that area was still "D.C." as far as I am concerned. Different world. I didn't stay long. There is a lot of crime in that city and most of it is enacted into law by people who are supposed to be setting examples, not being the exception.

    I had pictures of Lisa Marie of the drunk episode and decided not to post them. I agree with you, if Michael could have gotten to Lisa Marie, they would no doubt have been effective in making some changes in the industry. Michael had the work ethic, Lisa did not. She didn't have the morale compass and the grounding in God that Michael had either. She said he tried . . . That I believe.

  8. I haven't been able to comment in a while but I did want to say that I do agree with your observations above. LMP does have serious problems and they aren't caused by Michael. I do pray for her.

    BTW, I'm confused by the photo at the top of the page. Michael and Lisa? It's an elegant portrait but I'm not sure it's real.

    Blessings to all.

  9. Daniela said - "Lisa Marie,she saw Michael in the figure of her father Elvis;
    Taraborelli,the last time I was in London I wanted to buy his latest book, I'm glad not to have bought;
    Teddy Riley,speechless;
    Akon, I thought the best;
    "This is it""

    >>> Daniela on Lisa Marie, you may be right But she blew it, the relationship. Taraborrelli's "career" is a cover. We know who's payroll he is on (even if unmarked). Teddy Riley - between a rock and a hard place.
    Akon: Funny man :o) I loved your contribution and insight on those people.♥

    Hi Darril - you said "This song is Heartbreaker - 2. It was created by Michael in 2005 after Lisa's album with her song Idiot which she addressed to Michael during his darkest times - his trial of 2005."

    >>> Thank you. I will have to look into that because I am not familiar with that song at all. Was it ever released or was it a collaboration with another artist? I will see what I can find.

    Rhoda said - "If so, that is astonishing since it would be a breach of client confidentiality. If they only have 20 songs left with vocals, that seems to be far less than they would need to complete their contracted 9 more projects over the next 7 years."

    >>> Rhoda that is a good question. What gives Taraborrelli the AUTHORITY to speak for the estate? He is giving out information that only the estate should be giving in a press release! Not to mention your point about breach of confidentiality!

    What is going on there Mr. Branca? Taraborrelli hasn't even SEEN Michael or talked to him since 2005, supposedly at the trial (if he was even there) and THEN it was not on good terms. He may have just gotten the estate in legal trouble. I hope the Jackson's sue over that one!

  10. Spotlight - Thank you miss! Friday, okay? ♥♥♥

  11. SandyK said - "BTW, I'm confused by the photo at the top of the page. Michael and Lisa? It's an elegant portrait but I'm not sure it's real."

    >>> That's okay Sandy, The holidays are coming up and I'm not on here as much either, but I do want to get this Christmas present posted up here for you all before I "vacation"? (meaning off the puter)

    Yes, it is an elegant picture and to be honest, I'm not sure it is Lisa either. It may very well be a cut-n-paste but when I blow it up to try and look at it, the image is too blurry to tell who it is. It's Michael's face and hand that's for sure . . . rest of it? I don't know. But I love the pic so I posted it. ♥

  12. Bonnie said "I don't know how to say this without sounding morbid but I am afraid for Lisa."

    Well, I may sound harsch here but personally I don't worry so much about LMP. Let's not forget : she gets on with her lavish life, husband & 2 new babies in a wonderful mansion in Kent & still finds time to cultivate her own publicity by continuously bashing Michael on TV. As to Michael, he MAY NOT enjoy anylonger his 3 lovely children, his dreams for finding at last his perfect companion & a positive new turn in his career : IT'S OVER FOR HIM ! at least in the assumption he died..

    But although I dislike LMP's selfish, cold revolving taunt on Michael with Oprah, R. Taraborelli & Co., I however wish God to protect her so she finds Peace with her soul & Michael. No one is perfect after all.

    BUT in Michael's history context, I am much more concerned for the beautiful & smart MJ3. Money they will not miss but God Bless that these kids do not become later preys for showbiz industry, Estate or anyone else in their entourage already having a jealous or greedy eye on their name & wealth. Paris & Prince are already very mature but little sweet Prince II with his wonderful Dad's eyes ? he is so cute & young so I pray for the MJ3 so they keep wonderful Grandmother Katherine for long & the whole Jackson family to remain united & reinforced in spite of the unsane media turmoil.

    Oprah/LMP or not, the world will remember Michael only & except finding Justice & Respect for Michael & the MJ3, the rest of those "people" is already History. Just to notice that many of those who bashed or nuised Michael in the past are somehow starting reaping now what they sowed.

  13. @Darril - Regarding your post on "Blue Gangsta" here is what I found out:

    It is lyrics written supposedly by Michael, however it is not even registered with the copyright office and I searched under both titles: Blue Gangsta and "Aint no friend of mine".

    This is in Teddy Riley's computer as he says in the interview listed . . . This is probably another "Breaking News" in the making meaning, Michael is nowhere on this except possibly in the lyrics.

    I looked up the lyrics . . . Michael is better than this. Nice try Sony.

  14. Simo - I don't know what to tell you. The version I heard does NOT sound like Michael . . . at all. Not even the same tone. The second song "leaked" "All I need" . . . Jason Malachi. He neglects the vibrato where Michael would usually take advantage and it is the same breathy-faster vibrato as Jason Malachi . . . same person on Breaking News, on the overlaying vocals.

    Simo, these people are really starting to disgust me. This is NOT Michael. I will ask my friend to analyze this too, since she has the equipment. If I had any doubts I would say so because regardless of whether it is or isn't in any of these songs, these are still Sony Produced albums and I wouldn't buy because Michael didn't put it together. But for crying out loud . . . they need to stop the counterfeiting.

  15. LOL - Listened to Blue Gansta a second time. This guy ROFLMBO! Close your eyes and listen to him trying to copy Michael's "grit". It helps to close your eyes and listen if you can keep from laughing. I wonder if he had to gargle with warm water and honey after he was done to sooth that raw throat of his? (Jason, give it up honey, no way).

    Michael, rest assured wherever you are . . . this is proof positive that you are truly one of a kind.

    Jason Malachi, a word of advice? You have a good voice . . . do your OWN thing and don't let Sony ruin your career.

  16. Hello, Bonnie.

    Great Post. I truly admire your charity towards LMP. But, enough of that.

    Just wanted to wish you and yours much LOVE AND JOY, with family and friends, this holiday season.

    Always with Love, Judith

  17. All I can say is maybe we're not listening to the same song, Bonnie....
    I have been listening to this with my earplugs for two weeks now, I have no doubts it is him.
    All I need? totally fake, okay.

    But I am not going to debate either, really, I don't know what to tell you right now and of course you will rest your case.
    Again, I hope we're listening to two different songs. I, too, trust my ears!


  18. Hi Bonnie

    The top picture looks like Jennifer Aniston - I'm not wearing my glasses though!

    It sounds like Michael on Blue Gangsta to me. I like it but still not buying from Sony (sucks) ;-)

    Have a lovely holiday season

    Karen x

    P.S. it's snowing here again.....brrrrrr!!!

  19. @perfect cabins - Anniston? Kidding me? I think the girl does look too "long" to be Lisa Marie. Her arms are longer/thinner.

    I deleted the other comments on Blue Gangsta. I let one post in because the person posted a song was a follow up to "heartbreaker" and all of a sudden people come out of the woodwork to post that have never posted here before or in weeks that are posters to the pro-Sony bloggers. We're not playing that game. The post was about Lisa Marie and Tommy Mottola not the "leaked" songs made by different different artists who put different parts in the songs and then get grabbed by Sony and called "Michael" songs.

    Sony? Sony? Yooo-hoo! You have dozens of blogs that were just put up like, YESTERDAY to advertise on . . . If you can't pay for an add on Yahoo, I can't help you. This is not a marketing blog. Maybe if you had treated Michael RIGHT you'd still have some money coming in to pay for those PPC's on Google.

  20. Judith said - "Great Post. I truly admire your charity towards LMP. But, enough of that."

    >>> My mother said, you can't save the unwilling. That is heartbreaking but true. You can keep a door open, but they have to be willing. Merry Christmas to you and your family too, Judith.

  21. @Bonniel..Thanks a lot for speaking the truth about the evil woman LMP...
    i wanna ask you your opinion about her story of MJ phone conversation to her 2005?? i believe she's a liar..

  22. @fyry_1985 - That's a good question. Mind you it would ONLY be my opinion, but after listening to Michael talking about Lisa on the Shmuley tapes, I would have to lean toward a big fat "no". Michael sounded like he was pretty much done with her. And after the trial, I seriously doubt Lisa Marie was anywhere in Michael's head, especially after her Larry King stunt while he was in the midst of his trial. She's delusional and probably sliding to the side of wishful thinking.

    Michael's thoughts after the trial were on his children and getting them the heck out of the states because he was being stalked. Once bitten by Lisa, twice shy. Michael wasn't stupid and neither are we.

    My biggest hope on that interview was an apology to Michael and his family but none was forthcoming. She was more concerned with people believing that "she" was the one who was "indifferent" after following his mother around for a year.

    I believe Lisa Marie's weaknesses were played as well, by others. Something big must have been at stake.

  23. I see Lisa as someone who has always gotten their way and never tryed to bend or compromise if she didn't want to. She expected him to roll over and go along with her lies. I also think they both had motives, but LM also wanted Elvis' music.

    Lisa has done nothing but wrongly accuse him and continues to do so. If she is unhappy she needs to look at herself. She is not a liuttle girl, but a manupaltive woman. She is ungrateful. Lisa lied so much during that interview until it was not funny. I have also been reminded that Lisa lived with her mom and visited Elvis. Yes, he had a drug problem, but I can't see him just sitting around with her present hitting in constantly.

    She needs to stop talking about a man she hardly knew. She also needs to stop calling his love children retailtaroy acts. They were not. They were love children. This victim thing she has going is sick.

    Anyway, I'll stop now. Thanks.

  24. I also happen to believe that Scientology played a big part in why Lisa married Michael, as well as trying to have a career of her own. She didn't see Michael as a human being, but as a means to an end, imo. Michael was fooled by her lies in the beginning, but I think he caught on and wasn't about to be fooled again. Now after all the bashing she has done, she has to live with herself. Not sure she can as she has recently gone to stay with John Travolta because she is stressed.

  25. Please do a blog about LMP being listed as one of conrad murray's witnesses' defense. i think there are just few who are aware about this.i'm angry and disgusted with that woman who's been divorced with michael for amost 20 years yet still has nerve to go on national tv and talked about him. i sick and tired of that woman, she bashed and trashed him for 17 years when he was alive,didnt help him in 2005 trial,but helped michael's killer conrad murrays in his trial gave infos against michael full of lies and betrayal,and take note her oprah interview keep re-airing everyday during the trial,especially during deliberation non-stop replay.i mean even in death she didn't wanna stop,sh e really want to destroy himhis legacy. thank god he's always on michael's side,god bless michael.

  26. Hi Anonymous -

    Lisa Marie was not listed and never was listed as Conrad Murray's witness. This was a tabloid rumor started and it didn't even get very far.

    Instead of being angry for Lisa Marie, I would fee sorry for her. One look at her face will tell you that this is a woman who could have known love, looked love in the face and threw it away. I don't even think Lisa Marie knows what she is doing half the time.

    God Bless Michael and God bless you too! Thank you for loving him♥


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